You have to be living under a rock to think that backpacks are out of fashion. Times have been changing drastically and so are the trends, thus bringing the old-school charm of backpacks back in vogue. Other than taking them along to schools and hiking trips, people are now buying backpacks for a number of reasons.

Some take them to gyms, others wear them at sports events, while many simply like wearing these for the sake of making a fashion statement. Backpacks are not just a way to look cool but are also extremely useful for when you have to travel or take out a considerable amount of belonging with you.

One reason behind the popularity of this kind of bag among traveling circles is the ease with which these can be carried along. Whether you are riding a bike or are walking off-road, no bag can ever be as comfortable and easy to take along as these backpacks.

Another thing that makes these bags so loved is their ability to store a lot of your stuff very safely. Most of these bags are made up of the sturdiest material that is both waterproof and very lightweight, making it easier for people to carry heavy weights on their way to an adventure.

Best Jordan Backpack

The manufacturers were quick enough to notice the demand for backpacks and, thus, are constantly coming up with newer and better versions of these storage pieces every other day. If you have not considered investing in a backpack as of now, it is high time you do.

Chances are, you would get confused about the backpack you should buy with almost every luxury brand making millions of these every year. This is why we have compiled this list of some of our favorite, multi-purpose backpacks that can suit a wide range of purposes.

Whether you are a student, a professional backpacker, or are simply looking for a backpack to take to your workplace, this article can help you pick your bag. Given below are some of the best Jordan backpacks by Nike with all their notable features, pros, and cons.

Reading these reviews will surely help you decide which is the perfect Jordan backpack for you and will clarify whether or not you should be investing in it.

Fabric Type
Artificial Leather
Nike Air Jordan Jumpman Backpack

Nike Air Jordan Jumpman Backpack

  • It is made up of 100% Polyester
  • The cushioning material placed at the back ensures comfort
  • It offers side pockets for easy access to constantly needed stuff
  • The backpack is waterproof and made up of quick-dry material

For most backpackers, the material of the bag is a serious concern. They want their backpack to look good while offering extreme durability and not weighing a lot. If you are guilty of being this demanding from a thing as simple as a backpack too, then this Nike Air Jordan Jumpman Backpack could be worth a try.

With Nike being one of the most popular and reliable brands all over the world, there should not be a single doubt on the quality of the backpacks they offer. Keeping the manufacturer in view, this one could be a good shot too.

This backpack comes with adjustable shoulder straps that make it really convenient and useful. The capacity is large enough, making it the best travel backpack for hikers and mountaineers. You can easily carry almost all your travel-necessary items in this amazing backpack without having to worry about it not bearing the weight.

Not only this Jordan backpack is very stylish, but it is also very strong. The bag comes in a laptop-style as well as a backpack holding with laptop sleeves. This is another feature that makes it a very convenient bag for both travelers and office workers.

When you look at it, don’t miss out on its front design that is an example of simplicity and class. Considering the capacity of this bag, you can easily bring it to your use whether you are a student, an office worker, or a traveler. Since this bag is Unisex, everyone can use it.

  • Precise and fine stitching
  • Enhanced design with a vibrant logo
  • Durable and smooth zips
  • Available in one size only
  • Straps’ stitching may weaken quickly
Nike Air Jordan Men's Diamond Backpack

Nike Air Jordan Men’s Diamond Backpack

  • A lightweight and comfortable backpack
  • Made up of 100% polyester
  • Sturdy, quick-dry, and absorbent outer material
  • Comes with one side pocket

Who said you need separate bags to take to the gym, sports, school, office, and for traveling? Here is a Nike bag that you can take along literally anywhere you want. It is a stylish and well-designed backpack, attracting everyone’s attention towards you when you take it out.

Looking at the features of this product that made us rank it as the best Jordan Backpack, its quick dry and absorbent material is the most noteworthy. Made out of 100% Polyester, this bag can easily soak up water and other liquids that it is exposed to, hence protecting the stuff inside.

The bag comes in a beautiful red color, making it easier for you to spot it in a heap of bags. The zip closure provides further safety to the stuff you pack inside this large capacity backpack, making it very safe for when you want to take it off-road for adventures.

Thanks to its straps, bikers can easily carry it while riding the bike. The bag has a sporty style, making it useful when you need one for your practice session too. There is an open pocket at one side of the bag, so the backpackers can put their essentials right where they can easily reach them.

Let us now have a look at some pros and cons of this backpack.

