If you’re in a hurry and still want to grab the best soundbar for PS5, go for the SAMSUNG HW-Q60T, confidently.

So, you seek the perfect soundbar for PS5? Well, you ought to – because soundbars tend to change the entire game.

Or more accurately, this dedicated audio device tends to level up the feel of your game. And it does so by producing extensively dynamic sound, which creates a thrilling environment spacially.

These elongated speakers reproduce sound waves in such a way that you could truly feel the sound surrounding you. Naturally, the results the breathtaking for all the PS5 enthusiasts out there.

Best Soundbar for PS5

Here, in this all-embracing post, we have compiled the top 10 best soundbars for PS5. Bear in mind our picks have undergone rigorous tests to get shortlisted from many.

And for your ease, we’ve provided a detailed buying guide below as well. In there, you will find the aspects according to which we assessed these models. You can evaluate your preferred soundbars on the same grounds.

Comparing Best Soundbar for PS5 in 2022

PS5 Soundbars
Not Supported
SAMSUNG HW-Q60T 5.1ch Soundbar

SAMSUNG HW-Q60T 5.1ch Soundbar

  • It offers connectivity via Bluetooth and HDMI cable.
  • It features DTS Virtual: X providing powerful 3D surround sound.
  • Samsung acoustic beam technology promises precision in terms of the direction of the sound.
  • Along with PS5, it is best compatible with the Samsung QLED TV series.

Samsung HW-Q60T will be the crowning glory of your gaming setup. Its slim and sleek body has a width of about 1100mm that complements your widest of screens.

Plus, the metal grilles on the top and the front side give this black-colored soundbar a highly sophisticated and contemporary look.

The sides and edges of the Samsung 5.1 channel soundbar feature a brushed-metal finish. We particularly like that despite such a delicate appearance, the soundbar is solid as a rock.

Samsung seems to have used the finest and toughest of components to put this beauty together. Perhaps the most captivating fact about this particular soundbar is that it serves as good for volumes as it does for high volumes.

It analyzes each sound signal separately and optimizes it such that you can hear the quietest conversation with immense clarity.

So, if an opponent of yours decides to strike at you from behind (and your game supports the noise of their movement), you could jump into action right on time.

With that said, there’s one thing that could have leveled up Samsung HW Q60T’s performance by a whole of 10 percent. Wondering what? Wi-fi!

Quite unfortunately, this 5.1 channel soundbar doesn’t support Wi-Fi connectivity. Instead, Samsung provides Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity. Both of which promise a smooth transmission of sound signals and a rich output.

  • Robust built
  • Powerful subwoofer
  • Aesthetic looks
  • Impressive clarity
  • Not WiFi enabled
Sony HTZ9f 3.1 CH HDR Soundbar

Sony HTZ9f 3.1 CH HDR Soundbar

  • Supports Dolby Atmos & DTS: X.
  • It offers multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth, HDMI, and WiFi.
  • It offers seven sound modes.

Are you a home theater enthusiast? If yes, give a thought to this thrilling and sensational Sony htz9f 3.1 ch HDR soundbar. Sony created this masterpiece to quench the thirst for a surround sound experience.

You can rank this soundbar from Sony at the top of the list of best music accessories. Availability of a Vertical sound system, high-end compatibility with PlayStation 5 and 4K HDR quality are the demanding features of this Dolby soundbar.

You can experience every thrill of your audio and videos with this remarkable model. If you are a user of the Sony PlayStation 5, it’s best to keep it on your priority list.

It is because it upscales any sound coming off the audio consoler and gives you an immersive surround. And, it’s a plug-and-play type model. You will feel right in the center of a theater with its exceptional 7.1.2 vertical sound system.

It processes all the sounds within seconds and gives you smooth correspondence with streaming videos. The voice enhancement and audio resolution of this soundbar are of top-notch quality.

You can listen to every detail of music with its premium-quality audio resolution. The enhancement of voice is very startling. It will blend the audio in the cool and calm environment of home theater.

