Do you think that your bartenders are free pouring crimson liquid accurately? You may think that you are doing it the right way. You might also feel like you can make a perfect drink by tailoring it according to customers’ tastes and strengths by using free pour. But trust me, you are not!

Free pouring often leads to spillage and over-pouring – the most common problem in a restaurant, night club, or bar. The good news is measured liquor pourers are, although small but are the bar industry’s backbone. These essentials are not often deemed necessary.

Best Measured Liquor Pourers

But guess what, these best measured liquor pourers are the unsung heroes behind every delicious and classic cocktail. They help you to pour liquor quickly, precisely, and without any spills. Plus, it allows you to pour more alcohol per bottle.

Moreover, liquor pourers are useful and affordable, and they enable the bartenders to pour the wine consistently. Since you know it is a must-have, you might be wondering which measured liquor pourers to choose.

Do not worry! We have done all the research and isolated the top ten measured liquor pourers for you.

So let’s take a closer look at each of them.

10 Best Measured Liquor Pourers

Liquor Pourers
12 pack
3 pack
3 pack
12 pack
12 pack
3 pack
12 pack
12 pack
3 pack
6 pack
Tiger Chef Measured Liquor Pourer

Tiger Chef Measured Liquor Pourer

  • Innovative design
  • Comes in a pack of twelve
  • Ideal for all bottles
  • Safe and environmental-friendly
  • Offers money-back guarantee

It is necessary to have the right and affordable essentials to run your bar. Tiger Chef’s measured liquor bottle pourers are a great product for making cocktails that require various alcohols.

What’s more: it is made from hard plastic and has graduated fins on its neck. Moreover, its innovative design allows you to fit it on almost every standard liquor bottle. Plus, it serves as a drip stopper too.

There’s more! These pourers available in the pack of twelve perfectly measure the liquor quantity, and each color will measure the different amounts.

Furthermore, these environmentally-friendly and safe pourers offer accurate and fast pours. Surprisingly enough, many people mentioned that it leaks; however, to resolve this problem, the only solution is to sufficiently snap the pourer into the bottle.

Moreover, other users reviewed that it does measure perfectly.

But guess what? The solution to this problem is to prime the pourer before using it. Plus, several reviewers also mentioned that you have to hold this bottle at a 45-degree angle to work perfectly.

Not to mention, Tiger Chef offers a money-back guarantee if, somehow, you are not satisfied with the product. Furthermore, they are straightforward to clean and store when not in use.

  • Fast and accurate pours
  • Fits on every liquor bottle
  • Fit tightly on the bottle
  • Easy to clean
  • Drip stopper and pourer combo
  • It might pour some beverages inconsistently
  • Have to set a bottle at a certain angle to give the same measurements every time
AmeriPour Measured Liquor Bottle Pourers

AmeriPour Measured Liquor Bottle Pourers

  • 100% USA made
  • High-quality product
  • Ideal for 750 ml bottles
  • Comes in a pack of three

These little liquor pourers will give you the perfect shot of your favorite booze every time. These 100% American manufactured pourer consist of three ball bearings to give out the exact amount of wine, spirits, or liquor each time.

However, many users complained that it does not measure accurately sometimes.

But that’s not all! This product is made from high-quality virgin plastic that will not dissolve in alcohol. Unlike other cheap liquor pourers, this product is free from cracks, leaks, and glue.

Moreover, AmeriPour delivers fast, consistent, accurate, and precise pour every time you use it. Thus, this stellarly built product increases efficiency and makes the bartender’s job easy.

Do you know what’s more impressive? Users experience that they always get an average of two to four extra drinks per bottle whenever they use this spout. Thus, it will help you in increasing bar profits.

What’s more, it fits snuggly on every 750 ml wine and liquor bottle. Hence, it ensures to pour the exact amount of liquid to each customer. Furthermore, to get the perfect pour, you must insert the pourer down the bottle and tilt the bottle vertically to function correctly.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Delivers fast and consistent pour
  • Top-notch material
  • Fits tightly
  • Increase bar profits
  • It might pour some beverages inconsistently
  • May not measure accurately sometimes
Linall Automatic Measure Liquor Pourers

Linall Automatic Measure Liquor Pourers

  • Top-quality material
  • Offers money-back guarantee
  • Fits tightly on 15 to 20 mm bottles
  • Effortless pouring
  • Durable

Do you want your shots to taste precisely the same? This automatic measure liquor pourer will help you create the same shots. Besides duplicating splendid shots, this one-ounce pourer effortlessly reduces spills and over-pouring. Thus, it helps to save an extra two to four drinks per bottle.