  • Laptop sleeve
  • Reflective Loop
  • Zip closure
  • The color may fade in severe sunlight
  • Available in one size only
  • Not a unisex bag
Nike Jordan Air Patrol Backpack

Nike Jordan Air Patrol Backpack

  • It offers multiple compartments
  • The cushioning in the straps make it comfortable
  • The heavy-duty fabric makes it durable
  • Easy to handle

Being organized is one of the habits of successful people. If you are one such organized peep, chances are, you might be looking for a bag with compartments to individually sort and store your stuff. Guess what your search has ended here.

This Nike Jordan Air Patrol Backpack comes with different compartments for easy storage of the stuff. There is a front zipper pocket, bag wall organizer, and various other segments between the bag that can help you store separate items in separate compartments, easing your reach to them at times of need.

This backpack also comes with a padded laptop sleeve that ensures the safety of your electronic devices. This laptop pocket is big enough for you to store stuff like chargers, power banks, and headphones alongside a medium-sized laptop too. The maximum capacity of this pocket is 17 inches.

Coming towards to interior of this Nike backpack, there is quite a lot of space for you to put in whatever you want. Almost all the features of this backpack make it great best for travelers and hikers, who can easily carry it wherever they want.

Being light in color, this bag requires a little care while washing and when out in extreme weather. Make sure you store it in shade and never dry it under direct sunlight for a very long time.

The usage of 100% Polyester in the making of this backpack ensures extreme durability of the backpack, making it last longer. Additionally, this bag has been stitched very finely, thus preventing it from easily ripping and tearing. The bag comes in a unisex style and is therefore perfect for everyone.

  • Side pockets
  • Zip closure that ensures the safety
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Very appropriate size
  • Light color can make it look untidy
  • So many compartments make it look a little more stuffed than it is
Nike Air Jordan Fluid Backpack

Nike Air Jordan Fluid Backpack

  • This backpack comes with 2 side pockets
  • The shoulder straps are thickly padded to help prevent uneasiness
  • There is a fully padded back panel
  • The bag features a metal Jump man logo on its front

Next on our list is this Jordan backpack that comes with a lot of those amazing features that many look for in a bag. Everything, from the selection of the cloth to the final touching on the bag’s front, exudes mastery of craft and makes the bag look decent and trendy at the same time.

On its inside, the bag features a spaciously large main compartment, with zip closure. This main storage area is roomy enough to easily fit all the essential stuff inside. The smaller outer pockets are also deep to carry considerable stuff, making this backpack best for when you are traveling.

Thankfully, this bag provides the user with a lot of comfort in a number of ways. There are padded shoulders, thick and soft enough to ease wearing this bag at your back for a longer time. Another feature that adds more to this comfort is the thick padding at the back panel of the backpack.

Without weighing too much, these paddings give a lot of comfort to your back and make this backpack great for those with minor back discomfort and uneasiness. The 100% Polyester material used in the manufacturing of a backpack makes it durable and worth all the money you spend on it.

The 17 inches shoulder strap eases customizable wearing, making it easier for you to wear this bag however you want. Convinced enough to start thinking of buying it? Go ahead, but make sure to have a look at its pros and cons here below:

  • Extremely spacious
  • The smartly decent overall look
  • Durable zip closures
  • For some, the size of the bag is a bit large
  • Expensive when compared with other backpacks on the list
Nike Air Jordan Retro 13 Backpack

Nike Air Jordan Retro 13 Backpack

  • The backpack’s zipper side compartments can hold enough stuff
  • It comes with 17 inches padded sleeves that can hold a laptop
  • The detailing on the front is really attractive
  • It is made up of a really reliable mixture of poly-materials

This Jordan backpack is made up of polyurethane on its outside and Polythene on the inside. The front part of the backpack has a design with holes all over. This design aims to provide homage to the classic AJ13 design.

The size of the backpack is just perfect. You can fit all your essential traveling items inside this backpack. People who have used this backpack say that it is best for sportsmen or gym lovers, as the capacity of the bag allows them to carry all their essentials easily.

The interior zipper allows the person to keep all the stuff organized. Both males and females can use this bag to carry their luggage. The fabric doesn’t allow the water and other liquids to ruin the stuff as well as the look of the bag.

One can even keep the wet shoes up to size 15 in the backpack’s side compartment without having to worry about the cleanliness of the bag.

