Even thought of buying a speaker for your place but ended up forgetting about your desire to buy something fun? This is the story of almost everyone who has never invested in a speaker or sound system on their own ever.

Mostly, people don’t know anything about what makes a great speaker. Even if they do, they don’t know if that speaker is actually what they need and whether they should invest in it or not.

If you can relate to this, then this article might be for you. Today, we are going to discuss some of the best speakers from a well-known brand that you can buy in 2022.

Here’s to hoping you find your dream speaker today.

So, let us get into this right away:

Best Harman Kardon Speaker – Product’s Roundup

Best Harman Kardon Speaker

Discussed below are some of the top speakers by Harman Kardon that are sure to sway all music lovers. Make sure to read all the speakers mentioned, and find the perfect Harman Kardon Speaker to satisfy all your desires and needs.

Harman Kardon
Wattage (Watt)
Tweeter Size (mm)
74- 76
Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4

  • This speaker enables you to access Siri and Google by simply pressing a button
  • It can connect 2 smart devices with itself
  • This speaker also enables the users to stream music using Bluetooth
  • It features a built-in microphone too

Harman Kardon, being a reputable brand, never fails to impress us with its amazing audio equipment. Due to the trust the brand had made among the people, Harman Kardon is always the first brand that comes to our mind when we are thinking of buying speakers of any kind.

The speakers developed by Harmon Kardon never compromise on the quality of sound. The mentioned speaker can undoubtedly be called the best Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker, due to its remarkable features.

The significant feature, which makes this speaker the best, is its battery life. The speaker supports 8 hours of playtime. So, you can take it with you for long picnics and road trips. Thanks to the wireless or Bluetooth streaming feature of this speaker, as they make the place mess-free and organized.

As we have mentioned that it can connect 2 smart devices wirelessly, when two smart devices are connected with the speaker, the speaker takes turns playing music from both devices.

With its 100 HK Connect+ enabled speakers you can have the best music experience. No matter how big your room is, with such an efficient speaker, you will hear the music evenly, at every corner of the room. The design of the speaker also is impeccable. Superior quality fabric is used and is trimmed finely to make the speaker look presentable.

  • Multi-room speaker type
  • Controlled by App
  • Amazing Sound quality
  • Takes a lot of space
  • It weighs a lot
Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6

  • This speaker has an extra Bass for premium sound quality
  • It features a powerful woofer and tweeter that enhances the sound quality
  • The touch control method makes it easy to use
  • Smart design attracts the audience towards it

The fact that this speaker is waterproof makes it the best. You can place the speaker near the pool, in the kitchen, on the lawn while enjoying the rain, without having to worry about the speaker.

This speaker has a high and extra Bass so it is best for outdoor experiences. Also, the 8 hours of battery time make it the best for camping and other outside experiences.

You can connect 2 smart devices to this speaker via Bluetooth. The 2 device connection works the same as that of the previous speaker’s one i.e. it takes turns playing music from both devices.

The 50 watts rated power along with many other features make this speaker the top Harman Kardon smart speaker. People who are using a speaker for the first time can also operate it efficiently as it is very easy to operate. The touch control system makes it smart and easy.

Now coming towards the external design and look of this speaker, we can say that premium quality materials are used in the manufacturing of the speaker. The unique aluminum and fabric make this speaker elegant.

We know that after reading all the features, you have decided on buying this speaker. Read more to know about some pros and cons of this speaker.

  • Intense Bass
  • Outdoor friendly
  • Good battery life
  • No app for adjustments
  • A bit heavy
Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3

Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3

  • It features a very elegant design
  • The speaker gives a 360 Degree of sound experience
  • It also features an Ambient light
  • The speaker provides the option of wireless streaming

Next on the list of top Harman Kardon speakers is the Aura Studio 3. The people, who emphasize both the sound and look of the speaker, are a fan of this speaker. The extremely striking design of this speaker appeals to every eye. The style of the speaker will not ruin the décor of the room and it will sit best with any kind of décor.

The bottom of the speaker includes three rubber pads, which prevent the speaker from slipping on slippery and wet areas. The USB port is covered by rubber so that the whole look will not ruin.

You can enjoy the room-filling sound experience with the help of 360 Degree sound and audio. The subwoofers provide the best and premium quality music experience.

You can stream music, wirelessly, with the help of this iconic speaker, and can relax while listening to the music. The ambient lighting further adds efficiency and attractiveness to the speaker.

