Aren’t you just done with toddlers playing around with gadgets and watching YouTube all day instead of doing something creative? We suggest you get them the same toys you have grown up playing with, for instance, an impeccable dollhouse!

Best Dollhouse for 2 Year Old

No matter how much technology we use, there is just something about these tech-free toys that still entices us even to this day. If we recall back the days we used to spend hours role-playing with our siblings, playing with dollhouses, we might just get teary-eyed.

So, if you are thinking about buying the best dollhouse for a 2-year-old then we have a few suggestions in order. Take a look at our detailed buyer’s guide and we are sure you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Comparing Top 10 Dollhouse for 2-Year-Old

Temi Dollhouse Dreamhouse

Temi Dollhouse Dreamhouse

  • Incredible mansion dollhouse comes with different furniture and accessories
  • Features unique home furnishings and various household appliances
  • Different ways of assembling it promote STEM Learning Skills
  • Safe to use and built out of premium materials

Our top choice for the best dollhouse for toddlers is the Temi Dollhouse Dreamhouse. It possesses stellar ratings on Amazon and is also considered as one of the bestsellers when it comes to buying dollhouses for 2-year-olds.

This is a small mansion dollhouse that comes loaded with features, accessories, and furniture. If you want your kid to spend time developing her imagination and having team-building exercises then this is a great option to get her for her next birthday.

Though a little pricey, the Temi Dollhouse offers a lot of space for your kid to get creative and draw out scenarios while playing. This incredibly constructed dollhouse features 2 stories and 4 rooms including a sitting room, family bathroom, dining room, a princess-themed room, dining room, furniture, dolls, and pets.

Promotes creativity and motor skills: The best thing about this dollhouse is that you can assemble it into various stable shapes that can be moved arbitrarily, promoting motor skills among preschoolers. The cottage comes with detailed and easy-to-understand instructions in English with illustrations and pictures that are very helpful for kids to learn multiple ways of building blocks.

Safe and premium quality construction: This Toddler Majestic Dollhouse is made up of BPA-free premium quality plastic and has passed the USA’s toy ASTM and CPSIA tests. This is safe for DIY and kids to play with. The surface of the dollhouse feels very smooth to the touch without any nooks so your children aren’t going to end up hurting themselves.

Comes loaded with accessories: To make your child’s experience more dynamic, the Temi Dollhouse comes with small features like toilet stands and small hangers that your baby can move around while playing to have more fun. The dollhouse also features dynamic and detailed windows that your kid can open up for viewing her dolls from different angles.

Verdict: The Temi Dream Dollhouse is an incredible choice for 2-7-year-olds. It is amazingly designed and features little details that make your kid’s playing experience all the more fun. The little accessories and furniture that this dollhouse comes with are very beautifully designed and fit in the house impeccably well.

  • Very detailed
  • Solid construction
  • Entertaining and promotes imagination building
  • Extra accessories and furniture bought separately is very expensive
Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool

Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool

  • Impressive height at 3ft
  • Comes with a working elevator, a slide, and a pool
  • Features realistic sounds and lights
  • Various expandable features

Do you want to go a little over the top and get your baby girl the most exquisite dollhouse for her birthday then take a look at the Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool? It is by far one of the most magnificent dollhouses that we have come across. It is extravagant, has great features and it is going to keep your baby occupied for the whole day long.

The Dream Dollhouse comes at an impressive height of 3ft and is 4ft wide with 2-stories. The house features eight rooms, a pool, and an elevator which was the highlight of this toy. We absolutely loved the durable construction and the fact that it can be played from all angles.

This impressive dollhouse promotes imagination and lets your kids set up their own dream home in this tiny play toy.

Dreamy features: The Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse is a dream come true for any toddler who loves playing around with dolls. You can set up rooms for your barbies, play around in the pool, set up a home; in short, do everything that one can wish for.

For added extravagance and detail, the house also features a second-story slide that goes all the way down to the pool. Fill it up with water and have a real-time splashing game with your favorite buddies at home.

Lights and sounds: To make your playing experience more real, Barbie has integrated this dream house with realistic sounds and lights that can be turned on with a push of a button.

