Stamping is an art that has been around for decades now. But since more people have gotten the hang of this new “skill”, stamping kits have become the hottest sellers now!

Best Metal Stamping Kit

From crafting jewelry to embarking leather goods, stamping your names to romantic messages is surely the latest fashion. Hence, you’ll see both big and small names in different industries catering to the increasing demand by getting hold of the best metal stamping kit.

Which is the ideal metal stamping kit for you and how do you choose the right one? Read on because we’ve got you covered!

Metal Stamping Kit
Stamp Size
3mm to 6mm
1mm & 3mm

Comparing The Best Metal Stamping Kit

If you’ve just started your business of keychains/pendants etc or picked stamping as a hobby, we’ll happily introduce you to the list of the top metal stamping kit, that we believe is a must-have for every beginner and expert.

Sounds super-exciting, right? Hence, if you are searching for the perfect metal stamping kit to polish your skill or start as a professional artist, here is a list of the best stamping sets that won’t disappoint you.

ImpressArt Metal Stamping Bundle

ImpressArt Metal Stamping Bundle

  • Includes number, upper-case, and lower-case metal stamps
  • Offer serif font for a bold and traditional look
  • Brass hammerhead for soft strikes
  • Comes with a complete guide

Are you an artisan looking for durable and high-quality stamping sets? We might have just the right thing here for you!

ImpressArt’s stamping kit is probably one of the best metal stamps for jewelry design. If you are skilled in embedding names on keychains, pendants, or even bracelets, this metal stamping kit is sure to enhance the outcomes.

The set includes 3 mm-sized metal numbers, upper-case and lower-case alphabets, holding the serif layout that gives a traditional yet bold touch to your carvings.

Moreover, what we find highly appreciable about the kit are the clean lines. The numbers and alphabets are laid out cleanly with crisp outlays that help you stamp with clarity. If you are writing a name or a message, it’ll surely be clean and easy to read.

Also, unlike most kits, this professional metal stamping kit by ImpressArt includes a stamping block measuring 2 inches by 2 inches, made from heavy-duty steel with rubber feet for a stronger grip.

We promise, with this kit, your work couldn’t get easier! But how do you mark the embarkments on jewelry or chains? We have a hammer right here!

The ergonomic design of the hammer offers easy and comfortable handling while the brass head ensures your strikes are soft so as not to break the item underneath.

Moreover, the brass head is replaceable! From the bright yet soft color to the clean printing, this kit is surely not to be missed!

  • Serif font gives your work a bold and traditional look
  • The kit includes number, alphabets (upper and lower case), a hammer, and a stamping block
  • The hammer consists of an ergonomic design for comfortable handling
  • The brass head softens the strikes and is replaceable
  • Use manual included in the package
  • Stamping block is made from solid steel with rubber feet for stronger grip and durability
  • Ideal for jewelry making
  • Some users have complained about the stamps being too greasy
Crutello Metal Stamping Kit

Crutello Metal Stamping Kit

  • Lasts up to 10,000 strikes/punches
  • Includes 20 aluminum practice boards
  • Plastic covering keeps the stamps safe and clean
  • Ideal for DIY projects

To begin with, let us applaud Crutello for coming up with such a thoughtful metal stamping kit. Why do we say so?

This is because once you’ll lay your hands on it, you’ll be impressed by the packaging and the thought put in its design. Unlike most kits, this one includes stamps that are individually covered with plastic to ensure durability.

Moreover, the plastic storage case helps you keep the stamps organized and clean too! So, now coming back to the stamps themselves, the kit contains 3mm metal stamps, ranging from numbers to alphabets and emojis.

If you are carving a romantic message on a piece of jewelry or keychain, seal it with a heart stamp included in the kit. Sounds great, right? Since stamping can be a little technical, you need to have this kit if you’ve just started. The Crutello’s metal stamping kit for beginners includes 20 aluminum stamping boards for practice.

