What is a spark plug, and why is it essential for any vehicle? It is a crucial part of any vehicle because it creates an electric current required to ignite the mixture of gasoline and air compressed in the compression chamber. In short, the internal combustion engine must run.

What happens if spark plugs fail to work? Since a spark plug provides the spark that ignites the fuel to start combustion, a faulty one may not perform the function.

Spark plugs do become old, and one should replace them after certain intervals of time. If they become fouled or dirty, it can affect how your engine runs. Moreover, if your spark plug fails to produce a powerful electric current, your engine will either have a weaker performance or will not perform at all.

Plus, the vehicle’s gas mileage will suffer too because the combustion chamber will need more gasoline to sustain an engine’s power needs. These plugs make a huge difference in the smooth operation and the driving experience of the vehicle.

Best Spark Plugs For Nissan Xterra

Since you know its importance now, you might be wondering which one to opt for. Several options can make anyone confused, and we know the selection process can be a big headache.

You will find a wide variety of spark plugs; some are good, and others are not. We know that you are searching for high-quality spark plugs for Nissan; therefore, you do not have to wind yourself up in cheap-quality ones.

To make your purchasing more effortless, we have chosen the best ones to replace or upgrade your existing plugs.

Comparing Best Spark Plugs For Nissan Xterra

Spark Plugs
Alloy steel
NGK 7090 GPower Spark Plugs BKR5EGP

NGK 7090 GPower Spark Plugs BKR5EGP

  • Pre-gapped plugs
  • 6 mm platinum tip
  • Six pieces in a set
  • Metal plated
  • Trapezoidal ground strap
  • Require ⅝-inch wrench for removal
  • Works for 40k miles

Are you searching for a set that is inexpensive, pre-gapped, and ready to install? These NGK spark plugs come in a pack of six. These innovatively designed plugs are available at an economical price. Since you will be getting multiple plugs, you can replace several plugs at one time.

This great product features 98% pure copper furnished with an incredibly thin 0.6 mm platinum tip. The tips are laser-welded and are exceptionally resistant to copper.

Due to this, it lowers the power requirements without affecting performance. Plus, it brings the engine to life instantly and offers better fuel efficiency.

What makes this spark plugs the best? The trapezoidal ground strap improves performance by reducing quenching, and it helps the plug to maintain an accurate temperature. Furthermore, this plug consists of alumina-silica ceramic to provide more substantial insulation.

What about their longevity? These high-quality spark plugs can work for forty-thousand miles. Moreover, these plugs are already pre-gapped for easy installation.

To replace your old plugs with new ones, you will need a ⅝-inch wrench. Furthermore, these platinum plugs are coated with trivalent metal plating that protects them against seizing and corrosion.

Oddly enough: several people reviewed that they are quite basic and might not last very long.

  • High-quality
  • Budget-friendly
  • Straightforward installation
  • Greater longevity
  • Offers great performance
  • Provides fuel efficiency
  • These basic plugs may not last long
Bosch 9609 OE Replacement Spark Plug

Bosch 9609 OE Replacement Spark Plug – Plug that Offers Endurance and High Performance

  • Four times longer service life
  • Seven years of satisfaction guarantee
  • Pre-gapped
  • 360 laser-welded center electrode
  • Fine wire design
  • Nickel-plated shell

This iridium spark plug is designed to deliver both long life and high performance. Why might this be the best replacement for an OE spark plug?

It has an ultra-fine wire design, and laser-welded tapered ground offers optimum performance. Moreover, it is engineered with a 0.6 mm double iridium fine wire firing pin and ground electrode.

Since it has an ultra-fine wire design, it offers exceptional performance and ignitability. The presence of copper core delivers a broader heat range to eliminate fouling and pre-ignition.

Another notable feature is that its 360-degree continuous laser welding to connect the iridium firing pin provides four times the longer service life and extreme durability.

What’s more: the secret behind its seven-year performance satisfaction is that its fine wire firing pin minimizes voltage requirement and its copper core ground electrode offers better heat transfer.

What makes this spark plug the best as compared to other copper plugs? It is a pre-gapped replacement that offers optimum function, form, and fit. You do not have to adjust anything and are straightforward to install. Plus, its ribbed insulator design averts flashovers.

Moreover, it is a no anti-seize plug. Since its nickel-plated shell is rolled with threads, it does not require anti-seize. The complete corrosion and anti-seize protection are built into the nickel-plated shell.

Surprisingly enough: it may produce a slight change in the performance and might not support your vehicle.