For instance, place a frying pan on the stove and you will hear a sizzling sound for a more dynamic experience. You will see the same thing happen with the kettle and when you open the oven door, it will instantly light up.

Expandable furniture: Another amazing feature that extends the dynamics of this Barbie Dreamhouse is that you can expand certain furniture to turn it into something else.

For example, the couch turns into bunk beds, the coffee table can be flipped that will reveal a bed as a separate bedroom for Chelsea doll; one that you will have to get separately. You can turn around the fireplace and get a cozy home office while the kitchen sink can be turned into a barbecue stove and shelves.

Verdict: As you can see, the Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse is an incredible gift for your little girl. It comes filled loaded with features and is an impeccable choice for toddlers. However, this is the priciest dollhouse we have come across so you will have to consider splurging before choosing it as a gift option.

  • Incredibly dynamic
  • Expandable features
  • Beautifully constructed
  • Very expensive
KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

  • The dollhouse features three levels, five rooms, and a balcony
  • Very fine artwork
  • Includes 17 pieces of accessories for decoration
  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual

The Kidkraft Doll Cottage is better known as the Chelsea Doll House is one of the best gifts that you can get for your baby girl. This is a front open, 3 story dollhouse that features five individual rooms providing plenty of space for the kid to play.

We absolutely loved the colorful artwork on every wall and the intricate details on windows and doors that make the entire experience for kids all the more dynamic. The dollhouse is constructed beautifully and allows your kid to have her own personal mansion for her baby dolls.

The best part about buying the Chelsea DollHouse is that it comes with furniture included in the box so it’s all set for your kid to play with even before the purchase.

Extremely detailed: Do you know what is the one aspect we look for while buying a dollhouse for little girls? Its small; littles details make any dollhouse look interesting and beautiful.

The Chelsea Doll House comes with finer details that make it look extremely beautiful and worth the money. It features lit carpets, designated spaces for all the furniture, open and shut doors and windows, and finely printed walls.

Included furniture: This finely constructed dollhouse comes with a total of 17 pieces of furniture that once put together bring the house to life. The assembly takes some time but with the included detailed manual you will be able to put the whole house together within half an hour.

Very popular on Amazon: The Chelsea Doll House is one of the highest-rated dollhouses for babies on Amazon. It has over 3000 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.5 to 5 stars. A couple of users did mention on the review page that this dollhouse is a bit tricky to get together so you need to keep some time out to assemble it.

Other than that, the KidKraft Doll Cottage is an excellent birthday gift that you can get for your little girl and watch her smile hit the sky as soon as she opens the box.

Verdict: The Chelsea Doll House is a little above $50 but given how beautifully it has been crafted, we say the price is pretty much justified. The dollhouse was built incredibly and gives out some really trendy vibes. It’s very spacious and kid-friendly so your little girl is going to enjoy playing with it.

  • Extremely detailed
  • Fine vibrant colors
  • Reasonably sized
  • Requires some effort for assembly
TOP BRIGHT Country Estate Wooden Dollhouse

TOP BRIGHT Country Estate Wooden Dollhouse

  • Very authentic looking and finely detailed
  • Spacious 3-story house
  • Easy to assemble and setup
  • Is very safe to play with

The Top Bright Country Estate Wooden Dollhouse is another incredibly beautiful piece of art we found in the market that we are sure you’re absolutely going to adore. It is one of the finest dollhouses that we have ever come across and it’s all in the littlest details that make it worth considering.

Top Bright is known for manufacturing some of the best toys for kids. For the longest time, the company has come up with toys that are safe to use and promote a team playing effort among the kids. This beautifully crafted, Country Estate Dollhouse is going to be the best birthday present that you can get for your little girl.

It comes as a three-story front open building with five rooms and a balcony. The box also includes 12-pieces of furniture that will allow your baby to channel her inner interior decorator and create her own setup in the house by using all the miniature props.

Looks extremely authentic: The selling point of this beautiful dollhouse is the fact that how authentic it truly looks. We know how role-play games are very common among toddlers so why not give them an outlet where they can channel all their inner emotions?

