A good chiropractic table can cut down half of your struggles. With the right drops, folds, and padding, a well-built chiropractic table can liberate you from unnecessary worries. And thus, allow you to focus on what matters; practice and skills.

Once your patient is all relaxed, carefree, and even enjoying that foldable chiropractic table, you will also be able to give the best of your capabilities. Collectively, it will earn you a rather positive reputation.

Best Portable Chiropractic Tables

With that said, portability is an essential feature for beginners, on-the-go practitioners, and those who prefer relaxing at home. The lightweight and easily movable construction of a portable chiropractic table go hand in hand with the fast-paced and ever-so-unpredictable lifestyle of today.

Here in this guide, we have compiled together with the ten best portable chiropractic tables. Below, you will find detailed reviews along with the main highlights of each chiropractic table.

Plus, we have composed a comprehensive buying guide as well. So, if this is your first time purchasing a chiropractic table or if you’ve made a comeback after a long time – then no worries! We’ve got you covered!

Comparing Best Portable Chiropractic Tables

Chiropractic Tables
Drop table
Drop table
Drop table
Simple Table
Drop table
Simple Table
Simple Table
Simple Table
DevLon NorthWest Portable Chiropractic Table

DevLon NorthWest Portable Chiropractic Table

  • It is a drop-portable table.
  • It weighs 48-pounds.
  • The Devlon Northwest Massage Table offers both pelvic and thoracic drops.
  • It comes along with a paper holder, length extender, and a carrying case.

The Devlon Northwest has a pretty good reputation for its massage, chiropractic, and salon equipment. It has a massive store in Portland, Oregon. Well, this Devlon Northwest massage table is a value for money product that all freshly-graduated and novice chiropractors must have in their gear. Talking about the design, it is a drop-portable chiropractic table.

It has a classic black-colored upholstery that is surely going to compliment your chiropractic institute’s interior. The black tone goes well with infinite color schemes. You can give a good contrast to a softer room interior too.

The Devlon Northwest massage table has a two-piece divided head cushion for a secured and comfortable patient headrest. It is manually adjustable so that you can make the required position alterations.

If you have observed, this Devlon Northwest massage table has self-adjusting lower arms and feet rest too. The height adjustment of the complete unit is also possible as per requirement. It also makes the chiropractic table versatile.

So, this is a very convenient table to use. Also, the foam and padding of this chiropractic table are thick, which makes the table quite comfortable.

The Devlon Northwest Portable Chiropractic Table has a high-quality aluminum leg frame and PVC upholstery. It is quite durable and long-lasting. The frame can withhold great weight. Plus, the upholstery will not get discolored or torn even after several cleaning sessions.

As for portability, this table has a weight of 48-pounds that is okay. It is not much heavy or too light. Also, the foldable leg construction transforms it into a compact structure that you can take anywhere.

The Delvon Northwest Portable Chiropractic Table offers a pelvic drop ( ½ in drop) and thoracic drop ( ½ in drop). For advanced chiropractors, the drop might be too less. However, for beginners, it possesses an ideal set of specifications!

Besides, these chiropractic tables come with useful additional features. These include a paper, holder/cutter, length extender, and a carrying case.

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Good looks
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with great extras!
  • Drop not good
MT Portable Folding Chiropractic Table

MT Portable Folding Chiropractic Table

  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It promises an impressive, visually pleasing exterior.
  • It supports up to 450 lbs.

MT Store holds an admirable reputation as a reliable distributor of goods. And so, we had high expectations from this MT Chiropractic table. We’re happy to inform you that the table met our expectations with flying colors. It turned out to be one of the best portable chiropractic tables to have landed in the market as of yet.

It condenses together all prominent features that a chiropractor may look for, including durability, functionality, and aesthetics. With that said, let us consider its super smooth looks.

On the outside, the MT chiropractic table has a firm and moderately thick padding. Along with a glossy black leather exterior. The tension within the padding complies with medical requirements. Thus, it is soft and comfortable enough to ease long sessions.

The smooth black gloss of the exterior serves as a highlight of this chiropractic table. And that’s because it helps it outshine other dull variants. Thus, making the sessions with your patients all the more exciting and fun. Within your office’s setting, this classy table will surely radiate a charm of its own.

