Fixing drywall cracks is challenging. Isn’t it? And it’s important to do something about them without time. You need only the best caulk for drywall cracks, so you fix the cracks without risking more damage.

If you’ve finally thought of sealing all those unwanted gaps and cracks on your drywall, you’re doing the favor to yourself. Why? Because you save your walls this way. The goal of using sealants and caulks is to ensure your house is airtight.

Always see if a particular caulk you’re buying is easy to clean with water. Confirm if it will stay longer than a few years. And look not only for solutions to drywall cracks because the caulks are usable on a wide-ranging surface.

Best Caulk for Drywall Cracks

If you’re in a hurry, we have got you the quick table below to choose from. Otherwise, bear with us because we’ll walk you through all the nitty-gritty of the right caulk to choose for your cracks on drywall & buying guide. Are you ready? Let’s roll on!

Comparing 10 Best Caulk for Drywall Cracks 2022

Drywall Caulk
Salient Features
Time for Drying
Flexible Patching
25 minutes
Exceeds ASTM
30 minutes
15-30 minutes
High Sealant
30 minutes
Versatile caulk
60 minutes
White Caulk
30 minutes
25 minutes
DAP 12276 Elastomeric Patch & Caulk

DAP 12276 Elastomeric Patch & Caulk

  • Flexible patching
  • Spackling compound
  • Won’t shrink or crack
  • Paintable and permanent
  • Great fit for interior and exterior surfaces alike

Vanish all your drywall cracks with this permanent and flexible fill by Dap. The bottle contains 10-ounce, which lasts long enough. The Elastopatch Smooth Flexible Patching Compound offers prime performance to fill in the unwanted gaps in your walls.

The company manufactures the Elastomeric Patch 12276 in the US and meets the country’s standards. What we like the most about the caulk is that it doesn’t flash paint and offers superior paintability.

Another thing we would love to appreciate is that it remains truly flexible and doesn’t crack at all. We have used it in our offices for years and have never complained about it. The caulk is for you if you don’t want to use molding to hide the joints.

Dap 12276 is a great caulk, but we recommend you apply it more than once to avoid any shrinking. Isn’t it wonderful to realize it moves rather than cracks? Before buying it, you must know that it’s not a standalone caulk but a caulking compound.

Once we used the patch to fix the ceiling crack and it did a wonderful job. All you need to do is apply it gently and carefully to avoid any inconvenience. It’s easy to paint and does the job as promised.

The patch offers easy cleanup. Yes, you can wash it with warm water seamlessly. It’s fully versatile and fixes the drywall and other cracks quickly with even if you are a DIY-kind of guy. And it’s equally useable for interior and exterior applications.

  • Eliminate re-occurring cracks
  • Superior paintability & flexibility
  • Excellent for smoother surfaces
  • Won’t shrink or crack in any way
  • Versatile enough for multiple uses
  • Un-sandable caulking compound
DAP 18128 Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk

DAP 18128 Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk

  • 40-year warranty
  • Exceeds ASTM C834
  • Multi-surface adhesion
  • Doesn’t discolor the paint
  • Paint ready within 30 minutes

The Alexa PLUS All Purpose caulk offers great value with superior quality acrylic latex caulk. It’s highly flexible, extremely durable, and has strong adhesion. The company also claims it to be America’s number 1 selling latex caulk.

The tube of the caulk is available in 5.5 or 10.1 ounces in white color. And that’s why it neither discolors paint nor shines to blend in the surface naturally. The caulk is paintable. The paint is ready within 30 minutes only.

Look no further if you are looking for a great latex caulk to vanish your drywall cracks. Why? The caulk has an extremely low odor, which your guests will not notice your work. The cured caulk is resistant to molding and mildewing.

Like the previous caulking compound, it’s also extremely versatile and offers adhesion to a range of surfaces. You can clean it with water seamlessly. And it’s great because you want to clean your walls sometimes.

The company offers a 40-year warranty which shows its confidence in the caulk. The product is made in the US, which further ensures quality. And you can use it for a variety of purposes in interior and exterior as well.

The major material of the caulk is silicone, which is flexible, durable, and waterproof. But it’s not fit for places like a washbasin or sink faucet because then it dissolves. We recommend it for eliminating drywall cracks.

In conclusion, the caulk is a superb choice for a range of surfaces except for the water-standing places. It will take 3 days to dry fully depending on the thickness. We recommend you let it dry and you will see the miracles.