The house comes with designated spaces for a lounge, bedrooms, kitchen, living area, elevator, and balcony. All these portions of the house will let your kid create authentic scenarios for playing and make use of their imagination and manage the house for hours.

Very safe: The Top Bright Estate Dollhouse is manufactured out of reliable and durable natural wood and it’s also BPA-free.

The reason why Top Bright is a popular name for kids’ toys is that all of their products are tested to the highest toy safety standards for Europe and the USA. Each edge on this dollhouse is extremely smooth, without any splinters so rest assured; it’s not going to hurt your kid.

Long-lasting: Another aspect that we always look for when searching for the ideal gift is its long-lasting nature. Its durable build and the fact that it’s break-proof ensure it’s not going to end up in a corner any time soon.

It allows your kids to use their imagination while playing so they can have the most fun and always come up with a new idea every time they sit with it.

Verdict: The Top Bright Dollhouse is one incredible piece of joy that your kid is going to love. It’s extremely authentic, comes included with furniture, and allows your baby girl to use her imagination to build scenarios and play her heart out for hours.

  • Very authentic
  • Promotes role-playing among the kids
  • Safe to play with
  • Only suitable with Chelsea dolls
Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse

Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse

  • Opens widely for better playing angles
  • Intricately designed with vibrant colors
  • Open/shut doors and windows to access furniture from different angles
  • Fun sounds make the experience more dynamic

Fisher-Price is another popular brand that comes to mind whenever we think about shopping for our kids’ play toys. The brand has come up with some of the most artistic and beautiful dollhouses in the market and the one that we have chosen to add to this list is going to woo you away.

The Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse is a cute little mansion that comes in vibrant colors and is spacious enough to give your kid space to play. The side of this dollhouse can be opened and shut when needed and can be turned into a small room, garage, or lounge with a door.

It’s a simple yet very well-constructed dollhouse that you will have to put furniture in yourself. But given there is so much space, we bet your kids are going to have a lovely time bringing this house to life.

Spacious dollhouse: The selling point of this model is that it is extremely spacious. You get four floors with six rooms that your kids can design and set however they like. The dollhouse does come with textured walls along with open/shut windows that will allow you to watch your dolls and your furniture from different angles.

You also get two cute tiny swing miniatures that can be adjusted to the side of the house. Your kids will be able to make their own fun playground while playing with this mansion.

Simple yet elegant: Even though the overall design and construction of Fisher-Price Dollhouse are really simple yet we found it to be thoughtful and elegant.

The whole point of this doll mansion was to allow kids to explore their own imaginations and set it up just the way they want their dream house to be. That alone is a reason good enough for us to go ahead and purchase it.

Fun sounds: The dollhouse also features some really fun sounds that can bring your small house to life. You will have to use 2AA batteries to keep the sounds alive in the background though. The Fisher-Price Dollhouse also comes with one sofa set, one bedroom set, a dad, a mom, a daughter, and a sun doll for your kid to play with.

Verdict: Even though the Fisher-Price Dollhouse isn’t as extravagant as some of the other dollhouses are on this list but given the empty canvas you get, your babies will have all the liberty to draw what they feel. Get extra accessories and let them explore their imaginations while setting up their dream house as they like.

  • Simple design
  • Foldable
  • Easy to play with
  • Not many accessories
Toys R Us Imaginarium Modern Luxury Dollhouse

Toys R Us Imaginarium Modern Luxury Dollhouse

  • An intricately designed dollhouse that comes with 11 pieces of furniture
  • Open design with side windows to access the house from different angles
  • 3 story and very spacious
  • Easy to assemble

Looking for the largest playhouse in the market that is spacious enough to accommodate all your baby’s toys? Take a look at the impeccable Toys R Us Imaginarium Modern Luxury Dollhouse. It is the largest dollhouse model on our list and is extremely popular among kids from the age of 2-10 years.

Toys R Us has put in a lot of effort and thought behind this beautifully crafted mansion. The dollhouse comes as front open with various windows and doors in the house to give access from different angles to the kids.

The dollhouse also includes several accessories and furniture to set it up with. The overall assembly of Toys R Us Luxury Dollhouse takes only 15 to 20 minutes. The package includes a detailed and illustrated manual to help the user set it up.

