If you own an RV, then you already know how difficult it is to keep the air flowing inside your vehicle. The air usually gets stale and creates an odor that is beyond bearable.

So what do you do in that kind of situation? We suggest you take a look at the best 12V fan for RV and get started on making your journeys far more enjoyable.

Best 12v Fan For RV

Having an additional cooling system in your RV will not only help you bear the scorching days of summer but will also ensure the environment inside your vehicle remains refreshing.

Your passengers will not have to suffer at the hands of drenching sweat and in case you get stuck in traffic, your fan will be there to keep you company.

So, to make sure you end up with the right 12V RV fan, we have created a list of our top 10 choices for the best 12V fans. Take a look and see which one suits your best. Also, don’t forget to read our detailed buyer’s guide at the end of this article.

Comparing Best 12v Fan For RV in 2021

12V Fan
OPOLAR Rechargeable Battery Clip Fan

OPOLAR Rechargeable Battery Clip Fan

  • Durable battery with safe charging
  • Four-speed settings and a very dynamic design
  • Adjustable clip and easy to operate
  • Dual USB charging port for maximum convenience

The OPolar Rechargeable Battery Operated Clip On Fan is one of our favorite fans for RV. The fan is very well-made and works amazingly well for indoor and outdoor use.

The fact that it comes with a rechargeable battery is the reason why we recommend it for use in RVs. Available in three elegantly sophisticated colors, the Opolar Rechargeable Clip-On Fan features a clip that allows the user to place it anywhere he likes.

It is very easy to operate while the charging is efficient and fast. It also features very handy two USB charging ports so you can conveniently charge it while you use it.

Incredible battery time: The Opolar Rechargeable Battery Clip-On Fan features an incredible 10,000mAh polymer battery system that is unlike something we have ever seen before.

It gives the fan a whopping battery time of 6-hours for continuous usage before you have to recharge. You will also find a USB-C and a Micro-USB port with 2A batteries for efficient charging.

Small yet performance-oriented: Even though Opolar Rechargeable Fan comes in a very compact size, people also refer to it as a desk fan, yet it offers maximum performance efficiency.

It offers four different speed settings and is meant to work in multiple areas simultaneously. As far as the speeds are concerned, three of these speeds are essential normal speeds while the fourth one has energy-saving properties.

Safe to use: The Opolar Rechargeable RV Fan features top-tier construction with incredible airflow circulation. It is safe to use and can be adjusted conveniently with its back clip. The design ensures neither your kid’s nor your fingers may get caught up in the fan.

It is the perfect fan to use in a hot summer drive to cool yourself down instantly. You are also going to like how portable the fan is. It easily comes off from the dashboard and you can adjust it in another car if you want.

Final verdict: The Opolar Rechargeable Battery Clip-On Fan is one of the top choices for the best 12V fan for RV. It offers incredible efficiency however the fan is pretty expensive.

Along with that, the construction quality is pretty topnotch and it is fairly safe to use with a 2-year limited time warranty.

  • Portable design and lightweight
  • USB charging
  • Features a clip-on
  • 4-speed settings
  • Quite expensive
RoadPro Heavy Duty Car Fan

RoadPro Heavy Duty Car Fan

  • Offers two-speed settings
  • Made out of chrome plates heavy-duty metal
  • Compatible with all RVs
  • Comes with a 10-inch power cord

RoadPro RP-1179 Heavy Duty Car Fan is one of the few metal vehicle fans that you are going to find on the internet and in the market. Even for a fan made out of pure metal, the fan comes at a fairly reasonable price and offers great functionality to the users.

If you want to ensure the scorching summer heat doesn’t suck the life out of you then buying this pan would be a wise choice. The fan features two-speed settings for you to adjust to and enjoy the cool breeze blowing inside your vehicle.

Heavy-duty metal construction: The RoadPro RP-1179 Car Fan is made out of heavy-duty chrome-plated metal which is one of the reasons it is the coolest vehicle fan available.

The fan works like a pro, just like our roof fans do in our homes, and improves the inner environment of the vehicle up a notch.

Easy to set up: You will find screws and clamps in the package that will help you set it up on your dashboard. The fan has a very compact size so you easily attach it to your dashboard.

