Looking for the best stain remover for blood, right? Imagine an ugly stain of ketchup ruining your favorite dress? Or grease stains on your recently washed curtain?

How to remove that dried bloodstain from the carpet after you accidentally hit your toe? Don’t fret! We’re about to find out about the best blood stain removers right now!

Let’s get started! Everything feels messed up when a single patch or tiny little droplet ruins your carpet, dress, or any other fabric.

Now we all know how often stains get stubborn such as making you feel exhausted. All you need is a drop of magic in the form of a solution.

Comparing Best Stain Remover For Blood in 2021

Stain Remover
Carbona Stain Devils Formula 4

Carbona Stain Devils Formula 4

  • A fabric stain remover
  • Removes blood and dairy stains

Life can be very easy and stain-free when we use Carbona Stain remover, especially formula no 4, which is good to get rid of blood & milk stains.

Can you say kids and stain-free home in the same sentence? No, we don’t think so. If you have kids, then it is obvious that they are going to run wild and get lots and lots of not-so-serious cuts, resulting in bleeding.

But now your bedding and clothes can be saved from ruin. Similarly, if you have young babies, there is a lot of milk spilling and so on. Formula no 4 will work out those stains nicely.

The Devil Formula 4 not only helps to remove stains from kids facing minor mishaps but also grownups who take blood-thinning medicine or people have one or another medical issue where nosebleed is a routine occurrence.

Easy and simple to use: It is very easy to use. First, just wet your clothes with cold water. Secondly, apply the Devil Stain Remover. Thirdly, let it rest for a few minutes. Then rub it gently and wash it thoroughly, again, not with cold water.

In case the stains are not removed, you might have to go through all these steps one more time to get rid of some really stubborn spots.

However, it might lighten the color of your fabric. Moreover, sometimes it might not remove the stain if it is dry.

  • Odorless
  • Most effective
  • Removes even dry stains
  • Not expensive
  • Rapid action
  • Only for fabric
  • Lightens the cloth color
  • Awfully watery liquid
Gonzo Natural Magic

Gonzo Natural Magic

  • A liquid solution
  • A non-toxic stain remover
  • Fights smell and odor
  • Comes with a fresh scent
  • Works on carpets, upholstery, vinyl, and fabrics

If you are looking for a tough stain remover, Gonzo Magic is your solution.

What kind of stains does it remove? Well if you want to get rid of the stains on your carpets, vinyl, upholstery, and your clothes, get Gonzo Magic. It removes the toughest stains and makes your things a whole new look.

It restores the original look and removes the stains as they were not there. In addition to this, it also does wonders in removing stains of coffee, tea, ink, beverage, blood, or grease stains

Is it safe for kids? Gonzo Magic is completely non-hazardous for kids. It fights with the toughest stains on the surface. Moreover, it cleans up all the germs from the floor making it hygienic for your kids.

Is its odor pungent? Gonzo Magic does not have a pungent smell at all. It is not only odorless but also helps in washing away the bad odors from your house and makes it fresh.

What’s more? You often get into the situation where you get dyes on your clothes or your pillowcase accidentally. Gonzo Magic works magically with those dyes. It removes the dyes and gives your things a real new look.

However, you should be careful while washing and wash one cloth at a time. It works more effectively on new stains than the old ones.

  • Works on tough stains
  • Removes bad odors
  • Removes dyes
  • Makes the surroundings fresh
  • Safe for kids
  • Does not work on old stains
Parker and Bailey Laundry

Parker and Bailey Laundry

  • An unscented solution
  • Free of bleach and sulfate
  • Made of stain-free ingredients
  • An all-rounder container for all tough stains
  • Works on all types of fabrics

If you are tired of having multiple bottles of cleaning, you should stop worrying now. Parker and Bailey stain remover gives you the best cleaning solution. Besides, it is all one solution.

It removes the toughest stains from the clothes whether the stain is of ink or blood. Moreover, it is effective on blemishes of food, baby milk, coffee, chocolate, urine, and greasy stains. Besides, it cleans your car seats, sofa seats, and mattresses.

In addition to this, it removes yellow stains from your collars and makes them look new. You can find your carpet cleaning solution in the bottle of Parker and Bailey stain remover.

Does it clean the furniture? Parker and Bailey’s cleaner is also effective in cleaning your furniture. It gives the best results without the tiring process of scrubbing.

