Have you been dealing with lots of mischievous thieves? Do you have a huge staff and an enormous workplace?

Does it get difficult for you to keep a security check of all corners of your beautiful and grand mansion? Or perhaps, you deal with construction projects and direly need technology’s assistance in monitoring the site? Well, in any case, if security is your primary concern, then you probably need a good DVR.

Fundamentally, a DVR is a digital video recorder. It is a device that keeps a record of video or audio data from surveillance cameras. It is also known as a Hard Disk Recorder because it saves all of this data onto a hard disk.

One can easily access the recorded data and transmit it to mobile devices or desktops either wirelessly or through wired connections. It enables security authorities, firms, and companies to keep track of what’s happening in and around your concerned area and maximize the security offered.

Best 16 Channel DVR

Over here, we have compiled the top ten best 16 channel DVR recorders that can connect with 16 different cameras. They enable the monitoring of 16 different areas. These DVRs are most suitable for larger areas and buildings, such as hotels, warehouses, etc. With that said, let us get straight into these. Let’s determine which of these best serve our purpose on our own!

16 Channel DVR
Lorex Weatherproof Wired Security System

Lorex Weatherproof Wired Security System

  • The system operates using a wired connection.
  • It comes with 16-bullet 4K cameras.
  • It has an IP67 rating.
  • It has smart home compatibility.
  • It has 2TB of local storage.

Lorex is a reputable camera security system manufacturing company that has its headquarters in Canada. The company has remained a popular surveillance security system option in most of the Northern areas surrounding its headquarters.

One of the most-adored products by Lorex is this Weatherproof Wired Surveillance Security System. The Lorex security system comprises 16 (4K) Ultra HD cameras and the DVR itself. So, it is a deal-breaker option out there!

The Lorex Weatherproof Wired Surveillance Security System has an IP67 rating. It means that the devices are 100% resistant to dust and solid particles. Also, the security system can survive water immersion of 15cm to 1m for up to 30-minutes.

These durable cameras and DVR will also withstand the most extreme temperatures. The company claims the devices to tolerate temperatures below -40 Fahrenheit and above 131 Fahrenheit. Hence, the Lorex security system is weatherproof and long-lasting. You can place the cameras and DVR anywhere you desire, including the areas exposed to the environmental elements.

Lorex’s professional-grade bullet cameras included in the package have a feature-rich profile too. The cameras, using advanced motion detection, can identify moving objects and notify on the monitoring screens.

It detects people and vehicles to reduce all those false alarms caused by moving leaves/animals. Thus, improvising the overall security system. However, these person/vehicle detection notifications pop up only in 4 of the 16-channels. So, you can only enable it for 4-high traffic spots in your residential or commercial building.

The bullet cameras offer a 4K resolution and 88-degrees field view. These specs function together to produce an ultra-wide and premium quality video. The well-defined and crystal-clear view allows you to protect the building fully.

Also, it has a night vision feature that projects infrared LEDs out of these security cameras to provide a clear video even at night-time. You can have a detailed view of all things up to 130ft in low-lit conditions and 90ft in complete darkness!

The cameras record and transfer the data to the DVR that stores it securely in its hard drive. With 2TB of local storage, the DVR prevents the requirement for external storage devices. Thus, rescuing you from all those monthly fees that you would have had to pay.

Plus, the DVR features a certified hard drive. So, your data is not going anywhere! It will remain safe and protected in the DVR’s local storage. Apart from this, this amazing Lorex Surveillance Security System offers remote viewing capabilities. In case you stay outdoors, you can use the Lorex Home App for viewing all the camera recordings.

So, it is not mandatory to keep your possessions secure while sitting in front of a single monitor. You can protect everything while staying on the go. Also, the application is compatible with all devices. These include both iOS and Android. You can even use smart devices to view the recordings!

This particular Lorex Security System is also smart home compatible. You can view live footage or the recordings on your other smart devices, such as TV. So, you can also use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to voice control the functions.

As for installation, you can mount this premium Lorex Weatherproof Wired Surveillance Security System on walls and ceilings. However, these 4K cameras require special modish wiring. You cannot operate the 4K bullet cameras until you have those specific wires in the building.

