For adventure enthusiasts, a monster like a jeep wrangler is only enough to lead the way. From going down rugged terrains to speeding up throw clean highways, this beast has surely no match when it comes down to performance.

But what makes it deliver such high performance? Is it the strong built and the outer frame? Or the undisputable tires that let their way through multiple terrains with ease? It is a combination of both undoubtedly!

Best 33 Inch Tires For Jeep Wrangler

If you own a jeep wrangler like us or ever got a chance to look closely at its tires, you’ll see how huge they are! And surely the huge structure lets it deliver the high performance that is required to run this beauty smoothly.

If you are reading this article then it surely means you’re looking for the top 33-inch tires for the jeep wrangler because the previous ones had gotten too “old”. Well then, let us tell you about a few good labels selling some amazing tires for your monster truck!

Load Capacity
Tread Depth
19 32nds
21 32nds
15 32nds
19.7 32nds
20 32nds
17 32nds
19 32nds

The Best 33-inch Tires for Jeep Wrangler

Tires play a crucial part in maintaining the performance of your car. And only because of these, you can smoothly sail through multiple terrains without feeling bumps or jerks.

Thus, when talking about a jeep wrangler, the tires of this beast are huge and tough. And why wouldn’t they be? A jeep wrangler’s tires are designed to absorb shocks and jerks on rugged roads, speed smoothly through clear roads, and give you maximum grip on the car.

Hence, if you’re in search of replacing the tires with a new set, based on our experience, we’ve put together a few names of brands selling top-notch quality 33-inch tires of jeep wrangler.

If you’ve stayed with us till now, bear a little more and read further to know more!

Milestar Patagonia M/T Radial Tire

Milestar Patagonia M/T Radial Tire

  • High void tread design for better grip and promotes self-cleaning
  • 3-ply sidewalls for extra protection
  • Offers load capacity of 2205 pounds
  • Complex siping aids help the jeep grip the ground harder when the road is rocky

What is the first thing you look into for a good tire? Strong grip and high quality of course! If these two things are your priority, we bet you’ll love the Milestar Patagonia’s 33-inch tires.

These tires have been carefully engineered using the high-void tread design with toned edges. Why so? The aggressive edges not only offer a greater grip on the road but facilitates self-cleaning of the tires, keeping the dirt away and prolonging its life.

Moreover, to ensure a steadier ride along the off-roads, the manufacturer has added raised white lettering and complex siping aids into its constructions that absorb shocks and jerks, offering you smooth sail through uneven terrains.

Also, the sidewalls have been carefully covered with 3-ply for added protection, which means the durability of the tires is 100% guaranteed. Since we had a chance to replace our old tires with these new ones, we can surely vouch for their high quality and performance!

  • Steadies and durable
  • The addition of white lettering and complex sipping aids absorbs shocks and jerks
  • 3-ply sidewalls for extra protection
  • Wide and tough
  • High-void tread design facilitates self-cleaning of the tires
  • The size of the tires may differ from their description
Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

  • Armor trek construction guarantees durability
  • Offers limited warranty
  • Remarkable off-road and on-road performance
  • Comes with alternating mud scoops that keep the tires clean

If you’ve moved onto the next best 33 inch tires for your jeep wrangler, it is time we introduce you to Cooper Discoverer STT Pro, a remarkable set of tires for your beast that’ll set you off excitedly on the long route.

We had the chance of experimenting with these tires not much long ago. One thing that we can guarantee is that it delivers spectacular on-road and off-road performance, keeping you on track rightfully.

Talking about its construction and you’ll be delighted to know that the manufacturers have paid special heed to its long-lasting performance by including armor trek technology during its manufacturing.

What is it you ask? The armor trek technology shields the tires against sharp objects like broken tree branches, rocks, or even nails that put the tire at risk of bursting.

Moreover, it has mud scoops and slingers that successfully keep away the dust, mud, and all the dirty stuff away from the tires.