What’s more: the product is made up of a durable virgin plastic material. Plus, its new and upgraded design without the collar serves as a wine stopper and pourer. Furthermore, this liquor spout can snugly fit on liquor bottles with a diameter of about 15 to 20 mm.

But you know what else? You can use these pourers to pour oils, syrups, and juice.

But remember: these pourers will not show accurate measurements if you use them with water. Moreover, this product is very easy-to-use. Before using this product, soak it in warm soapy water for five minutes and rinse it thoroughly.

If the pourer is completely dried, damp it up slightly and shake the steel balls loose before fitting it inside the bottle.

Now prime it up by holding your finger over the pourer and quickly turning the bottle over. It’s time to pour the booze! When pouring, make sure to turn the bottle to a 45 to 60-degree angle.

That’s not all: Linall offers a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product for some reason, you can return the product without explanations.

  • Straightforward to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Seals perfectly
  • No wastage and over-pouring
  • Pours other beverages besides liquor
  • Might not fit on half-gallon bottles
  • Measurements might fluctuate
Miranor Measured Liquor Pourer

Miranor Measured Liquor Pourer

  • High-quality material
  • Fits on standard 750 ml bottles
  • Comes in a pack of twelve
  • Designed explicitly for spirits, wine, and alcohol

Want to have fun experimenting with new drinks? These easy-to-install and well-made pourers give consistent pours that will help create delicious drinks. Moreover, these fantastic pourers keep drinks accurate.

What’s more: these spouts are made up of durable virgin food-grade plastic that will not dissolve in alcohol. Plus, these pourers are specifically manufactured to pour spirits, wine, and alcohol only.

Furthermore, this product will fit perfectly on standard 750 ml liquor and wine bottles. Thus, guaranteeing you that it will provide accurate measurements of the liquid.

That’s not all! These spouts are relatively easy to clean. You have to soak it in warm soapy water for about five to six minutes, and then rinse with cold water. After washing, insert it in the bottle when the pourer is a little damp.

Moreover, it is necessary to prime the bottle before use. Plus, don’t forget to incline the bottle at 45 to 60-degrees to get accurate and consistent pours.

  • Easy-to-install
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Seals perfectly
  • Measures accurately
  • Might leak
  • Only pour liquors and alcohols
Winco Measured Liquor Pourers

Winco Measured Liquor Pourers

  • Fits all standard-sized bottles
  • Comes in a pack of twelve
  • 5-ounce pourers
  • Easy-to-use

These pourers work fine for what they are designed to do. Plus, they give a nice look to your bottles. What’s more, this hard plastic pourer has graduated fins on its neck to prevent leakage.

Furthermore, it perfectly fits all standard liquor bottles. Surprisingly enough, several users reviewed that it does not fit every bottle; thus, the pouring becomes inconsistent.

Plus, the users felt that the seal is not secure enough to be used on full bottles. The excessive pressure on the spout can cause too many spills, and it may pop out.

Besides that: these one-and-a-half-ounce pourers are fool-proof and user-friendly. These spouts let you get your job done by allowing you to pour measured content quickly.

Moreover, it helps you save money and prevents over-pouring – which can eat away your inventory.

  • Ideal for standard-sized bottles
  • Prevents over-pouring
  • User-friendly
  • Measures accurately
  • Might not fit securely on every bottle
  • Might not bear excessive pressure
Precision Pour Measured Pourers

Precision Pour Measured Pourers

  • Designed for extra-large bottle openings
  • Ideal for 1.75-liter bottles
  • Heavy cork spouts
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable
  • Use three ball-bearings

These USA manufactured Precision Pour heavy cork spouts are specifically designed to fit oversized bottle openings. These spouts are similar to their other spouts; however, the only difference is that they have extra-large fins on their stems.

What’s more: these heavy cork spouts fit snugly on all 1.75-liter bottles.

Guess what? These pourers will pay for themselves in only one bottle.

