Since you’re looking for the best running boards for GMC Sierra, we suppose you are finding it difficult to hop in and out of your vehicle. Aren’t you?

The humongous looks of your truck and its extraordinary height are having you struggle with stepping in and stepping out. But that’s nothing we can’t tackle!

Best Running Boards for GMC Sierra

We researched intensively and thoroughly to work out a solution for this. And in our quest, we managed to gather together the top ten best running boards for GMC Sierra.

We have not only mentioned but reviewed them in detail in this guide. Plus, below the reviews, you’ll get a complete insight into how to buy the ideal running boards for your GMC Sierra.

Let’s get started!

Top 10 Running Boards for GMC Sierra

Running Boards
330 lbs
450 lbs
450 lbs
400+ lbs
600 lbs
500 lbs
300 lbs
350 lbs
400+ lbs
400+ lbs
APS Drop Steps Running Boards

APS Drop Steps Running Boards

  • These are compatible with several trucks.
  • They feature dedicated drop steps.
  • Offers easy bolt-on installation.
  • Supports 330 lbs.

Auto Parts Specialist (APS) has been manufacturing the finest running boards for quite a while. Needless to say, when compiling this list, we considered their models first and foremost. And to our surprise, the Drop Step running boards turned out to be an impressive match for GMC Sierra.

Constructed from the aluminum square tube, these running boards are not only sturdy but also resistant to the adverse impact of weather. Their corrosion resistance property does justice and ensures a longer lifespan. Even the manufacturer provides a guarantee of about five years.

Apart from durability and sturdiness, we particularly appreciate the drop step feature of these running boards. The thoughtful engineering and design do not only make it convenient for the user to step in & out of the vehicle with ease but also assists with installation.

It’s easier to locate the right place and mount the running boards on the truck. Plus, the dedicated steps particularly ease the boarding process for children.

Although the company advertises 300 lbs. as the maximum weight capacity of the running boards, in actuality, they can take up to 330 lbs., which is a plus for most buyers. Another appreciable factor is the brand’s honesty and rationality with the performance of its products.

One can only expect the APS running boards to exceed expectations but never fall below.

With that said, let us also inform you that 300lbs weight support serves best for those who board their trucks carefully and occasionally. For those who use their truck intensively, we’d recommend running boards that support greater weight.

  • Unique and dedicated built
  • Convenient steps
  • Excellent traction
  • Outstanding looks
  • Comes with an extensive warranty
  • Limited weight capacity
  • Slightly heavy

OEDRO 6.5″ Running Boards

  • Compatible with multiple models of GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado.
  • Offers bolt-on installation.
  • These are amongst the widest, elegant running boards.
  • The seller accepts returns in case of any miscommunications.

If you feel you still have a long way to go learning about your GMC Sierra and its commands, then we’d recommend you to go for the OEDRO Running boards. That’s because the experience offered by these running boards goes hand in hand with a fresh ownership feel of a humongous truck.

How so? Well, you’d begin aligning the answer to this question right from when you begin unpacking these running boards. Inside the package, you will receive two running boards, an instruction manual, and mounting brackets.

The contents come packaged well in five layers, double-deck packaging with EPE foamed plastic. Thus, it is highly unlikely that anything will get damaged by the time you receive the package.

But if by chance, something is damaged. You can make use of the 1-year promise against manufacturing defects offered by the company. Plus, the customer service is super friendly, so you can rely on them on catering to you to their best.

Next comes the installation stage. You will be more surprised at how substantially and generously it contributes to building your confidence with your vehicle.

You will invest about 30-40 minutes and have your running boards installed. No need to engage yourself in drilling or cutting. Just use the mount brackets to fix them up on your GMC Sierra.

These are low-profile. So, you won’t find them standing out and damaging the grand look of your vehicle. Plus, once you’ve installed it successfully, you can paint it to customize it further.

Moreover, its stainless-steel exterior is available in two colors:

Its black powder coating provides a firm grip, protects the vehicle from corrosion, and adds up to the looks. And its wide 6.5 step provides enough room for both feet at once.

