Are you scared of scraping the paint of your car? We can’t either bear the sight of dents and damages on our fabulous Dodge Challenger. Thus, what do we do to avoid such accidents?

Of course, cover it gently with the best car cover for full protection!

Best Car Cover for Dodge Challenger

A car cover is the best solution for keeping our cars safe from unanticipated damage. Whether parked inside or outside, the chances of scratching the paint job remain high. Hence, to avoid such mishaps, we’ve started using a car cover and since then, we are at peace.

But which car cover is best for your Dodge Challenger? How can you buy the right fit? What things make a car cover “great”? If you’re thinking of buying a car cover yet are extremely confused with the choice, let us help you.

Based on our experience, here is a list of the preeminent car cover for Dodge Challenger which we believe every Challenger owner should have. Excited, aren’t you? Let’s get straight to the products we are talking about then!

Comparing Best Car Cover for Dodge Challenger

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Superior Car Cover for Dodge Challenger: A Must-Have for All

Are you looking for a high-quality and durable car cover for your Challenger? If yes then you have certainly landed at the right place!

Let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the brands of car covers that we’ve found to stand out amongst the rest.

SR1 Performance Ultraguard Car Cover

SR1 Performance Ultraguard Car Cover

  • Manufactured high-quality satin
  • Breathable material doesn’t allow moisture to retain
  • Offers a snug fit for easy installation
  • Comes with a storage bag and a 1-year warranty

Let’s kick off with one of our favorite covers by SR1 performance. Made from high-quality satin, the cover shouts durability and easy installation.

Moreover, what gets us excited are the bright colors. This car cover is available in three different shades, where each one comes with the same black base with different colored stripes that look attractive to the eyes.

But wait! We haven’t reached the best part yet. The SR1 Performance’s car cover is lined with a soft layer from the insight to protect your car against any damages.

Also, the material is breathable which does not allow the moisture to retain and hence, doesn’t harm the car’s paintwork. Because most of us need to use covers for a long time, our main concern is the building up of moisture under the covers which this cover cleverly deals with.

And if you’re wondering how did we know whether the cover will fit our Dodge Challenger or not then well, it wasn’t a problem. Why? Because this car cover offers a snug fit making it a perfect fit for most Challenger models introduced between the years 2008 to 2021.

Although, this cover has everything that makes it a great choice it has one major downside and that is it isn’t water-proof which makes it un-usable outdoors. On the contrary, if you’re looking for a durable cover for indoors, this surely is it!

  • Fits most Dodge Challenger models from the year 2008-2021
  • Made from high-quality, breathable satin
  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Attractive design and available in three different colors
  • Soft inside layering ensures the car is kept safe from scratches and damages
  • Is not water-proof
  • Not very durable
CarCover Dodge Challenger Cover

CarCover Dodge Challenger Cover

  • Offers custom fit for models 2013-2019
  • 5 layered cover for added durability
  • Weather-proof hence can be ideally used outdoors
  • Tie-down strap for perfect fitting

Not every time do you like getting your hands on brightly designed car covers, right? Well, we certainly like plain covers that shout durability, and hence, CarCover’s Dodge Challenger is exactly what we need.

This simple-designed black car cover is made from a soft fleece line. But the soft texture doesn’t mean it won’t last.

The fleece incorporated in the making of the cover is of high quality and promises to last over a decade. Moreover, the cover offers an easy custom fit. If you own a Dodge Challenger’s models from anywhere between 2013-2019 then this one will fit perfectly over it.

And the best thing about this car cover is the customized side mirror pockets. Unlike most covers, CarCover’s Dodge Challenger waterproof car cover contains separate pockets for the side mirrors to fit in safely.

Also, before we forget to mention the most important thing, this five-layered water-proof car cover gives your Dodge Challenger extra protection when parked outside the garage.

But what if it flies away in a strong wind when used outside? It won’t! The cover contains a tie-down strap system that helps fix it in place.

With this spread over your beauty, you do not have to worry about damaged paintwork or getting it wet in the rain. At first sight, we did fool ourselves with the simple design but you dare not be fooled as it is worth spending every penny on!

