Best Stylus For HP Spectre x360 [2022 Buying Guide]

If you’re in a hurry and still want to grab the best stylus for HP spectre x360, then we recommend the Microsoft Surface Pen, confidently.

Did you know the digital stylus traces its roots back to 1917? Yes, it might sound unbelievable, but the stylus technology is older than the modern-day mouse!

However, at the time of its invention, there wasn’t much need for it. With bulky computers, people found the mouse more efficient than a stylus.

Well, the stylus was, of course, not forgotten. In 1980, touch screen technology came into existence with the efforts of George Hust. And, HP took the advancement one step further with the first touch screen computer, HP-150.

Best Stylus For HP Spectre x360

Perhaps, you weren’t aware of this fact, but Hewlett-Perret company (HP) certainly does not bluff when it claims to be the oldest and best tech company in the world. It proved its revolutionary approach in 2008 when it released three in one convertible laptop.

With its innovative design, the use of stylus gained immense popularity amongst designers and artists. Stylus, coupled with convertible laptops, allowed people to write, draw, and create seamlessly.

Even today, one of the best convertible laptops for drawing and work that you will find in the market is the phenomenal HP Spectre x360. However, there is a teeny weeny problem with its stylus. Its lines are wobbly and jitters. The shakiness demands lots of rewriting, which wastes time.

Identifying it as a major concern for our fellow designers and on-the-go workers, we have dived into the realms of styluses to present you with this ultimate best stylus for the HP Spectre x360 guide. Continue reading to unlock detailed reviews of the best styluses!

Comparing 10 Best Stylus For HP Spectre x360

Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus Smart Stylus

Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus Smart Stylus

  • It has 4096-pressure levels.
  • It offers tilt support.
  • The stylus is rechargeable.
  • It has a USB-C port.
  • It has a quick access button for Windows Ink workspace and other Bluetooth-related.
  • It functions with ink-enabled Windows devices.

At a glance, you will feel mesmerized by the appearance of the Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus Smart Stylus. It has a black one-toned exterior that looks far more classy than the stock stylus of the HP Spectre x360.

The stylus has the same dimensions, though the matte exterior makes it look visually aesthetic. Upon handling, you’ll notice that the Wacom Bamboo pen offers a finer grip too. It feels more like handling an actual pen than a gadget.

Plus, the build is quite sturdy. It resists slight damage easily, making it ideal for intensive usage. You can use it quite roughly when getting the assignments completed. However, avoid dropping the stylus. It shakes the complex components inside.

Weighing 3.84-ounces, the Bamboo Ink Plus doesn’t make working for hours an issue. Your hand will not get tired with its lightweight construction! As for the performance, the Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus features an integrated tip with 4,096-pressure levels. Hence, the produced lines retain immense accuracy and finesse.

The pressure sensitivity of this stylus enables you to create strokes with both thick and thin lines in a single go. You don’t have to switch in between lines to adjust anything, which preserves the fluidity of the art.

Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus Smart Stylus also features tilt support. So, you can create intricate designs at any angle. Thus, increasing the flexibility of the usage.

Moreover, there is a Quick Access button on top f the Bamboo Ink Plus Stylus. Upon a single click, the pen automatically connects to Windows Ink Workspace or any other Bluetooth-enabled feature. So, like an actual pen, you can press the button and start creating.

Perhaps, the highlight of this unique stylus is its rechargeable battery. Unlike other styluses, you do not have to insert batteries. Instead, there is a USB-C port that allows you to charge the pen like a smartphone.

It is particularly useful because you do not have to invest in batteries again and again. However, users have reported that battery-related problems start to pop up after a few months of usage. Usually, the battery life reduces to 45 to 30-minutes. It might be a prominent concern for people working longer hours.

The Wacom engineers designed this Bamboo Ink Plus Stylus to function with all ink-enabled Windows devices. So, apart from HP Spectre x360, you can use the pen with a variety of other laptops.

  • Integrated build
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight construction
  • Rechargeable
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Charge drains quickly
Microsoft Surface Pen

Microsoft Surface Pen

  • It features an eraser on the backside
  • It has 4096-pressure levels.
  • It offers unrivaled precision.
  • It operates on a 1-AAAA battery.

Out of all technological parameters, one thing that Microsoft never compromises is in detail. So, when seeking a stylus with unrivaled precision and accuracy, Microsoft’s Surface pen is your ideal pick!

