Pets can be your best friends. These furry little buddies love playing, cuddling, and messing around, hence having them can be super fun!

But of course, animals no matter how hard you train them can cause damages. If someday your little fur buddy plans to prank you and ruin your carpet with its “poo-poo”, there is nothing much you can do except to search for a carpet cleaner that works like magic!

Best Bissell Carpet Cleaner For Pets

Did you say magic? Wee then, here we have the list of the best Bissell carpet cleaner for pets that will help you get rid of tough stains and unwanted odor in no time at all. These cleaners are super-fast, effective, and sure to become our next best friend.

Still don’t believe us? Let’s quickly get on to the list for more details.

Top 10 Best Bissell Carpet Cleaner For Pets

Carpet Cleaner
BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush Carpet Cleaner Shampooer

BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush Carpet Cleaner Shampooer

Tired of cleaning the pet “mess” with a brush? Yes, it can seriously be exhausting, hence let’s make your life easier with the Bissell Turboclean power brush!

Why is it important for you to own it? Because with less time on your hands, you cannot spend an entire day picking up the fur from the carpet or rubbing the spots left behind your little buddies!

The Turboclean power brush carpet cleaner is pure magic. It comes with a power brush with four rows, that is highly competent in lifting dirt from your carpet. And not just this, with the powerful suction, that it creates, your carpet is left spotless and shining!

That is right! If your dog has spilled your cola on the floor or your cat somehow decides to pee on the carpet that you just bought, don’t lose your cool! The Turboclean power brush carpet cleaner by Bissell contains an oxy formula that helps remove the toughest of stains with a single blow.

Moreover, the equipment is lightweight and easy to use, with a retractable handle that makes it super compact too. From carpeted hallways to small lounge rugs, this cleaner+shampooer leaves no spots behind!

  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Retractable handle for easy storage
  • Comes with an oxy shampooing formula that removes tough stains like urine and cola
  • Powerful brush with four rows that produce powerful suction and lifts dirt
  • Includes 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • The small bottom tank might need to be emptied more often than one would have anticipated
Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Carpet Cleaner

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Carpet Cleaner

Isn’t this a beauty to look at? With delicate features, bright colors, and amazing features, the Bissell Proheat 2x revolution pet pro carpet cleaner is a true superstar!

Lightweight and easy to use, this carpet cleaner offers different cleaning modes, all of which are super powerful and give amazing results. If you go for Bissell preheat 2x revolution pro-1986 vs 1964, 1986 is far better in every way!

How? Like the Max Clean mode uses the 12-row dual lifter power brushes for powerful cleaning. That is right! This mode helps you in deeply cleaning the required area, removing the toughest of stains and strongest odor without interference.

Next, do you see the option of screaming out “express clean mode”? Well, that helps dry out carpets in less than 30 minutes. So if your little friend just made a huge mess right on the middle of your rug, just clean it and dry it up before the guests arrive.

Moreover, the cleaner weighs less than 18 pounds and consists of a low-profile foot which makes it easy to move around, reaching tight corners without a problem. And let’s not forget the clean shot pre-treater. Ever heard of it?

Activate the pre-treater and you have with yourself a concentrated cleaning solution then and there. Just pour it over the stain, clean it with the Bissell Proheat 2x revolution max, and breathe in the fresh air.

And did we mention that this Bissell beauty contains a Bonus 3 inches stain tool along with a 2 in 1 pet upholstery tool? Yes, it does! And it clean upholstery, removing pet hair and stain from your favorite sofas without damaging them.

Moreover, the Pet Pro Oxy urine eliminator formula allows you to get rid of that disgusting smell rising from the mess left behind your pet. No matter how tough the stain is or how strong the odor is, the Bissell Proheat 2x revolution max cleaner will get rid of it all in no time.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • The low profile foot makes it easy to maneuver
  • Different cleaning modes
  • Powerful brushes that remove the stain
  • Ideal for carpets, rugs, and upholstery
  • Pro oxy urine eliminator formula for killing odor
  • Cleanshot preheater included which gives you an instant concentrated cleaning solution
  • The express clean mode dries the carpet in less than 30 minutes
  • Kills bacteria for cleaner and fresher air
  • Removable and adjustable tools for better results
  • The roller brushes keep spinning when you’re using the hand tools which is a big turn off
  • It May take a little more time to dry the carpet as mentioned
Bissell Spot Clean Professional Carpet Cleaner

Bissell Spot Clean Professional Carpet Cleaner

Black and beautiful, this wonderful carpet cleaner is a true beast. Why do we say so? Read on to know more!

