People who own jeeps, SUVs, or trucks usually face difficulty getting in and out of the vehicle. These vehicles have an extra height that makes it challenging for older and shorter people to access them.

So what is the solution to this problem? If this is the problem you want to eradicate, investing in the best running boards for jeep wrangler unlimited is better.

The running board, footboard, or sidestep is the narrow step fitted under the side doors.

Best Running Boards For Jeep Wrangler

Moreover, these top-notch 2021 jeep wrangler running boards will make climbing in and out of the jeep a child’s play. These boards are the steps present under each vehicle’s door so that people can easily get in and out of the car.

Besides functioning as steps, they complement the vehicle, provide aesthetics, and protect the automobile from scratches and dents.

Are running boards the same for every vehicle? Since every vehicle’s model and make is different, you have to choose the one that fits your jeep correctly.

There are so many designs and models out there that can confuse the buyers. Do not fret! We will help you find the best running boards by taking you through the detailed reviews, features, and pros/cons.

We have also mentioned a detailed buying guide to help you select the top-tier running boards for the jeep wrangler.

Top 10 Running Boards For Jeep Wrangler

Running Boards
Load Capacity
2018 to 2021
600 pounds
2018 to 2021
500 pounds
2007 to 2018
550 pounds
2007 to 2018
550 pounds
2018 to 2021
450 pounds
2018 to 2021
500 pounds
2007 to 2018
300 pounds
2018 to 2021
300 pounds
2018 to 2021
550 pounds
2018 to 2021
450 pounds
AMP Research Electric Running Boards

AMP Research Electric Running Boards

  • Electric-powered
  • Running boards expand and retract
  • Includes LED light system
  • Crafted in the US from aircraft-quality aluminum
  • PTFE and black-anodized coated
  • It comes with self-lubricating bushings
  • Posses stainless-steel hinge points for stability
  • 600-pound weight capacity
  • 25 inches width
  • Weather-proof

If you are in the mood to splurge, these AMP electric boards are the best quality ones, especially for tech-savvy drivers.

What makes these boards great? First, they are featured with electric-powered running boards that automatically extend whenever you open the door. Moreover, they instantly and safely go back in upon closing.

The expansion and retraction time is also suitable; it is not too fast or slow to aggravate the person.

In addition: These aluminum boards come with an integrated LED light system that switches off when you close the door.

If we talk about their material, these innovative running boards are of top quality. They are engineered from high-strength and robust die-cast aluminum alloy, PTFE, and anodized coated and also possess a military-spec finish to prevent them from getting rusty.

Furthermore, these rock-solid yet lightweight running boards are crafted in the US. Plus, they are tested and proven that they will perform flawlessly for the long term.

What’s more: These retractable running boards for jeep wrangler are highly stable as they are composed of stainless steel pivot pins. Plus, they consist of self-lubricating bushings that make this product maintenance-free.

Moreover, these electric boards perform stellarly in all weather conditions as they are weather-proof. Thus, making this product practical to use.

What else? Each board can withstand 600-pound load capacity, is pressure-sensitive, has pinch-proof technology, and is backed by a five-year limited warranty. Plus, each step is 6.25 inches wide to let the person climb in and out quickly.

What about its installation? This is the only drawback because it consumes plenty of time. The board’s installation requires wiring and drilling. Also, the set of instructions it comes with are pretty vague.

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Great load capacity
  • Includes warranty
  • Weather-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Retract and expand style boards
  • Long installation process
  • Vague instruction manual
Tyger Auto Textured Rock Slider

Tyger Auto Textured Rock Slider

  • 500 pounds weight capacity
  • Two-inch diameter tubes
  • Triple tube design
  • Carbon steel manufacturing
  • Sealed end caps
  • Possess dual girder system
  • It comes with a textured black finish
  • Patented star running boards
  • Bolt-on installation

If you want to make your wrangler functional and rugged than ever before, these easy breezy Tyger Auto running boards are all you need.

Why is this product second on our list? It possesses some outstanding features that are worth mentioning. Firstly, these 500 pounds weight-bearing running boards have a tubular design.