The Cooper tires measure at 33-inches and promise to manage load up to 2205 pounds, enough for your family to enjoy a long drive without any worries. With these tires in place, no bumps on the road can ever stop you!

  • Armor trek technology adds to the durability of the tires
  • Spectacular on-road and off-road performance
  • Can manage load up to 2205 pounds
  • Comes with a 45-days free trial
  • Offers limited warranty too
  • Tread design helps avoid any harm caused by sharp-edged stones
  • The inclusion of mud scoops and slingers keep the dirt away
  • Sidewalls are covered with 6-ply which makes the tires even stronger for the road
  • Available in different sizes
  • Compromised durability as mentioned by some users
  • Creates a lot of noise and vibration while on the road
BFGoodrich All-Terrain Car Tire

BFGoodrich All-Terrain Car Tire

  • Ideal for SUVs, trucks, and crossovers
  • Comes with CoreGard technology
  • The inclusion of 3-D sipes enhances traction and stability on rugged terrains
  • Offers 6-years warranty

The BFGoodrich is another fabulous label of tires for jeep wrangler that you shouldn’t miss out on when thinking of replacing your old set.

These heavy-duty tires are ideal for SUVs, minivans, and pretty much every vehicle that is bigger. But what actually makes it a worthy purchase?

Apart from the easy availability and perfect size, what we love about the BFGoodrich tires is their remarkable design. It uses the CoreGard technology that keeps the tires safe from splitting or bruises.

Moreover, the rubber walls are thicker in measurement as compared to an average tire which means durability is unquestionable.

Also, the carefully picked serrated shoulder design reduces tire pressure, offering increased grip on rocky and muddy roads. And let us mention that, unlike other tires, this one is great to be used under “slippery” conditions like rain and snow without any worries.

And because the BFGoodrich 33-inch tires come with a whopping 6 years warranty, you get to experiment with the replacement without stressing over the quality because the brand delivers what it promises!

  • CoreGard technology makes it splitting and bruise resistant
  • Serrated shoulder design increases mud and rock traction by lowering tire pressure on the off-road
  • Ideal for SUVs, minivans, crossroads, and of course, jeep wrangler
  • Offers a 6-years limited warranty
  • 3-D sipes offer better grip under “slippery” conditions
  • It May is not as great as described on the off-road
Falken Wildpeak Season Radial Tire

Falken Wildpeak Season Radial Tire

  • High compatibility with multiple terrains and weather conditions
  • Comes with heat diffuser technology for even dissipation of heat
  • 3-D Canyon technology for higher resistance against wearing and tearing
  • Heavy-duty construction for great performance and high durability

Talk about the best tires amongst the lot and we’ll vote for Falken Wildpeak with closed eyes. We love the tires manufactured by this label and it isn’t just the quality that makes all a huge fan of its but the addition of some fabulous features is what has won our hearts.

The Falken Wildpeak tires are carefully designed using a blend of different technologies that adds to its high-end performance, durability and increases its compatibility with different terrains and weather conditions greatly.

The heat diffuser technology inculcated in its construction allows even dissipation of heat that protects the tires from over-heat and splitting especially in hot weather. Moreover, this also leads to easy towing of heavier load without a doubt.

Before we got a chance to use the tires by Falken little did we know about the technologies used in manufacturing high-end tires. The 3-D Canyon sipe technology is another great addition to this fabulous product.

How so? The 3-D technology interlocks the shoulders of the tires reducing the torque hence decreasing the risk of wearing over time. Also, the inclusion of this technology promises to provide extra stability while driving the wrangler on rocky roads.

Is this only it? No, we have more to tell!

The tread block feature also plays its part in improving the stability of your four-wheeler while avoiding picking up debris or dirt on the way.

The jeep wrangler with 33-inch tires no lift by Falken is heavy-duty with aggressive sidewalls that protect it against sharp objects so we get to enjoy a life-long unhindered performance!

