If you’re in a hurry and still want to grab the best exterior caulk for brick, then we recommend the GE Adhesives GE5000, confidently.

Sunny mornings and drizzling evenings, everyone cherishes these recurring moments of the year.

However, within the folds of these beautiful moments, two evil-natured elements are busy attacking the infrastructure. These include the much-despised, heat, and moisture.

Unseen and unnoticed, these components of the air leave behind faded walls, patched doors, and cracked windows. Perhaps, the worst damage gets inflicted upon the exterior of the house structure, especially the ones made from brick.

Best Exterior Caulk For Brick

The bricks have a porous composition that can quickly absorb moisture and water content. Plus, it is prone to temporary structural expansion due to heat. Consequently, bricks can develop cracks quite easily with water and continuous expansion.

Over time, the situation only worsens by turning those narrow cracks into visibly large gaps. Thus, threatening the building’s frame to collapse. Although the matter is quite serious, a majority of infrastructures utilize bricks in their construction. But, worry not, the solution to this cracked issue is also easily available!

The exterior caulk refers to a waterproof material that seals the cracks in walls, doors, windows, tubing, and whatnot. It prevents the damage caused by both heat and moisture. You can find it easily on stores, marts, and online platforms. However, various companies utilize different formulas. Each caulk possesses a unique set of pros and cons.

Hence, choosing the idealistic caulk can get a bit challenging. Fortunately, our team of experts has hunted down the very best ones and reviewed them in detail. Continue reading to find our favorite exterior caulk for bricks below!

Best Exterior Caulk For Brick 2022

General Electric Adhesives GE5000 Silicone 2

General Electric Adhesives GE5000 Silicone 2

Amongst all GE sealants & adhesives, GE5000 Advanced Silicone 2 is the one that gained the most popularity. And all credit goes to the convenience it offers!

It’s perhaps the only caulk that even a beginner can apply with ease. You won’t find yourself frantically searching for guides on the internet, or perhaps, calling on your experienced neighbor to guide you through.

Instead, the GE Sealants & Adhesives GE5000 Advanced Silicone will allow you to deal with it all independently. How so?

Well, this truly value-for-money product offers about 10.1 ounces of caulk in less than 10 dollars, all of which come enclosed in a sturdy container. You can use this much product to both experiments with the application process or use it for several windows.

Plus, you will only have to equip this sturdy container with a caulking gun, and you’ll be good to go! It comes with a precise and balanced tip that will ensure a smooth and even flow of the mixture, while the well-thought dimensions of the bottle will offer a comfortable and confident grip. Thus, allowing the users to conveniently fill in the gaps without shaky hands or an out-of-control flow. Once applied, it will dry up in less than 30 minutes.

Moreover, the product comes with a 10-year-long mold-free warranty. No matter how moist the surrounding air becomes and no matter how much it rains, the caulk will retain its firmness and freshness. It will remain protected from the attacks of mold and the accumulation of its particles.

And as given earlier, the product comprises a silicone-based formula. Hence, it’s capable of withstanding the adverse effects of weather. Whether it’s a stormy day or a sunlight-rich day, this caulk will firmly hold its place. Unlike others, you will not find it loosening its place.

There’s just one teeny-tiny compromise with this product, i.e., it’s not usable for the brick surfaces that are visible out on the front porch or even in the house. You can use it for hidden or less-traffic areas of your place. Perhaps, the corners, nooks, or rooms that your guests don’t visit or get to see often.

Why? Well, that’s because GE5000 advanced silicone sealant is one of the non-paintable caulks. You cannot paint it with wall paint, poster paint, or any other paint to blend it in the surroundings. Instead, it will retain the original form that it will be taking upon drying.

Perhaps, that’s why GE introduced about six different colors for this silicone caulk. You can get it in:

In all of these, the crystal clear one is the most popular. Although it doesn’t give truly transparent results, it is preferred by many because it provides maximum possible transparency. You will only witness a slight hint of cloudy white color.

With that said, if you’re okay with people noticing the caulk-filled gaps, then this downside of the product may not trouble you as much.

  • Available in six different colors
  • 10-year mold-free protection
  • Weatherproof
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Dries instantly
  • Average customer care
  • Non-paintable
Gorilla Heavy Duty Ultimate Construction Adhesive

Gorilla Heavy Duty Ultimate Construction Adhesive

The brand, Gorilla, prides itself on addressing two prominent areas of concern, durability, and result timing. And, it offers innovative solutions in the form of its caulk ranges. Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive Ultimate is one of these solutions that contains a unique formula. It is a tough and highly-durable caulk that will leave the gaps sealed for a long period.

