There goes a saying; Snow can be a blessing in disguise.

Well, if it’s a snow blizzard, then things can be another way around too. Admit it or not, snow can easily become a nightmare in disguise.

Finding heaps and heaps of snow accumulated on the driveway, yard, and front door can be frustrating. How will you carry out the daily life activities with all that snow? Certainly, you cannot remove all the snow heaps manually using a spade!

Fortunately, all the Jeep Wrangler owners might find themselves lucky in such a scenario. Their rugged, beast of a vehicle cannot only run through rocky landscapes smoothly but also can remove bulks of snow!

All you need to do is add a good-quality snowplow in front of the vehicle. However, finding a durable, efficient snowplow is not so easy from the plethora of options available.

One can get confused easily. But, worry not, as we have completed all the research for you and resolved every relevant query below!

Comparing Best Snow Plow for Jeep Wrangler in 2021

Snow Plow
DK2 Avalanche Universal Heavy Duty Snow Plow

DK2 Avalanche Universal Heavy Duty Snow Plow

  • It is a straight snowplow.
  • The snowplow comprises high-quality steel material.
  • There are two variants; 82-inches and 84-inches wide.
  • It comes with a wireless controller.

Established back in 1997, Details K2 (or more commonly known as DK2) has transformed from a small business in a basement to a global name. The company strives to fulfill customer satisfaction with innovative products and outstanding service.

The DK2 Avalanche AVAL8422 universal snow plow is one of these best-selling products. It is a straight snowplow that offers excellent performance.

Structurally, the DK2 Avalanche Universal snow plow has the dimensions of 84x19x2-inches. It has a longer, wider body that is idealistic for Jeep Wrangler.

You can also find another variant of this DK2 snowplow that is 82-inches in width than 84-inches. Both the product variants provide the same features, except for the width.

The black-colored matte surface also appears stylish when installed. Its sides are straight with a slight curve in the middle. As a result, the snowplow collects lots of snow in one go.

Moreover, this is a steel snowplow. But, the steel used is of the highest quality that makes it considerably resistant to corrosion and rust.

Using this snowplow, you can remove loads of snow from your driveways and even streets. The powerful snowplow is capable of cutting through snowbanks and pushing them smoothly away from your house space.

You can also raise the blade and lower it as per need. Amazingly, the DK2 Avalanche snow plow comes with an easy-to-use wireless controller.

It connects to the snowplow easily and makes it perform the desired function with a single click. However, disruption in the connectivity can reduce the responsiveness of the snowplow. So, ensure your area has a strong wireless network for fluid performance.

The Avalanche snow plow has an adjustable build. You can manually shift its position to three different angles. After shifting to the desired angle, the integrated locking mechanism ensures that it remains in the position while you plow.

This particular feature enables you to enhance the functionality of the plow and remove snow from the most difficult-to-reach places too!

As for installation, the DK2 snowplow has a 2-inch front receiver hitch mounting system. It has a design that allows it to slip into any standard 2-inch front receiver hitch for quick connectivity.

The snowplow is compatible with all SUVs, light-duty trucks, and all Jeep Wrangler models. You can also use the front hitch for any other accessories you possess.

Surprisingly, this Avalanche snow plow comes with a snow deflector and skid shoes. You will also find caster wheels. These wheels easily attach to the snowplow, making the installation process simpler.

The wheels also help in transport as the snowplow is slightly heavy. One can simply not lift or move the snowplow without the wheels. Overall, the installation is quite simple that requires a few handy tools. You will get the snowplow attachment done within an hour!

However, as per some reviews, the product may come with a few missing parts. It is not the product’s flaw but the seller’s irresponsible behavior.

Regardless, you don’t need to worry as the manufacturer’s customer support is responsive and replaces/sends parts immediately upon contact. You may have to fill the warranty card for it.

  • Durable
  • Good dimensions
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy-to-install
  • Wireless remote control
  • Might come with missing parts
  • Heavy
Meyer Plow Angle Hydraulic Snow Plow

Meyer Plow Angle Hydraulic Snow Plow

  • The Meyer 25000 classifies as a straight snowplow.
  • It comprises high-quality steel.
  • It features an auto-angling system and hydraulics.
  • The snowplow comes with wireless connectivity.

