Gardening is therapeutic! Whether it is a bush of wildflowers or a tiny botanical space in your backyard, gardening is as fun as it sounds!

But of course, when it comes down to taking care of your flowers, these delicate species need to be taken care of just like a baby.

Are you soon planning to add more things to your garden? Maybe grow some coriander? Or add artificial grass around the fence to enhance the beauty of the house?

Either way, you’ll need the right equipment to make things work around the garden. Stakes are one thing that surely comes in handy!

Whether you’re thinking about covering your tiny plants with fabric to save them from burning or placing artificial grass next to your dog’s house, you need stakes that are tensile and everlasting!

Well, because we recently shifted into a new place and had a wonderful backyard with enough space to renovate, we researched for the best garden stakes to insure the things that we planted remained firmly in place.

If you too like us have struggled to find the best stakes for gardening purposes, based on our personal experience, here is a list of the top staples that have helped hold our gardening products firmly in place and are sure to help you too!

Comparing The Best Gardening Stakes 2021

Gardening stakes have always been helpful for people who have their own “green belts” to cherish.

Because the fiery wind can blow away fabric covering the plants or even hurt the artificial grass flooring, you need a strong stake to hold them down.

After experimenting with various products over time, we have finally come up with the top brands selling some amazing stakes/staples that we are sure are the ultimate solution to your “gardening problems”, just like ours.

Stakes Hose
Rugged Steel
Ashman Landscape Staples

Ashman Landscape Staples

  • Measures 6-inches in length
  • Made from rugged metal that lasts longer
  • Can harness a variety of material including fabric, sod, barriers, etc
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee

When we were having a problem finding the ideal garden stakes for pinning down plastic in our backyard, a friend of ours recommended the Ashman’s landscape staples. And since then, we’ve certainly become its number 1 fan!

The Landscape staples measure 6-inches long and come in a pack consisting of 11 staples, enough to hold down a decent piece of plastic or wires. But what actually makes it one of the fines gardening stakes that we’ve used to date is the premium quality.

The staples are carefully constructed using rugged metal that fights against dust and rust, hence making it last over a lifetime.

Moreover, it is designed to hold down a variety of materials including dog fences, floral décor, tomato cages, and whatnot. You name it and these staples will hold it down for you!

Also, using it was a piece of cake. It took no extra effort from us to hammer it into the ground as the process was as smooth as silk. And yes, we certainly have used these staples to hold down different items including wires and plastic.

Additionally, like us, you’ll love the product packaging too. Ashman, the manufacturer has put their whole heart and mind in the product, coming up with a re-closable box that allows you to store the staples with ease, and hence, ensure these last much longer.

And the cherry on the top, the manufacturer offers the product with a lifetime guarantee so even if you face an issue 10 years from now, you can ask for a replacement! But we are certain, there won’t be a need.

  • Constructed using rugged steel which keeps the staples safe against rust and dust
  • Can be used to hold down a multitude of items including fabric, barriers, floral décor, etc.
  • Measures 6-inches long, a decent size to hold bigger pieces of material
  • A re-closable box allows you to store them safely
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
    Ideal for anchoring barriers on a commercial level too
  • Value for money
  • Some users have complained of the staples bending when hammered with force
Amagabeli Galvanized Landscape Staples

Amagabeli Galvanized Landscape Staples

  • Can be bend upon the requirement
  • Made from heavy-duty steel
  • Measures up to 6 inches
  • Easy to install

Here is another one of our favorite gardening stakes labels, Amagabeli. The brand has surely come up with an amazing box of staples that not only promises tensile strength with durability but also keeps the equipment firmly fixed in its place!

This one too measures 6 inches and is 1inch wide. The pack consists of 200 staples, all made from heavy-duty steel, protected well against rust and dust.

Because the staples have to face tearing every day, the manufacturers have carefully chosen steel to ensure these may last over a lifetime!

But what actually we love about Amagabeli’s staples is that size! These are long and wide and thus have allowed us to complete most of our indoor and outdoor home projects without a hassle.

We’ve used these to pin down barriers in our garden and cover our patio’s grass with mesh with bending underneath the forced blow of the hammer. The tensile strength these stakes possess is impeccable.

Moreover, it comes in a re-sealable box hence, storage isn’t a problem. if we remember it correctly, it’s been months since we bought a pack and upon checking it again, the staples were as good as new.

Oh, and yes, the staples by Amagabeli are bendable. If you need to cover more area, rather than hammering more stakes in the ground you can simply open them in width and cover a wider space without a problem.

But does this mean these will bend if hammered upon? We haven’t faced any such issues yet!

Whether you have fences to fix or wires to hook, we suggest giving this product a try! And we promise, like us, you’ll go back to the store again to buy a box again!