The weather-resistant nature of the caulk makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. Plus, its strong composition makes it versatile. You can use it on walls, mirrors, marble, subfloor, foam boards, and almost everything. It fills all types of cracks, making them airtight and waterproof.

Moreover, you can also use it to glue towel racks on the walls or wooden blocks onto each other. It offers powerful adhesion that firmly bonds with the surfaces. However, its adhesion strength varies with different materials and structure weight. On wood, the Gorilla Heavy Duty caulk can handle a weight of up to 80lbs. Whereas, in PVC, it will hold up to 41lbs. The caulk will not support the adhesion of any structure beyond the specified weight.

The Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction caulk delivers instantaneous results. It has a curing time of only 24-hours. Usually, exterior caulks take up to a minimum of 72-hours. However, the performance might get affected if you have not followed the application guidelines. Before applying, ensure the surface is clean and dry.

And, in case you’ve excess caulk on your hands and surfaces, you can easily clean it up using isopropyl alcohol. The caulk dissolves upon contact with isopropyl alcohol. The Gorilla Heavy Duty caulk does not work on damp and wet surfaces. Although the product claims to adhere even underwater, it does not prove to be efficient. The glued structure or filling will come loose if submerged underwater.

On the contrary part, this caulk can tolerate extreme temperatures. It remains firm even in temperatures as low as 19-degrees. Furthermore, the Gorilla Heavy Duty Ultimate Construction Adhesive turns white once cured. So, you can easily paint to merge with the rest of the exterior.

The Gorilla Heavy Duty Ultimate Construction Adhesive comes in a cylindrical 9-oz cartridge. While holding it, the build of the plastic container seems quite sturdy. So, it probably won’t burst open if the bottle happens to fall while working on rooftops!

  • Durable
  • Instant adhesive
  • Versatile usage
  • Quick cure time
  • Easy cleanup
  • Works in lower temperatures
  • Doesn’t work underwater
  • Not paintable
Flex Shot Rubber Adhesive Sealant Caulk

Flex Shot Rubber Adhesive Sealant Caulk

Flex Shot rubber adhesive sealant is fancy but worth buying. You could say it’s the premium-est option in this list, convenient, expensive, and effective! It’s the combo that you should be grabbing if you’ve met an emergency crisis and direly need a rescue.

If you’re wondering if this one’s capable of handling all sorts of calamities, then let us tell you straight and honest, yes, it can almost handle everything. Be it some disaster caused by the application of the wrong caulk product or a crack neglected for too long.

What it may not be able to fix is the effect of rain on a freshly applied product. That’s something you’ve got to take care of by yourself.

Other than that, Flex Shot rubber adhesive sealant caulk is super easy to apply. You will not feel the need to purchase a separate caulking gun or learn the art of handling one. And that’s because this exceptional caulking formula comes enclosed in a well-engineered bottle that allows direct application.

Also, when you start applying it, you will notice the consistency to be a little thicker than usual. Well, if it’s your first time using a caulk formula, you may not notice it. But if you have good experience with handling caulk formulate, we’re sure you’ll notice it right away.

And the point of mentioning it right now is the fact that it is this very consistency that adds to the convenience of application. Unlike others, the strongly adhesive and flexible caulk formula will not drip or lose its place.

It would be great if you could smoothen it out with a professional caulking tool. But even if you don’t, it will not form bumps and clumps.

Additionally, you can get this beauty in about four different colors. These include:

All four of these are true to their description. If Flex Shot’s promising a clear liquid, then clear it will be. You need not worry about it being cloudy or nearer to white. It’s genuinely transparent.

As for the drying time, it chiefly depends on the following factors:

On average, you can expect the caulk to dry up entirely in about 12 – 24 hours. It’s weatherproof, so don’t worry if it starts to drizzle a little as you apply. As for the slight odor it has, it will drift away with air, given that you provide the area with appropriate ventilation.

And well, as mentioned earlier, the product’s expensive. At least when compared to other products on this list. You will get only about 8 ounces of caulk in twice the amount as charged by other brands. But then again, the brand also guarantees proficient results!

  • Available in four colors
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t require a caulking gun
  • Thick consistency
  • Good for both narrow and wide gaps
  • Expensive
General Electric GE5020 Concrete Silicone II Caulk

General Electric GE5020 Concrete Silicone II Caulk

Coming from the workspaces of GE, the Silicone II Concrete & Masonry is a high-quality caulk for outdoor purposes. It comes in a 10.1-ounce plastic cartridge that is sufficient to mend numerous cracks and gaps in bricks.