Moreover, they have two-inch diameter three seamlessly welded tubes. These tubes are dual-stage powder coated with a textured black finish to make them water and rust-resistant.

Besides their triple tube design, these products are crafted from top-quality carbon steel. Furthermore, all the tube end caps are sealed to prevent dirt or water from entering. Thus, it helps in extending the board’s life.

In addition: These boards have special e-coats inside and out and are pre-treated to remove all the impurities. They also come with a dual girder system that protects the rocker panel and underside area from damage. What else? These patented star running boards come with a five-year warranty.

What about its installation procedure? These one-piece design steps are pretty to install. Plus, these anti-slipping surface boards do not require any drilling. You only have to bolt them on.

Any drawbacks? There is one! This product does not include the necessary hardware to mount these side steps.

  • Easy installation
  • Stellar loading capacity
  • Excellent finish
  • Sturdy and robust
  • Durable and well-designed
  • Slip-resistant
  • Offers warranty
  • Hardware not included
oEdRo Drop Style Running Boards

oEdRo Drop Style Running Boards

  • Drop-down style
  • Leaf-shaped boards
  • Manufactured from alloy steel
  • Six-inch wide
  • Includes pre-welded brackets
  • 550 pounds load capacity
  • Bolt-on installation

These red and black distinctive designed running boards are an excellent choice for whoever wants to dress their jeep up on a smaller budget.

These boards not only make your entrance or exit safer but also avert paint scratches and protect your rig from debris.

Why should you go for oEdRo running boards? These side steps have a unique drop-down and leaf-shaped design that makes jeep wranglers highly accessible. Moreover, the laser cut step plate ensures that the surface will be grippy and slip-resistant.

In addition: These six-inch wide side steps come with pre-welded brackets. They are entirely constructed from steel to provide panel protection and extra rocker. Plus, these boards are crafted with an expanded step plate that allows users to use them for lifted or original vehicles.

To make these boards durable and to increase their longevity, they are powder-coated to prevent them from getting rusty. Therefore, you can drive and use these steps under any weather conditions.

What’s more: These can handle around 550 pounds without getting bent. These two boards also come with a complete mounting bracket set and an instruction manual.

What about the installation? This product requires minimal parts for quick installation. No cutting or drilling is necessary. You only have to bolt them on; thus, it saves plenty of time.

Besides being sturdy and functional, this product has a few drawbacks. The reviewers mentioned that these steps are closer to the jeep and do not protrude out as they should. So it feels like you are climbing a ladder.

Plus, some rivets might be missing from the mounting hardware. Other than this, this product is excellent, well-made, and comes well-packaged.

  • Nicely packaged
  • Sturdy and robust
  • Well-designed
  • Stylish
  • Non-slip surface
  • Rust-resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Noticeably closer to the jeep
  • Missing hardware
YITAMOTOR Running Boards

YITAMOTOR Running Boards

  • Manufactured for two-door JL models
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Bear 450 pounds
  • Possess ABS plastic to prevent slipping
  • E-coated steps
  • Six inches wide
  • Bolt-on installation

These inexpensive running boards are wide enough for your boards to fit easily. In addition, They are aesthetically pleasing, fit perfectly, and are sturdy.

These boards are explicitly designed for two-door JL models. These steps are constructed from aluminum alloy, and their surface is constructed from unique plastic containing silicon. Furthermore, their formed structures give additional strength, and they can withstand 450 pounds load capacity.

Oddly enough: Users mentioned that these steps are not incredibly durable. Plus, the bolts might snap, and you may not be able to put the amount of recommended weight.

Moreover, the presence of durable and heavy-duty ABS plastic makes them slip-resistant. Plus, the entire surface is texture powder coated to make them rust-resistant. Thus, it makes them extra grippy and can withstand different weather conditions.

In addition: These six-inch wide steps are UV-resistant; thus, it helps in preserving their natural color. They also undergo electric coating and a pre-treatment process. Plus, the product’s seamless welding gives a sleeker look.