Thus, before you make the big professional revel, practice on these boards to catch your style and perfect the skill, and set out to make a mark with your creativity. These stamps are carefully manufactured from heavy-duty steel to ensure they withstand 10,000 blows before breaking apart. Yes, you read it right!

The best thing about Crutello’s stamp kit is the durability it offers. Hence, once you spend your hard-earned money on it, you’ll know you’ve invested your resources in the right place.

Moreover, do you see the golden hammer inside the package? The ergonomic design offers comfortable usage while the brass head makes the strikes soft enough to let you engrave the number/alphabet without breaking the item beneath.

Thus, calling out to all beginners, if you’re looking for a beginner’s stamping kit for DIY projects, the Crutello’s metal stamping kit is ideal to get the job done right!

  • Includes numbers and 37 metals stamps including alphabets and emojis
  • Made from heavy-duty steel
  • The package includes 20 aluminum practice boards
  • Ideal metal stamping kit for beginners
  • Can withstand up to 10,000 strikes
  • Comes with an ergonomically designed hammer with a brass head
  • The stamps are organized in separate plastic casing that keeps it safe and clean
  • The font on the stamps isn’t much visible
  • The stamps are small in size
Horusdy Number & Letter Stamp Set

Horusdy Number & Letter Stamp Set

  • Made from chrome vanadium steel
  • Works best on plastic, wood, metal, and leather
  • Arial font for bold and clear engravement
  • Plastic storage case keeps the stamps organized and safe

If you’re on the lookout for the best metal letter stamping kit, something that is durable yet takes minimum storage space, you’ll be more than delighted to own the Horusdy number and letter stamp set!

This professional metal stamping kit contains numbers and alphabets along with a few other icons that let you play around with words like a pro. Made from chrome vanadium steel for promised durability and clean fonts, there is nothing about this stamp set that you won’t love.

Although, most of us do love owning a complete metal stamp kit but are always concerned about storing it safely. This is where we believe Horusdy’s beats its competitors well.

The stamps come collective and are organized in an orange plastic box. The box itself measures small hence, making it easy to be put away in a cupboard or shelf without taking much space.

Moreover, the stamps work well on different surfaces including metal, leather, plastic, and even wood. Without you having to put in much effort, with light blows you can carve on your favorite material in minimum time.

Although, this stamp set by Horusdy is ideal for professional work one thing where it lacks is the absence of lower-case alphabets, which can be disturbing for some artisans. Apart from this minor issue, we have found the set to be much better than most popular brands!

  • Ideal for professional use
  • The stamps are made from chrome vanadium steel that adds to its durability
  • Easy to organize and store
  • Arial font gives clean and bold results
  • Works great on different materials including leather, metal, plastic, and wood
  • The kit lacks lower-case alphabet stamps
  • It may not make clear marks on different types of leather surfaces
  • Some users have found the letters to be small in size
  • You may struggle with some materials and items
Owden Professional Metal Stamping Kit

Owden Professional Metal Stamping Kit

  • Available in four different stamp sizes
  • Clean and crisp font
  • Compatible with various material types
  • Includes upper-case, lower-case, numbers, and symbols

Which are the best metal stamps for stainless steel? If you are up for a professional kit that works flawlessly on various surfaces, especially stainless steel then nothing can beat the quality work delivered by Owden stamping kit.

This stamping set is amazing and we mean it! It has everything from numbers, alphabets to symbols that lets you complete your message with great finesse and love, of course.

The Owden stamping set contains stamps made from alloy steel, hence ensuring extended durability over a lifetime. Moreover, we also find the stamps to be finely packed inside a compact and high-quality plastic box to be very impressive.

We’ll professionals or even beginners like us tend to lose stamps while picking up the tools. But the plastic box seriously makes handling these little indentations very easy.

For us, we found the stamps easy to take out and put back, and yes, neither have we lost a single stamp over the past few months thanks to the clever packaging.