  • Offers premium performance
  • Increased durability
  • No anti-seize
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Long-lasting
  • Prevents misfires
  • It may not provide a massive difference in the performance
  • It might support your vehicle
ACDelco Stellar Nissan Xterra Spark

ACDelco Stellar Nissan Xterra Spark

  • Pre-gapped
  • Double-platinum, copper core point pads
  • Ceramic insulator
  • It comes in a pack of eight

This brand is known for manufacturing parts of exact match, and the quality also exceeds the original equipment; spark plugs are no exception.

These spark plugs come in a pack of eight; thereby, making it easy for you to replace multiple old plugs from your vehicle.

What’s more: they have double-platinum, copper core point pads that provide consistent performance and an extended lifespan.

Moreover, pure copper core usage helps to improve performance. Plus, it also offers temperature stability that prevents the spark plugs from becoming foul.

What else? The presence of a robust ceramic insulator provides shock resistance and excellent strength. Furthermore, the spark plug tip instantly heats up to keep itself clean and preserve performance.

These plugs are pre-gapped; thus, it minimizes your installation time. Plus, the presence of electrode gaps improves the running quality of your vehicle.

What’s interesting? These spark plugs are engineered to work with older engines and help out-of-date vehicles to meet today’s performance standards.

Oddly enough: reviewers mentioned that it does not support all the vehicles. Plus, it is essential to check the gaps before installing because the factory gaps might be slightly off.

  • Supports out-dated vehicles
  • Less installation time
  • Robust
  • Shock resistance
  • Temperature stability
  • Gap size may vary
  • It might not support all vehicles
DENSO #4504 PK20TT

DENSO #4504 PK20TT

  • Twin-tip technology
  • Work up to 60,000 miles
  • Purified alumina powder
  • It comes in a pack of six
  • Dual platinum construction

If you are looking for some robust all-around spark plugs, Denso is a stellar and high-quality brand that provides the best ones.

These plugs will not break your bank, and the set includes six pieces. These platinum plugs deliver optimum performance, durability, and efficiency at a reasonable price.

What’s more: these platinum TT plugs offer twin-tip technology. It has a platinum center electrode and a titanium enhanced ground electrode.

Both of these durable metals can fight against erosion and corrosion. They provide superior spark performance, and the maximum plug life can operate up to 60,000 miles.

Since they have a dual-platinum construction with platinum disc and electrode tip, these plugs offer a reliable spark to generate smooth, reliable combustion of an air-fuel mixture. Thus, it provides stellar performance, fuel efficiency, and excellent engine dependability.

Not to mention the presence of purified alumina powder works as an insulator to enhance thermal conductivity for maximum longevity.

Besides these positive pointers, there are a few faults that users pointed out. Firstly, the plugs may not be gapped correctly. They are easy to the gap, but it is crucial to inspect them and adjust them accordingly before installing them.

What else? These double-platinum plugs cannot match the longevity, performance, and quality of iridium spark plugs. However, these reliable and good-quality plugs are budget-friendly, and you can use them for your SUV, truck, or car.

  • Long-lasting
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable and robust
  • Provides maximum longevity
  • Offers stellar performance
  • Plugs are not gapped correctly
  • Not better than iridium ones
Champion 446 Spark Plug

Champion 446 Spark Plug – Champion Plugs That Works Like a Charm

  • Copper core electrode
  • Patented ultra seal coated shell
  • Built according to SAE and ISO standards
  • Sold as one spark plug

If your vehicle is misfiring and experiencing bad idle surges, it’s time to throw them away! This copper plug will create a huge difference. Since copper is a better conductor, it will spark hotter than other kinds of plugs.

Oddly enough, the plugs may not last long. However, they can provide optimum performance.

What’s more: this copper spark plug is built according to SAE and ISO standards; thus, it provides excellent durability and high-quality performance.

Moreover, its copper core electrode provides increased heat control and conductivity for good overall wear.

Good news? It has a patented ultra seal coated shell that offers maximum corrosion resistance.

Furthermore, this plug is not pre-gapped. Therefore, you have to inspect carefully and individually gap it before installing.

  • Easy installation
  • Economical
  • Offers optimum performance
  • Engineered according to standards
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • It may not last long
  • Do not come pre-gapped
Autolite AP5325 4PK

Autolite AP5325 4PK

  • Platinum plug
  • It comes in a pack of four
  • High nickel alloy side electrode
  • Necked-down center electrode
  • Platinum alloy pad
  • Nickel-plated steel shell

This plug is designed that meet the demands of modern motorists’. It has a few design aspects that offer a stellar startup and run quality. It also promotes a longer lifespan than others.