  • Durable
  • Ultra-wide view
  • Person/Vehicle detection
  • Night vision
  • Smart compatibility
  • Easy to use
  • Cameras not compatible with other cables
Swann Home Security Camera System

Swann Home Security Camera System

  • It comes with 12-cameras.
  • It has 1TB of storage space.
  • The system is weatherproof.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Swann Home holds a reputable status in the security department. The company is a global leader for manufacturing security-centric solutions inclusive of state-of-the-art surveillance cameras and whatnot!

With that said, Swann Home’s research has made a notable contribution to this list of best 16 channel DVRs with its Swann Home Security Camera System. The latter is a 16 channel HD video recording system that comes with 12 bullet cameras.

Each of the 12 cameras delivers a 1080p video, so you can closely monitor details as minute as license plates. The accompanying cameras also come equipped with heat and motion sensors. So, if an intruder’s around, you would surely know.

But bear in mind, you ought to place these correctly. Upon detecting activity, their sensor warning lights would blink, so you would want these to be nearby, visible to you. Also, this sophisticated DVR automatically detects warm objects like people and cars. And as soon as it detects, it starts recording, notifying you simultaneously.

Since the cameras feature a weatherproof construction, you can place these in the open air without furrowing a brow. Whether it’s raining cats and dogs or burning outside, you can rely on the cameras to withstand all and get the job done.

What’s more, its detection range extends as far as 32 meters. Be it night or day, Swann Home DVR will ensure that you have the history preserved just as it was. It will record the colors, details, labels, close-ups, movements, and everything else exactly as they occur.

To maximize your mobility and convenience, Swann Home ensured wireless control for this security system. It is compatible with all Alexa-enabled devices like 4K Fire TV, Echo Spot, and Echo Show. Even if you’ve got Chromecast, Google Home Hub, or Google Assistant, the system will work perfectly.

Thanks to this, you can control the system with voice commands. Now, you need not trouble yourself physically or invest time in changing the settings manually.

And here’s the big plus: Swann Home will back you up along with its surveillance systems! The company provides a complete 12-month warranty. During this, you can communicate your complaints and get your issues resolved.

Well, that certainly doesn’t mean there are going to be any issues. In actuality, the warranty only double-checks the durability of the product. However, there are only two aspects that we believe act as limiting factors of this surveillance system. One of these is the mechanism of a Swann security app.

Fundamentally, the Swann security app is a proprietary app of the company that makes wireless operation possible. It makes it possible for the user to control and monitor multiple screens at once.

Although it brings about great convenience, the user experience reveals that it lacks some basic functionalities. For example, there’s no option to switch the system on or off all at once. You will have to manually switch on each sensor and settings separately in the app.

It takes time and effort. Thus, damaging the convenience factor. As for the storage, it offers an impressive room for recordings worth months. All thanks to its 1TB Hard disk drive! Plus, you can link and upload the recording to your dropbox account without any worries.

  • Easy installation
  • Wireless control
  • Features spotlight & alarm
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Weatherproof design
  • Motion sensors
  • Wi-Fi & Ethernet Connections
  • App limitations
Samsung 16 Channel 1080p Video Security System

Samsung 16 Channel 1080p Video Security System

  • It has a 2TB storage space.
  • The system has an IP66 rating.
  • It comes with 1080p Full HD cameras.

Samsung has a great influence in the tech field, with products ranging from smartphones to complex video surveillance systems. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that while Samsung is the jack of all trades, it is a master of none.

Surprisingly, the company had done an outstanding job in the development of this Samsung 16 Channel DVR Video Security System. The DVR combines the perfect set of features! The Samsung DVR 16 channel utilizes a wired connection for functionality. Hence, it performs smoothly and flawlessly once connected.

Although the entire setup has wired connectivity, you will require the internet for remote access. To view remotely, you will have to connect the internet to the DVR. Next, the Quick Connect technology will work to establish links with your router.

You won’t have to do anything except download Samsung’s I-POLIS mobile app on iOS and Android. Once downloaded, you can easily view every camera recording anywhere you go!

