Finding the right pair of earbuds that fit perfectly and also satisfy one’s music needs is not a task. Instead, it is an entire campaign. We know!

With a diverse and abundant range available in the market, it becomes difficult to settle with one. Some offer the right set of features at a beyond-budget price, while some offer too many features at an unbelievably low price – making us doubt the quality.

Best MPOW Earbuds

The entire scenario leads to an unconquerable mess of confusion. Plus, in most cases, one has no option but to make a compromise. Well, fret no more! Here you can get the top ten best MPOW Earbuds right away along with a buying guide! You need not waste time switching pages.

But before we get deep into it, let us see what MPOW represents. Originating from Longgang China, this dedicated company has been manufacturing premium-quality tech since 2012. And so, MPOW happens to be one of the leading names in the industry. With that said, let us get straight into the wonders offered by this company as of yet!

Comparing Top 10 Best MPOW Earbuds 2022

MPOW Earbuds
IPX Rating
MPOW X3 ANC Bluetooth Earphones w4 Mics

MPOW X3 ANC Bluetooth Earphones w4 Mics

  • X3 has an IPX8 rating.
  • It comes with 6-pairs of ear tips.
  • It offers phenomenal active noise cancellation.
  • It offers a playtime of 30 hours.

Exhibiting its experience worth years and a sense of dedication compares to none, MPOW introduced X3 a while ago. The model caught our attention for good. X3 delivers an incomparable listening experience with a balanced sound and good bass reproduction. Plus, the active noise-canceling feature adds to its sophistication and capabilities.

In actuality, the ANC performance of X3 completes the performance of flagship-level earbuds. The feature lets you listen to the nearby essential sounds, such as that of a person speaking to you. Or perhaps that of a horn.

However, it refuses to let the annoying buzz of the ceiling fan or the slight hum of the washing machine in the background disrupt your listening experience. It mutes them out for good.

In terms of design, the MPOW X3 ANC earphones may not surprise you as much as their performance would. That’s because we felt that it resembles AirPods too much. And that keeps X3 from stealing the show (which we believe that they otherwise would have.)

Moreover, MPOW has equipped X3 with about four separate microphones. Yes! That’s true. Well, if that confuses you, let us clear it out. The purpose of equipping this masterpiece with so many microphones is to elevate its communication capabilities.

With two mics on each earbud, X3 aims to deliver a crystal clear voice even in super crowded environments. One of these reduces the ambient noise while the other focuses on picking up your voice. Thus, improvising the call quality.

Additionally, the MPOW X3 ANC earphones come with about six different ear tips. So, the user can choose one suited to their ear size and comfort. The presence of six ear tips also promises alternate pairs, in case the one you are using currently goes missing.

Perhaps the only thing that would feel a bit misaligned with the premium quality of these earbuds is the casing of these earbuds. Although the apparent look of the casing is smooth and sleek, it may feel slightly cheap when held in hand.

  • IPX8 Sweatproof
  • Impressive 30-hour playtime
  • Punchy bass
  • 4-mics
  • 6-pairs of ear tips
  • Easy controls
  • Sleek design
  • Poor quality of the case
MPOW M30 inEar Bluetooth Headphones

MPOW M30 inEar Bluetooth Headphones

  • These are wireless in-ear headphones.
  • M30 earbuds weigh 2.6-ounces only.
  • They have an IPX 8 rating.
  • These support 5-hours of playback time.
  • The charging case consumes 1.5-hours to charge fully.

Aesthetically, the MPOW M30 headphones have a matte black-colored surface that looks stunning upon wear. Unlike other glossy earbuds, the MPOW M30 does not get fingerprints easily. These in-ear headphones possess a classic and bold outlook.

MPOW has engineered these earphones using high-grade materials, which promises immense durability. It has an innovative Nano-coating and an IPX8 waterproof design. Thus, you can use these MPOW M30 earbuds in any weather without stress.

These MPOW M30 in-ear Bluetooth Headphones also have a lightweight construction of 2.6-ounces. Hence, it will not cause any strain or fatigue when wearing earbuds for long periods. When talking about comfort, let’s not forget the ergonomic ear-fin design that disperses pressure. Hence, offering immense comfort.

The snug-fit construction of the ear tips adjusts into the natural ear shape easily. Unlike other earbuds, you don’t have to drill them in deep for good support. You will get the medium and large sizes of the ear fins to cater to your specific ear size. The size specificity allows the earbuds to seal the background noise much better.