Does it come with hardware? Yes, this brand offers complete hardware. In addition, your package will include two side steps, one accessory kit for mounting, and an instruction manual.

What else? These nerf bars are effortless to install. You only have to bolt them on minus the drilling process. No special tools are needed, and these steps have a short installation time.

  • Inexpensive
  • Rust-resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Effortless installation
  • Functional and sleeker-looking
  • Not the best durability
VZ4X4 Side Steps JL Models

VZ4X4 Side Steps JL Models

  • Constructed for four-door JL models
  • ABS plastic material
  • Finished surface
  • Includes six brackets

Since your vehicle is carrying different weights each time, your running boards should be of high quality and should mount tightly. Therefore, investing in the VZ will be a great idea.

These side steps possess three bolts on either side to hold them tightly. Moreover, they are constructed from durable material, and ABS plastic makes the surface slip-resistant.

Oddly enough: These boards are generally manufactured from ABS plastic, and they might not be highly durable. Moreover, this product has a black finished surface and has added features like waterproof and rust-resistant boards. Therefore, these side steps are suitable to use in weather conditions.

What’s more: This product is designed for four-door JL models. The boards are stellar OEM replacements and fit easily without a hassle.

What does the package include? It consists of two running boards, bolts, screws, and six brackets. The purpose of these brackets is to make the running boards sturdy and firm. In short, the brand provides all the necessary hardware to install your product.

If we talk about its installation, it will roughly take twenty to thirty minutes on each side. However, the process is extremely straightforward and will not cause any issues. Furthermore, several buyers complain that this product’s color is not black as mentioned. Instead, its color is faded, and it’s more greyish.

  • Includes all hardware
  • Anti-slip design
  • Rust-resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect OEM replacement
  • Water-resistant
  • Sturdy
  • Not incredibly durable
  • Color is not black
EAG Perfect 2 door Side Steps

EAG Perfect 2 door Side Steps

  • 12-inch width
  • Alloy steel construction
  • Possesses black textured powder-coated finish
  • Includes body mount brackets
  • Sealed ends
  • Ideal for two-door JK models
  • Bolt-on construction

Why should you invest in this product? These boards have some top-notch attributes that make this product worth mentioning.

If we discuss their functionality, they provide off-road protection and safeguard the vehicle from different trail hazards.

Plus, they have a 12-inch width to enable the children, elderly, and short people to enter and exit the vehicle conveniently and safely. Besides being practical, they give a more rugged and outstanding appearance.

What about their craftsmanship? They are manufactured from alloy steel and possess a black textured powder-coated finish. Hence, it makes this product skid-resistant and applicable to use in all weather conditions.

Moreover, these metal sheets are meant to be attached to the vehicle’s frame, and they protect the jeep’s body from blows, scrapes, and violent shocks.

In addition: These side steps come with body mount brackets that offer robust attachment. Plus, these boards have a sealed end and do not allow dirt or water to enter, thus extending this product’s life.

Furthermore, they have a dimple die plate design, and their overall construction provides superior strength and rigidity.

What’s more: These boards are explicitly designed for two-door JK models, and their installation is pretty effortless.

Plus, they do not require any modifications and take twenty minutes to install on each side. The installation process also does not require any drilling, and you only have to bolt them on.

Oddly enough: Some users mentioned that these boards might not fit properly, and you may have to drill the spots to make them bigger for correct fittings.

  • Sturdy and robust
  • Well-made
  • Ideal for off-road
  • Skid-resistant
  • Weather-proof
  • Easy installation
  • They might need modifications
Hooke Road Running Boards

Hooke Road Running Boards

  • Drop running boards
  • 62 inches height
  • 87 inch wide
  • Double girder system for protection
  • Bolt-on installation

If you own a four-door JK unlimited, these drop sidebars will be your best companion. This sturdy product is crafted from two-inch diameter tubular steel. Plus, these steps have a drop-off height of about 5.62 inches.

What other features make this product worth buying? Besides giving your vehicle a robust and rugged look, they can withstand any kind of torment.

The boards have side armor guards that form a double girder system and offer optimum protection. Therefore, these steps are ideal for off-road usage.