The latter offers about 4096-pressure points. Thus, making the pen sensitive to even the slightest of touch. As the tip of the pen comes in contact with the surface, the ink flows smoothly. The same applies to erasing procedures.

And with that said, allow us to introduce the most exciting part of the Microsoft Surface Pen. Just like your graphite pencil, it features a convenient eraser on the backside! With this, you can effortlessly erase any mistakes you make without having to change your reflex responses, i.e., flipping the pen as you place the wrong mark. It’s way too cool. Isn’t it?

Moreover, the pen will typically not even lag for a second. Note that your system’s lag is a different domain.

With this, you can easily draw the most complex 3D CAD designs or create short and simple animations. You can even compose a song or perhaps take notes on Microsoft Office or OneNote. Other apps with which you can use the Microsoft book pen include:

  • Adobe Suite
  • Drawboard
  • Staffpad
  • Bluebeam Revu

Well, that also means that the pen’s tip is too fragile for any rough treatment. For it to last longer, you need to take great care. Carry it in a case and store it in a protected place so that it lasts longer.

In terms of appearance, the Microsoft surface stylus has a rather simplistic and minimalistic look. It seems as if Microsoft has deliberately removed any possible styling distractions while constructing the pen to boost the user’s focus on work.

Our views on this note grew more firm as we came to know about the only four variants of colors that Microsoft offers for this pen. Amongst these, the most popular shades of this pen are:

  • Ice Blue
  • Platinum
  • Black

These subtle shades emanate an impressive degree of classiness and authority. So, naturally, the Microsoft Surface Book Pen is an ideal choice for those having a serene nature of work. It keeps you confident, focused, and determined.

However, it is also available in a striking Poppy Red shade. Again, even this variant does not have any disturbing design on the outside. But its color might be a bit bothersome for some people. Fundamentally, the poppy red shade aimed to cater to those with artistic and bold preferences.

When held, the stylus feels light and comfortable. Its well-balanced construction, coupled with a weight of about 0.04 pounds, makes designing, writing, drawing super easy and fun.

In case you have a surface book pro, you can also store this pen conveniently on the side. It sticks to the book, thanks to the magnetic properties of its construction materials.

  • Available in three colors
  • Smooth performance
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy built
  • Comes with the battery
  • Easy Storage
  • Versatile
  • Fragile tip
HP 1FH00AA Active Pen

HP 1FH00AA Active Pen

  • It has 2048-pressure levels.
  • It uses a 1-AAAA battery.
  • The digital pen has a 1.5-ounces build.

In case you want to purchase the best stylus for HP Spectre x360 from the same brand, then cheer up! HP also offers a premium accessory range for its laptops. And one of the perfect stylus for HP Spectre x360 is the 1FH00AA Active Pen. Why? Let’s evaluate!

Visually, the HP 1FH00AA Active Pen is quite similar to the stock stylus. It has an identical metallic silver exterior. Although the body is plain, the delicate color shade of the pen glimmers when light befalls it. Hence, making it look glamourous.

Comparatively, the HP 1FH00AA Digital Pen has a wider build. While the wideness of the grip is solid, it doesn’t give that natural pen feel. Unlike some other slim styluses, you cannot forget this one when working.

Its presence is quite prominent. Nevertheless, the HP Digital Pen makes the grip strong and comfortable. And, trade of feels for grip isn’t unjust.

On the brighter side, the 1FH00AA stylus has a lightweight build of 1.5-ounces. It is almost paper-light, which is a bonus for excessive work. Your hand won’t feel any signs of ache while you draw and create for hours.

In terms of performance, this HP 1FH00AA Active Pen is fluent and smooth. The digital pen, using pressure-sensitive technology, allows you to express your creativity easily. With 2048-pressure levels, you can produce varying fonts and line types in a single stroke.

The stylus also features palm-rejection technology that prevents accidental touch inputs. Now, you can sketch without worrying about unintended lines messing up the creation.

Often, the tips of digital pens wear due to intensive use. It is why HP offers spare tips along with the pen. These HP Active Pen spare tips avoid the hassle of ordering extra tips. Hence, conserving your valuable time and maintaining the accuracy of your work.

As for the battery, the stylus functions on a 1-AAA battery. Once used up, you will have to replace it. Fortunately, you won’t have to stockpile batteries for this pen. It has an automated sleep mode, which makes the battery last longer.