It supports up to 450 lbs, which is good enough for most average adults. In actuality, its weight capacity is much better than the average 300 lbs., promised by most others. And you can adjust the height of this chiropractic table from 18.5 inches to 22.4 inches. Moreover, its adjustable headpiece, coupled with self-adjusting lower arms, adds to its functionality.

As a portable table, it also comes with a carrying case. It weighs only 60lbs. Hence, it’s pretty easy to move too. So in case, you do not have a permanent office as of yet, and you shift a lot. This dedicated chiropractic table is going to complement your ways just right!

Plus, it comes with a one-year-long warranty. Although it may not equate to the five-year-long warranties provided by most Chiropractic tables manufacturers and distributors, it still brings a sense of security and reliability for the user. And we must appreciate the considerate approach of the supplier!

The MT chiropractic table is an excellent fit for massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, bodyworkers, and all professionals tracing their links to this field. The versatility of this table makes it an ideal fit for several tasks. Be it assisting a patient with a back injury or pelvic problems. It can help deal with most issues quite conveniently.

However, some users found the placement of the knobs slightly inappropriate. The manufacturer deemed it fit to place the adjustments knobs on the side as it would increase accessibility. But it turns out that most users found it rather annoying since it keeps getting in the way, disturbing the flow of work.

  • Lightweight
  • Comes with face rest cushions
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Visually aesthetic exterior
  • Comes with a year-long warranty
  • Inappropriate placement of knobs
Therapists Choice Arena 180 Portable Chiropractic Table

Therapists Choice Arena 180 Portable Table

  • It is a portable-drop table.
  • It weighs around 58.9-pounds.
  • The Therapist’s Choice Arena Table offers a pelvic drop (1/2-inches) and a Thoracic drop (1/2-inches).
  • It comes along with a paper holder, length extender, and carrying case.

True, Therapist’s Choice is a virtually non-existent company. With no website or page, you certainly cannot reach out to them using online means. But, when it comes to the Chiropractic community, you’ll hear a unified claim; Therapist’s Choice offers the best portable chiropractic table with drops!

Well, with good functionality and performance, the Therapist’s Choice arena table is an ideal table for both beginners and intermediate-level chiropractors. It is a portable-drop table that provides quality pelvic and thoracic drops.

Looking at the table, you will feel slightly drawn back. The black-colored surface, thin padding, and long structure does not offer the best of aesthetic looks. However, it does add a pleasant touch to your chiropractic center interiors.

The black-colored upholstery and frame give it a uniform appearance. Hence, helping it blend a bit with other equipment and tools. Plus, the blending makes the chiropractic table a little less terrifying to the patient.

It has a firm and sturdy frame, constructed from high-grade aluminum. The upholstery has the standard PVC material. So, the Therapist’s Choice Arena 180 chiropractic table is certainly an investment that will last long!

The chiropractic table has a length of 71 to 75-inches, a width of 21.5-inches, a height of 18.5 to 22.4-inches, and a thickness of 2.5-inches. Overall, the table is quite broad and long to offer you the working space you require.

As for portability, the entire frame folds and becomes a compact structure that you can carry anywhere anytime easily. The table weighs 48-lbs, and collectively, the unit weighs 58.9lbs. These weight specs might be slightly heavy for carrying from place to place. However, the functionality overshadows this slight heaviness.

You can achieve a pelvic drop of ½ inch and a thoracic drop of ½ inch. Advanced chiropractors might find this too less. However, beginner and intermediate level chiropractors find it of immense efficiency. Also, you can adjust the tension, height, and headpiece as per requirement. The lower arms of the table are self-adjusting, so you won’t have to bother much.

Its easy control levers offer convenient usage. There is also a full-length piano hinge to provide additional strength and stability to the chiropractic table. Together, these features make the Therapist’s Choice arena table a very outstanding option.

Moreover, you also get a paper holder/cutter, length extender, and a carrying case for hassle-free transport!

