An impact wrench is the epitome of power. It is also known as a windy gun, torque gun, rattle gun, air gun, air wrench, impact gun, and impactor.

What does it mean? It is a socket wrench power tool engineered to provide high torque output with reduced user exertion.

What is the purpose of an impact wrench? It is used for tightening or loosening large bolts, lug nuts, and rusted or frozen fasteners. They help users by providing a rotational torque that a regular power driver fails to deliver.

But how does an impact wrench differ from impact drivers? You will need impact drivers to drill long screws into metal or wood; plus, they are easy to use.

In contrast, an impact wrench is the bigger brother of an impact driver. They tighten or loosen nuts or bolts and are heavier and more powerful.

So if you need superhuman effort, you can always count on an impact wrench. These tools will save your muscles from doing the hard work and provide enough torque to move the bolts. Hence, protecting your wrists from injury.

Best Dewalt Impact Wrench

Since there are various types of impact wrenches available, you have to decide about the power source. You have to ask yourself whether you need an air-driven impact wrench, corded electric one, or cordless.

To make your selection easier, we have isolated the top seven impact wrenches. We have also explained a detailed buying guide to simplify the complicated buying scenario.

So, let’s get into it!

Comparing Best Dewalt Impact Wrench 2021

Dewalt Wrench
Drive Size
DEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Wrench

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Wrench

  • 20V impact wrench
  • ⅜-inch drive size
  • Manufactured from ABS plastic
  • Possess a brushless motor
  • 150 feet pounds torque
  • Weight about two pounds
  • It comes with three LEDs

The Dewalt 20V will surpass your expectations. It can withstand a few heavy-duty jobs, and it is robust enough to remove automotive wheel lug nuts.

It delivers extraordinary power for such a lightweight and small size. Moreover, it is very durable, portable, and silent. This impact wrench has excellent graduation to it, and you can use it easily in a greasy, oily, and dirty environment without any problem.

What makes Dewalt Cordless 20V MAX XR the best? This model is engineered from ABS plastic; thus, it is highly rigid and has a great impact, abrasion, and stain resistance.

Furthermore, it is built with a brushless motor; therefore, it has higher torque to weight ratio, greater reliability, minimal noise, and a longer lifetime.

What else? This model comes with a nut-busting power of about 150 feet pounds torque. It is ergonomic and compact with a head length of approximately 5.4-inches and weighs only two pounds.

This cordless tool has a variable speed trigger that allows you to work at different speeds for added control. Plus, to make your work easy in dark areas, it comes with three LEDs to provide better visibility.

This product comes with a three-year warranty, and it does come with a battery and a charger. You have to purchase them separately to use this impact wrench.

Oddly enough, you might not be able to use it for professional purposes because it is underpowered for some heavy-duty jobs. Plus, several users mentioned that the impact torque is not that strong as compared to other wrenches.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Three-year warranty
  • Reduced noise
  • Greater longevity
  • Not for professional purposes
  • Low impact torque
  • It does not include a battery and charger

DEWALT 20V MAX XR DCF894B Impact Wrench

  • 330 inch-pound torque
  • It weighs around four pounds
  • Brushless motor
  • C-shaped head style
  • 20V
  • It comes with a belt clip and LED lights
  • Two-speed settings

Considerable torques do come in small packages. This impact wrench has the same size as the older 110-ft-lb counterpart but delivers three times much torque.

If your wrists are getting weak and the knuckle’s skin does not heal like it used to, this product will make your life much easier.

Do not underestimate its small size! Its fantastic size will allow you to get into tight spots where other impact wrenches are unable to reach. Moreover, it is a great impact wrench with a small size. It is lightweight but sturdy enough to perform all your jobs.

Its 330 inch-pound torque will do an excellent job in busting off lug nuts, two-ton tie rod, drag link ball joints, and truck suspension control arms. The torque is enough to get through 90 percent of the automobile challenges.

What’s more, this four-pound model has a C-shaped head style. Plus, it offers two features for precision wrench control. It will help in preventing run-off and over-tightening.

Furthermore, it possesses a brushless motor; thus, the motor adjusts according to the task. Plus, it is more energy-efficient and runs longer on batteries.

