Are you a professional construction worker or a passionate DIYer? In any case, an angle grinder is a must-have tool!

The Angle Grinder is quite a versatile and powerful grinding tool used for a diversity of things.

It consists of two parts; the wheel/disc and the body. The body of the machine serves as a power supplier and driving force for the wheel/disc attached to the top.

Using different discs, you can use the angle grinder for sharpening, cutting, grinding, sanding, polishing, and whatnot. There is certainly no limit to what and how you can use an angle grinder.

However, today, we will talk about a specific type of angle grinder, one used for tile cutting.

Best Angle Grinder For Tile Cutting

Although any angle grinder can perform the task, there are some specialized models available in the market. By using these, you can produce much efficient and faster results.

So, are you seeking the best angle grinder for tile cutting? Well, worry no more as we’ve compiled all the best options below. Bonus, there is also a detailed guide!

Continue reading to find your perfect angle grinder for tile cutting!

Comparing Best Angle Grinder For Tile Cutting in 2021

Angle Grinder
Makita Store 9557PBX1 4-1/2

Makita Store 9557PBX1 Corded Angle Grinder

  • It comes with five 4-1/2-inches wheels.
  • The angle grinder weighs only 4.5lbs.
  • It has a speed of 11,000 RPM.

Makita is a well-known brand that designs several construction tools and equipment. The Makita Paddle Switch Angle Grinder is one of the best angle grinders manufactured by the company.

It is an electric corded angle grinder that comes in a sleek aluminum and zinc casing. Inside, you will find the angle grinder, cut-off and grinding wheel guards, 5 4-1/2” grinding wheels, and Makita Diamond Blade.

The case is an excellent addition to the package as it keeps everything organized and in one place. However, it is worthy of noting that the case is not resistant to rust. So, you need to be a little vigilant about the case.

Makita Angle Grinder itself has a very sturdy and ergonomic build. It features a protective zig-zag varnish seal that prevents the dust from settling. Hence, it prolongs the lifespan of the machinery.

Plus, the angle grinder has a high-quality ball bearing design and metal gear housing for reinforced durability. Inside, the angle grinder comprises thick coiled wires wounded tightly and closely to prevent heat loss.

While this is for better performance, the angle grinder heats up quickly. Several users have complained about the machine overheating.

The angle grinder has a lightweight build of 4.5lbs, which makes handling easier. You can hold the angle grinder for hours without feeling any signs of discomfort.

The Makita angle grinder features a small diameter barrel grip (2-1/2-inches) and a massive paddle switch. These designing features make handling further convenient.

You can also rotate the complete housing at 90-degrees. So, cutting tiles from various angles is possible.

The Makita angle grinder comes with a sharp and precise diamond wheel. Using it, you can cut through all types of tiles quickly. There are also wheel guards that offer protection while working.

As an electric angle grinder, it uses 7.5AMP of power for outstanding performance. There is also an AC/DC switch that alternates the power source between AC and DC. So, you can get a consistent and uniform speed.

The Makita Angle Grinder functions at a single speed of 11,000RPM. You can not vary the speed, though it is sufficient to cut tiles sharply.

  • Powerful performance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable
  • Good speed
  • Cuts through all materials
  • Lightweight build
  • Overheats quickly
DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

DEWALT Corded Angle Grinder Tool

  • It weighs around 6.2lbs.
  • The angle grinder offers 360-degree rotation.
  • It functions at a speed of 11,000rpm.

Established in 1924, DEWALT is one of the oldest tool manufacturing companies in the industry. It has a diverse range of tools and equipment, from which we picked the DEWALT angle grinder to be in the compilation.

Similar to Makita, the DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool is an electric corded angle grinder. But, it does not come with wheels and casing. The package comes with the angle grinder only.

It has an ergonomically designed build with a narrow construction and multiple depressions along the surface. The angle grinder is quite easy and simple to hold. Its narrowness makes it convenient to change positions, whereas the depressions give a firm grip.

There is also a big handle on the front that further strengthens your grip. It makes handling the angle grinder much more comfortable. You can use it to move the grinder easily around the markings.

It also has a Quick-Change Wheel Release feature. This particular button allows you to remove the wheel with ease. Using it, you can change wheels in minutes.

In terms of durability, the DEWALT Angle Grinder is pretty sturdy and long-lasting. The body of the machine comprises high-quality plastic and metal. It can withstand all sorts of damages.