How? Because these spouts marvelously reduce over-pouring and spills. Thereby helping you or the bartenders to pour accurate shots without wasting a single drop.

Plus, it enables you to serve an extra two or four drinks per bottle. Thus, it controls your liquor inventory and helps you increase bar profits.

How are these measured liquor bottle pourers designed? Precision Pour does not use poly-carbonates. These durable, reliable, and accurate spouts are manufactured from virgin plastic, which will not dissolve in alcohol.

Since glue breaks down in alcohol, Precision Pour assembles its spouts using a locking system. Moreover, it uses three ball-bearings to pour smoothly, accurately, and fastly.

Oddly enough, these pourers do not come up with spout covers.

  • Dispenses the exact amount
  • Does not leak
  • Measure accurate liquor quantity
  • Increase bar profits
  • Controls liquor inventory
  • Might not fit patron bottles
  • Does not include spout covers
Tezzorio Measured Liquor Bottle Pourers

Tezzorio Measured Liquor Bottle Pourers

  • Top-quality and durable plastic
  • 5-ounce pourers
  • Consist of two ball-bearings
  • Besides liquor, works perfectly for oils, syrups, and juices
  • Comes in a pack of twelve

Are you looking for a spout that will perfectly pour your vodka, bourbon, or other liquor? You might love this yellowtail, and black collar measured liquor bottle pourer. This 1.5-ounce pourer is made of virgin food-grade plastic that is durable and will not rust.

What else? It has a clear spout and is suitable for almost all standard 750 ml bottles. However, these pourers do not fit large-mouth bottles of 1.75 liters like Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, Jose Cuervo Blue Agave, and Beefeater’s Gin.

Moreover, it consists of two ball bearings to deliver an accurate, smooth, and controlled pour.

Plus, like other pourers, this effortless pourer also reduces spills and over-pouring; therefore, it helps to save liquor that usually goes to waste.

That’s not all: they are effortless to clean. You only have to immerse spouts in warm, soapy water for 10 to 12 minutes and rinse them with cold water.

Not to mention: these accurate and consistent pourers will work best if you tilt the bottle at around 60-degrees. Furthermore, these pourers do not come with spout covers; thus, you have to keep them covered to prevent fruit flies from nose-diving into your liquors.

What’s more: these pourers are not for thick liquids, but they will work perfectly for all standard viscosity alcohols. Plus, these spouts work best for oils, syrups, and juices.

  • Ideal for 750 ml bottles
  • Accurate and consistent pours
  • Easy to clean
  • Straightforward usage
  • Reduce spills and over-pouring
  • Works best for oils, syrups, and juices
  • Not ideal for viscose liquids
  • Does not include spout covers
  • Does not fit large-mouth bottles
Keklle Automatic Measure Liquor Pourers

Keklle Automatic Measure Liquor Pourers

  • Ideal for bottles that have 20 mm openings
  • Might not last long
  • Pours accurately
  • Keeps inventory cost under-control
  • Do not offer a money-back guarantee
  • Comes in a pack of twelve

Do you want to have some booze without any mess? These black-collared automatic measured spouts are easy-to-use. It does not let you waste or over-pour liquid while pouring because it regulates the amount of content being dispensed.

What’s more: it helps to keep the cost of the inventory under control and offers precision pouring. Moreover, these easy-to-clean and easy-to-install pourers can fit into the bottle with an opening of about 20 mm.

What else: this product might not be as durable enough as the others. It might not last long and break easily. Furthermore, you can pour accurately at a fast or low speed. Surprisingly enough, many users have complained that it slightly dribbles when you finish pouring.

However, pouring requires mastering because this spout pours perfectly when you keep the bottle at the right angle.

Not to mention, this pourer also works best for pouring oils, syrups, juices, wines, etc. Plus, this manufacturing company does not offer a money-back guarantee.

  • Precision pouring
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Pour other liquids other than liquor
  • The product is not durable enough
  • Might slightly dribble
Bottles up Measured Liquor Bottle Pourers

Bottles up Measured Liquor Bottle Pourers

  • Made in the USA
  • Constructed from top-quality space-age plastics
  • Snugs tightly
  • Ideal for 375 ml bottles
  • Flexible corks with graduated fins
  • Comes in a pack of three

These USA-made pourers are manufactured from top-quality space-age plastics. Their high-quality material prevents these pourers from wear and tear and corrosion. Plus, they work pretty well with no sloppy pours or measuring.

