Currently, Bosch is among the top ten best manufacturers of Jigsaws. The dedicated company established its grounds back in 1886, but it wasn’t until 1932 that the company began manufacturing power tools. And hence, the company happens to be one of the most experienced leaders in the industry.

Best Bosch Jigsaw

On that very note, if you’ve set out to buy the best Bosch Jigsaw, you might find yourself troubled. That’s because there’s an abundance of jigsaws introduced by the brand, and each of them appears to be perfect.

So, here we will dive into greater details and differentiate the look-alike (in terms of quality) jigsaws by Bosch. Below the unique, detailed, and specific reviews, we have also formulated a detailed buying guide for you. So, let’s get to it!

Comparing Best Bosch Jigsaw 2021

BOSCH Jigsaw
7.0 Amp
120 Volts
4.0 Amp
18 Volts
6.0 Amp
120 Volts
7.2 Amp
120 Volts
6 Amp
12 Volts
BOSCH Jigsaw JS470E

BOSCH Jigsaw JS470E

  • Corded Jigsaw power tool
  • 7amp variable speed
  • 120V low vibration
  • 4-orbital action tool

The Bosch Jigsaw JS470E is an excellent multi-purpose tool for DIY woodworking projects and crafts. It has an integrated, robust build that can pull you through a diversity of tasks easily. And, its capability to tackle different chores is a result of its wonderful features. Let’s have a detailed look!

To begin, the Jigsaw JS470E has a sturdy metal construction, yet it weighs incredibly less. The footplate comprises high-grade aluminum, whereas some parts are plastic and rubber.

Altogether, this combination weighs merely 10.4-pounds. Don’t worry, as it’s natural to gasp at this value if you’re a beginner. Most jigsaws weigh a lot more than this, so consider this quite lightweight.

The jigsaw has an ergonomically built top-handle design as well that makes handling convenient and firm. Overall, upon holding, you will feel amazed at the ease. You can lift this powerful tool for hours without flinching a bit!

Having a compact structure-the Bosch top-handle jigsaw measures 15.7×14.2×4.8 inches. Although it has a corded connection, the long cord makes it possible to move around without restraints. So, it will not be wrong to state that the jigsaw is quite portable.

Moving onto its performance, the Jigsaw JS470E houses a powerful 7amp motor that makes cutting through wood swift and speedy. It has variable speed dials sets that let you make use of the following ranges.

You can adjust the speed according to the surface and your needs. (SPM stands for strokes per minute, more on this in the guide.)

To make things easier, Bosch has installed a pressure-sensitive trigger into this jigsaw model. It detects the pressure changes and alters the speed accordingly. So, you won’t have to stop in between a cut to increase/decrease the speed.

Consequently, this guarantees straight and smooth cuts through different surfaces. These include wood, steel, aluminum, and many others.

The presence of a built-in quality blade offers various cutting angles as well. You can use it up to 45-degrees. Hence, making it perfect for different cut styles.

Bosch JS470E 120-volt 7.0-amp top-handle jigsaw also features good cutting capacities, which include:

There are 4-orbital action tool settings too. These settings allow you to make varying cuts from smooth to aggressive. All this, when coupled with the low vibration design, makes the performance accurate and precise.

This particular BOSCH 120V Low-Vibration Jigsaw has a multi-directional blade clamp. It ensures a firm grip on most T-shanks. However, note, this jigsaw is not compatible with a U-shaped shank.

You will also find a blade ejection lever on the jigsaw that causes the blade to pop put slightly. You can pull it out easily without damaging your fingers.

Summing it up, this compact and integrated jigsaw is the best jigsaw for beginners. It is an idealistic choice for hobbyists and enthusiasts. However, if you’re an expert, then you might want to consider the ones reviewed below.