There is a dust ejection system that removes all the debris and dirt from the machinery. Hence, preventing any sort of clogging or internal complication.

You can use this angle grinder quite intensively and roughly without worries. DEWALT Angle Grinder also features a spindle lock that enhances both the deepness of the cut and the durability.

The DEWALT Angle Grinder uses 11AMP AC/DC power to function. It generates and performs at a speed of 11000RPM. That’s quite good.

Your angle grinder will cut through the toughest tiles smoothly. The One-Touch Guard enables you to rotate it 360-degrees using single action too.

Perhaps, the only drawback of the DEWALT Angle Grinder is its heavyweight body of 6.2lbs. For single-handed operation, the weight is a little too much and can get tiring after some time.

  • Powerful performance
  • Versatile
  • Cuts precisely and sharply
  • Sturdy
  • Dust Ejection System
  • Spindle lock mechanism
  • Heavyweight
Bosch Inch Angle Grinder

Bosch Corded Angle Grinder

  • It weighs 4.2lbs.
  • The angle grinder has a speed of 11000RPM.
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bosch GWS8-45 is your best option out there if you wish to avail yourself of premium features on a minimal budget. The work performance, built, looks and usability are truly admirable.

Plus, the purchase is all safe. You’d be spending slightly above half a hundred dollars and that too with a complete guarantee of money recovery in case you don’t like it.

The brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, one-year warranty, and one-year service protection plan.

The warranties apply to the angle grinder and the accompanying tools, which include a spanner wrench, 4.5-inch angle grinder, 4.5-inch abrasive wheel, and an adjustable wheel guard.

Nope. You need not panic. These tools are for additional convenience. You can begin working with zero experience right away. No prior handling expertise is necessary.

It comes powered with a 7.5-ampere motor that spins at a tremendous 11000 RPM. Comparing this to others at this price, surely this is beyond good for all sorts of DIY projects.

The total power output is about 900 Watt. So, you can expect it to do much, including surface preparation, blending, and surface grinding.

Usually, DIY projects don’t quite involve industrial-grade processes. And so, we believe BOSCH GWS8-45 shall work brilliantly for most purposes.

Although it weighs only around 4.2lbs and has a compact structure, we wouldn’t categorize Bosch GWS8-45 as one of the most portable angle grinders.

And that’s all because of its corded connection. Since this is a corded electric angle grinder, you will need to be near a power outlet at all times to operate this smoothly.

As mentioned by the manufacturer, the directed airflow of this angle grinder directs the air away from the switch and the components of the grinder. Now, this does not only protect the body of the angle grinder from potential damages but also secures the user.

We also liked the ergonomic built of this angle grinder. It comes with a slim grip and a two-position handle that maximizes handling convenience. You can switch it from left to right anytime you like.

For further ease, you will find a lock-on switch on the side of the angle grinder. It enables continuous operation.

You need not walk back to the power outlet every time you feel like pausing the activity for a bit. Similarly, the burst guard and the spindle lock enhance user protection.

  • Good for intensive usage
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic built
  • Lock-on one-side
  • Impressive handling safety
  • year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Not very portable
Metabo 4.5

Metabo 4.5″ Corded Angle Grinder

  • It is compatible with a 4.5-inches wheel.
  • The angle grinder weighs 5.8-pounds.
  • It functions at a speed of 10,500RPM.

If you’re seeking a sturdy yet budget-friendly angle grinder for tile cutting, then the Metabo 4.5-inches Angle Grinder is an idealistic choice. Metabo is a German-based company that has been producing quality products since 1924.

The Metabo 4.5-inches angle grinder has a long and narrow body. On the front, there is a big spindle that supports a 4.5-inches wheel. Please note, this angle grinder does not come with wheels or discs. You will have to purchase them separately.

In the end, you will find a thin black cord attached to the angle grinder. It is the power source cord that you will have to connect to the outlet. This particular grinder is an electric corded type.

It uses 8.5AMP, which is not too much or too little. The current consumption is sufficient to run the angle grinder powerfully. At maximum, the Metabo 4.5 angle grinder functions at 10,500RPM.

You can expect this angle grinder to cut through all tile types easily and smoothly. There will be no hindrance as you run the blade across tiles. A single swipe would separate the tiles.

Although you can cut practically, the spindle is a little large and can make it difficult to reach corners. You will have to adjust the angle grinder strategically to get those finishes.

The Metabo Angle Grinder produces fewer vibrations than most of the competitors. So, your hands won’t shake, and your cuts will be accurate. It will also cause less fatigue and weakness.