  • Lovely Retro 13 design
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Two Different Sizes
  • Extremely commodious
  • It is a little bulky and can be a bad choice on camping and group hikes
  • The texture is not liked by many
  • A bit heavy
Nike Jordan Urbana Backpack

Nike Jordan Urbana Backpack

  • It is made up of 100% original Polyester and leather
  • The front zip pocket provides easy to access feature
  • It includes a wall organizer in the main compartment
  • The adjustable shoulder strap makes it comfortable

If you can afford to spend some of your savings on a backpack and are a regular off-road traveler, this backpack could be for you. Having an adjustable shoulder strap, the first impression of this backpack is that it is really convenient and beneficial.

The spacious capacity of this backpack is another thing that made us rank it as the best Jordan backpack. Coming in an attractive and stylish body style, this backpack looks very unique and is good enough to be taken along on a range of occasions, including when you want to make a style statement.

The padded shoulder straps add the element of comfort to the backpack. There is a padded back cushion that is ventilated to keep away the sweatiness and maintain hygiene while keeping you cool and comfortable.

The front zip pocket offers good access to your essential items like sanitizer, keys, and ID card. The special pocket for the laptop can carry all your 15-inch electronic devices and is wide enough for you to fit in some other gadgets as well.

The durable leather is waterproof, thus helping repel and absorb water easily. The quality and texture of the backpack are really nice. People, who have a lot of stuff to carry, can find this backpack enough for longer adventures.

The backpack has been stitched very precisely with the finest thread that adds more to both its strength and its overall look. Have a look at some pros and cons of this amazing backpack.

  • High-quality fabric
  • Long life
  • Organizers to keep stuff at the place
  • No water pocket
  • Pretty expensive
Nike Air Jordan Retro 3 III White Backpack Bookbag

Nike Air Jordan Retro 3 III White Backpack Bookbag

  • The white, fire red color makes it attractive
  • It features metal eyelets that pay homage to the Air Jordan 3
  • The three interior slip pockets make it spacious
  • It also includes a 15-inch laptop sleeve to keep electronic devices

Having a texture that can absorb water easily, Nike Air Jordan Retro 3 III White Backpack Bookbag is one of the best backpacks to have. The outer material is made up of artificial leather with zip closure to ensure safety as well as durability.

The backpack is strong enough to carry all your stuff. The shoulder straps are stitched efficiently, so they are less likely to break and scratch. The bottom also includes a dual zip portion, so that you can store your shoes without having to let them dirty the rest of your stuff.

The ultra-padded shoulder strap makes the carrying of the backpack super comfortable. The exterior of the backpack features signature details from the classic AJ3. The front portion of the backpack is really cool and good enough to make your backpack a sight to behold among others.

Being unisex, this backpack can be used and brought by anyone. Thanks to its sturdy body, you can share it with a friend and a family member without worrying at all.

Overall, this product could be called the best Jordan backpack because of its ability to carry a lot of stuff, its stylish looks, and its comfortable wear-ability. It might be so spacious that you would still have a lot of space left empty even when you are all done with the packing.

Sounds good, right? Let us look at some pros and cons of this bag here below.

  • Multiple zip compartments
  • Cool design
  • Amazing texture
  • No side pockets
  • The light color makes it look untidy

Jordan Backpack Buyer’s Guide

Jordan Backpack Buying Guidejpg

As we have already discussed above, there are millions of backpacks available in the markets. Out of these millions, thousands, or hundreds can catch your attention. However, not all backpacks would be worth an investment. Even when a backpack looks promising, there are a lot of intricate details and aspects that may lessen the value of an apparently good backpack for you.

This explains why you need to consider and evaluate every backpack’s features carefully before you settle for one. If you are going for an expensive and branded or high-end backpack, chances are it would be a lifetime kind of investment for you. This makes it important for you to make your purchase very carefully.

Given below are some simple features that you should always evaluate a backpack for before you seal the deal with the seller. Following this buying guide will not only make it easier for you to decide between lots of backpack options but will also help you in making the best decision. So, let get into it:

Purpose of Purchase

Knowing why you exactly need a backpack is a great thing, to begin with. Makers are constantly improving their standards to come up with backpacks that can fulfill individual needs. This is why we have a lot of backpack types to choose from.

If you are a day-traveler, hiker, student, or need a backpack for minimal and generic needs, going for a simple day backpack is the best idea. However, for cases when you’re going out mountaineering or want to stay at the site of adventure for longer, you must invest in a specialized internal frame backpack.

There are also some external frame backpacks that you can consider buying if your backpacking experiences are only limited to walking and hiking and you would, otherwise, never be using the backpack.