If something happens or someone tampers with the cameras, the DVR will send email notifications instantly. And it will record everything. Hence, you can take action quickly and review the recordings to find the culprit.

As a hybrid DVR, the Samsung Security System has four 1080p full HD cameras and four analog cameras. Consequently, the recordings are of high quality and resolution. The cameras produce a vivid and crystal-clear recording.

Some DVRs offer blurred and hazy vision at night. However, these Samsung cameras have an advanced IR Cut filter that produces accurate and vibrant colors, even in low-lit situations. The footage is clear up to 98ft in complete darkness. Also, the cameras have an ultra-wide-angle lens of 103-degree Celsius. Thus, capturing a wider area with a single camera.

Samsung has also incorporated SSDR in the cameras that allow them to brighten the dark areas for better reliability and security. You can also customize recording by blocking up to four areas in each camera’s field of view.

Moreover, the Samsung hybrid DVR has 2TB of storage space. So, you can store numerous recordings without having to spend on backups. The security system features an IP66 rating, which makes it weatherproof. You can place it in any spot you prefer as the cameras have resistance against solid particles and a strong water jet.

However, some users have complained about the lack of sturdiness. The system is weatherproof, though it may not endure accident falls.

  • Good resolution
  • Ultra-wide view
  • SSDR
  • Weatherproof
  • Remote access
  • Quick connect
  • Durability concerns
ONWOTE Audio 5MP HD 16 Channel System

ONWOTE Audio 5MP HD 16 Channel System

  • It comes with all the necessary equipment.
  • Its 5.0-megapixel cameras offer impressive clarity.
  • It offers storage of 4TB.
  • It is weatherproof.

Be it for commercial needs, stadiums, hotels, or homes, ONWOTE is right here to bring top-notch security solutions for you. The company has been operating long enough to now stand as a reliable name in the industry.

ONWOTE 16-Channel POE security system is yet another masterpiece manufactured by the company as of yet. It ranks as one of the best 16 channel DVRs thanks to its massive capacity and impressive video/picture quality.

ONWOTE’s DVR comes with a pre-installed 4TB Hard Drive. As per the average, one terabyte stores about 500 hours of video. So, you can imagine how massive 4TB happens to be. 500 into 4 makes 2000 hours, and dividing this into days – we get around 83 – 84 days, which further divides into 2.8 months.

Now, hold on. You get 2.8 months’ worth of recording storage if you record day and night without a break. If you switch on the system only when you are not around, it may last up to 6 – 12 months.

The smart recording feature also combines motion detected and regular recording to make monitoring easier for you. To suit your needs, you can customize the settings and restrict motion-detecting surveillance only to certain areas. Thus, you need not trouble yourself with unnecessary or false alarms.

What’s more, opting for ONWOTE’s PoE security system would mean you won’t have to purchase the other necessary equipment for installation separately. It comes with:

The only two things that do not come with the package are the HDMI cable and HD TV or PC Monitor. And well, most likely, you may already have them with you. So, that shouldn’t be an issue. Thanks to its long-range operation, you can practically place the cameras anywhere outdoors. The ethernet connections will ensure quick and smooth transmission of video and audio data at all times.

Yes, we practically mean at all times. Be it dusty weather or stormy, this weatherproof built of cameras and its sophisticated mechanism ensure seamless operation.

Externally, the accompanying cameras have an aluminum body, which has a rating of IP65. Additionally, the 5.0 megapixels cameras offer impressive clarity and details even at night. Each of these comes with 2 LEDs, so you can record everything happening within a 100 feet range. The audio, however, is recordable in a range of 15 feet only.

Without a doubt, ONWOTE Audio 16 Channel POE security system makes life ten times easier. With lesser things to worry about and everything monitored and controlled, this system maximizes user convenience.

It only gets better, unbelievably better, with its remote access features. ONWOTE backs the DVR with a free app for both PC and computers. So, you can monitor live videos or review playback videos even if you are elsewhere. Plus, you will receive timely notifications as the camera detects moving objects.

