Are you a professional RC driver? Oh, wait! We aren’t talking about the real RC cars. Rather, the tiny version of a monster vehicle that is controlled by a remote. Hence, who doesn’t love driving their remote-controlled cars around the house, annoying others when bumping into them?

We all do but all the steering and speeding can certainly affect its performance, led by a weak battery that needs to be changed immediately. Are we talking about the RC servo? How do we change it?

Best RC Servo for Steering

Which is the best RC servo for steering? When will you know that it is time to replace the old servo with a new one? Hold your horses’ people! We can understand the confusion here but let’s take it slow.

We bet you are here to know about the top-rated RC servo for steering, thus let’s dig deep into what we know from our experience and help you with the purchase.

Comparing Best RC Servo for Steering 2021

RC Servo
35 kg
21.5 kg
18 kg
21.5 kg
25 kg
25 kg
4.1 kg

What Is A Servo and How Does it Work

A servo is a small battery-like structure that is embedded inside remote-controlled toys like an RC car and power it.

Ideally, a servo consists of a metal shell encompassing gears, output shafts, a motor, a circuit, and a potentiometer, all of which work together to move your toy. If you are wondering how can such a tiny box manage to accommodate it all, know that it is much more than what the eyes can see.

Now that you’ve gained the basic idea of what a servo is and what it does, it is time you understand how does it help steer an RC car.

A servo comes with three wires, where each is connected to a different part of the toy and maintains separate functions. Hence, you’ll find a wire for controlling the car, one for power and the other one for the ground.

When the car or toy is switched on, the control wire generates pulses that command the motor to rotate, and hence the rotation causes the resistance of the potentiometer to change.

Once the circuit feels the change, the pulses are then sent to the gear that then shifts to produce torque to accelerate the RC car or any other remote-controlled toy.

Until you switch it off, the pulses will be disconnected, hence no further movement will be observed. Have we confused you already?

Well, if you are still here with us, let us get to the list of servos that we believe to be the best amongst its lot!

The Leading RC Servo for Steering

A remote-controlled RC drift car is ideal for adventurers who love speeding on tracks, pushing their boundaries for the sake of “fun” only. Hence, it gives you the “real” feel and experience without you having to risk your life with the real one.

Having said that, an RC servo is what powers the remote car. Hence, if your car’s speed has decreased, you certainly need to replace your servo with a new one. But of course, choosing the right one can be a difficult task if you’ve never bought one.

Which one is the best? Here is our list of servos that we’ve found to be the best:

ZOSKAY Coreless Digital Servo

ZOSKAY Coreless Digital Servo

  • Produces torque up to 35 kg/cm at 7.4V
  • Coreless, stainless steel, and aluminum waterproof motor
  • Creates low noise and vibration
  • Deliver speed up to 0.11 sec/ 60 degrees

If you are up for replacing your old RC servo with a new one, a servo that is much more powerful and efficient in performance then we are happy to let you know about Zoskay Coreless Digital Servo.

This has to be the best steering servo to date! Why do we say so? This is because the servo has been intelligently constructed using stainless steel, copper, and aluminum that increase durability.

Moreover, it uses a voltage of 7.4V to produce speed up to 0.11 sec/ 60 degrees which is pretty amazing for a tiny battery like this one. Hence, do not be fooled by its size guys!

Furthermore, the Zoskay digital servo consists of a coreless motor that produces a direct current to support high dynamic movements of the car. So yes, when you’re proudly drifting your RC drifter on a rocky road smoothly, know that the coreless motor is doing its work well!

Additionally, this RC servo contains high-precision gears with hard anodizing, has a CNC aluminum middle shell and dual ball bearings all of which unanimously work together to achieve high speed, improved adaptability, and reliability.

Having said that, we’ve found that as compared to our old servo, this one creates less noise and vibration, thus letting us enjoy steering our remote-control RC drifter in complete peace.

  • Produces high torque leading to high speed
  • Reliable, durable, and waterproof
  • Coreless motor support high dynamic movements for smooth drifting
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to install
  • Delivers high-end performance
  • Some users may not find it powerful enough
  • May not fit all RC servos
Traxxas 2255 Brushless Servo

Traxxas 2255 Brushless Servo

  • Fully water-resistant
  • Easy installation and factory fit
  • The aluminum mid-section dissipates heat evenly
  • Produces high torque for enhanced speed

A small box instilled with modern gears, the Traxxas 2252 brushless servo works better than the original!