Seven different sound modes are the true capturers of attention. You can enjoy a room-filling sound or a calm, serene listening experience depending on your mood. The crystal clear clarity of sound is another value it brings.

So, this Sony z9f 3.1 ch soundbar brings value for every single penny. Another demanding feature is that it comes with a wireless subwoofer inside the pack. All the setting frames are also available in the package.

It means you don’t need to buy any extra cables, wall hanging brackets, remote, HDMI cable, and batteries. All the things are available with this valuable soundbar.

You do not need any additional thought for settings this soundbar up. All the things are simple and sleek. You can set it within a couple of minutes by looking for the manual. In short, the soundbar is easy to handle, and the setup is also straightforward.

Aesthetically, this black-colored soundbar is a solid solution to all of your home theater requirements.

  • Clear cut sound
  • Expansive stage
  • Compatible with PS5
  • Fantastic build
  • Ergonomic structure
  • High-end audio quality
  • Grayed-out connection
Sonos Arc Smart Soundbar

Sonos Arc Smart Soundbar

  • It offers multiple connection options including HDMI, optical, and Ethernet.
  • It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • It supports Dolby Atmos, Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital+, and Dolby Digital surround formats.
  • It supports eArc.
  • It can stream audio media via the Sonos App or Apple Airplay 2.

Initially, the Sonos Arc came out after many companies had launched soundbars that supported the same format. However, Sonos Arc was quick to prove it delivered the best performance amongst them all.

Cleverly designed with the assistance of Oscar-winning sound engineers, the Sonos arc specs ensure great functionality.

With impressive features with no compromise on quality, this Sonos soundbar is a rare one of its kind. Providing an exceptional sound quality and one of the most cost-effective, stylish-looking soundbars in the market today, some of the Sonos Arc’s features are as follows:

Available at $799, this soundbar ideally partners with wide TVs. The Sonos arc width is 45″, which makes it fit best proportionally with a 55″ TV model.

Although it delivers the best quality when wall-mounted, it also looks equally chic when positioned on a piece of furniture. It even adjusts the frequency response per its position.

The Arc tall height helps deliver to the audio expectations and does not get in between the signals sent to the TV by the remote due to the IR repeater.

The Sonos Arc Alexa and Google Assistant connectivity feature also allow you to give voice commands to it. Thus, also doubling up as a wireless speaker. The Sonos Arc soundbar works impressively with PS5 due to its impressive audio details and dynamics.

The convincing Dolby Atmos feature projects 3D audio throughout the room, creating the perfect virtual reality atmosphere.

With great detail of highs and lows, the Arc heavily relies on TV specifications, but with the correct set-up, it produces an out-of-the-world audio experience.

Not only ensuring an extreme sound advantage but creating a sound stimulation as if the player is inside the game, too. One can even listen to the accurate breathing sounds and footsteps inside the game!

  • Easy set-up
  • 3D audio via convincing Dolby Atmos
  • Impressive details and dynamics
  • It can double as a wireless speaker
  • Great functionality
  • Stylish looking
  • Greatly relies on TV specifications
Bose Smart Soundbar 700

Bose Smart Soundbar 700

  • Supported with Bose Music app
  • It offers multiple connectivity options including WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Bose’s simple sync skill makes usage all the more convenient.
  • It can make calls to others or receive incoming calls.

Bose smart Soundbar stands unsurpassed in its combination of premium features. There is no other product in the market that has such a stunning design and high-end sound system.

And of course, it is the breathtaking features of this soundbar that account for its superiority amongst other soundbars at the same price point. Bose Smart Soundbar 700 will introduce you to a new world of excitement and astonishment with its deluxe Soundbar system.

This thrilling Soundbar permits you to get pleasure from mesmerizing voice and profound bass with effortless access to your amusement channel.

Bose Smart Soundbar 700 is a mesmeric product with 4.25 × 38.5 × 2.25 dimensions. The device has only 10.5 pounds of weight.