This Bissell 3642 spot-clean professional portable carpet cleaner is highly portable and lightweight. So?

The portability makes it easy to maneuver and remove stains from carpets, stairs, auto interiors, upholstery, and what not! With this one in hand, you do not need to make yourself tired by scrubbing for hours before you can get rid of the stain. Moreover, it just does not work on the surface which makes the cleaner even better.

This Bissell spot cleaner uses professional cleaning formula that removes the stain from the depths. So yes, no more scrubbing!

And this isn’t where it all ends. This wonder product promises to protect your expensive carpet, upholstery, and rugs from future stains by finishing it off with a stain protector. That is right! If you think your little buddy is great at creating a mess, you surely need this beast to get the work done in less time and with minimum effort.

Moreover, you get various, removable tools in the pack that is set to give you cleaner results for different areas. Confused about what we are talking about? See the 6 inches stair tool? Just fix in the nozzle and you’ll have and handy tool to remove stains from your stairs in a jiffy.

Wait! The Bissell spot cleaner comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty which simply adds to the fun of using it.

  • Different, removable tools for cleaning various areas with expertise
  • Professional cleaning formula helps remove stains from the depth
  • Stain protector keeps your carpets, rugs, etc safe from future stains
  • Can be used to clean different areas of the house ranging from carpets to stairs without a problem
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty included
  • Powerful suction for better, cleaner results
  • The hose might break if not used right
  • The quality could have been better
BISSELL Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner

It’s not only your pet that makes a mess, rather little kids can be messier. But either way, removing pee or vomit and killing the odor can be one daunting task. Thus what can you do?

You can now get your hands on the Bissell 20037 pet stain carpet cleaner.

What makes it one of the best ones? It is the portability that it offers. And yes, this one is the lightest weighing amongst the list of Bissell carpet cleaners.

From blood stains to vomit, from grass blotch to urine odor, this powerful battery-operated companion of yours will clean surfaces like they were new. This one is most definitely the best Bissell carpet cleaner for pet urine.

Yes, you got it right! If you have been tired of taking out cleaner with tangled wires, this one is a blessing all the way. It comes without a cord and runs on a lithium battery which promises powerful performance every time.

Nonetheless, be it your imported rug or newly set up upholstery, this wonder cleaner will remove blotches from variable surfaces, keeping them shiny and glistening.

Moreover, with this Bissell carpet cleaner, you do not need to mix the formula with water because it has already been managed to serve professional finishing while keeping your area fresh and neat.

And unlike other cleaners, the 20337 pet stain eraser carpet cleaner by Bissell is easy to maintain. It comes with a removable nozzle that can conveniently be taken out, washed, and then fixed back. Remember, this cleaner is easy to use, lightweight, and extremely portable!

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Runs on lithium batteries providing powerful performance
  • Removable nozzle for easy maintenance
  • Cleans stain from different surfaces
  • Professional formula for killing odor and giving in-depth stain removal
  • Removes all types of blotches from damaging the surface
  • Do not need to add water
  • Many have complained of the tank leaking when you fill it with water
  • The suction may not be as powerful as advertised
BISSELL JetScrub Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL JetScrub Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner

Has your dog made a mess again? Or is your cat losing its long, beautiful hair again?

Whatever the problem is, the Bissell JetScrub pet upright carpet cleaner cleans it all at the speed of a “jet”. Yes, this one is sure that fast!

It consists of an XL dirt lifter power brush with 10 rows of bristles that gives powerful suction. Why is it necessary? This enables the carpet cleaner to suck up the toughest of blotches from deep inside and lift dirt without damaging the surface.