Perhaps, the mere drawback of this outstanding stylus is its limited compatibility. Besides HP Spectre x360, the pen operates with specific laptop models. These include Elite x2, Pro x2, and ProBook x360.

  • Stylish design
  • Smooth performance
  • Comfortable grip
  • Has spare tips
  • Lightweight construction
  • Limited compatibility
HP Stylus Active Pen for Spectre x360

HP Stylus Active Pen for Spectre x360

  • It has a narrow construction.
  • It has a non-slip and firm grip.
  • It utilizes pal-rejection technology.

If you wish to replace your stock HP x360 stylus with something similar yet better, then this particular HP Stylus is your best option! The latter resembles the stock stylus in terms of functionality. But in an improved and positive way.

Firstly, the slim and circular built promises a comfortable and convenient grip. Although it may feel a bit bulkier in hand as compared to the other styluses listed here, it will serve ideally for moderately long writing or designing sessions. That’s because of the relatively thick grip. That, coupled with the rounded structure, brings command. Thus, promising a confident grip.

Note that the front part of HP X360 is much narrower than its lower end. This specific property of the pen also brings a balance as it cancels out the pressure that the user subconsciously exerts towards the tip of the pen. The heavier backside balances it out. Thus, eradicating any unequal forces and keeping the pressure from building.

Thanks to this attribute, you can use this stylus for hours without tiring your hand or fingers. Additionally, the stability of the pen will leave you stunned.

Like others, it has a smooth and fluid operation. However, in addition to that, it also comes with a gripping tip. The front point will not slip and cause accidental marks, ruining your work. Moreover, it’s compatible with all models of the Envy series and Spectre series.

Furthermore, it comes equipped with an incredibly efficient palm rejection technology. With this, you need not worry about your fingertips accidentally coming in contact with the screen. Just keep writing and drawing without worry!

  • Smooth operation
  • Classic Design
  • Versatile
  • Extensive Compatibility
  • Stable tip
  • Comes in one color only
HP Tilt Pen for Windows 10

HP Tilt Pen for Windows 10

  • It has 4096-pressure levels.
  • It utilizes Tilt and N-Trig technologies.
  • The pen is rechargeable through the USB-C port.
  • It has a 10-hours battery life.
  • It has a quick access button and a tail-end eraser.
  • The pen has an integrated presenter.

With its feature-rich profile, this Tilt Pen is the ultimate choice of all HP devices owners. But why? And, what makes the HP Tilt Pen special? Well, find out every detail in this HP Tilt Pen review below!

The HP Tilt Pen has a premium-style body. Similar to Wacom reviewed above, this stylus has a matte and one-toned black exterior that looks classy. Plus, its slimmer build and cleaner edges give it a minimalistic touch.

Its lightweight design makes it easier to handle and use. As for the performance, the HP Tilt Pen has a fine top and pressure sensitivity. It has 4096-pressure levels. Hence, you can draw, design, and write seamlessly.

The HP stylus also utilizes the innovative Tilt technology that improves the accuracy of pressure applied at different angles when sketching and shading. Apart from it, the N-trig technology further improves the precision of the strokes.

A unique feature of this stylus is the integrated presenter. Using this, you can move slides and highlight things without even clicking. All you must do is activate the presentation mode and slide your fingers over this presenter.

The HP digital pen has a button on top that connects it to the Windows Ink Workspace and other Bluetooth-enabled features instantly. You can get to work with a single click! Plus, this button doubles as a tail-end eraser. Enable this function through Bluetooth settings, and enjoy working with an imitation of an actual pencil!

As a rechargeable pen, the stylus has a USB-C port for charging. One charge yields up to 10-hours of long battery life, which is ideal for lengthy projects. However, the HP Tilt Pen does not seem to feature any off-button. So, the charge battery keeps on draining when not in use. You’ll have to charge the pen before every use.

The HP Tilt Pen compatibility remains limited to HP devices that utilize Microsoft Pen Protocol. Also, these devices must operate on Windows 10 with ink capability. Fortunately, the HP Spectre x360 and numerous other HP laptops fulfill the criteria.

All in all, the HP digital pen is an idealistic choice for Spectre x360. It comes along with a charger, two spare tips, and a user guide.

  • Sturdy build
  • Lightweight construction
  • Good battery life
  • Rechargeable
  • Precise & Accurate
  • Comes with a USB-C charger and spare tips
  • Battery drains
  • Only for HP devices
HP Pen Stylus

HP Pen Stylus

  • It has a 2.12-ounces body.
  • It utilizes pressure sensitivity.
  • It functions on a 1-AAAA battery.
  • The battery lasts for 18-months.

