We love our pets, just as you do. Seeing them play in your house is really fun. But then the hairs get everywhere. That’s where some of the best Miele vacuum cleaners pop in.

You cannot pick just any vacuum for your pets. There are certain things you need to consider. For example, we always recommend buying a vacuum for pets having:

But wait, there’s more. We’ve created an entire guide for buying to help you get started the right way. And under the guide is a FAQ section where we’ve answered all your questions.

Best Miele Vacuum For Pets

If you’re in a hurry, we recommend hovering over to the comparison table given below and buying from our top picks with confidence. Why? It’s because we’ve reviewed each one of them after practically testing them all.

Best Miele Vacuum for Pets 2022

Miele Vacuum
Top Feature
12-stage sealed air system
16 FJM AirClean FilterBags
Large 2-liter bin
HEPA Lifetime Filter
Patented SwivelNeck
3in1 Forms
3in1 Functionality
TurboQeq & Parquet Floorheads
Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum

  • 12-stage sealed air system
  • Handheld pet Turbo-brush
  • Charcoal Activated AirClean Filter
  • 6-speed settings to adjust accordingly
  • Parquet Twister for soft gliding
  • Electrically motorized carpet tool
  • Other accessories like dusting brush, crevice tool, etc.

The corded vacuum by Miele is a premium cleaning tool for all your flooring mess. But the company has built it especially for tackling your pet’s fur. That’s why it has included the most popular pets in the product’s name.

The Miele Complete C3 has a 12-stage sealed air system to help you suck every bit of dust. And it’s not just highly functional but also is lightweight and easy to use. Look no further than this if you’re in a hurry and want to grab the finest vacuum for your pet.

Let’s talk about other functionalities the Miele Complete C3 has got. First off, it has Charcoal Activated AirClean Filter, which cleans the air it takes in. Why is it important for you? Well, the filter keeps the dust in the bag, offering you the highest quality air.

Another advantage of the filter is that it neutralizes pet odors, which is commendable. It also helps you if you suffer allergies of any kind. And wait, there’s more. There’s a rotary dial to adjust the suction levels according to your needs.

There’s another interesting thing about the vacuum. You can rewind the retractable cord to step on a switch on the back of the vacuum. We also love its carrying handle, making it easy to roam around with.

The Miele Complete C3 has 6-speed settings, which you can control using the +/- footswitch controls. The crush-proof hose is commendably robust. And the telescoping wands are stainless steel to last longer.

The vacuum comes with a lot of valuable tools, including a crevice nozzle and upholstery. The C3 Cat & Dog I SEB228 Powered Floor Brush which means it’s an electrically motorized carpet cleaner. It’s suitable for cleaning a range of messes.

The Parquet Twister of the vacuum helps you glide smoothly on your floor and furniture. We love the twister because it damages nothing at all and you can rotate it to 180-degrees, which is useful for reaching under tables and chairs.

There are a lot of impressive things to talk about. It’s powerful and quiet. There’s a washable bag to collect dust and dispose of it properly. We love the fact that the company has designed it for pet owners.

  • Neutralizes pet odor
  • Cleans all the dirt efficiently
  • The floor-head gently clean hard floor
  • Electro-brush to adjust according to pile
  • Comes with all the accessories, including filter bags and a brush
  • Not really
Miele Compact C2 ElectroCanister Vacuum

Miele Compact C2 Electro Canister Vacuum

  • 16 genuine Miele FJM AirClean filter bags
  • 4 Pre-Motor Protection Filters
  • Electric carpet tool for extra power
  • Extra-wide brush roll to adjust the height
  • SBB-3 Parquet Floor brush
  • 6 different speed settings

The vacuum is for you if you are looking for a little beast because it’s compact yet powerful. It comes with 16 genuine Miele FJM AirClean FilterBags to help you suck the maximum dust. And it’s perfectly ideal for pets, hard floors, and carpets.

The premium machine is a top-notch multi-floor canister vacuum, offering several tools and features. It’s a brilliant choice for soft carpets and smooth fur. The vacuum may probably be the most affordable Miele model with a SEB228 powered floor brush.

The package also includes a genuine Miele HEPA AirClean Filter AH-50. And you also get four Pre-Motor Protection Filters to ensure commendable cleaning. The power-head has enormous power and many soft carpet manufacturers recommend it.

The Miele C2 has a Parquet Floor Brush, a tool to glide over smoothly. We like it because it doesn’t damage your floor or furniture. You can even clean hardwood floors as well, without hurting them.