It has such reasonable dimensions that you will feel no disturbance relevant to the premium looks. And decency of your workplace or room wherever you will place it remains the same & undisturbed due to its small size.

Bose smart Soundbar has inside Voice4Video technology to hook up with TV or cable employing only one voice control.

To use any innovative technology, the user needs know-how about its control system. To command Bose Soundbar, three ways are there. First by your voice, second by using Bose music app, and the third is context-sensitive and widespread remote. All this provides you with an easy and customizable approach to everything you want.

The customer of this Bose smart Soundbar will find it appealing due to its high-edge sound system. This premium-quality soundbar is also familiar with multi-room or multiple compartment listening experiences.

Such systems can work in incorporation with other Bose speakers. This aspect makes it surprising for group work.

Bose Smart Soundbar reviews make clear to you that the worthless product has trouble-free connectivity alternatives. You can go through a Wi-Fi connection or by using a Bluetooth connection. USB or Wired connection is also beneficial in this regard.

  • Efficient working
  • Flawless connection
  • Simple connection
  • Trouble-free commanding system
  • Distortion-free audio
  • Straight forward setup
  • Flimsy material
JBL Bar 5.1 Channel 4K Soundbar

JBL Bar 5.1 Channel 4K Soundbar

  • It offers 3 HDMI inputs.
  • It promises 10 hours of playtime.
  • Swiftly shifts between Bluetooth and TV controls.

JBL Bar Ultra HD Soundbar may not be your true 5.1 channel sound system. But we must tell you it is not even a percent less than the true-est of versions.

Be it in terms of built of performance or built. Dimensionally, it measures 2.3 x 40 x 3.9 inches and weighs around 23.4 pounds. Now, this makes it quite slim, and hence you can see it blend well with the rest of your gaming console.

You can keep it in front of your widescreen or mount it on the wall using the screws and brackets that accompany the soundbar. It also comes with a subwoofer that wirelessly syncs with the soundbar and levels up the bass and richness of the sound.

Perhaps the most stunning aspect of this soundbar is that it is highly convenient to operate and control. You need not invest time learning the controls of a new proprietary remote of JBL or get into complex settings. Instead, you can operate it with your TV remote.

Moreover, the soundbar offers both HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity. And you can conveniently shift between Bluetooth connectivity and TV connectivity with its SoundShift feature. The sound modes offered by the soundbar include:

You would want to opt for movies when connecting the soundbar to PS5 because that is the most dynamic, detailed, and rich mode of all.

  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Powerful Bass
  • Impressive clarity
  • Good battery time
  • Easy control
  • Adjusting voice levels may be difficult
Vizio surround sound

Vizio surround sound

  • It is a budget buy.
  • It has an appreciable frequency range.
  • It is easy to move with its lightweight & compact structure.

Enthusiastic musicians or home theater passionate love a wide range of frequencies. The dream of zealous gamers or screen lovers is to enjoy both highs and lows. Vizio surrounds sound working with Google Chromecast is the ultimate demand of such enthusiastic people.

Vizio 4.1 soundbar provides you with an extensive range of frequencies. You can listen to the small sounds of 50 Hz with ultimate clarity. A metallic and crystal clear audio ranging from 110 dB is also hearable with this premium-quality soundbar.

These stunning features make this soundbar compatible with the PlayStation 5. If you are in the surge of unlimited and booming bass, this is the right choice that brings you the stunning nuance of your streaming.

The craftsmanship of the soundbar features sturdy audio technology that assists the user in enjoying all types of sound modes.

These soundbars work in synchronization with the Dolby audio technology. This intelligent system enables you to enjoy the music of both extremes. You can listen to the chirping or murmuring birds in a video and the roars with this single set.

The wireless connection promises its usage without any hampering. The robust and sturdy construction of the soundbar Vizio is the guarantee of lifetime usage.

Moreover, its wireless connection also gives you a room-filling bass that takes your joys and pleasure to another state.