It has two speed settings, i.e., high and low, to complete a variety of applications. Plus, the presence of variable speed triggers helps to provide speed control.

Plus, this cordless model has a belt clip, LED lights, a ½-inch drive size, and offers a three-year limited warranty. The package only includes an impact wrench and not batteries.

What’s unique about Dewalt DCF894B? It comes with an ½-inch Anvil with the detent pin. It is a secure socket retention method, and it keeps the socket in place.

Surprisingly enough, this model is ideal for cars but not for trucks. Its “intelligent mode” works best for tightening bolts, but it might not work for removing them.

  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Inexpensive
  • Performs well
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Energy-efficient
  • It does not include battery
  • Not ideal for trucks
  • The intelligent may not remove bolts

DEWALT 20V MAX DCF889B Impact Wrench

  • 20V impact wrench
  • ½-inch drive size
  • 3600 inch-pounds torque
  • Weighs 2.77 pounds
  • Possesses three LED lights
  • Anti-slip handle

This extraordinarily sturdy and heavy-duty impact wrench will do your work with minimal effort. It will remove lug nuts and bolts from your vehicle quickly and will work flawlessly.

This impact wrench will be your time-saver because it delivers the maximum power; plus, it has a great battery life, and it does not squish the life out of the battery really quickly.

Oddly enough, this model does not come with a battery, but the standard Dewalt 20V lithium lasts longer.

Moreover, this impact wrench is a perfect alternative to an air impact gun and compressor. This ½-inch drive size, 20V impact wrench is designed explicitly for repair and maintenance professionals, automotive users, plumbers, and mechanical contractors.

What’s more, they are manufactured for individuals who demand a robust tool for challenging fastening applications like removing nuts, bolts, and fasteners from concrete, metal, and wood.

Furthermore, this 2.77 pounds wrench with 3600 inch-pounds torque delivers the control, durability, and power to tackle the most challenging tasks.

What else does this model offer? This tool comes with an ergonomic anti-slip handle providing high-quality control and comfort. It also has all-metal transmission and a durable magnesium gear case for extended durability.

This tool has three LED lights that provide better visibility without any shadows. Plus, its variable speed trigger with an electric brake delivers improved control. It also comes with a three-year warranty; thus, you can resolve your issues related to your tool.

Surprisingly enough, the users complained that this impact wrench’s body is a little big and long. Therefore, it becomes pretty challenging to get into tight spots.

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Heavy-duty
  • Time-saver
  • Great battery life
  • 3-year warranty
  • Remove lug nuts flawlessly
  • No battery or charger
  • Long body

DEWALT DCF899B 20v MAX XR Impact Wrench

  • 2000 inch-pounds torque
  • 20V impact wrench
  • Brushless motor
  • Includes LED light
  • It comes with a 1/2″ Anvil with a detent pin
  • It weighs around 7.2 pounds
  • Possess three-speed selector switch

This tool is very powerful and works like a Godzilla. It can bust off lug nuts with ease, brake caliper bolts, axle nuts; you name it, this gun will not disappoint you.

However, it is not as powerful as an excellent pneumatic gun, but it is handy, robust, and can withstand heavy-duty jobs.

Not to mention, this 20V impact wrench has 2000 inch-pounds torque. The gun’s combination of heavy-duty mechanism and maximum torque allows it to perform the most demanding work.

Moreover, this wrench comes with a three-year warranty and a half-inch drive size. It has a compact design but weighs more than the other Dewalt impact wrench, i.e., 7.2 pounds.

Why do so many users love this model? This gun, although lightweight and ergonomic, can handle a six to eight feet drop. It has a three-speed selector switch that offers specific torque or drives control.

It has an LED light with a twenty-second delay for optimum visibility in dimly lit places. Thus, it is engineered for speed control, comfort, and working in dark areas.

The best part? It has a brushless motor that delivers superior performance, durability, and run time. Plus, this gun comes with a 1/2″ Anvil with a detent pin that offers strong socket retention to help prevent dropping sockets.

Oddly enough, this model, like others, does not come with a battery and a charger. The users also mentioned that it is a very noisy tool.