  • High compatibility with different terrains and weather
  • Heat diffuser technology dissipates heat evenly
  • 3-D canyon sipe technology for enhanced stability and decreases wear
  • Tread design protects the tires against sharp objects and dirt accumulation
  • Aggressive sidewalls manage tire pressure to
  • improve performance
  • Users have complained of receiving the wrong sized tire upon order
  • Problems with the sidewalls have been noted
Cooper Evolution M/T All Season

Cooper Evolution M/T All Season

  • Offers protection against dust, mud, and rubble
  • Broad tread design keeps the dirt away
  • Comes with a limited warranty
  • Provides extra stabilization in winters

Do you live in a place that experiences severe winters? Like a lot of snowfall that makes the roads super slippery? If yes, then you surely need tires that offer a greater grip on the wet road and stability to sail smoothly through snow-covered paths.

Our wrangler has skidded multiple times because of the snowfall in winters with an increased number of accidents, it made us question our choice of new tires for our jeep wrangler.

This is when we realized that we needed tires that were able to withstand the cold temperature and hence we came across the Cooper Evolution M/T all-season tires. These 33-inch tires with 10-inch rims are ideal for jeep wranglers owned by people living in extreme weather.

These M+S-rated tires are as amazing as there can be! The big and bold tread design keeps the mud, gravel, and debris well away from accumulating between the spaces of the tires.

This is why we love these tires as the risk of splitting or damage is minimum! Moreover, we’ve found it to be of great use in winter when snowfall makes the roads very slippery.

The extra grip adds to the stability of the drive, hence keeping you safe on risky roads especially in harsh winters.

And best of all, if you’re confused about the quality of a new product, the manufacturer offers a 45-days free test drive for your satisfaction. Amazing isn’t it?

  • Strong built makes it ideal for harsh winters
  • Tread design keeps the mud and gravel from accumulation or damaging the tires
  • M+S tested
  • Offers 45-days free test drive
  • Comes with a limited warranty
  • Does not offer stability as promised while driving
Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T Radial Tire

Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T Radial Tire

  • Up to 50,000 miles of tread life
  • Compatible with most terrains
  • Ideal for light truck
  • Affordably priced than most other tires

Venom Power tires are the most affordable ones on the list yet powerful in their performance. If you have a tight budget yet wish to purchase high-quality tires for your jeep wrangler, we’ll suggest trying a set of these for sure!

With a load capacity of 2271 pounds, these tires are built to sail through terrains of all types. Whether you’re aiming at the mountains or sandy beaches, the Venom Tires are set to make your journey quick and comfortable.

Although these do look like any other expensive yet ordinary tires for jeep wrangler what makes these special is the tread life. It has a tread life up to 50,000 miles meaning you won’t have to worry about them getting worn out until you’ve reached the limit.

Furthermore, these tires are great for light trucks and suitable for all weather types. And best of all, the tires are affordably priced as compared to other expensive brands yet serve the same quality and purpose.

  • Great for all types of weather and terrains
  • Strong built and up to 50,000 miles of tread life
  • Affordable
  • Durable and high-quality construction
  • Creates less noise on the road
  • It May is not suitable for all terrains as promised
  • Might be shaky in the mud
Haida Mud Champ HD868 Mud Radial Tire

Haida Mud Champ HD868 Mud Radial Tire

  • 10-ply sidewalls
  • Constructed with large grooves and tread
  • Anti-skid
  • Creates low road noise

Lastly, it is time we talk about the Haida Mud champ, a set of tires that are remarkably designed to drive through and terrains and bear varying temperatures.

These tires consist of 10-ply sidewalls that add to their strong built and are anti-collision.

Moreover, the anti-skid feature adds to its stability hence, making these tires an ideal choice for places where the roads tend to get supper slippery during rain or snowfall.

Because we usually travel with kids and family, for us their safety matters the most. Thus, with tires like the Haida Mud Champ, we promise you’ll too feel safe!