Very realistic: The dollhouse is extremely detailed with intricate wall designs and floor layouts. The house also features designated spaces for rooms and bathrooms. You get two stories worth of space that includes a living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

The dollhouse includes a wide range of furniture and additional accessories that your kid will enjoy setting up. Given how realistic and spacious this mansion cum dollhouse is, we bet kids are going to play hours and hours creating and make believing.

Extra accessories: To make this dollhouse look more like home, it comes with all kinds of furniture and decoration items that kids can set up inside. The package includes a sink, counter, two stools, flat-screen TV, tub, toilet, coffee table, couch, reading lamp, bed, and a light fixture.

You’re probably thinking since the house is so big, how are you supposed to fill it. Well, Toys R Us is popular for kid’s toys so you can always get additional accessories for toddlers to play around with.

Easy to assemble: The Toys R Us Mansion doesn’t come assembled but it does come with a very thorough and detailed manual. With a little help, you can set it for your children within 20-minutes. The assembly is simple and through the manual, you will be done with it in no time.

Verdict: The Toys R Us Dollhouse is a beautiful yet huge toy house that your children are going to truly enjoy. It is huge in terms of space and the designs are very detailed. You don’t really get the privilege of sounds and lights but you can always tweak that up yourself.

  • Finely constructed
  • Very detailed
  • Great space
  • No sounds or lights
Boley American Doll House

Boley American Doll House

  • Includes a family figurine set, cute little furniture, and decoration accessories
  • Vibrant colors and beautifully detailed
  • Safe to use and child-friendly design
  • Foldable, features handle for carrying

As we are almost approaching our last few recommendations for the best dollhouses for 2 year old, here is another cute little mansion that you can get. The Boley American Dollhouse is a kid-friendly toy ideal for kids ranging from the ages of 2 to 7 years old.

Boley was founded back in 1981 by parents who believed that the best age for kids to learn certain things was when they could engage in creative gameplays. These creative activities open their minds to a ton of possibilities and help them implement ideas that were only tethered to their minds alone.

You can conveniently get Boley toys on Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Dollar General, Walmart, and more!

Dream come true: Get this one dollhouse as a present to your toddler and watch him/her turn it into their dream house. It features a ringing doorbell, intricate porch lights, designated areas for bedrooms, kitchen, drawing and dining, living area, and bathroom that can be decorated with furniture and other accessories.

The windows and doors can be open and shut while the intricate details will take your breath away.

Complete package: The Boley Doll House is a complete package that comes with a family figurine set, lawn mat, home décor pieces and furniture, a two-story space, and a 3AG space. The dollhouse can be folded and you can store all your additional pieces inside for safekeeping.

Safe and child friendly: Boley keeps children safe and their utmost protection as their topmost priority. All the toys they have ever manufactured are made up of 100% toxin-free material and are very safe to use and play with. It falls under the safety standards set by all the US organizations including Sedex, ASTM, ICTI Care, and so on.

Verdict: The Boley American Doll House is a finely constructed little doll mansion that kids can enjoy playing around different scenarios. It is foldable and comes with accessories that can be used for role-playing. The overall construction quality of this model is topnotch and it is backed by a warranty of 3-years.

  • Intricate details
  • Very affordable
  • Comes with accessories
  • Small in size
Hape Doll Family Mansion Award Winning Doll House

Hape Doll Family Mansion Award Winning Doll House

  • A cozy dream house that looks very realistic
  • Design it the way you like
  • Incredible doorbell feature
  • Moveable lamps to make the experience more engaging

Don’t want to go overboard with extravagance and in search of something a bit cozier for your child to play with? Take a look at this beautiful Hape Doll Family Mansion that you can get for your baby and let him/her have an enjoyable playtime with their friends and siblings.

Most of the kids while growing up dream of their very own dream house in the form of a dollhouse. Well, you can fulfill your child’s dream by getting them this beautiful mansion that is as real as anything of this caliber can be.