It is advertised as both durable and sturdy, capable of handling 450 lbs. However, user experience suggests that the best these running boards can support is about 350 lbs. Beyond this, it begins bending.

  • Available in two colors
  • Economical
  • Rust free
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sleek style
  • 1-year warranty
  • Suitable for light usage only
YITAMOTOR 6 inches Running Boards

YITAMOTOR 6 inches Running Boards

  • Aluminum material is rust-resistant and wear-resistant.
  • Supports up to 450 lbs.
  • Wide platform protected from discoloration.
  • It comes with one year warranty.

Yitamotor’s 6-inches running boards are a great choice for those who own:

These fit the vehicles mentioned above perfectly. But these may not be suitable for a double cab, crew cab, or regular cab.

We recommend measuring your vehicle and checking its compatibility against the standards before purchasing the running boards. Yitamotor is most fit for crew cabs.

In terms of width, the running boards measure 6-inches, and in terms of height, these measure 2-inches. The length stretches completely from the front tire to the rear tire.

Such a construction gives these running boards a compact structure. So, when mounted, these are fairly visible. And the width provides enough room to step up without any disbalance.

The material with which these running boards got crafted performs well all around the year. Whether it’s the scorching heat of the sun or freezing snow, you will find these boards putting up well.

Note that the company offers them in two different materials (along with ABS plastic), including:

Both these offer the same premium performance and come covered in anti-slip protection. So, whatever the weather, you can expect a smooth and safe entry and exit out of your GMC Sierra.

It comes with a mounting bracket, mounting hardware, and a DIY instruction manual. Assembling it all will take only a bit of reading or, at most, a couple of tutorial videos.

Remember, its easy bolt-on installation will not require any complex procedures, such as drilling or cutting. What’s more, it’s a safe purchase. Yitamotor offers a hassle-free warranty of up to a year.

  • Sleek looks
  • Economical
  • DIY Installation
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Robust
  • Not recommendable for a double cab or regular cab
Tyger Auto Rider Running Boards

Tyger Auto Rider Running Boards

  • Features distinctive oval tube structure
  • Offers DIY installation method.
  • Its slim structure blends well.
  • It comes with a 5-year hassle-free warranty.

For all those who prefer running boards that do not interfere with the looks of their GMC Sierra, Tyger Auto Rider’s running boards are an ideal pick. These landed in our list of best running boards for GMC Sierra, primarily because of their slim structure and durability.

In terms of width, these nerf bars measure about 3.5 inches. Although it may appear too narrow for some people, we believe it serves its purpose fairly well.

You cannot step on it with both your feet vertically, one after another. But you can step on it with both your feet side by side. It supports about 400+ lbs without a crack.

Plus, these are specifically running boards for GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab. But you will also find them compatible with:

With that said, don’t try installing them to your extended, regular, or double cab. That’s mostly because these do not have the right built to serve those vehicles. And if you somehow manage to fit the two together, you will face stability issues.

On the contrary, when installed appropriately, these will be firm in their places. The external powdered coating gives the Nerf bars a better grip and traction.

Note that the installation process is super simple. It does not involve any drilling or cutting. Simply bolt the nerf bars up to the sides of your GMC Sierra.

Moreover, Tyger Auto serves for far much more than you’d expect from under $200 running boards for GMC Sierra. It will last for a good 5-7 years.

Even the brand provides coverage for about five years with its hassle-free warranty. You can lay claim to your money if at any point you feel that the product quality contradicts what the company advertised. As reviewers, though, we don’t think you will feel the need to.

  • Neat looks
  • Value for money
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent stability
  • Good grip
  • Not suited for double, regular, or extended cab
AMP Research PowerStep Boards

AMP Research PowerStep Boards

  • It comes equipped with retractable functionality.
  • It uses top-notch quality material and can last for years.
  • Supports up to 600 lbs.
  • It features one of the widest platforms of all.

AMP Research PowerStep is the show stopper of all our best GMC Sierra running boards. It’s lightweight, stylish, highly functional, and of course, expensive. Let’s have a closer look.