  • Comes with an anti-skid feature
  • 10-ply sidewalls make it resistant to collision
  • Heavy-duty built and durable
  • Offers high stability
  • Great for varying terrains and weather
  • It May does not work well in winters as promised

Buyer’s Guide:

Jeep Wrangler 33 Inch Tires Buying Guide

When it comes down to replacing the original parts of your vehicle, you look for the closest option, don’t you?

Hence, when talking about tires for jeep wrangler, you would never want to compromise on quality because a good set of 4 will make your drive smooth and effortless.

So, when you need a replacement of tires, how can you buy one? What things should you be prioritizing? Does quality take over price? Or is it the durability that matters the most?

If your mind is flooded with a million questions, it is time you keep them at bay and move on to our buying guide for 33 inch tires for jeep wrangler that’ll allow you to buy the perfect set!


We all know that “size” matters especially when you are talking about cars like a jeep wrangler. Why is so important to go for the right size?

Imagine buying a pair of shoes that do not fit you right. Either they are too loose or too tight making it super uncomfortable to walk in. hence, the tires for a jeep wrangler work in a similar manner.

Pick the wrong size and you’ll find the ride uncomfortable hence, it is crucial to choose the right size. But how would you know which size fits your wrangler perfectly? You can measure the old tires from the top point of them moving down to the point where the tires touch the ground.

Once you know the size, it’ll be easier for you to purchase the perfect pick for your monster!

All-terrain Compatibility

Where do you plan to drive your jeep wrangler? Are you thinking of taking it up in the mountains? Or speeding it through the deserted highway? Either way, it is important to know your terrain well to choose the tires wisely.

Although jeep wranglers are heavy-duty vehicles that can manage well through multiple types of terrains what is important here is that the tires should be exceptionally well built and strong to let you drive through slippery roads.

Thus, there are a few brands that manufacture 33-inch tires for jeep wranglers that are compatible with multiple terrains, giving you a strong grip on slippery and rocky roads equally well.

Brand Name

Goodyear, Milestar Patagonia, and Cooper are a few amongst the many names popularly known for delivering quality tires. We’ve always been super conscious about brand names especially when choosing something as important as tires for our cars.

Why is it so? Because we never wish to compromise on the quality and thus, the bigger the brand name is, the more satisfied you will be with the quality they offer.

In short, we’ll never suggest you go for local or less popular vendors when buying tires for your jeep wrangler.

Tread Design

Did you ever get a chance to look closely at the tires of your jeep wrangler? We have always been fascinated by the idea of tiny bumps over the tires until we found out their use when we planned on buying new tires for our wrangler.

We’d suggest going for tires that are completed using the tread design. But why is it important? When you own a jeep wrangler, you can never sit ideal, and taking it for a drive irrespective of the terrains ahead is what adventures call for.

Anyways, if the tires include tread design in their construction, you’ll not be required to wash them regularly because the tiny bumps keep the mud, dirt, and rocks away, which not only initiates the self-cleaning process of the tires but reduces the risk of bruises and damage.

Hence, if you ask for our suggestion, look out for tires offering tread design for added durability and fabulous performance.


Although we all know tires for jeep wranglers do not come cheap but when you’re on a tight budget, do your homework before leaving for the market.

A few tire brands are offering good quality at a reasonable price but then again, to get your hands on the best tires, you need to loosen up your pocket. Hence, set your budget first and choose tires within the range to ensure you get the best in what you have.

Tire Thickness

Are the tires thick or thin? Do thick tires mean durability? It sure does!

Most tires for jeep wrangler come with sidewalls consisting of either 3-ply or 6-ply, depending on the purpose they serve. If you have to drive through rugged terrains and rocky roads more often, you’ll need to buy super thick tires to avoid splitting or bruises.

On the contrary, for normal use, tires with 3-ply work well too as the thick exterior ensure these remain safe from sharp-edged stones or nails on the road. Remember, the more the thickness of the tire, the higher the chances of them being resistant to bruises.


Tires for Jeep wranglers aren’t something you’ll want to buy over and over again because these come expensive! Yes, maybe after a few years you might have an urge to buy new sets but until then, you’ll want them to last as long as they could.