  • The pack consists of 200 heavy-duty staples enough to complete indoor and outdoor projects with ease
  • 6 inches in length and an inch wide makes it easier to grip
  • Can be bent upon the requirement
  • Easy to install
  • Made from steel, making it strong and resistant to rust and dust
  • Comes in a re-sealable box which makes storage easy
  • Can be used for a multitude of materials including chains, barriers, mesh, plastic, and fabric
  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Not sturdy enough as it pulls out easy
  • May rust easy
  • Not completely galvanized as promised by the manufacturer
Pinnacle Mercantile Metal Stakes

Pinnacle Mercantile Metal Stakes

  • Galvanized steel staples make them durable
  • 9 inches in length make it ideal for gaining better grip and holding the material down
  • Sharp edges make insertion effortless
  • Ideal for outdoor gardening activities

When we moved into our new house, what we liked the most about it was the backyard. Although it isn’t very big, the little space is surely loved by the entire family!

And because our kids tend to get bored quickly, we bought the garden in use and placed tents outside where they can sit comfortably play, read or do whatever they want. But it wouldn’t be possible with some good staples holding it down.

After trying numerous brands, we finally came across Pinnacle Mercantile metal stakes. Like a few that we’ve already mentioned in the list, this label worked great for us too!

The steel stakes promise durability. It has been quite a few years since we installed the tents using these stakes and never did we complain of them rusting away.

Moreover, if you have something larger to work with, like a huge plastic sheet or big barriers to install, this is certainly the ideal staple brand to go for. The stakes measure at a whopping 9 inches in length, holding down even the biggest of fabric pieces easily.

Also, unlike many others, the Pinnacle Mercantile stakes have sharp edges which surely make installation quick, smooth, and easy.

You won’t have to drill a hole into the ground before inserting the stakes because the sharp edges easily slide into the ground.

Nonetheless, you can use the stakes for multiple purposes which including working on indoor or outdoor garden projects! We’ve loved this pack and certain you’ll love it too!

  • 9 inches in length gives better grip and helps to secure the material down without a hassle
  • Made from galvanized steel which promises durability by keeping it safe from rust and dust
  • Can hold down pretty much any type of material used in indoor/outdoor gardening projects
  • The sharp edges make installation super easy and quick
  • It is thinner in width and hence, doesn’t show keeping your yard clean
  • Might be too thin for many
  • Some users have complained about them not being sturdy enough
  • Sharp edges can hurt if not handled carefully
Hongway Landscape Staples

Hongway Landscape Staples

  • Galvanized rust-proof 6 inches long staples
  • Sturdy and easy to install
  • Ideal for installing multiple items including turf, tarpaulins, wires, tents, etc
  • Can be inserted using a hand or hammer, both

It is time we talk about Hongway’s landscape staples. Why did we add it to the list? Because we got to hear some great reviews about the product from close family and friends and hence thought why not let others know about it too!

So yes, like all other staples, this one too is made from heavy-duty steel and galvanized protecting it from rust and dust, hence promising enhanced durability.

Moreover, these measures at 6 inches long, an average length to hold down a decent-sized material without a problem. But what actually made it catch our attention is that these are super easy to install.

You can either use your hand or a hammer to install it! Did you hear us right? Certainly! We’ve tried inserting it with our hands once and it worked great, so yes, if you’re looking for staples with effortless insertion, these are the ones to get your hands on right away.

Furthermore, it can be used for the installation of a multitude of items including turfs, tarpaulins, and wires. One pack contains around 120 pieces so if you have a slightly bigger gardening project to work on, this might be enough to complete the task.

  • Made from heavy-duty steel and galvanized to protect it against rust and wearing
  • Easy to install and sturdy
  • Can be inserted using hands and hammer, both
  • Holds down a multitude of items without a hassle
  • Consists of anti-corrosion properties
  • Rough edges make the stakes hold into the soil easily
  • Absolute value for money
  • Gets bend if hammered with force
Growneer Heavy-duty Steel Stakes

Growneer Heavy-duty Steel Stakes

  • The trapezoidal design allows it to hold into the soil more firmly
  • Sharp edges make it easy to install
  • Made from heavy-duty galvanized steel
  • Ideal for securing landscape, plastic, tarps, tents, sod grass, barriers, etc

Whether you’re a professional looking for staples for commercial use or a beginner who’s setting stuff around their gardening, the stakes by Growneer are sure to come in handy!

These staples have been carefully utilized in the trapezoidal design that allows them to hold onto soil more effectively.

Moreover, the sharp edges make insertion super easy; hence you won’t have to exhaust yourself over hammering them into the soil with all effort and energy.