Plus, they will stellarly assist you in getting in and out of your car as these boards have a non-slip surface. Furthermore, their 7.87-inch width allows easy access to the rig.

What else? These steps have a textured powder coat finish and a premium electric coating that protects them from rust for five years. Moreover, these boards are salt spray tested and provide the utmost guarantee against rust resistance.

If we talk about their installation method, it is the same as the previously mentioned products. Their one-piece designed mounting brackets are welded that provide maximum strength and easy installation.

Moreover, the package only includes driver and passenger side steps and a user manual. So you only have to bolt them on without needing any special tools.

The downsides are that this product does not have the necessary mounting hardware, and this product might not be incredibly heavy-duty.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Rust-resistant
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Easy installation
  • Well-packaged
  • It does not include mounting hardware
  • Not extremely heavy-duty
APS iBoard Running Boards

APS iBoard Running Boards

  • Perfect for four-door JL models
  • Engineered with 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Patented running boards
  • Step pads are of premium quality rubber
  • Six-inch width
  • 300 pounds load capacity
  • Low-profile design

If you are in search of contemporary running boards, this product might be it. Instead of being oval and round, they have a flat design that gives a very modern look.

Why go for APS iBoards? These low-profile side steps are constructed from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. Besides having a robust and sturdy body, they are pretty lightweight. To further protect them from rust, these boards have a black aluminum textured finish.

Moreover, these patented boards possess step pads constructed from premium quality rubber that keeps your legs firm and prevents slipping. Plus, these rubber pads are UV-resistant and secured with rivets to prevent them from accidental detaching.

Furthermore, these six-inch wide steps allow enough space to get on and off the rig. Finally, to ensure durability, these boards have a one-piece aluminum body without any joints. Therefore, they provide greater longevity.

What’s more: These steps can bear around 300 pounds. Plus, the variety in size and colors allow you to use these steps for different four-door JL models. The three sizes include i.e., four-inch, five-inch, and six-inch-wide. Thus, you can choose accordingly.

What else? The installation process is a slight hassle, but you will be done within an hour. With the rocker panel mounts attached, you can quickly mount these boards onto your vehicle.

Plus, this product comes with all the essential hardware and instruction manual. But, oddly enough, the installation guide is vague and complex to understand. Also, the hardware is pretty thin and can become rusty after a few weeks; therefore, it is better to spraypaint them.

  • Robust and sturdy
  • Rust-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • UV-resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • It comes in various colors and sizes
  • Challenging to understand installation guide
  • Not the best hardware
u-Box Side Steps

u-Box Side Steps

  • Crafted for JL Unlimited 4-Door
  • Alloy steel construction
  • Textured black finish
  • Anti-slip step pads
  • Bolt-on installation

These side steps will not disappoint because of their several excellent characteristics. You will be pretty satisfied with your purchase because this product might be the one you are looking for.

What are their plus points? This product designed for JL Unlimited 4-Door rigs is constructed from heavy-duty alloy steel. As a result, it exhibits incredible durability, impressive strength and offers greater longevity.

Plus, these steps are textured black powder coated to prevent them from getting rusty. They are electric-coated, and salt spray tested to prove that they will last for five years without developing rust.

What’s more: They give a stellar off-road appearance, and you can overcome any off-road obstacle by installing this product. Moreover, these running boards have non-slip and durable step pads that prevent slipping. Thus, they provide convenience in entering and exiting the vehicle.

These side steps also safeguard the side and undercarriage. Furthermore, the package will include passenger and driver running boards, mounting hardware, and installation instructions.

Furthermore, the installation is pretty straightforward as you have to bolt them on without any modifications. With the help of a friend and some necessary hand tools, the entire process may take around less than one hour.

But what’s the catch? These steps work better if your jeep wrangler is lifted. Plus, you might need washers to prevent the mounting bolt heads from pulling through.