It is also pretty flexible with a swivel base so you can rotate it around, making sure everyone present in your car experiences an improved airflow.

Portable design: Even with heavy-duty construction, the RoadPro RP-1179 Heavy Duty Car Fan is still a very portable choice. As we have already mentioned it is easy to adjust, you will not have trouble switching it up between different vehicles.

The fan uses a cigarette lighter socket as the power source and is compatible with most RVs. You can also use it for camping by connecting it to your RV’s engine where there isn’t any other power source available.

Final verdict: The RoadPro RP-1179 Heavy Duty Car Fan is a commendable heavy-duty fan for an RV that is meant to last for a very long time. It is very thoughtfully designed and exclusively recommended for users who want maximum performance efficiency.

  • Features an on and off button
  • Adjustable swivel base
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Doesn’t make a noise
  • Neck swivel is limited
Lumitronics RV 12V Interior Light

Lumitronics RV 12V Interior Light

  • Features LED lights and a separate switch for each function
  • Comes with an 8ft coil cord for convenient connectivity
  • Quite portable and can be mounted with included clamps
  • Durable plastic housing with polycarbonate net

The Lumitronics RV 12V Interior Reading Light & 2-Speed Fan is the best combo for portable light and fan that you can find online. The model holds a stellar rating on Amazon and is popular for its incredible performance and classic housing.

You can easily plug it into 12V sockets that are the most commonly used popups. It offers two-speed options so you can create variation in the amount of breeze you want to extract out of it. We absolutely love the design and overall construction quality.

Compact LED and fan combo: Though we are looking at some of the perfect 12V RV fan which the Lumitronics 2-Speed RV Fan totally is but what you should also know is that you can use it for camping as well.

If you’re taking a trip into the woods and would like a fan to accompany you, you can conveniently take this one. It will be fun to have a full-speed fan along with you on the road which you can later detach and take on for camping as well.

Easy to mount: The fan is very easy to mount and the box includes all the hardware you will probably need for the installation.

It has three mounting clamps and all the screws you’re going to need. All you need is a handy screwdriver to attach the fan on the dashboard and voila!

Impeccable motor: Last but not least, the Lumitronics 2-Speed RV Fan comes integrated with a thermally protected motor with an incredible lifespan.

It has two-speed settings that you can adjust according to your preference. And, the overall battery time is more than 8-hours which is sufficient enough for a day.

Final verdict: The Lumitronics 2-Speed RV Fan is an affordable option for the 12V RV fan. It offers excellent features with great design. We were also thrilled with its overall lifespan while the model is backed by a 3-year limited-time warranty.

  • Great design
  • Thermally protected motor
  • 2-speed settings
  • Solid construction
  • Plastic clamps may break off after some time
Fan-Tastic Vent Endless Breeze

Fan-Tastic Vent Endless Breeze

  • Designed for RVs and tabletops
  • 3-speed settings for maximum functionality
  • Easy to adjust
  • Low amp draw so won’t affect your camper’s engine

Another solution that we have for you regarding the airflow problem in your RV is the Fan-Tastic Vent 01100WH Endless Breeze. We call it a more permanent solution since it acts as an exhaust fan and keeps all the humidity being produced inside your camper out of it.

As the name suggests, this air vent is a fantastic option for RVs. It takes little to no amount of power for turning on which means there will not be too much pressure on the engine of your RV.

It has a compact design, can be easily clamped against the wall or the dashboard, and blows air up at 10mpH.

Incredible design: The Fan-Tastic Vent 01100WH Endless Breeze is an incredible choice for RV fans. It has a very functional design with two detachable legs and clips so you can either stand it up or attach it to your dashboard according to your preference.

Highly functional: The fan doesn’t feature LEDs but the clear fan blades are distant enough so they let the light pass through. This gives a huge advantage to drivers when using it in a vehicle.

Also, since it has a very low power draw, it will not affect the lifespan of your vehicle’s engine in any way.

The Fan-Tastic Vent 01100WH Endless Breeze has three-speed settings for you to choose from. One is high, one is low while the third one helps you save energy.

This is a plug-and-play fan so it doesn’t have a charging system. It draws out power directly from your engine when running.

Reliable and sturdy: The overall construction of the fan is pretty solid and sturdy. It is very reliable and is backed by a 2-year limited-time warranty. You can even use this box fan in your office to cool off steam during hotter days.

