Sony is a trusted brand, and it is no surprise that their TVs are considered top-notch in the market. They have excellent picture quality, build quality, and are better than the average.

There is no reason not to go for 4K TVs because almost all TV manufacturers are doing their best to produce a high-quality 4K TV, and Sony is one of them.

What’s more, Sony TVs are available in 4K and 8K models. They offer smart functionality such as voice control, streaming, and video game compatibility. These TVs also come in a wide array of screen sizes like 43-inches (small), 55-inches (standard), and 75-inches (big).

Best Sony TV For Gaming

They have enough range to cover your living room or a bedroom no matter what size of space you have. But why are gaming TVs better for gaming? What makes them the best?

They have vital features and formats that stand them out from the rest. They offer high dynamic range (HDR) support that delivers stunning and incredibly sharp images, low-latency game modes, and faster refresh rates.

Moreover, if you are looking to upgrade your TV for new-generation consoles, it is best to opt for a gaming TV that can handle 4K resolution and has a 120Hz panel.

If you are on the lookout for a great Sony TV for your entertainment purposes and for playing PS5 and Xbox One, we have created a detailed guide for you.

We have isolated the top seven Sony TV for gaming with product reviews. This comprehensive guide will help you select the best gaming TV and notify you of which factors you should keep an eye out for.

Without further ado, let’s tap into it!

Comparing Best Sony TV For Gaming 2021

Sony Gaming TV
4K Refresh
Input Lag
HDMI 2.1
9.9 ms
6.7 ms
21.1 ms
18 ms
11.1 ms
12 ms


  • 55-inches screen size
  • Possess an OLED panel type
  • Offers composite, RF, USB, and HDMI video inputs
  • It has four HDMI ports
  • Three USB ports
  • The input lag of game mode is 9.9 ms
  • Offers variable refresh rate
  • It has HDMI 2.1
  • Possess a maximum brightness of 632.35 nits

If Sony manufacturers the best consoles, why not purchase their top-tier TV? Sony’s Bravia XR A90J is a 4K UHD OLED TV with a 55-inch screen, and it is undoubtedly pricey.

It has a stylish, simple, and slim design. The TV has a quarter-inch black border, and the screen’s bottom holds the bezel. Moreover, all connections and ports, except the power cable, are present on the left side of the TV’s back.

It has a coaxial cable for cable/satellite feed or TV antenna, auxiliary/headphone audio out, optical S/PDIF out, a 3.5mm RS-232C port, a 3.5mm composite video input, a 3.5mm headphone jack, four HDMI ports, and three USB ports.

What’s more, two HDMI ports are 4K 120 capable, and the other two support 4K60. Besides that, it offers Bluetooth, Wi-fi, and ethernet connectivity.

Furthermore, BRAVIA Game Mode increases frame rate and reduces input lag to 9.9 ms. Plus, this OLED TV has a 120Hz refresh rate, and it supports high dynamic range (HDR) content in HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision.

What else? Its screen brightness is 632.35 nits. Plus, this model truly excels in color. Its contrast is fantastic, and the colors are accurate and saturated. Moreover, its upscaling has immensely improved from the last generation.

Oddly enough, the only drawback is that the whites seem a little pink and yellows somewhat red, but these changes are minor.

Not to mention, the best thing about A90J is that it offers acoustic surface audio. The entire screen is the speaker; the actions on the screen and the sound perfectly matches. It perfectly syncs with the picture; thus, providing a more realistic sound and powerful bass.

There’s more! You can control the TV with your voice by using Google Assistant and through an Alexa-enabled device that is sold separately.