What’s more, their corks are flexible and have graduated fins that fit snugly; thereby, assuring no chance of any leaks. Moreover, these pourers fit tightly and work best with 375 ml bottles.

What else? They will pour the exact shot fastly for you.

Oddly enough: you have to practice to pour the right amount. These pourers are not as easy as you think they are. You have to hold the bottle at the right angle, preferably at a 45-degrees angle, to get the exact one-ounce.

However, if you keep the bottle too horizontal, the beverage will dribble or will cause over-pouring. In contrast, if you keep the bottle too vertical, the pourer will stop pouring. So remember, pouring is the key!

Furthermore, like other measured pourers, these pourers are also easy to clean. You only have to soak them in warm soapy water and rinse them with cold water.

  • Sturdy material
  • Pours accurately
  • Leak-proof
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • It might pour inconsistently if the angle is not right
  • Not for large-size bottle openings
Bartender Gear Automatic Measure Liquor Pourers

Bartender Gear Automatic Measure Liquor Pourers

  • Ideal for bottles having 25 mm diameter
  • Includes bottle collar
  • Comes in a pack of six
  • Designed for Patron 750 ml, 1.75 liters, and half-gallon bottles

Do you want to get a grip on your inventory control? These functional and practical pour spouts are made up of high-quality plastic, and they are meant for 1.75 liters, Patron 750 ml, and half-gallon bottles.

What’s more: they come with an extra bottle collar that will help spouts fit snugly around the bottle openings.

Furthermore, these pours will fit perfectly on those bottles that have a 25 mm diameter opening. These poly cork fitted pour spouts will not work for Patron 1.75 ml. What else? These spouts control your inventory and do not allow any wastage.

Moreover, several users reviewed that it might not automatically stop the liquor. However, like other pourers, you need to keep your bottle at the right angle to function correctly.

  • Durable
  • No wastage and spills
  • Fits tightly
  • Controls inventory
  • Leak-proof
  • Might not automatically stop
  • Do not pour other liquids

Buyer’s Guide

Measured Liquor Pourers Buying Guide

Liquor pourers allow liquors and other mixed drinks to flow smoothly in catered events, pubs, restaurants, and bars. These different ounce capacities pourers enable you and the bartenders to measure the content accurately for cocktails and other mixed drinks.

But do you ever get stressed about finding the stellar measured liquor bottle pourers? We understand that the doubts might creep in, and the process of searching for the best one according to your requirements can become quite frustrating.

What else? You might have some questions as well. The only way to satisfy your thirst for knowledge is to collect information about the liquor pourers.

It is better to have all the information before buying a product for yourself. It will help you make a conscious decision. Before checking various factors, here are a few queries that might be running in your head.

Don’t worry! Our detailed answers will provide all the information you need.

Measured Liquor Pourers How Do They Work?

Several establishments are now using measured pour spouts because of their ample benefits. These measured pourers are cheap alternatives as compared to the other sky-high liquor control systems.

There are usually two types of pourers: regular ones and others are automatic.

How are they different? The regular liquor pourers have tiny vents in them that allow airflow. The air can pass back into the bottle via the small passageway while pouring the liquid from the spout. As a result, the beverage pours consistently and smoothly.

On the other hand: automatic measure liquor pourers automatically stop pouring the liquid when it has reached a certain amount.

In other words: these pourers automatically measure the alcohol’s amount poured into each drink. Moreover, these spouts use a ball-bearing system that usually blocks the liquor passageway.

How to Clean Liquor Pourers?

Liquor pourers are supposed to deliver an even, smooth pour. However, if the air openings get blocked, the pouring can become inconsistent.

Moreover, the pourer’s vents usually clog up, mainly if you use liquor with high sugar content. If you want your pourers to last longer, you need to keep them spic-and-span.

The cleaning process is relatively simple! All you have to do is soak your spouts in warm soapy water for about 15 to 20 minutes. To get that soapy water inside these pourers, shake them to deep-clean them. Finally, rinse them with cold water.

A crucial thing to remember is that you should never use boiling water, dishwashers, bleaches, and sanitizers.