Fundamentally, this running board gets categorized under the best retractable running boards for GMC Sierra. And for all the obvious and right reasons!

The latter features an automatic platform powered by engine electricity. It opens up when someone inside or outside, standing in front of the respective door, wants to step in or step out. The same applies to the retraction process.

What’s more, it comes equipped with an LED light system, which adds to the aesthetics. And it comes in real handy if you are heading to a farm-like area where insects or small animals could find a good place to rest on the 6-inches wide running boards in the dark.

It is aluminum and stainless steel perform well all around the year. You could trust its grip in the heaviest of rainfalls and have it stand in the scorching heat without worrying about heat’s adverse impacts.

Despite weighing only around 51 pounds, AMP Research’s aluminum running boards are phenomenally robust and sturdy. It supports up to 600 lbs. Now that is truly amazing.

You need not worry about burdening these running boards with two to three people at once. And this particular feature comes in handy when you’ve got kids at your place!

When boarding the vehicle, it will help tackle kids’ excitement as they attack your GMC Sierra in attempts of jumping in first and seizing the best spot. And, of course, the same applies when they’re climbing down.

However, it is a bit expensive than the rest – approximately ten times more expensive than the average running boards for GMC Sierra.

We affirm and ensure that the investment’s worth it. These will easily last for more than seven years. The company itself provides a guarantee of about five years.

  • Lightweight
  • Premium looks
  • Retractable construction
  • Integrated LED system
  • Sturdy
  • Impressive weight capacity
  • Highly expensive
ONINE 6 Inch Black Running Boards

ONINE 6 Inch Black Running Boards

  • Supports up to 500 lbs.
  • It comes with a thoughtfully engineered structure.
  • It features a non-slip, 6-inches-wide platform.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.

ONINE 6-inch black running boards are a mid-range option for GMC Sierra owners. The particular highlight of these running boards is their outlook.

By far, these are amongst the most thoughtfully designed running boards for GMC Sierra in terms of external appearance. The upper side of the boards features a black-textured, powdered coating that has an off-road look.

Note that you will find depressions on the upper surface that facilitate movement and grip. Plus, on the bottom side, these diagonal depressions have openings.

Thus, serving as a gateway for dust, water, and whatnot. In this way, these running boards have a drainage system of their own. If you look forward to owning them, you should know these are low-maintenance running boards for your GMC Sierra.

Moreover, the heavy-duty construction adds to the longevity and reliability of these truck accessories. Haul about 500 lbs upon them, and these won’t even budge!

The only part that felt a bit off to us is how the package gets delivered. The manufacturer prefers dividing the running board and mounting brackets into two different boxes, both of which may not reach you at the same time.

You may receive one box first and the other days later. Although this drawback doesn’t concern the running boards themselves, we feel it could become a little unsettling when you’re all excited to set up your GMC Sierra’s running boards.

As for the installation process, it’s much simpler. The mounting bracket and associated hardware come with the package. You can bolt them on without drilling.

All in all, we love the exterior of these running boards. And, of course, the consequent functionality is truly impressive. The boards also come with a lifetime warranty. In case you find any factory defect, you may make use of the promise there!

  • Safe purchase
  • Excellent grip
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Stylish looks
  • Non-rust
  • Package may come divided
APS iBoard Running Boards

APS iBoard Running Boards

  • It is available in multiple lengths.
  • It comes with a 5-inch-wide platform.
  • Supports about 300 lbs.
  • Each weighs only 36.9 pounds.

Classy and sleek, the APS iBoard Running Boards are running boards with an arresting sight. They’re neat, clean, and sophisticated in every sense of the word.

On the outside, the running boards have a rectangular, phone-like structure. It’s slim and elongated with fairly rounded curves and a smooth surface.

Note that by a smooth surface, what we imply here is the smooth looks. Otherwise, in practical terms, the surface of the running boards features linear elevations.

These do not only add to the looks but also serve phenomenally for the required traction and grip. With that said, it also means they have a high-maintenance need.