These plugs are available in a pack of four, and they offer durability. They can run for 100,000 miles, and a five-year guarantee backs the plugs.

What makes these plugs better than others? The plug has a double platinum layout to promote a healthy and long lifespan. Its full platinum tip offers no gap erosion; thus, providing long plug life.

Moreover, its high-nickel alloy side electrode provides a specific gap to enhance plug life. Its platinum alloy pad on the ground electrode offers extended service life and durability. Plus, the steel shell is nickel-plated that offers long-lasting corrosion resistance.

Not to mention: the plug has a necked-down center electrode that makes it much easier to fire. Plus, it offers increased acceleration, improved fuel economy, and less voltage to start.

Furthermore, this design has a much better resistance to wear, and an enhanced heat control prevents fouling.

Surprisingly enough: several users mentioned that the plugs might not support the vehicles this brand has listed it will work for. Therefore, it is wise to check the specifications of the plug and compare it to your car.

Plus, the users mentioned double-checking the gap when you get the plugs because the packaging does not offer complete protection.

  • Long-lasting
  • Five-year warranty
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Durable
  • Easy installation
  • It may not work for some vehicles
  • Gap size may change
E3 Spark Plugs E3.81

E3 Spark Plugs E3.81

  • Works for 100,000 miles
  • The ground electrode is attached to a two-legged shell
  • Yttrium-enhanced alloy
  • 24 mm thread diameter
  • 1-inch reach plug with gasket seat

If you have not used non-OEM plugs before, it is high time that you use this one to see the performance improvement yourself.

This single spark plug provides optimal performance for five years or 100,000 miles. Its open design forces out the air gap discharges; thus, creating the preferred edge-to-edge spark path.

Moreover, its design allows replenishment of the spark zone by using a new fuel/air charge. Plus, it exposes the flame front more directly to the piston head than other plug designs.

What’s more: this distinctive plug has proven to increase engine power output, reduce gasoline consumption, and decrease hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions from the engine. Therefore, this spark plug offers extended life.

What makes this power plug different from others? This automotive plug fits in a variety of domestic and import applications. The ground electrode is fixed to the two-legged shell, due to which the heat transfers stellarly, and there is increased turbulence in the cylinder.

Moreover, it offers increased durability because it is designed with colder heat ranges.

Not to mention: The presence of Yttrium-enhanced alloy provides an 8% reduction in the side-wire temperature.

What is included in the package? It includes one spark plug with a 24 mm thread diameter, a one-inch thread reach plug with a gasket seat, and a 9/16-inch hex size.

Surprisingly enough, users reviewed that this spark plug may not work for several vehicles; therefore, it is essential to go through the specifications clearly.

  • It comes with a warranty
  • Optimal performance
  • Decrease hydrocarbon emission
  • Reduce gasoline consumption
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • It might not support some vehicles

Buyer’s Guide:

Spark plugs emit an electrical spark across the tiny gap to ignite the combustion needed to bring your vehicle to life.

Upon installing these plugs accurately, your ride will roar to life, will deliver a smooth burn of an air/fuel mixture, and will keep running.

So if your engine is due for a plug replacement, you need to explore a few options to prevent yourself from buying the wrong ones.

What else? Spark plugs are not designed equal. They should be able to fit the model and the make of your engine accurately. Plus, they should be able to deliver the best performance.

Therefore, when you are assessing options, make sure to consider the following things to purchase high-quality spark plugs according to your needs.

The key features to select the best Nissan Xterra spark plug replacement are as follows:


Thread size is one of the most crucial things to consider. Why is that so? Because if you use the spark plug with the wrong thread length, the valve or the piston will strike it and damage the engine. Plus, the electrode can overheat and melt.

Therefore, always choose plugs according to their specific thread and nut size. In the US, the typical thread and nut sizes are 18mm (20.63mm nut), 14mm (20.63mm or 16mm nut), 12mm (14mm, 16mm, or 17.5mm nut), and 10mm (16mm nut).


When you are shopping for top-notch spark plugs, it is necessary to consider which material will best suit your needs.

Copper is ideal for older model vehicles because they have a low-voltage distributor-based ignition. In contrast, platinum and iridium are suitable for modern engines because they do not have distributors.

Moreover, platinum provides users with an excellent mix of longevity, economy, and performance. Contrastingly, iridium delivers an even better blend, but you have to pay a little more.