Whether you’re a jewelry designer or love printing names on leather goods, this kit by Owden is ideal for professionals looking for a bold and clean font. And yes, the size is readable from afar, which adds to the fun of using it.

  • Clean and bold font
  • Includes a variety of symbols, numbers, and alphabets
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with various materials
  • Convenient packaging and easy to organize
  • The stamps are available in four different sizes
  • Some people have complained of not being able to get a good print from using the stamps
  • The quality can be improved
Amazon Basics Metal Stamping Kit

Amazon Basics Metal Stamping Kit

  • Superior quality
  • Bigger font size
  • Sand-blast finished stamps for durability and clean font
  • Wooden storage box to keep the stamps safe

Who doesn’t like a product from Amazon Basics? They surely have come up with some fabulous items over the past few years, shocking us with the quality and price. Thus, when talking about the best, how can we miss out on the stamp set by Amazon Basics? We surely can’t!

The traditional, matte wooden box holds a variety of metal marks. The stamps are carefully placed in individual compartments which keep them clean and safe from falling out.

Moreover, if the packaging hasn’t impressed you yet, we bet the stamps themselves will! As compared to other kits, Amazon Basics offers stamps measuring up to 5mm for the clean, crisp, and bold font.

Just so you are wondering about the materials it can be used on, this kit is stamped over various surfaces including clay, plastic, metal, leather, and whatnot. You name it and this set has it covered for you!

And all of this you can now get at a very low price. We think it to be at least much affordable than most metal stamping kits out there!

  • Affordably priced
  • Works smoothly on different materials
  • Clean and readable font size
  • The stamps are sand-blasted for finesse that add to their durability
  • Comes in a wooden box that promises complete safety of the stamps
  • Difficult to use
  • It may not work well on some materials including leather and clay
  • The quality needs to be improved
Capri Tools Professional Stamp Kit

Capri Tools Professional Stamp Kit

  • Available in different sizes
  • Made from chrome vanadium steel for professional finesse
  • Separate boxes for number and alphabet stamps
  • 38-46 HRC absorbs blows and softens them to enhance durability

We aren’t sure if you have heard about the set introduced by Capri tools. Since we had a chance to try it out, let us lay out the features for you in detail. Capri Tools professional metal stamping kit is pretty amazing! First thing first, what we love most about this kit is the clever storage it offers.

If you look at it closely, you’ll see the manufacturers have separated the numbers from the alphabets, placing the stamps in separate boxes for easy use. Isn’t it spectacular? We promise, not everywhere will you find such an exquisite item that is durable and yet, takes care of your comfort.

Now let’s dig into what else makes this kit stand out from the rest. We believe it lies in the quality that it offers. The stamps as visible are made from chrome vanadium steel that shouts out durability.

Moreover, the end contains 38-46 HRC which absorbs shocks during each blow, softening the strike which surely adds to the life of the stamps.

Capri Tools’ stamping set can be used to carve any type of material. Whether it is metal or soft, silky leather, the crisp font lets you engrave your message with high clarity.

This kit is amazing when you seeking durability, quality and comfort so if you still haven’t tried it, get your hands on it right away!

  • Made from heavy-duty chrome vanadium steel for promised durability
  • Available in different sizes to suit your needs
  • The ends contain 38-46 HRC that softens the blows of the hammer and add more years to the life of the stamps
  • A clean and crisp font that is readable from afar
  • The numbers and alphabets are packed in different boxes which makes it easy to use, organize and store
  • The metal stamp may rust away quicker than anticipated
  • Some users have complained about the stamps breaking on the first use
Tekton Letter and Number Stamp Set

Tekton Letter and Number Stamp Set

  • The wooden box keeps the stamps organized
  • Punches are made from alloy steel for enhanced durability
  • Large font for increased visibility
  • Easy to use

Here is another one of our favorite stamp sets, the Tekton letter and number kit which has certainly not disappointed us till yet! There is anything complicated or out of the way about this kit and hence, the simplicity is what makes us love this one for sure!