The integration of a wireless subwoofer is also a demanding feature that adds to its worth. Moreover, the availability of Wi-Fi streaming gives you rid of the mess of texts and calls that you face on a Bluetooth connection.

All these features promise a never-ending and immersive experience that is the dream of a passionate gamer or screen lover. All these features are not so exciting. The real thing that makes it too notch is its easy installation.

You can set this model up within a few seconds. The plus point of the soundbar is that it comes with all accessories. All the necessary equipment or cables are already available in the package. You can install it while looking at the manual provided inside.

In short, we can say that these speakers are an improvement over others of their generation. Moreover, their compatibility with PS 5 is startling.

  • Easy to use
  • All in one package
  • Flawless connection
  • Wide frequency range
  • Metallic bass
  • Sturdy build
  • Flimsy HDMI cable
Polk Audio Command Sound Bar

Polk Audio Command Sound Bar

  • It supports Dolby and DTS audio formats.
  • It comes with a built-in Alexa.
  • It has a unique and robust built.

Structurally, Polk Audio is like any other soundbar. It is black in color, slim, and elongated. However, it is slightly different at the center, which bulbs out a little. But it would generally look like most other soundbars: sleek and stylish.

With that said, built-in Alexa is one of the most convenient features of this soundbar. Alexa’s blue ring at the center of the command bar comes to life as soon as you activate it.

But for the initial setup, you will need to download the Polk connect, follow the instructions it provides, and then sign in to your amazon account to activate Alexa.

For wired connectivity, you can make use of either optical or HDMI ports. The entire process will hardly take fifteen minutes. After this, you can conveniently adjust settings or acquire desired results simply via voice command at any instant.

The command bar also comes with other controls, including volume and management controls. Also, although the soundbar comes with a subwoofer, we believe the soundstage isn’t as wide as others in this list.

It is immersive but not wide. And hence, we recommend it for smaller spaces.

What’s more, it is amongst the most budget-friendly soundbars that you’ll find for PS5. We recommend this to beginners who’d like to have sound control at all times.

  • Budget-buy
  • Easy control
  • Unique built
  • Robust
  • Narrow soundstage
Yamaha YAS 109 Soundbar

Yamaha YAS 109 Soundbar

  • It offers multiple connectivity options.
  • This is a power-efficient, budget-friendly unit.

Do you want to enjoy theater-style video streaming on your room TV? Get all the things ready with this high-end model of Yamaha. Yamaha yas 109 wall mount works with a built-in Alexa technology that helps the users manage all the sound-related tasks.

You can overlook your alarms, take your calls, watch your video streaming or any other home device. A piece of free music available in the soundbar makes it easy for the user to adjust the sound volumes, change the sound modes and customize the settings with utmost comfort.

Yamaha yas 109 wall mount is the ultimate solution to all the needs of a home theater passion. It is because it comes with a complete package. A free wireless subwoofer is available with it that makes your listening experience marvelous.

A rich sound full of booming and metallic bass is hearable with the help of the subwoofer box. Moreover, the virtual room-filling sound envelope develops due to the virtual DTX. It helps the user enjoy a theater-like spacious and joyous experience in their room.

The next-level sound quality of the soundbar Yamaha yas 109 makes it a more demanding choice for your PlayStation 5. The user can synchronize this Yamaha soundbar with PS 5 due to its straightforward and ergonomic structure.

The music app available helps in easy and flawless pairing with the PlayStation 5. So, you can choose this soundbar to satisfy your desperate needs for audio and beats.

Different modes of making a wireless connection are enjoyable with this minimalistic and slim soundbar. You can connect to your audios or podcasts with the help of a flawless Spotify connection, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Another prime feature of this booming soundbar is Alexa’s built-in. This feature promises personalized and adaptive control over all your audio or video content.

The rich bass, crystal clear sound, and audio resolution give you the clarity of dialogue.

So, do not miss any beat with the top-level audio imaging and resolution system of this Yamaha package. The availability of HDMI and fiber optical cables helps in building a robust and lag-free transmission.