  • Fantastic audio
  • A nearly bezel-less design
  • Impressive motion clarity
  • Flawless and versatile design
  • Stellar user interface
  • Bright for an OLED display technology
  • Vivid and perfect image quality
  • It is not a budget-friendly TV
  • It is not as bright as other high-end LCD
Sony X900H Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Sony X900H Ultra HD Smart LED TV

  • A 55-inch TV
  • Offers HDMI 2.1 support
  • Possess LED panel type
  • Has less than 10ms of input lag
  • Provides 120 fps
  • Works with HDR10
  • Support Atmos
  • 120Hz refresh rate

The Sony X900H is an excellent TV that gamers will not be disappointed with. It is a perfect choice for a mid-spec LCD TV. It offers a fantastic HDR, capable processing, and smooth motion at a reasonable price.

What about its design? This 55-inch TV has a sleek design with metal feet that holds it well. This model is a bit thicker than other premium TVs and has a great build quality that does not wobble much. Plus, its borders are not distracting and are thin.

What’s the best part? This budget-friendly 4K TV offers HDMI 2.1 support. Thus, making it a smart choice for dedicated gaming TV features.

Moreover, it offers wi-fi support, four HDMI ports, two USB ports, one digital optical audio out, and one analog audio out 3.5mm.

What’s more, this TV provides you 6.7ms of input lag in the game mode. Thus, reduced input lag means a better gaming experience. It also offers 120 fps for ultra-smooth motion and an increased frame rate.

Oddly enough, it does not support VRR and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) yet. Plus, it might not accept 4K at 120Hz and the Dolby Vision at a similar time. However, 4K at 120Hz will work with HDR10. This model does not come with HDR10+.

What else? It provides stellar upscaling for showing off HD sources. This model has a wide color gamut that is vivid enough to bring some highlights. Furthermore, HDR content looks perfect in the dark because it possesses a high contrast ratio.

What about the audio? The 20W audio provides full-bodied sound and Atmos support.

  • Great value
  • Full-bodied sound
  • Fantastic contrast ratio
  • Stellar build quality
  • Fast response time
  • Reduced input lag
  • It does not offer HDR10+
  • No VRR support
  • It does not even accept ALLM
Sony Z8H TV - An Incredible 8K Resolution Beauty

Sony Z8H TV – An Incredible 8K Resolution Beauty

  • 85-inch screen size
  • X1 Ultimate processor
  • Has X-Reality PRO technology
  • Possesses 2500-nit peak brightness
  • Offers X-tended Dynamic Range PRO
  • It contains Multi Acoustic audio technology
  • Supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, VRR, and Dolby Atmos

This Sony’s 85-inch 8K TV is the largest in the series. This TV is more affordable than other models in the previous 8K range. It possesses a magnificent LED panel, and it is powered by an X1 Ultimate chipset processor.

This stellar processor is solely designed to process 8K images instantly. Moreover, you can also upscale the content close to 8K by using Sony’s 8K X-Reality PRO technology. Upscaling is a crucial TV feature, especially for gaming.

What’s more, Sony Z8H provides a stunning 2500-nit peak brightness. It does not ruin the black levels because it contains full-array local dimming. Plus, it has a full-array LED panel that independently controls the brightness of each LED pixel.

Furthermore, it allows users to enjoy the most beautiful high contrast experience by enabling the display to produce high brightness peaks and solid black levels for highlights.

It also consists of X-tended Dynamic Range PRO that helps the TV to get better contrast. Plus, it has an embedded light sensor that enhances the picture brightness based on the room’s condition.

What about the audio system? It has a pretty decent built-in speaker system. The presence of five speakers follows the action on the screen perfectly. Plus, it offers Multi Acoustic audio technology that you can use as the center speaker.

What else? Its gaming mode improves the console gaming experience by reducing input lag. It allows individuals to enjoy HDR content as it supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, and Dolby Atmos.

Surprisingly enough, the users did not like is that this TV has minimal 8K support. It provides you the option of using either 8K at 60Hz or 4K at 120Hz.

Furthermore, for the connectivity, it offers four HDMI ports and two USB ports. It also provides Bluetooth connectivity and supports auto low-latency mode and variable refresh rate.