Its di-colored surface is smooth and matte. There are no depressions or grooves on it that can provide a firm grip.

While this signifies a prominent issue for users, Metabo has a large, sturdy handle attached to the front. The rugged handle offers a firm and steady grip for one-handed operation.

  • Durable build
  • Comfortable
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Cuts smoothly
  • Value for money
  • Spindle’s too long
  • Makes noise
MILWAUKEE'S Cordless Grinder

MILWAUKEE’S Cordless Grinder

  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • It comes with L-shaped vents for the effective removal of debris.

Milwaukee has long been known for facilitating the world with top-notch quality tools of all types. Be it outdoor power equipment or hand tools. The company manufactures the most durable, advanced, innovative, and reliable tools of all.

Needless to say, our list of the best tile cutting angle grinders would’ve been incomplete without a recommendation from the Milwaukee Tools.

In terms of building, it sports the same traditional red of the Milwaukee family with a much technical exterior. It measures 16.1 inches by 6.7 inches by 5.3 inches. The size fits well in hand as it is compact.

However, its weight of about 5.9lbs makes it slightly heavy. Long usage sessions may lead to hand fatigue.

So, to balance this out, Milwaukee equipped this angle grinder with a 3-position handle and paddle switch. Both the elements give room for a firmer grip and multiple holding positions. Thus, making the usage convenient.

Even from this very list, we’d recommend this as the best cordless angle grinder for tile cutting. It’s a fairly powerful four-pole motor that spins the disc at about 9000 RPM. Thus, it conveniently deals with the work needs of welders, masons, and metal workers.

In case you need to change the accessories, then that’s quite simple too. Just press the push and pull button in the wheel lock. That’ll do the trick.

For extended durability of the product, the manufacturer has equipped this angle grinder with L-shaped vents that direct harmful debris away from the tool.

The only downside that we think you should pay attention to before finalizing your choice is the battery life. Since it aims to derive premium results, the engineering inside of this tool consumes excessive power. And so, the batteries you equip it with won’t last long.

But even the downside can be improvised here. Milwaukee’s 2680-20 is more recommendable for smaller jobs. If you don’t use it for industrial-grade heavy purposes, then the battery will last longer.

  • Solid performance
  • Highly portable
  • Easy handling
  • Easy change of accessory
  • 3-position handle
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Slightly expensive
  • May demand extra power
PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder

PORTER-CABLE Corded Angle Grinder

  • It has a speed of 11000RPM.
  • The angle grinder uses a 6-amp motor.
  • It weighs 5-pounds.
  • It comes with a 3-years warranty.

The Porter-Cable Angle Grinder is another corded electric angle grinder in our compilation. We found its profile to be the most feature-rich and budget-friendly. Plus, you get lots of customer benefits too!

It comes in a complete cardboard package that includes the grinder, a grinding wheel, a wrench, and a guard. The grinder does not come assembled. You will have to use the wrench to install the wheels and guards.

The Porter-Cable Angle Grinder features slim and narrow construction with a spindle in the front and a cord in the end. Its spindle is sufficiently big to use 4-1/2-inches wheels. You can use different wheel types and brands with this grinder easily.

Its surface is smooth, which might make handling a little difficult. However, there is a handle on one side of the grinder. It has quite a rough surface for good grip and holds.

Some Porter Cable Angle Grinder reviews state that the handle leans slightly forward, which can be discomforting. However, the case is different.

We researched and found that the angle grinder features three different handle positions. You can make it lean forward, stay at 90-degrees, or even pull the handle back completely.

The versatility of the handle makes it easier to adjust the grinder according to the material and surface. For harder surfaces, you can lean it forward so that it is convenient to apply more pressure and have a firm hold.

There is a 6AMP motor in this particular angle grinder, though it produces an amazing output. The Porter-Cable Angle Grinder can function at a speed of 11000RPM, despite the 6AMP motor.

Well, this means a powerful performance. It will cut the tiles neatly and efficiently. You can use it on a diversity of surfaces.

However, as the motor is not strong, the angle grinder gets heated up quickly. So, you cannot use it for prolonged periods.

Nonetheless, the angle grinder comes with a 3-year limited warranty. You also get a 1-year free service and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

  • Integrated build
  • Flawless performance
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Uniform & consistent results
  • Good speed
  • Overheats quickly
Ryobi ZRP421 ONE Plus 18V Cordless

Ryobi ZRP421 ONE Plus 18V Cordless

  • The angle grinder weighs 5.15-pounds.
  • It uses 18V batteries.
  • It is compatible with a 4-1/2-inches wheel.