The output power of the system is 120 W that will never let you down in the streaming. The craftsmanship of the soundbar supports batteries that give you a continuous and going-on experience.

  • Sturdy build
  • Robust connection
  • Complete package
  • Dialogue clarity
  • Grayed-out Alexa built
Razer Leviathan Dolby 5.1 Suround Sound

Razer Leviathan Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound

  • It offers three preset equalizer modes for gaming, music, and movies, respectively.
  • It comes with three adjustable tilt angles (0, 15, and 18 degrees)
  • It comes with a powerful subwoofer for immersive bass and distortion-free frequencies.
  • Dolby 5.1 channel surround sound.

Razer’s first-ever soundbar, the Leviathan, is unique in many ways. 19.7 inches wide, 2.9 inches deep, and 3.1 inches tall, Leviathan is comparatively small for a soundbar.

Thus, versatile usage of this soundbar is very much an option as it conveniently fits any setup and you can constantly reposition it, too. It even has three adjustable tilt angles to ensure optimal sound quality.

The Razer Leviathan Sound Bar comes at only $199.99. For the price and size, it offers an undeniably powerful sound. Also, Razer ensured that there’s no compromise in the aesthetics.

Powered by Dolby, this soundbar efficiently converts the audio from your setup to an impressive 5.1 surround sound stage. It also features four drivers, optimized for virtual surround sound gaming and movies.

Furthermore, it pairs seamlessly with Bluetooth devices. Thus, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music without the hassle of wires.

Leviathan also comes with the wired downward-firing Razer Subwoofer aimed specifically to boost bass and deliver deep impact bass. The subwoofer also enhances lower frequency sound outputs, making them free of any distortions.

The subwoofer paired with 5.1 Surround Sound greatly benefits gamers by recreating a sound stage that encompasses the entire room.

Therefore, making the player feel like they are inside the game – consequently boosting their performance and enhancing the gaming experience.

Although it does not have a remote control to make it convenient to use from your couch, the Razer Leviathan Soundbar is easy to operate if kept within a short distance, such as in your desktop setup.

Furthermore, it even has three preset equalizer modes for gaming, music, and movies. Hence, delivering audio tailored to suit each type with utmost efficiency and convenience.

  • Comparatively cheaper than most soundbars
  • Compact
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Powerful audio output
  • Optimizes sound quality (Subwoofer)
  • Rich and immersive bass
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • No remote
TCL Alto 6+ Channel Dolby Sound Bar

TCL Alto 6+ Channel Dolby Sound Bar

  • It comes with a subwoofer for additional sound enhancement.
  • Hassle-free setup with Roku TV ready.
  • It supports special sound modes for music, news, games, and TV.

Available in a black-colored, uniquely-shaped exterior, TCL Alto 6+ is our last recommendation in this list of the best soundbar for PS5. It features a premium-grade plastic body with a smooth fabric wrapped tightly around it.

The edges and corners are round, unlike most others. You will have multiple connectivity options ranging from:

However, for the first-time setup, you need not fiddle with remote controls and settings. Instead, you can effectively and conveniently use Roku TV ready.

What’s more, it comes with an external subwoofer that takes the sound quality to the next level. It brings that edge or richness and depth to the sound.

Note that the connectivity between the subwoofer and soundbar is wireless. Plus, the structure is compact too. So, you need not worry about the subwoofer ruining the looks of your gaming space.

It’s the incorporation of Dolby Digital that brings about Impressive clarity and life to the sound. It truly fills up the room with sound three-dimensionally.

And guess what? It costs only around a hundred dollars. That makes it the best budget soundbar for PS5. If you’ve only stepped into the gaming world, then TCL Alto 6+ may as well be the perfect soundbar to begin your exploration journey!