We found this feature to be particularly helpful for those companies, warehouses, garages, or testing rooms wherein the activity rate is low. Hence, in case of an unusual movement, you will get notified immediately, and so, you’d know when to make a run!

  • Excellent storage capacity
  • Access via an app
  • Sharp and Clear Recording
  • Weatherproof
  • Speedy transmissions
  • It doesn’t come with an HDMI cable
  • Durability concerns
ZOSI H.265 16 Channel Security Camera System

ZOSI H.265 16 Channel Security Camera System

  • It comes with 16-bullet 1080p cameras.
  • The system uses a wired connection. (wireless for remote access only)
  • It has 4TB of storage space.
  • It offers four different recording modes for every camera.

Zosi has been manufacturing security systems and DVRs since 2006. The company specializes in video surveillance and holds a reputable position in the market. One of their best-selling DVR comes with this 16 channel security camera system. The Zosi 16-channel security camera system comprises premium quality DVR and 16-bullet cameras.

All the 16-bullet cameras included in the system have a high resolution of 1080p. So, the recording is clear and detailed. You can easily view everything happening outside. Plus, the cameras utilize a 105-degree view angle that is quite wide. A single camera would cover a larger area and ensure security in every corner.

At night, when the lack of light makes recording difficult, these bullet cameras will use their advanced night vision that stretches for over 120ft. Thus, making security maintenance at night much easier. These cameras also have a customizable motion detection feature that allows you to select a view of particular areas. In the case of unusual movements, the system will notify you.

The system can notify you by alarms, video pushes, emails, buzzers, screen tips, spots, and much more. You can select the options accordingly. Also, you can customize the recording mode of each camera. The Zosi security system offers 4-types of recordings; continuous, scheduled time, motion-detection recording, and recycle record.

Similar to other DVR systems, these 16 channel DVRs with cameras are weatherproof. The system can operate in a range of -10 degrees Celsius and +55 degrees Celsius. So, you can place them in any spot without worrying about damage.

The Zosi 16 channel DVR and cameras are sturdy and long-lasting. You can use them at both residential and commercial places. It has a BNC+DC CCTV cabling that transmits both power and video to all the 16-cameras. It makes the connection more stable and reliable than the wireless systems. Hence, making surveillance smooth and fluid

All the recorded footage and data gets stored in the DVR. To access the data, the system must have a connection with the surveillance monitor or TV. You’ll have to connect both devices using an HDMI or VGA cable.

Moreover, the security DVR system also allows up to 10-users at once. So, your security staff can monitor the footage conveniently. But, you must ensure no outsider has to access the data. If you are away or outdoors, you can always safeguard your possessions by getting remote access to the live or recorded footage. But you must have a stable internet connection.

You can download the Zosi app on iOS as well as Android devices. Do you operate on Windows or Mac? Well, then you can download their Zosi Client Software through all the major browsers. However, users have reported the application to lag and become non-responsive on different device models. It can prove to be a hindrance in gaining remote access.

If you want to find specific data or footage, then you can use the search feature for hunting videos of a specific minute, hour, or day. The Zosi Surveillance Security System is quite easy to use! As for storage, the Zosi DVR packs a 4TB hard drive that offers massive storage space. You can save numerous recordings. It would be a long time before you will require an external storage unit.

The system features an integrated H.265+ video coding technology the improves data compression to conserve up to 80-percent of the storage.

Conclusively, this is a really good DVR and surveillance system for all home or commercial purposes. Besides DVR and cameras, you also get 16-DC+BNC Extension Cables, 16-Mounting screw bags, 4-power adaptors, 4-power splitter cables, 1-mouse, and a user manual.

  • Motion detection
  • Ultra-wide view
  • Good footage resolution
  • Massive storage
  • Easy to install
  • Remote access
  • Non-responsive app
DEFEWAY H.265+ 16 Channel Security Camera System

DEFEWAY H.265+ 16 Channel Security Camera System

  • It comes with an IP66 waterproof rating.
  • It comes equipped with a 2TB hard drive.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty and 45 days money-back guarantee.