  • Pleasant design
  • Sturdy build
  • Foldable and compact
  • Good functionality
  • Comes with great extras!
  • Slightly heavyweight
Master Massage 31 Montclair Professional Table

Master Massage 31 Montclair Professional Table

  • It supports up to 750 lbs.
  • It is one of the widest chiropractic tables.
  • It comes with multiple accessories.
  • It is suitable for bigger professional setups.

Master Massage 31 Montclair Professional table is an ideal choice for professionals. We highly recommend this brilliantly built chiropractic table to the bigger setups, which happen to be upgrading equipment or establishing a new place.

Although beginners and smaller massage and chiropractic centers could opt for this, its size makes it a challenging choice. There’s no need for intensive maintenance for sure, but it may occupy a large area. According to user experience, it is large even for people with a heavier and stronger built. It measures 84 inches in length, 31 inches in width, and 34 inches in terms of height.

Such a built classifies it as an extra-wide chiropractic table. And this, coupled with its foldable and portable nature, makes this model a super-convenient choice! Montclair used air-craft-grade aluminum to manufacture this masterpiece. Thus, it weighs only around 36lbs.

Regardless of the lightweight, it is sturdy as a rock. Countless experiences and tests have confirmed that, do not worry! Thanks to the lightweight construction, you wouldn’t have a problem relocating it. Even more, it also comes with a four-pocket carrying case.

Hence, if you switch places or if you would like to remove the table temporarily from the site, you will have no trouble doing so. The carrying case can also serve as a storage bag, protecting the table from damages posed by the external environment.

What’s more, the Master Massage Montclair table comes with multiple accessories. These include:

All of these do not only maximize your patient’s or client’s, but these also bring about great ease for chiropractors. On top of this, its 3-inch and 3-layer memory foam promises a luxurious experience. It is truly thick and soft, such that it contours the body while providing ample support.

In this way, your client will not feel as if they’re lying on a table. Instead, their comfort experience will resemble more that of a comfy bed. The manufacturing company also ensured better access to your client’s Reiki panel. It allows the massage therapists to get as close to clients as possible, seated on the massage stool.

Well, by now, you must have the inevitable question in mind: what’s the downside? Frankly, we had to scrutinize even more deeply than the rest to figure a catch. And even after that, the best we landed upon is the matter of looks.

A few users found the looks to be moderately good and not as visually aesthetic as a table at this price. Brown, coupled with black, doesn’t always go well, you know. At least for some people. But then, it all comes down to preferences. So, assess that yourself!

  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable
  • Four-pocket carrying case
  • Plush padding
  • Easy adjustments
  • Lightweight
  • Average looks
Royal Sheffield Professional Portable Chiropractic Table

Royal Sheffield Professional Portable Chiropractic Table

  • It is a portable-drop table.
  • It weighs approximately 48.5-pounds.
  • The Sheffield Elite Chiropractic table comes with a carrying case.

The Sheffield Elite Professional Table comes from a very reputable and famous manufacturing company. It takes the company’s innovation-driven motives one step ahead with its feature-rich profile. Undeniably, the Sheffield Elite Professional Portable Chiropractic table is one of the bests!

Looks-wise, the Sheffield Elite Chiropractic table has the classic black-colored body. The complete unit has the same shade of black, from the upholstery to the frame. Also, it has mechanically stitched luxury upholstery. So, it looks not eye-catchy or aesthetic but cool.

Structurally, it has a low height and a longer frame. It has a length of 72-inches, a width of 21.5-inches, and a table height of 19.7-inches. With a low height, this table is ideal for short-heightened chiropractors. However, longer ones might find it difficult to bend down and work.

The Sheffield Elite Professional Portable Chiropractic Table consists of a firm high-grade aluminum leg frame. Meanwhile, the upholstering is of top-notch quality vinyl. So, it is quite durable and long-lasting.

It is a fine, strong, and stable chiropractic table that can withstand a diverse weight range. Also, the full-length piano hinge offers great stability and strength. You certainly won’t have to pick up patients from the floor!

Also, the Sheffield Elite Chiropractic table has thick and heavily-padded foams with multiple layers. The foam is 2-inches in thickness that offers immense comfort. Your patients would probably sleep while you work on fixing.