Another important feature to look for in a backpack is the capacity of carrying it offers. Investing a hefty sum of money, you would never want to carry half of your stuff on your shoulders with a small backpack at your back.

This is why you need to consider the amount of stuff the backpack can easily carry inside. If you want to take a lot of gadgets along, checking the backpack for separate laptop sleeves is a good idea too.


You need to check two different aspects of a backpack in terms of weight. Firstly, it’s important to see the amount of load a backpack can carry. You shouldn’t buy a backpack if the average stuff you carry along weighs more, or even equal to, the amount of weight a backpack has been designed to carry.

Always go for a backpack that can carry at least a Kilogram more than the weight you would require it to carry. This helps to keep the bag safe in case you have to put in extra stuff on your way or if the bag’s weight increases by soaking the rainwater. Another aspect to check here is the weight of the backpack itself.

You would never want to buy a bag that is heavy enough itself. Rather, go for a very lightweight backpack that does not even feel like being at your back when empty.

Straps and Back

The straps and the inner back of any backpack are the features that define its comfort the most. It is always advisable to go for adjustable straps. See if you want a single strap or a double one. Also, always look for the padding at the inner back and on the straps.

The padding ensures softness and does not make you feel like you are carrying something very harsh. When looking for padding, also consider if it is soft enough to help or is just adding more to the weight of the backpack.


Another important feature of a backpack is its compartmentalization. Going for a compartmentalized backpack is a good option if you think that you need all your stuff sorted separately inside the backpack.

However, many don’t like a small barrier dividing their backpack’s interior into different sections, and compartmentalization in bags for such people means chaos. You must always check a backpack for the number of sleeves, compartments, and side pockets before investing in it.

Zip closure

The safety of your stuff inside the backpack should always be your foremost priority. This is why checking if a backpack comes with a zip enclosure is very important. You may also check the side pockets and sleeves of the backpack for zip closure if you feel the need for it.


A backpack is not always a necessity that you need to buy in the highest possible quality. While most expensive backpacks are also sturdy and long-lasting, you don’t have to put a lot of stress on your pocket.

Instead, it is better to make a little compromise on the sturdiness or any other feature that you think is not important. You must always go for a backpack that suits your budget. Another feature to consider is the extent of use. It would not be wise to spend on a backpack that you won’t be using more than once or twice a year.

Other than looking for these features, trying out the backpack before buying, checking its warranty and return policies, as well as its resistance against water and detergents, could be a good way to ensure your purchase’s perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What has torso fit got to do with a backpack?

Having a good idea about your torso size can help you pick a backpack that would fit you perfectly. Most of the backpacks are either adjustable or come with a universal torso size. In case you can’t measure your torso perfectly, going for the latter is a good idea.

What kind of backpack material is the best?

This depends on a lot of factors. For starters, try deciding the purpose for which you are buying a backpack. Also, figuring out where you’d take your backpack with you is a good way to determine the situations it would face.

Most backpacks are made up of 100% polyester and are generally suitable for a range of environments. You can also go for a leather backpack if you want but it requires way more care than the former. Summing it up, the kind of material that would suit you the best depends upon what you need from your backpack and how you would be treating it.

Why does my back hurt after carrying a backpack?

There could be several reasons to explain your back pain. If carrying your backpack hurts, it is better to check if it is way too heavy or if the straps are not fitting you perfectly. Also, see if the inner back is padded and the straps sit softly on your shoulders.

If you see a problem here, get it fixed before you use your backpack the next time. Another reason could be your body’s weakness or a problem in your back. In this case, going for a medical consultation should be your first step. Also, stop using that backpack immediately until your problem is not solved.

How often should I wash my backpack?

Dry cleaning or washing your backpack is a relative decision and hardly ever depends on the type of backpack itself. Lightly colored backpacks require more washing and cleaning than black ones. Also, you may need to wash or get it cleaned differently depending on how often you use your backpack.


Backpacks can be of use in several ways. Thus, make sure the one you invest in is long-lasting, sturdy, and meets most of your needs perfectly. We hope that the above list would have helped you decide on the best Jordan backpack that you can invest in.

If not, there are a lot of other backpacks waiting out for you. You must carry out some research and consider all the necessary features before investing in a backpack of your choice. Lastly, make sure that you are taking good care of your backpacks and using them in the best possible way.

Keeping their cleanliness as your foremost priority is an important way to help you make the best use of your backpacks anywhere you want.


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