If a vacuum is quiet, we really appreciate the manufacturer for its efforts. And the Miele takes it to another level of silence. And yes, you can rewind the retractable cord automatically using a foot-switch on the go.

Thanks to the redesigned Vortex motor, not only this vacuum is quiet but also impressively powerful. The bags and filters ensure you get a high level of air quality to breathe in. the onboard tools are a blessing as well.

Miele Compact Electro+ also has a Bag Fill Indicator above the hose connection. As the name shows, it reminds you to replace the bag if needed. You have all the control with an electronic suction dial and 6 suction settings, given below.

You can all use these settings accordingly. But we recommend going for a Quiet setting for pets. It’s a wonderful way to suck in all the hair silently and smoothly. We believe the vacuum has commendable customization.

We already told you the power-head is important for cleaning the pet hair and other mess. The Miele Compact C2 Electro vacuum has a powerful SEB228 Powerhead for easy and fast cleaning. The credit for this goes to the overall ergonomic design.

  • Extremely lightweight yet powerful
  • Crush-proof ergonomic hose
  • Commendably great suction
  • The height is adjustable
  • Changes the speed accordingly
  • Comes with an upholstery tool and dusting brush
  • Heavy carpet attachment
Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog Bagless Vacuum

Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog Bagless Vacuum

  • Cat & Dog floorhead
  • Large 2-liter bin
  • 1200W bagless cleaner
  • Self-cleaning HEPA filter
  • 4-level power
  • 6m cord length

Miele’s Blizzard CX1 is a brilliant vacuum cleaner having no filter bags. Thanks to the bag-less tech, it’s a wonderful model aimed at homes with furry pets. We believe it’s a close-to-perfect vacuum for your furry friends.

Getting a vacuum specifically for pet hair is a challenge. But you will witness the heroic suction power in this beastly vacuum cleaner. And it has a commendable floorhead with a rotating brush bar to pooch pelt from the pile.

We believe the air-powered rotating brush bar combined with bristles is effectively amazing for carpet cleaning as well. The CX1 has a bold crimson to complement grey trim and a 2-liter crystal clear bin.

The CX1 has a cyclone at the right ankles to stop balls of pet hair from becoming caught around the filter. We really love the ergonomic design the vacuum has got. You can open the bomb door like a panel at the bottom.

When you remove the bin, you can unclip and take the separate filter canister out from the vacuum. Inside is a Gore-made material filter. Use the Comfort Clean button to clean the mess around automatically.

There’s a small and efficient mesh filter that you need to clean according to the pile. Detaching and cleaning it is a pain. But that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker because it does its job amazingly. You need to get your hands dirty to find some exceptional results.

The vacuum has four levels of cleaning. You can use them with a controlling rotary knob on the top of the cleaner. They’re easy to use and navigate because of the graphic labels. The labels help you control the setting according to your needs.

The major buttons for powering it on and off are large enough. And you can easily operate them with a single touch of your foot. The cable whips all the way back in with a single press, which isn’t long enough. It’s only 6.5m, which is substantial enough.

The CX1 isn’t ultra-slim cleaner with 8KG of weight. But it’s powerful enough to be appreciated for its cleaning duties. Thanks to its four free-wheeling coasters with soft tires, you can use them to hide the mess.

The CX1 Cat & Dog has no shortage of tools and accessories to get the job done. It has a giant Parquet head and electronic control to help you clean professionally. Our final verdict? You can’t beat the beast for its superb suction.

  • Impressive pet-hair cleaning
  • Great for carpet cleaning
  • Commendable suction and airflow
  • Low-maintenance cost
  • Super quiet and easy-to-use
  • Messy secondary bin filter
  • Bulky vacuum for stairs
Miele Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog Cordless Vacuum

Miele Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog Cordless Vacuum

  • 3-in-1 innovative design
  • HEPA Lifetime Filter with 99% dust retention
  • Comfortable for cleaning the floor, pet hair, and furniture
  • All the accessories like powerhead, docking station, etc
  • Exchangeable VARTA Li-ion battery with 60-min run-time

When we talk about the Miele TriFlex HX1 Dog & Cat, the first thing that comes to our mind is comfort. Yes, it’s satisfying to clean your pet hair or floor mess with this vacuum cleaner. It’s a terrific cordless tool that does its job perfectly.

The vacuum is well-engineered with robust constructional quality without a doubt. The only downside is that it’s not as powerful as others of its competitors. But it will vanish your pet hair in a minute or two seamlessly.