The Hape Doll Family Mansion is an impeccable playset that includes a living room, two balconies, two bathrooms, a master bedroom, a children’s room, a garage, a hallway, a kitchen, and a beautiful garden area.

Design your dream home: With all the separate furniture and included accessories, your babies will get the chance to design their own dream house just like they always wanted to. You also get a complete family of four dolls that your kids can use to bring various scenarios and role-playing to life.

The Hape Award Winning Doll House promotes really healthy activities among the kids and promotes exploring imaginations and bringing them to life in the best of manner.

Realistic sounds and moveable lamps: To make the experience more dynamic and real, the Hape Dreamhouse features a very realistic doorbell that you can turn on with a push of a button. It produces a ding sound that your kids are going to enjoy while playing.

Along with that, the house also has been integrated with moveable lamps that can be swapped from one room to another using a magnet. These lamps can be rearranged as the kid creates different scenarios around the house.

Longevity is the key: By combining various other Hape toys, your baby will have a very rich and more enthralling experience while playing with this dollhouse. It is highly durable and built out of quality materials so it’s conveniently going to last a lifetime. It is going to spark creativity among your toddlers to arouse their imaginations.

Verdict: The Hape Doll Dreamhouse is a cozy, compact yet engaging mansion that is going to keep your child occupied for a long time. It comes equipped with several pieces of furniture and other accessories that your kid will be able to use around the house while playing.

  • Great design
  • Cozy mansion design
  • Beautiful details
  • Shipping needs improvement
Best Choice Products Deluxe Cottage Dollhouse

Best Choice Products Deluxe Cottage Dollhouse

  • More than 200 additional accessories included
  • Customizable floor plan
  • Tiny LEDs integrated inside the house
  • Six different play areas

The Best Choice Deluxe Cottage Dollhouse truly made us miss our childhood days, it’s truly that incredible! We absolutely loved the hues and vibrant colors of this dream dollhouse and as soon as we heard that it comes with a whopping number of 225 additional accessories, we knew it had to be on our most recommended dollhouse list.

For kids who love customizing their dollhouse and bringing their imagination into reality, those are literally going to jump at seeing this piece of art. It is finely constructed and extremely spacious which makes it one of the best dollhouses that you can get for a 2-year-old.

The set looks so real and the colorful decks will let your baby unleash all their role-playing adventures and have fun playing with all their friends around.

Customizable floor plan: The very first thing that we noticed and found different about this dollhouse was its customizable floor plan. Your babies can change the layout of each room according to their requirements and set it up either horizontally or vertically, however they may like.

It also comes with a detailed user manual with illustrations and pictures that will make it thoroughly easier for your kid to set the dollhouse up.

Light it up: The entire cottage dollhouse has been integrated with tiny LED lights that can bring a very dynamic vibe to your playtime. You will find the lights in flower carts and ceilings that you can turn on when you like. There are also tiny LEDs placed in the street lamps that can be lighted up when playing at night.

A plethora of accessories: Unlike any other dollhouse on this list, the Deluxe Cottage Dollhouse comes with more than 200 accessories that will help your kid get creative with their storyline. The accessories include all kinds of furniture, different decoration pieces, and tiny pets to enhance the overall playing experience of kids and to let them have more props in their possession.

Verdict: The Best Product Deluxe Cottage Dollhouse is one of the most beautiful and thoughtfully crafted dollhouses we have seen in the market. It looks really elegant with all those pastel colors and lets your children bring their imaginations to life creatively.

  • Very well constructed
  • More than 200 accessories
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A bit expensive
Melissa Doug Fold Go Wooden Dollhouse

Melissa Doug Fold Go Wooden Dollhouse

  • A portable mini wooden dollhouse that is very easy to carry
  • Minimal design and maximum functionality
  • Small wooden furniture included
  • Very easy to play around with

The last product that we would like you to look into is the Melissa & Doug Fold Go Wooden Dollhouse. This is another impeccable piece of artwork that your baby is really going to like. It comes in a really compact size which makes it an ideal dollhouse for toddlers and the toy is safe to use not to mention highly durable.

Melissa and Doug is a popular brand that has come up with some of the finest and high-quality play toys for kids in the market. Their quality is unparalleled and the design of their dollhouses is very minimal yet enjoyable.