  • Value for money
  • Distortion-free at loud volumes
  • Easy to use
  • Compact structure
  • Rich Bass
  • Lacks Dolby Atmos

Best Soundbar for PS5 Buyer’s Guide:

Best Soundbar for PS5 Buying Guide

Can’t find the idealistic option from the ones listed above? Well, fret not, as there is still a plethora of soundbars for PS5 available in the market. All you must do is maintain calm and look around.

To assist you, we have formulated this comprehensive and detailed guide to purchase the best soundbar for PS5. Read more!

The Dimensions

Generally, you will find soundbars that are long, thin, and perfectly cuboid. The clean edges and construction give these soundbars a premium look when placed next to your PS5. However, some models also come with rounded edges and thicker builds.

Well, while the overall looks of the best soundbar remain subjective to different user opinions, the dimensions are something you should pay keen attention to. And when talking about a soundbar’s dimensions, the only thing that matters is the width.

Technically, the soundbar should be equal to or lesser than the width of the TV or display for PS5. Please note TV width measurements are diagonal, while soundbars are lengthways.

Although some claim large soundbars to offer more drivers and better sound, many do nothing except make your gaming station look awkward. Using a soundbar bigger than your TV or monitor’s width would make it appear unpleasant.

Here are some frequently used dimensions:

Soundbar Length
TV/Display Size
38 to 45
42 to 50-inches
55 to 65-inches
70+ inches

Active VS Passive

There are two types of soundbars that you will come across when purchasing your PS5; active and passive. Both of these soundbars differ in terms of audio quality.

Active soundbars come with a built-in power amplifier. As a result, you do not need to attach any extra receivers, components, or wires. The built-in amps are capable of powering everything themselves.

Also, these active soundbars come at reasonable prices. So, where does the compromise lie? Well, the active soundbars are excellent for minimizing hassle and making your experience convenient.

However, these soundbars do not have as good speakers as their passive counterparts. Passive soundbars do not feature built-in amps and thus, require a receiver.

You will have to connect several other components to unlock the full potential of soundbars, such as the traditional subwoofer. So, the passive soundbars are available at the pricier end and require much effort to install.

However, if you want a full-blown, dynamic listening experience, you won’t get any better speakers than the ones in passive. These enable you to immerse yourself in the gameplay.


5 channel soundbar for ps5 gaming

When purchasing the PS5 gaming soundbar, you must have come across the terms 2-channels or 5-channels. Sometimes, the numeric value might even have decimals in it. If all this bogus doesn’t make sense to it, you are not alone.

After hour-long research, our simplest definition of a channel in a soundbar is the transmission of the sounds to a particular point/direction. Usually, these directions get determined by speakers. (Center, Left, Right, Left Rear, Front Rear, and so on.)

For example, a 2-channel soundbar would be capable of putting out sounds to two individual speakers, each with a different audio output.

Some channels and their speakers include:

Normally, experts recommend opting for 2 to 3-channel soundbars for those who wish to modify the sound system for entertainment purposes only. However, for PS5 gamers, the standard is to opt for the highest number of channels possible!

The more channels of soundbar, the better and more immersive gaming experience for you.

Apart from this, you should also analyze the second digit written with channels, such as 5.2 or 3.2. This particular value represents the number of subwoofers included. Usually, the purpose of these subwoofers is to increase bass.

Audio Formats

Besides channels, one more very important aspect that must be considered is the audio format or the audio technologies used in the soundbar. Traditionally, soundbars have featured stereo and surround modes.

However, in recent years, some high-end technologies have entered the market. These include DTS: X and Dolby Atmos. Both of these are surround sound formats or object-based audio technologies.

These transmit sounds practically anywhere to create the illusion of things being present. For example, when enjoying Netflix, you might hear the planes flying overhead and things passing by you as if real.

These three-dimensional illusions alter your experience positively, making you a part of the movie. Well, there are prominent differences between these audio technologies too.


The DTS: X format things to a high level where you will feel things moving around. It also enables you to alter the volume of the video/game such that difficult-to-hear dialogues become highly audible.