Thick and silver, this HP Spectre Pen has a design made for bigger hands. Its beefy structure does not sit well in slim and leaner hands. However, the thickness does provide a steady grip.

Its white silver outlook resembles a lot like the stock pen that arrives with the HP Spectre x360. Thus, making it a good replacement.

Upon handling, you will observe that the pen has a heavier build with a weight of 2.12-ounces. Once again, if you do not have larger hands, you are likely to feel discomfort. Its heavy build is not for long-term usage.

Designers and artists making intricate sketches might find it pretty much useless in this regard as their work consumes time. However, this is an excellent choice for quick note-taking, writing, and photo editing.

The HP digital pen has a pressure-sensitive tip that identifies when your hand is applying too much or too little pressure. It adjusts the thickness of the strokes accordingly. Plus, the fine tip offers considerable precision and accuracy. You can draw straighter and cleaner lines. Hence, improving work performance.

It operates on a 1-AAAA battery that lasts for approximately 18-months. When compared to other pens, this is huge for you do not have to rush after batteries once one gets used up.

This stylus compatible with HP Spectre x360 is also for the Envy and Pavilion series. However, even amongst these series, it is compatible with a few models. These include:

  • Envy x360
  • Envy x2
  • Pavilion x360
  • Spectre Folio
  • Spectre x2
  • Spectrex360

In a nutshell, this HP stylus is a long-lasting option for minor tasks, like note-taking and editing.

  • Sturdy build
  • Pressure-sensitive
  • Smooth & accurate
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Limited compatibility
  • Thick
HP Silver Digital Pen

HP Silver Digital Pen

  • It has a lightweight build.
  • It operates on a 1-AAAA battery.
  • The battery lasts for 18-months.
  • It features N-trig technology.
  • It can convert handwriting to text.

Taking the classic HP stylus look to another level, this HP Digital Pen has a slimmer and sleeker exterior. It has the same silver metallic tones in its design. However, the narrower width and matte colors make the outlook aesthetic.

When handled, the body of this Digital Pen HP feels quite lightweight. Hence, making working for extensive periods possible. Although its exterior appears plastic-coated, this pen is ideal for intensive usage. The sturdy construction resists all types of damage and maintains its original position.

On top of the pen, you will also observe a clip that proves to be useful in attaching the pen to anything. You can clip it to documents and whatnot for increased portability.

Moreover, the HP Digital Pen has a fine tip with pressure sensitivity. It creates accurate and precise lines smoothly. You do not have to stop in the middle and switch formats when you can produce the desired thickness with pressure application.

The presence of N-trig technology enables the HP Digital Pen to make using the stylus an easy task for even beginners. Now, anyone can produce straighter and smoother lines digitally.

Another amazing feature of this stylus is its conversion mode. You can enable this feature you turn handwritten digital notes into text. Plus, there are two small buttons on the front.

One button is for erasing any unintended stroke, and the second one is for establishing a quick connection between both the gadgets. Upon a single click, you can connect the stylus with the laptop and get to work. Hence, conserving valuable time.

As for the battery, the HP Digital Pen function uses a 1-AAAA battery. Insert one battery and enjoy working seamlessly for 18-months.

Unfortunately, this HP Digital Pen for Touchscreen computers and laptops has its limits when it comes to compatibility. It functions with HP Envy 17, Envy x36, Pavilion x360, and Spectre x360.

  • Integrated design
  • Lightweight construction
  • Customizable buttons
  • Smooth & Fluent
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Limited compatibility
Digiroot Universal Stylus

Digiroot Universal Stylus

  • It charges with batteries.
  • It has fiber and disc tips.
  • The pen has extensive compatibility.
  • It has an aluminum and stainless steel body.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.

The Digiroot Universal Stylus is one of the premium options available in the market that comes at an incredibly reasonable price. A majority of HP Spectre x360 users feel doubtful about its quality due to its feature-rich profile and low prices. Regardless of how unbelievable it appears, the Digiroot 2 in 1 stylus is a gem of a stylus. Unravel the details in this comprehensive Digiroot stylus review!

Visually, the stylus resembles an actual pen but a much classier version. It has a slender black-colored body that looks stunning. The pen comprises high-grade stainless steel and aluminum that promises immense durability.