  • Ideal gun for dimly lit places
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Offers various speed
  • It comes with a three-year warranty
  • Compact design
  • Stellar performance
  • Great battery life
  • Not as powerful as other impact wrenches
  • Produces too much noise

DEWALT 20V MAX DCF889HM2 Impact Wrench

  • It weighs about 6.8 pounds
  • 20V
  • 4800 inch-pounds torque
  • Has a variable speed trigger
  • It comes with an LED light
  • ½-inch drive size
  • Possess a hog ring anvil

If you are a professional automotive technician, this might be the gun you are looking for! It is a very powerful tool that comes with one lithium-ion battery that lasts for a good time.

This tool is heavy and weighs around 6.8 pounds; however, it is not as heavy as an air hose or air compressor. It is comfortable to hold, and the grips are of the right thickness. It will sit comfortably in your hand.

Moreover, the tool is quite large but not bigger than the standard impact wrench. It will surpass your expectations because it is comfortable, well-constructed, and straightforward to use.

Oddly enough, users mentioned that it could be hard to work in narrow places because of its bulky size.

What’s more, this 20V has 4800 inch-pounds torque that removes wheel axle nuts, bolts, and lug nuts from vehicles instantly. It is a certified Energy Star and Frustration-free tool that comes with a three-year warranty.

Furthermore, this model has a variable speed trigger with an electric brake that offers users improved control. Its durable magnesium gear case and all-metal transmission provide extended durability.

It has an LED light that is super bright, and it helps in illuminating your working area. You can quickly remove fasteners from concrete, metal, or wood. Plus, removing and fastening nuts and bolts.

This model comes with a charger and a kit bag. What is the best part of this model? This ½-inch drive size impact wrench has a hog ring anvil for quickly and easily changing sockets.

Surprisingly enough, users mentioned that although it is powerful, it is not an ideal tool to be used for medium to heavy trucks in the repair industry.

  • Includes battery and a charger
  • Comfortable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Well-built
  • Durable
  • Allows people to work in dark places
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Certified
  • Three-year warranty
  • Challenging to work in narrow places
  • Not the best tool for medium to heavy trucks
DEWALT Corded Impact Wrench

DEWALT Corded Impact Wrench

  • Corded electric wrench
  • 12V
  • ½-inch drive size
  • 4140 inch-pound torque
  • 1/2-inch detent pin anvil
  • Weighs about 7-pound

This ½-inch drive size impact wrench is simple, excellent, and easy to use. Its 4140 inch-pound torque is high enough to be used for a variety of applications.

It is manufactured for easy loosening and quick driving of stubborn bolts and other hardware. It has a user-friendly design and a powerful motor that tackles all your solutions.

What does this model offer? This versatile and ergonomic gun has ball-bearing construction, die-cast aluminum gear housing, and AC/DC forward reverse rocker.

Moreover, it has a soft-grip handle in the middle of the tool for superior balance. This seven-pound impact wrench is easy to maneuver, lightweight, and comfortable. Thus, it reduces user fatigue.

Besides these features, this durable design comes with a 1/2-inch detent pin anvil. It releases a socket from the impact driver with the help of a spring-loaded ball.

Furthermore, this corded electric wrench is constructed from metal, nylon, and rubber, and it comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Not to mention, if you want to use this tool, you have to press the button and wait until the bolts become loose. It is not an instant process, and you might have to wait a minute.

Surprisingly enough, this model is massive, heavy, and bulky; therefore, it is not ideal for tight spaces. Moreover, the other downside is that the retention pin can make getting off sockets harder.

  • User-friendly design
  • Powerful and sturdy
  • Three-year warranty
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Soft-grip handling
  • Versatile gun
  • Not perfect for tight spaces
  • Faulty retention pin

DEWALT 12V MAX DCF902B Impact Wrench

  • 12V
  • ⅜-inch drive size
  • It weighs only 2.1 pounds
  • 2400 inch-pounds torque
  • Brushless motor
  • Three mode settings
  • Three LED lights

Are you looking for a compact, lightweight but powerful impact wrench? This time-saver and portable gun performs tasks at 12V, and it is easier to handle.

It weighs only 2.1 pounds and possesses a ⅜-inch drive size. It requires a battery to work, which lasts longer. This model does not drink battery juice too much and allows users to work for an extended time.