Unlike the ONINE running boards, these do not have a drainage system of their own, which means dirt, snow, rain residues, insects, and everything else that may get accumulated on the surface. For that very reason, you may have to regularly maintain these running boards, i.e., wash, clean, and retain their shine and polish with relevant automotive chemicals.

Since these got crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, they are lightweight. And thus, these do not burden the frame of your GMC Sierra. However, note that having a lightweight frame also means it offers a limited weight capacity. You can expect it to handle a maximum of 300 lbs.

Henceforth, it’s best for those who use their trucks occasionally as they may not tolerate quick and heavy usage.

What’s more, these are compatible with:

We believe APS iBoard Running boards are the best amongst 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 running boards because of their looks, compatibility, and ease of use. Given the present-day’s needs, that’s all you have to have!

  • Lightweight
  • UV Resistant
  • Good compatibility
  • Smooth and sleek looks
  • Easy installation
  • Limited weight capacity
  • Insufficient instructions
Auto Dynasty Store Chrome Boards

Auto Dynasty Store Chrome Boards

  • Supports 350 lbs
  • Chrome coating provides corrosion resistance and shine
  • Offers easy DIY bolt-on installation
  • Features 6-inches-wide platform

In case you seek Chrome running boards for GMC Sierra, then you might like Auto Dynasty’s take at running boards. The professionals manufacture premium quality running boards that promise nothing less than absolute class in terms of quality and look.

On the outside, these running boards feature smooth stainless-steel construction with heavy-duty polycarbonate slip-resistant step pads. The non-slip step pads ensure maximum grip and traction irrespective of the weather.

The lack of holes and gaps within the bars may demand a little overboard maintenance, especially when it’s raining or snowing heavily. The same applies if you’re visiting a sandy area.

Plus, you need not worry about the running boards losing their shine. The chrome coating protects them from rust and decaying elements of nature.

Moreover, unlike most other running boards in this list, these are fit for an extended cab as well. On that note, we appreciate the extensive compatibility of these running boards has. You can expect them to go well with:

The running boards are indeed highly lightweight. They weigh only around 36 pounds which makes them a highly convenient automotive accessory in terms of handling and installation.

As for the installation, it’ll take you about thirty minutes at most, even if you are doing this for the first time. You needn’t fiddle with complex drilling or cutting procedures. Just simply bolt it on.

However, being light in weight, these running boards cannot support more than 350 lbs. And this is quite a limiting factor for those who travel frequently, and frankly, roughly. So, if you like to take it rough, this may not be the best option for you.

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent grip
  • Rust-free design
  • Neat looks
  • Good Compatibility
  • Limited weight capacity
n-FAB Nerf Bar Step Rails

n-FAB Nerf Bar Step Rails

  • Nerf bar running boards
  • It features a 3-inches wide platform.
  • It comes with a fully welded step system
  • It features a stainless-steel build

N-Fab is one of those low-key, hidden gems in the automotive aftermarket industry. This particular brand, based in Texas, produces competitive accessories at affordable price tags.

If you’re looking for premium running boards without going ruining the monthly budget, then the N-Fab Nerf Bar Side Rails are for you.

These Nerf bars will make you gasp in awe with their edgy outlook. These bars have an oval-bend structure and side rails to step in/out of the truck. But the thing that will attract your attention is the textured black finish.

Unlike most silvery running boards, these N-Fab running boards upgrade your GM Sierra’s look through black aesthetics. They also have an OEM-style E-coat primer.

For all those doubting the quality of these bars, N-Fab has claimed this primer to offer 5-years’ worth of protection. These Nerf bars will maintain their look regardless of intensive use.

Also, each running board comprises high-quality stainless steel. There is no metal except for stainless steel, which gives it sturdiness. The one-piece fully welded step design further strengthens the build.

So, these step rail bars will not rust or corrode over a long time. You certainly won’t have to deal with dents, damages, and chipping.

Moreover, the bar has a narrow 3-inches wide design. These narrow bars tuck in with your truck easily and do not appear awkward. Meanwhile, the expanded and enclosed side steps protrude a little out.