One of the extremely affordable options available in the market is this Ryobi ONE Plus 18V cordless angle grinder. It is idealistic for tile cutting, grinding, sanding, and whatnot.

The Ryobi ONE plus is a cordless angle grinder that works with batteries. It has a narrow and long body. The exterior is a mixture of a smooth and textured surface.

Also, the body of the angle grinder thins at the end for better grip particularly. The textured surface, together with the thin diameter, offers an excellent grip. You can hold it comfortably without fearing any danger.

The Ryobi ONE plus features a huge, black-colored handle too. It is thick and rough, which further enhances the hold. Using this grinder, your hands won’t ever slip or lose control.

Its body comprises the highest-quality materials, so durability or heating are no concerns either. It is quite resistant to both damages and heating. You can use the grinder as frequently as you prefer.

However, the angle grinder weighs 5.15-pounds that is a little too much for cordless. You may or may not be comfortable after using it for consecutive hours.

As for performance, the Ryobi ONE plus cuts through all tiles and materials smoothly. It has a powerful and consistent performance, unlike most cordless tools.

Moreover, you can reach different tile angles and corners of the surface easily. The lack of cord offers great maneuverability and ease.

To use, you will have to install 18V batteries in the Ryobi ONE plus angle grinder. But, as per some reviews, you may have to replace them frequently. This particular grinder uses power very quickly.

  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Portable
  • Good performance
  • Uses batteries quickly
BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool

BLACK+DECKER Corded Angle Grinder Tool

  • The lightweight body weighs 4.51-pounds.
  • It is compatible with 4-1/2-inches wheels only.
  • The angle grinders use up to 6AMP.

When searching for the best angle grinder blade for cutting porcelain tile, you must have come across the name BLACK+DECKER. Well, it is quite a popular brand that manufacturers tools and equipment in different niches.

Upon opening the package, we had high hopes for this BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder. It comes along with a metal grinding wheel, spanner wrench, and wheel guard. The angle grinder will not come assembled, so you will have to do it yourself.

It is a small electric corded angle grinder that has a long, narrow body. The surface divides into two BLACK+DECKER signature colors; orange and black. Its orange part is smooth, whereas the black has texture.

Hence, it makes holding the vibrating angle grinder easier and comfortable. Your firm grip will ensure there are minimal to no injuries as you cut the tiles.

The BLACK DECKER grinder has a metallic casing and some rubber parts. However, it weighs merely 4.51-pounds. You can use this angle grinder for consecutive hours without feeling fatigued.

Plus, the metallic casing makes the machine sturdy and durable. Angle grinders get used quite roughly, and plastic ones are often unable to resist the environment. But this one is pretty tough.

It will become heated a little after hours of usage, though it won’t be much to cause any discomfort. Your protective gloves would keep the heat away.

The Black and Decker Angle grinders use 6AMP and produce sufficiently powerful output. Indeed, the performance is not as vigorous as some of the competitors. However, it does justice to the grinder’s small body.

It is not versatile in terms of wheel compatibility either. The spindle is usable with 4-1/2-inches wheels only. Sometimes, it works with special company wheels too. You need to be vigilant about it when purchasing.

The 6AMP angle grinder features an ergonomically designed handle too. It can shift itself to three different positions.

It includes forwards, 90-degrees, and backward. Meanwhile, the integrated spindle lock enables you to change wheels and accessories easily.

  • Durable
  • Ergonomically-designed
  • Cuts smoothly
  • Powerful
  • Adjustable handle
  • Not versatile

Angle Grinder For Tile Cutting: Buyer’s Guide

Tile Cutting Angle Grinder Buying Guide

There are a plethora of angle grinders available in the market. You can find hundreds of different options, each one claiming to be the best.

But, are they the best for you? To find the idealistic one, you need to evaluate certain aspects in an angle grinder for tile cutting. Here are the essential most factors to consider!

Types of Angle Grinder

Although angle grinders for tile cutting might sound specific enough, there are further types of angle grinders available. From corded to cordless, some different mechanisms and systems separate each angle grinder from another.

The most commonly used and basic angle grinder types include:

Corded Electric Angle Grinder

These need a constant connection to the power supply outlet using a cord. It will function as long as the connection remains undisrupted.