The power source is corded electric, which is regarded as the limiting factor. But the rest of the features cover this limitation. The extra and improved bass give the best music experience. People who have used this speaker are a fan of its sound quality and are not ready to shift to any other speaker.

One other thing that the people loved about Aura Studio 3, is that it is much more improved than Aura Studio 2.

  • Smart Design
  • Premium sound quality
  • Small and light
  • Corded power only
  • Bluetooth range is comparatively less
Harman Kardon SoundSticks III 2.1 Speaker System

Harman Kardon SoundSticks III 2.1 Speaker System

  • It is compatible with all devices
  • The crystal clear color of the speaker is lovely
  • This speaker features an outstanding bass performance
  • It also features Angle adjustable satellites

The three-piece sound system can be attached to any device with the help of a stereo mini-jack output. Taking the help of the 3.5mm stereo audio connection, you can connect this speaker easily with MP3, Computer, or other devices.

This speaker brings the whole next level of entertainment with itself. If you want to watch a movie, listen to your favorite song, or just want to listen to the music, this speaker is designed in a way to best suit all needs.

The Speaker is also very easy to interact with and operate. Just with the help of a gentle finger touch, you will be able to operate it. The touch system helps to control volume and to operate the sticks and subwoofer.

A six-inch down-firing subwoofer helps you to aim sound downwards instead of the surroundings. This down-firing subwoofer will give you a consistent performance.

The design of the speaker is designed to fit your needs. This system has two angle-adjustable satellite speakers. You can adjust them by gently pushing or pulling each satellite to the anticipated position.

The speaker also has an on/off switch built on the volume control of the subwoofers. The one set of audio cables and one power cord that comes with this Soundsticks III, further add efficiency to the whole system.

Have a look at some pros and cons of this speaker system:

  • Improved Cable Quality
  • Powerful performance
  • Unique design
  • No remote control
  • Absence of external jack
Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5

  • The speaker includes a rechargeable battery
  • It enables a wireless streaming option
  • The frequency of the speaker range from 50 HZ to 20 kHz
  • It features an aluminum handle for easy portability

This speaker, based on its amazing features, can be considered the best Harman Kardon portable speaker. The speaker comprises many amazing features, some of which are discussed further.

The speaker offers an 8-hour long battery life. You can listen to the nonstop and best quality of music for 8 hours. Picnics become more fun-filled with the help of the lasting battery life of this speaker.

The other thing that makes this speaker top-rated is that it is entirely wireless. Bluetooth enables you to stream music and also the speakerphone allows you to take calls without using any wire or your hand. You can connect up to 2 smart devices with this speaker, and can enjoy listening to music from both by taking turns.

The notable music experience is offered by the speaker probably with the help of its frequency range. The frequency of the speaker ranges from 50 HZ to 20 kHz, which is just amazing.

The look of this Oynx studio 5 is just mind-blowing. The aluminum handle and the fine quality cover is attention-grabbing. Overall the look of the speaker is just as perfect as it can be.

If you don’t want to compromise on the look as well as the performance of the speaker, then consider getting this speaker. But before buying it make sure to go through the pros and cons.

  • Comparatively low in price
  • Lightweight
  • Rechargeable and lasting battery
  • It is not waterproof
Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2 Bluetooth Speaker

  • The speaker features a Bluetooth connection and an AUX input
  • A pleasant and perfect bass
  • In this speaker, there is a LED ring inside the dome
  • The speaker also includes six control buttons between the dome and base

We already have discussed some amazing features of Aura studio 3, this Aura Studio 2 also comes with some best features. The six control buttons are very easy to operate. You can use these buttons to adjust the brightness of light, volume, answer and end calls, and on and off the speaker.

You will also find three ports on the rear side of the panel. These ports are AUX Input, USB port, and a DC power input. It is rare to find all these ports in other speakers.

When you will turn the speaker on, it will welcome you with ambient lights dazzling around the dome. These lights will make you feel relaxed while listening to the music. You can even turn these lights off if you are not okay with them.

The speaker is wireless and also consists of an AUX input, so you can stream music with the help of Bluetooth or can connect any device with the AUX input. The six tweeters in arrangement to provide 360 degrees sound spreading, provide a room-filling sound experience.

Even if the performance of the speaker is the best, one thing to keep in mind is to keep it on a hard and flat surface, for an even better experience.