The complete set consists of alloy steel punches, measuring at 5mm with a crisp and clear font. If you’re a beginner who’s just starting to love stamping things around them, the kit by Tekton is super easy to use, let us tell you.

Moreover, the punches come cleanly organized in a wooden box, which helps you keep them safe from dirt and rust.

And in case you’re wondering which material does the kit works well with, we’d say pretty much everything. Whether you have a romantic message to punch on a keychain for your loved one or the name of your friend on a leather wallet, this kit will get you through each task easily.

It is easy to use and gives you the brightest and cleanest engravements without putting in much effort. Let’s just say, if you’ve just started or are tired of using heavy punches, this kit by Tekton might just come in handy!

  • Easy to use
  • Larger and clearer font
  • Neatly organized wooden box for easy storage
  • Not appropriate to be punched on leather
  • Some letters are poorly designed, hence lacking the neatness

Metal Stamping Kit Buyer’s Guide:

Metal Stamping Kit Buying Guide

Metal stamping kits may look ordinary hence for some, buying a set may not be a big deal. Unless, of course, you are serious about pursuing your hobby and transforming them into a full-time creative career that you love.

Having said that, we’ve struggled with stamping kits. And believe us when we say we’ve tried and wasted our money on useless sets, that was good for nothing. Thus, we’re here to save your money, time, and energy!

So, we’ve dug up some factors or rather important points that you need to pay special heed to when buying the perfect metal stamping kit for yourself. Whether you’re ordering online or visiting a store in person, look for the following things in the set:

Ease of Usage

Stamping takes a lot of practice to be done right. and yes, of course, you need the right tools to attain the expected results.

Having said that, we’d suggest choosing a stamping set that is easy to use. By use we mean it should be easy to press down on different materials and not just be material specific.

Like if you plan on using stamps on wood and leather, you surely need a kit that is compatible with both the material type and takes no effort to work on each. Hence, to set your priority straight, choose a stamping kit that is easy to use and gives effortless results.

Stamp Size/ Font Size

This is surely one major factor that can “make or break” your creative designs. The right stamp allows you to make visible carvings on the material you’re working with.

Whether it is a motivational message or a name only, the font size should be big enough to be readable. Remember, if you working on a bigger piece of metal or plastic, you’ll need a stamp bigger in size, of course!

And for smaller carvings, a small stamp should work perfectly fine! Thus, make sure before you buy a stamp kit, you know the size of the material you’ll be working with to ensure you get the right size for increased visibility.


Aren’t metal stamps kits supposed to be durable? Yes, they are but this may not always be the case!

How so? To carve something of a surface you need to gently strike on the stamp using a hammer. Although, metal stamps are designed to withstand the blow the continuous strikes can lead to wearing over time.

Hence, before you’ll know, your stamp will become “useless”, unless you’ve invested in a good stamping kit.

A good metal stamping kit comes with stamps that can stand up to a thousand blows and that too using brass head hammers that soften the strikes.

So, keeping it short, what we suggest is to go for kits that consist of brass hammerheads with stamps made from heavy-duty steel for long-lasting performance.

Easy to Organize and Store

Although this may not seem an important point to many, we believe a stamping kit should be easy to organize and store. Why?

This is because stamps that are small in size can be lost easily. Moreover, when working on different materials, they tend to get dirty and if not cleaned and stored properly, you won’t get the best results the next time you use them.

Some of the brands that we have mentioned offer stamping kits containing smaller boxes with separate compartments.

Each stamp is carefully covered in plastic which not only increases its shelf life but also makes it easy to clean and store. For us, the smaller the box is, the easier it is to put it away in a cupboard, safe from dust and dirt that will compromise its quality.