Its end has a mesh-like fiber tip that imitates a pencil eraser. The focused objective of the tip is to erase unintended strokes and lines easily. Below the brand name, you will also observe a rugged rubber covering. This amazing rubber covering offers a firm grip despite the smooth body.

Consequently, Digiroot 2 in 1 stylus makes writing, drawing, designing, and editing enjoyable. With more command, you can get the job done smoothly.

Perhaps, the prime example of innovation in this stylus is its precision disc tip. The 2mm rubber tip, linked with the transparent disc, takes the stylus experience to a new level. Its attached disc allows you to see where your mark is pointing and ensure immense accuracy.

Also, the Digiroot stylus is pressure-sensitive and responsive. Thus, it enables you to create the desired strokes conveniently. It makes drawing fluent and precise.

The Digiroot Universal stylus is truly universal. It is compatible with all touchscreen gadgets, including laptops, tablets, e-readers, and much more. However, the company strictly advises not to use the pen on a screen without a protector. It may damage or cause scratches.

All in all, the stylus is an ideal option for people seeking a versatile and easy-to-use digital pen. It arrives with a cleaning cloth, 6-disc tips, and 3-fiber tips. There is also a tip protector included that acts as a pen cap. Note, the batteries do not come with the packaging.

  • Premium build
  • Lightweight construction
  • Accurate & smooth
  • Good compatibility
  • Comes with spare tips, cloth, manual
  • May cause scratches
  • Batteries not included
Lafer Active Stylus Pen for HP Spectre x360

Lafer Active Stylus Pen for HP Spectre x360

  • It has a lightweight body of 1.44-ounces.
  • It has 1024-pressure levels.
  • It has massive 796-hours battery life.

The presence of both positive and negative criticism for this Active Stylus Pen for HP Spectre x360 makes this a difficult option. However, we aim to disperse the confusion with this unbiased HP Active Pen Review. Let’s unravel the truth for ourselves!

When talking about aesthetics, the sleek design of this digital pen will leave any onlooker in awe. It has the prettiest shade of silver combined with a round-tipped end. Also, it weighs approximately 1.44-ounces that is quite lightweight. Hence, making it easier to handle.

Although the smoothness of the pen is gorgeous, it does not help much with the grip. If your palms sweat a lot when working, you are likely to have a much weak grip on the pen. Thus, giving rise to inaccuracy and shakiness in design.

On the front, you will also notice two small circular buttons. Similar to other pens, the first button is for right-click. Meanwhile, the second one functions as an eraser.

As for the tip, this Active Pen is pressure-sensitive. It has 1024-pressure levels that ensure smooth performance. The more pressure you will apply, the thicker lines will appear on the screen. Plus, the fine tip offers good accuracy and precision.

The pen does not require a recharger. It has massive 796-hours battery life. Also, there is an automatic sleep mode that prevents battery wastage when not in use.

Perhaps, the only compromise lies in its compatibility. It is a stylus pen for HP Envy x360, Spectrex360, and a few other HP models. Check your model compatibility before purchase.

  • Stylish body
  • Lightweight
  • Precise & Smooth
  • Long battery life
  • Limited compatibility
Hacey Active Pen for HP

Hacey Active Pen for HP

  • It requires no drivers and Bluetooth.
  • It operates on 1-AAAA battery life.
  • The pen has 1024-pressure levels.
  • It comes with a battery and pen tip.

Similar to the previous one, this HP Active Pen has a stylish design. It has a slim, round-edged body with a metallic silver exterior. It won’t be wrong to term both of the models identical in appearance. However, there are differences in technicalities.

This particular HP Stylus pen has a lightweight body of 1.58-ounces. It is slightly heavier, which may or may not feel comfortable in one’s hand. Considering it’s slight, you will probably become accustomed to the weight quickly. Hence, avoiding any hindrance in lengthy works.

It has a smooth body that will hinder control over the stylus, especially when working in haste. However, if you are using it for less intensive work, then it might not be an issue.

As for the tip, it has a fine angular tip that gives immense sharpness and clarity to your strokes. Its 1024-level pressure sensitivity means you do not have to switch formats in the middle of a stroke.

The tip will sense the transition of pressure in your hand and act accordingly. Pressure sensitivity is particularly useful when doing digital calligraphy and sketching.

Above the tip, two small circular buttons include one for right-click and one for erasing. With a single button press, you can undo any unintended or wrongly sketched line. Hence, improving ease of use.