How to Prime the Liquor Pourers?

Priming is essential because it prepares the pourer to pour the liquid consistently.

Do you think the process of priming is something difficult? Fortunately, it is straightforward to do. We have mentioned a few steps. Just follow them along to prime your spouts.

Easy, right? Your liquor pourer is now ready to pour! Moreover, make sure to keep your bottle at the right angle to pour the beverage consistently.

What are the Different Types of Liquor Pourers?

In a nightclub or a cocktail bar, you will find various measured liquor pourers according to preferences and operational needs. However, there are seven types of pour spouts, which are the most common.

Standard or Free-Flow Pourer

This kind of pourer is usually the best friend of bartenders who are always tied up in their work. Unlike other ball-bearing-containing spouts, these free-flow pourers allow the liquid to flow quickly and smoothly. Immediately quench the thirst of your patrons with those cocktails!

Screened Pourer

Are you worried about those fruit flies and other tiny flying insects dunking in your liquor? A screened pourer is all you need because it prevents all unwanted guests from getting inside your alcohol or liquor bottles. Moreover, they are essential for those people who have outdoor bars.

Tapered or Angled Pourer

A tapered pourer is also called an angled spout. It is the most preferred choice by several bar owners. It has a slim and long spout that allows the bartender to pour the liquor quickly and precisely.

Moreover, the angled pour spouts are accurate and deliver consistent and high flow-rate pours. This pourer is easy-to-clean, but the only problem is that it does not come with a cap.

Therefore, this spout style is quite susceptible to fruit flies and other tiny insects.

One-Piece Plastic Pourer

This inexpensive option is best if you have a home bar. For pouring accurately, you have to pour liquor at a right angle. Plus, these pourers require practice.

Therefore, these kinds of pourers might not be a good option for high-volume bars where you have to serve your patrons immediately.

What’s more: these pourers are available in different colors. If the bartenders have mastered pouring from these spouts, you can use each color to indicate the different prices or allocate a different colored spout per serving station.

Plus, these allocations will help you in putting back the bottles in the right place.

Measured Cut-off Pourer

These pourers help in controlling stocks and serving simple drinks. However, they are not suitable for cocktail services.

Why is that so? Because you need to follow the exact recipe to pour the right amount of liquids to make cocktails, and these pourers can be excessively restrictive. However, they are relatively useful for casual parties where you require untrained staff.

Metal Flap Pourer

These pourers are usually stainless steel liquor pourers. These pour spouts with flaps are perfect if you want to keep out bugs and debris.

Not to mention: many users reported that sometimes stickier and thicker spirits could stick to the flaps, and it might make the pouring slower.

Moreover, these stainless steel liquor pourers have two types of flaps. Some will automatically open when you tilt your bottle down, and for others, you have to open it with the help of your thumb manually.

Chromed Plastic Pourers

Several bartenders go for this pourer type because of how it controls the liquid and the way it looks. These pourers have large holes and large nozzles that pour beverages instantly.

What’s more: if you want to slow down the flow rate, all you have to do is cover the pourer’s breathing hole by placing your thumb.

Furthermore, these spouts are relatively easy to clean. However, they do not include a cap or a mechanism to keep away the bugs.

What are the Benefits of Measured Liquor Pourers?

Here are a few benefits that you might want to know before buying measured liquor pourers.

Beneficial for Customers

Several customers want their favorite drinks to be precisely the same. They neither want over-poured nor under-poured. Thus, the liquor pourers come in handy to create stellar drinks.

Improves Consistency and Speed

Measured liquor pourers measure the liquids instantly and allow the bartender to create delicious cocktails faster.

Moreover, maintaining the amount of liquor used in every drink can quickly maximize the number of drinks you can make from each alcohol or liquor bottle.

Reduce Wastage

Measured liquor pourers prevent wastage by minimizing over-pouring and spills. The spouts are designed in a way that they will dispense the exact quantity of alcohol in one go. Plus, it allows you to control the amount of alcohol poured and offers easy pouring.

Increases Extra Cash in Your Cash Register

Since measured spouts reduce spills and over-pouring, it saves two to four drinks per bottle. Thus, it allows you to serve more customers per bottle and helps you generate more revenue.

What’s more: these inexpensive measured spouts will pay for themselves in only one bottle.