The Meyer 25000 Auto Angle Hydraulic snowplow is a good quality product for home snowplowing and lighter tasks. Unlike some competitors, this is not commercial use or heavy-duty snowplow. So, what makes it the best snowplow for Jeep Wrangler? Let’s find out!

Looks-wise, the Meyer home plow appears like any other professional-grade snowplow. It has a yellow-black exterior that appears striking once installed. The Meyer Home plow logo on the corner of the snowplow blends in, making the vehicle attractive.

Dimensionally, it is slightly bigger than a Jeep Wrangler. It is 80-inches wide. The sides of the snowplow are straight, classifying it into a straight snow plow category.

You will also observe that the center of the plow has great depth. The curved center, together with a wide 80-inches wall, enables this snowplow to push lots of snow at once.

The Meyer Home plow 25000 is great at removing snow from driveways and front of your homes. It can smoothly cut through the snow piles and collect them into a snowbank.

However, if you plan to snowplow commercially, do not opt for this home plow. Its design and construction support snowplowing for the home only.

Using it for clearing parking spaces or heaps of snowbanks would stress the snowplow. Consequently, your engine of Jeep Wrangler would also get stressed. Hence, damaging both things.

The Meyer Home plow uses an auto angling system that enables it to move upwards and downwards. So, you can lift the snow and drop it over to another place.

It also utilizes hydraulics to lift and move. Hence, making its movement smooth and fluid. To operate, the Meyer 25000 features a wireless remote controller.

You can move the snowplow up and down while sitting in the Jeep. However, many users have reported the controller to have connectivity issues.

The remote might lose connection several times in between operations that can be frustrating.

So, you will have to ensure that network is quite strong in your neighborhood. Plus, the remote uses two batteries that come along with the product. But, they may or may not work.

In such cases, users have reported having contacted customer service. However, the poor support offered to consumers results in having to purchase the batteries themselves.

Regardless, once you get the batteries working, the home plow is a good product to clear up light snow piles. Installation is also simple due to the Quick Link Mounting system.

You will have to attach the plow using a 2-inch standard hitch receiver. It easily slides in and doesn’t require any extra tools.

  • Sturdy build
  • Good looks
  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-install
  • Great plow performance
  • Poor wireless connectivity
  • Poor customer service
Meyer 26500 Plow

Meyer 26500 Plow

  • The Meyer 26500 is a straight plow for lighter snow plowing.
  • It has 90-inches width.
  • It comprises high-quality steel construction.
  • It offers full remote control for swift operation.

Here comes another best snow plow for Jeep Wrangler by Meyer. The Meyer 26500 plow belongs to the same home snowplows series, though it comes with some great upgrades.

First things first, this is a straight snowplow that aims to fulfill the needs of homeowners and smaller snowplowing tasks. You can not use this snowplow for commercial or professional snowplowing. The Meyer 26500 will not support such heavy-duty and intensive tasks.

Similar to Meyer 25000, this home plow features steel construction. The steel used is of the finest type, which makes it resistant to corrosion and damage.

However, when used intensively, the plow may corrode after some time. In most cases, the corrosion doesn’t happen as it is for light, home-based work.

Moreover, the Meyer 26500 is larger than 25000. It measures 90-inches in width and 22-inches in height. When installed, the snowplow is quite prominent on the Jeep Wrangler.

But, it certainly does not look unpleasing. It has a yellow-black exterior that is present on almost all Meyer plows. The big white company logo is still there in the corner.

Overall, the outlook of this snowplow neither enhances nor deteriorates the aesthetics of your Jeep Wrangler. It will look like-well-a Jeep Wrangler with a snowplow attached.

The 90-inches wide structure of the 26500 enables it to push and collect more quantity of snow than 25000. Its blade cuts through snow and removes it quite swiftly.

It features full power hydraulic system that improves the functionality greatly. The hydraulics give you complete remote control over the snowplow’s movement. So, you can alter its position while sitting in the warmth of your Wrangler!

The innovative hydraulic power unit offers up, down, left, and right movements of the blade. There is a push button on the hard-wired controller to let you adjust the plow’s position.