  • Colorful, vivid pictures
  • Incredible brightness
  • Stellar shadow detail
  • Deep blacks
  • Detailed and powerful sound
  • Smooth user interface
  • Functional and well-built
  • Limited 8K support
  • 8K technology is not easily accessible
Sony A8H TV - A Great 120Hz 4K TV For Gaming

Sony A8H TV

  • 65-inch screen size
  • The peak brightness of 700 nits
  • Lag input in game mode is around 18ms
  • Acoustic surface audio
  • Offers wireless connectivity

Sony A8H TV, like other OLED panels, delivers stunning picture quality because it can turn off individual pixels. Due to this, it generates stunning blacks with an infinite contrast ratio. Thus, it gives a fantastic viewing experience in the darkroom.

What about its design? It is manufactured exceptionally. Its bezels are extremely thin from all sides. Plus, its two-way position stand allows you to stand the TV higher on its feet. Therefore, you can easily change height settings according to your requirements.

Moreover, the TV is extremely thin as well, and it is constructed from metal and plastic. The stand supports the television well, and it does not wobble.

What function does Sony A8H offer? It comes with four HDMI ports and three USB ports. For wireless connectivity, it provides the option of wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Furthermore, if you want to experience a multidimensional audio experience, the TV comes with DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Audio.

What about its HDR content? It is excellent due to the wide color gamut and decent peak brightness, i.e., 700 nits. The TV supports Dolby Vision, HLG, and HDR10. Oddly enough, this model does not accept HDR10+.

When it comes to gaming, it is an impressive model for HDR gaming. Its fast response time and low input lag make fast-moving action video games look crisp.

Not to mention, there are a few things this model is not equipped with, such as HDMI 2.1, VRR (variable refresh rate) to minimize screen tearing, and ALLM (auto low latency mode) to automatically switch into game mode.

  • Pure blacks
  • Reduced input lag
  • Fast response time
  • Decent picture quality
  • Excellent HDR performance
  • Two height positions
  • Well-built
  • No HDR10+ support
  • No HDMI 2.1
  • It does not come with VRR and ALLM
Sony X800H TV

Sony X800H TV

  • 43-inch screen size
  • IPS panel
  • Has 2.0 channels audio system
  • Contains 4K X-Reality PRO
  • Possess HDR Processor X1
  • Includes Black Frame Insertion feature
  • Low input lag in gaming mode is around 11.1ms
  • Peak brightness is about 555 nits

Sony X800H is an excellent TV with a nice upgrade. It possesses an IPS panel for wide viewing; thus, making it an ideal choice for large seating areas.

What about the Sony X800H design? It is a thin TV with wider stands. Its feet are made from plastic, and it supports the TV well. However, it might wobble. If you are not planning to wall-mount the TV, you will require a large surface to put it on.

Moreover, its borders are thin, but they are not distracting. Plus, it has a decent build quality. It is simple and nice looking instead of a fancy or premium TV.

What functions does this 43-inch TV provide? This LED display technology TV comes with four HDMI and two USB ports. It also offers Bluetooth and wi-fi for wireless connectivity.

Furthermore, this TV uses a standard 2.0 channels audio system and does not provide audio immersion like other TVs. however, the sound is clear and loud.

What makes this TV the best for gaming? You can play games with rich, real-world detail and texture as it possesses HDR Processor X1.

Plus, you can upscale everything to 4K as it contains 4K X-Reality PRO. Its ultra-high resolution and HDR content give stunning detail, color, and contrast. Like other 4K TVs, it also supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision formats.

It is suitable for gaming because it has excellent response time and incredibly minimal input lag. Therefore, it makes the motion of the content appear lifelike.

Moreover, it includes a Black Frame Insertion feature that improves motion clarity. Although it has a wide color gamut, it can not produce deep shades of color.

Surprisingly enough, several people reviewed that this model has decent black uniformity and a low contrast ratio; that’s why it is not ideal for darkroom HDR gaming.

What else? It does not support HDR10+ format, is not equipped with HDMI 2.1, and does not come with VRR to minimize screen tearing.