Final verdict: The Fan-Tastic Vent 01100WH Endless Breeze is a portable yet functional 12V fan for RVs. It comes in a sturdy design and can be used, either way, standing or attached.

The brand has also backed it by a 2-year limited time warranty so you will be putting your money on a safe bet.

  • Can be used as an exhaust fan
  • 3-speed settings
  • Easy to adjust
  • Quiet operation
  • A little expensive
GoGear 12 Volt Oscillating Fan

GoGear 12 Volt Oscillating Fan

  • Power it up from any standard 12V outlet in a vehicle
  • Includes all the hardware needed for attachment
  • Easy and quick installation and detachment
  • Highly quality and sturdy construction

The GoGear SP570804 12V Oscillating Fan is by far the most inexpensive car fan that we have come across but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. We know for a fact that this fan has all the features you need for an efficient car cooling fan.

It has a great design and comes with an electric cord that you can get to your measured preference. It is very popular among RV users, the reason being it consumes less power yet produces a very efficient airflow throughout the vehicle.

Power source: The fan is powered by the vehicle’s battery through a standard 12V aux outlet or the lighter socket. It comes in a very compact design and you can conveniently rotate the fan at a 90-degree angle to let the airflow through the car’s interior.

Easy to attach: You can attach the Go Gear SP570804 Oscillating Fan to your dashboard or the armrest conveniently.

The brand has included all the screws and clamps that you will possibly need for the installation. The screws will help you install the fan permanently to your car in case you want to.

A lot of users have found this fan very useful in enhancing the interior temperature of the vehicle and have said that it drastically improves the environment during summers.

Very functional: In our experience, the fan solved all our sweat drenching problems and improved the airflow very efficiently. It makes the cool breeze flow out through the vehicle so that even kids will be less fussy when traveling during summers.

We do feel that if there had been more speed options, the fan would have worked more efficiently but it’s still a winner in our book.

Final verdict: If you are looking for an affordable car fan, then Go Gear SP570804 12V Oscillating Fan has got you covered.

It comes at a minimal price but offers a whole lot of ease when traveling in the summers. It improves the inner atmosphere of your RV greatly and is very easy to install, so a total steal for us.

  • Very affordable
  • Can be adjusted into any RV vehicle
  • Very sturdy with a high-quality build
  • Rotates at a 90-degree angle
  • No speed options
FiveJoy 360 Degree Rotatable Car Fan

FiveJoy 360 Degree Rotatable Car Fan

  • Cools down the car interior in seconds
  • Highly functional in terms of offering better airflow
  • Defrosts windshield during winters
  • Very easy to set up and can be adjusted to meet your needs

The FiveJoy 360 Degree Rotatable Car Fan is one of the best camper fans available and is going to make a big difference while you travel. Trust us, you will feel it as soon as you have it installed in your RV.

The fan takes power from your car’s battery through the 12V cigarette lighter socket and is designed to enhance the factory-installed cooling system of your car. We loved the two-way design of this fan and the fact that it rotates at a 360-degree angle.

By installing this fan in your car, you will ensure the airflow is sufficiently enhanced and you beat the hot summer days without breaking a sweat.

Easy to attach: Unlike most car fans you see in the market, the FiveJoy Rotatable Car Fan is attached with a pack of stickers to your dashboard. These are 3M quality adhesive stickers that stick well and won’t melt away even during the hottest days.

You can secure the base of the fan to a dashboard or your armrest easily and enjoy the cool breeze flowing to your face.

Great functionality: The 360-degree fans rotate up, down, right, and left for much better coverage. You will find two-speed adjustment settings on the fan that you can set according to your mood.

The best thing about FiveJoy Rotatable Car Fan is its efficiency. It creates a separate airflow between the passenger and the driver while getting rid of any cigarette smoke or odor from the car.

These fans also make it safe for you to drive in winter evenings by quickly defrosting windshields, massively improving your vision.

Lifetime warranty: It is hard to find 12V RV fans that are backed by lifetime warranties. So when we found the FiveJoy Rotatable Car Fan, you could say we jumped at the thought of having a car fan that will never need changing.

Final verdict: The FiveJoy rotatable car fan is the best that money can buy. It is a great investment in terms of functionality.