  • Water-proof and durable
  • Custom-fit for Dodge Challenger’s model of the year 2013-2019
  • Ideal for outdoors
  • Made from high-quality soft fleece
  • Separate pockets for safe covering of the side mirrors
  • Tie-down strap system for easy installation
  • Difficult to clean
  • It may not fit perfectly over some Dodge Challenger models
  • The antenna pocket is wrongly marked which makes it a little hard to spread over the car
YIDEXIN Waterproof Car Cover

YIDEXIN Waterproof Car Cover

  • Anti UV and waterproof
  • Zipper design for easy installation and use
  • Made from heavy-duty Oxford cloth for high durability
  • Comes with an anti-theft lock for added security

If you ask us, the YIDEXIN car cover is our absolute favorite! Why? The simple and intelligent design incorporated with high-quality material is what makes it a promising product.

This is probably the best Dodge Challenger car cover if you ask me! It is carefully manufactured from high-end Oxford cloth that shouts a decade-long performance. But this isn’t just it.

The best part about this car cover is the clever design. Unlike other covers, the YIDEXIN cover comes with a zipper for easy installation. The co-passenger can easily slide into the car without having to remove the cover completely.

But the best part is yet to come. Do you see the strips at the front bottom of the cover? These glow in the dark, increasing the visibility of your car from afar to avoid accidents. Amazing addition, isn’t it?

We love it too! Moreover, the YIDEXIN cover for the Challenger is anti-UV and water-proof, giving it an extra point for keeping our car fully protected against the changing weather conditions.

Oh and yes, to ensure the cover doesn’t fly away in heavy winds, the manufacturer has added straps at the bottom to help secure it in place. Hence, all you need to do is spread the cover over your Challenger and strap it securely.

Looking at the excellent features it has, we certainly label it to be the best Dodge Challenger outdoor car cover presently!

  • Water and UV proof
  • Offers complete weather protection
  • Zipper design for easy installation and usage
  • The strips at the front shine at night to avoid accidents
  • Offers a universal fit
  • Straps at the bottom help keep it well secured in place
  • Easy-to-use anti-theft lock for extra security
  • The elasticized hem all around allows you to easily spread the cover over the car
  • Rough material that scratches the car
  • Not durable
  • Not fully water-resistant
Mopar Hellcat Car Cover

Mopar Hellcat Car Cover

  • Elasticized hem for convenient installation
  • Weather-resistant
  • Made from premium quality, a breathable Matrix material
  • Consists of tie-down straps and separate side mirror pockets

Lay an eye on this and you’ll be tempted to look at it again! The Mopar car cover Dodge Challenger is simple at its best.

The premium quality matrix material promises durability, keeping your Challenger well protected against changing weather. Whether it is rain, snow, or dust, the high-end cloth used in the manufacturing of the cover ensures nothing harms the car when parked outside.

Moreover, the metallic grey color with the wild cat imprint looks extremely sophisticated. If you’re into simple yet elegant cover designs, we bet you’ll love this creative piece of car spread.

And let’s not forget to mention the tie-down system it hides underneath. If you get a closer look at the Mopar’s car cover, you’ll see it has straps attached at the bottom. The tie-down system allows you to conveniently strap the cover securely in place, not letting it budge even by speedy winds.

Furthermore, to offer easy installation, Mopar has intelligently elasticized the hem all around the cover which lets your stretch and pulls it over the Challenger without a problem.

From the custom fit to durability and weather resistance, the car cover surely keeps our Dodge Challenger well protected against damages.

  • Put together using premium quality matrix cloth
  • Tie-down straps for perfect fitting
  • Compatible with Challengers models from the year 2015 to 2020
  • Separate pockets for the side mirrors
  • Weather-resistant
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Great for outdoor use
  • Simple and elegant design
  • It May is not fit some models of Dodge Challengers
iCarCover Premium Waterproof Cover

iCarCover Premium Waterproof Cover

  • Weatherproof and natural disaster resistant
  • Consists of anti-theft and a tie-down system
  • Offers universal fit
  • Extra lining for full protection against scratches and damage

Staying true to its name, the iCarCover’s Dodge Challenger cover is a premium quality spread that guarantees to keep our car safe from unwanted damage.

Having said that, this Dodge Challenger waterproof car cover is probably the best one out there. It is carefully layered using high-end polyester and designed in a way that gives 100% weather protection.

Whether you’re struggling with unannounced rain or tired of dust running your car’s interiors, this car cover has certainly got you covered. The addition of extra layers traps the dust and water, stopping it from seeping inside the car and damaging the paintwork.