The caulk uses 100% pure silicone in its composition. Hence, making its performance efficient. Perhaps, the most outstanding feature of the General Electric ge5020 Concrete and Masonry Silicone II caulk is its fast-acting nature. After application, the caulk takes merely three hours to cure!

While other caulks take days, the three-hour curation time means you can fill the cracks before a rain spell. Water and moisture won’t be able to penetrate the sealed cracks. This particular caulk is ideal for people seeking a quick solution. You can get the home maintenance done even on weekdays!

Moreover, brick walls remain exposed to direct sunlight, rain, and other outdoor elements all year round. These temperature fluctuations impact the brick walls harshly. In such circumstances, caulks using weaker materials crack and peel away. However, the presence of 100% pure silicone in General Electric caulk makes it flexible.

The caulk keeps on changing with the expansion and contraction of the surrounding brick walls. It will widen upon brick contraction and become compact during expansion. Consequently, the caulk will never develop cracks or pathways for heat and moisture to enter. It will remain waterproof and airtight until you remove the caulk yourself.

Plus, the GE Silicone II Construction & Masonry caulk works with a diversity of materials. Apart from brick, you can use it to fill gaps in;

You can use it to caulk walls, sidewalks, patios, driveways, steps, and whatnot. As silicone doesn’t dissolve in water, you can also use it for underwater structures. Note, allow the caulk a longer curing time for better firmness.

All in all, the GE Silicone II is an excellent exterior caulk for bricks. However, the mere flaw is its non-paintable property. Over time, the caulk turns from white to grey that might not be visually aesthetic.

  • Instant results
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile usage
  • Flexible
  • Non-paintable
Dap 18110 Acrylic Latex Caulk With Silicone

Dap 18110 Acrylic Latex Caulk With Silicone

It seems like DAP believes in: just get it done, bro. And it’s this determined and to-the-point approach of this brand that we love the most.

DAP 18110 Acrylic Latex Caulk with Silicone mirrors the company’s persona. Without complicating things and entangling you in a bunch of options and choices, it gets the work done with the minimum possible input required from your end.

You will not need to worry about color selection, you need not worry about the right application procedure, and you need not even worry about the amount to spend. It pre-decides all these things for you. How so?

Well, DAP tells you it’s going to provide you with 10.1 ounces of strong and effective caulking formula that you can use for both interior and exterior surfaces within five dollars. Now, that doesn’t leave room for argument. Does it? You’re getting a super-economical deal – Just what you need to cater to the cracks in those bricks lining the flower bed in your garden.

Plus, it comes in a slate gray color only, which kind of eases decision-making for several people. But should you feel the need to paint the caulk for aesthetic’s sake, you can even do that too. It’s paintable and easily customizable.

However, note that you’ve got to paint it within 30 minutes of application, while it’s still moist in some places. Later on, it may not hold the paint as efficiently. Since it’s an acrylic latex caulking formula, it promises impressive durability. Once applied, the product will last up to 35 years! You will also find this product to have impressive flexibility.

With that said, we would suggest this product more to professionals rather than homeowners. That’s because it will cost you less but promise proficient results.

You can promise guaranteed durability to your clients. And complying with your professional needs will keep you out of unnecessary worries and choices. It costs low, so you can buy bulk quantities at once too. In case of any spills, you can clean it easily with water before it dries.

  • Extensive durability
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior
  • surfaces
  • Impressive flexibility
  • Great Adhesion
  • Inexpensive
  • Available in one color variety only
Red Devil Lifetime Ultra Premium Acrylic Latex

Red Devil Lifetime Ultra Premium Acrylic Latex

One of the best exterior caulk for bricks available today is the Red Devil Acrylic Latex. It offers an abundance of durability and versatility packed in a cylindrical, plastic cartridge.

The Red Devil Acrylic Latex caulk is currently available in two different packaging sizes that include; 10.1oz and 5.5oz. Usually, people complain about caulk storage issues and how the caulk dries when unused for a time.

However, the Red Devil caulk eradicates the problems by allowing you to choose a caulk bottle size. You can get either one, depending on the required quantity. Generally, the 10.1oz (300ml) tube is sufficient for caulking numerous windows and floors.

The Red Devil caulk contains a unique formula, using elastomeric acrylic latex. It offers strong weather and temperature resistance. So, regardless of the climatic zone, the caulk will retain its quality.