A Stellar Way to Serve Liquor

The measured pourer makes it easy to figure out who had too much to drink. Serving cocktails is not a small responsibility.

You have to protect your staff, establishment, and your customers not only for your escalating business but because it is ethically right.

Besides this, there are things you should know before purchasing pourers. Things to check are:


It is essential to check the durability and the material used for manufacturing pourers because you do not want it to wear and tear or your pour spout falling apart after a few days of usage.

Plus, sturdiness and durability indicate how long the liquor pourer will work out for you. Therefore, check the material before buying because a durable material can withstand the toughest wear and tear.


The best liquor pourer is one that is versatile and can fit snugly on all bottles. Always look for those liquor pourers that can fit on almost all standard-size bottles. Thus, it will make pouring easier for you.

Moreover, several users prefer those pourers that allow the pouring of other liquids besides liquor. These liquids include oils, syrups, juices, wines, etc. You can opt for these spouts if you prefer versatility.

Easy Cleaning

The other crucial thing to consider is whether the pourers are easy to clean or not. Your bar tools should be squeaky clean and well-groomed.

Since bacteria can build up in nooks and crannies, you need pourers that are easily cleaned, especially those areas that come directly in contact with liquids.


You need those pourers that are easy-to-use, have an excellent flow rate, and deliver precision pours. Plus, they should be leak-proof and should not pop out if the liquid pressure increases.

Brand Value

Liquor pourers of every brand are somewhat unique. Each brand offers a special feature that sets them apart from one another. So before purchasing, check the spouts features that different brands bring to the table for their customers.

Product Quality

You do not always get what you pay for. Sometimes you get less for the high price and sometimes more even if the price is low.

Remember to check the product’s quality. Plus, make sure the company offers a money-back guarantee if, somehow, you are not satisfied with the product.

Product Value

Check how much you are going to pay for the product. Some brands offer more pourers and unique features than other companies. So, compare the products you have in mind before finalizing your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a liquor pourer?

A liquor pourer is designed to fit tightly inside your liquor bottle. Their purpose is to allow the beverages to flow accurately and consistently without causing any spills or over-pouring.

Why use liquor pourers anyway?

When you pour directly from the liquor bottle, it is easy to spill liquid because the bottleneck is usually wide. Plus, you might over-pour.

Therefore, to keep your inventory in control and avoid spillage and over-pouring, you need liquor pourers to pour an exact beverage quantity.

What should I search for in a liquor pourer?

Your bartending style is the thing that influences what will work best for you. While looking for a pourer, focus on its material, finish, flow rate, size, and features it offers.

Do I need the training to use liquor pourers?

A different liquor pourer will have a different pour rate. It is essential to remember that no matter which pourer you select to put on your liquor or alcohol bottles, you and your staff will need training on using these spouts.

Is priming the pourer necessary?

Yes, priming the pourer is necessary because it will not work correctly if you do not prime the pourer. Plus, priming the pourer will give accurate measurements each time you use it.

Why is priming essential?

Priming is essential because the first shot you will pour will not be measured accurately.

Will evaporation occur if I leave my pourer in the liquor bottle?

As long as you have rubber caps on the spouts and high humidity or a comfortable temperature, evaporation will not occur.

Can I leave liquor pourers in my bottles overtime?

You can. But make sure to cover them because fruit flies are attracted to sweet liquors. Moreover, if you want to leave a liquor pourer inside your bottle, buy ones that have a cap or cover them with tiny dixie cups.


Automatic Measure Liquor Pourers

I hope you found our detailed guide helpful. We have tried to cover all the best-measured liquor pourers. Our list contains the stellar versions of them, and you will find them easy to clean and more accurate than free pouring.

We have mentioned the price, features, and specifications to compare which one you should opt for according to your needs. Plus, the other thing to remember is that do not switch out the pourer once you have selected the best one for yourself or for the bar.

Moreover, if you change the pourer frequently, once you or your bartenders have mastered pouring consistently and accurately, it will take time to get used to a new spout.

What’s more: you or your bartenders might over-pour without even knowing it. Therefore, it is better to stick with the one that you are used to.

Furthermore, carefully consider the pourers before buying. Choose the one that pours consistently, works properly, and looks good. Good luck with pouring liquor!


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