Furthermore, it is necessary to read the specifications. Plus, always purchase the spark plugs that the vehicle’s manufacturer specifies.

Gap Style

Most of the spark plugs are pre-gapped, while others are not. However, you can easily adjust the gaps via the spark plug gapper tool.

A single plug is engineered for several different engines, and you can change the gaps accordingly. Generally, the spark plugs’ gap is between 0.6 and 1.8 millimeters (0.024 and 0.071 inches).

Heat Range

Whenever you opt for a spark plug, make sure whether it is classified as hot or cold. If it is “hot,” the plug will be a better heat insulator. If it says “cold,” it can conduct more heat out of its tip and decrease its temperature.

What’s more, the manufacturers use numbers to denote the heat range of the spark plugs. Some brands use ascending numbers for hotter ones and the opposite for colder plugs.


Some spark plugs are relatively straightforward to install because they come pre-gapped, and you do not have to adjust them. They are ideal and convenient for consumers because you will not require any tool, plus no fuss about gap gauges during installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know that my spark plug is misfiring?

A misfiring spark plug will produce the following symptoms like uneven power when accelerating, increasing exhaust emissions, and rough idling.

How do I know if I have a faulty spark plug?

A faulty spark plug will produce the following symptoms: backfiring or hesitation during acceleration, rough idle, decreased acceleration, charred spark plug wire ends’, fuel wastage, and difficulty in starting the engine.

If you experience these attributes and your vehicle does not run well, you have to replace your spark plugs.

Will any spark plugs work?

No! Because they are not universal. These plugs are available in different sizes and gaps. Plus, they are manufactured by using various metals.

Does an unopened and unused spark plug have a shelf life?

If you have kept your unopened spark plugs in a cool, dry environment, they will last long. Their lifespan is only impacted when they are exposed to corrosive environmental factors like moisture or dropped frequently.

Can I clean my vehicle's spark plugs?

Definitely, yes! However, it is not recommended. Why is that so? Because several people use a sturdy knife or a wire brush to scrape off the deposits.

The usage of these tools can dull the spark plugs and drastically lower their efficiency. If you still want to clean your spark plugs, a spray-on plug cleaner is an ideal choice because it is explicitly engineered for this vital component.

How frequently should you change your spark plugs?

It all depends on the spark plugs’ quality. High-quality spark plugs usually last longer than low-quality ones.

Moreover, several mechanics recommend that you change your copper plugs every 30,000 miles. If we talk about iridium spark plugs, you should replace them about every 50,000 miles.

Furthermore, if your engine is not in top condition, it may decrease your spark plugs longevity because of premature wear.

Which spark plugs should I use: hot or cold?

If your spark plug is fouled from carbon deposits, you do a lot of local low-speed driving, and your vehicle’s engine has a rich air-fuel ratio, a hot spark plug should be your go-to option.

In contrast, if you do a lot of high-speed driving, your vehicle’s engine pings, and it has a lean air-fuel ratio, a cold plug is a great option.

Who makes the best spark plugs?

Among several brands, the top-notch ones are NGK, ACDelco, and Bosch.


Spark plugs come in a variety of materials and offer various benefits to the consumer and vehicle. Since the market floods an individual with choices, selection can become quite overwhelming.

That’s why we have prepared a detailed guide to help you out in selecting the best spark plugs for Nissan Xterra. If you are still scratching your head in confusion, here are our two best choices that will not disappoint you.

DENSO #4504 PK20TT – Top-Quality Spark Plugs These double-platinum plugs have increased longevity and deliver more efficiency and performance. These plugs are usually cheaper than the iridium ones. However, they perform better than single platinum plugs.

Bosch 9609 OE Replacement Spark Plug – Plug that Offers Endurance and High Performance The top-notch spark plugs in the market are constructed from iridium. They deliver optimum performance, have better gas mileage, longevity, and dependability.

Since these plugs have innovative technology and advanced material, they are more expensive than other plugs. However, they last twice as long as standard copper plugs.

What’s more: for car owners, replacing faulty spark plugs with new ones is more straightforward, especially if they are pre-gapped. It makes the installation quicker. Changing the spark plugs will provide unbeatable engine performance, increase fuel efficiency, and protect malfunctions and misfires.

That’s it! The detailed guide has ended. We hope you find this article beneficial and you found all the answers to your questions. We believe that it was comprehensive enough that you find all the information that you were scouring for.

If you think we have missed some other Nissan Xterra spark plugs, comment below.


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