The overall weight of the vacuum is 14.5 pounds, which means it’s neither too heavy nor too light. It has all the accessories including a docking station, power-head, upholstery tool, crevice tool, and a dusting brush.

In pricing, we believe the vacuum is a little more on the expensive side. But if you dig deeper, you will know it’s more economical than its contenders. Why? It’s because it’s a 3-in-1 vacuum that transforms into three distinct forms. All you need is to detach and re-arrange the handle, motor, and wand.

When you get something cordless, you usually get a low-power battery. We appreciate Miele understands the issue and comes up with a powerful battery. When we tested it, we got 63 minutes of continuous cleaning at the lowest setting. And it was a 15-minute run-time on its highest setting.

Another thing you must notice is that most cordless vacuums fall over when you leave them on their own. Let’s appreciate Miele’s HX1 once more for its upright mode. It stands up all on its own and cleans just like any other upright vacuum.

Thanks to its three settings, the vacuum offers you a seamless cleaning experience. For example, if you are cleaning the floor and you come along the couch, you just convert your TriFlex HX1 to its hand-held mode. It makes it perfect for pets as well.

Do we recommend the Miele Triflex HX1? Definitely yes, buy it especially if you’re looking for a cordless vacuum. Other reasons you should buy it are its long battery life and the ability to transform into three different forms of vacuum.

  • Cordless is seamless
  • 3-in-1 ergonomic design
  • Commendably long battery life
  • Comfortable to clean with the vacuum
  • Maintenance-free HEPA filter
  • A little less suction power
Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum

Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum

  • LED headlight
  • Active AirClean filter
  • Hand-held turbo brush
  • AirClean sealed system
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Variable speed with rotary dial
  • Patented SwivelNeck for boosted maneuverability

The vacuum has a 1200 watt Vortex motor with a wider cleaning radius than most of its contenders. It has a long power cord as well. You can use the vacuum for low, medium, and high pile flooring and carpeting.

But you are getting it for pets, and the tool is ready to impress you. With 21 pounds, it’s on the heavier side for an upright vacuum cleaner. But it’s barely heavier than its canister contenders. The filter bag of the vacuum has a capacity of 6 liters.

The telescopic suction wand and aluminum telescopic tube are powerful. Look no further than this if you’re looking for an impressive corded electric vacuum for pets. It has a unique electro brush that adjusts for different surface depths. Isn’t it amazing?

The vacuum comes with an AirClean FilterBag and Active Airclean Filter to suck and keep 99% of dirt and hair. It’s also great for those who have allergies. It’s because the vacuum cleans allergens and particles from the air.

The Active AirClean Filter has charcoal layers to neutralize your pet’s odor. And it’s quite satisfying because many guests, if not you, really get annoyed by unwanted odors. Buying this vacuum will definitely make the air quality better.

The vacuum has all the accessories needed to do several cleaning duties. It has a dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice nozzle. But wait, there’s more. It also features a Mini Turbo Brush to remove your pet’s hair from furnishings.

Another thing we like about the vacuum is its LED headlight for satisfying convenience. The roller brush adjusts its height according to the area you’re cleaning. The Dynamic U1 has a powerful 3-stage filtration to offer HEPA efficiency.

The vacuum is a well-designed vacuum cleaner for pets and other maneuvers. It comes with genuine HEPA filtration to pull dust, pollens, pet hair, and mites. We definitely recommend it if you are ready to put a few more bucks into getting a powerful vacuum.

  • Hand-held usage
  • AirClean sealed system
  • Automatic height change
  • Ability to work in a dark situation
  • Works seamlessly on all surface types
  • Ideal for pet hair and other furry mess
  • More expensive than its contenders
Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog Vacuum

Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog Vacuum

  • Active AirClean Filter
  • 6-speed settings via rotary dial
  • SEB 228 Electro Plus Floorhead
  • STB 20 Hand-held Mini Turbo Brush
  • SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister Floorhead
  • Must-have accessories including an upholstery tool

The Miele Classic C1 is a versatile vacuum for pets to handle everything from flooring to furry hair. The reason it’s versatile is that it has three tools given below.

The first tool has five levels for height adjustment which means no particle is left. The second tool helps you smoothly clean even the hard floors seamlessly. And you can also rotate it to a full 180-degrees celsius.

The STB20 Handheld Mini Turbo Brush also helps you get away with all the pet hair and fluff on carpeted steps. The tool also helps you reach where you usually can’t get using other vacuums. Isn’t the vacuum cleaner versatile as we claimed?

But wait, there’s more. The vacuum has an operating radius of 29.53 feet, which means you can clean a wider area. It also comes with an 18-foot long power cord with an automatic winder and a 7-foot durable hose.