Just soak your cleaning cloth and rest it a little, then scratch from the sharp end and there you are. Your furniture is free of stains.

What else? Parker and Bailey Solution is specially formulated to remove tough stains and besides it is free of harmful chemicals. It has refined detergents and surfactants that give the best result.

Moreover, it is free of ammonia, sulfates, bleach, and petrochemicals. In addition to this, it is completely unscented and gives you fresh cleaning results.

However, this solution is quite thin and watery. You should be careful while using or it can fade away.

  • Removes toughest stains from clothes
  • Cleans furniture
  • Effective for carpets
  • Odorless
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • A little runny
Folex Carpet Spot Remover

Folex Carpet Spot Remover

  • Comes in a spray bottle
  • An instant cleaner
  • Completely non-toxic
  • Works best on carpets

If you are looking for a carpet cleaner, here is your solution. Folex Spot Remover gives the best result with any type of carpets which can be moistened by water.

What else does it clean? Folex spot cleaner works on carpets, upholstery, rugs, and other clothing material. It comes in a spray bottle which makes it easier to use it.

In addition to this it also cleans the stains of pets’ urine, therefore gives you the best odorless cleaning.

How to use it? Folex Spot Remover is very gentle and easy to use. You just apply it simply and spread gently with your fingers, and wipe with the absorbent cloth, and the stain is gone.

Moreover, it does not require any vacuum cleaning or rinsing. In addition to this, it gives you instant results without making you sit back and wait.

What else? This solution is completely harmless for your skin and also non-toxic. So you can use it freely to any spot or stain. However, it can be a little unfriendly with the colors of your carpets, so you should use it on the colorfast fabric.

  • Gives instant results
  • Non-toxic
  • Harmless for skin
  • Easy to use
  • Odorless cleaning
  • Can lift colors
Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain

Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain

  • A professional yet gentle stain remover
  • Works on all types of pet stains
  • Contains bacterial enzymes
  • Color-safe and chlorine-free
  • Non- hazardous for children and pets
  • Certified by Carpet and Rug Institute

Are you fighting tough pet stains? No need to worry now. Rocco and Roxie give a solution for all kinds of pet stains on your carpets and other surfaces.

What types of stains does it work upon? Well, it works on all the stains and spots made by pets. It removes the stains of urine, vomit or feces, or any other food waste stains from the carpets.

Moreover, it not only removes stains but washes away the stink as well. In addition to this, it is effective for all type of surface cleaning i.e. carpet, furniture, clothing, litter boxes, and many more

What does it contain? The solution contains bacterial enzymes that become active when they come in contact with the stains and smell. They keep taking all the ammonia and other harmful chemicals in till the time they are finished.

Is it safe to use with the children around? The solution is completely safe to use with pets and children. Moreover, it is chlorine-free and is gentle with colors.

In addition to this, it does not leave any residue behind and completely fades away once the object is cleaned.

Money-back Guarantee: The solution comes with a money-back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied, your money will be refunded. However, it can cause you difficulty breathing while spraying. It is better to cover your face while using it.

  • Removes stains of pet urine
  • Washes away the stink
  • Easy to use
  • Chlorine-free
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Can cause difficulty in breathing
Bissell Professional Power

Bissell Professional Power

  • An Eco-Friendly solution
  • Has stain lifter technology
  • Comes in a spray bottle
  • Has grapefruit scent
  • Biodegradable Packaging

While most of the cleaning sprays we use to cause damage to our Eco- System, here is a solution that is completely Eco- Friendly. A professional power shot removes the toughest stains and gives your carpets a whole new look.

What kind of stains does it remove? It is tough on the stains like coffee, red wine, pets’ urine or soil, and motor grease. So you can use it and get rid of the tough stains on your carpets.

What does it contain? Well, it is made up of a formula that is Eco- friendly and the packaging is recyclable. Moreover, it contains biodegradable detergents and a non-VOC formula.

In addition to this, it has no propellants and is completely free of harmful chemicals. So you can use it with a worry-free mind.

What else? A professional power shot is made up of stain-lifter technology that removes the stains and the stink and keeps it from coming back.

How to use it? Blot up your stained surface until it stops absorbing. Then set the nozzle on the stream mode and spray the liquid on the stain twice the size of it.