Unlike Dolby Atmos, this system does not require the usage of height speakers. Instead, it functions according to the number of channels available in the soundbar. Hence, making DTS: X more affordable and simple to use.

Dolby Atmos

3D Dolby Atmos Audio with PS5

The Dolby Atmos is the head of every single audio format out there. Originally made for cinemas, this technology makes your listening experience phenomenal. All the highs, lows, mid, and details become crystal-clear.

Plus, the dynamic surround sound makes the gameplay come to life. You can hear the gunshots, members chatting, and even the approaching footsteps of the enemy. Hence, offering you a superior command over the game.

However, as hinted above, Dolby Atmos makes this possible with the aid of heightened speakers. It achieves audio realism by up-firing the speakers. So, sounds bounce off different surfaces before entering your ears.

For example, for aircraft, the speakers would bounce the sound from the ceilings so that you can hear it as if flying overhead. Dolby Atmos soundbars perform ideally when placed in a room with a flat ceiling of up to 11-feet high and made from reflective material.

If you feel unsure whether your selected soundbar uses DTS: X or Dolby Atmos, then simply examine its title. Dolby Atmos soundbars will have three-digit values in the number of channels.

Instead of 5.1 or 7.2-channels, the value will be 5.1.3 or 7.1.2. The last additional digit represents the number of heightened speakers. Meanwhile, DTS: X continues with the standard two-digit value.


When we say usability, we mean the convenience and simplicity of the device in terms of operation.

As a PS5 gamer, you wish to achieve those high-end audio experiences using a soundbar. But does that mean you should be a tech nerd to control a soundbar in the first place? Certainly not!

Lots of professional-grade soundbars are indeed quite complex with hundreds of controls and wires. However, with only a little effort, you can unveil those amazing beginner-friendly soundbars too.

These user-friendly soundbars offer you a simple remote controller with buttons for every operation. Or, if you wish to eradicate the hassle of a separate remote, a few steps program your current TV remote to control a soundbar too.

Recent soundbars come with a free mobile app so that you can control the gadget using smart devices.

Apart from this, it is also worth it to opt for a soundbar with a front LED display. It offers you visual feedback of volume and connections. Hence, making use even more convenient.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

You may be purchasing the soundbar for PS5 gaming only. But, what if you wish to do mobile gaming, listen to songs, or watch movies? The soundbar can certainly be useful in those activities too.

Perhaps, this is why it is essential to invest in a soundbar that offers wireless streaming. You can uncover a diversity of gaming options with wireless streaming!

Generally, soundbars offer two types of wireless connectivity; Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Sometimes, the soundbar may offer both of the technologies.

Bluetooth enables you to transfer audio from any compatible device to the soundbar. Hence, you can dance to your much-loved songs when not gaming.

Some soundbars may feature NFC (Near Field Communication) that helps establish a Bluetooth connection easily. Meanwhile, some may offer a two-way connection using which you can transfer audio from the soundbar to other devices too.

On the other hand, built-in Wi-Fi is present in all devices and gadgets. You can use the built-in Wi-Fi of your soundbar to access online streaming services, music applications, and even gaming platforms.

As per area and network strength, Wi-Fi may lag at times in certain PS5 gaming soundbar models. To counter this, manufacturers offer an Ethernet jack for wired connection.

Built-in Voice Assistants

With modern progressions, smart technology is present in every single household (also termed as smart homes). One such example is of voice-assistants.

These are available in various forms. You will find separate voice assistants, such as Alexa, Echo, and Google. And, you will also find gadgets with built-in voice assistant features, such as iPhone’s Siri.

It is undeniable that we use smart voice assistants in everyday household and business chores. Some typical examples include adjusting the room temperature, answering queries, playing songs, and switching lights on/off.

So, it is quite unsurprising that we now have soundbars with built-in voice assistants. Imagine how cool would it be to ask the voice assistant in your soundbar to adjust the room lighting as you game on PS5. Your team players will most certainly be in complete awe!