  • Quick water clean-up
  • Paint is ready in 30 minutes only
  • Resistant to molding and mildewing
  • Doesn’t discolor your paint or shine
  • Durable adhesion for a range of surfaces
  • Dissolves in water-standing places
Gorilla Paintable Silicone Sealant Caulk

Gorilla Paintable Silicone Sealant Caulk

  • Paintable
  • Waterproof
  • Mold resistant
  • Mildew resistant
  • Versatile use for kitchen, bath, window, door, etc.

Gorilla has been offering commendable adhesion for many years now. And it has made its name in the market of adhesion and caulks. If you haven’t chosen the previous contender for not being waterproof, this is the time for you.

The Gorilla Paintable Silicone Sealant Caulk is waterproof and you can expose it to water within 15 minutes on a 3/16” bead. Wait for 24 hours if you want to go further. Another glorious thing is that it’s resistant to molding and mildewing as well.

The caulk is one of the best silicone sealers for versatile uses. It comes out more like a full-fledged adhesive than a caulk. And the pain is ready within 15 minutes only. And it’s mind-blowing, without a doubt.

Gorilla’s silicone sealant is all-purpose and ready for all weather. You can use it indoors and outdoors alike. It offers commendable seals for windows, trim, doors, gutters, and many other things. You’re paying for much more than fixing just the drywall cracks.

The tube contains 9 ounces of white caulk, which blends well on the surface and drywalls. Before applying it, wash your surface and make it dirt-free. Cut tip to desired bead size and apply it gentry with a caulking gun.

To summarize, the Gorilla Paintable Sealant is a perfect sealant for a variety of uses, including drywalls. Don’t buy it if you are looking for something sandable because it’s not. And although it’s paintable, avoid considering it to be so.

  • Waterproof seal
  • Ready for all weathers
  • Paintable in 15 minutes
  • Paintable silicone sealant
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Perfect for indoors and outdoors
  • Cheap caulk when compared
Sashco 10016 Big Stretch Caulk

Sashco 10016 Big Stretch Caulk

  • Smooth applying
  • High-performance sealant
  • Doesn’t crack, just stretches
  • Stretches to over 500% of its size
  • Perfect for vents, drywalls, slides, and many more surfaces

Have you ever dreamed of having a highly flexible caulk that stretches to over 500% of its size? If yes, you can convert the dream into reality by going for Sashco’s 10016. Everything moves from home to windows with time.

Most of the caulks available in the market get dried and crack because they can’t stretch enough. Thanks to the Big Stretch caulk for drywall cracks, you’ll have no problem at all. It easily handles most of the movements and slides.

The Big Stretch can twist, bend, and compress along with the surface’s movement and handle joints with no slump. Applying it on surfaces is as satisfying as putting mayo on your toast. It has a low odor with extremely easy water clean-up.

The caulk adheres to a range of materials from vinyl siding to windows. It has incredible resistance to UV, which is perfect to protect any surface from the weather for years. It fills the gaps in a lot of things to add eye-catchy looks and feels to them.

The Sashco has an 84-year of experience in making caulks you can trust. And the company offers support from an expert for applying caulks and sealants. The tube comes in a 10.5-ounce tube of multi-purpose caulk, which is sufficient.

The Big Stretch is a substantial choice for interior and exterior applications, from windows to doors and from drywalls to eaves. However, the caulk is not fit for water-standing places like swimming pools, tubs, showers, etc.

  • Weather-resistant
  • Superb paintability
  • Freeze-thaw stability
  • Versatile and durable
  • Commendable elasticity
  • Doesn’t completely dry and thus attracts dirt
Red Devil 0746 Painters Caulk

Red Devil 0746 Painters Caulk

  • Easy water clean-up
  • Versatile caulk for life
  • Paintable in 60 minutes
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Mildew and molding resistance

Red Devil has been in the market for years now. And if you’re looking for a painter’s secrets, you’ve got it. As the name shows, the Painter’s Caulk offers ample durability with 25 years of warranty. But wait, there’s more.

The caulk gets ready to paint within 2 hours which is longer than usual, but it’s worth it. It is resistant to mildew and mold as well. You will have no stains because of colorization on your surfaces. And it’s quite satisfying to know because you don’t really want your guests to know about that. Or do you?

The Painter’s Caulk by Red Devil comes in a 10.1-ounce tube, which is sufficient for most of your cracks. The caulk is a perfect fit for outdoor and indoor uses alike. And yes, you can clean it up with water and soap easily.

It may not be for you if you don’t enjoy shrinking compounds for drywall cracks. Why? It’s because it shrinks substantially after it dries. The caulk is made out of acrylic latex, which is great for adhesion.

Applying it on a range of surfaces is hassle-free, and even our kids at home can do the job. And it doesn’t take long to dry if it’s your concern. Painter’s Caulk creates a strong yet clear finish with no yellowing at all.