After that, keep it on the surface for 1 to 2 hours. You can repeat the process till the stain is completely gone. Afterward, blot the surface with a wet cloth to rinse it. You should spray the solution in a large quantity if the stain is old.

For the stains of feces or vomit, you should use a paper towel to clean. However, it has a pungent smell that can give you a hard time cleaning. So it is better to keep the windows open while cleaning.

  • Cleans the toughest stains from carpets
  • Eco- friendly
  • Has a professional cleaning formula
  • Free of propellants
  • Not a harmful solution
  • Has a pungent smell
OxiClean Max Force Gel

OxiClean Max Force Gel

  • Comes as a concentrated gel
  • Stain lifter technology
  • Removes toughest stains from carpets and other fabrics

If you are tired of using runny liquid cleaning solutions, OxiClean Max Force Gel is best for you. It is in concentrated gel form and doesn’t spread everywhere on the surface.

What is special about it? Unlike the other cleaners, it comes with a very unique feature. It gives you enough time to wash away the gel from your surface. Didn’t understand? Let me explain.

You can apply it to the stained area and clean it, now if you don’t have time to rinse it; it can work up to one week for you. In addition to this, it is made up of a stain-lifting formula, which goes deep down the surface and grabs the stain out of it.

Which stains does it clean? Well, it cleans up all the stains like grease, food, oil, grass, dirt, ice- cream, and blood.

How to use it? Oxiclean Gel is very easy to use. First of all, you should check it by applying it to any unnoticeable stained surface. Then you should place its gel stick on the spot and gently rub it.

Afterward, leave it for up to 30 minutes according to the severity of the stain. Once it’s clean you can wash it with warm water. However, it has a sharp smell so it is better to use it in an open place.

  • Gives clean now and wash later option
  • Comes as a concentrated gel
  • Easy to handle
  • Removes tough stains from fabric
  • Comes with stain- lifting formula
  • Has a strong smell
Puracy Natural Laundry Stain Remover

Puracy Natural Laundry Stain Remover

  • Formulated with six plant enzymes
  • Free of gluten and bleach
  • Hypoallergenic and biodegradable
  • Works on all types of stains
  • Comes in a concentrated liquid form

Puracy Natural gives you the best blood stain removal solution. It comes in a white spray bottle and contains no harmful chemicals.

What does it contain? It is formulated with the best stain removal ingredients. It contains six enzymes from plants that make sure that the stain is perfectly gone. As plant enzymes are believed to be very effective, this product works on numerous types of stains.

It is completely free from gluten and bleach. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Furthermore, it is vegan and is not having any cruel chemicals.

What types of stains does it work upon? If you want to remove dried blood stains from clothes, carpets, and mattresses? Well here is your solution.

It can remove the toughest stains such as berries, oil, red wine, blood, watermelon, mud, sweat, grass, tomato sauce, cosmetics, and pet stains. Moreover, it washes away the stink and odor and gives you an odor-free clean surface.

What does it clean? Privacy cleaner works on almost all types of fabrics that are washable. It works on linens, clothing, floor mats, carpets, dress shirts, car seats, and bedding. Furthermore, it is effective on cloth nappies too.

In addition to this, the solution is totally friendly to use on any color, light or dark, any fabric, tough or delicate. It is completely harmless for your family.

What else? Besides all the qualities of the cleaner, there is another important thing to tell. The company donates its products to poor people during the time of sale.

How to use it? For normal fabrics, you should spray on the stain and keep it for fifteen minutes, then wash it thoroughly with warm water.

For the fabrics with tough stains, you should apply the solution for at least an hour and rinse it with warm water. However it can sometimes discolor your fabric, so it’s better to use it carefully.

  • Removes stains from all kinds of fabric
  • Washes away the odor
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to use
  • Odorless solution
  • Can discolor the fabric
Grandma's Secret Spot Remover

Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover

  • Made with a chemical-free formula
  • Comes with a dropper
  • Biodegradable
  • Effective on all types of tough stains

Grandma’s spot remover, as suggested by its name, is a friendly stain removal solution without any chemicals. It has no phosphates or chlorine and is also biodegradable. Furthermore, it is non-toxic and safe to use.

How to use it? Grandma’s secret is very easy to use. You don’t need any rubbing or scrubbing, just apply a drop and get the results.