The MPOW M30 in-ear headphones utilize integrated polyurethane drivers that offer an accurate and clear sound. It has an outstandingly deep bass for its small size. At all volume levels, the bass will be excellent! All the Lows, Mids, and even highs have a very good balance. Every note is accurate, original, and true.

Altogether these earbuds offer a quality listening experience. However, it is not exactly immersive due to the lack of active noise cancellation technology.

These MPOW M30 in-ear headphones have two different modes, including twin mode and mono mode. In mono mode, you can use one earbud at a time for calls or music. Meanwhile, in twin mode, you can use both earbuds for the same purpose.

In case you lose any one of these earbuds, you can always purchase another one. MPOW offers single earphones too! These MPOW M30 in-ear headphones feature wireless connectivity. Pairing the devices is also very easy. Simple, open the case, and it is in pairing mode.

It has a good connectivity range too. You can put the device in one place and listen from any part of the house. The high-quality microphone enables you to communicate with immense clarity.

As for battery life, the MPOW M30 in-ear headphones support a 5-hours playback time that is sufficiently okay. It has a type-C quick charging feature that requires only 1.5-hours to charge the case fully. And, the charging case offers up to four complete charges to the earbuds.

Plus, the black-colored charging case is extremely small and portable. You can take it anywhere anytime without stressing about low batteries. Another unique feature of these integrated M30 earphones is the built-in motion detection type of technology. These earbuds will automatically stop the audio if the earbuds come out of the ears.

These in-ear headphones also have touch controls that make usage a lot convenient. There is even an automated voice for Power On/Off and battery status to keep you informed about all things.

  • Classy design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Great sound performance
  • Touch controls
  • Quick charge
  • Good connectivity
  • No active noise cancellation
MPOW M9 4mic Noise Cancelling

MPOW M9 4mic Noise Cancelling

  • It offers a playtime of about 40 hours.
  • It promises hassle-free control with its touch design.
  • It offers a quick and convenient charge.
  • The pair has an IPX8 Sweatproof rating.

M9 is yet another model that speaks volumes about the perfection offered by MPOW. By featuring a sleek and modish design, this pair radiates class. Perhaps, it’s the ergonomic design of these earbuds that makes them a super-convenient choice. Thus, adding to its popular and reputed status.

MPOW M9 features a slim and lightweight built with a protruding ear tip design. Such a construction makes it a comfortable fit for the ears.

Whether you are running vigorously, practicing a few dance moves, or only seated on the passenger seat, waiting to reach home, we are sure you are going to love it. The protruding design of the ear tip keeps it intact with the ear canal. And it keeps the earbuds from falling off at bumps and jerks.

Moreover, it comes with an IPX8 rating. The sweatproof nano-coating over the ear tips contributes to the earbud’s capability of holding its position regardless of the moisture. Hence, we think these are perfect for your gym needs! No more embarrassing moments in front of your gym gang!

Additionally, to cut down your struggles with controls, MPOW equipped this pair with touch technology. You needn’t fiddle with tiny buttons as you can now operate your earbuds too like you operate your smartphone. Also, you can level up the bass game of the earbuds simply by rotating their position in your ears. Cool! Isn’t it?

It is compatible with a variety of devices, including Android, Windows, and iOS devices with Bluetooth functionality. Plus, you get the best of mobility with this pair, thanks to its 5.0 Bluetooth tech. It allows the earbuds to work efficiently for a range of 49 feet, i.e., 15 meters, which is out and about a large room.

Connectivity is not an issue either. All you’ve to do to connect the earbuds with the playback device is to take the earbuds out of the charging case. And it will automatically reconnect with all paired devices within the operational range.

For user convenience, MPOW also equipped the charging case with four LED lights. With these, you can conveniently know the amount of charge remaining.

If you wish to know the charging of the earbuds only or the charging of either of these separately, then you can find it on your phone’s top right-most corner. That’s super convenient as it keeps you well-aware of your battery gear. If one’s on the go, they would know how much to rely on the earbuds.

At some point, if you notice that the charge is almost all gone, then you will need ten minutes to get back on track. Yes. That’s true! In only about 10 minutes, these earbuds charge enough to last for two hours!