The hose has a swivel handle to cross your limits when covering the ground in the house. There’s another thing worth mentioning. Do you want to get rid of your pet’s smell? The Classic C1 has an Active AirClean Filter with charcoal layers to neutralize your pet’s odor.

The on-boarding accessories include a crevice nozzle, an upholstery tool, and a dusting brush. The company has placed them all on the top of the vacuum for seamless access. The Miele Classic C1 Canister vacuum also comes with a 7-year warranty.

What makes a vacuum cleaner perfect for pets and other cleaning? Well, it’s the suction power. The C1 has commendable suction power with phenomenal cleaning ability. However, you may use a bit of force to clean your house.

Cutting long story short, the Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog is a wonderful vacuum cleaner for pets and hard-floor cleaning alike. With all the accessories packed in the bundle, you are ready to do your cleaning adventures. It may be a little more pricey, but it’s totally worth it without a doubt.

  • Powerful yet quiet vacuum
  • German-engineered bagged canister
  • Five-level height adjustment
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Boosted filtration with active charcoal
  • Seamless hand-held usage
  • C1 is more of an introductory vacuum (Go for premium C3)
Miele Turbo Team Canister Vacuum

Miele Turbo Team Canister Vacuum

  • AirClean Dust Bag
  • 21-foot Power Cord
  • 1200W high suction power
  • Large On/Off & Other Buttons
  • TurboQeq & Parquet Floorheads
  • Variable Rotary Dial for 6-Speed Settings

As we have already enlisted some top specs of the Miele Turbo Team canister vacuum, you must know it has a lot to offer. First off, let’s talk about its 1200W Vortex Motor, which is amazingly powerful.

The Turbo Team vacuum delivers an astounding 18kPa of suction power, and the credit goes to the motor. The company has designed it to handle low to medium to high pile carpeting and pet’s mess.

The vacuum has two floorheads, the STB 305-3 and SBB Parquet-3 suction floorheads. The TurboTax has a bristle brush roll to provide high-speed rotation for efficient cleaning performance. It will help you get all the debris out of carpets.

As for the Parquet- suction, the floorhead does its best to suck every mess and fur around. There’s no brush roll, which means you can make it your go-to tool for smooth floors. Also, the vacuum has 6-speed settings which you can control with a variable rotary dial.

Dealing with a range of piles is a piece of the pie for the vacuum, thanks to its variable settings. We recommend you set it to its lowest power setting before putting it away. The AirClean Dust Bag is yet another thing to appreciate about this vacuum.

The Turbo Team Classic C1 uses AirClean technology to help you store the maximum dust in the bag. It collects debris of all sizes and types. And we really love it for its boosted capacity of 4.67 quarts.

If you are allergic to some pollens or dust, the vacuum has got you covered. Its Super AirClean Filter traps every kind of pile seamlessly. Or you can get a HEPA Filter if you may like. All you need is just to let the company’s representative know about that.

Another thing we appreciate about the tool is its 21-foot long power cord. Some of you may not be satisfied with the length of the cord, but we are. The power cord could be longer, but it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for everything the vacuum offers.

  • Huge bag’s capacity
  • Sufficiently long power cord
  • Astounding 18kPa of suction pressure
  • 6-speed settings via variable rotary dial
  • High-speed rotations for better cleaning
  • Super AirClean filter for boosted air-cleaning
  • The power cord could be longer

Best Miele Vacuum for Pets: Buyer’s Guide

Miele Pets Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

A Miele vacuum cleaner adds an impressive value to cleaning the surrounding mess. But if you’re buying it for pets, you may consider a few things. We’ve already told you it should have a powerhead, upholstery, and spinning brush roll.

First Things First – Miele Canisters VS Uprights

Just for your information, Miele makes five vacuums only. Three of them are canisters titled C1, C2, and C3, while the rest two are upright titled H1 and U1. The company pairs them with distinct features and accessories to offer other models.

Now those features and accessories determine the usage of these vacuums. If you’re flexible and aren’t looking for a pets-only vacuum, go for a canister. But if you want a top-notch carpet vacuum for pets, buying an upright is better.

Pros & Cons of Upright Vacuums

Just to give you an idea, let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of upright vacuums.

  • More affordable than canisters
  • Clean wider swath
  • Better at cleaning carpets and pet hairs
  • Extremely easy to use and store
  • Noisier than canister

Pros and Cons of Canister Vacuums

Now is the time to have a sneak into the pros and cons of canisters.