  • 360 Degree sound spreading
  • Good sound quality
  • Best and iconic design
  • No remote or app for adjustments
  • It has to be plugged in every time
Harman Kardon Esquire Mini 2

Harman Kardon Esquire Mini 2

  • This speaker enables the conferencing system
  • It is battery powered with 10 hours of playtime
  • The speaker also comes with a carrying pouch
  • It is super easy to operate

Next on the list of the best Harman Kardon speakers is this portable and wireless speaker. The size of the speaker is approximately the same as that of a phone. The weight of the speaker also is very light, so you can carry it anywhere. People who want to have a speaker that doesn’t occupy much space should consider this portable speaker.

The speaker is not waterproof, but it comes with a durable pouch that contributes to keeping the speaker fine and perfect.

The control buttons are available for the operation of the speaker. These control buttons include Bluetooth pairing, call answering, and power buttons. However, you can use these buttons to adjust volume and play/pause control too.

The design of this speaker is among the main features that make this speaker the best and loved. The speaker is not like ordinary speakers, and its handsome design goes well everywhere.

Talking about the performance of the speaker, we can say that this speaker provides the best sound quality. Also, there is no distortion or disturbance in the sound, the speaker delivers a very clear and fine sound.

Contrary to the size, the battery of this speaker is very powerful and long. The battery life is around 10 hours of playtime. Another very great feature of this speaker is that it comes with a built-in power bank that helps you to fastly charge the speaker.

Lastly, the noise cancellation system helps you to have the best quality conference calls.

  • Best for traveling
  • Comes with a charging cord
  • Portable
  • Don’t have a deep bass
  • It is not waterproof
Harman Kardon Go+Play Mini 2

Harman Kardon Go+Play Mini 2

  • This speaker enables you to charge your phone or other devices with it
  • It features a stainless steel handle
  • The speaker also enable the dual-microphone conferencing system
  • It goes well with the décor of your room

Finding a speaker that can charge your tabs or smartphones with a USB port is hard. This Go + Play Mini speaker allows you to charge your smart devices without having to worry about the battery of the speaker.

This speaker has the best Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that supports up to 8 hours of playtime. Being able to listen to music for 8 hours and to charge other devices is what makes this speaker able to stand in the list of best speakers.

Coming towards the performance and sound quality of the speaker, you can connect two Harman Kardon Wireless Dual Sound enabled speakers to uplift your music listening experience. You can also connect three smart devices with the speaker wirelessly.

You can have the best quality calls with the help of this speaker. The human nose and echo canceling, along with the canceling of the surrounding noise enable you to have premium quality calls.

The design of the speaker is very simple yet efficient. There are three to four ports or plugs, which are not visible. The speaker is made of premium quality material and is loved by everyone. The speaker is very simple to set up with the help of the buttons. Know more about it by reading the pros and cons.

  • Lively design
  • Additional Bass
  • Excellent quality sound
  • The size is too large
  • Take time to charge fully
Harman Kardon Allure VoiceActivated Speaker

Harman Kardon Allure VoiceActivated Speaker

  • This speaker is enabled with Alexa Voice service
  • It can recognize far voices
  • This speaker also includes 360 Degree LED light in it
  • The speaker includes a built-in 4 microphone array

Thanks to Alexa, now our daily life tasks have become so easy. With the help of this speaker, you can ask for anything from Alexa. The built-in 4 microphone arrays allow Alexa to understand the task, even if there is some noise or disturbance in the background.

The speaker even can recognize voices from distance. So you can give Alexa commands from any corner of the room and she will act on it. Isn’t it too amazing? Some other features of this Allure Speaker include its 3.5-inch high-performance subwoofer that spreads the music in all directions uniformly.

The speaker also includes LED lights, these lights are used to give you alerts or information about the speaker. The three tweeters that are around 1.5 inches in size are positioned to deliver the best and distortion-free audio anywhere.

With the help of efficient design and structuring, you will be able to enjoy the songs to their fullest. The wireless Bluetooth streaming allows you to listen to music for hours without any worries.

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Excellent Design
  • Powerful Bass
  • A bit expensive
Harman Kardon Neo

Harman Kardon Neo

  • It is small enough to fit in your hand
  • The speaker provides 10 hours of playtime
  • It is Bluetooth enabled
  • The waterproof feature makes this speaker best for outdoor

The size and look of the speaker are enough to convince many people to get it as soon as possible. The size of the speaker is small enough to fit it inside a pocket. The speaker comes with a little strap, so you can attach it to your backpack. The weight of the speaker is too light to feel anything.