If you do not believe us, try it yourself!

And apart from the glossy finish for a classy look, the iCarCover consists of the perfect tie-down and anti-theft system that promises great protection.

Confused, are you? Well, when we read about the anti-theft system, it got us wondering too until we got to see it personally.

We shall admit, it is surely a clever addition to the design which enhances the likability of the product too. Still, confused? Let us explain!

If you see beneath the cover, you’ll see three straps attached there. The strap when pulled together tightly holds the cover in place, not letting anything or anyone slip it away which certainly makes the car inaccessible to the thieves.

And hence, guaranteeing the cover itself won’t scratch the car, the manufacturer has added non-scratch grommets to take care of the task.

For us, the iCarCover is a clear winner in terms of providing guaranteed protection against water and weather. Moreover, it is easy to install and highly durable so once purchased, you get to use it for many years to come by without complaints.

  • Water and weatherproof
  • Consists of a tie-down and anti-theft strap-in system
  • Made from super-soft polyester
  • The addition of non-scratch grommets ensure the car remains clean of scratches
  • Offer universal fit
  • Elasticized hem for easy installation
  • Available in different sizes ranging from small to XXL
  • Some users have complained of the color fading away in the sun after a few days
  • Not very durable
  • Expensive
BDK Max Shield Car Cover

BDK Max Shield Car Cover

  • Made out of breathable polypropylene
  • Provides maximum protection from dust, water, and UV rays
  • Offers snug fit
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

If a simple, affordable car cover is what’s on your mind then we highly recommend the BDK Max shield car cover.

Although, the cover isn’t all fancied up with catchy designs yet it provides just the right amount of protection to our Dodge Challengers as needed.

The BDK Max’s car cover is made from highly breathable polypropylene, a soft material that keeps your car’s paint job safe from getting damaged.

Also, the non-woven cloth protects against UV rays, water, and dust. So yes, it’s an all-rounder keeping your car safe from the changing weather while silently parked outside the house/office.

Where the elasticized hem makes it easy to spread over the Challenger, the addition of the straps allows you to tightly tie it down. Moreover, BDK Max offers a 1-year warranty on their car cover for hassle-free usage.

Although this cover is an absolute beauty yet the only thing you need to be careful with is the size. It offers a semi-custom fit for Dodge Challengers so before you buy it for your model, make sure you know the measurements for choosing the correct size.

  • Made from non-scratch, soft and breathable polypropylene
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty for hassle-free usage
  • Straps for easy tying down
  • Provides full protection against water, UV, and dust
  • Does not fit all models of a Dodge Challenger
Crevelle Mettalic Car Cover

Crevelle Mettalic Car Cover

  • Manufactured using woven fabric and coated with reflective material for extra protection
  • Protects against dust, water, and UV rays
  • Consists of a tie-down strap system
  • Comes with a bag for convenient storage

Hands down to this all-black, glossy Dodge Challenger car cover. Man, talk about the blackest of black and this cover gets the color right.

Although, a simple black car cover does look nice our main concern has always been the number of UV rays that the shade absorbs. As a common belief, black certainly absorbs the highest percentage of UV rays which is bad for our car but so is not the case with this cover.

The Crevelle’s car cover might be all black but the woven fabric is cleverly finished off with urethane coating, a reflective material that decreases the absorption of UV rays to a great extent.

Yes, this surely gave us some peace. But what we like about the product is the strap tie-down system. Because you never trust the weather, you certainly don’t want the covers flying off.

Hence, the straps let you tie it down tightly in place, not letting it budge even an inch. Moreover, the cover is layered with soft woven material which guarantees no scratches while pulling it up or taking it down.

With covers, our priority is to keep our Dodge Challenger’s paintwork safe from scratches and tear; hence the Crevelle’s car spread serves the same purpose at a much affordable price.

  • Made of woven material for durability
  • Coated with reflective urethane for protection against UV rays
  • Filters out dust and keeps the water out
  • The straps help you tie it down tightly in place
  • Too slippery to handle
  • Tears easily hence not very durable
Tuxcover Multi Tyvek Cover

Tuxcover Multi Tyvek Cover

  • Custom-fit over most Dodge Challenger models
  • Made from premium DuPont Tyvek material which guarantees total weather protection
  • Consists of a strap and buckle for secure installation
  • Easy to install and store

A dual shaded car cover made from top-quality DuPont Tyvek material, Tuxcover’s car spread is another product not to be missed by Dodge Challenger like us!

