As a Nissan Titan owner, you might find yourself struggling to protect your belongings in the bed of your Nissan when it begins raining unexpectedly. Or perhaps, it may seem unsafe to leave the goods in the bed of your truck unattended (even at night!).

So, what do you do? How do you get rid of all this unnecessary worry? But the answer is simple: get your Nissan Titan a tonneau cover!

But getting your hands on the best tonneau cover for Nissan Titan is quite a bit of a challenge.

Best Tonneau Cover For Nissan Titan

One – because the options out there are quite limited. Two – because the limited variety brings most owners to a point where they’ve to compromise on a few features.

To save you from falling into this crowd, we bring you the complete guide to the best tonneau covers for Nissan Titan. Here in this post, you shall find the top ten options, each of which brings you all essential features for sure.

And if you don’t know about the basic features that a tonneau cover for Nissan Titan must deliver, check out the buying guide below.

Comparing The Best Tonneau Cover For Nissan Titan in 2022

Tonneau Cover
Hard Tri-fold
Soft Tri-fold
Soft Tri-fold
Hard Tri-Fold
Hard Tri-Fold
No Warranty
Soft Roll-Up
Hard Tri-fold
Soft Tri-fold
Hard Tri-fold
UnderCover Flex Bed Tonneau Cover

UnderCover Flex Bed Tonneau Cover

  • It comes with a 3-year hassle-free warranty.
  • It features a hard tri-fold design.
  • It offers complete and convenient bed access.
  • It is sturdy enough to resist dents.

Undercover Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover is one of the classiest tonneaus covers that you can get for your Nissan Titan. It’s low profile, pitch-black, a perfect fit, and of course, absolutely convenient.

Measuring 28 x 68 x 8 inches, this tonneau cover will fit your Nissan Titan from edge to edge if you’ve got a model from 2016-2021. You won’t find yourself making any amendments when installing this 5’7 truck bed cover.

Since it fits perfectly, you can rely on it to protect the goods in your truck bed. It won’t let water, dirt, or tiny insects penetrate the truck bed as you leave your Nissan Titan in the garage for weeks.

We would, however, recommend weekly or bi-weekly maintenance. That’s because this is a foldable, pitch-black tonneau cover.

If it’s too windy or too dusty in your region, the dust particles may settle on its surface. And when left for long, they may get stuck into the crease. Thus, damaging the looks of your tonneau cover.

Now, do not mistake weekly maintenance for a thorough cleaning session. You may keep it as simple as using a cleaning cloth to wipe off the dirt.

Since it’s low profile, you won’t face much difficulty doing that. The low-profile design also makes it looks classy on Nissan Titan. When viewed from a distance, the car looks impressive with the tonneau cover closed.

With that said, accessibility to the truck is super convenient. It features a tri-fold design. So, you can access parts of the bed or the complete bed without having to remove the entire cover. Keep the things you frequently need towards the outer edge of the truck bed to make things even easier for yourself.

Each panel of this tonneau cover features a premium-grade build. It’s resistant to the impact of force and pressure. If something heavy falls upon the covered bed, you can rest assured that your cover is as fresh as new.

Apart from being robust, the UnderCover Flex Hard Folding Truck is easy to install. You can install it on your own or with the help of a friend.

The instructions provided in the accompanying manual are comprehensive and do not demand the use of any complex tools or techniques. No drilling is required.

The only downside of this beauty is that it may block the rearview mirror when folded up. So, when traveling, you might want this cover stretched out flat over your truck bed completely.

  • Backed with warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Low profile
  • Completely sealed
  • Holds 300lbs
  • Blocks rear mirror when folded
Tyger Auto T3 Bed Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto T3 Bed Tonneau Cover

  • Tyger backs this tonneau cover & offers convenient refund policies.
  • It features a tri-fold design for flexible usage.
  • It’s soft and sturdy.

If you intend to use tonneau cover occasionally, Tyger Auto T3 Soft Trifold is an excellent pick. It is good for permanent usage as well. But it’s best suited for occasional reliance because it’s intact, easy to maintain and install, but soft.

As it’s a soft tonneau cover, it cannot bear the impact of high-grade force or pressure. You cannot rely on it to protect the goods in your truck bed in a 3-day long hailstorm.

But you can certainly rely on it to protect your goods all day long, every day in normal city-life conditions. The weather does not impact its performance.

Why? Well, there are two reasons for that:

The vinyl surface naturally serves as a strong barrier between the internal contents and the external environment. If it rains, it will all simply slip off.

In certain incidents, the vinyl material can get stained. But again, you can simply scrub it off without damaging the material. The best way to get rid of vinyl stains is to use a stain removal product or a car wash chemical.