In conclusion, Painter’s Caulk will eliminate drywall cracks seamlessly. After you’re done, you can always wash it with soap and water. The ability to paint makes the caulk more appealing for those who are looking for a durable solution to cracks.

  • Smooth application
  • Cured caulk is mildew resistant
  • Perfect for a variety of surfaces
  • Offers tight and waterproof seals
  • Washable with soap and water
  • It shrinks substantially after it dries
White Lightning Painters Acrylic Latex Caulk

White Lightning Painters Acrylic Latex Caulk

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Smooth application
  • Easy water clean-up
  • White color caulk
  • Made from acrylic latex

As the name shows, the White Lightning W13000010 is a wonderfully white acrylic latex caulk for your drywall cracks. The company offers 25 years of warranty, which shows its confidence in the product. The caulk is durable, smooth, and mildew-resistant.

Look no further than this if you are looking for the caulk to fill cracks and do a professional bead without gaps of air. The cartridge contains 10-ounce of caulk inside it. The product adds commendable value for price without a doubt.

Painting the caulk on multiple surfaces is seamless. The white color blends well with the surface color. When we opened the tube, the caulk just came out of it. And frankly, it’s annoying. But afterward, it didn’t happen again. Maybe it was out bad!

The Painter’s Preferred Caulk is a must-have time at home, which is suitable for outdoor and indoor surfaces alike. It’s a low-energy and low-cost way to fix drywall cracks and do durable seals.

Do you want to paint over the caulk? Well, you can just do it by carefully cutting the offending caulk. Then you can re-caulk with paintable caulk. And luckily, the Painter’s Preferred Caulk is paintable.

Because the W13000010 is made in the US, you can feel satisfied with the quality controls. Furthermore, the caulk has an elegant design with a smooth finish. It offers the best value for money because it does its job of caulking perfectly.

  • Useful for heavy leak
  • Mildew & rust resistant
  • More durable than most of its contenders
  • Meets ASTM C-834 performance requirement
  • Takes longer to dry than its contenders
Red Devil Ultra Premium Acrylic Latex Sealant

Red Devil Ultra Premium Acrylic Latex Sealant

  • 5-ounce tube
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable and paintable
  • High-performance caulking
  • Multi-purpose sealant for a range of surfaces

If you’ve not chosen the right caulk for whatever reasons, this is the time for you to go for Red Devil 0075. Why? It’s because the caulk has everything you need to fill in the gaps and fix the drywall cracks.

The Lifetime Ultra Premium Elastomeric is an acrylic latex sealant with high performance. It’s super versatile for it adheres to painted and unpainted wood, plaster, aluminum, and many other materials.

The company offers a lifetime guarantee for durability and commendable paintability. Yes, it doesn’t shrink or crack but fills the gap precisely. After it dries, you can easily do the clean-up with water.

The Red Devil 0775 includes HomeShield Antimicrobial Protection to avoid the worst mold or mildew. Also, it has Spec230 Class A and ASTM C920 certified performance. It’s made in the US so you can rely on the quality and controls…

The unique formulation of the sealant offers commendable durability on a range of indoor and outdoor surfaces. And we also loved its paintability. The sealant is available in crystal white. And it blends well in the surface paint as well.

  • Commendable durable
  • Matte finish and extremely paintable
  • Adheres to a wide range of surfaces
  • Doesn’t shrink and withstands water
  • Available in 5.5-ounce and 10.1-ounce tubes
  • Overfilled air pressure may cause leakage

Caulk for Drywall Cracks Buyer’s Guide:

Caulk for Drywall Cracks Buying Guide

There are several types of caulk depending on the job you’re going to do in the bathroom or kitchen. Choosing the right caulk is important to get the job done efficiently. However, you don’t need to get confused because we’ve covered everything in the guide.

Two Major Types of Gap Fillers

There’re two types of gap fillers; caulks and sealants. They both are great to get the filling done efficiently and vanish all cracks. However, there’re some key differences between them both. Let’s find them out now.

Elasticity & Rigidity

It’s a major difference between caulk and a sealant. Caulks get rigid when they are dry. And we use them in areas where we don’t want any expansion or contraction. On the other hand, sealants are made of a flexible material like silicone. The silicone makes them ideal for areas prone to expansion and contraction. They’re elastic, unlike the caulks.


You can use acrylic caulks as paint and use water to clean the smears. They’re not a good fit for temperature swings because of the limited elasticity. You can paint caulks because of their rigidity after they dry. And they’re suitable for non-fluctuating temperatures.