  • Ergonomic build
  • Versatile
  • Powerful speed
  • Accurate and precise
  • Secure & safe
  • Not compatible with U-shaped shanks
BOSCH Jigsaw JSH180B

BOSCH Jigsaw JSH180B

  • Cordless Jigsaw
  • Weighs 4.05lbs
  • 4-stages orbital action
  • Features LED lights

Compact & robust; the Bosch Jigsaw JSH180B is perfect for people who seek a portable solution to their everyday crafting needs. You can be a freelance expert or a part-time worker who has to travel a lot. And so, one can not carry a bulky jigsaw every time.

If you identify yourself in this, then this jigsaw is of immense benefit to you. How? Well, this particular JSH180B jigsaw has a super lightweight build of 4.05lbs. It is air-like when compared to the standard jigsaws.

Bosch even claims the JSH180B to be 30-percent lighter and 10-percent small than competitors. So, you would be holding a power-packed tool that weighs almost nothing!

However, do not consider the jigsaw to be light in terms of durability. The JSH180B comprises premium metallic construction. It is capable of withstanding even the harshest of conditions.

The compact dimensions of 10.24-inches make it easy to handle too. Grab it single-handedly and work through hours of cutting without worries. You won’t feel tired at all!

What’s more, the cordless design allows you to better maneuverability. It will be convenient to move around about the surface you’re cutting. Thus, providing you an enhanced command and control of the project.

The jigsaw device has an innovative blade insertion and ejection system. All you have to do is turn the knob, and the blade will pop out slightly. You can then remove it.

It is especially nice for people who are multi-tasking. Often, they have to juggle and complete things single-handedly to conserve time.

The BOSCH 18V Jigsaw comes equipped with a T-shank blade type that offers a powerful smooth-cutting experience. You can use it at different angles up to 45-degrees. It features a variable speed control that ranges from 0 to 2700 SPM. Hence, you can alter the speed according to the surface.

There is no pressure-sensitive trigger or other technology. However, the distance between the trigger and blade is less. So, one can reach out to the controls easily while cutting.

Plus, the presence of 4-orbital actions and 1-inch stroke length further makes the performance swift. Using this JSH180B jigsaw, you can craft multiple shapes and styles.

As for materials, you can use them on almost anything. However, the jigsaw works best on;

There is an integrated LED light that serves as a guide. It helps you cut straight and accurate lines along the surface.

Perhaps, the mere drawback of this Bosch JSH180B jigsaw is it’s overheating. As a cordless jigsaw, it operates on batteries. And too much workload causes them to generate excessive heat. Nonetheless, it does not affect the performance, though you must wear safety gloves for precaution.

  • Super lightweight
  • Robust build
  • Portable
  • Accurate & precise
  • Easy-to-use
  • Overheating
BOSCH Jigsaw JS260

BOSCH Jigsaw JS260

  • Corded jigsaw
  • 6-amp variable speed
  • 500 to 3100-SPM
  • 4-orbital settings
  • Dust blower

The Bosch 120-Volt Top-handle JS260 jigsaw is an amazing choice for basic construction cutting. This power-packed tool allows you to create basic frames and structures easily. However, it may not be the best for precision carving and fine detailing.

First of all, this is a corded jigsaw that has a sturdy body of plastic and metal. So, do not mistake this as a flimsy, workspace-only jigsaw despite the budget-friendly tag.

Similar to any other jigsaw, you’ll have to connect this one to a power source for operation. However, its long cord ensures you do not stay confined to the area. You can easily walk around and reach the surface you’re about to cut from all angles.

Also, its lightweight body allows you to hold for consecutive hours without feeling any discomfort. The top handle has a rugged surface that provides a good, firm grip.

It has a two-finger trigger that makes starting and stopping the jigsaw effortless. The ambidextrous lock-on button offers a sense of security and steadiness too.

JS260 jigsaw features Bosch’s signature toolless blade-change system as well. Using it, you can insert and remove the blade easily. Newbies find this of great benefit as they aren’t experienced in blade dealing and may hurt themselves.