If you’re stuck in traffic, the fan will make sure you never have to suffer on hot summer days by sweating for hours. Not to mention, the brand has also backed it by a lifetime warranty.

  • 360-degree rotation offers better coverage
  • Excellent choice for RVs
  • Keeps humidity at bay
  • Highly functional with two-speed settings
  • Customer support is very disappointing
Alagoo 12V 6

Alagoo 12V 6″ Automobile Cooling Fan

  • Big adjustable clamp for convenient mounting
  • Rotates at a 90-degree angle offering better airflow
  • Doesn’t make noise when operating
  • Low energy consumption yet very powerful wind production

Moving on, we have this incredible Alagoo 12V 6” Car Cooling Fan that happens to be one of the best 12v fan for camper vans. It is a very popular RV fan because of its excellent ventilation system combined with a very quiet operation.

A fan like this one is capable of functioning for a very long time without annoying you or your passengers. The Alagoo 12V Automobile Fan comes with a wide range of features and cooling options that make it worth installing.

We were also thrilled because of its price point. It is hard to find a 12V RV fan that is so affordable yet incredibly functional at the same time.

Very flexible: The fan is easy to install and comes with a set of clamps that will help you set it up on your dashboard.

The construction quality is topnotch and so are the clamps. Though the clamps are sturdy enough, they still give you the liberty of moving the fan around, whenever and wherever you want.

Easy to connect: Another added benefit of the Alagoo Car fan is that it can be easily connected to a power source. It is compatible with most cigarette lighter sockets.

It has a compact size with a height of 7.5inches. Keep its measurements in mind if you plan on purchasing it. You don’t want to end up with a fan that won’t fit in your vehicle.

Low power consumption: It works pretty well for a fan that doesn’t consume a lot of power from your car battery. We know how most users always fear their batteries may malfunction if the fan consumes too much of its power.

Rest assured, the Alagoo 12V 6” Automobile Vehicle Clip Fan is a very well-thought-out ventilation system that is backed by a 3-year limited time warranty and won’t affect your battery’s lifespan.

Final verdict: The Alagoo 12V 6” Automobile Vehicle Clip Fan is a great choice for an RV with a load of passengers.

It works efficiently well and can be easily powered through a cigarette lighter socket. We did see it has trouble rotating automatically but other than that, it is a good option to go with.

  • Impeccable ventilation at an affordable price
  • Quiet operation
  • Compatible with cigarette lighter sockets
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t rotate well
O2COOL 10-Inch Battery Operated Fan

O2COOL 10-Inch Battery Operated Fan

  • Recommend for emergency use and traveling
  • Smart power technology lowers the wattage when the battery is running out
  • Can be powered through four different sources
  • Portable and compact size, easy to adjust

The O2COOL 10-Inch Battery Operated Fan is another affordable choice for people who want maximum performance efficiency at a very minimal price point. O2Cool is a highly reputed brand that offers a wide range of RV and home fans for you to check out.

They deliver excellent construction quality and their fans are known for lasting a long time. The O2Cool 10Inch Fan is available in a striking yellow and black color, making up for its aesthetic appeal.

The wireless can be powered through a variety of sources so you never run out of options to turn it on.

Perfect for traveling and emergencies: The O2Cool 10-inch Battery Operated Fan is a great option for people who love traveling especially those who go camping every other week.

It is an ideal pick for even emergencies such as power outages that occur during hurricanes. The fan comes with an AC adaptor that you can plug into your vehicle when power is needed in case of emergent situations.

Smart power technology: As we have mentioned before, the fan uses four power sources and will automatically switch to the most efficient energy source depending on its battery time and situation.

You will also find a USB port the O2Cool 10-inch Battery Operated Fan comes with. This port will prove to be very helpful in case there is a power outage and you need to charge your smart devices.

Superior functionality: O2Cool has built this fan with a patented 5-blade fan that consumes low power but delivers a very wide coverage airflow. You will find two-speed options so you can adjust accordingly.

Not to mention, the fan doesn’t make even the slightest noise so you will not have to listen to any annoying occurrences in the background.

Final verdict: The O2Cool 10-inch Battery Operated Fan is a superior quality 12 fan for RV that will do wonders for you. It is very easy to adjust and safe to use. The fan offers a great level of functionality and is definitely a fan worth spending on.