What’s more, you can get this beauty in three different colors, including:

Depending on the color variants, the cost of MPOW M9 may vary. However, even the most expensive variant of all, i.e., the red one, still costs under $40. And this, we believe, is still too low for the sound quality offered by these earbuds.

  • Sleek design
  • Available in three colors
  • Impressive playtime
  • Sweatproof
  • Fast charging
  • Good Bass
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Durability concerns
MPOW MBits S True Wireless Earbuds

MPOW MBits S True Wireless Earbuds

  • These wireless earbuds have an IPX 8-rating.
  • They utilize Bluetooth 5.0-transmission.
  • MPOW MBits S features a 35-hours of playback time.
  • The charging case requires 1.5-hours to charge fully.

The Mbits S True earbuds are one of the best MPOW True Wireless earbuds you can find out there. These premium quality in-ear headphones possess a feature-dense profile.

Visually, the MPOW MBits S resemble Apple earbuds somehow. The circular body with the long end brings the modish minimalism as found in Apple earbuds. Unlike the bright white of Apple, these MPOW MBits S True Wireless earbuds have a black one-toned body.

The Mbits S True in-ear headphones have a waterproof design with an IPX 8-rating. Hence, it has outstanding sweat and water resistance. So, you can use it anywhere anytime.

These MPOW MBits S True Wireless earbuds possess an ergonomic design that offers an excellent fit. Each earbud has a soft silicone ear gel that weights 0.169oz only. Thus, making them extremely lightweight.

You can wear these for as long as you prefer, without feeling any signs of discomfort. The MPOW MBits A True Wireless earbuds come in three different sizes of ear gels. So, you can get the ideal fit according to your ear size.

Overall, the construction of both the earphone unit and tips is durable. Both things are premium and long-lasting. However, the only drawback lies in the actual unit’s weight that is 7-ounces! For small earbuds, the weight is too much and might cause strain. Hence, interfering with the peace of your lengthy audio listening sessions.

As for the performance, the presence of CVC 8.0 noise cancellation technology and superior stereo sound system makes the audio quality phenomenal. The noise cancellation feature eliminates all types of environmental noises, which gives immense clarity to the audio.

When making calls, you will receive crystal clear audio that makes you feel as if someone is talking right in front of you. Plus, the powerful 6mm drivers make the bass punchier and midrange fuller in the produced audio. Hence, offering you a vivid, detailed, accurate, and enjoyable listening experience.

The MPOW MBits S True Wireless earbuds feature a reversible USB-C charging port for convenient usage. You have to put these wireless earbuds in the charging case for automatic charging. The charging case can extend 6-hours of playtime to 35-hours!

So, you can listen for extensive periods without trouble. The charging case itself requires only 1.5-hours to charge fully. When low on battery, 15-minutes of quick charge gives you an additional 2-hours!

There are 4-LED light indicators on the charging case for easy usage. Here’s how to comprehend the light indicators:

You can also find the battery level on the paired device. The charging case is quite slim, compact, and lightweight. You can store it anywhere easily. These are wireless in-ear headphones that feature the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It delivers a fast and very stable wireless connection.

You won’t experience any disruptions in the connection. Also, once paired with a device, the earbuds will reconnect automatically.

These MPOW MBits S True Wireless headphones have two modes that include single and twin modes. The single-mode allows you to use only one earbud for both listening and calls. Meanwhile, the twin mode enables both earbuds to perform a single function.

The in-ear headphones have extensive compatibility. You can connect it to the majority of Bluetooth-enabled devices, including Android, iPhone, Windows, etc. Apart from all this, the earbuds have touch control functionality for easier control.

  • Integrated design
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Good connectivity
  • Excellent performance
  • Great battery life
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Heavyweight
MPOW Flame Lite in Ear Sport Bluetooth Earbuds

MPOW Flame Lite in Ear Sport Bluetooth Earbuds

  • It offers a phenomenally comfortable and firm fit.
  • It’s MPOW’s best model for bass.
  • It comes with charging indicators.

MPOW Flame lite is the brand’s exclusive take on athlete-oriented earbuds. Well, no. We don’t mean they’re only usable for sports people. We mean, as an all-rounder, they are usable for all, especially the sportsmen. Quite different. Isn’t that?

In terms of design, MPOW Flame lite earbuds have wireless built with fitting design. It locks around the ear and provides a safe and secure feel. Once out of the charging case, it will automatically reconnect to the last paired device. Hence, if you use only one playback device, it will cut out the input required from your end substantially.