Amazingly, this Meyer Hydraulics 26500 snowplow comes pre-assembled. You only have to mount it onto the Jeep Wrangler via the wire harness. It is also compatible with light pickups, utility vehicles, and SUVs.

However, keeping its weight in consideration, do not use it on vehicles more than ½-ton. Overloading your vehicle can stress the engine and reduce work efficiency.

There are caster-style wheels attached to the snowplow that make transport and storage easier. You can roll the snowplow away when not in use.

The snowplow offers a Quick Link mounting feature that attaches and detaches the snowplow from the vehicle within minutes. You do not require any equipment or professional assistance for mounting this snowplow.

You have to simply slip it into a Class 3, 2-inch front receiver hitch. It is available for purchase separately and does not come with a snowplow.

  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Good performance
  • Easy-to-use
  • Quick installation
  • Full remote control
  • Requires a 2-inch (class 3) front receiver hitch
Black Boar Snowplow

Black Boar Snowplow

  • It is a straight snowplow.
  • It is 48-inches wide and 2mm thick.
  • The snowplow consists of high-quality black powder-coated steel.
  • It weighs 88-pounds.

The Black Boar Snowplow is an outstanding, mid-range plow for Jeep Wrangler. It offers a diversity of features at a reasonable price. Let’s evaluate in detail!

Visually, the Black Boar snowplow will impress many Jeep Wrangler owners. It has a classy black exterior that gives your vehicle an edgy and tough look.

The snowplow construction is from premium-quality steel that has a black powder coating on top. Hence, the snowplow is quite sturdy too. Unlike its competitors, it can withstand rusting and dents even after intensive snow plowing.

Dimensionally, the Black Boar snowplow kit measures 48-inches in width and 2mm in thickness. It means that the snowplow is smaller and thicker. Once installed, the snowplow will not make your Wrangler stand out. Instead, it will blend in the outlook while enhancing it.

As for performance, the thick blades of the snowplow are strong enough to push bulks of snow in one go. You can clear long driveways and parking spaces after a snow blizzard easily.

However, as this is a straight plow, we recommend using it for residential or small-scale business uses. Do not use it to remove snow from massive parking spaces or others to ensure a longer lifespan.

The snowplow is adjustable to different positions and angles. You can move it upwards, downwards, left, and right. For angles, you can adjust it to 0, 7.5, 22.5, and 30-degrees.

There are also adjustments in skid pads for proper blade height setting. Altogether, these movements make plowing a walk in the park!

Surprisingly, the Black Boar snowplow features adjustable tension safety trip springs that protect your vehicle from any plow damages or overloading. So, in case you do overload the snowplow, your vehicle will suffer minimal to no impact.

The round, angled push assembling of the snowplow with an optimized winch connection improves the plow lift range. You can benefit from the maximum lift range due to the snowplow’s innovative design.

There is also an optimized chassis attachment bracket for maximum ground clearance when the blade’s not installed. As for installation, the blades are easily attachable and detachable by two quick pins.

However, several users have reported the process to be tricky and time-consuming. If you are a novice in snowplows, we recommend seeking expert advice or assistance before installation. (Installation requires the use of a winch that does not come with the product.)

  • Good looks
  • Durable build
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable positions
  • maximum ground clearance
  • Prevents overloading
  • Good compatibility
  • Tricky to install
Snow Bear Personal Plow

Snow Bear Personal Plow

  • The snow bear personal plow consists of high-quality steel construction.
  • It features three blade position angles.
  • It is a straight snowplow that is 82-inches wide.
  • The snowplow comes with a 3000lbs winch.

When browsing for the best snowplow for Jeep Wrangler, you must have heard about brand names like DK2, Boss, and Meyer. However, have you heard about the Snow Bear?

Established in 2005, the Snow Bear company has risen as one of the leading North American snowplow manufacturing names. Although the company has introduced many quality products, it still has not received the popularity it deserves.

Well, what are we here for? Our purpose is to hunt all the very best products for you and bring the deserving brands into the spotlight!

And, we have found the amazing Snow Bear Personal Plow on our search for the perfect snowplow for Jeep Wrangler. It comprises all the ideal features that any Wrangler owner would want in a snowplow!

Firstly, the design of the personal plow is very classy and cool. The black powder-coated finishing makes the snowplow quite attractive. Once installed, the well-thought design hides all the wires and connection points that give the Wrangler a cleaner look.