  • Have low or no noise
  • Ability to separate the powerhead
  • Perfect for bare floors, stairs, and furniture
  • More expensive and bulkier than uprights

Miele C1 VS C2 VS C3

Miele creates terrific vacuum cleaners without a doubt. They may last 20 years or more. It makes from uprights to canisters and from lightweight stick vacuums to robotic models. The company’s compact vacuums comprise C1, C2, and C3.

The major difference between the three is the size. All of them are canisters. The C2 and C3 prevent more dust and particles because of the seal. The CX1 is also there, the combination of all three models.

If you ask us, the C1 is a light and practical cleaner. C2 is also commendably lightweight and powerful. While C3 is a full-size vacuum having full-fledged power. Choosing any of these three will remove all the unwanted fur.

Why Miele Vacuum Cleaners Are Ideal for Pet Hairs

Cleaning Pets Hair with Miele

Cleaning pet hair from floors and carpets is one of the biggest challenges you may face. If you don’t have the right vacuum, you may end up just blowing or pushing around. You must look for a vacuum cleaner that picks up fine fibers like hair.

Going for a Miele vacuum for pets is a smart choice without a doubt. The company has a variety of vacuums for pet hairs. Why? The number one reason is that all the Miele vacuums have a HEPA filtration system.

The system traps tiny particles from the air, including the fur, so you don’t have to suffer from asthma. It also has received a certification for DMT for brilliant air quality. Most of the Miele vacuums have fiber bags to provide efficient suction.

Let’s have a quick look at frequently asked questions about Miele vacuums for pets now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Miele vacuum cleaners for pet?
There are a lot of great places online to buy Miele vacuums for your pet. Going on the official sites or official Amazon or eBay stores is also a great idea. For your ease, we’ve enlisted the 7 best vacuums for pets along with buying instructions.

What are Miele vacuums made?
Most of the Miele vacuums are manufactured in Bielefeld, Germany. The company has 11 production sites across Europe. And yes, it has a production unit in China as well.

Which is the best Miele cat and dog vacuum?
We’ve already enlisted the best-bagged vacuums for pet hair. But since you’re here, let’s tell you that Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog is one of the best vacuums for your pet in terms of functionality.

Is Miele vacuum worth the money?
Yes, absolutely. Miele vacuum is definitely worth your money, especially if you have allergies, pets, or kids around. Go with a less expensive option, if you’re just starting. Regardless of the price, be confident that you will get an impressive quality vacuum.

How often do you need to change Miele vacuum bags?
You need to change Miele vacuum bags after 3 months but it may vary, depending on the dirt and hair. We believe thinking about changing the bags shouldn’t be an issue if it solves the real-life problem.

How often should I replace my Miele HEPA filter?
It depends on your usage, of course. Replacing the HEPA filter in your vacuum is like replacing your home’s air purifiers. The more your Miele HEPA filter gets dirty, the more often you will need to replace it.

Can I wash my Miele HEPA filter?
No, if your Miele HEPA filter has a label reading, “Permanent”. Washing it may remove the dust but at the risk of damaging the mesh of fibers, which filters the particles from the air.

Can Miele vacuum bags be reused?
Yes, fortunately. The bags are reusable. But you need to follow the instructions given in the manual. For example, you can wash it by hand, not with a machine.

Are Miele vacuums better than those of Dyson?
Dyson has done a brilliant job in offering military-grade vacuums without a doubt. But the Miele has its distinct features with its vacuums. For example, you don’t have bags with the Dyson models. Another thing is that Miele vacuums have a proven record of bearing 15-20 years of age. It’s a ‘forever-lasting quality’ according to us.

Does Miele product cordless vacuum cleaners?
Miele doesn’t offer cordless vacuum cleaners for now. But the cable lengths and quality are commendable. And the models are comfortable to use.

Does Miele produce a bag-less vacuum?
Yes, it offers bag-less vacuums. But we recommend going with one having a bag to tackle dirty, pet hair, and allergens.


Finding the finest Miele vacuum for pets has always been a challenge for pet lovers. But with Miele vacuums, not anymore. The company has actually come forwarded to design the vacuums specifically for pet owners.

You can choose any of our top picks with confidence because we have done all the nitty-gritty homework. Go for Miele Compact C2 if you are just starting and want something lightweight that gets the job done.

And if you feel overwhelmed and are still confused about which particular vacuum you should go for, just choose the Miele C3. It’s a premium vacuum cleaner that outperforms in almost all messy situations. We wish you the best of luck with pet cleaning now.


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