The high torque RC servo uses a brushless motor to deliver high power, reducing friction and hence, improving the performance of your drift car.

Moreover, unlike other servos, this one offers factory fit and yes, is very easy to install hence letting you fix it in place without a problem. Even if you are new to the idea of changing servos, we promise you won’t have a hard time doing so!

And when we say, this one works better than the original, believe us on every word! We’ve experienced a lot of RC servos but for a Traxxas model, we’d suggest nothing apart from this one.

The 2255 Traxxas RC servo consists of a dual bearing and an aluminum center that dissipates heat evenly, keeping the gear cool and hence, not letting it affect the performance adversely.

If high speed is what you’re looking to achieve by replacing the old servo, this RC servo will let you sail your drifter through rugged paths pretty smoothly. There is little noise and no vibration that’ll annoy you while you enjoy driving your remote-controlled RC car.

So, what do you think now? If you wish to race at a high speed, let’s put this servo in the RC drifter car and see what it does!

  • Produces high torque
  • Factory fit and easy to install
  • Inclusion of double bearing and aluminum center dissipates heat evenly
  • Compatibility with TSM
  • Also compatible with most Traxxas models
  • Water-resistant
  • Efficient in performance
  • Not very durable
  • Users have stated problems with the servo size
Power Hobbies 729 MBL Steel Servo

Power Hobbies 729 MBL Steel Servo

  • Reliable and durable gear system
  • Produces high voltage and speed
  • Water-proof
  • Highly efficient brushless motor and precision gear

We’ve been enjoying racing with RC drift cars for quite some time now. yes, the entire family over the weekend plans a race and the winner gets a small prize. This is what entertainment has been for us.

But recently, I found my RC car to be losing its speed, not performing up to par. Thus, then I decided to look up servos for my remote-control RC, and durability with high torque is what was on my mind.

Soon enough I got my hands on the Power Hobbies 729 MBL steel servo and man, my RC car has been speeding through tight spaces since then!

This steel servo produces high torque to power your drifter, making steering efficient and smooth. It comes with a reliable and durable gear system enclosed in a tensile steel and aluminum box that keeps it well protected against water and weather.

The servo by Power Hobbies is easy to install and delivers high speed that improves the performance of your car. Its high precision gear, high voltage, and efficient gear are what make it the best steering servo for rock crawlers.

  • Steel and aluminum box for added durability
  • Waterproof hence won’t spoil in mud or rain
  • Makes steering the RC rock crawler super smooth
  • Brushless motor produces high torque for increased spend and efficiency
  • Users have stated it is not to be waterproof as mentioned on the label
Power Hobbies 729 MBL Steel Servo

Power Hobbies 729 MBL Steel Servo

  • Reliable and durable gear system
  • Produces high voltage and speed
  • Water-proof
  • Highly efficient brushless motor and precision gear

Are you looking for a digital servo for your RC car? We might just have the perfect thing for you!

This servo is easy to install and exhibits larger torque measuring up to 21.5 kgs, hence letting your drive your drifter at a high speed. But does this mean it creates more noise as well?

Not at all! Without compromising on its performance, the Annimos digital servo produces low noise, keeping the surroundings calm and peaceful.

Moreover, this high torque RC servo contains advanced linearity and accuracy that makes steering smooth and efficient. But does this guarantee durability?

If durability is a priority for you, do not worry because Annimos has carefully hidden the advanced aluminum gear system inside a heavy-duty aluminum shell that protects it against water, weather, and wear over time.

Hence, the upgraded version here offers 270 to 360 degrees, making it ideal for steering on rugged roads.

In short, the servo by Annimos is amazing when it comes to a larger torque powering higher speed yet it weighs only 2.12 oz. wonderful, isn’t it?