Well, besides the appearance, the black powder-coating also improves the durability of the snowplow. It makes the plow resistant to corrosion and rust. This is quite a plus point as the construction of the plow is entirely from steel.

It is a straight plow, 84-inches in width and 22-inches in height. So, it does not stress the engines or make the front of the Jeep sag. It is of appropriate medium size.

However, if you have another vehicle, then the Snow Bear Personal plow is also available in 82-inches and 88-inches. You can optimize the performance and outlook of the vehicle accordingly.

The Snow Bear Personal snowplow is capable of removing heaps and heaps of snow much faster than conventional snow throwers (almost 50-times more!). It has a maximum lift height of 12-inches for collecting lots of snow.

It also features 3-different blade position angles;

The switchable angles enable you to increase blade versatility and remove snow from even the trickiest spots. There are also skid shoes included in the package that makes snow removal from gravel and uneven terrain easy.

For when you hit objects, the Snowbear snowplow features tension springs to make the blade tip forward and reduce the damage caused. Hence, protecting both your plow and Wrangler.

The snowplow also comes with a 3000lbs electric winch that enables the blade to move upwards and downwards. You will have to install it properly during setup.

However, users have reported the winch to be of poor quality. It breaks during intensive snowplowing and requires frequent changing. So, maintaining this snowplow can be expensive over time.

For installation, you will have to purchase a 2-inches front mount hitch (Class III) separately too. Once purchased, the snowplow slips in it easily. So, you do not need any tools, and installing is quick enough.

As for operation, you will control the snowplow wirelessly via the provided remote control. The controller has reinforced designing to make wireless connectivity strong.

Conclusively, the Snow Bear Personal plow is an idealistic option for residential plowing. The plow is great at its job and has a durable, easy-to-use build. It comes with a 1-year warranty too.

  • Classic looks
  • Sturdy build
  • Good performance
  • Easy-to-install
  • Smooth operation
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • An electric winch is not so durable

Best Snow Plow for Jeep Wrangler: Buyer’s Guide

Best Snow Plow for Jeep Wrangler

Purchasing the right snow plow for your snow plow is never an easy task. One has to evaluate every aspect to ensure that the chosen snow plow does not wreck your Jeep Wrangler. We certainly don’t want to damage our precious and much expensive vehicle, do we?

On the other hand, snowplows for Jeep Wrangler are no cheap, easy-to-replace tools. So, the wrong purchase is not only going to stress your Wrangler engine but also going to strain your pockets!

Well, fortunately, we have dived into the deepest realms of Jeep Wrangler snow plows to articulate this comprehensive guide. Below, you can find all the essential features to consider when buying snow plows to make the wisest purchase of your life!

Type of Snow Plow

Generally, there are two types of snowplows; V-plows and straight plows. Both differ in terms of construction and design, where a V-plow has a V-shape angle on the top. Meanwhile, the straight plow has absolute straight lines.

Although this may sound like a minor difference, it has a significant impact on performance and usage. Let’s discuss it in detail!

Straight Plows

The straight plows are suitable for residential or casual snow plowing. People who have to clear their driveways and yards may find these plows ideal.

Unlike V-plows, it is a large rectangle with straight sides. So, they are nothing fancy and much easier to operate. It moves up, down, right, and left as per your command. Beginners at snow plowing may find straight plows a good start.

As it is on one piece, the straight snowplows are easy to maintain and last much longer. The hinges in V-plows can get stuck at times. However, no such issue occurs with straight ones.

Moreover, as a straight plow is a basic tool, it is much cheaper and economical than V-plows. A straight plow offers limited functionality when compared to V-plows.


V-plows have a sharp arrowhead configuration that cuts through snow much easier than a flat straight blade’s edge. Its blades have hinges for attachment. The V-plow for Jeep Wrangler angles, guides, and scoops snow well.

One can easily scoop an entire night’s worth of frozen snow without any hassle. V-plows clear snowbanks, created by other plows, quickly too.

You can also open the driveways more conveniently. In straight plows, you would have to make an angle to break through a snow-covered driveway. A v-plow does it directly.

You can also put a majority of V-plows blades in scoop mode. It makes longer pushes in one direction easy and speeds up the clearing process.