Moreover, this cordless unit is designed for hard-to-reach applications that require loosening or tightening of bolts and nuts. Plus, it is manufactured to perform the jobs at 2400 inch-pounds torque.

What features does this unit offer? This gun comes with a brushless motor that offers maximum durability and runtime. It has three mode settings, i.e., high, low, and precision wrench. Thus, it gives users optimum control in a variety of applications.

Furthermore, this plastic model comes with three LED lights to illuminate your dark workplace. It also has a belt hook on one end to attach it to your belt when not using the tool.

The package only includes the tool, and it does not come with any batteries. Besides its remarkable properties, the users pointed out a few things.

It is not as powerful as the Milwaukee 12V impact wrench; however, it is the perfect go-to gun for smaller jobs. The unit is comfortable and can fit into tight spaces, but it is not ideal for truck lug nuts, removing axle nuts, or heavy suspension work.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to use
  • It fits into smaller spaces
  • Illuminates dimly lit places
  • Long battery life
  • Not an extremely powerful wrench
  • Not for heavy-duty tasks

Best Dewalt Impact Wrench: Buyer’s Guide

Dewalt Impact Wrench Buying Guide

An impact wrench is widely used in automotive industries, and it is most commonly used to remove lug nuts. They are also used in large construction projects and the manufacturing of machine tools.

These guns are a powerful tool to tighten or loosen up the large bolts, lug nuts, rusted or frozen fasteners. These tools provide an extremely high rotational torque that a regular power driver cannot deliver.

Suppose you want to loosen a stubborn nut or frozen bolt with a hand wrench. It will not break easily even after constant tries.

But what will happen if you hit your wrench with a hammer? When you hit it several times, the rusted nut will break loose. That’s what an impact wrench does.

To make your work easier, you need a good quality gun! However, choosing a product for yourself from many options can be overwhelming.

However, do not fret! We have mentioned a few things that you should consider before purchasing the top-notch Dewalt impact wrench for yourself.


Most of the cordless guns allow you to swap their batteries since it is external. Make sure that you use the same brand ones. The impact wrench usually requires lithium-ion batteries.

Moreover, a higher voltage battery will give you more power and vice versa. 12-volt impact wrenches require smaller batteries because they are compact tools, fit into tight spaces, and are suitable for smaller tasks.

The 18 and 20 volts impact wrenches do not have massive differences. Usually, 18-volt guns with advanced capabilities and features make them more straightforward to use and versatile.


High power is one of the stellar features of an impact wrench. Torque is usually defined as the influence that tends to transform the rotational movement of an object.

This means the higher the tool’s torque, the greater the influence it can exert over the nut or bolt.

What’s more, the impact wrench you want to purchase should have torque above 200.

RPM (High Rotations Per Minute)

Since the impact tool depends on the rotations to unwind or tighten the nut or screw in its place, it should have an impressive RPM.

The motor’s rotation speed gives you an idea of the impact wrench’s performance. RPM tells you the number of times the motor is spinning each time.

Moreover, the wrench that has 3000 RPM will perform better than the 2000 RPM tool. Several cordless impact wrenches come with a variable speed trigger that allows you to change the motor speed as required.

Not to mention, impact wrenches with lower RPM delay the project completion. Therefore, you need a tool that does more rotations per minute so that your work is done quickly and you do not have to put more effort.

IPM (Impacts Per Minute)

IPM, like RPM, should be high enough because the tool requires a lot of power to push down a bolt or a screw to tighten or loosen it.

However, if a high IPM tool will break your bank, look for an impact wrench that balances IPM, RPM, and torque well.

Having a higher IPM means that there is more contact between the intended target and the tool. The greater the connection, the more the lug nuts or targeted screws will stay firmly in their position.


Impact wrenches possess a lot of power, but they are nice, compact, and are available in different weights. Go for the one that is portable and easy to carry.

A light impact gun is the best if you are working for long hours. It gives more mobility and makes it easier to operate the power tool.

Brushless vs. Brushed Motors

Brushless Dewalt Impact Wrench

Several cordless versions available have brushless motors while the others are brushed. A brushed motor has simple wiring for its performance and a switch.

Since brushed motors have simplicity in their design, they are not as effective as brushless ones. The other disadvantage is that they have a short life span.