DEFEWAY – a striving name in the industry brings forth an admirable take at DVRs. Its H.265+ is an excellent pick, especially for those who seek better functionality in a mid-range budget.

DEFEWAY H265 16 Channel Security System comes with about 16 pieces of cameras and necessary cables. Since all components, including the lithium metal battery, come with the security system, you will not need to spend more on the installation of the security system.

However, the process of the installation itself may be slightly difficult for a few. And that’s because it doesn’t come with a user manual. Nevertheless, a call to DEFEWAY’s tech support center will get your issue solved.

DEFEWAY comes pre-installed with a 2TB Hard drives. The company worked on equipping this DVR with technology such that it saves space through video compression.

Now, that doesn’t mean the system compromises on the quality. The 1080P cameras record crystal clear footage both in daytime and night. At night, the surveillance system will provide coverage of about 100 feet, and the 80-degree viewing angle of the cameras provides an all-embracing view.

Plus, like most DVRs listed here, it comes with a supporting proprietary app named XMeye. The purpose of XMeye is to assist you in monitoring, handling, and controlling the device without getting bound to a place.

And that would technically mean it enables remote operation and control. With XMeye, you can keep track of all the recordings on your mobile devices.

Be it Android or iOS. The app is compatible with all. However, there’s one thing that happens to be a must for accessing the recording through any device, and that is, of course, a network connection. Offline availability of the recordings may not be possible for remote access.

Lastly, it comes with a one-year warranty. Hence, you can confidently invest in this model.

In case this is your first-ever purchase of any soft security equipment, we would suggest you go with this model. That’s because it comes with a 45-days money-back guarantee. You can return the device in case of second thoughts or later concerns.

Plus, here’s the cherry on top: this DVR comes with lifetime tech support. Even when you run out of warranty time, DEFEWAY will still stand by you in case of any issues. Being responsible and growth-loving, they also treasure their clientele’s feedback. So, if your keen eye detects an error or point of improvement, you can drop a message for them at their email address.

  • IP66 Waterproof
  • Comes with 45 days money-back guarantee
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Supported by a proprietary app
  • It comes with a battery
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Slight installation difficulties
SMONET 5MP Lite Security Camera System

SMONET 5MP Lite Security Camera System

  • The system comes with 16-bullet cameras.
  • It has an IP66 rating.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty and a 30-days money-back guarantee.

SMONET technologies, established in 2014, is a relatively new yet competitive Chinese company in the video surveillance equipment industry. The SMONET 5MP lite security camera system is a much sought-after product by the company.

It is a complete security surveillance system that includes 16-bullet cameras and a high-quality DVR. The system relies on wired connectivity for operation. Talking about the build first, the DVR itself has a compact structure that is easy to place in any spot. It occupies much of the space, which is great for small living spaces or businesses.

All the 16-bullet cameras included in the package have an IP66 rating. It means that the cameras will not get affected by solid particles, such as dust and smoke. And, it has resistance against strong water jets too. The surveillance cameras also have tolerance for extreme temperatures, such as -20 Fahrenheit to 60 Fahrenheit. No rain, snow, or hail can damage these sturdy cameras!

So, you can place these cameras in unsheltered areas that have exposure to the external outdoor environment without getting worried about the damage. These bullet cameras will serve as loyal security guards for a long time!

These 2MP bullet cameras have a resolution of 1080p. As a result, the image and footage captured have clarity and vividness. When playing the recording of a memorable moment at your home, you would feel amazed at the accuracy of colors and details.

Plus, you have the option to customize motion detection for each of these 16 channel DVR 1080p cameras. Hence, making security stronger and impenetrable. In the case of motion detection, the system would send smart notifications to the device on which you have installed the app. Thus, reducing false alerts and alarms.

For the night, the cameras have a powerful IR-LED that offers a good vision of up to 65. However, users have reported that the night view is not quite clear. Nonetheless, all this footage gets saved in the DVR’s internal storage. It has a 2TB hard drive that allows you to record a complete 24-hours every day.

Also, it features the H. 265 compression technology that maintains ample storage space for more recordings. So, you won’t have to make space or invest in external storage backups.