Plus, it truly feels like a 21st-century device with its triple-touch feature. If the users tap either of the earbuds thrice, your virtual voice assistant is automatically activated.

Thus, allowing you to multitask and get multiple things done at once. You can be listening to your favorite track, working out, while commanding Siri or Google Assistant to update you with the next appointment on the list. Additionally, it comes with an IPX7 rating, which provides ample protection when exposed to moisture for a short time.

When it comes to sound quality, you will be stunned by the clarity and accuracy. Having an in-ear design, eradicate the chance of sound corruption due to ambient noise.

But the use of 14.2mm dynamic drivers and an advanced chip with AAC and SBC codex truly enables it to deliver punchy bass at all volumes. The treble has a silky feel, while the soundstage is immersive and spacious. So, the collective outcome is a soothing and fulfilling blend of sound.

What’s more, for your convenience MPOW, incorporated LED indicators on the charging case. If there’s no light, your earbuds are out of power.

But if the red and white light flashes simultaneously twice, then you should know that the charging is between 35 percent to 75 percent. When the charging falls below 35 percent, you will observe red flashes for about three seconds.

Apart from that, you can check the remaining battery of the earbuds in the top right corner. These also come with about three to four pairs of soft and durable ear tips. The sizes range from extra small to large. So, you can easily pick a pair that best fits your ear.

Although these earbuds are generally more compact and portable, a few users found the charging case to be rather bulky. For them, it was an issue because they had to carry it in their pockets to the gym or so. However, we believe that the concern is petty. Carrying the box in the side pocket of a backpack or a similar casing may resolve the issue.

  • Available in three colors
  • Comes with four different ear tips
  • Powerful Bass
  • Good Compatibility
  • Triple-touch virtual assistant activation
  • The case may feel a bit bulky
MPOW X5 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

MPOW X5 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

  • These are wireless in-ear headphones.
  • MPOW X5 Hybrid features Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology.
  • They offer 32-hours playtime.
  • They weigh around 4.8-ounces.

The X5 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds are the best MPOW noise-canceling earbuds that the company has manufactured yet. These high-quality in-ear headphones are the idealistic option for people who desire an immersive listening experience.

At a glance, these MPOW X5 Hybrid earbuds do not look much special. These possess the signature MPOW outlook. Each earbud has a black, one-toned matte body. The MPOW X5 earbuds have a large body, composed of high-grade plastic with rubberized texture. Its texture has a counter-effect on the slipperiness caused by the angled design.

These in-ear headphones possess a lightweight construction of 4.8-ounces. Hence, wearing them for long periods won’t cause any issues. Unlike some heavier models, these won’t strain your ears.

Perhaps, the highlight feature of the MPOW X5 Hybrid earbuds is their performance. These in-ear headphones utilize an innovative Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling technology that eliminates all the unwanted noises before you can hear them.

The MPOW X5 utilizes two different microphones that function together for the ultimate active noise cancellation. These include:

With this ANC mode, you can literally cut out the background noises and ambient sounds so that all you hear is the music. This particular feature helps a lot when commuting or present in a crowded area. Sometimes people argue against active noise cancellation, claiming that it does not allow them to communicate with others easily.

For this, the VoiceThrough or transparency mode enables you to quickly tune in with reality. Activate the transparency mode to talk to colleagues and others without taking out the in-ear headphones.

As for the battery life, the MPOW X5 Hybrid in-ear headphones can continue playing for 8+hours. And, the charging case can offer a surplus of 24-hours when the battery runs low!

You can charge the earphones case using the USB-C charging port that is quite convenient. The MPOW X5 Hybrid earbuds also feature a one-step pairing mode that automatically pairs both devices. Hence, conserving all the valuable time spent in only establishing a connection.

Plus, the in-ear headphones are compatible with the majority of Bluetooth-enabled devices. Similar to other MPOW headphones, these also utilize smart touch technology. You can control everything with one tap or swipe!

All in all, the MPOW X5 in-ear headphones are high-grade and premium earbuds that offer phenomenal sound quality. However, these are certainly not the most comfortable. The flimsy ear tips can make wearing a little inconvenient, especially if they keep falling off.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Excellent Active noise cancellation
  • High-quality performance
  • Great connectivity
  • Good compatibility
  • Not so fit
MPOW M12 Bluetooth Earbuds

MPOW M12 Bluetooth Earbuds

  • It comes with a quick charge feature.
  • It features a compact built.
  • It comes with an IPX8It offers
  • It brings forth vocals more than the rest.