In contrast, brushless motors have higher work efficiency and greater longevity.


If you work for an extended period with an impact wrench, the tool should be comfortable to use. It should have ergonomic handle grips to minimize work-related strain.

Drive Size

A drive size helps in the torque performance offered by an impact wrench. A 1/2-inch impact wrench is the most typical size that every tradesperson uses.

Moreover, the higher the drive size, the greater the torque will be. Therefore, when you need extreme power, opt for ⅜, ¾, and 1-inch drive size.

Reliability and Durability

Since you use an impact wrench for heavy-duty applications, it goes through much wear and tears. But if you do not want any issues for which you do not have to pay more, opt for a cordless impact wrench as it comes with a decent warranty period.

Several brands now offer impact wrenches with a two to three-year warranty. A warranty is always crucial because you can quickly get it fixed under warranty if you ever face an issue.

A question that individuals often ask is which brand is better, Dewalt or Milwaukee? We have made a little comparison here for you to understand!

Dewalt vs. Milwaukee Impact Wrench

Dewalt and Milwaukee are popular comparisons, and individuals usually ask which one is better. It often ends in a heated argument because some qualities of one brand are better than the other.

These brands aim for professionals where the tools work hard and are reliable. However, if you are looking for a stellar brand in a medium-range and have durable products, go with Dewalt. Their solid tools get the job with little fuss.

In contrast, Milwaukee does a better job. It offers more and better options for maximum impact wrench power. They are compact and offer a five years warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Dewalt 20v or Bosch 20v impact wrench review?

Both of these companies have high-quality products and are the best in their field. However, if we compare Dewalt 20V with Bosch 20V, Dewalt wins.

The tool is incredibly faster, has a slightly better design, and has greater longevity. It can withstand wear and tear and tolerate abuse pretty well.

Which is the newest Dewalt impact wrench?

Dewalt has released forty-one new products. It includes 20V, and 12V MAX XR impact wrenches with high torque. These models are more compact, powerful, and ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

Moreover, they have updated their 12V Max impact wrenches in the Xtreme Subcompact line. These upgraded tools have more torque and are compact.

How to set torque limit for Dewalt impact wrench?

Dewalt impact wrenches come with variable speed modes. Some have three, while others have two modes. Each speed offers a maximum torque value.

What is the life expectancy of a Dewalt impact wrench battery?

The battery will last for about 1000 charging cycles or three years.

What do you mean by "Ah" in cordless batteries?

The “Ah” stands for Amperage hours. It is the amount of energy or charges that the cordless battery holds. The higher the Ah value, the longer the charge will stay in the battery. Plus, you will be able to use it for a longer time.

What is the difference between lithium and NiCad batteries?

NiCad or nickel-cadmium is the oldest battery, but they are cheap, robust, and have a long shelf life. They were popular, but now they have been overshadowed by lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium batteries have outperformed NiCad batteries. They are lightweight, and they are engineered to withstand a majority of charging problems.


Most Powerful Dewalt Impact Wrench

You can use an impact wrench for many applications, i.e., in your home or at your job site. Cordless wrenches are not tethered with any power cords; thus, they are more practical. However, do not underestimate the power of corded wrenches.

Before investing in an impact wrench, you need to make an informed decision. It is necessary to consider the factors that are mentioned above. The right tool will perform your duties efficiently.

If you are still confused about which one to go for, we have selected two of the best Dewalt impact wrench that we liked.

DEWALT 20V MAX DCF889HM2 – The Best Dewalt Impact Wrench for Automotive. This impact wrench comes with a lithium-ion battery and a three-year manufacturer warranty.

It is certified, has a ½-inch drive size, hog ring anvil, and 400 feet pounds torque to help you perform a wide range of heavy-duty work.

DEWALT 12V MAX DCF902B – The Best Dewalt Cordless Impact Wrench. This brushless ⅜-inch impact wrench is compact and delivers superior performance.

This cordless tool is designed to reach tight spaces. It tightens and loosens nuts or bolts with its 2400 inch-pounds torque capacity.

That’s it! You have reached the end! We hope that you find this guide detailed and informative. We have tried to include all the information.

However, if you feel like we have missed something, feel free to comment below.


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