Hence, people can step onto the board easily. The step plates make vehicle access convenient and stable. You won’t have to worry regarding constant falling or tripping.

As for installation, these N-Fab nerf bars have a direct bolt-on method. The package includes all the required hardware. However, you still cannot install it yourself.

The setup of these bars is slightly complex since no detailed instructions are available. You will require at least one other individual to help you. Alternatively, you can ask a professional to install them.

Nevertheless, these step rails have good compatibility too. You can use these bars with Chevy GMC, GM Sierra, and many more!

  • Premium looks
  • Sturdy
  • Stable & convenient
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Not easy-to-install


  • Side steps running boards
  • 5-inches wide with non-slip pads
  • Stainless steel, heavy-duty build
  • Comes with 3-years long warranty

Next in the list, we have the Better Automotive Side Steps. With over 20-years of experience, Better Motive is one of the top brands for aftermarket truck and SUV accessories. So, when reviewing these running boards for GM Sierra, we had our hopes quite high. Well, they weren’t shattered the slightest bit!

Better Motive has kept its word to the GM Sierra owners by introducing these high-quality and robust running boards.

In the package, you will receive two-step bars, mounting brackets, mounting hardware, and installation instructions. So, you get everything one needs for running boards at an affordable price.

Once out of the packaging, you will feel stunned by these heavy-duty oval bend tubes. Each sidebar has a polished chrome finish that glimmers and shines. Installing these will give your GM Sierra a serious glow-up!

What’s more, the Better Motive sidebars comprise high-quality stainless steel. Hence, these bars are not only rust-resistant but also UV resistant. You can rely on these running boards to last you for years to come.

However, since it has a pure stainless-steel build, the bars are slightly heavier than aluminum competitors in the market. These sidebars weigh 61-pounds. Nonetheless, Better Motive side steps are robust with great weight capacity. Each bar is 5-inches wide that is quite good for easy access into the vehicle.

There are also non-slip step pads with a groovy surface. These come pre-installed and add stability to the performance. One can step into and out of the vehicle without falling. It especially works well on rainy days when surfaces are slippery.

Moreover, these side steps have direct bolt-on installation. The included mounting hardware makes it possible to complete the set-up all by yourself. However, the manufacturer recommends getting them fixed professionally for the best results.

Also, before you purchase these step bars, ensure their compatibility with your vehicle. The Better Motive side steps are compatible with:

All in all, the Better Motive side steps are an excellent choice for GM Sierra. These sidebars also come with a 3-year long warranty for defects and issues!

  • Robust quality
  • Wide & stable
  • Easy-to-install
  • Good compatibility
  • Comes with a 3-years warranty
  • Slightly heavy

Running Boards for GMC Sierra Buyer’s Guide:

GMC Sierra Running Boards Buying Guide

As promised earlier, let’s now look into the correct approach to buying the best running board for GMC Sierra.

Technically, before proceeding with this buy, we’d recommend considering your needs. Let’s determine if you even need to purchase this automotive accessory or not.

If you have:

People traveling, living, or moving about with you. The running boards will make it possible for them to get in or get out of your vehicle.

Plus, if you feel several different kinds of individuals board your GMC Sierra all day long, then running boards may help you keep the interiors of your vehicle clean. The running board will serve as a doormat preventing all the dirt and debris from spreading inside your vehicle.

What’s more, running boards are also suitable for those who drive in rough terrain. They will deal with the rocks and debris thrown their way by the moving tires. Thus, protecting your car from dents and scratches.

Once you feel you do have to cater to either of the needs mentioned above. Then, we encourage you to take a step forward and buy yourself the best running boards for GMC Sierra. The following are some domains according to which you should assess your purchase.

Types of Running Boards

retractable running boards for gmc sierra

Fundamentally, running boards are available in three different types. These include:

All three of these differ from one another in terms of construction, appearance, and functionality. Let’s have a closer look.

Nerf bars are circular or oval. These originally got designed for racecars. The circular exterior keeps the tires of different cars from colliding and leading to accidents.