Once applied, the caulk turns hard and impenetrable. No air, water, or insects can reach into the gaps. It is tough and will last as long as the brick structure stands. Apart from durability, the Red Devil Acrylic Latex is ideal for both outdoor and indoor purposes. It will not crack or peel away during even the most extreme temperature fluctuations.

You can apply it on windows, door frames, bathtubs, vents, and whatnot. Plus, it works efficiently on all various other surfaces too. Apart from bricks, you can use it to seal gaps in wood, plaster, glass, aluminum, concrete, metal, tile, and masonry.

Moreover, the Red Devil Acrylic goes one step ahead of other caulks to include antimicrobial protection. Although the seal is waterproof, it ensures protection against mold and other micro-organisms.

The Red Devil Acrylic caulk is available in 7-different colors. These include;

But, it is also paintable. You can always color it to match the brick exterior. While the Red Devil Acrylic Latex is an amazing caulk, it does not deliver instant results. You will have to allow it a long period until it gets cured.

  • Durable
  • Paintable
  • Anti-microbial protection
  • Multi-purpose
  • Available in 7-different colors
  • Available in two different sizes
  • No instant results
Sashco 10012 Sealants Redwood Big Caulk Seal

Sashco 10012 Sealants Redwood Big Caulk Seal

Complying with its name, the Sashco Sealants Redwood Big Stretch Caulk & Seal is indeed super stretchy. This amazing exterior caulk can stretch 500-percent more than its original size!

Its unique formula makes it quite elastic and flexible. Once applied, the caulk bends, twists stretches, and compresses along with the surface.

The temperature changes cause infrastructure to expand and contract. All the windows, doors, and walls around you are in constant motion. And while other caulk cracks due to this movement, the Sashco Big Stretch molds itself.

It has incredible resistance against UV rays. Hence, the caulk won’t fade, decay, or experience damage of any type for a long period. Plus, it has a strong adhesion property that bonds two surfaces together instantly. The caulk fills the gaps between bricks and creates an unbreakable connection.

The Sashco 10012 Sashco sealants redwood big stretch caulk & seal blocks the path of moisture, heat, insects, microbes, and whatnot from entering into the foundation of the house. Thus, protecting the infrastructure permanently. However, note, the Big Stretch is ideal for 2-inches gaps only. Although most of the gaps are below 2-inches, measure the ones in your home before purchase.

Unlike other caulks, the Sashco Big Stretch has a smooth consistency. It does not form lumps. Instead, it gives a finished and aesthetic outlook to the bricks. Also, it is available in 13-different colors. You can apply the colored caulk to blend in with the exteriors. In case you do not find the accurate shade, you can always paint it.

The Sashco Big Stretch caulk emits a low odor, so you won’t have to evacuate the area after application. And, if the caulk spill onto other surfaces, you can easily clean it using only soap and water. It is a water-solvent caulk that dissolves upon contact with water. While this allows easy cleanup, it also signals that the caulk is not water-resistant. You cannot use it in water-submerged areas or damp surfaces, such as rooftops.

Apart from this, you can use Sashco Big Stretch on a variety of surfaces, including:

You can even use it to make the interiors soundproof! People apply it in cracks on the walls and gaps for increased noise cancellation. Undeniably, the Sashco 10012 Sealants Redwood Big Stretch Caulk & Seal is the best exterior caulk for bricks that comes in a 10.5-oz cartridge.

  • Good adhesion
  • Ideal for gaps up to 2-inches wide
  • Great elasticity
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Versatile usage
  • Paintable
  • Easy cleanup
  • Low odor
  • Soundproof
  • Available in 13 different colors
  • Not waterproof

Exterior Caulk For Brick Buyer’s Guide:

Imagine yourself looking up at the store shelves, piled up with caulks, and each one labeled as the best exterior caulk for bricks. And, then, you feel the cloud of confusion forming within the corridors of your mind.

Pressurized by the time spent and salesman, you pick the one that looks more promising. We all know what’s coming up next, an experience filled with uncertainty and disappointments that leaves one hunting for an alternative once again.

Well, the Buy and Test ideology is quite common in the buyer community. However, imagine the figures and the valuable time that you can save by making a wiser purchase.

Research before the purchase can make the entire experience more pleasant and delightful. You could get the ideal product using half of the resources you would’ve spent otherwise.

But, in present times, who has the time to dive into the details? Fortunately, as your fervent companion, we have done all the research for you!