It is available in beautiful tones of grey and black, brilliantly put together to fit most Dodge Challenger models with ease.

The high-quality material used in its manufacturing offers guaranteed protection against all-weather types. Thus, whether it is raining, snowing, or windy, the cover won’t let the weather extremities hurt your car.

Also, installing it is not a problem anymore. It comes with straps and buckles for easy installation hence, tightly fixing it in place for added security.

The Tuxcover’s car cover can be used both indoors and outdoors, offering great protection to your car so you can sleep peacefully at night without having to worry about any damages done to it.

  • Made from high-quality material
  • Offer custom fit for Dodge Challenger
  • Comes with a strap and buckle for extra security
  • Includes a bag for easy storage
  • Give complete protection against water, dust, and UV
  • Some users find the material to be thin and not very durable
  • It may not filter the dust and hence, you might end up cleaning the car every day

Car Cover for Dodge Challenger: Buyer’s Guide

Dodge Challenger Car Cover Buying Guide

Are you thinking of buying a car cover for your Dodge Challenger? No matter old or new, one should keep their car covered for safety and long-haul performance.

We believe that rather than spending hundreds of dollars on our car’s maintenance, it is better to use a car cover to keep it safe from wearing, tearing, or other damages. Hence, this is why after a lot of research and hard work, we’ve invested in the right car cover for our Challenger.

Getting excited, are you? As a Dodge Challenger, if you too are looking for a cover, here are a few things we’ve shortlisted that’ll help you buy the right one for your four-wheeled beauty.


Choosing the right material for the car cover is crucial if you ask us! The right material will determine how long does the cover lasts and how safe does it keep the car. Getting confused?

Let us explain! The main purpose of a car cover is to keep the car safe from weather, moisture, and other damages, right? And if the cover isn’t made of high-end material, it will neither keep the car safe during rain nor from unanticipated damages.

But what kind of material should you be looking for? Oxford cloth, satin, and fleece are namely a few types of materials that are highly durable when it comes down to finding the best car cover for your spectacular ride.

Snug Fit

When we talk about car covers, does one size fits all? Maybe for the different models of the same car but it can be a hard one to believe!

Hence, it is important to choose the right fit for your Challenger. What we did was that before we head out to buy a cover, we measured the size that we’ll need to ensure the cover spread over the car perfectly.

Also, there are a few great brands out there offering snug fit which means no matter what model do you, (the label will have it specifically mentioned in the details) the cover with perfectly set over the car, covering every part carefully.


Waterproof Dodge Challenger Car Cover

Are you looking for a car cover for outdoor use? If yes, then you must invest in a cover that is water-proof and this goes especially for people living in places that enjoy rainfall throughout the year.

A water-proof cover will keep the car safe from getting wet. This in turn won’t let the moisture build up inside the cover which ultimately leads to ruining the car’s paintwork.

Thus, whenever buying a car cover for your Dodge Challenger especially to be used outside, a water-proof material is what should be on your mind first.

Tie-down Strap System

So, next up what we think is a tie-down strap system is a must-have for car covers. Why? So that the cover doesn’t go off flying in heavy winds!

A clever design car cover with straps for tying down offers a safe installation of the cover. Once you spread it over the car, you can fix it in place by tightening the straps. Sounds easy, right? This way, you’ll know that no part of the car is exposed and is completely protected by the cover.

The Purpose

This may not seem as important but believe us, the purpose you need the cover for actually helps you make the right decision. Before you leave the house to head towards the market, wait and ask yourself: do you need the cover for indoor use or outdoor?

This is because once you’ve decided why you need it; it’ll be easier to buy the right cover. A cover manufactured for indoor use is slightly different in texture as compared to the outdoor one.

Car covers for indoors are much lighter in weight and may not be layered to withstand the changing weather outside.

On the contrary, the covers used outdoors are heavier and layered which allows them to stay strong up against extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, and gushy winds. Hence, the decision for the right car cover certainly depends on the way you wish to use it.


You cannot miss out on this point for sure! Durability is super important when you’re looking to buy a product for long-term use.