  • Incredible minimal input lag
  • Stellar viewing angles
  • Great gray uniformity
  • Bright
  • Fast response time
  • Vivid and detailed images
  • No VRR, ALLM support
  • Average contrast ratio
  • No HDR10+ support
Sony X950H TV

Sony X950H TV

  • 49-inch screen size
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Acoustic Multi-Audio
  • Reduced input lag (18.3 ms)
  • Maximum brightness is around 980 nits
  • LED panel
  • X-Wide Angle layer

It is one of the best gaming Sony TV with an LED panel that gamers would love. Gamers who prefer playing the dark will probably drool over this model because it offers excellent black uniformity, full-array local dimming, and a high-contrast ratio.

What’s more, it delivers an excellent HDR experience with its impressive color gamut and high peak brightness. Plus, it has a stunning color accuracy, so you might not need to calibrate to get a marvelous viewing experience.

Moreover, its excellent peak brightness and excellent contrast ratio produce deep blacks; thus, it overcomes glare in well-lit rooms. It also upscales lower resolution content.

What else? This model possesses an X-Wide Angle layer to allow users to have wide viewing angles. Oddly enough, the users complained that the images looked slightly washed out from the sides.

Furthermore, its low input lag is ideal for several casual gamers, and it remains low no matter at what resolutions you use the television. Plus, its stellar response time makes minor motion blurs and fast-moving scenes clear and crisp.

Surprisingly enough, there are a few drawbacks. This 120Hz refresh rate TV does not contain VRR to minimize screen tearing.

Moreover, it does not offer an HDMI 2.1 port and cannot display content at 4K at 120Hz. Therefore, you can not gain benefits from the next-generation gaming consoles.

What about audio? This TV provides an immersive experience with its acoustic multi-audio. Two tweeters at the TV’s back allow sound to follow the action.

  • Very bright
  • Stellar HDR and SDR peak brightness
  • Excellent upscaling
  • Incredible black levels
  • Top-quality motion handling
  • Fantastic and vivid images
  • No HDMI 2.1
  • Average viewing angles
  • No VRR support
Sony X750H TV

Sony X750H TV

  • A 55-inch screen size
  • 60Hz LED TV
  • Peak brightness is around 350 nits
  • Minimal input lag (12ms)
  • Bit VA panel
  • 0 bass reflex speakers

Sony does not make budget-friendly models, but X750H is available at an economical price. It has a solid design with two simple feet. This model is relatively stable and does not wobble.

Plus, its frame is relatively thicker and broader than other Sony models. The cable management is simple, with two extra clips. It is a simple 4K TV that many people enjoy.

What makes gaming the best on Sony X750H? It has a 60Hz panel, but casual gamers will appreciate it because of the low input lag and quick response time. Therefore, the fast-moving content and actions look reasonably clear.

Oddly enough, it does not have local dimming, and its sub-par HDR peak brightness is not enough to make the highlights pop. However, it can still upscale lower resolution well.

Moreover, it has a stellar black uniformity and a high contrast ratio that makes it an ideal choice for playing games in the dark. However, this VA panel TV has narrow viewing angles that can produce washed-out content from the sides.

Furthermore, the sound quality is pretty balanced, and 2.0 bass-reflex speakers with 20W are acceptable. Plus, it has a wide color gamut, and it only supports HLG and HDR10.

What else? This model has a few drawbacks. Firstly, it does not support variable refresh rates and ALLM technology. It also does not offer an HDMI 2.1 input.

This TV is not equipped with the recent technology, and a few essential things are missing. But if you are an entry-level player and on a budget, you should consider it.

  • Well-built and durable
  • Economical
  • Fast response time
  • High contrast ratio
  • Reduced input lag
  • Stellar black uniformity
  • Wide color gamut
  • No ALLM and VRR technology
  • Local dimming is absent
  • Sub-par HDR peak brightness
  • Narrow viewing angles
  • No HDMI 2.1

Best Sony TV For Gaming: Buyer’s Guide

Sony TV For Gaming Buying Guide

You must be wondering, “why do you need a game-specific television anyway?” A regular TV will do the job just fine.