You can view the recordings on any TV or PC monitor by connecting both the devices using an HDMI/VGA cable. To remotely access, you can download the free app Danale, create an account, connect the device, and view everything within minutes!

There is no requirement to spend on any fees or anything. It is free. But, ensure you have a stable internet connection for the live recording or playback to function accurately. As for installation, the SMONET 5MP Lite Security System is very easy to set up. It comes along with all the required things and instructions so that even a novice can install it conveniently.

You can install the cameras on the ceiling or wall. Plus, the base is 360-degree rotatable. The stand supports 180-degrees up and down movement.

In case of any query, you can always contact SMONET technical support. The company offers excellent lifetime technical support. It also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee, 30-days money-back guarantee, and 2-years warranty!

  • Weatherproof
  • Easy-to-use
  • Customizable motion detection
  • Remote view
  • Quick installation
  • Good storage space
  • Comes with a warranty and a guarantee
  • Excellent customer service
  • Night vision not clear
TIGERSECU Super 16Channel Hybrid

TIGERSECU Super 16Channel Hybrid

  • It features a heat sink fan technology.
  • It offers a 2TB drive.
  • It offers audio recording for four channels.
  • The system comes with a 2-year-long warranty.

If you have already got a security system installed, and you wish to upgrade the DVR device only, then Tigersecu super 16 channel hybrid DVR security recorder might as well be the right fit for you.

The package you purchase will comprise:

Given that, it does not come with cameras. And so, if you do not have the system installed already, you will have to purchase the cameras separately. With that said, let us inform you, setting up TIGERSECU’s DVR security from scratch will be super easy. It comes with a comprehensive guide that will guide you through thoroughly.

However, if you encounter any difficulties with the wires, you can ring up TIGERSECU’s customer care department. Their skilled team is available 24/7 to help you figure what fits where and how to address all relevant issues.

Alternatively, if you already have a system, and it’s only the DVR device that you are updating, even then, you won’t feel the slightest bit troubled. Replace the main device, ensure relevant connections, and then for your ease, connect the device with the app.

When it comes to connecting the system with an app for remote operation, you will have two options. Either connect the system to TIGERSECU’s proprietary app or connect it with the ones that you’ve been using previously.

Quite surprisingly, the system works with multiple apps. We recommend Cam Pro & LiveCams Pro for camera connectivity. Even in terms of cameras, the DVR has extensive compatibility and functionality. It can record both IP cameras and analog cameras simultaneously.

The same applies to the camera models. It works well with 2MP and 5MP cameras. Certainly, the 5 MP cameras yield better results.

The storage offered by the DVR happens to be 2TB. Although it’s already massive, TIGERSECU equipped it with H.265+ high-efficiency video compression capabilities. Thus, allowing the user to store more in the same capacity. Plus, it is also upgradable.

What’s more, the system comes with a heat sink fan technology, which doesn’t let the DVR heat up even upon intensive usage. It cuts down the operating noise maintaining better ambiance for the operators around. You also get to enjoy a two-year-long warranty!

Its audio-recording feature for four channels promises complete visual and audio evidence. Plus, it also supports three monitor connections at once. The only drawback is perhaps the limited compatibility of the mobile app. It won’t work on devices without Android 9 or iOS 9.3 or a more later version.

  • It doesn’t heat up
  • Extensive camera compatibility
  • Come with a 2-year warranty.
  • Audio recording for 4-channels
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent customer service
  • Mobile app not compatible with older operating systems
Night Owl 1080p HD Home Security DVR

Night Owl 1080p HD Home Security DVR

  • It comes with 1TB storage.
  • It is compatible with only DP2 series cameras.
  • The system features Anti-theft technology.

Night Owl is an American company that has been manufacturing security equipment since 2009. As an old and reputable producer, the company has a loyal fan base that strongly relies on its products for enhanced security.

The Night Owl Wired Home Security DVR with Customizable Storage is one of the top-rated 16-channel DVR presents in the industry. It utilizes a wired connection to offer enhanced security and protection.