Corded Electric Angle Grinder is a popular choice amongst professionals and experts. The continuous electric supply promises uniform and powerful performance. This particular consistency helps cut the tiles and surfaces easily.

However, you need to ensure the cord is long enough to help you cut the surfaces easily. A limited cord will prevent you from benefiting fully from the angle grinder.

Cordless Battery-powered Angle Grinder

Unlike corded, the Cordless Battery-powered Angle Grinder does not have a cable to connect to the power supply. Instead, it has batteries to provide the required power.

Typically, the Battery-powered Angle Grinder uses 18V or 20V rechargeable batteries. Once you run out of batteries, you will have to replace the batteries or recharge them.

The greatest pro of the cordless angle grinders is the maneuverability and ease of use. You can move around the surfaces easily, without a cord restricting you. You can even take the angle grinder anywhere you want.

However, uncharged batteries can lead to a non-uniformity in the performance. The speed and power may vary. Plus, changing batteries can be a little expensive.

Pneumatic Angle Grinder

The pneumatic angle grinder functions somewhat like hydraulics. However, it uses air instead of water. The compressed air powers the angle grinder and makes it function.

Surprisingly, these offer amazing power as well as consistency too. But it cannot withstand commercial usage. So, if you construct things for a hobby or part-time, then this is an idealistic choice.

Gas Angle Grinder

The Gas-powered Angle Grinders are the cheapest and least-common type found in the market. It was a popular choice in the past. However, nowadays, a lot of advanced options are available.

Design & Build

heavy duty cordless angle grinder


The design and build of the angle grinder is another important aspect to consider. Now, we are not talking about the aesthetics and looks of the tool. It is simply because the matter varies considerably with opinions and interests.

Plus, it is a tool, so appearance doesn’t quite matter. Until an, unless you are very passionate about your toolset.

The durability of the angle grinder should be your focus on the exterior. Angle grinders experience extreme wear and tear due to the nature of work. So, you should get yourself one that lasts long.

Manufacturers use different materials in production, ranging from plastic to metal. The plastic ones are the least durable yet lightweight. These are suitable for light work.

Meanwhile, metallic angle grinders are the most durable yet heavy. These are idealistic for all types of work.

Wheel/Disc Type

Apart from grinder type, you will have to determine a wheel or disc type. Different angle grinders come with different attachments. And each wheel/disc serves a specific purpose. These include:

Grinding DiscCut-Off DiscFlap DiscWire wheelDiamond DiscPolishing Pads

Perhaps, the most common amongst angle grinders is the grinding disc. These usually get used to grind surfaces, clean them, remove excess materials, and similar tasks. It also gets used to cut stone and metal.

Grit is a measurement for the Grinding disc that tells the hardness and smoothness. Lower grit would mean that the disc is coarse and would produce faster results. However, it will also result in more sparks and scratches on the surface.

The higher grit grinding disc is less coarse and produces the results slowly. But there are fewer sparks and scratches.

The cut-off discs are very thin and sharp, which makes them highly accurate. These get used to cut metallic surfaces, such as bars and sheets.

However, the cut-off discs are quite difficult to handle as you need to use them at a certain angle. If you use them at the wrong angle, then the discs can shatter. Not only does this cost financial loss, but the pieces of the shattered disc can be dangerous.

Many confuse flap discs with grinding discs as they have similar appearances. Plus, flap discs also make use of the disc measurement. But the difference lies in the usage. Flap discs get used for finishing and smoothing purposes.

Following its name, the wire wheels do have several twisted wires to their circular base. It gets used to remove materials from a surface or clean it. There are two types of wire wheels: thicker and thinner ones.

The thicker ones are coarser and more abrasive than thinner wire wheels. Hence, they could get the work done faster and quicker.

The Diamond Cutting Discs have diamond-shaped cuts on their edges. This particular design makes the discs quite sharp and precise. Usually, the diamond cutting discs get used for cutting hard materials. You can use it for both dry and wet cutting.

Unlike others, the polishing pads get used at the very end of the cutting and grinding process. You can attach the polishing pads to your angle grinder and make the surface of the material smooth. Different types of polishing pads are available in the market, though the difference is only in the design.

An angle grinder may or may not come with wheels and discs. However, as a purchaser, you must keep your purpose in consideration and select an angle grinder accordingly. In case of tile cutting, do ensure your angle grinder comes with a diamond cutting disc or cut-off disc.