Over time, these bars also came into use for SUVs, jeeps, and trucks. Truck owners or GMC Sierra owners can install these the same way as a traditional running board, i.e., from the front tire to the rear tire.

The part of the bar exactly below the door is flat. Often, it also has a non-slip grip for easier movement. Traditional aftermarket running boards stretch from one tire to another on each side. These may be 3 feet wide or sometimes 6 feet wide.

Note that wider running boards keep the rocks from causing damage to your truck’s exterior. So, the wider, the better. Another variety of the traditional running boards are the retractable running boards that open up when the car door opens up. And it closes when the car door closes.

It’s truly super cool and convenient. Plus, to enhance the looks, you can line the running boards with LED lights. So, when you switch them on, your truck would look even better at night.

As for the side steps, these are small in size and right below the door’s stopping point. Thus, providing easy access. The side steps generally get installed for providing access to the bed of the truck.


Given the abundance of different types of running boards available these days, there’s quite a variety of running boards in terms of construction material. Nevertheless, our analysis has presented us with three fundamental materials, including:

Amongst these, aluminum and stainless steel happen to be the most durable and reliable options. They support more weight and are usually scratch-free.

Note that the ideal weight capacity of running bars ranges from 300 lbs – 550 lbs. You should look for a running board with this weight capacity.

Another thing you ought to assess in terms of construction is the material of the stepping pad. The two options you’d have include:

Rubber is preferable as it provides a better grip. And it doesn’t become slippery like plastic when it starts to rain.


Once you’ve assessed your preferred running boards according to the aspects above, ensure that you check out their compatibility too. Not all running boards are compatible with all kinds of trucks.

Normally, the manufacturer will mention the compatibility aspect with the product description (if you’re purchasing online). An easier way to determine compatibility when shopping online is to check the product’s complete name on the page.

For example, if we consider the first product we reviewed in this list of best running boards of GMC Sierra, it goes like this on its amazon page:

APS Drop Steps Running Boards Compatible with Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra 1500 2019-2021 Crew Cab / Silverado Sierra 2500 3500 2020-2021 (Exclude 19 1500 LD)

For making it, even more, easier for you, we have already mentioned compatible models in each of the reviews. But for any other running boards, you can adopt this methodology.

If you’re shopping for the running boards physically, then you’ll find it mentioned on the product label or packaging.

Price & Brand

Lastly, consider the price and brand of the running boards. Some of the most reputable and trusted names in the industry are:

To assess a brand yourself, review its history and feedback from clientele. As for the pricing, on average, you should expect to spend about $100-$300. Any higher than this would categorize the running board into high-end running boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to install running boards on GMC Sierra?

The installation method of the running board on your GMC Sierra entirely depends on the brand. Some running boards require drilling, and some require cutting.

However, most running boards can simply be installed by bolting them on your vehicle. You can do that by identifying the right place for mounting the running board on your GMC Sierra. Refer to this video for a lead in that regard.

Once you have identified the exact position of installation, use the screws and mounting brackets to fix the running boards in place.

Most manufacturers provide an instruction manual for guidance purposes. If you don’t receive one and still face difficulties, refer to their respective customer support center.

Q. Does installing running boards impact the warranty of the vehicle?

No. Installing a running board does not impact the warranty of your vehicle. However, if you try installing a running board that’s not compatible with your vehicle. And if doing so damages the vehicle in any way, it will render the warranty void.


All in all, by now, we hope you have a good lead on finding the best running boards for GMC Sierra. If taking your final decision from the top-notch running boards listed above becomes difficult.

Or if you find you caught in a running boards VS nerf bars debate, unable to decide which exactly will serve your purpose better, then we’d recommend going with:

AMP Research is the best GMC Sierra electric running board that you’ll find out there in the market. They’re super convenient! However, since they can be a bit too expensive as well, we’d recommend the ones manufactured by ONINE as well because they perform phenomenally too!

In any case, consider all your circumstances and needs before making the final decision. Good luck!


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