Read on to gain an insight into purchasing the perfect exterior caulk for bricks!

Know the Four Common Exterior Caulks for Bricks!

As mentioned above, the product competition in the market is high. Each brand has brought forward a different exterior caulk, using a different formula. However, there are only four common exterior caulks for bricks (material-based). These include:

Acrylic Latex

Acrylic Exterior Caulk For Brick

Perhaps, the cheapest exterior caulk available in the present times is Acrylic Latex. Usually, you can find it between the range of 2-5 dollars. The Acrylic Latex caulks allow an easy application. Plus, you can clean it using water.


Caulks consisting of polyurethane in their composition make it tough. It is quite sturdy. Once applied, the gap will remain sealed for a long period.

However, it has a semi-liquid consistency that can make application difficult. While professionals might deal with it easily, house owners getting the project done themselves can have a challenging time. Similar to Acrylic Latex, it is available at cheaper rates.


As the name recommends, the solvent-based caulks cure the evaporation of the solvent. Usually, the solvent includes mineral spirits. These caulks have strong heat resistance and do not deteriorate under direct sunlight. Unlike others, these are available at mid-range prices.


The most expensive exterior caulk on the shelf is the hybrid as it gets engineered to produce specific results. It combines various materials for outstanding flexibility, durability, and adhesion.

Choosing the Best Exterior Caulk for Brick

So, you’ve been reading all this through but still have no idea which product to go with? Well, we see what’s the issue here. Only knowing about the best variants of exterior caulk for brick will do you little to no good if you do not know what to assess.

If you are new to exterior caulk and are not familiar with what makes up a great caulk, then here is a detailed buying guide for you, which covers all essential aspects to consider before making the final purchase.

Gap Sizes

Perhaps, the first & most important factor to consider is the gap size that you wish to cover. By standard, exterior caulk fills up gaps ranging from 1/4 – 1 inch in bricks. So, you need to check if the gap that you wish to fill falls within this range or not.

If the gaps are wider than this, you may need to make use of a backer rod along with suitable caulk formula. Fundamentally, a backer rod is a soft coiled tube that comes enclosed in a bag, in varying diameters. Just choose a size that’s slightly bigger than the gap, fit it in, and apply the caulk over it.

Surface to Caulk

Using Caulk on Brick

There’s a variety of surfaces to which various caulks cater. However, here we are talking about brick surfaces solely. And so, the surface variation that you may witness will depend on the type of bricks.

These types include:

A polyurethane, acrylic latex, and silicone caulk best serve all sorts of bricks. However, when purchasing, make sure you look into the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations about the surfaces.

Ease of Application

Next, consider the ease of application, especially if you are a beginner and don’t have an expert around. You need to ensure that you will be able to use the product that you’re about to purchase.

For this, you can check out the application instructions provided by the manufacturer. Also, check out the drying and curing time of the caulk as it can greatly impact your schedule and occupations. The shortest drying time that caulk can take is of about 30 minutes. However, some caulks may even take about five days to dry. If we talk about the average, then all caulk usually takes 24 hours to dry.

Maintenance Requirements

Lastly, look up the time frame of effectiveness that a caulk formula promises. You don’t want to engage yourself in the same demanding process of caulk application over and over again. Do you?

On average, a caulk formula promises years of services, which can range from 2 -10 years. Any caulk that lasts less than this is certainly not an option as it only increases the unreliability factor.

Some authorities in this domain also claim the average lifespan of a caulk formula to be as long as 20 years. Hence, it mostly depends on the manufacturing company’s dedication and the chemical properties of caulk.

In the same regard, we suggest paintable caulk over non-paintable caulk. Exterior caulk is visible on the outside, so non-paintable caulks can significantly impact the overall aesthetics of your place. A paint layer also provides an additional layer of protection to the applied caulk.

Advantages of using exterior caulk for bricks

In case you’re considering skipping the caulking process, please do not. Large cracks and gaps can weaken the building’s foundation. It can collapse at any moment. Hence, delaying or postponing the procedure is very risky, especially if people are present inside. Here are the top advantages of using exterior caulk for bricks:

Mends Every Gap

Caulking the surface is the only solution for cracks that get used by professionals too. If you take services from a repair agency, they will also mend the surfaces using the caulk. Unlike other products, caulk seals all the gaps existing between two surfaces. It strengthens the surface against damage caused by moisture build-up and temperature changes.


There are several variants of the exterior caulk available at the market. While some can be difficult to work with, there are quite simple. For example, some caulk use only water for clean-up. Hence, making removal easy. Similarly, different caulks have different properties for increased convenience.