Moreover, as compared to most high-performing cleaners, this model is lightweight and great at work. Oh did the dog just pee on the carpet? Do not worry! Spray it with the professional formula using the carpet cleaner and then switch to the express clean mode for drying it up quickly.

What else are we missing here? Did we mention that this amazing gadget comes with LED headlights and electronic fingertip controls? If we didn’t, know that these additional features made the cleaner even a better product to own.

Furthermore, it comes with removable nozzles and an easy to empty dirt tank making the gadget super convenient to use. And once you’re done, you can easily fold the handles to store them away in the smallest of cabinets without a problem.

And yes, Bissell knows how expensive these carpets are, thus it works its way through with absolute care and love!

  • Easy to maintain with removable nozzle and easy-to-empty tank
  • Includes Pet Pro Oxy Urine Eliminator that kills odor
  • Removes toughest of stains quickly
  • Ideal for the surface like carpet
  • The collapsible handle makes it compact and easy to store
  • Comes with LED headlights and electronic fingertip controls
  • Consists of an XL dirt lifter for powerful suction and professional cleaning
  • Express clean mode dries up the carpet in mere 30 minutes or less
  • Does not clean multiple surfaces including stairs and upholstery
  • A little heavy as compared to carpet cleaners
  • The water tank may be too small for some people
SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner

SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner

Want a gadget that’ll remove blemishes and splotches with just a push of a button? If you have been dreaming of something similar then the SpotBot Pet hands-free stain cleaner by Bissell is just what you need!

Standing at 5 feet tall, this beauty gives you spotless cleaning with one push! The SpotBot comes with dual hand-free cleaning modes that give you professional cleaning without having to spend a lot on it.

Because pet owners are always worried about their house cleaning, especially when the entire house has been layered with expensive carpet, regular cleaning becomes essential. But scrubbing all the time using various formulas is not only tiring but also expensive.

Thus, this carpet cleaner gives you a hands-free cleaning opportunity. All you need to do is preset the cleaning cycles, and the cleaner will move around the required area sucking and brushing away dirt and stains without you having to put in energy.

Moreover, DeepReach Technology ensures to push the cleaning formula deep into the carpet while the brushes scrub away the stain. The pet oxy boost formula when paired up with the 3 inches tough stain tool not just promises to clear away the splotches but kill the unpleasant odor that might have ruined the air after the mess.

Lastly, although the Bissell SpotBot comes with a corded, being lightweight, the cleaner is easy to maneuver. Hence, this is the best Bissell portable carpet cleaner you could get your hands on ever!

  • DeepReach Technology seeps cleaning formula deep into the carpet for better results
  • Pet oxy boost formula removes stains and kills odor
  • Hands-free usage with just a push of a button
  • Dual preset cleaning cycles
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Difficult to clean and maintain
  • The brush head attachment is pretty difficult to remove
  • Not very durable
  • The hose leaks water at times
Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner Shampooer

Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner Shampooer

Doesn’t this Bissell carpet cleaner look like futuristic equipment straight out of a movie? It sure does, but do not be just amazed by its outlook because the cleaner has much more to offer!

Unlike the other carpet cleaners mentioned in the list, this one is pretty innovative and the heaviest of all. What makes the Bissell Deepclean Deluxe pet carpet cleaner one of the best is the clever features and functioning that it offers!

This one consists of a clean shot trigger that allows you to go for targeted stain removal. How? Just press the start button and place the cleaner on top of the stain. The cleaning formula will directly drop onto the stain only and hence, with the powerful suction, you’ll get rid of the blotch without touching the area around.

Sounds great, right? But wait, we have more to tell!

The Bissell cleaner also comes with a stain trapper tool which sucks the pet “mess” in a separate container, out of the machine, thus making it easier to clean and maintain. Yes, you won’t be complaining about the pet hairs sticking inside the brushes and making cleaning a huge task!

Moreover, the pet hair basket makes cleaning the container super easy and hassle-free, hence no more wasting time and energy on such petty things. And let’s not forget about the dual power brushes that come with 12 cleaning rows that give you deeper cleaning of the stains while protecting the carpet against damage.