The silicone sealants help you keep a watertight seal even in the areas for substantial temperature swings. They aren’t paintable like the caulks. Sealants are flexible, not paintable, and great for fluctuating temperatures.

Our Recommendation

We recommend going for water-based caulks in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s best suited for dry weather. And they’re easy to work with. All you need is to clean the smears, apply the caulk, and drip it with water.

Choose the Right Type of Caulks

Honestly, there are tons of types of caulks available in the market. But let’s not just get confused and make it simple. We’ll discuss three major types of caulks. Let’s get geared.

Silicone Caulk

Applying Silicone Drywall Caulk

The silicone caulk must be the most popular type of caulk to be used in our homes. Why? It’s because the silicone caulk is perfect for areas prone to an exorbitant amount of water, like a bathroom and kitchen. You can use it on a variety of non-porous surfaces.

The silicone caulk remains flexible even after drying to avoid any cracking in the future. It’s waterproof, with high resistance to mold. Once it’s dried, you can clean it with water seamlessly. And it’s available in a range of colors.

The silicone caulk requires the use of a solvent for cleaning. Using it is more challenging than applying the acrylic latex caulk. Also, you cannot paint it because you cannot get it out of fabric even if you use a solvent.

It’s a combination of Butyl Rubber caulk and Acrylic Latex caulk. Let’s discuss them now.

Butyl Rubber Caulk

If you are a DIY dude, you must not be familiar with Butyl Rubber caulk. Or are you? It has some special uses and is not a good fit for drywall cracks. We’re enlisting it here because of the educational purpose only.

The major use of the butyl rubber caulk is filling cracks in concrete and brick. And you can also use it to seal metal surfaces. You don’t have a variety of colors to choose from, but you can paint it to match the surrounding surfaces.

Acrylic Latex Caulk

You can use the acrylic latex caulk as a sealant around windows and doors. You can either use it indoors or outdoors. We don’t recommend using it in the bathroom and kitchen, though. It’s available in a range of colors. And you can paint it to blend with adjoining surfaces.

Applying it on any surface is easier than applying silicone or butyl rubber caulks. Cleaning is also easy with soap and water only.

Things to Consider While Buying Caulk

There are a few things you need to consider before buying a caulk for drywall cracks.


Read descriptions before buying any caulk because some caulk sticks with certain materials better than others.

You must always see if a caulk is good for the temperature it’s going to bear. Some caulks may handle extreme temperature changes while some can’t.

Consider the moisture of the area where you’ll apply the caulk. For example, some caulks can easily handle places where water stays longer than usual while come cannot.

Caulks are location-specific, which means you should not apply wall caulk instead of a bathroom caulk. It’s that simple.

Before you buy a caulk, determine if it’s paintable. And decide if you want some paint after it gets dried.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix a crack in drywall that keeps coming back?

Apply fiberglass mesh tape to your drywall cracks before even thinking about the caulk. Now add a thin coat of patch, sealant, or caulk. After it gets dried, apply another coat again. Sand the patch or caulk slowly. And that’s it. You’re ready to paint your wall.

How to repair hairline cracks in drywall?

Apply more than one coat of spackle, caulk, or sealant using a knife or something similar. Rub it over the surface slowly. Wait for sufficient time for the caulk to dry. And always read the manufacturer’s instructions before applying sealants and caulks.

Can I use caulk to fix drywall cracks?

Using caulks is recommended way to fix drywall cracks. But it really depends on the chemical formulation. Use it if cracks appear where the ceiling meets the wall. Caulks are usually flexible enough to withstand a slight movement.

Can you fix drywall cracks without tape?

You can fix drywall cracks without tape. But a tape can avoid future cracks in the same place. It works miraculously to adhere to the adherent with the surface. That’s why we always recommend fixing the drywall cracks with tape.

Can you caulk ceiling cracks?

An adhesive or pliable caulk will do miracles to fix the ceiling caulks. Put a bead of the caulk in the joint and press it slightly with your fingers. The caulking expands and contracts with the movement of the ceiling.


Caulk is an impressive sealant that adheres to a variety of surfaces to fix cracks and gaps. It’s a wonderful thing to apply around windows, door frames, and sliding joints. But when you find cracks on drywall, it becomes a big challenge to fix them.

That’s why we’ve enlisted some of the finest caulks for drywall cracks along with the buying guide. If you feel overwhelmed with our choice, go for Sashco’s Big Stretch Caulk for drywall cracks. Why? It’s because the caulk stretches over 500% of its size.

The benefits? The caulk will neither crack nor break with time. With that said, we recommend you read the instructions given on each tube or cartridge of caulk. Happy caulking!


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