  • Weighs less
  • Creates low noise and is waterproof
  • Aluminum gear and shell promises durability
  • Produces large torque that generates high speed
  • Enhances steering of an RC car
  • Breaks easily
  • Does not come with a mounting hardware
  • It may not fit all models of an RC car
Power Hobbies 729 MBL Steel Servo

Power Hobbies 729 MBL Steel Servo

  • Reliable and durable gear system
  • Produces high voltage and speed
  • Water-proof
  • Highly efficient brushless motor and precision gear

Is a digital servo what’s on your mind this time? Then we’ll suggest the Savox digital servo that has “served” as well!

Although, the servo may look like any other ordinary battery for an RC car we’ve found it to be far better than most digital servos. How can we be so sure?

The fact is, the servo by Savox contains a digital gear system carefully embedded inside an aluminum shell that keeps it protected against water and weather.

So, yes, full point for introducing a water-proof servo here! Next, it consists of titanium, a coreless motor that is known to produce high torque for more power. If you are looking for high speed to win the RC race, we bet this servo won’t disappoint you!

Moreover, it is lightweight, easy to install, and super-efficient in performance. The high-precision gears work their way to deliver high speed and dissipate heat evenly to elongate the life of the servo and your car.

The Savox servo is definitely worth giving a try because if you’ve had difficult experiences in installing servos, this will change it for the better!

  • Easy to install and reliable
  • Durable and efficient
  • Aluminum body and titanium gears deliver high speed
  • Produces higher torque
  • Lightweight and uses less power to operate
  • Ideal for RC trucks
  • Waterproof
  • Does not fit all models of an RC car including TRAXX
  • Does not possess much more to operate an RC crawler
Miuezuth Waterproof Digital Servo

Miuezuth Waterproof Digital Servo

  • Dual bearing with waterproof seals that enhance performance
  • Contains hard anodized metal gears that work with high precision
  • Exhibits 270 to 360 degrees rotation
  • delivers high torque and speed

is it difficult to find a servo that fulfills all your requirements of high torque, high speed, and much more? Well, so is not the case with Miuezuth’s digital servo.

Unlike other servos, this does weigh a little heavier but with more weights comes greater performance. We’ve experienced the servo to produce much higher torque than some ordinary ones, hence leading to an increase in speed of our RC cars.

Moreover, the metal gears are carefully manufactured with advanced linearity and precision that lets them perform more efficiently. Its accuracy and reliability are what make it great for remote-controlled toys like our favorite RC car.

The digital servo by Miuezuth exhibits 270 to 360 degrees rotation, not a feature that you’ll find in other servos. Thus, the rotation makes steering super smooth and quick. We’ve certainly enjoyed driving our RC drifter through some sharp cuts!

  • Contains dual bearing with a waterproof sealing that keeps the servo protected against wear over time
  • Delivers high speed by maintaining a high torque
  • Embedded with metal gears that are manufactured with advanced linearity and precision for efficient performance
  • The gear can rotate between 270 to 360 degrees which makes steering quick and smooth
  • Not very durable
  • May work only with small, light-duty RC cars
Weise DS3218 Digital Servo

Weise DS3218 Digital Servo

  • Ideal for heavy-duty remote-controlled RC cars like Traxx and trucks
  • Adjustable 25T metal servo arms for flexibility
  • Produces torque up to 21.5 kgs, which is far more than any other servo
  • Durable and reliable gear system

Do you own an RC truck or Traxx? If yes and you’ve been having a difficult time finding the best servo for it, take a closer look at Weise’s DS3218 servo!

This one produces a high torque of up to 21.5 kgs, which is ideal to run a heavy-duty RC car. Amazing isn’t it?

Moreover, it consists of an adjustable metal arm for easy steering, is highly reliable and because has a water-sealant added around the gear, you can watch it last much longer than anticipated.

Well, we once dropped it in a sink full of water and our servo is still working! So yes, we can surely bet on the waterproof part!

Having said that, it is pretty solid when it comes down to the shell of it and yes, the gears are advanced that let us enjoy a smooth drive with our RC. Do not believe us?

We’d suggest buy it and see it for yourself. Hence, we haven’t been disappointed to date and are sure you won’t be either.