  • Greater lifespan
  • Durable and robust
  • Off-road usage
  • Rust-resistant
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Includes hardware
  • Easy installation
  • Works stellarly with lifted jeeps
  • Need washers for bolt heads that are not included
AUTOSAVER88 Running Boards

AUTOSAVER88 Running Boards

  • Aluminum and ABS plastic construction
  • 450 pounds weight capacity
  • Six-inch width for stepping
  • Textured finish
  • Provides hardware
  • Bolt-on installation

Do you want to improve your rig’s practicality? This final product in our list is an excellent alternative to Mopar steps and is almost identical.

These steps, like others, provide convenience to get in and out of the rig and protect its side paint from scratches and other minor dings.

Moreover, they are manufactured from durable ABS plastic with an aluminum exterior that can handle around 450 pounds of load. Its seamless welding gives a sleeker look and makes your rig stand out from the rest.

These six-inch steps are also textured coated to prevent rust. Furthermore, their UV-resistant feature ensures extended service life.

What about its accessories? This product comes with all the necessary accessories you need to install it up. Inside the package, you will find two running boards, an instruction manual, mounting brackets, and hardware.

What’s more: These lightweight running boards are easy to install. Their bolt-on installation requires no cutting or drilling.

However, people mentioned a few drawbacks that the installation manual is pretty confusing, and you have to guess most of the things. Plus, the bolts included in the hardware are not high-quality. They might snap off or break if you crank them too much.

  • Long service life
  • UV-resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Effortless installation
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and robust
  • Confusing instructions
  • Poor bolt heads’ quality

Running Boards For Jeep Wrangler Buyer’s Guide:

Jeep Wrangler Running Boards Buying Guide

Running boards, as you know, have several functions. Besides providing you aid to enter or exit the rig, they marvelously do their job in protecting the vehicle’s sides. Moreover, they are robust enough to take the bangs.

Most jeep wranglers include running boards. But, many individuals like to upgrade them to increase their performance. So, are you one of them?

If you are looking for new functional side steps, you should know a few aspects to consider. Of course, you can not just buy anyone. To make your investment worth it, take a look at these factors so that you are satisfied with your purchase.

These are as follows:


Since these boards are responsible for protecting and helping you get in and out of the car, their material should be of top quality.

Running boards are generally crafted from stainless steel, aluminum, and ABS plastic. Steel provides the utmost strength, while aluminum is lightweight.

In contrast, plastic is somewhat less durable than these two. However, it is a cheaper option, and many of these plastic side steps are also weather-resistant and robust.


The best side steps usually have a protective coating on them. Generally, a black powder finish or electric coating is done to prevent rust. Some of them have double-coated layers, while others only possess one.

Moreover, some models have outside and inside coats that make them better than the rest. Tubes having coats inside prevents rust; thus, increase service life.

Step Pads

These pads are where you place your feet. They come in various designs, but the two most crucial aspects to consider here are their anti-skid surface and wideness.

Most brands offer running boards whose step pads can become very slippery in wet weather. Therefore, to prevent unwanted accidents, go for the slip-proof surface and have a textured finish.

Moreover, these step pads should be wide and thick to provide maximum friction. They should also be durable and rugged and should not peel or crack easily.

What’s more, these pads should be long and wide enough to help you climb in and out of the car. These wide step pads also ensure firm steps.

Weight Capacity

The load-bearing capacity of running boards is crucial because it ensures durability and safety. The minimum weight capacity is generally 300 pounds which is usually enough.

However, you might need side steps that can hold more weight. If you desire more durable and robust ones, go for ones that can handle 500 to 600 pounds.


Side steps constructed from steel are extra rigid and durable. They are also perfect for off-road driving. Moreover, they are heavy-duty and add a lot of weight to the vehicle.

In contrast, aluminum boards are not as heavy-duty, but they are durable for everyday usage. Moreover, they are durable and help save gas consumption.


It is also one of the most crucial features because you want something to survive different weather conditions. Many different boards can perform well and survive different weather conditions.

Therefore, go for the ones that are tough against different weathers and can guarantee greater longevity.


6 inch wide jeep wrangler running boards

Width matters because you need a wide area to step on without any issue. Also, keep the rig’s paint safer. The best width for jeep wranglers is five inches and more.