  • Portable and compact design
  • Smart technology features
  • Very durable and powerful
  • Great level of functionality
  • Battery time is low
O2COOL Treva 10 Inch Smart Fan

O2COOL Treva 10 Inch Smart Fan

  • Durably manufactured using sturdy, topnotch plastic
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Battery operated portable fan
  • Features a powerful 10inch blade with 2-speed options

As we are onto our last two product recommendations for the most ideal 12V fan for camper vans, take a look at the Treva by O2COOL 10-inch Smart Power Fan.

This is another impeccable, energy-efficient option that we came across during our research and we knew it had to be on this list.

Treva would be our second RV fan recommendation from O2COOL and just like the previous one, this one also comes with excellent features, solid performance, and top-notch construction quality.

We also loved its design and the fact how easy it to adjust the fan is. All you have to do is clamp it up to your dashboard and you’re good to go.

Smart features: The very best thing about choosing Treva by O2COOL Smart Power Fan is its smart features.

For an affordable price, the fan offers you a very energy-efficient system that automatically switches to the lowest power option when the battery starts running out.

This way, the fan doesn’t instantly shut down instead, it prolongs the performance duration, giving you enough time to connect it with a power source.

USB power port: Apart from being very efficient for RVs, you can also use the fan at home during a power outage.

An added benefit of this fan is it features a USB power port that will allow you to charge your laptop, smartphone, or any other smart device in case the electricity doesn’t return in time.

Powerful fan blades: The Treva by O2COOL Smart Power Fan has been integrated with very powerful patented fan blades that run at two high speeds.

You can easily opt between the speeds you like and enjoy your own personal breeze-making machine at home and even in your car.

Final verdict: The Treva by O2COOL Smart Power Fan is a powerful yet affordable smart fan for regular use.

It offers a ton of features and can be charged with several power sources for maximum efficiency. You’re going to love how high-quality the fan truly is and how long it is meant to last.

  • Energy-saving feature
  • Extremely good at blowing cool air
  • Features a USB power port for emergencies
  • Powerful patented fan blades
  • Putting standard batteries in the fan increases its weight
HITOPTY 12v Electric Car Dash Fan

HITOPTY 12v Electric Car Dash Fan

  • 12V portable and adjustable fan
  • Shaped like a cage making it safe to use
  • Doesn’t make a noise with low energy consumption
  • Compatible with cigarette lighter socket

The HITOPTY 12V Electric Car Dash Fan with Cigarette Lighter Plug is another economical fan that we would like you to look into for your camper van. It offers excellent airflow through the vehicle, making it bearable for you to sit in the car on a scorching summer day.

The fan is built out of high-quality ABS which makes it a very durable option for use in cars. It is an eco-friendly option that ensures the inner environment of your vehicle remains odor and smoke-free.

The large fan blades create powered wind that blows off steam and ensures the inner temperature remains as normal as possible in summers.

Different design: Keeping all the 12V fans that we have reviewed so far in perspective, the HITOPTY Electric Car Fan comes in the most different design.

It is shaped like a cage that features two fan blades that deliver a power-pact airflow. It keeps the inner temperature of your van cool while ensuring all the humidity is sucked out of the vehicle.

Portable and easy to carry: The fan has a lightweight construction and can be carried from one car to another very conveniently.

You can place it on your dashboard or attach it to your armrest, whatever suits you. Also, to enhance its coverage, the fan can be adjusted in multiple angles for better efficiency.

There are two-speed options for you to adjust from, high and low speed as per your preference.

Low power consumption: If you are wondering if it’s going to consume a lot of energy from your battery, rest assured because it won’t. The fan’s ability to use your car’s battery as a power source is not going to affect your battery’s lifespan.

It has very minimal power consumption and HITOPTY 12v Electric Car Dash Fan also doesn’t make a noise which makes it a very ideal pick.

Final verdict: Looking for an RV fan that is easy to install and doesn’t make too much noise? The HITOPTY 12v Electric Car Dash Fan is a good option to consider.

It is widely praised for its adjustable angles and enhanced airflow coverage. The fan is backed by a 2-year limited-time warranty and comes at a decent price point.