Remember, a good quality car cover with last over years, withstanding extreme temperatures without wearing off. Thus, when buying a Dodge Challenger cover, make sure you invest in a high-end product so you can enjoy using it for years to come by.

Cover Depth/Thickness

Next up let’s talk about the thickness of the cover. The rule is simple: the thicker the cover is, the more protection it will offer.

If you’re worried about getting scratches on your car which can ruin its paintwork, you certainly need a cover with more thickness.

Similarly, if you plan on using the cover outside in the open, a thicker covers what you should be looking at! Also, thick covers tend to protect your car’s headlights and other sensitive parts from undue damages which is exactly what everyone needs.

Thus, know when you wish to use the cover and then pay attention to the thickness of the cover to buy the right one.

Easy to Install and Store

This may sound irrelevant to many but a car cover should be easy to install and store. You do not want to struggle for hours before you can spread it over your car correctly.

A good car cover is easy to install and even easier to store. We always go for covers that come with storage bags as it promises to keep the cover safe from tearing when not in use, hence letting it last for a good few years.


Have you set a budget for your purchase? If not then you should! This is important necessary especially for people who have a tight budget.

Once you visit the market, you’ll find all types of car covers, ranging from the cheap ones to the more expensive ones. Hence, once you have a budget set for your purchase, it’ll be easier for you to find a decent quality car cover within the budget.

Types of Car Covers

When it comes down to car covers, let’s not experiment with an expensive product. We’d suggest doing your research like us to understand the different types of covers available out there to ensure you buy nothing but the best for your Challenger.

We bet you didn’t know that there we different types of car covers, right? well, no problem then because we are here to tell you all about it!

Plastic/Commentary CoversCotton CoversComposite Car CoversLanmodo Covers for Car

The most basic car covers are plastic ones. If you ever had a chance to go on a picnic, you must have seen people covering their cars with thin plastic sheets kind of a thing that had you wondering about it.

Well, these thin covers are the most commonly used car covers which are lightweight and easy to use. These give temporary protection to your car while parked outside in the open.

Although, these are not very durable and tear easily but are great to be used for a shorter time.

Cotton covers are lightweight and breathable. They aren’t necessarily water-proof but are great for indoor use as it protects the car against scratching and wearing while avoiding building up moisture that can ruin the paintwork.

Another simple car cover ideal for indoor is the composite cover. Like the cotton ones, the composite covers aren’t completely waterproof or weather-proof.

The material does filter dust to some extent but apart from that, it cannot be used outside to keep the cars protected against water or UV rays.

The Lanmodo covers are a bit different from your average car cover. This cover doesn’t spread over the car like others rather use stands to be attached to the four-wheeler just like an umbrella.

As compared to other car covers, the Lanmodo cover is more durable and weather resistant, offering 100% protection to your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does a car cover ruin the paintwork of your car?

If the cover you use is made from a soft material then no, it won’t scratch your car. But there are some covers made from extremely rough material with no finishing that may ruin your car’s paintwork. Thus, be careful when choosing one for daily use.

Q. What material is the best for car covers?

Polypropylene, cotton, soft fleece, and composite are namely a few types of material that when incorporated in car covers offer high-end performance, are fully weather-resistant, and durability.

Q. Is indoor car covers different from outdoor ones?

They do vary slightly from one another. The indoor covers are much lighter as compared to outdoor ones.

Moreover, the outdoor car covers are more weather-resistant and made from premium quality material to help them withstand extreme weather conditions.

Q. How would I know which size will fit my car?

Most car covers offer a universal or snug fit, with an elasticized hem that makes it easier to spread over the car. Hence, where size shouldn’t be an issue, if still in doubt, you can always take measurements of your car for the perfect fit.


Car covers are ideal to keep your cars safe from sudden damages. Whether parked inside the house or out in the open, your car can get scratched/damaged.

Sometimes the damage can be due to the changing weather or dust hence, to ensure your car keeps performing for much longer, it is important to keep it covered with the best car cover.

If you’re looking for the best car cover for Dodge Challenger then we recommend the SR1 Performance Ultraguard Indoor Car Cover or CarCover Dodge Challenger Cover.

Both these covers are made from premium quality material that offers high durability and full protection against water, UV, and dust. And yes, these come in fabulous designs that look super attractive when spread over your expensive Challenger.

Thus, if the thought of scratching your car haunts you at night, we recommend keeping it well protected with a good car cover!


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