There is an adjustable headpiece that enables you to adjust the position of the client’s head for a comfortable experience. It also features perfectly spaced armrests that allow the patient to rest their arms. The Sheffield Elite Chiropractic table offers both toggle pelvic drop and toggle thoracic drop so that you can utilize various techniques. You can easily adjust and later everything using the easy control levers.

With a portable design, you can completely fold this Sheffield chiropractic table and store it in the smallest of places. It weighs 48.5-lbs, which is not too much for carrying. You also get a zippered carry case with a strap for transporting the chiropractic table from one place to another easily.

  • Good looks
  • Sturdy
  • Great performance
  • Lightweight
  • Low in height
BestMassage Table Portable Massage Spa Bed

BestMassage Table Portable Massage Spa Bed

  • It is lightweight and easy to setup.
  • It is a good investment as an alternate spa bed and for beginners.
  • It comes with admirable height adjustments.
  • It comes with an adjustable headrest.

Here’s the one that you’ve been seeking for so long; your sidekick! Affordable, easy-to-handle, and reliable! It is a truly portable chiropractic table that you could rely on in times of emergency. It weighs only about 29lbs and comes with a carrying case of its own. Thus, practically allowing you to carry it with yourself anywhere and everywhere.

Moreover, it features a neat and fairly sturdy frame. And this, in turn, offers good height adjustment features. Using the knobs, therapists can adjust the height of the massage bed, anywhere from 24 inches to 33 inches.

Although 33inches is not the maximum you can get, it serves enough to suffice one’s needs. Or let us put it straight and simple for you: it’s the perfect range for an average person. So, unless you expect an unusual case, this should work just fine for you!

On the outside, it comes covered with luxurious, smooth leather. Its smooth texture adds to its modish looks and makes it easy to clean. Plus, it’s super easy to set up. Just unfold the chiropractic table, and there you go!

As for the comfort standards, this massage bed offers a two-inch soft and luxurious thick padding. It ensures maximum comfort. Additionally, the adjustable headrest allows adjustment as per convenience. Thus, bringing about a better massage experience.

Note that we recommend this foldable massage table bed to less frequent users. That’s because it isn’t as tough as most others in this list of best portable chiropractic tables. So, if you require one for home use or as an additional tool at your massage place, then this would be the right pick!

Your equipment team at the massage place always requires an extra player to back them up. Don’t they? If one goes down, this phenomenal portable massage will come to the rescue!

  • Convenient adjustments
  • Affordable
  • Dense foam padding
  • Good weight capacity
  • It comes with a carrying case.
  • Lightweight
  • Removable sidearms
  • Durability concerns


  • It is a simple portable chiropractic table.
  • It has a size of 30×73-inches.
  • The chiropractic table weighs 38lbs.
  • It comes along with a lifetime limited warranty and a 3-year warranty.

Earthlite is one of the most reputable chiropractic table-manufacturing brand since 1987. The company specializes in massage tables, for which it has gained tremendous recognition. But, recently, the company leveled up its game with the production of integrated chiropractic tables. The Earthlite Harmony DX is one of these tables!

It is a simple chiropractic table, which means that it is not for drops or other techniques. Earthlite has given this table has a simple yet classy look. It has a one-toned black surface that blends in well with room indoors. (Other colors are available too!)

The Earthlite Portable Massage Table Harmony DX has dimensions of 30×73-inches, which is sufficient for all sizes. Also, the height is adjustable between a range of 22 to 33-inches. You can use it for a variety of patients and make them feel comfortable!

As for comfort, the company hand upholstered with 2.5-inches of soft dual-density cushioning. Although the padding is not much thick, it offers immense comfort to patients.

The Natursoft fabric used in the upholstery has a soft feel to it. Plus, it is highly durable so that it can withstand all types of damages!

Besides, the frame of this chiropractic table consists of high-quality hardwood that enhances durability. When thinking regarding the environmental situation, you might find the presence of hardwood as a prominent issue in the table.

However, worry not because Earthlite uses sustainably farmed and renewable wood resources. The company also supports sustainability promoting and environment-friendly organizations. So, there is nothing to worry about!

Apart from this, there are numerous amazing features in this chiropractic table. These include non-slip feet, sure-grip knobs, a full-length piano hinge, and dual maple outlets.