Very easy to play with: We loved the fact that this dollhouse opened widely and completely. This allows kids to have enough space to access even the farthest corners of the dollhouse conveniently. It is an ideal toy for kids around the age of 3 and 6.

The light colors and bricked top gives it a very dynamic look and you can open the windows and doors to access your dolls and watch them from different viewing angles.

High-quality construction: The dollhouse is safe to use and made out of premium quality wood. The entire construction of this toy has been designed while keeping kids’ friendliness in mind. The edges are smooth and don’t come with bristles so that your kids can play without the fear of getting hurt.

Very portable: The Melissa & Doug Wooden Dollhouse is probably the only portable wooden dollhouse on this list. Since it has a compact size and it’s foldable, your kid can conveniently carry it around the house or take it along to her best friend’s home.

You can easily shut the house together, put all the extra furniture inside, and let your baby carry it. Even though the dollhouse is made out of wood, it’s still quite lightweight so your baby girl can easily put it in her backpack or carry it with the sturdy handles.

Verdict: The Melissa & Doug Wooden Dollhouse is a good choice for toddlers. It is easy to carry around and kids can take it anywhere they want. The dollhouse also comes at a very affordable price which makes it one of the best options in the market.

  • Very minimal design
  • Comes included with the furniture
  • Compact size
  • Portable and enjoyable
  • No locking mechanism for keeping the dollhouse closed when carrying it

Buyer’s Guide

Dollhouse for 2 Year Old Buying Guide

Now that you have gone through all the recommendations mentioned above, we bet you have made up your mind about which dollhouse you’re going for. But in case there are still teeny-weeny confusions in mind regarding the purchase you have to make, let our buyer’s guide help you through the remaining process of choice.

There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind when buying a dollhouse. For example, you need to figure out which size you need, what material is it you’re looking for, do you want accessories or no accessories? You need to ask these and a lot of other questions to yourself before you can go ahead and get your little girl her dream house.

We have compiled a few simple tips that you need to keep in perspective when out shopping for a dollhouse. We are sure these tips will help you make the right choice and you won’t end up regretting spending your money.

Did you know? The oldest miniature houses in the history of the time were also furnished with small accessories and they date back all the way to Ancient Egypt, 5000 years ago. These miniatures then served religious purposes and have now turned into small play toys that intrigues every other kid.

In this tech-savvy world where you will come across a new gadget every other day, dollhouses still hold a magical place is not just in a kid’s heart but in the hearts of adults as well. You can go from making simple dollhouses stacked with wooden boxes one over the other all the way up to million-dollar miniature houses that we now see only in museums.

There is just something about these dollhouses that entices everyone. From their small patios to furnished kitchens, miniature houses will allow everyone to explore their imagination and play around with scenarios they only wished in their little minds.

Since there are so many dollhouses available in the market, it gets hard to pick one or two. So, here are all the factors you need to keep in perspective when choosing a dollhouse for your little one.

Opt for the Perfect Material

The very first thing you need to consider when choosing a dollhouse is its material. It is the main component of your investment and if it isn’t durable enough, you will end up making a huge mistake.

There are three main types of material available in the market when it comes to buying a dollhouse,

Dollhouses are either made up of wood, cardboard, or plastic. Most of the traditional dollhouses were manufactured out of quality wooden material which was usually in 9mm thickness. Since wood ensures durability and longevity, these remain the favorite choice among kids and people fond of miniatures. Furthermore, if you do end up purchasing a wooden dollhouse for your kid, you can easily turn it into a family heirloom that can be passed onto generations because of their lifetime warranty.

Wooden dollhouses are pretty expensive but given they are capable of lasting a lifetime and even beyond, we say the purchase is worthwhile.

Another favorite among kids is the modern plastic dollhouses. These are available in vibrant colors that instantly engage with kids. Plastic dollhouses are much cheaper as compared to wooden dollhouses which is why they are readily available in the market and come in a wide range of designs.