What types of stains does it remove? Are you looking for the best stain remover for blood on sheets? No need to worry.

It removes all the tough stains from your clothes. It is effective on the stains of grass, blood, oil, makeup, ink, grease, baby formula, clay, paint, tar, coffee, spaghetti sauce, rust, betadine, fabric bleed, and turmeric.

In addition to this, it is also effective on pet stains.

Packaging: Grandma’s secret spot comes in a pack of three small bottles. Each bottle has two ounces of solution. Furthermore, it comes with a dropper on it to prevent the wastage of the solution.

However, it works mostly on new stains rather than older ones. If you apply it to the old stain it is more likely to stay.

  • A chemical-free formula
  • Removes stains from clothes in a drop
  • Comes with a dropper
  • Comes in a pack of three
  • Non- Toxic and Biodegradable
  • Cannot work on older stains
Wine Away Red Wine Stain

Wine Away Red Wine Stain

  • A liquid solution
  • Works best on red stains
  • Free of bleach and phosphates
  • Scented with citrus essence
  • Formulated with vegetables and fruits extracts

Wine Away works effectively on any stains new or old, fresh or dried. It is a formula without any bleach and phosphates. It is formulated with vegetables and fruit extracts and is completely non-toxic and biodegradable.

It removes stains like coffee, red wine, blood, ink, sauces, fruit punch, and other red stains like medicines, etc. Moreover, it also works on pet stains.

A Recognized Solution: Wine Away is an acclaimed solution by several magazines. It is recognized in Washington Post, Architectural Digest, Racheal Ray, Good Housekeeping, Today Show, InStyle, Food and Wine, and many more.

In addition to this, it was also a part of the Disney Festival named Food and Wine. It is vastly more recognized by the media than any product.

What else? Wine away comes with the scent of fresh citrus that gives a pleasant odor to your fabrics and carpets.

How to use it? To get the best results on carpets, apply the solution and let it rest for five to ten minutes. Dry erase it till the stain is gone.

For fabrics, repeat the same procedure and in the end, wash the fabric or dry clean it according to the fabric’s demand. However, it can sometimes be hard to remove old stains or ink stains.

  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Comes with the citrus scent
  • Works on all types of red stains
  • Biodegradable
  • Nontoxic
  • Works less on old stains

Best Stain Remover For Blood: Buyer’s Guide

Best Stain Remover For Blood

We’re done with the reviews of our 10 best blood stain removers. I’m pretty sure you know what to look for to get rid of that nasty stain you’re having a bad dream about. It is necessary to keep in mind the fabric and the type of stain for which you need the stain remover.

However, if you still need to know more, you may want to check out my buying guide below. I’m sure it’ll help you clear your head.

Type of stain – Organic, water or oil

While choosing a stain remover, make sure what kind of stain you are treating. Some stain removers tend to clean only organic stains, while some are for organic stains.

Let’s get in-depth! If you have new pets at home who are under potty training, then your rugs and carpets can get dirty often. To do this, you will need an enzyme cleaner that will be able to eliminate not only the stain but also the smell.

Likewise, if you need to remove oil or an old stubborn spot from your carpet, then you should purchase accordingly. These stain removers are extremely powerful and should be kept away from children and pets during treatment.

Type of fabric – Delicacy

Not all stain removers are suitable for your valuable clothing. Such as wool, cashmere, silk, etc. If used without knowledge, they could damage the fabric resulting in getting rid of the material. Therefore it is highly recommended to do complete research on the stain remover before buying. Better read the instructions on the label thoroughly.

Discoloration – Spot Test

Some stain removers are highly powerful, causing discoloration of the fabric. Now obviously, you’ll never allow that to happen. This is serious damage and will give an ugly look. Especially if it is your mattress, carpet, or furniture fabric. Discoloration of fabric completely ruins the overall look. Now the question is:

How will I know? The answer is a spot test. Apply on a small area and let it dry to check if you can see any discoloration. It is recommended not to wait for 24 hours to confirm.

Type of stain remover – Detergent, Pre-treatment, or Instant

Not all stain removers can remove the stains satisfactorily. Some stains may need to be treated before washing and some can be removed by instant removers. Let me brief you in detail.

Need for normal laundry?