The non-slip feet and sure-grip knobs offer stability. Meanwhile, the full-length piano hinge adds great strength to the table. It also weighs around 38-lbs, which is quite lightweight. Hence, increasing its portability.

Moreover, the Earthlite Harmony DX portable massage table package includes a deluxe adjustable headrest with a proprietary Cloudfill poly-gel blend face cradle cushion. It also comes with a heavy-duty single pocket-carry case, made from top-notch quality nylon. However, some users have reported durability concerns.

Nonetheless, Earthlite offers a lifetime limited warranty on frame and construction. And, there is a 3-year warranty on foam and upholstery.

  • High-quality design
  • Eco-friendly build
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Good functionality
  • Comes with extra items
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty + 3-year warranty
  • The bag isn’t durable
Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage

Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage

  • It supports up to 450 lbs.
  • It features waterproof and oilproof leather covering.
  • The cream white leather covering brings about unique looks.

Saloniture is a name that strives to bring you premium quality goods. Despite being around here for a relatively little while, the brand seems to be doing great with its mission. The Saloniture massage table is truly a beauty. It offers phenomenal comfort and durability.

It comes with deluxe cushioning, which promises ultimate comfort to your client. Instead of a table’s feel, your client will most likely feel as they’re atop a sofa.

Plus, the two-inch-thick padding on the armrest and tabletop, coupled with three-inch foam in the pillow, promises unrivaled comfort. Since the armrest wings and other accessories are all detachable, it makes the usage even more convenient for both chiropractors and clientele.

And we love the look! With a creamy white synthetic leather covering the thick padding table, this foldable chiropractic table looks iconic, especially in dark-themed interiors.

But hey! Just because it has a white surface, you need not worry about the stains. Saloniture figured that that contact of a spotless white surface with a hundred different kinds of skin in a week or month might lead to staining issues.

Hence, the company sorted the potential problem beforehand. The PU synthetic leather that covers the table is not only waterproof but is also oilproof.

Regardless of the usage frequency and exposure to oil, it will remain as fresh as new for a long time. But that doesn’t mean you can skip regular maintenance altogether. Like every other tool or chiropractic table, it will require monthly maintenance at least.

On the positive end, it’s super easy to clean. Plus, you will not have to deal with that disturbing synthetic-material smell. As for its portability, it comes with a nylon carrying case. And just so you know, it is not any carrying case.

Thanks to the dedicated spirit of Saloniture, the bag even features a shoulder strap and pockets for supplies and oil. For safety, you can further lock it with two chrome clasps.

  • Affordable
  • Unique & Aesthetic look
  • Waterproof
  • Oilproof
  • Detachable accessories
  • Durability concerns

Buyer’s Guide

Well, by now, we hope you’re well aware of the hidden complexities of chiropractic tables. They may appear simple and easy to choose from, but a deeper insight reveals more details.

These details make it even more necessary to know these tables thoroughly, so one makes an informed purchase. So, let us now dive into the greater depth of chiropractic tables.

Types of Chiropractic Tables

By definition, a chiropractic table refers to a portable and adjustable table that allows medical professionals to assess the issue with ease. Usually, a chiro practitioner uses these tables as they assist patients in dealing with musculoskeletal issues.

Knowing the different types of chiropractic tables is essential for both those practicing chiropractic and those purchasing the table. And that’s obviously because each type has its specific purpose!

Currently, there are about four different types of Chiropractic tables. These include:

Stationary tables feature the traditional design. These are flat tables, often with comfortable pillows at both ends. At times, these are also collapsible with one bend or two. However, stationary chiropractic tables do not come with a lot of adjustments since they are basic!

Along the same lines, Hi-Lo tables are the ones that offer phenomenal height adjustments. The patient can even stand against the table as you can lock it into place vertically. As for the flexion tables, these are the most common type of all. Most chiro practitioners use the flexion-distraction technique. Hence, they require this dedicated table with its airdrops and manual drops.

Elevation tables are the ones you can adjust as per the patient’s height to maximize comfort. They come with both automatic and manual drops.