That’s true that an old HD or 4K TV can display the picture information sent through a gaming console if it has an HDMI 2.0 port.

But there are several worthy reasons for getting a TV designed explicitly for gaming. A great TV will elevate the sound, image, brightness, and overall gaming experience.

What’s more, there are several qualities to consider before choosing a top-notch Sony TV for gaming. It is essential to note color accuracy, color gamut, contrast, viewing angles, screen reflections, brightness, input lag, etc.

These aspects are very crucial to consider, and we will discuss everything in detail. It will help you in selecting the best Sony TV for gaming according to your needs.


OLED uses an emissive screen technology. It means that the pixels produce their light by utilizing an electric current to excite its compounds. It uses several filtering layers to generate millions of bright, vivid colors.

Since pixels produce pictures and generate light themselves, these screens display minute detailing and achieve true blacks for enhanced contrast. Moreover, OLED TV is thinner than its LED cousin. It has a modern, sleek look that complements any home decor.

In contrast, LED models are for budget-conscious individuals. They are affordable, have stellar picture quality, and 4K UHD resolution.

LED models have separate backlight and image generating layers that emit the photos you see on the screen. These TVs cannot beat the detailing and contrast of OLED counterparts.

However, manufacturers now provide local dimming zones in LED TVs to achieve a similar level of true blacks.

Screen Resolution

Gaming TVs that have 4K resolution provide you four times the resolution of 1080p HD models. They deliver enhanced contrast, better detailing, and more colors. 4K is referred to as Ultra HD or UHD. 4K TVs usually display pictures in the 3840×2160 resolution.

In contrast, models with 8K resolutions give you four times of 4K and sixteen times of 1080p HD. An 8K television should have a 120Hz refresh rate to eliminate muddy details and motion blurs.

Moreover, 8K models have sky-high prices, and 4K TV’s technology is rapidly evolving. Thus, upgrading technology in a 4K model attracts more consumers.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

HDR Gaming on Sony TV

HDR is a technology that significantly increases the brightness levels that your TV can display. It can make a massive difference between the bright and dark areas. The sole purpose of HDR is to enhance the picture’s color by making them more vivid.

Almost all 4K televisions have HDR, and this technology is used to process colors within the games. Developers and game makers use this technology to have more detail in their creations.

Furthermore, 400 nits and above is the standard for HDR. Not to mention, your HDR TV must have high peak brightness to generate a massive difference between light and dark areas in HDR mode.

Acoustic Surface Technology

Acoustic surface technology in a 4K TV is the best feature. It is because this system includes tiny vibration units present behind the screen. These units track objects on the television screen and produce sounds accordingly.

This feature significantly reduces latency between video and audio. Plus, it creates a simultaneous audio and video output; thus, it gives users an outstandingly immersive experience.

But what about picture distortion? No to worry because the actuators present to eliminate the image distortion. With this technology, you will not need any expensive external audio equipment to achieve outstanding 3D sounds.


The term upscaling means that the low-resolution content will fill up your television screen. Without this feature, a low-resolution video will take less than half of the screen space.

Mostly all Sony TVs, even the cheaper ones, perform better when upscaling the lower resolution content.

Bit Depth

When you consider HDR, it is necessary to think about the gaming television’s bit depth too. To get the best HDR experience, you will need a 10-bit screen to support 1024 values of RGB colors. Otherwise, you will get an inferior color performance, and you will face an issue of color stripping.

Response Time

You probably have heard these words a lot when discussing gaming TVs. Response time is the speed at which color changes on the TV. Therefore, this feature is crucial to consider if you are a gamer.

Input Lag

The response time is the time between when you press the button on your gaming console and when your television registers it. A reduced input lag is crucial for multiplayer or first-person shooter games where the actions are competitive and fast-paced.