Well, normally detergent stain removers come in liquid or powder form. These are all-purpose and are normally used in day-to-day laundry in the washing machine. So not a big deal!

Further ahead, if we talk about pretreatment stain removers then they come in gels, spray bottles, or bars. Just apply a pre-treatment stain remover on the stained area for a while and gently rub it with a brush in an up and down motion to break the stain then rinse.

Then later on wash it in the laundry. These stain removers are not to be used in the washing machine.

What about instant removers?

Instant stain removers are similar to pretreatment stain removers. They are more versatile and easy to carry while traveling. When you have to treat your accidental stain on the spot without the hassle of doing laundry.

Can vinegar remove blood stains?

removing blood stains with vinegar

Tips: When using a pre-treatment stain remover, after rinsing it, applying a small amount of vinegar can remove some stubborn stain.

Hydrogen peroxide – blood or rust stains

Why does hydrogen peroxide remove blood stains?

Some of the nasty stains are blood stains or rust. Most of you will agree with me that they become a nightmare. Well, the solution is hydrogen peroxide in detergents. Most of the cleaning products and stain removers have this chemical in them. You must be wondering how does hydrogen peroxide remove blood stains?

Well, to clear your doubt, Hydrogen peroxide contains a bleaching effect which is great to remove nasty stains like blood and rust. Moreover, it does not damage the color of the fabric and disinfects it as well.

Tips: Vinegar is also a strong stain remover of bloodstain on sheets.

Pungent smell – Odourless

The stain removers include many different chemical formulas resulting in which often have a pungent smell. The smell becomes very uncomfortable and probably stays for a longer period after using it.

Affecting the environment of your house and office as well. As long as the smell lingers on. But few brands claim their stain removers to be odorless.

Well, I’d prefer an odorless stain remover rather than a pungent smell. So if you are highly uncomfortable and resistant to such a smell, then you better check before buying.

Harmful chemicals – Skin-friendly

Some stain removers have very harsh chemicals which could lead to skin irritation or discomfort. Nowadays, most products are preferred to be less harmful chemicals, and more skin-friendly. So if your skin is sensitive and prone to such chemicals, then do take a patch test.

Disinfectant – Germ killer

How can we forget about germs? No way! We not only need stain-free clothes but germ-free as well. So make sure to check that your stain remover is a disinfectant as well. We don’t want germs to be hanging around on us after washing.

For this purpose, I recommend you check for hydrogen peroxide in your detergent. As it has antiviral and antibacterial qualities.

Stubborn stain – built-in scrubber

Are you the one who has to deal with stubborn stains like grease, oil, mud, etc daily? Well, then I recommend you to buy stain remover which has a built-in scrubber. These are often found in liquid stain removers.

Chlorine-free – Safe for kids, pets, and colors

While using stain removal on colored fabrics, make sure it is chlorine-free.. as chlorine fades colors using oxidation. Detergents with chlorine are recommended to remove stains from whites. Even if it is in low concentration, it will deteriorate the fabric and fade colors faster than usual.

Moreover, It is also harmful to kids and pets at your home and lowers the disinfection process.

Odor Remover – Stain smell

No doubt stains are messy and sometimes they’re smelly too. Most of us must have experienced the aftermath of certain stains when despite being washed, the smell lingers on. Do check for an odor remover quality in your stain remover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I leave the stain remover on for a longer period?

Leaving the stain remover on the fabric for a longer period will make that area dry and hard to rinse. It is better to remove it soon.

Q. What is an instant stain remover?

Instant stain removers are almost like pretreatment stain removers and are for spot treatment. They are versatile and small in size, suitable while traveling.

Q. What is the purpose of hydrogen peroxide in stain remover?

Hydrogen peroxide acts as a bleaching agent and removes stubborn stains. It also acts as a disinfectant.

Q. Can I use Pretreatment stain remover in the washing machine?

No, they are not suitable to use in the washing machine.

Q. How to remove dried blood stains from clothes, carpet & mattress?

You can remove them by using bloodstain removers or by soaking them in cold water overnight and then rub them away.


Now we conclude our review of identifying the perfect stain remover for blood. I hope you have a clear understanding of what and how to search for.

However, If you ask for my opinion then I’d vote for Gonzo Natural Magic Stain Remover. It not only removes stubborn stains but the odor as well. It is safe for kids too.


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