Usually, soundbars come along with either Echo or Google as a built-in voice assistant. While gaming, you can use the wake word to get day-to-day chores done peacefully. Plus, this two-in-one feature helps to conserve space on your gaming station too!

However, most of the soundbars pause whenever you enable the voice assistant. The audio production will stop until the task is complete, which can be annoying amid a gaming session. Nonetheless, the convenience offered is certainly worth it!


Previously, we have evaluated the connectivity of the PS5 soundbar in terms of wireless technologies. But, it is not the end of a soundbar’s connectivity compatibilities.

A soundbar can become the best of both worlds if you opt for the one with more outputs and inputs. You may intend to use the soundbar for PS5 only, though there might come a time for upgrades.

One should always stay prepared for the future, which is why your ideal soundbar for PS5 must have these connectivity options.

HDMIOptical PortsUSB inputs

Your selected soundbar must have a minimum of three HDMI outputs and inputs. Typically, the more the HDMI ports, the more versatile your soundbar will become.

HDMI ports enable you to switch between video and audio source components. Plus, these also support audio return channels. These include either ARC or eARC.

The audio return channels offer more bandwidth, resulting in higher resolution and immersive audio formats.

However, when purchasing, ensure these ports can pass HDR and 4K signals for optimum performance. Note, in case the soundbar has HDMI ARC input only, then you cannot link the source directly to the soundbar.

These are other types of connection ports that offer an undisrupted path between the soundbar and the TV/monitor. It is quite strong and reliable. However, it is not capable of transporting the bandwidth of 5.1+ signals.

Usually, these are present for firmware and software updates. But, the possibilities for USB usage are limitless. You can use it to play audio and whatnot!


Sonos soundbar under TV

Usually, soundbars have a compact and easy-to-install design. The thin cuboidal structure enables one to conserve a lot of space and maintain minimalistic room décor.

You can place the soundbars on a table or mount them on the wall, depending on the installation method. Some soundbars feature both types for increased convenience.

Moreover, a majority of these soundbars come along with DIY installation kits and detailed guidelines. So, you can install the soundbar for PS5 easily and quickly.

But, when placing the soundbar, do not forget that the position will impact the audio production. You may observe a change in performance with placement as sounds get reflected from various surfaces and travel in particular directions.

It is essential to consider the placement in relevance to your gaming position. You may seek an expert’s assistance or advice on the matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect ps5 to soundbar and TV?

There are multiple ways of connecting PS5 to the soundbar and TV. You could connect the two devices simply by using the HDMI ports of the two devices.

Or via WiFi or Bluetooth. When it comes to TV, you could even connect the two devices with the help of an optical cable.

Soundbar vs speakers for console gaming-which one is better?

Soundbar and speakers both have their respective pros and cons. Soundbars are best for enhancing sound quality without compromising on looks or arranging extra desk space.

Separate speakers ensure top-tier enhancement of sound quality. And by top-tier, we mean it surpasses all premium standards.

With that said, which one of the two is the best for your gaming console? We’d suggest soundbars.

And that’s because soundbars enhance sound quality substantially and ask for no compromises on looks. Instead, these audio devices provide a balance of looks and sound, both enhanced.

What are the best PS5 soundbar setting?

When connecting the soundbar to PS5, it is best to set the device up as an AV amplifier, even if you’re using a 5.1 or 7.1 soundbar. Next, you should adjust the position of the soundbar digitally as per their physical placement.

Lastly, choose a suitable sound format. For consoles connected directly to the TV, you can use Dolby or DTS technology. For consoles connected directly to the soundbar, you can use HDMI cables.


Now, for our top pick, we have reviewed all the options to conclude that the absolute, unchallenged, and best soundbar for PS5 is the Bose Smart Soundbar 700!

This amazing 5.1-channels soundbar packs all the idealistic features; PS5 Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Surround sound, Alexa, and whatnot.

Plus, you get it at an outstandingly reasonable price. We bet this investment is going to take you to the heights of PS5 gaming!

Try it and let us know below. Happy Gaming!


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