The Active pen does not require any drivers or Bluetooth connectivity. It connects to the device on its own, which conserves precious time. Also, it operates on a 1-AAAA battery that is present in the package. Bonus, the product also arrives with an additional tip!

Perhaps, the mere drawback of this stylus is its limited compatibility. It is an Active pen for HP Pavilion x360, Envy x360, and Spectre series.

  • Glamorous design
  • Precise & Accurate
  • No connection required
  • Comes with a Spare tip and battery
  • Limited compatibility

Buyer’s Guide:

Stylus For HP Spectre x360 Buying Guide

The definition of an ideal stylus varies from person to person. Each HP Spectre x360 owner might require a stylus with different specifications to perfectly suit their requirements.

Hence, the initial step to purchasing the best stylus for HP Spectre x360 is researching and identification of your needs. To help you, we have articulated a list of all the important specifications in a stylus. These will assist L in determining the usefulness of each stylus for you.

Build & Design

Although the stylus is merely an accessory for the laptop, its build and design affect the overall convenience. To be precise, it will influence these three areas of concern:

  • The number of hours you can use the stylus.
  • Grip strength and comfort
  • Portability

As a designer working for long hours, you must seek a stylus with lightweight construction. So, you can continue to design for hours without feeling any signs of discomfort.

The grip is a varying factor. For some people, a thicker body offers a better grip than a thin one. However, in most cases, a slender and pen-like structure provides increased command over the stylus.

In terms of portability, a thin and lightweight stylus will benefit you. It will make it easier to carry and store. Plus, additional features, such as a clip, further enhance portability.


If you use the stylus intensively, then durability must be a priority. Select a stylus with sturdy construction that van resists damage caused by slight falls. However, remember, the longevity of a stylus also depends on maintenance. Avoid the falls to protect the complex structures inside.


Different styluses have different operating systems. The charging type required by a stylus can determine its functionality. Up till now, there are two fundamental methods of charging used. These include;

  • AAAA-batteries
  • USB-C ports

The stylus using batteries will need replacement once used up. Usually, the stylus pen uses one battery that comes along with the product. However, if there are no power-saving modes, you might have to stick pile these when using them intensively.

As for USB-C ports, these styluses are rechargeable. They come with a USB-C charger that allows you to keep the pen recharged.


When finding the stylus for a specific model, the HP Spectre x360 pen compatibility might not matter much. However, purchasing a pen that is compatible with various laptop models can be a bonus. You can use it with other gadgets too. Hence, avoiding the need for more styluses.

Brand & Price

There are several brands manufacturing styluses for HP Spectre x360, including HP itself. However, you must conduct a thorough research about a brand’s reputation and service before purchasing. Also, if you have a limited budget at your disposal, then be vigilant about what you choose. Selecting products with warranties can ensure an exchange or refund if you feel unsatisfied with the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to calibrate screen to stylus HP Spectre x360?

For calibrating the screen, first, you need to get the pen recognized by the touchscreen. Next, go to the control panel. Then, type Pen in the search box.

You will see an option saying Calibrate the Screen. The system will automatically calibrate your screen for the pen or touch input as desired. In case of any turbulence, you can download and run the HP support assistant. It will cater to the issues.

How to connect HP pen to Spectre x360?

For the initial setup, you need to calibrate the screen for the stylus input first. Next, just tap on the apps that accept pen inputs, and you will be good to go. You can also change the functions of buttons situated on the pen using HP Pen Control.


Up till now, we have reviewed numerous styluses that function with HP Spectre x360. Some of from HP itself, while some are from other brands. However, even amongst these ten top-rated styluses, there is one that is the best of the best. Can you guess which one?

After a detailed comparison, we have concluded that the best stylus for HP Spectre x360 is the Digiroot Universal Stylus.

It has the perfect combination of sturdy build, glamorous looks, phenomenal performance, and extensive compatibility. There is no aspect in which you will feel unsatisfied. Its premium, pen-like build and fluent performance are all that a digital art producer can ever ask.

Plus, its innovative precision disc tip offers immense accuracy and clarity. The pen also comes along with 6-extra disc tips and 3-fiber tips. You also get a tip protector. Even more, this Digiroot Universal Stylus comes at a quarter the price of other high-end brands!

It is the best stylus we have reviewed up till now. However, if you want to explore other options available in the market, then do not forget the factors listed in the guide above. Purchasing a product after research will never make you disappointed. Good Luck!


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