Featuring a compact built, MPOW M12 is one of the space-efficient and cost-efficient models introduced by MPOW. It’s the one that does the job without compromising on convenience.

Let us inspect the exterior first. The MPOW M12 Bluetooth earbuds have a rather compact and lightweight built. The case itself is tiny enough to slip into the pocket of your jeans without causing a visible bump.

As for the earbuds, once worn, you won’t feel them burdening your ears. These weigh only around 2.6 ounces, so you can enjoy long listening sessions without worrying even the slightest bit.

Plus, with an IPX8 rating, these earbuds have quite a good water resistance. Upon being exposed, these do not stop working, unlike others. Instead, be it water or sweat, they maintain the sound quality.

With that said, the sound quality is phenomenally clear and powerful. In case you are wondering about the use of the term powerful here, well, it refers to the punchy bass that it brings about. Be it low volume or high, the bass quality remains the same.

Perhaps it’s the vocals that the MPOW focused upon the most. They’re incredibly distinguished and enticing!

You can even optimize the fit of the earbuds as per your preferences. For this, it comes with three different sizes of ear tips, including:

However, the playtime of MPOW M12 Bluetooth earbuds is not as good as the other models given in this list of best MPOW earbuds. At most, it provides playtime of about five hours.

Lowering the volume may reduce the charge consumption. Thus, leading to a slight increment in the playtime of the earbuds. Increasing the volumes lowers the count of five hours.

On the positive side, the quick charge feature allows charging the earbuds, such that they could provide a playtime of about one hour after a 10-minute charge. The reverse charging feature ensures that either of your devices does not lose even one of their cycles. Thus, ensuring longer life and safety.

  • Quick charge
  • IPX8 Waterproof
  • Sturdy built
  • Impressive clarity
  • Powerful Bass
  • Compact
  • Reverse-charging feature
  • Average playtime
MPOW FLAME2 Bluetooth Headphones Sport

MPOW FLAME2 Bluetooth Headphones Sport

  • They have 12-hours of playtime.
  • The MPOW Flame 2 weighs 2.9-ounces.
  • Both units have an IPX7 waterproof design.
  • These earbuds feature the latest Bluetooth technology.

The MPOW Flame 2 is the upgrade of the previous earbuds model Flame. Critics have passed both positive and negative feedback on these wireless in-ear headphones. Let’s unravel the truth together in the detailed MPOW Flame 2 review below!

At a glance, the MPOW Flame 2 looks identical to its ancestor Flame. It has the same black matte surface with integrated ear wings. These ear wings keep the earbuds more stable as you jog and run on your nature walks. Now, you should not worry about earbuds falling again and again!

The MPOW Flame 2 features a 25-degrees slanting ergonomic design, which balances the earbuds on the ears in a manner that makes it feel weightless. Hence, making them feel outstandingly comfortable.

Well, these Flame 2 in-ear headphones weigh 2.9-ounces only. So, you can wear them for a lengthy period without experiencing any discomfort. These earbuds are easy to forget and immerse yourself in the musical world!

Similar to other MPOW models, these ones also have a waterproof design. However, it has an IPX7 rating. Thus, it will protect your earbuds against sweat, water droplets, and rain. But, it will not protect your in-ear headphones against immersion in deep waters.

These amazing MPOW Flame 2 features a high fidelity stereo sound system that offers detailed, rich, and crystal-clear audio. The earbuds have built-in CVC 6.0 noise-canceling microphones that identify all the unwanted noise before it reaches your ears.

Once identified, the in-ear headphones create an opposite wave to eliminate it. Hence, actively canceling out these background sounds and making your audio extra clear. So, no matter how much crowded the area you are present, the earbuds will always make your audio listening and communication crystal clear.

Surprisingly, these MPOW Flame 2 in-ear headphones support a dual-connection system. Hence, you can link your earbuds to two devices at the same time!

Plus, these earbuds offer 12-hours of music enjoyment with 300-hours of standby time. So, you can listen for longer periods easily. The unit consumes 2-hours to get charged fully. You can find the battery status on the connected device.

