About Authentic Picks

With a new product launching every other day, shopping effectively is becoming a rather challenging task. You head out to the market seeking a product, only to be greeted by a hundred different options, each claiming to be the best. And this, in turn, leads you into a daunting journey, i.e., time-taking and energy-consuming hunt.

But well, we’re here to reverse the current status of shopping for you. We’re here to take it back to the stress-relieving activity that it once used to be without affecting the quality of the product you get.

Authentic picks aim to bring you the best of all options under every shopping category to cut down your work and help you make informed decisions.

You Deserve Better – Our Mission!

The presence of the Internet in today’s world has evolved us into completely different beings. While its ability to interconnect people has increased accessibility to everything, it has also given rise to duplicity and manipulation.

Pause for a minute to question yourself; how many online review-oriented sites have you come across over the years? We bet the count will be overwhelming!

You see, a concept initiated for noble purposes has transformed into a selfish one. Now, the people behind the majority of review sites intend to generate revenues from sales. And, to sell, persuasive and misleading information gets uploaded on the sites.

Individuals seeking genuine product reviews and experience often end up more perplexed than before. Hence, leading to unsatisfied purchases.

While the world continues to accept such misleading platforms, we identify this as a major concern for the buying community. You certainly deserve better!

Our platform, AuthenticPicks.com, aims to shun away forgery and duplication. We have formed this site intending to put forward the truth.

Every product is not always the ideal choice.

We are here to dive into the technical details, evaluate its worth with vigorous testing, and offer you an unbiased review. So, you can make the right purchase.

What do we do?

Shop & review! Yes, that’s the aim of this platform; to shop and shortlist the best possible options in every domain and field.

However, the procedure is not quite as easy as it sounds. To narrow down our list to the top tens and top fives out of a hundred, we pass each product through a series of tests. These may include performance tests, aesthetic tests, durability tests, etc.

Only when a product scores 9/10 in each domain as compared to the rest, it makes it to our finalists. After this, we carefully craft reviews and guides that are of value to you.

High-Quality Reviews

Given the above, the question arises, what do our product reviews comprise? How do we ensure that we convey all that which we have assessed in products?

Well, we do so by jotting down the unique aspects of each product concerning its domain, and then, we bring forth its highlights. Once that’s done, we bring you the overall look, use, and feel of the product. Then, we talk about its advantages and disadvantages.

The main idea of all our reviews is to convey the gist and analysis precisely and honestly. Thus, these are the two values you can expect of us, under all circumstances.

Insightful Guides

Following the reviews, we formulate guides. As mentioned earlier, you will find the top-10’s and top-5’s on this platform. We bring together the best of the best to make every post a one-stop solution for you.

With five or more options, you can easily pick one that falls in your budget range, and the one best meeting your needs. Quality remains constant in all, meaning whether you select number 3 or number 6 from the top 10, you will be choosing from only the best.

Hacks, Tips, and much more!

Well, our work doesn’t end at compiling the reviews. We feel that it’s our responsibility to equip you with all the necessary information.

And so, below the reviews, we always add up a comprehensive and all-embracing buying to guide the beginners and add newer, valuable information to an expert’s knowledge. Along with this, we also provide handy tips and tricks so that you may handle your respective product smartly and wisely.

How we do it?

The products we test belong to a diversity of niches. These range from complex gadgets to everyday use items. Hence, our working procedures are quite simple yet effective. Let’s give you a step to step walkthrough!

In-Depth Research

Before reviewing, our team thoroughly researches the origins and details of the product. These include brand, history, composition, market response to the launch, current status, and competitors. We evaluate every minute detail before opening the product.

Product Testing & Evaluation

Once opened, we start the experimentation stage. Manufacturers claim a product to be capable of certain properties. However, there is no evidence available.

Hence, we test every feature of the product before concluding. Every product on our site gets vigorously tested by our experts. You can find only fact-based and authentic information in the reviews.

The Results

After testing, we compare the features with the competitor products. The ratings and verdict offered to each product define its credibility.

Once you know about the product’s worth, it is completely your decision whether you want to purchase it or not. We do not persuade we recommend it.

Let’s get in touch!

Our prime focus is to ensure your comfort and convenience. All of our efforts intend to ease your shopping experience.

For that very reason, your feedback means a lot to us. In case you have a suggestion or two for us, please feel free to connect with us. The same applies to queries and concerns.

Your say and opinions only help us improve and filter out the market for the masses. Henceforth, we are eager to hear from you!