But can these stakes be used to hold down different types of material? Yes, certainly! We’ve used it to fix weed barriers and even kid’s tents without a complaint. What else are we missing here?

Did we mention that the stakes are made from steel and galvanized completely? Well yes, and this is why you’ll never face any rusting problem with it as the galvanized layer protects them from all sorts of wearing over time.

Grower promises its staples to be one of the best and sturdiest as they say these can stand strong against strong winds too. Sounds amazing, right?

Whether it is a turf that you need to install or barriers to place, the 6 inches long-staple is an ideal choice to get things goto down around your garden.

  • Galvanized steel construction makes it durable
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Sharp edges make it easy to insert
  • The trapezoidal design allows the staples to hold
  • onto the soil much more firmly
  • Ideal for multiple material types
  • It May is not a great use for hard and rocky soil
  • The quality can be improved

Garden Stakes: Buyer’s Guide

Best Garden Stakes

Well, we’ve already mentioned the list of the best gardening stakes above, but there is a lot more information to share.

Even if one is certain of going for a specific brand, people tend to get confused as to what they need to look for in gardening staples. How can I be so sure? Because this is a problem that we faced!

When we wanted to buy gardening staples, there weren’t many around to guide us as to how to buy good stakes for our garden.

Only after extensive research we were able to learn the basic pointers that helped us in choosing the right product, what were these? Read on to know more:

The Thickness Of The Gauge

When buying gardening, you’ll come across gauge thickness ranging from number 1 to 40. What is this?

The gauging thickness indicates the thickness of the staple. The higher the number is, the thinner will be the staple.

If you’re looking for staples to hold on to bigger pieces of plastic or heavy barriers, go for thickness falling in the lower range to ensure these hold down the material firmly.


Although most gardening stakes are made from heavy-duty steel you’ll also find a few made from aluminum and other material.

We’d suggest you go for steel as the material is more durable, contains tensile strength, and will withstand the tearing over the years easily.

The higher quality material you opt for in your stakes, the longer these will last!


Galvanization is a process where the stake’s hose is covered into a layer of zinc to add extra protection.

When buying staples, look for galvanized stakes as these are protected against rust, corrosion, and UV, promising to last a lifetime.

The Shape of Stakes

Does the shape of a staple matter? It surely does!

If you’re working with plastic or fabric, staples with square heads work great. Why? Because these reduce the wind tearing and holds down the material much more firmly!

On the other hand, if you have pipes or hoses to hold down, round-headed stakes make a fine choice. So, before you head out to buy a pack of staples, know the material you’re working with to choose wisely.

Installing Garden Staples – The Easiest Way To Do It

Although, installing a stake isn’t as difficult as it seems, but for beginners, the task may be a tough one to complete!

Hence, here are a few easy steps that help you install the staples quickly and without a hassle.

  1. Start with clearing all the vegetation in the area where you need to lay down your landscape fabric. Pull out any grass or weed in the area to ensure it’s clean and clear.
  2. Lay down the fabric (can be plastic, turf, or any other) at the same level on the soil.
  3. Next, pick up the staples and a hammer.
  4. Mark the places where you need to install the staples and start hammering them into the soil.

The only thing to remember here is that before installation of the fabric, make sure the soil is leveled. It should be clean of any rocks or vegetation or else, you won’t install the fabric smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are gardening staples used for?

These are steel pins that hold down the landscape, plastic, sod grass, and related material into the soil.

Are galvanized staples everlasting?

No, they are not! But as compared to un-galvanized staples, their rusting process is slowed down, thus they last much longer.

How do you remove staples?

Using a clean rock or mulch pull the fabric or the material you have used. Cut the fabric using a knife or scissors and remove the staples.

Are garden stakes expensive?

It depends on the brand name you’re going for but generally, these are not expensive.

Are garden staples helpful and worth buying?

Definitely! If you want your landscape fabric to be fixed in place for years, using staples is surely a great idea.


Staples make a great item for people who love gardening. These are strong, sturdy, and easy to use. And yes, you don’t even have to spend an arm and a leg on it as these are super affordable to buy.

If you’re looking to install landscape fabric or any other material, go for long-lasting staples. Upon personal experience, we’ll suggest you try the stakes by Ashman or Amagabeli.

Why? Because we’ve found them to be made from heavy-duty steel and completely galvanized that enhances durability.

Moreover, these work great with pretty much every material so like us; you won’t be needing to buy a different kind of a staple for different materials.

Also, staples from Ashman and Amagabeli are easy to install and sturdy. In this while, since we last installed our landscape using stakes from these labels have we complained about anything!

Hence, save your time, money, and energy by picking only the best staples because only after much effort did we find the right product too!


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