Being waterproof this speaker doesn’t require much care during the rainy season. You can enjoy a long walk in the rain while listening to high-quality music by this palm-sized speaker.

Even if the size is small the features provided by this speaker give tough competition to the features offered by the huge speakers. Being Bluetooth enabled, you can connect it with any of your smart devices and can enjoy music continuously for 10 hours.

The battery life of this speaker is the best. 1 Lithium-ion battery is super-fast to charge and last longer than you think. Just with the help of pressing one button, you can attend calls with its echo-canceling speakerphone feature.

To conclude we can say that the design and sound quality of the speaker are as heavenly as they can be. Being easy to carry this speaker makes it the best for all.

  • Take only 3 hours to get fully charged
  • Available in striking colors
  • Affordable
  • Bass is not so impressive

Harman Kardon Speaker Buyer’s Guide:

Many people consider speakers as nothing more than just another harmless home entertainment device. This is what leads most of them to randomly buy a speaker, not thinking much about how it can be suitable or not suitable for their usage and needs.

The truth is, buying the wrong speakers can actually be a disaster that you would not want to face. It can ruin the purpose of that speaker and can also cause a lot of issues to its working.

Also, if a speaker does not suit the space you put it in, it can cause damage to your ears and may end up damaged because of staying unused for long. It is important to mention that all of the speakers given above (and any other that you may buy) comes with considerable price tags.

We don’t want you going out to buy a speaker for the first time and ending up with all your money lost. You may think that you are wise enough to assess how useful or useless your speaker is even without an expert guiding you and you can be completely right about this.

However, it is always better to have a full-fledged and clear-cut list of things that you need to check every speaker for no matter how economical it looks to you. Can’t make a list like that on your own? Don’t worry because what else are we here for?

We have carefully worked with speakers and assessed all our top picks from every angle practically. After a detailed analysis, we were able to chalk out some special features that, when looked at, can define whether or not a speaker is good for you.

Given below are all those features that will act as a buyer’s guide for you whenever you head out to invest in a good speaker. So without further ado, let us get into this:

Speaker’s Setup Size

small size harman kardon speaker

Okay, this is probably the most important and yet the most underrated feature people bother about when buying a speaker. For sure, bigger speakers with a luxury look can make everyone’s heart skip a beat. You may even someone work out some space for these in your already filled-up room.

But the question is, are these even worth it if they don’t go along your space’s size? The answer is NO. You cannot expect a huge speaker with a very high working capability to work as well in a small room as it would in a bigger hall.

The reason for this is simple. Bigger speakers are meant for bigger spaces, where they can broadcast the sound all over the place. When they use the same power to spread the sound in a smaller place, the waves reflect multiple times because of the barriers everywhere.

This makes the sound quality way distorted and annoying than one expects from an average-quality speaker. Hence, you need to make sure that the speaker system you buy is perfect in size for the kind of room you are going to put them in for most of the time.


Depending upon the area you are using the speaker in and the purpose for which these speakers are going to be used, you would need the setup to produce a specific level of sound. You may need very shrill and shallower frequency if you are investing in a speaker to put it inside your room.

On the other hand, speakers that you need for parties and weddings are needed to produce high-frequency and thick, bass-like sounds so that they reach everyone present in bigger gatherings. The decision of what kind of sound would be produced by a speaker relies on its frequency.

It is important for you to check a speaker’s frequency range and whether it is adjustable or not before you invest in it. Once you get a numeric range for the device’s frequency, use the internet to check if this is the frequency that would suit your purpose the most.

Only when the frequency needed equates to the frequency produced by the speaker is that you can expect the device to work at its best for you. If you can’t decide your purpose of using the speaker at the time of buying, you can either go for a speaker that offers an adjustable frequency range or has a range laying somewhere in neutrals.


If you understand the mechanics of sounds, you would surely know that the frequency of a speaker has little to do with its loudness and more with the kind of sound that it produces. Then what can you do to look for a louder speaker?

Well, for that you need to look at the speaker’s ability to convert the available power into energy. The higher it is, the louder would the sound produced by the speaker. This ability is often defined as the power ability or the sensitivity range of a speaker.

You need to ask the vendor for it because most of the time speakers’ packaging makes no mention of it. This is because people mistake this volume sensitivity for the sensitivity of a speaker’s built and refuse to invest in a speaker that has a lower sensitivity.