Another material that is worth considering is cardboard. This can be a fun dollhouse to make for someone with DIY enthusiasm. They cost little to nothing. You can easily choose a design from Pinterest and design it with your kid as a fun activity. We are sure your baby is going to love you for the fact that his/her parents built the beautiful dollhouse themselves.

Size Requirement

Large size dollhouse

The next thing you need to consider is the size of the dollhouse you’re looking for. There are several scaled-down versions available in the market that can be as 1:12, 1:48, or 1:24. The most ideal scale for a kid’s dollhouse is 1:12. These come in compact sizes and take very little space.

However, another product that has recently gained a lot of popularity among toddlers are larger dollhouses, also known as play scale dollhouse. These are meant to accommodate dolls such as Chelsea dolls and Barbie. Most of the play scale dollhouses are made up of plastic but you can also look for larger wooden dollhouses that can accommodate the height of dolls your baby already has.

Larger dollhouses are very handy. They can accommodate two or more kids for playtime and can store all your baby’s accessories and toys inside which means there will be less clutter in the playroom.

Themes & Styles

Now, if you’re planning on decorating your kid’s dollhouse according to a specific period in time then you need to look for the right theme and style.

The models that we showcased above all cater to different themes and styles so we are sure you must have gotten some idea from looking at them. Apart from that, Disney has also come up with the latest dollhouses in the market that revolve around specific themes such as Frozen, tangled, Dumbo, and various other Disney Classics.

If your baby loves Disney, maybe you can get him/her something related to their favorite movie.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Purchasing a dollhouse isn’t the end of the story at all, you can’t forget its accessories or it’s just going to look as empty as your house will look without furniture and decorations.

You can get small furniture to display in different rooms such as sofa sets for the drawing-room and living area, bed sets for bedrooms, dressing tables and closets for the dressing area, kitchen utensils to display in kitchen cabinets, the list goes on.

You can also get decoration items such as rugs, lamps, wall art, paintings, bed covers, and house mats for a more authentic feel. Some dollhouses come included with these accessories while some make you purchase all this stuff separately.

This is up to you which option you would like to go for.

Kits or Fully Assembled

If you happen to be a DIY enthusiast then you will be thrilled to have a kit dollhouse in your home since you can have a fun exercise with your little one while assembling it. But, if you aren’t fond of DIYing and just want something that can be taken out of the box and played with right away then go for a fully assembled dollhouse.

Age of Your Child

2 Year Old Playing with Dollhouse

The little your kid, the more concerned and worried you’re going to be about the sharp corners and little accessories. Even though rich details look incredible, it can raise a lot of concerns with regard to missing parts and pieces.

This is one of the reasons most parents go for dollhouses that don’t come with separate accessories and all of their details are fixed richly inside the dollhouse. These kinds of options are way better for babies younger than 7 years of age.

The older they get the more intricate dollhouse you can get for them.

Budget & Price

Now we know you don’t want this aspect to determine your purchase but what can we say, it does! You need to determine your budget beforehand. If you’re buying a dollhouse that your kid isn’t competent to take care of then it would be a mistake to go over budget with something that your baby is possibly going to break.

Choose something reasonably priced, within a small budget that your baby can play with for a year and as he/she gets old and has a better understanding of how to take care of certain things, then maybe you can buy them something more intricate and expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it take a lot of time to assemble a dollhouse?

Not really. That depends completely on the kind of dollhouse you have chosen. Some come completely assembled, some partially and some aren’t assembled at all. However, those that aren’t assembled usually accompany a detailed and illustrated manual that makes assembly easy so it won’t cause a lot of trouble.

Which is the most durable dollhouse?

Even though the most commonly available dollhouses are the hard plastic ones and they’re quite durable. But, the wooden dollhouses are by far the most durable and can be gifted forward to future generations.

Can I paint my dollhouse?

It depends on the material. Hardboard and wooden dollhouses can be painted but plastic dollhouses don’t offer this perk.


So, these were some of the best dollhouses for a 2-year old that we found in the market. All these dollhouses come with impeccable construction and have been approved by the USA toy association. We hope this article has been thoroughly helpful in your need of the hour.

If you have any further suggestions or recommendations in this regard, do let us know through your feedback below. We highly appreciate it.


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