  • Ideal for heavy-duty RC cars
  • Has adjustable metal arms
  • Can produce torque as high as 21.5 kgs
  • Waterproof
  • Durable and reliable
  • Less expensive than other servos
  • The gears rotate only 180 degrees which restrict the movement of the RC car
  • The quality can be improved
Betu High Torque Digital Servo

Betu High Torque Digital Servo

  • Consists of heavy-duty metal gear
  • Motor manufactured from the iron core
  • Creates less noise
  • Produces high torque

Ever heard of a servo that produces torque up to 25 kgs? If you haven’t then let us introduce to you Betu high torque digital servo!

This servo is amazing when it comes down to powering bigger RC cars. It is compatible with 1/8, 1/10, and 1/12 RC trucks and can easily manage to run a robot or any other heavy-duty remote-controlled toy.

Moreover, this high torque RC servo contains fully-loaded metal gears, an iron core, and a CNC aluminum shell that allows the servo to produce high torque and speed. Mark our words, do not be fooled by its small size!

Talking about size, the Betu digital servo is lighter than most servos and does not create any noise when operating. Once fixed, it isn’t fidgety or lousy, banging against the RC car’s wall and annoying you with the noise.

Moreover, it is waterproof so if you run your RC truck in a pool of mud or even in the rain, the servo will remain protected and unharmed. Sounds crazy, right?

We seriously doubted buying the Betu servo because of the small size but then again, if we didn’t purchase it at our friend’s request, we wouldn’t be enjoying driving our RC truck at a high speed. The torque it produces is surely unmatched for a servo of its size!

  • Produces a high torque up to 25 kgs
  • Lightweight and creates less noise
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Consists of metal gear, iron core, and aluminum shell that keeps it protected against wear and tear
  • Easy to install and stable
  • Best for heavy-duty RC cars
  • It May is not be compatible with a few heavy-duty RC car models including Traxx
  • Some users have stated it to burn out only after a few uses
Redcat Racing Store Hexfly Servo

Redcat Racing Store Hexfly Servo

  • Delivers a high torque up to 25 kgs
  • Metal gears for durability
  • Waterproof
  • Even heat dissipation improves performance

Are you looking for a servo for your RC hobbyist? Something that produces high torque to deliver maximum speed?

Well then, here is the Hexfly HX-3225 servo that produces torque up to 25 kgs, much more than what an ordinary servo can deliver!

Moreover, it is lightweight and durable. The metal gears are cleverly hidden within an aluminum shell that keeps it well protected against changing weather which means it is waterproof.

Also, while we had the chance to understand its functioning, we concluded that the DC motor with an iron core and CNC aluminum shell help dissipate heat evenly, which in turn keeps the servo cool and enhances the performance.

We must say, a servo like this one that produces high torque is ideal for heavy-duty RC cars. Not only does it deliver high speed but also makes steering smooth and quick.

Thus, if you thinking of replacing your RC hobbyist’s servo anytime soon, try this one out!

  • Exhibits high torque which is ideal for heavy-duty RC cars
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Promotes even heat dissipation that enhances performance
  • It May is not be compatible with some RC models like Traxx and crawler
  • Not very durable
Futaba S3003 Standard Servo

Futaba S3003 Standard Servo

  • Consists of surface mountain technology
  • Manufactured using high impact plastic shell
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable and durable

It is time we share a secret with you. We’ve taken our time to upgrade our Futaba system with the most efficient servo here!

Its efficient, reliable, and extremely durable. Yes, we can vouch for it! But what makes us so sure you ask?

To start with, this Futaba servo consists of surface mountain technology that manages vibration so you can enjoy a smooth drive.

Moreover, the inclusion of a high-impact plastic casing not only promises to keep the gears safe from wear but also protects the insides from damage at impact.

Wait, we aren’t done yet!

Unlike most servo, the Futaba servo comes with a through-the-hole circuit, a circuit model that does not include connecting wires and leads to power the RC car. How brilliant is that?

So, does this mean that it produces high torque too? Well, not as high as other servos on the list but good enough to power small RC cars.

The torque produces measure up to 4.1 kgs, not disappointing for a servo of its size. Also, the Futaba servo included nylon gears for high performance for as long as you would want to enjoy!

Versatile, durable, and powerful, the servo by Futaba is ideal for upgrading your system!