Screen Size

It is entirely your decision based on your room’s layout and size. It depends on how far you wish to sit from the television and how much you want to spend.

Moreover, these modern 4K resolution TVs are available in different sizes, and you choose them according to your requirements.

Viewing Angles

The television content will appear more vibrant and clear when you are sitting in front of it. However, sitting at the far end of the screen will cause the image quality to degrade. This happens on almost all the screens, but some suffer more than others.

Furthermore, a wide viewing angle allows users to sit on the screen’s side and still get a good experience. Contrastingly, a narrow viewing angle enables users to sit directly in front of the television to get a good experience.

Contrast Ratio

It is the ratio of the darkest black to the brightest white a screen can produce. It can either make or break the content. If television has a poor contrast ratio, all the images and content will be shallow and washed out.

Refresh Rate

4K 120FPS PS5 Gaming on Sony TV

The televisions do not display moving images. You see a still picture refreshed several times per second; thus, it gives an illusion of a moving image.

In short, refresh rate is the rate at which the updates occur, and it is measured in Hertz (Hz). Most 4K TV offers 60 to 120 Hz; however, you will have to opt for gaming monitors if you wish to have 144 or 240 Hz.

Moreover, a 60 Hz 4K television refreshes images 60 times per second. Plus, the photos updated at 120 Hz appear to have a slick and smooth motion.


HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is the connection cable between 4K TV and other devices.

Several 4K TVs come with 2.0 HDMI cables to carry 4K signals at 60 frames per second. The absence of a 2.0 cable and port on the TV will not display console games at 4K 60fps.

Furthermore, many modern and premium televisions have the new HDMI 2.1 cables that allow faster refresh rates. It is one of the best features television manufacturers have included for gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sony 120hz TV good for gaming?

Yes! If you are planning to get a 120Hz TV, you should get one. It provides a more responsive and immersive gaming experience.

How to fix gaming lag on Sony TV?

Since Sony TVs come with game modes, you do not have to change the Sony gaming settings manually. You can efficiently resolve the lagging issue by clicking the TV menu and turning the Game Mode “on.”

Once you enable the gaming mode, it will disable the picture adjustment circuitry and noise reduction. Plus, it will allow video game signals into the television without slowing down the response time.

Why use Sony TV for PS5 gaming?

Sony TVs are best for gaming because they bring true-to-life colors and details, deliver outstanding immersive sound, and fast response time. Plus, their new models support HDMI 2.1 and allow gamers to play 4K at 120 Hz games at PS5.

What is the purpose of VRR?

The acronym VRR stands for variable refresh rate. Its purpose is to eliminate screen tearing when playing games.

Screen tearing is a type of visual glitch when an image shudders. Several Sony premium models support a VRR feature, and it accepts resolutions up to 4K and frame rates up to 120fps.


You have reached the end of our “top-tier Sony TV for gaming” guide. We hope that we were able to deliver the detailed information that you were searching for.

Sony manufactures the best TVs; they may not be the cheapest, but they are versatile and provide all the features that a gaming nerd needs.

According to us, if you are still unsure which one to select, these two are the best Sony TVs for gaming that will not disappoint you in any way!

Sony A90J BRAVIA XR TV – A Fantastic Sony TV for PS5

This 4K OLED BRAVIA XR TV gives theatrical detail, color, and contrast; thus, making it perfect for graphic-intensive games. It also allows users to experience immersive gaming, i.e., sound-from-picture technology.

Moreover, multiple players can play together because it has a wide viewing angle and provides a great view.

Sony X900H Ultra HD Smart LED TV – Sony TV For HDR Gaming

If you own a PS5, it is one of the best gaming TVs with an LED panel. It is a premium television that supports HDMI 2.1 and allows gamers to play 4K at 120Hz games from the PS5.

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive option or a premium one for your bedroom or media room, we have covered each Sony TV. Pick according to your needs.

If we have forgotten to mention other best Sony TVs, let us know in the comment section below!


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