Some manufacturers classify decompression tables as separate types. Although other tables merge the functionality of this type, the dedicated versions particularly cater to the needs of patients with bulging, degenerating, or herniated discs. The construction of these tables is such that it relieves the stress on the back or leg area by elongating the spine.

Advantages of Using Portable Chiropractic Tables

The chiropractic table is a mandatory part of equipment for chiropractors. So, the only advantage that comes with these tables is the portability factor. However, despite being one, it holds immense significance. For example, if you are a beginner in the field and wish to shift the location of services later in life, then you can take the table with you anywhere you go!

You certainly won’t have to sell the equipment or spend hundreds on transportation only. Or, if you do a one-man show in your service center, then the portable design allows you to change the position of the table easily all by yourself.

Things to Consider

Moving forth, let us now consider the buying-associated aspects. What makes a Chiropractic table the best of all? How can will you determine which one best suits your needs?

Well, to get your answers, you need to consider the following features of a Chiropractic table:

Design & Style

Above, you must have studied the types of chiropractic tables. So, the first thing to select when purchasing a chiropractic table is the type. The next thing to consider is aesthetics.

Well, only because you are purchasing a chiropractic table does not mean you should totally overlook the aesthetics. Certainly, you cannot control the absurdity of the structure of a chiropractic table to suit your fashion sense simply because it is a tool.

However, you can ensure that it complements the interiors of your chiropractic fitness center by judging the upholstery. Some chiropractic tables come with quite a classy and aesthetic upholstery. Another evaluation factor is the weight of the table to make it the best portable chiropractic adjusting table. As a general rule, the lighter the weight, the more portable the table will become for you.


A chiropractic table is your tool. And belonging to the medical department, quality is one thing that you cannot compromise upon.

For this very reason, durability is one of the prime concerns. You can check for durability by checking out the material used to manufacture the chiropractic table, the reviews given by users, as well as the brand history.

All of these will give you a clear idea about durability. If a brand offers a warranty with its chiropractic table, then surely it’s a green signal for reliance.


The foam, upholstery, and padding in a chiropractic table play a vital role in offering comfort to your patients. Now, different chiropractic tables have different levels of comfort.

Usually, a portable chiropractic table offers relatively less comfort than the non-portable ones. They will have slightly thin padding. However, the foam is much more flexible, soft, and compressible. Evaluate the comfort provided by the particular product before purchase.

Warranty & Extras

Sometimes, people translate purchasing from a good brand into no need for a warranty. When did anyone claim that the specific model you will receive will be fault-proof? Perhaps, this is the most significant reason why you should opt for products with warranties or guarantees. So, in case of any fault, you can get a refund, repair, or exchange.

Apart from this, you should evaluate the additional items coming with the product. Generally, the portable chiropractic tables come with a carrying case. But, some do not. Thus, consider everything thoroughly and ensure that you are not getting fooled in the name of lots of extra items. Sometimes, it is merely a marketing tool.


If you’ve been around for quite a while, you must’ve heard people referring to Thuli’s portable chiropractic table or perhaps DevLon’s masterpiece. A few professionals work only with one brand, while some institutes seem to have multiple but selective favorites.

Why is that so? Do they have some secret partnerships that you know nothing about?

Or is this some favoritism? Certainly, not! We’re talking about medical professionals here. And so, nothing makes it to the top, worthy of our attention without supporting evidence. For this very reason, we suggest you go with the recommended. Yes, that’s true! As a field that demands experience and expertise, we suggest you go with what the experienced suggest!

And so, in our list of best portable Chiropractic tables, we have included only ones that come from the best names. Despite being a beginner, if you would like to investigate the matter from scratch, then you can go with names that have been around for a long time. And those that have a strong and positive client base.

How to maintain a chiropractic intersegmental table?

In a Chiropractic hospital, numerous patients lie down on the same intersegmental table. With even 5-patients a day, this could mean 5-different types of bacteria and pathogens lurking on the bed. Hence, proving hazardous to the health of both the upcoming patients and the chiropractor.

If you are a chiropractor, then it is your responsibility to maintain and clean the table routinely. It will protect all individuals that visit your hospital from dangerous germs. Also, it will maintain work efficiency and elongate the table’s length.

Here are some tips for maintaining a chiropractor intersegmental table properly.