  • Comes with surface mount technology for reduced vibration
  • High impact plastic casing saves the car and gear from any damage at impact
  • Great for small RC cars
  • Advanced circuit with no wires or leads
  • Versatile and reliable
  • Not very durable
  • Breaks easily as stated by some users

RC Servo for Steering Buyer’s Guide:

Steering RC Servo Buying Guide

We understand how confusing buying a servo for your RC car can be! It isn’t only about power or the size, but beyond the basics that make a “servo” the best.

Are you confused about the size? Or is it power that you are focusing on? How about the torque or durability? A million questions with a few answers that we’ll help you find. Because we’ve gone through the same phase, experimentation has helped us gather a few pointers that might be helpful for you too.

Thus, here are a few basic things that you should consider when buying a servo:


Little do people know that servo is available in different sizes and no size fits all here! Once you lay foot in the market you’ll see servo that ranges from large to small, from medium to micro and more.

Yes, we know it can be confusing but let us make it a bit easier for you. How do you choose the right size? Measure the mounting space to ensure that the servo you buy fits in perfectly.

Hence, if you’re wondering why are we laying great emphasis on “size”, know that even if the servo is a size bigger or smaller, your RC drifter or crawler won’t work. Hence. The right fit will enhance its overall performance and speed.


Is this what you had in mind too? You bet! But before you choose a servo with high torque, know the size of your car first!

What do we mean? What we meant to say is that is your RC car small or big? This is because a bigger car will need a servo delivering higher torque as compared to a smaller one.

Don’t force you7rself into buying a high torque servo for your small RC car or else you’ll only be compromising on its performance.


Are you planning a quick racing competition with your friends? If so, then attaining the highest level of speed is what would be on your mind, right?

Although, we love watching an RC car speed away let’s not overdo the things. To maintain a high speed, you need to have a bigger car with stronger gears. Hence, for people who own small RC trucks or crawlers, go for a servo with average speed, or else overdoing things may be bad for your little toy.

Motor Type

Does servo have different types of motors? Most certainly! For the least that people know servo motors are categorized into the following:

A DC motor is ideal for cars that are smaller in size and do not require high torque to function.

On the other hand, coreless motors produce better power, are more reliable, and make steering smoother. So, if you have to make a sharp turn with your RC drifter or truck, a coreless motor servo will make it possible.

And what about the brushless motor? Servo with brushless motors deliver high speed produced by a greater torque and is more efficient in performance.

Hence, which one you choose completely depends on the size of your RC car and the purpose it serves.


Another thing that is considered of importance when buying a servo is the voltage that it produces. Ideally, servos manage to operate at 6V.

In case you are looking to buy a 2S LiPo receiver battery then you’ll need to pair it up with a 7.4V servo for best results. Although, we’ve mentioned it multiple times and we’d say it again, buy a servo according to the size of your RC car only!


Servo consists of gear that is either made of metal or plastic. If you are looking for durability which most of us do, we’d recommend going for metal gears.


Because as compared to plastic, metal gears last longer and are powerful enough to accelerate and steer your RC on multiple plains.

On the other hand, servos with plastic gear work well for RCs smaller in size!


what material are we talking about? We’re pointing towards the casing of the servo which should be a solid one. You’ll find a variety of servos being manufactured in either aluminum bodies or plastic ones.

But when it comes down to durability, we’ll always vote for aluminum as the metal can withstand the wearing overtime led by extreme weather conditions and dissipates heat evenly that helps keep the gears cool.

Remember, the cooler the gears are, the better they’ll perform and the servo will last longer!

Water Resistant/Proof

When the unpredictable weather cannot stop your adventure, it is time you prepare for it fully! What do we mean?

By this, we mean that when replacing your old servo with a new, upgraded one, lookup for a servo that is waterproof or water-resistant.

This way, even if you’ll be steering through pools or muddy paths, the servo with remain protected against any damage caused by it.

Different Types of Servos Explained

Haven’t we already discussed the types of servos out there in the market? Not really! When talking about RC servo for steering, there are different types that we need to tap in detail.

Yes, we know you are confused but let’s get to the point right away!