Furthermore, the heatwave technology embedded in the Bissell Deepclean deluxe pet carpet cleaner ensures to maintain the right temperature of the water, hence not just cleaning the blotches completely but also killing odor and bacteria.

The new Bissell model is innovative and intelligent, giving you professional, deep cleaning with just a push of a button!

  • Pet hair basket collects hairs and debris and is easy to clean
  • Stain trapper collects the pet mess in a separate container
  • Cleanshot technology allows for targeted stain removal
  • Heatwave technology maintains the right water temperature for cleaning
  • Dual dirt lifting brushes for powerful and professional cleaning
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty included
  • Heavier as compared to other Bissell carpet cleaners for pets
  • Not suitable for smaller rooms and tight corners
BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Vacuum Cleaner

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Vacuum Cleaner

The Bissell Cleanview swivel pet upright vacuum cleaner is probably the smartest on the list! Why do we say so? This is because it comes with brush roll+scatter-free technology that allows you to pick up the mess without much effort.

Didn’t get our point? What we mean is that this cleaner can easily be maneuvered on a different surface. Be it your expensive carpet or shiny, glistening tiled floor, this roller will remove the mess in no time.

Moreover, the swivel steering gives you a better grip over the cleaner, making it easy to move around and clean like a true master.

With this one in your hands, you won’t miss a corner because the design allows you to reach every nook and corner without interference. Furthermore, the addition of a pet hair corner tool along with a pet tool has surely made removing pet hairs more effective and quick.

Once you’re done with the cleaning, you’ll be happy to know that the dirt bin at the bottom is super easy to empty, creating no mess or draining you of energy.

The Bissell Cleanview swivel pet upright vacuum cleaner is easy to handle, comes with removable filters, cleanses the mess from every corner and the dirt bin is convenient to empty. What else do you want?

A great product is now available at a great price too!

  • Pet hair corner tool and pet tool allows you to clean the mess from the corners without a problem
  • Can be used on different surfaces easily
  • Swivel steering for better grip and easy management
  • Easy to the empty dirt bin
  • Removable filters
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • It May not work on rougher surfaces as mentioned in the details
  • The belt clogs with pet hair
  • The belt may break after a few uses
Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner

Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner

One of the biggest, heaviest, and strongest carpet cleaners on the list, the Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet cleaner machine 86t3, will impress you with its performance!

It comes with two large tanks that can hold water up to 1.75 gallons in a single go. that is correct! If you need to clean a huge room without having to fill the tank again and again, this one is what you should go for.

Moreover, to ensure you get professional cleaning results, the Bissell Big Green cleaner consists of a huge dirt lifter power brush, that cleans in both forward and backward directions to give you spotless cleaning,

And let’s not forget the in-depth removal of the stain. How? The Bissell cleaner comes with powerful suction and scrubbing action that removes the blotches from deep down, leaving every string of your carpet clean, shiny, and crisp.

Are you asking about the odor? Yes, this one comes with a professional formula that kills germs and odor, filling the room with fresh air to breathe in. If your pet has planned to play tricks on you by creating a mess all the time, just grab your Bissell Big Green and clean away!

Moreover, you can easily remove stains from your new upholstery and other soft surfaces that would otherwise be damaged with the use of a vacuum cleaner because this one is “light” on all the surfaces.

Wait! If you are worried about risking your investment in such a product, know that Bissell Big Green cleaner machine now offers a 5 years warranty, thus allowing you to invest and use it without any worries.

With a large tank, great performance, and a 5-year warranty, do not miss out on the amazing deal!

  • Dual water tanks with a large capacity of up to 1.75 gallons
  • Heavy-duty suction for in-depth removal of stains
  • The professional formula kills odor
  • 5 years manufacturer’s warranty included
  • Long hose gives access to maximum places
  • Tough stain tough helps scrub and remove stains from various surfaces
  • Extra-large dirt lifter for powerful scrubbing
  • The cleaner may not dry the upholstery or surfaces sooner than expected
  • Not fit for using hot water
  • Some people have complained about the floor indicator leaking upon use
Bissell Pet Stain Eraser PowerBrush

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser PowerBrush

Looking for a cordless and handy carpet cleaner for pets? Then you surely need the Bissell Pet stain eraser power brush!