However, V-plows are more expensive than straight ones. Regardless, it is certainly worth investing in if you are willing to establish a profitable snow removal company. The functionality and ease will help to expand the business rather than wasting resources.

Containment Plows/ Snow Pusher

The containment plows are bulky, large snow plows. Their box-like structure enables them to push the snow straight ahead. They have a curved moldboard construction that lies perpendicular to travel direction.

It has a sidewall on each side to keep the snow contained. People also refer to them as box plows, bow-style plows, or snow pushers.

If you see any snow pushers in the market, do not purchase them for your Jeep Wrangler. These massive-sized snowplows are for trucks and bigger vehicles. Your Jeep Wrangler won’t be able to support a snow pusher!


The materials used in the construction of a product have a direct connection to durability. As a general rule of thumb, the better the material quality used, the longer the product will last.

Snowplows comprise a variety of materials, depending on the type and company’s manufacturing techniques. You will find different metals and nonmetals used in different snowplows. Usually, three types of materials get used that includes:

Steel Snow PlowsStainless Steel Snow PlowsPolyethylene Snow Plows

Steel gets fundamentally used in professional-grade snow removal equipment. It is capable of supporting heavy-duty snow removal chores due to its composition.

Usually, the dimensions of steel snowplows are suitable for older truck models and vehicles. However, you will also find many for Jeep Wrangler.

What makes the steel option popular is its cheap cost. Steel is way much cheaper than other materials, even after adding all the manufacturing costs. Hence, making steel snowplows an affordable option.

On the other hand, people argue that the steel snowplows make constant rattling sounds. Also, after few years of intensive snow plowing, the steel gets corroded by rust. However, considering its price, one can make another purchase or simply return the product if not satisfied.

Here comes steel again, but it’s stainless steel now. You might be wondering what the difference between stainless steel and regular steel is. They both have steel in them, so aren’t they the same?

Well, no. Stainless steel differs from steel by having an additional layer of chromium and nickel. These metals attribute to the shiny, attractive look of the steel. Also, they make steel flawless by giving it the ability to resist corrosion.

Hence, stainless steel snowplows are a much better option than regular steel ones. It will not only make your Jeep Wrangler look attractive by that shine but will also last much longer.

Stainless steel snowplows are the most durable and scratch-resistant plows. Moreover, these snowplows also prevent snow from sticking to the surface. Thus, increasing snow plowing efficiency.

However, being fool-proof, the stainless steel snow plows for Jeep Wrangler cost much more than steel. You will have to consider all others factors more vigilantly to ensure this one fits your Wrangler accurately.

Plastic might not sound a good choice for lifting huge piles of snow. Surprisingly, polyethylene is the third most used material in snowplows.

It is completely plastic but the durable type. The polyethylene snow plows have the frame reinforced until it is prone to all dents and scratches.

However, the reinforced construction makes polyethylene a heavier material than steel. These are likely to stress the engines of a smaller vehicle.

Nevertheless, a polyethylene snow plow has excellent resistance to corrosion and other damages. It also retains its colors throughout years of use. Altogether, the combination of idealistic features makes polyethylene snow plow quite expensive.

Size & Design

Another important factor to consider is the dimensions of the snowplow. Normally, people opt for ones that are slightly bigger or equivalent to the front of the Jeep Wrangler.

It is simply because larger snowplows can strain the engine. Also, larger sizes would make the front of the Wrangler sag that does not appear visually pleasing.

Talking about aesthetics, if you do find the outlook of your vehicle quite important while still snow plowing, we recommend you opt for the well-designed ones. Companies have different approaches when manufacturing products.

Some offer snow plows that are well only snow plows. Meanwhile, some brands dive into those details to offer their customers the finest of snowplows.

You will find some attractive options in the market. But, do not compromise other valuable factors for good aesthetics only. If you get a value-for-money product with good looks, then that’s the way to go (good job)!


Your Jeep Wrangler is certainly capable of snow plowing, but its design is not primarily for snow plowing. So, you will have to be vigilant about some technical aspects, such as weight.

The weight of the snowplow must not be more than the Jeep. Overweight or heavier snow plows put extra stress on the front axle and suspension of the vehicle.