RC Servo Brushless Vs. Coreless

The first type of servo you’ll find is defined along with the type of motor it has. As already mentioned above, servos come with two main types of motors: brushless and coreless. Where each one has its sets of advantages!

Although you’ll find some servo with DC motors, if you searching for an upgraded version, these two are the most commonly found ones.

Nonetheless, when talking about coreless motors, as the name suggests do not have a core. The wire is wind using a special process without using a core for support. This allows the servo to produce higher torque and hence, is more reliable.

Moreover, a coreless servo motor makes steering smoother, allowing you to make quick turns without compromising on the performance of the RC car.

On the other hand, a brushless motor uses a similar winding technique as the coreless motor but is commuted through Hall effect sensors that magnetically position the rotor. Thus, what benefit does it serve?

The brushless motor is more efficient in working, more powerful as compared to brushed or coreless servo motors, produces higher torque for more speed, and yes, is durable!

Hence, how would you know what type of servo motor to opt for? The simplest way is to measure the size of your RC car because a smaller one does not need much power to operate as compared to a bigger one!

RC Servo 180 Vs. 270

180 and 270? What are these numbers for? The numbers indicate the degrees a servo can rotate.

The gearbox inside a servo uses a code to rotate or shift. More clearly, a digital servo can rotate more or less at 180 degrees with a pulse rate ranging between 0.5 to 2.5 ms.

An average servo gearbox moves either forward or backward, which indicates the 180 degrees movement. But how are the “degrees” helpful?

In simpler words, the higher the degree of rotation of the gear is, the more flexibility it will offer in steering the RC. Sounds easy, right?

Gear in the servo needs to be rotatable to support the movement of your RC car including truck, Traxx, or drifter. The more flexibility it has in its movement, the easier it will be for you to turn your RC car.

As compared to a 180 degrees servo, the 270 degrees servo provides smoother steering!

RC Servo Analogue Vs. Digital

You didn’t know replacing the servo of your RC could be a complicated process, right? But honestly, it isn’t if you know your “facts”.

An analog RC servo is generally the basic type of servo fitted in most remote-control toys or robots. It sends pulses within the small interval to produce torque that accelerates your RC car.

Ideally, the pulse voltage lies anywhere between 4.8 to 6.0V, but it varies for servo types and models.

An analog servo produces around 50 pulses per second when the car is switched on and when you switch it off, the connection is discontinued and no pulses are received by the car.

Although an analog servo is much more reliable, durable, and high performing it delays command which can cause you to lose the race. Nonetheless, as compared to a DC motor, analog servo motors are known to produce higher torque leading to higher acceleration.

But isn’t a digital servo the same as an analog servo? Not apparently! Although they may be manufactured using the same process, as compared to an analog servo motor, a digital one is more efficient in performance.

Having said that, the basic difference lies in the movement of the signals. A digital motor servo sends continuous pulses, almost 50 pulses per second but without intervals.

The constant, rapid signals manage to produce a higher torque which in turn helps increase the acceleration of the RC car or any other remote-controlled toy.

Moreover, the continuous pulses reduce the dead band and help the RC car catch commands quicker.

Thus, for more efficient performance and quick reaction, a digital motor servo is what we recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to test the RC servo motor?

The most common method of testing your servo is by a Servo Tester because it’s easy to use and will give you accurate results.

How does an RC servo work?

An RC servo consists of a circuit, a motor, gears, a potentiometer, and output shafts all of which work unanimously to produce torque that then powers your RC car. You can find the answer in detail at the start of the article.

What causes RC servo jitter?

A servo jitter is caused by a lack of power. Hence, if you think your servo is shaky, try attaching it to a heavier power supply to increase the production of pulses that operate it.

You can use an electrolytic capacitor for this purpose and we are certain, the jitters will disappear soon enough.


RC cars are fun to drive. Toys like these, especially ones heavier in size utilize more power to function and hence, need a bigger servo or torque to run. Hence, if you’re too planning to upgrade to a newer and advanced servo, get your hands on either ZOSKAY Coreless Digital Servo or Traxxas 2255 Brushless Servo.

Both of these produce high torque, are durable, easy to install, and compatible with most RC car models. Although, they might be a little expensive than other ordinary servos, surely are worth the purchase!


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