This wonderful equipment can be used on various surfaces with powerful stain removal action that sucks the blotch from deep inside.

Moreover, cordless functioning gives you easy access to areas that otherwise are difficult to reach. Hence, if your pet somehow created a mess in the extreme corner of your lounge, just get this cleaner out and clean it right away!

Furthermore, this is the only portable cleaner on the list that comes with a rotating dirt lifter brush that allows you to remove the toughest stains from nooks and corners without a hassle.

Another great thing about the Bissell Pet stain eraser power brush carpet cleaner is that you don’t need to use water for cleaning. Yes, we said it right! It comes with an already prepared oxy pet stain removal formula, a professional chemical composition that gets rid of tough stains within minutes, leaving the air fresh and clean.

  • Cordless convenience and runs on battery
  • Also cleans spaces that are hard to reach
  • Does not require water for cleaning
  • Comes with oxy pet stain removal formula for professional cleaning
  • The only portable carpet cleaner with a heavy-duty rotating dirt lifter brush that removes from deep inside
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Not great for cleaning hard surfaces
  • The battery dies out soon

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Buyer’s Guide:

Bissell Carpet Cleaner For Pets Buying Guide

Yes, we know how messy pets can be, and thus, this is why we successfully compiled a list of the best Bissell carpet cleaners for you. But of course, when buying for the first time, things can get pretty confusing for many.

But with us taking your back, worry no more! After thorough research, we bring to you the basic features that you need to consider when buying a carpet cleaner for pets. Although Bissell is surely one of the easiest choices, still you need to make sure you invest in the right product.

So, without further ado, let’s jump to the highlighted features that make a carpet cleaner for pets the best.


Power is what you need to ensure every corner of the carpet is left spotless after cleaning. When buying a cleaner, make sure you pay special heed to the power it contains. Remember, the higher the power is, the better the suction will be, and thus the cleaner your carpet will be.

Brush Rolls

Every carpet cleaner has a brush that rolls, common sense of course! Thus, what we mean here is the more the brush rolls are there, the better the cleaner will scrub. Hence, opt for a Bissell carpet cleaner for pets that consists of multiple brush rolls that use both oscillation and counter-rotation for scrubbing.

Why? This way the cleaner uses less power yet works more efficiently, giving you 100% professional results.


It is commonly believed that hot water removes stains and odor much better. And yes, this is true. Although with Bissell carpet cleaners you can easily use hot tap water for cleaning, the cleaner itself provides extra heat that helps to dry the carpet in less time.

Thus, when in hurry and your pet plans to make a mess, just switch on the Bissell carpet cleaner, scrub away and dry it up using the express cleaning/heating mode. Within 30 minutes, you’ll carpet will be as good as new so remember to consider the “heat” feature when buying a carpet cleaner for pets!

Easy to use

Well, of course, you wouldn’t want a product that is difficult to operate. If you’re a simple person who likes simple things, go for a carpet cleaner that is lightweight and portable.

Why? Because the lighter it is, the easier it’ll be for you to move it around!


Moving around a heavyweight cleaner is exhausting. Thus, when you’re looking for a pet carpet cleaner, know for sure you check for its weight.

Why? This is so you can easily maneuver it and clean surfaces without getting tired. The lighter the cleaner is, the easier will it be to use.


You don’t want your cleaner to be clogged with dirt and pet hairs, or do you? well, if not then always go for a cleaner that is easy to maintain.

What we mean here is that some cleaner models come with removable nozzles and brushes while others do not. Hence, rather than going for the latter, opt for carpet cleaners that have removable adjustments as these are easy to clean and maintain.

Additional Attachments/Accessories

Remember a rule of thumb that a single tool cannot be used to clean out all the areas! Confused? What we mean is simply that you cannot use the tool for cleaning carpet to remove stains from upholstery or stairs.

Hence, if you want a carpet cleaner for pets that can be used for multiple purposes, look for a complete package that included removable and adjustable attachments. Most Bissell models that are designed to serve various purposes come with different tools that make cleaning areas like stairs and stuff like upholstery pretty easy.