As for the performance, you can expect this beast to push through all types of surfaces with ease. The Bosch Jigsaw JS260 houses a 6amp motor that provides the boost required for consistent, powerful performance.

It has a variable speed for better control. The speed adjusting dial is below the handle, using which you can set speed anywhere between 500 to 3100 SPM. Hence, you can use this jigsaw on:

The JS260 jigsaw comes with 4-orbital settings to give your crafts a creative edge. You can use them to make smooth, aggressive, straight, and even wavy lines.

Even more, the precision-machined plunging mechanism makes the cuts smooth. However, the high vibrations can mess up the precision and accuracy.

To counter this, Bosch has installed a heavy-gauge steel footplate that helps steady the vibrations. But, you still won’t be able to carve those fine details on wood and metal.

Another amazing feature of the JS260 jigsaw is its always-on dust blower that is excellent for wood cutting. The blower constantly keeps on blowing away the dust so that you have a clear view of the cut line.

  • Integrated design
  • Swift performance
  • Decent, smooth cuts
  • Versatile
  • Secured blade
  • Strong vibrations


  • Corded jigsaw
  • 2amp variable speed
  • 800 to 3000SPM
  • 13-inch-long cord
  • LED lighting system
  • Dust collector

Having a premium tag, you can expect only the best of the bests from this heavy-duty Bosch jigsaw JS572EBK. On a single glance, one can tell this barrel-grip jigsaw beast is not for everyone. It has a feature-rich profile that is suitable for experts and professionals in this field.

The body of the JS572EBK jigsaw comprises high-end metal, plastic, and some parts rubber. Its rigid build makes it capable of withstanding intense workloads.

As it is a barrel-grip jigsaw, the region surrounding the handle has a rugged, groovy rubber covering. It provides one with a firm and stable hold. So, you can cut various surfaces easily.

Plus, unlike most competitors, the Bosch JS572EBK has a smaller barrel-grip circumference. It makes handling a lot more convenient and controlled. Your hand won’t be shaking or quivering while cutting.

However, since it has a corded design, you cannot take it anywhere. It has a 13-inch-long cord that provides good movement around the cutting surface. But it does not make it portable.

Moreover, this professional corded jigsaw also features the standard one-touch blade-change system. You can remove or insert the blade with a single click. Thus, making it possible to shift blades quickly.

Perhaps, the most amazing thing about JS572EBK is that it houses a powerful 7.2-amp motor. Well, this jigsaw can tear through the thickest of materials in a strike. You won’t have to go about the surface again and again.

The variable speed dial allows you to make it work anywhere between 800 to 3000SPM. So, be it hardwood or steel, the Bosch 7.2 Amp Barrel-Grip Jig Saw is idealistic for all.

It comes with a Precision Control II double-roller system, which makes your cuts accurate and straight too. Using it, you can achieve the finest results. There is also a huge die-cast aluminum footplate that stabilizes the vibrations. So, you won’t get hand fatigue after working for hours.

The built-in LED lights to make the task further easy. Finding the marks and guidelines is simpler, especially under low-lit conditions. Another innovative feature in the JS572EBL jigsaw is its dust extraction kit. It includes a dust shroud and swiveling dust port that collects all the dust for you.

So, there will be no dust blowing at your face or muddling up your view. Work at ease with this wonderful barrel-grip jigsaw!

All in all, if you’re a pro at jigsaw using, then this one is for you. But, if you’re struggling with the controls and understanding, then this complex device can give you a pretty hard time.

  • Robust quality
  • Accurate and smooth
  • Premium performance
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Convenient
  • Only for experts
BOSCH Jigsaw JS120N

BOSCH Jigsaw JS120N

  • Cordless design
  • Uses 12V batteries
  • 1500 to 2800 SPM
  • 75-inches cutting depth
  • Weighs 3.3-pounds

The Bosch Jigsaw JS120N is an ergonomic, versatile jigsaw. Its user-friendly design makes it an outstanding choice for those struggling with fatigue and discomfort after jigsaw usage. You can be a beginner or pro, and still, find this JS120N the perfect pick!