Aesthetically, the black-colored and one-toned body of the Night Owl Wired Home Security System looks glamorous sitting in your home or office. It has a compact build so that you can place it anywhere without trouble.

To connect, you will have to simply plug in the wires to the power sources. Also, connect compatible cameras to the DVR for recording to begin. It is compatible with only DP2 series cameras. As wired, the Night Owl Security DVR functions flawlessly. It delivers an uninterrupted and undisrupted viewing 24/7. Hence, making your security system efficient all the time.

Similar to others, the Night Owl Wired Home Security DVR with Customizable Storage features Human Detection technology. Thus, it reduces the false alarms and alerts triggered by animals or other moving objects.

It also has a facial capture feature that takes a snapshot of the person’s face before sending a real-time alert. So, even if the person escapes, you have some data stored in the DVR for identification. All the notifications pop up on the connected smart device or PC/TV.

The Night Owl DVR has a 2-step verification and single sign-on that prevents unverified access to the connected devices. Hence, protect the data and maintain confidentiality. In case someone attempts to move the DVR, the Anti-theft technology will send real-time alerts to the connected devices for augmented data protection.

Moreover, the DVR has 1TB internal storage that is not massive. But, it is sufficient a considerable time before an upgrade is mandatory. Plus, there are no fees required for storage! As for remote viewing, you can access the live footage or recordings through the app. It is present for both; iOS and Android. So, you can protect your possessions from anywhere!

In a nutshell, the Night Owl DVR is an idealistic choice for people looking for a replacement. However, it would have been better with the cameras included so that individuals seeking a complete package could find it beneficial too!

  • Human detection
  • Verification system
  • Smooth connection
  • Remote viewing
  • Good storage space
  • No cameras
ZOSI 16CH 1080P Video Surveillance Recorder

ZOSI 16CH 1080P Video Surveillance Recorder

  • It offers a 2TB storage space.
  • Its easy navigation and search modes allow easy access to recorded data.
  • It comes with a one-year replacement warranty.
  • It offers a recycle record feature.

Here comes yet another digital video recorder from the very reliable and admirable ZOSI. This 16-channel surveillance recorder is a lighter variant of the one mentioned above. And the term lighter here is regarding the specs and features, not exactly the weight.

Unlike the variant given above, this one comes with a 2TB storage space. It provides ample space for constant 24/7 recording for at least a month.

To save space, the DVR records when it detects motion. Moreover, it offers the option to recycle records, which means you can overwrite the oldest video recordings. In this way, your ZOSI 16 Channel DVR will be usable all the time.

Plus, connecting to the app is super easy. Just connect the DVR to the network, download ZOSI’s proprietary app, the QR code, and there you go! Enjoy remotely monitoring the view of your surveillance cameras.

The app works just fine and equips the operators substantially. However, a few users reported having been troubled with the controls of the app. Determining the right settings, such as renaming the cameras, adjusting the colors, and making specific changes, might be a bit confusing.

However, to tackle these issues, you can connect with customer support. They will guide you through every single thing. On the positive end, you will receive smart notifications on your mobile device whenever the systems detect suspicious movement. You will not only receive a text notification. You will also receive an image.

If you wish to search for some particular recorded data, you can search in reference to time, date, alarm, and motion detection for exact search. It saves a substantial amount of time on the user’s end.

What’s more, it comes with two-year quality and tech support. Along with that, you get a complete one-year replacement warranty. In case the DVR becomes defected or gets damaged, you can easily get the unit replaced.

  • One-year replacement warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Lifetime tech support
  • Customizable recording capabilities
  • Extensive camera compatibility
  • Slight issues with the app

Buyer’s Guide:

Purchasing the best 16-channel DVR security system can be a daunting task, especially if you are a novice in the field of video surveillance. So, to make things easier, we have articulated an insightful guide that will walk you through every stage of purchasing the idealistic DVR.

Design and Build

The design and build of any product matter a lot. While you may not be evaluating the aesthetics of the DVR, some factors matter a lot. These include:


Although not every DVR states the materials used in the construction, the finding of the build can help you determine the durability of the security system. Well, a majority of DVR security systems will state an IP rating. The IP is a short-term for Ingress Protection that is a unit measuring the level of resistance against solid particles and water.