Blade Size

The blade refers to the wheel or disc of the angle grinder. Usually, it does vary with the size of the machine. It means the larger your angle grinder, the larger blade.

However, the task it will execute matters too. For tile cutting, the idealistic blade size is between 41/2 to 5-inches. You can experiment with different sizes too.


It is quite important to evaluate the power of the angle grinder to ensure excellent performance. An angle grinder uses different sources of power. These include electricity, petrol, and even air.

Normally, electricity and petrol-driven perform the best. They provide amazing speed and consistency. As a general rule, the higher the speed, the better the performance.

The measurement for speed is revolutions per minute. It is the measure of disc rotation per minute, and hence the speed. 5000+ revolutions per minute get considered good for tile cutting.

Some other performance-related features that you should be considering includes:


Opt for angle grinders with high wattage. More wattage will provide more power for cutting the tiles.

Variable/Single Speed

Angle grinders are available at both single and variable speeds. The single ones operate at one speed only, whereas variable ones offer different speeds. It is suggestible to opt for variable speed as you can cut different surfaces.


Angle Grinders vibrate quite vigorously when in operation. You need to have a firm and comfortable grip on these powerful machines to ensure maximum safety. Some ergonomic design features that you should consider includes:

Adjustable HandlesNon-slip Rubber PatchesGuardSpindle Locking MechanismNoise Output

An adjustable handle would make it easier for you to use the angle grinder. You can use it in different positions safely. Also, look for an integrated anti-vibration feature in the handle so that you can cut the tiles without risking your safety.

Rubber is pretty famous for the firmness it offers. A few rugged rubber patches on the angle grinder would enhance your grip. Your hands won’t slip as the machine vibrates.

The guard refers to a protective screen surrounding the angle grinder. It prevents the debris and shattered material from damaging you.

The spindle lock pauses the wheel or disc in its position so that you can replace the accessories. It is more of a safety feature.

Angle grinders can make a lot of noise. However, some come with an integrated mechanism to prevent noise levels. Reduced noise makes usage convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you cut tiles with an angle grinder?

Yes, you can cut tiles with an angle grinder. However, you will need a 4-inch angle grinder with a stone blade attached.

The tile cutting may not be as neat as one done by a board or tile-wet saw.

Q. How to cut tiles with an angle grinder?

Cutting the tiles with an angle grinder is quite simple and easy. You need to create a rough line or mark using the blade. Make sure the blade is on an angle so that no particle of the tiles can cause injury.

You may wear protective and safety equipment too. Once you have created the line, use the angle grinder to cut the tile.

Q. How to keep tile from flaking while cutting with angle grinder?

When using an angle grinder, it is easy to flake and chip the tile regardless of your cautiousness. The sharp blade rotation causes the tile to chip and makes the overall outlook not so neat.

An amazing way to prevent this is to use masking tape. Begin by creating lines on the tile using a temporary marker, placing the tape on top of it, and then cutting.

You can use one or two layers of masking tape as there’s no specific count. However, don’t use too many layers.

Q. How to mark tile for cutting with angle grinder?

Measuring and marking the tiles are very important tasks. You need to do this before anything to ensure the cuts are straight and accurate.

Now, your markings can be straight, circular, or any other shape depending on your design. Keep it in your consideration as you mark the tiles.

Usually, people prefer masking tape to mark the tiles. But you can also use a temporary marker or the blade of the angle grinder to create lines.

We highly recommend masking type as it allows you to adjust until satisfied. And then you can cut the tiles.

Q. How to cut tile with angle grinder that is already installed?

Yes, you can most certainly cut an installed tile using an angle grinder. Begin by positioning the angle grinder such that the blade meets the tile perpendicularly.

Then, turn on the angle grinder and cut the tile. Do not apply much pressure as it can chip the tile.


Angle grinders are a much more convenient, efficient, and budget-friendly solution to tile cutting. Anyone can use this easy tool to cut and shape tiles.

Well, you must’ve found your idealistic match above. In case you haven’t, do not worry because we have compared each one to find the ultimate best one. The best angle grinder for tile cutting is the DEWALT corded electric angle grinder.

It is an extremely user-friendly, ergonomic, and versatile tool. Plus, it performs so well that you will feel stunned at the resultant tiles. The angle grinder cuts through any tile with so much ease and precision.

Although it is a little heavyweight, the feature-rich profile makes it worth every penny you invest. It is a sturdy and high-quality angle grinder that will last you for years!


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