Additional Accessories

Are you a beginner at stamping? If yes, then you should be opting for a stamping set that consists of practicing blocks and blocks in general.

Go for a kit that consists of a metal block that assists your work. You can easily place your working material over it and carve your way through easily.

Moreover, for beginners, sets with extra blocks surely come in handy. Before you make your first masterpiece, practice carving with stamps on the practicing blocks to save your resources later.

Your Perfect Metal Stamping Kit

Are you wondering what a typical metal stamping kit consists of? Does the set only have stamps with a hammer? Or a few blocks and a box for keeping them safe?

To your surprise, there is much more to the stamping kits than you might know. Here is what a typical stamping kit consists of:

Metal StampsHammerA Stamp BlockMarker PenPracticing BlocksA Cloth for Polishing

A standard stamping kit contains numbers and alphabets metal punches while some may also include symbols in the pack.

How would you punch a stamp? By using a hammer of course! Hence, every kit has a hammer included in it. The only difference between a good and an average set is that the best sets come with hammers with a brass head that softens the blows to the stamp, thus promising complete durability.

Are you confused at the sight of the metal block inside the kit? Why would you need t, right? The metal block with rubber feet provides you with a stable platform for punching

Simply place your material on top of it and embark away! This helps keeps your tabletops safe from scratches and damages.

Once you are done punching the name or a message, you’ll need a marker to brighten your impressions for enhanced visibility.

Thus, from what we know of, most metal stamping kits do include a marker pen for better execution of your creativity.

Know that the best metal stamping kits will always have a few smaller metal blocks included in the pack that lets you practice the embarking before the final execution. A stamping set with practicing blocks is a handy one for beginners, we promise.

Are you done with embarking and bolding the fonts with the marker? Hence, before you hand out the masterpiece to your customers, clean it with the polishing cloth for the “blinding shine”.

You’ll find the cloth for polishing inside the set that too if you’ve invested in the best metal stamping kit only!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to do metal stamping?

The metal stamping process is pretty easy to understand and execute. Start with gathering your stuff, the kit, and the material you’ll be working with. Next, place the material on the stamping block and secure it in place with some tape. Now, using a pencil mark the points where you’ll be making the embarkments.

Once done, pick out the stamps, and gently punch them down one by one using the hammer.

In case you are a beginner, practice punching the message on a practicing block so you do not mess with the end product. Hence, once you are done with the embarking, darken the font using a pen and polish it with a cloth for shine.

Is stainless steel good for metal stamping?

Yes, stainless steel metal stamping offers high corrosion resistance, durability, and a spectacular finish on the product.

And because the steel offers tensile strength, it might take a lot more effort from your side to make embark the material. But of course, the end product will be beyond amazing. Hence, if your looking for greater finesse and a kit that lasts much longer, stainless steel metal stamping surely makes the ideal choice.

Can I use a metal stamping kit to embark on a piece of clay?

Yes, you can. Metal stamping kits are designed to be compatible with most materials including metal, plastic, leather, clay, and much more.

The only thing that you’ll need to remember is that embarking on a different surface requires a different amount of force. While you’ll need to exert more pressure when embarking on a metal piece but be gentle with leather and clay-based items.

Are metal stamping kits expensive?

It depends on the brand you’re opting for. Thus, you get a huge variety of stamping sets, ranging from expensive to more affordable ones.


Whether you are a beginner or an expert at stamping, when it comes down to finding the right metal stamping kit for yourself, the decision can be overwhelming.

Thus, here we have compiled a list of the best stamping sets for you, based on our experience to help save your time and resources. But are you still confused?

If you are still unable to decide which stamping kit to choose, we’ll say go for either ImpressArt Metal Stamping Bundle or Crutello Metal Stamping Kit because ideally, these two have impressed us with their quality, durability, and ease of use that they offer.

So, do not miss out on these because once invested in the right product, you’ll find it easier to work with different materials and enjoy the results.


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