Glad that you are clear on this one? Well, you are always welcome!

Power Handling / Wattage

The wattage of a speaker is a simple feature but is important for a buyer to know about before they make any investment at all. The wattage refers to the minimum power that a speaker needs to work on its preset sensitivity range.

Knowing the power wattage that a speaker requires is important because you can otherwise buy a speaker with a power handling that your home’s sockets cannot supply to it. This not only results in an unworkable speaker setup but can also cause severe damage to your home’s circuits if not taken care of properly.

Speaker’s Material

transparent harman kardon speaker

You may compromise on how your speaker system looks at the first glance. You can even make a compromise on its colors and a little bit of compromise on its size. But one thing that you cannot and should NEVER compromise on is the speaker’s body material.

People now like to put their speakers out in open. You can see the most expensive speaker systems places outside cafes, in lawns, and in farmhouses. The question is, do they rush to move these every time the sun gets a little too harsh, or when the wind comes along dust and shopping bags flying high because of it?

Well, no they mostly don’t. Rather they just cover their speakers and let them stay in their place. The reason for such a relaxed response is that they know about their speaker’s durability and ability to cope up with intense weather.

This durability is defined by the speaker’s material. You can find speakers made from a wide range of materials including metals, brass, wood, aluminum, steel, and whatnot. How can you decide what’s best for you?

Well, that is easy. First, decide where you are going to put your speakers for most of the time. Then, look at the kind of weather that the speakers will be exposed to most of the time at that place. Then, search a bit on what kind of material can endure that weather easily.

Only after you answer all these questions is when you can go out to buy a speaker that fits your needs the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Harman Kardon better than Bose?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of features you need the most in a speaker and what you prefer investing in. Realistically speaking, both these brands are quite the giants in the industry and the products produced by both of these are sure to pass the quality test.

However, you might feel like preferring the speakers made by one of these brands over those made by the other because of price or body style. Overall, it can be said that what speaker you would refer to as the better one depends on what you are looking for in your speaker.

How to connect Harman Kardon speakers to computer and TV?

You can very easily connect any speaker with your TV or computer and sometimes even with your mobile devices. The way to make this connection depends on the kind of speaker you own. Some of these speakers can be connected to other devices through Bluetooth.

Others come with a connectivity cord that is inserted in the speaker from one end and attached to the device from the other end. For some speakers, you need to purchase a connectivity cord on your own, depending upon the device type that you look forward to attaching to it.

Lastly, there are very few modern, smart-technology speakers that can be connected to any device through a smartphone app or sync method. You can see what suits your needs the best and can go for it.

How to pair two Harman Kardon speakers?

Connecting two Harman Kardon speakers is very easy and can come in handy whenever you want an amplified sound effect. All you need to know is the basic setup for the speakers. Almost every Harman Kardon speaker has built-in Bluetooth that you can use to connect it with another speaker.

Go to settings and select the dual audio option. Then, depending upon the kind of speaker models you are working with, you will be presented with different options to make the connection. Choose the one that works best for your speaker’s kind.

If the connection is not made the right way, try making the connection again and you will definitely succeed.

How to update Harman Kardon firmware?

Updating your Harman speaker’s firmware whenever there is an update available is necessary. It helps the speaker function well and deliver its best. If left ignored, your speaker’s functioning is likely to deteriorate over time. Depending upon the kind of speaker you own, the updating mechanism can be a bit different.

However, commonly, you need to download the newer version of the software and then run, while controlling the entire process from downloading to running via a device with which your speakers have been connected.

How many Harman Kardon speakers can I connect with one another at a time?

A generic answer would be 2 only. However, many people are now coming with independent applications and paid software that can allow one to connect as many speakers at a time as they want.

Even when this is something not usually required for regular users, DJs and other concert-related personnel are demanding the brands to come up with versatile solutions for easy connectivity.


playing music on harman kardon speaker

Buying a Harman Kardon speaker can be a little tricky especially if you do not have any experience of this kind of shopping at all. The options discussed above are almost perfect for everyone’s needs. However, you can easily go about exploring and then investing in any other option if you like to.

Keeping a full list that can act as your buying guide with you all the time can help you make the best purchase decision. However, no matter how good is the speaker you invest in, you always have to make sure that you take good care of it.

Only when you take care and keep on updating such devices regularly is that you can expect them to last long and perform at their best. Good luck enjoying your new speakers!


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