Versatile in nature

Apart from bricks, you can use exterior caulks on a variety of surfaces. Be it outdoors or interiors; you can use caulk to seal any gap anywhere. However, a few caulks work on a specific surface. You must not use these on other materials to avoid any mishap.

Energy Efficient

Once the gap gets sealed, the caulk also functions as an insulator. It traps the warm air indoors. With the temperature remaining constant, the heating system has to work less. Hence, conserving energy and reducing bill costs. Moreover, gaps and cracks can lead to the destruction of the building. Once damaged, you’ll have to pour in lots of money for repair. So, the usage of caulk prevents this situation and conserves financial resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to caulk windows outside on brick?

To apply caulk to windows outside on brick, you will need:

  • A heat gun
  • Caulking gun
  • An appropriate amount of caulk
  • Newspapers and masking tape
  • Paint scraper
  • Paper towels

Now, the application is super simple. Just prepare the surface by cleaning it thoroughly and placing masking tape and newspapers wherever need be. Also, remove off the previous layer of caulk if the gap comprises it.

Next, prepare the caulking gun and apply the caulk formula. Don’t forget to test it a few times if it’s new. Additionally, before beginning with your project, make sure you look into the weather forecast. It’s best to opt for a month with at least one week of dry or sunny days so that the caulk can settle well into the gaps.

How to remove exterior caulk from brick?

Caulk does get old with time, and you may have to replace it. In other cases, the caulk may get damaged due to severe weather conditions.

Well, you can certainly not apply another layer of caulk on it. Doing so will reduce the effectiveness of the product, and the brick wall will appear ugly.

So, how will you remove the hard and firm old exterior caulk from the brick wall cracks? Read more to find out!

STEP1 – Heat the Caulk

Like any other substance, caulk changes states of existence too upon intense heat application. So, while removing caulk in its solid-state can be trouble, changing it into semi-liquid would solve the issue.

Begin by heating the old caulk area using a heat gun. Avoid using a heat gun near flammable objects, such as a wooden door frame. It will turn into a putty-like consistency.

STEP2 – Removal Time

Now, gently scrape away the caulk using a paint scraper. Be vigilant as bricks can get damaged. If the scraper doesn’t work, select a wire brush to do the job. Its strong bristles will remove the semi-liquid caulk easily.

After scraping, you might notice the caulk at the base is still firm and sticking to the surface. To soften it, use a quality mineral spirit. There is no specific quantity, and you may use as much as needed to soften it.

Once soft, use the scraper to get rid of all the old exterior caulk. Note, when working, use thick gloves to protect your hands. Also, when using mineral spirit, ensure the area has good ventilation.

How to extend Exterior Caulk's lifespan?

Since exterior surfaces have constant exposure to harsh weather effects, they’re likely to experience a greater rate of deterioration. For this very reason, you ought to pay great attention to the precautionary measures that could help you extend the exterior caulk’s lifespan.

To begin with, what you can do is, use a professional caulking tool to smoothen the caulk beads. Smoothening will help it settle well into the gap and consequently hold its position firmly for a long time. For horizontal gaps, you can use self-leveling caulk mixtures to achieve the same purpose.

Also, clean the surface thoroughly before applying the caulk. Dirt particles can keep the caulk from performing its function efficiently. And they may even become a reason for the caulk coming off way before you’d expect it to.


Use of Outdoor Caulk For Brick

When fixing small gaps and cracks, the exterior caulk is a go-to choice for many homeowners. Previously, you have explored the top exterior caulks for bricks, but now, it’s time to announce the best one!

After evaluating each top-rated caulk, we have concluded that the Sashco Big Stretch Sealant is the ideal choice. Elastic and Firm, this caulk excels in all criteria of the best exterior caulk for bricks! Comparatively, the caulk has exceptional adhesive strength and flexibility. The caulk will stretch and compress 500% more than its original size to keep the gap between the surfaces sealed!

Apart from being paintable, it is available in 13-different colors. You can enhance the brick exterior as well as mend it. So, no compromises on the looks, please!

Plus, this water-based caulk is easy-to-clean. All you require is water and soap. Moreover, you can use Sashco Big Stretch on any surface, apart from bricks. The only exception to its versatile nature is surfaces submerged in water.

However, when considering other properties offered at the given price, the Sashco Big Stretch beats all the other top-rated caulks! Well, do you have any experience with Sashco Big Stretch that you’ll share? We’ll be glad to hear!


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