All in all, the MPOW Flame 2 in-ear headphones are the perfect MPOW earbuds. However, some users have reported connectivity issues. Although the earbuds utilize Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the connection may be unstable at times.

  • Sturdy design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Good battery life
  • Connectivity issues
MPOW MX1 Bluetooth Headphones

MPOW MX1 Bluetooth Headphones

  • It has a super compact built.
  • These earbuds come equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology.
  • It comes with an IPX8 rating.
  • It is one of the best pairs for calling purposes.

Encased in a compact, lightweight, and modish case, the MPOW MX1 earbuds are the ones you can slide into your pocket as you step out to have a coffee with yourself. Or perhaps, a ride with yourself to enjoy some solitude.

Since it weighs only about 1.41 ounces, this slim and tiny case is all set to keep its existence as much of a secret as possible. So, while you enjoy yourself, you need not feel burdened by the unforgiving tech world. Yes! MPOW knows the feels and is ready to help you pull it off.

In terms of performance, these earbuds will teleport you to another world. You will find yourself amidst soothing melodies regardless of the genre that you prefer. How so? Well, the 10mm speaker drivers bring about an incomparably clear spectrum of sound, which delivers the musical energy of tracks just as is.

You must not compromise on the bass or your favorite vocals only because you’re listening to them via earbuds and not on your home theater system. With these, you can enjoy the true essence of it in all cases.

For your ease, MPOW has also equipped these with four white LED lights. These indicate the remaining charge as follows:

Thanks to this particular feature, you need not manually check the remaining charge now and then. With an IPX8 rating, these earbuds are also waterproof. So, in case you wish to head out during rain or are vibing with your music during a workout, you needn’t fret about damaging the earbuds.

Plus, the active noise cancellation and the incorporation of four mics make it possible for users to communicate via call with ease. These cut out the ambient noise and enhance the person’s voice.

  • Rich sound
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable fit
  • Compact and portable
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • The good phone call quality
  • Average Playtime
MPOW MDots Bluetooth Headphones

MPOW MDots Bluetooth Headphones

  • These earbuds weigh only 0.1-ounces.
  • The MPOW MDots has an IPX6 rating.
  • They have a 20-hrs playback time.

If you are on the hunt for the most lightweight MPOW earbuds, then these MPOW MDots Bluetooth Headphones are idealistic!

The MPOW MDots Bluetooth Headphones have the lightest construction of 0.1-ounces. Hence, you won’t feel these in-ear headphones, let alone experience any strain or discomfort when wearing them for longer periods.

These MPOW MDots Bluetooth earbuds have an ergonomic design with ear fins that fit the natural ear shape easily. Hence, making them very comfortable. You can change the ear fins from S/M/L to suit your specific ear size.

Apart from their durable build, these amazing MPOW MDots Bluetooth Headphones have a waterproof design. The IPX6-rating isn’t the best rating out there. However, it does protect the earbuds from sweat and splashes.

Moreover, these MDots in-ear headphones also feature solo mode and dual-mode. The solo one allows you to use each earbud individually as per requirement. You can use one for music listening and the other one for calls. Or, in the dual-mode, you can use both for the same purpose.

As for the performance, the MPOW MDots earbuds offer balanced audio with outstandingly accurate notes. There is immense clarity in the audio produced by these incredible earbuds.

The earphones utilize a passive noise cancellation feature to block all unwanted noises and sounds. Each unit has an integrated ear tip and wing that seals the majority of the undesired sounds.

These are wireless in-ear headphones and possess an advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chipset. So, the connectivity of these earbuds is almost flawless. You will rarely experience any instability or disturbance.

Plus, pairing both devices is also quite easy. Simple, open the earbuds and connect with any device with a single click! You can use these MPOW MDots earbuds with the majority of Bluetooth-enabled devices. But, they should be above version 4.0. These include iOS, Android, and Windows.

For reset, press the earbuds button and count till five. They will turn off. Next, press the button for around 10-seconds until the white and red lights flash. These MPOW MDots in-ear Bluetooth headphones feature a 20-hrs playback time, which is quite long! The charging case supports additional four charges.

When the battery is getting low, you can stay updated about the remaining charge using the intelligent status display on your smartphone. Or, you can use the LED light indicators to identify the left battery life.