Consequently, it reduces the braking efficiency. A heavier snowplow will further affect the Jeep once snow’s weight adds on too.

Apart from this, you will also have to ensure that the weight of the Jeep is sufficient to provide added traction to the tires.

After adding the snowplow, your vehicle’s front will bear extra weight. And, your tires will have to push harder to move forward.

So, you will also have to ensure that the torque offered by your Wrangler can push the snow. (Torque is the pushing power in simple terms.) We cannot provide you an accurate value of what it should be because the Jeep Wrangler has various models.

For example, the Jeep Wrangler JK (featuring the powerful 3.6L Pentastar engine) offers good torque. However, it compares no way to the outstanding power offered by the Rubicon Wrangler.

The Rubicon lets you navigate through snowbanks and blizzards with less stress on the engine.


Indeed, snow plowing isn’t an easy task. The chore requires patience and lots of effort. However, it certainly does not mean you cannot make it a piece of cake!

Perhaps, the initial most way to make snow plowing easy is to look for one that has easy-to-use functionality. For example, some snowplows feature remote control technology. Beginners may find using a remote more simple than the conventional methods.

Besides, well-designed snowplows come with upgrades that make them work simpler. For example, some snowplows have a clean and closer scrape to the ground. Meanwhile, some feature custom hydraulics or a direct-lift system for efficient snow transport.


Attaching a snowplow to your Jeep Wrangler can either be as easy as a stroll in the park or as difficult as climbing a mountain. (Honestly, it can be!) So, when purchasing the best snow plow for Jeep Wrangler, do not overlook the installation mechanism.

Generally, good-built snowplows come with a convenient hookup system. The simplified methods enable you to link the plow to Wrangler all by yourself.

Usage of innovative installation technologies, such as Rapid Link Attachment and Automatixx, make connection simple too. If your selected snowplow features any similar technology, then go for it.

However, if the installation requires professional assistance, then we highly recommend practicing installation yourself a few times under an expert’s supervision. You should know the mechanism so that you can handle the worst of snow plowing scenarios.

Brand & Budget

Lastly, you must not neglect the brand and budget aspects when purchasing the best snowplow. There are a diversity of snowplow manufacturing brands out there. And, each one varies in terms of product quality, innovation, value, and customer service.

Some of the best brands include Snow Bear, DK2, Meyer, and Western snow plow for Jeep Wrangler. When opting for a new brand, ensure its quality and authenticity by examining reviews. You can check the official brand webpage, social handles, or forums.

Moreover, when in doubt, opt for products with a warranty. So, you can get the product replaced or refunded if not satisfied. As for budget, you should not start product hunting without the calculations done. Although snowplows come at premium prices, you will find several high-quality snowplow options available in mid-range too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size plow for jeep wrangler is suitable?

The size of the Jeep Wrangler plow should be slightly bigger or wider than the vehicle. Typically, a Jeep Wrangler measures 61.9-inches.

So, the majority of snowplows are up to 80-inches. Do not opt for snowplows bigger than 80 as they can overload your Wrangler and stress its engines.

Is Boss Plow for Jeep Wrangler?

The Boss plow for Jeep Wrangler is also a good option, though you will not find it in our articulation. It is merely because Boss plows are generally difficult-to-install and are professional-grade. These are more suitable for trucks.


Snowplowing can become an enjoyable, fun-filled activity when done with Jeep Wrangler. The off-road beast is capable of doing a lot of amazing things, and snowplowing is just one tiny, easy-peasy task for it!

However, the wrong or low-quality snowplow can have the opposite effect on the jeep. It can damage its engine and overall efficiency. Perhaps, this is why we always recommend our readers to get the only best for their deserving, wonderful vehicles.

Above, you must have found your best snowplow for Jeep Wrangler. Wait-you haven’t? Are you still feeling confused? Well, fret not, as we can help you with the final selection too!

If you are pondering for the best of the bests, then we highly recommend you to go with the phenomenal Snow Bear Personal plow. It is a durable, straight plow that removes snow outstandingly.

But, the low-quality winch may make its maintenance time-consuming and pricey over time. So, if you wish for something easy-to-maintain yet good quality, we suggest you opt for the Meyer 26500 plow.

Happy Snowplowing!


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