Tank Capacity

A bigger tank means more space for filling liquid and hence, you can easily clean a larger area without having to fill the tank again and again.

So, if you have a bigger area to cover, aim for a carpet cleaner with a bigger water tank, or else, small can work fine for smaller areas!

Bissell vs. Other brands

We have surely talked good about the Bissell pet carpet cleaners, how these are great for cleaning the mess created by your pets in a jiffy. But is Bissell the only brand that sells great cleaners?

Here we’re going to present a quick comparison of Bissell with other labels. Hence, helping you decide why this label is better than the rest. Read on for more details!

Bissell vs. Hoover Portable Carpet cleaner

Both Bissell and Hoover are popular names when talking about vacuum cleaners, thus you can promise to enjoy the durability and great performance from both these brands without a doubt.

But what makes Bissell stand atop of the later name? It is the versatility that the cleaner offers. That is right!

Although both brands are easy to use, remove stain professionally, can be used on different surfaces, and kill odor, but when it comes to removing different types of mess, Bissell works much better.

If it’s about cleaning poop or collecting vomit, or even picking pet hairs, Bissell’s cleaners can be trusted with a blind eye.

Rug Doctor vs. Bissell

We are sure you must have heard the name “Rug Doctor” when it comes to durable carpet cleaners.

As per performance, both Rug Doctor and Bissell are known to deliver their best. Both these names offer cleaners with big tanks, clever design, and professional cleaning performance. Moreover, they come with a professional formula that not only removes stains quickly but also kills odor while drying up the area in less than 30 minutes.

If both are best, what makes Bissell better? When it comes to professional results, we surely recommend Rug Doctor as it works better on bigger, tougher surfaces. But for regular use, no brand can beat the high-grade performance of Bissell.

And of course, for the pet owner with carpeted homes, pet mess is a regular thing that needs to be taken care of!

Bissell vs. Karcher

Not as aesthetically pleasing as Bissell, but surely if not less, but similar in performance.

Where most of Karcher’s models consist of multiple brushes for the deliverance of a powerful performance, Bissell lies way ahead in terms of being modernly designed, giving a high-end performance, and easy to handle.

Hence, for daily use where you need to clean the mess created by your dog regularly, let’s just say Bissell is more reliable.

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

We have already mentioned the top Bissell models that give you professional cleaning, a list of features that you need to consider when buying a cleaner and a quick comparison between Bissell and other brands, thus what have we missed out on then?

What we haven’t talked about is how do you clean a carpet? Sounds weird, huh? Well, when you have naughty pets at home, accidents can happen. Hence, what should you do? How to use a cleaner to ensure the stain is removed while the carpet remains protected from damage?

The tips that follow are surely going to help you cater to these “accidents” in a much better way, giving you a quick insight on how to get rid of stains quickly and easily.

Don’t lose your calm: Rather than losing your temper or becoming anxious over the situation, stay cool. Before the stain dries up, get hold of either your carpet cleaner for pets or a stain removal kit and work on the blotch.

This way, you’ll be able to get rid of the splotch completely, leaving behind no trails or odor that can be unsettling.

Buy a carpet cleaner: Scrubbing stains every time isn’t an option always! And with pets and a carpeted floor, you cannot waste your time cleaning the place all the time.

Hence, rather than tiring yourself over such a petty issue, invest in a carpet cleaner for pets. That is right! Equipment like this one is designed especially for removing stains from your carpets and thus, saves your time and energy.

So, if you wish to maintain your carpets, keeping their “new” look intact with the naughty fur buddy around, you need a carpet cleaner for cleaning the mess.

Maintain your carpet: Accidents are inevitable; hence what can you do to maintain your carpets? If you have a pet in the house, we recommend you invest in less expensive carpets or rugs so in case it gets destroyed by your furry buddy; you’d be able to replace it easily.

Moreover, keep your pets well-groomed and clean. Pets tend to lose a lot of hairs, thus give them regular haircuts and baths to ensure the hair fall is minimal. Furthermore, don’t forget to keep their paws clean so that your carpet remains clean of unnecessary dirt and mess.