  • Integrated build
  • Lightweight construction
  • Good performance
  • Extensive battery life
  • Comfortable
  • Good compatibility
  • Not resistant against deepwater submersion

Best MPOW Earbuds: Buyer’s Guide

MPOW Earbuds Buying Guide

Well, proceeding further, let us now evaluate the essential aspects to consider. If this is your first time purchasing MPOW earbuds, or earbuds of any sort, then settling for one may sound too challenging. For that very reason, here’s a complete and comprehensive buying guide.

Design & Build

Even in earbuds, the design and build matter a lot. The design is the first thing you and others would see. And, our site has a great influence on how we feel about the thing we use.

A pair of earbuds too plain or simply not up to your fashion criteria would make you feel disconnected from the earbuds. You would not get those vibes that you would with earbuds that match your personality.

That said, always consider the design and style of the earbuds when purchasing. Or, you can skip the entire thing if all that matters to you is the performance!

As for the build, earbuds needs to have the following properties to fit in the criteria of ideal choice:

Quality Construction

When investing $$$, please purchase something that lasts you at least a couple of years. People who neglect this aspect find themselves in a never-ending loop of shopping.

Usually, earbuds consist of high-quality plastic, silicone, artificial leather vinyl, textiles, and foam materials. While purchasing, evaluate the construction and ensure the earbuds possess a durable build.


Some people, such as audiophiles, wear earbuds for hours. They listen, monitor, and analyze the audio. Hence, the earbuds should have a lighter build so that wearing them for hours is possible.

Heavier earbuds can cause strain and ache in the ears. It makes audio listening difficult for even a few minutes. The pressure and weight of heavier earbuds can also have a long-term adverse effect on one’s ears.

Waterproof design

Durability of earbuds

Have you ever seen those IPX ratings on the earphones? Well, these ratings signify the level of water resistance of the product. The IP refers to International Protection or Ingress Protection. Meanwhile, the X indicates that the product did not get tested for protection against solid particles, such as dirt and dust.

Hence, all IPX ratings tell only the water resistance of a product. In case the product did get tested, there will be a number instead of X.

Coming back to water resistance, different numbers in the IPX ratings depict different strength levels. These include:

Opt for earbuds with better IPX ratings so that it is immensely durable. The better the rating, the stronger the earbuds will be.

Wired VS Wireless

Wired vs Wireless MPOW Earbuds

Perhaps, the second most crucial choice that you have to make is between wired and wireless. Given today’s mobile times and the diversity of options available in the market, it is truly a challenging choice.

Both variants have their pros and cons. If you are opting for wired earbuds, you will get to enjoy premium-grade sound quality without paying much. Wired earbuds usually cost lower than the wireless variants because manufacturing costs are higher with wireless earbuds.

Plus, you can connect wired earbuds with almost any audio source at any time. For most, you will not even require charging or batteries, which makes them a go-to option.

On the contrary, wireless alternatives depend on electrical charging or batteries for functioning. So, if you’re out and about, and then you lose charge – that’s probably it for you!

If we consider the positive aspects of wireless ones, then their wireless technology rids the user from the cable hassle. You needn’t worry about the wire developing cracks or going through any such breakage.

Sound Quality

The most fundamental purpose of earbuds is to deliver quality audio. However, depending on the model and specs, different earbuds produce different audio. While some people may like it, others may not. Hence, know a few factors to determine whether a particular earphone model delivers the ideal sound quality for you.

Here are some essential factors:

Frequency Range

The Frequency Range, measured in Hertz (Hz), refers to the sound range that the earbuds can produce. Usually, earbuds have a frequency range of 20 to 20,000-Hz. An average human can hear within this range.

However, quality earphones must have a broader frequency response. Although this means more than a human’s hearing capacity, a wider frequency range will provide the audio with more room to breathe. Plus, it increases the clarity and accuracy of the produced sounds.


Our ears can sense the direction of a sound when one whispers from behind us. However, listening to recorded audio does not let us determine the direction of the sound. Thus, depriving it of the dimensional and surround sound effect.

Well, the purpose of the soundstage is to develop spatial cues in a room. It enables the produced audio to move and create an illusion of space. Hence, allowing us to find the direction of the sound and making the sound more enjoyable.

Active Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation in MPOW Earbuds

The term Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) refers to a technology in earbuds that utilizes tiny microphones to identify the unwanted noise and actively cancel it with an opposite sound wave.

ANC plays a vital role in bringing clarity to the produced audio in earphones. Now, different earbuds use ANC technology in a different way. But, a product with ANC is always much better than one without it.