Ease of Installation

If you wish to install these boards yourself, make sure the process is effortless. You might need some help from your friends. However, the top-notch models offer bolt-on installation and do not require any welding or drilling.

In addition, they offer complete mounting kits with all the necessary accessories to stellarly mount your running boards.


retractable running boards for jeep wrangler

Running boards also vary in designs, and they are available in tubular design, long step bars, electric boards, and small step design. The most durable one is the tubular one, and they are available in single, double, or triple designs. The tubes seamlessly welded together make the product sturdier and robust.

On the other hand: The step bars are more functional, and they give a more appealing look. In addition, Electric and automatic running boards are retractable and expandable and give that oomph factor to the vehicle.

Moreover, small step pads are sold separately and are less practical and cheaper than other designs mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best chrome running boards for jeep wrangler?

One of the best running boards is Mopar 82210563AF. They are chrome tubular steps for two-door jeep wranglers.

How to install running boards on a jeep wrangler?

Right off the bat, all running boards have a similar installation process. It takes minutes and requires no drilling. However, the process will vary if you have electric automatic steps.

The procedures to install the running boards on a jeep wrangler are as follows:

  • Your running boards should include necessary mounting accessories.
  • Next, find the holes where you are going to bolt in the board. They are usually present underneath the rig.
  • Install plate nuts into these holes.
  • Attach mounting brackets to the jeep’s body by using plate nuts. Do not tighten these nuts now.
  • Now, attach your running board by aligning all the holes to the brackets. Once installed, use bolts to cover the nuts.
  • Now check whether the board is 180-degree. If yes, tighten the bolts and make everything secured.
  • Repeat the same process on the passenger side.
How to fix loose running boards?

If your running board is squeaky and vibrates while driving, you should fix it soon to make your ride pleasant.

Why does this happen? The running boards’ pieces usually bend or warp over time, causing them to squeak. It can also happen if you are off-roading and hit a rock.

Invest in a sponge rubber weatherstrip. It will work as a buffer between all the metal components.

Place this product as tight as possible to fill the gap and absorb all the noise and vibration. Since it is adhesive, it fits very well and is weather-proof.

The steps to use this sponge rubber weatherstrip are as follows:

  • Uninstall your running board from the mounts.
  • Once removed, uninstall the mounting brackets as well.
  • Now, with a towel, clean your mounting brackets to remove the surface dirt.
  • Next, stick your weatherstrip to the area you will connect your mounting bracket to the vehicle. Place the strip on top of the bracket and stick the next two weatherstrips between the two holes.
  • You can also place weatherstrips on either side of the holes that connect your side steps.
  • Once done, install your running boards again by mounting the brackets first.
Will these running boards affect gas mileage?

When you are adding running boards, it means you are adding more weight. The addition of weight can affect the gas mileage negatively.

However, if you want to minimize those effects, go for plastic or aluminum boards as they are lighter.

How costly is it to get your running boards installed by a professional?

The installation procedure is pretty straightforward, and you can do it yourself. But if you want to hire someone professional, it will cost you up to 50 to 150 dollars.


Since you know their importance, this product will be a nice upgrade to your jeep wrangler. Furthermore, they are pretty functional and enhance the vehicle’s appearance.

These running boards reviewed above are of top quality and will work perfectly with the respective vehicle models.

Are you still unsure about which one to buy? We have isolated the two top-notch running boards for jeep wrangler that might interest you.

AMP Research 75132-01A – The Jeep Wrangler Electric Running Boards. These 600 pounds load-bearing running boards are retractable and expandable. In addition, these electric boards are automatic and make your rig quite appealing.

APS iBoard Running Boards – Compatible with Four Doors JL Models. These lightweight impressive boards give a sleeker look and can accommodate 300 pounds. Moreover, they are safe to use, durable and come in various styles and colors. Now you know the two best running boards for Jeep Wrangler; you can compare and contrast with your other options.

But, of course: The decision will always be yours, so make it wisely. We hope that this detailed guide helped you find all the necessary information you were trying to search for.

So which running boards will you select for your jeep wrangler?


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