It is a barrel-grip, cordless jigsaw that operates on 12V batteries. The construction is pretty similar to the rest of the Bosch jigsaws. It feels downright sturdy and premium upon a touch.

The usage of metal and rubber in its build makes it durable. You can use it in all sorts of environments, be it indoors outdoors.

As it does not have a cord, you can even take it anywhere you prefer. However, if you’re traveling far away or plan to work for very long, then keep a stash of batteries with you. The jigsaw can consume considerable power in a single go.

Its handle is short with a rough, thick surface. So, you can hold onto the jigsaw firmly despite the huge vibrations. The shortness also makes it possible to reach the various controls on the side.

There is a variable speed dial that enables you to alter speed from 1500 to 2800SPM. The high-speed range indicates the strength of this beast. It works at an amazing rate, cutting surfaces in seconds!

What’s more, the 0.75-inches stroke length and 2.75-inches maximum cutting depth mean you’ll be getting intense cuts easily. There is no need to run the jigsaw over the same line continuously when JS120N gets it done in one go.

The Bosch 12V Max Barrel-Grip Jig Saw has a bevel angle of up to 45-degrees too. It means you can create angular, curved cuts as well. The jigsaw opens up the possibilities to uncountable things that you can craft using this feature!

The die-cast aluminum footplate provides you with immense stability. Hence, you can complete your projects with unmatchable accuracy and precision.

Moreover, the multi-directional blade clamp offers a powerful grip over the T-shank blades. So, you can work without fearing mishaps and injuries. The one-touch blade-change system further reinforces safety by allowing easy removal and insertion of blades.

In a nutshell, the Bosch barrel grip jigsaw JS120N is a brilliant option for both pros and newbies. It is lightweight, ergonomic, and considerably powerful to cut different surfaces flawlessly.

  • Durable, lightweight build
  • Easy-to-use
  • Deep and accurate cuts
  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Consumes lots of batteries

Bosch Jigsaw Buyer’s Guide:

Bosch Jigsaw Buying Guide

You now know the best Bosch Jigsaws. But despite that, your shopping cart is empty.

Because, of course, you can’t buy all of these. Can you? So, to assist you in narrowing down the list to a Bosch Jigsaw that serves your needs perfectly here’s a quick but detailed buying guide:

Types of Jigsaws

Perhaps, the very first thing that you ought to decide when purchasing a jigsaw is its type. And you will be determining this based on the environment you will be working in.

Say you work in a place where you have easy access to electricity and power sockets. In this scenario, you can work with a corded jigsaw instead of cordless ones. Similarly, if you move around a lot and portability is a prime need, then cordless jigsaws.

Let’s explore both these types in further depth:

Corded Jigsaws:Cordless Jigsaws:

As mentioned earlier, the corded jigsaws require a standard wall outlet to work. These jigsaws come equipped with motors rated at 5-8 amperes, and so, they can attain a speed as high as 3200 SPM.

Since the power supply is endless, the cutting time of corded jigsaws is endless. Hence, we recommend these jigsaws for cutting harder materials. Plus, these are cost-effective and lightweight too.

Cordless Jigsaws come equipped with interchangeable lithium-ion batteries, which are rechargeable. The voltage directly affects the operating time of the jigsaw.

The plus point of cordless jigsaws is that they are highly portable, and you can use these almost anywhere and everywhere. In comparison to the corded jigsaw, these jigsaws are much more precise and smoother. These can easily cut holes, hard-to-reach areas, and curves.

Blade Shanks & Material

The purpose of a jigsaw is to cut materials of varying densities and thicknesses. And so, the quality and type of blade should be your primary aspects of consideration.

Technically, there are two types of jigsaw blades:

T-Shanks blades are easier to switch as compared to the traditional U-Shank blades. And this explains why Bosch prefers T-Shanks over U-Shanks. Hence, here you wouldn’t have much of a choice to make.