When using in-ear headphones, comfort matters a lot. These small units stay inside our ears and can quickly become troubling if too tight or too loose. Perhaps, the effective way to analyze the comfort level of particular earphones is to look for certain ear tip specifications. For example, an ergonomic design that fits the natural shape of ears.

Undeniably, every individual has a different ear size, and ensuring that the earbuds will be a perfect fit can be a daunting task. So, always opt for in-ear headphones that come with extra ear tips of different sizes. Also, look for softer and flexible ear tips that do not put pressure on one’s ears.


Not all earbuds feature a microphone, but opting for the models with a mic is a bonus! The integrated microphones allow you to make phone calls and communicate easily.

You can even make online conference calls and meetings with the mic. Also, you can connect with Siri or Google Assistant to control music.

Battery Life

In wireless earbuds, you will have to consider battery life too. It is mandatory if you prefer long listening periods. A specific model of MPOW earbuds can have a battery life anywhere from 5-hours to an outstanding 20+ hours. Factors such as quick recharges can also make the user experience a whole lot easier.

Extra Features

Apart from all the features above, there are some additional features you can look for to make your earbuds one in a million!

For example, getting a pair of in-ear headphones that come with a warranty or guarantee secure you from any upcoming trouble. In case the product is faulty, you can at least get a refund, repair, or exchange.

Another thing to look for is the travel or charging case. Some earphones come with quite useful and efficient cases. And these make listening to music while traveling so much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

MPOW vs Anker-which one is better?

Both the Anker and MPOW are reputable brand names. However, the quality of their products differs in a lot of aspects.

Generally, Anker headphones have better sound quality performance and battery life than MPOW. Meanwhile, the MPOW earbuds possess a better design, construction, and overall functionality. However, some MPOW earbuds outshine Anker’s best in-ear headphones, like the ones mentioned above.

How to pair MPOW earbuds?

Pairing the MPOW earbuds is quite an easy task. The majority of MPOW earphones have a multi-function button, labeled as MPOW. It is for both Power On/Off and Bluetooth pairing.

You will have to press it for approximately 5-seconds, after which the LED will flash red and blue. When already paired to a device, the earbuds automatically connect after pressing the button.

If you are pairing for the very first time, then connect both the devices through a phone or laptop.

For Android & iOS:

  • Go to Settings> turn on Bluetooth> click Pair new device.
  • When the MPOW earbuds model pops in the list, click to pair both of the devices. In case it asks for a code, enter four zeros (0000).

For Mac:

  • Select Apple menu> system preferences> click Bluetooth.
  • Choose MPOW headphones> click on Connect> click on Accept.

For Windows 10:

  • Go to System Settings> open Bluetooth and other devices> select MPOW earbuds.

Once both the devices have paired successfully, the LED light on the MPOW headphones will stop blinking.

How to reset MPOW Bluetooth earbuds?

You can reset the MPOW headphones by first turning them off. Then, put them in the charging box. After this, follow these steps:

Press the power button and hold for a few seconds. The red and white lights will start to blink alternatively. In some models, it will be blue and red.

Next, go to device Bluetooth settings and pair them. (Type 0000 for PIN) Your earbuds have reset when the connection’s established.

How to turn off MPOW Bluetooth earbuds?

As mentioned above, the MPOW Bluetooth earbuds have a multi-function button for Power On/Off. To turn it off, you will simply press this button for 3-seconds. After this, a red indicator light will flash, and the earbuds will turn off. In some models, a voice will confirm by saying Power Off.


By now, you’re well aware of all that you need to consider when purchasing earbuds and which models to look for when shopping specifically from MPOW. We know you’re buzzing with the same excitement as ours – ready to get yourself your next music buddy!

But if you have second thoughts about your choice from this list of best MPOW earbuds, allow us to help you out. Our favorite amongst these ten top-ranking MPOW earbuds is none other than M12.

The latter is not only amongst the durable ones but is also modish and wireless. The IPX8 rating, coupled with its sturdy built, makes it a wise investment for a long time. Plus, the smart touch design makes it one of the most convenient and the best MPOW earbuds for calls.

Its playtime may not be as good as M9, X5, or MX1, but it is reasonable enough to suffice your daily needs! But if playtime’s your preference, then you may choose any of the other equally-incredible ones! Now, off you go! Good luck!


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