You will find two numbers along with the letters IP. The first one refers to the resistance against solid particles, such as dust and dirt. Meanwhile, the second one refers to the resistance against water. So, you can determine the sturdiness of a DVR regarding outdoor nature elements using this IP rating. Usually, the IP66+ ratings are the best. However, ratings below or above are also suitable.


Not every DVR purchaser has the technical knowledge to operate it easily at a glance. Hence, the complete system should have an easy-to-use design. All the functions must be comprehensible. Besides, there should be a manual and instructions set present in the package to help with installation.

Video Quality

The DVR security system comes with cameras. Generally, these cameras are either analog or bullet. For better footage, it is better to invest in a DVR that comes with high-quality cameras. You can opt for cameras that offer 4K resolution and better megapixels. Also, hunt for specifications like motion detection and night vision to enhance the visual experience.


The storage available in your DVR affects the number and quality of recordings. Lower storage will allow limited recordings that are too of poor quality. Well, to avoid the situation, select a DVR that has a minimum of 1 or 2TB storage. It will store at least 150 to 300-hours of HD quality videos. If you want better storage, then opt for a larger TB.

Sometimes, DVRs use video compression software to make more space. Try hunting for this feature in your ideal DVR if you desire massive storage.


monitoring security camera with smartphone app

DVRs have two variants; wired and wireless. Wired DVR security systems require a plug connection where every item has a link to the power outlet. Meanwhile, the wireless variants utilize the internet and Bluetooth connectivity for operation. Usually, all DVRs include wireless connectivity for remote access, even wired ones.

Apart from this, you should opt for DVRs with smart device compatibility so that you can have easy access.

Mounting System

security camera installation

Usually, the DVRs are very easy to install. You only have to put it in any appropriate spot, connect the cameras, and plug in the power source.

Meanwhile, some DVRs require a complete change of wiring and complex camera connectivity. If you do not mind the time and finances used in professional assistance, then the installation might not trouble you much.

However, if you want to conserve it and do it yourself, then it is recommendable to select DVRs with quick installation. Also, look for the inclusion of instructions manual and excellent customer support.


DVRs are very specific about compatibility. There function with particular camera models. If you want to replace the DVR of your security system only, then be vigilant about the new DVR’s compatibility with your previous security cameras. Usually, the DVR does not work with other cameras. It is why they come in complete packages of cameras and DVR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to install 16 channel DVR security camera system?

Every 16-channel DVR security camera system is different when it comes to installation. So, there is no definite method.

Generally, some 16-channel DVR security camera systems are easy to install and require a simple plug-in connection. However, the majority of systems require professional assistance. These experts will mount the cameras, connect the DVR, and may even change wiring for some.

Q. Are all security cameras compatible with all DVRs?

No! All security cameras may not be compatible with all DVRs. That’s because different video recorders work with different types of cameras.

A DVR goes well with analog cameras, and an NVR goes with IP cameras. Apart from that, some DVRs are compatible with security cameras of only certain companies. For this very reason, compatibility is an important factor to consider when choosing a DVR.


DVR security systems play a crucial role in residential and commercial property safety. It stores and records all the data so that you can keep track of all the mishaps. Above, we have evaluated and reviewed all the best 16-channel DVRs in the market. Hopefully, you would have found the idealistic match along the way.

In case haven’t found it, we strongly recommend you to go with the amazing ZOSI H.265+ 16 Channel Security Camera System. Premium and feature-rich, the ZOSI security system is the perfect 16-channel DVR system out there.

It has a 4-TB massive storage capacity that allows you to store bulks of recordings before needing an external storage unit. Also, it has an integrated and ergonomic design. The system is quite easy to use and install. Plus, the security system includes 16-bullet 1080MP cameras. So, you don’t have to purchase any external cameras.

Moreover, the ZOSI 16-channel Security System has a sturdy and weatherproof build. Hence, it will remain a loyal companion for a long. Well, if you do make a purchase or have any thoughts that you would like to share, do let us know below!


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