Use the Right cleaner

We would say, you’ll never have to question how to reupholster a chiropractic table, given that you care for it using the right methods and cleaners.

The upholstery and other components of the chiropractic table require a specific type of cleaner. Using the wrong product can cause discoloration and weaken the structure of the table. Thus, shortening its lifespan.

It is better to opt for the cleaners sold or recommended by the manufacturer. Or, in case you are still researching the best, you can keep the chiropractic table clean by using a mixture of dishwashing soap and water. However, you can use this on the upholstery only.

Establish a Schedule

Perhaps, the most-effective method of maintenance is to establish a schedule. You should perform a checkup session after every few weeks or monthly.

If the moving components in the table require lubrication, note it in your list. So, you can do it regularly and keep it functioning smoothly.

Be Quick in Fixing the Problems

As mentioned earlier, chiropractic tables have a complex built. Looking at one, you may wonder what type of hydraulic fluid for a chiropractic table should you use? What type of cushion and folds do these comprise? Thus, making maintenance appear as a rather unachievable objective.

But well, allow us to explain how that isn’t the case. Over time, chiropractic tables do develop several small issues, such as cocking cushions. But these are super easy to handle. The key is to fix the problems as soon as you identify them would prevent major technical issues.

For example, if the pelvic cushion is cocking and does not stay up, the drop pin may be off track. You only require a flat head screwdriver to fix.

In case the problem is beyond comprehension, then grab a phone, and call in the experts! Or, if the warranty is still valid, then contact the manufacturer. While maintenance can prolong the chiropractic table’s life, replace the table if it can no longer get cleaned/disinfected/fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to keep chiropractic table wheels from rolling?

The Chiropractic table with wheels can become troublesome at times when its wheels do not stop rolling. Chiropractors can have a challenging situation to handle if the wheels do not come to a halt immediately.

Perhaps, the effective-most method is to replace the rolling setup with a stationary one. In case you want to keep it, you can stop the wheels from rolling by putting a piece of foam or adding a locking mechanism.

How to measure for the height of a chiropractic table?

Often, Chiropractors neglect this aspect when tending to patient loads. However, having a chiropractic table of the wrong height can caste adverse effects on your body.

If you currently have a chiropractic table that does not make you feel tired after dealing with lots of patients, then the height is accurate. And, you must select the same height for the next chiropractic table.

However, if you do not currently own a chiropractic table, then here is a simple way to measure the right height. Take a measuring tape, and measure the accurate distance from your knee to the floor. The measurement attained is the ideal height for your chiropractic table.

How to fix pelvic retraction on chiropractic table?

To fix a pelvic retraction on the chiropractic table, use a screwdriver to loosen the screws. Or you may drill a small hole in the screw using a hardened drill bit.

Next, you will need to put in an easy-out reverse turn bit and eliminate the remaining part of the screw. Now, re-tap the hole of the screw with a suited threaded bit that’s similar to the original thread pattern.

Most importantly, before you begin with the process, take note of the assembly of the parts. If that skips your mind, you will most likely sign yourself up for big trouble.


As a beginner Chiropractor or advanced, one of the biggest struggles can be finding the perfect portable chiropractic table. The travels, last-minute practices, shifting can strain you physically if you do not have a portable table version.

However, portable chiropractic tables do not have the same quality and functionality as stationary ones. There is always a catch that makes your practice worse. Well, perhaps, this comprehensive articulation of the best portable chiropractic tables can resolve your ideal chiropractic portable table hunt!

We have reviewed all the top-rated portable chiropractic tables available. However, if you still feel indecisive, then we highly recommend the Therapist’s Choice Arena Table. This particular chiropractic table allows you to practice the drop technique while staying travel-friendly. It has a pleasant design, sturdy build, good functionality, and excellent extras!

It is undoubtedly the best of the bests you will ever find in the market. Both beginners and advanced can use it without difficulties. The mere drawback is the slightly heavyweight construction. But, the outstanding specifications outshine the heavyweight. Get your chiropractic table today!

The mere drawback is the slightly heavyweight construction. But, the outstanding specifications outshine the heavyweight. Get your chiropractic table today!


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