Hence, durability is of utmost importance when buying something as important as tires for your vehicle. Go for labels offering high quality because the higher the quality is, the longer the tires will last!

Jeep Wrangler 33-inch tires Vs. 35-inch Tires: Buying the Right Ones

When you are looking to upgrade your old jeep wrangler tires, you have multiple options to choose from ranging from top brands to the sides that you should go for.

When we were planning to buy tires of our wrangler, the first thing that popped into our mind was which size should we go for? Should we opt for 33-inch tires on an 18-inch rims jeep wrangler or upgrade to 35-inches that lifts our car higher?

The decision was difficult and we are sure you might have found yourself in a tight corner too when replacement of tires is on the cards. Then what helped us choose the right size? A quick comparison that we’ve laid out below for you.

The 33-inch TiresThe 35-inch Tires

33-inch tires are the average measurement for most jeep wranglers. What makes it a great choice? The 33-inch tires provide more ground clearance but of course, it is less than what 35-inch tires offer.

Moreover, it looks great, of course, and improves road traction. What do we mean by that? We’ve found that the 33-inch tires offer more stability and are compatible with different and terrains.

Whether the climate is cold or hot, the road is rugged or smooth, you’ll have complete control over your vehicle and hence, feel no bumps or jerks on the way as these absorb shocks too.

Furthermore, we’ve seen it work equally well on the off-road too. But of course, with all the advantages there were a few things that bugged us about the 33-inch tires. As compared to other sizes, these tires may not offer a factory fit for your jeep wrangler, hence a bit of adjustment might be needed.

The 35-inch tires provide more ground clearance than the 33-inch tires but this doesn’t mean all good for the car.

Although a 35-inch tire offers more stability both on-road and off-road, looks aesthetically pleasing than smaller tires but you might end up burning more fuel to power these beasts.

Also, these are expensive and need re-gearing after some time, which only means you’ll be spending extra every month.

The bottom line is, whether you wish to go for 33-inch tires or 35-inch tires, you need to consider different factors to pick the right fit for your wrangler. Ask friends around who’ve gotten their tires replaced recently for suggestions to help you make the right decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size lift do I need for 33-inch tires?

For 33-inch tires, you need a suspension of 2.5 inches paired with 1.25 inches body lift to ensure the tires fit perfectly.

Why do you need a lift for tires?

The body lift or suspension added depends on the size of the tires you are going for. The suspension gives the tires required clearance without affecting or damaging the fenders.

What happens if I forget to use a body lift?

In such a case, the fenders may be affected and you might have to add a bump stop extension to avail the required clearance to avoid further damage to the vehicle’s suspensions.

What size rim do I need for 33-inch tires?

For 33-inch tires, for jeep wrangler, you can easily opt for rim sizes measuring from 15 to 16 inches.

What size rim should I use for 35-inch tires?

If you planning to replace your old wrangler tires and upgrading to a size of 35-inches, it is suggested to use them with a rim size of 17 inches only.

Should I upgrade to 33-inches for my jeep wrangler?

If you wish to then you certainly can. Most models of jeep wranglers can easily accommodate 33-inch tires without requiring and modifications.

Hence, if you feel like upgrading to larger tires, go ahead without any trouble.


Jeep Wrangler is a smooth drive with its huge tires there to impress the crowd. We’ve always loved the wrangler because of durability, stability, and spaciousness and when we recently thought of upgrading to bigger tires, we couldn’t help but do a little research to find out what options did we have.

Although most tire labels are expensive with few offering decent quality at affordable prices. But when buying something as important as tires, quality has always been our priority.

How has our experience been with the 33-inch tires you asking? Pretty amazing! We’ve enjoyed exploring different terrains under variable conditions because of the stability and durability offered by the new set of tires.

Thus, if you ask us, we’ll certainly tell you to replace your old tires with new 33 inch tires for jeep wranglers and take the beast on a drive to experience places that you never got a chance to visit before!


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