  • Solid, sturdy construction
  • Easy to adjust
  • Very convenient and portable
  • Doesn’t make a noise
  • Isn’t very powerful in terms of blowing air

Best 12v Fan For RV Buyer’s Guide:

12v RV Fan Buying Guide

12 Volt RV fans can be a great investment in terms of enhancing your comfort and fighting the tough summer days. It can greatly affect the temperature in your vehicle and improve it quite a notch to ensure you have a nice time driving around the city.

But, how would you know you have opted for the right fan for your RV? We are sure you must have gone through all our recommendations above and now you have an idea of what is out there when looking for the best fan for an RV bedroom.

So, keeping that in perspective, we have made a list of additional aspects you need to keep in mind when searching for a high-velocity 12-volt fan.


A good and ideal fan for RV would be highly portable. This is an important factor that you need to consider when choosing a 12V fan for an RV.

A lot of people get confused between small and large fans. Small fans aren’t very effective in circulating air while the larger fan models are difficult to transport and carry around.

You need to look for a fan that offers you the best of both worlds. It needs to be portable but should be large enough to circulate airflow effectively. Also, try and look for lightweight fans, they are far more convenient.

Battery Life

Always consider the battery life when choosing an ideal 12V fan for an RV. You don’t want to run out of power when you need it the most.

RV fans are available with a wide range of power sources; we are sure you must have noticed that above. Where battery-operated fans work great, engine-powered fans work even better.

We do put battery-operated fans above engine-powered fans but make sure you check the battery time of these fans.

Also, see how long the fan takes to charge completely. You don’t want to sign up for a fan that takes too long to charge besides how you will survive in summers while your fan is charging.

Some batteries now offer the option of charging through USB cables but that is not always a possibility. You are probably going to limit your power sources if you plan on taking your RV to nature-like places so make sure you consider all your options.


Some people don’t find airflow that big of a deal but we do think it’s essential to keep in mind.

Airflow basically refers to how much area the fan can cool down when running or how hard it blows the air out. It varies from person to person what kind of airflow anyone is looking for.

You can also refer to it as the CFM rate. This means how much air the fan can blow out in a cubic foot. If there are a lot of passengers in your RV, then you’re probably going to need a fan that can cover a large area with maximum power.

But for single-person use, even a small and low-power fan can do wonders.

Noise Level

When there is already too much hustle-bustle in our daily lives, nobody wants to be bugged by additional noises like the ones produced by our rooftop fans.

Now, this is another aspect you need to consider when buying a fan for camper vans. Since you already want to escape the noise of the city, make sure you don’t end up with an annoying noisy fan.

Most of the time, the fans that consume a lot of energy are the ones producing the most noise. So, sort through this aspect of your purchase before you pay the bill.

Multi-Purpose Fans

Portable RV Fan on Dashboard

Opting for a multi-purpose fan can be a wise decision if you love going on camping trips. You must have read our recommendation from Lumitronics above, a fan that works as a light and fan both.

Such fans come in really handy if you want to enjoy reading a book or doing some artwork while running the fan. Some fans also become power sources and act as chargers for laptops and smartphones and save you from trouble in a power outage.

We suggest opting for such RV fans since they offer a lot of functionality and are highly versatile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to install only 12V fans in RV?

12V fans are the most affordable and offer maximum efficiency, given they don’t consume too much energy, don’t drain your batteries, and are mostly compatible with all kinds of RVs.

However, there is no restriction. You can install bigger fans as well but they are obviously going to consume a lot of power.

Are RV fans dangerous?

No, RV fans aren’t dangerous but you need to make sure you keep them at a safe distance from kids and pets.

Why do I need an RV fan in the first place?

There are several reasons why you need an RV fan, the biggest one being that the air in an RV tends to get stale, and walking inside an RV that doesn’t have refreshing air can be daunting.

Having a fan installed in your RV will keep your environment fresh and help you bear the harsh summer days.


As you must have noticed, the recommendations we made for the best 12V fan for RV were pretty diverse.

This may make choosing a final model somewhat difficult but it also indicates there is something available for everyone. We hope that you found at least a few of our suggestions helpful and you would soon be ordering yourself an RV fan.

If you have any queries or recommendations in this regard, feel free to leave us with your feedback. We highly appreciate it.


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