What you truly need to pay attention to is the material and type of blade. According to the Bosch Jigsaw Blade chart, there are roughly four major types of Jigsaw blade materials. These include:

Another aspect associated with blades that you might want to consider is the shape of the teeth. The following are two popular types of Blade teeth:

Milled Teeth

  1. Milled Side Set Teeth
  2. Milled Wavy Set Teeth

Ground Teeth

  1. Ground Taper Teeth
  2. Ground Side Set Teeth
  3. Ground Reverse Set Teeth

The sub-sections of each blade represent one of its sides, which have a super-specific function.

For example, Milled Side Set Teeth and Milled Wavy Set Teeth are two different sides of the Milled Teeth. And these provide quick but rough and slow but smooth cuts, respectively.

Jigsaw Handles

Considering the handles is utterly important because it will help you assess the ease of handling. The better the ergonomics, the longer you can work without causing damage to your hand or wrists.

Fundamentally, there are two types of Jigsaw Handles. These include:

The handle grip is more popular since it’s at the top and easier to handle. It cuts down fatigue and enhances balance. Plus, these usually have a rubber covering for ease of use.

The barrel grip happens to be at the back of the jigsaw. It comes best in use for inclined surfaces. However, the positioning of the handle may cause immense fatigue to the wrists and hands in general if used for prolonged periods.

Speed Adjustments

Determining the speed adjustment, you want is just as important as the material. It determines the efficiency and potential of your jigsaw.

Fundamentally, the speed adjustments get measured in SPM (Strokes Per Minute) and RPM (Rotations Per Minute). These are further classified into two types:

We recommend jigsaws with fixed speed adjustments to those who use their jigsaw for specific or limited time use. Variable jigsaws are recommendable for those who use jigsaws for a variety of materials and purposes. Or if they have high-frequency usage.

The average stroke rate for most jigsaws these days is 500 – 3500 SPM. When buying, you need to look highest stroke rate for wood and the lowest for steel. Medium stroke rates work for plastics and aluminum.


Bosch usually offers most of its jigsaws under the value-for-money category, which means that you will get most of your money. However, for a generalized pricing approach towards jigsaws, here’s a rough outline:

By the rule of thumb, the more you spend, the better quality you’ll get. Jigsaws at cheaper rates have lower stroke rates and low-powered motors. Mid-range, high-end, or the best professional jigsaws have improved stroked rates, power rating of motors, and additional features like tool-less blade change, LED lighting, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to change blade on Bosch Jigsaw?

That’s easy! Just locate a small hole right below the handle. It’s in straight-line alignment with the blade. You can insert the screwdriver to loosen the screw a bit.

Once you feel it’s loose enough, slowly pull out the mounted blade from the other end. Next, mount the new blade, tighten the screw, and there you go!

Q. Bosch Jigsaw VS Makita' Who wins?

Most people find themselves stuck in the Bosch Jigsaw VS Makita debate. Well, both brands are reputable and reliable. However, as per our analysis, Bosch wins the game.

That’s because Bosch offers about eight options when it comes to 18V drills, while Makita only offers five options. Plus, Bosch has been manufacturing tools way earlier than Makita. And so, it holds a great command of the manufacturing processes. Thus, delivering better quality.


Now that you know how to choose the perfect Bosch Jigsaw for yourself, we hope you make an informed decision. In case you find yourself torn apart the multiple options given above and cannot decide which of the Bosch professional jigsaw will suit you best, then let us narrow down the list even further:

These two are our absolute favorites. If you wish to get yourself the best Bosch corded Jigsaw, then JS470E is your best bet. But if you’d like the best Bosch cordless jigsaw, then JSH180B is the best buy! Whichever you choose, ensure that you evaluate it against all your requirements and needs! We hope you pick the best Bosch Jigsaw for yourself. Good luck!


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