Getting the Best Results with a Carpet Cleaner for Pets

how to use a bissell carpet cleaner

You have bought an expensive Bissell carpet cleaner for pets and it isn’t giving you the desired results? If so is the case, let us help you gain maximum outcomes with a carpet cleaner.

How? Here are a few tips that will help you get professional cleaning results with a carpet cleaner in no time at all!

Read the Instructions: Know that every gadget comes with a complete user manual and so is the case with Bissell carpet cleaners. These might look like simple vacuum cleaners but most do not work in the same way.

Thus, read the instructions that come along thoroughly and follow them carefully to achieve professional cleaning results.

Vacuuming before shampooing: With carpet and pets what one needs to understand is that if you pour the cleaning formula/shampoo over the stain first, the pet hairs and dirt will settle down and when sucked up, will clog the brushes and nozzle of the cleaner.

Hence, to ensure the stain is removed from depth without hindering the performance of your cleaner, do not forget to dry vacuum the place first. This way you’ll be sure of collecting all the dirt and hair without clogging the brushes of the carpet cleaner.

Use professional stain removal formulas: Although most of the Bissell carpet cleaners for pets come with a stain removal formula that works great. But in case you find the average or are out of stock, get your hands on oxy pet formulas that not only remove urine stains and vomit, etc but also kill bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take apart a Bissell Proheat carpet cleaner?

To take apart your Bissell preheat cleaner, first, you need to collect a screwdriver and needle-nose pliers.

Next, unplug the machine and pull out the top tank. Then push the latches to unlock the lower tank. Now, unwrap the hose and release the latch to remove it. Furthermore, remove all the accessories carefully and set them aside.

Now, use the screwdriver to take out the hose rack and unscrew the front nozzle. Move forward to remove the black screws inside to lift the clear cap and release the silver screws.

Unscrew these, clean the machine, and put it back together when you’re done.

How to clean a Bissell carpet cleaner?

Cleaning a Bissell carpet cleaner is super easy. All you need to do is fill the tank with hot water once you’re done cleaning. And yes, don’t forget to add a little bit of the cleaning solution.

Next, set the cleaner on high and run it to clean all the lines. This way, you’ll be able to clean the hose and nozzle along with the brushes without having to remove anything.

If this does not work great for you, you can always remove the nozzle and hose and clean them separately.

Why should I buy only Bissell carpet cleaner for pets?

If you have pets in your carpeted homes, you surely need a powerful carpet cleaner and thus, this is what Bissell offers.

Bissell cleaners are durable, deliver heavy-duty performance, and best of all remove the toughest of stains from different surfaces like a true professional.

How to use a Bissell carpet cleaner?

Start by pushing the start button. Next, push the trigger and move the cleaner in the forward direction to start cleaning.

Let go of the trigger to stop the cleaner and switch to the express drying mode. Continue cleaning in the same pattern for deep cleaning and removal of stains without damaging the carpet/upholstery.

Which Bissell carpet cleaner is the best?

Although every Bissell model that we have mentioned in the list is great at performance one that stands out amongst the rest is the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro carpet cleaner.

This one is durable, delivers high-end performance, and most importantly, gives you professional cleaning results every time.

Can I use my pet carpet cleaner to remove stains from stairs, upholstery and other surfaces?

Yes, you can! Bissell carpet cleaners are made to serve multiple purposes where you get to scrub and clean different surfaces with a single cleaner, without a hassle.


Everyone loves to own friends that are small in size, full of fur, and love to cuddle. As cute as these pets are, they often create a mess that is hard to clean especially if you reside in a carpeted house.

To make sure things around the house remain A-okay, we have updated our list of Bissell carpets cleaners, different models that can be trusted with a blind eye when it comes to professional cleaning results.

Know that these cleaners are highly durable, perform fabulously, and are easy to use. Furthermore, most of the Bissell models are affordable too!

Hence, rather than calling professional services every other day to remove stains and clean your pet’s mess, invest in a Bissell carpet cleaner of your choice, and make your life easy! A one-time investment here will surely go a long way!


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