On the contrary, the weathertight sealing is so strong and intact that it won’t even let sun rays penetrate through.

It is a common misconception that vinyl expands and contracts with heat. Plus, the black color catalyzes the process.

Let us clear this too – most of the vinyl material used for automotive accessories as well as other equipment is both waterproof and sunproof. Thus, these offer impeccable performance in terms of maintaining their original shape and serving their respective purpose.

You need not get skeptical about the use of vinyl here. It only makes it lightweight and easier to manage. Although the looks are very premium, it does its job perfectly. The Tri-Fold design also makes it convenient for the user to access the truck bed easily.

As for the installation process, it’ll take only about five minutes to put this on your Nissan Titan’s bed. You’ve to put it atop the bed rails. And for security, it offers quick release clamps. Tyger Auto T3 serves perfectly to those who are always on the go and seek an affordable solution.

  • Super easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Neat looks
  • Impressive return policies
  • Excellent customer service
  • Average safety
  • Not compatible with utility rails
TruXedo TruXport Truck Bed Cover

TruXedo TruXport Truck Bed Cover

  • It is a soft, roll-up tonneau cover.
  • It’s compatible with a 2016 -2021 Nissan Titan.
  • It comes with a 5-year long warranty program.
  • It’s lightweight & easy to maintain.

The motive of the Truxedo company is to meet your everyday needs and provide the best quality accessories for the customizations of your automobiles.

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover is a perfect fit for your 2016 – 2021 Nissan Titan with its sleek and modern design. It comes in a black leather-grain vinyl cover material that gives your truck a smooth uniform look and will make the truck look more appealing.

Plus, it works as a shield for your vehicle in poor weather conditions and adds value to it. Besides, it provides a more prominent shape to your automobile.

It is going to give you the benefits of security and prevention from severe damages. In addition to it, it is a great source to keep your equipment secure and out of reach.

Folding truck covers block the visibility, so the customers prefer these roll-up covers. The roll-up top assists in easy operation; all you must do is unlatch the tailgate from both sides and begin rolling till the end and vice versa in case of shutting.

Besides, the distinctive hook and loop design are easy to handle compared to the traditional snap design. With its help, we can easily fasten it in one position after rolling it using the given straps.

The convenient top clamp design facilitates easy installation without any drilling process, plus it keeps the rails in level.

The spring-loaded latches, along with the integrated seal, give the required tension to the covering and offer a rigid surface, which secures the truck bed from heavy rains and dense snowy season. Pre-set tension controls provide a solid-tight covering that keeps the covers noiseless despite speedy driving.

If you seek a durable and affordable soft roll-up truck bed cover, TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up is the best option for you as it comes with five years of warranty, and if you want to replace any part, you can easily call their company and ask for a replacement.

Besides that, 81% of the customers are satisfied with their service and product.

  • Noiseless cover
  • Backed with warranty
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • High quality
  • Water-resistant
  • Average Safety
BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover

BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover

  • It’s a hard tri-fold tonneau cover.
  • It offers premium looks.
  • Supports 400 lbs of weight when evenly distributed.
  • It comes with a 5-year hassle-free warranty.

As we know, BAK is the rising company of truck accessories, bringing innovative inventories and equipment to market now and then. They have been leading creators of truck bed technology since 1988. They believe in taking pride in your automobile and keeping the trucks up to date like other luxury vehicles.

Here we will be discussing the BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover, one of the most versatile products of Bak Industries. This heavy-duty tonneau cover facilitates both style and durability.

BAKFlip MX4 is all about innovation. It is custom-designed to fit your truck’s bed. It is made out of durable aluminum with a black matte finish, which is why it looks so spectacular and ravishing.

The durable aluminum material can resist higher tension and save the pickup bed from harsh circumstances. Besides, it prevents the cover from irritating fingermarks or scratches. The surface can bear 400lbs if the weight is evenly allocated.

It is a highly low-profile design; it only sits a half-inch above the truck bed rails, which is not only stylish but also benefits from low noise.

Plus, the installation is easy, with four included clamps on each side; no drilling or special equipment is required. BAKFlip MX4 also incorporates drain tubes inside, which protect water from lingering in your rails.

Unlocking the tailgate gives you access to the panels. The panels are easy to operate; you have to pull the cord to unlatch it and to undo it; simply lower the panel, it will latch again, automatically. Because the latches are inside, the truck bed is wholly secured when the tailgate is locked.

The cover is typically divided into four panels that fold up against your cab and adjustable locking arms, keeping the cover in an immobile situation while driving.

You can also fold only three or two panels depending on your need and hold them with buckles. But sadly, after folding it completely, the visibility of user blocks.

The company promises to provide a hassle-free warranty of 5 years. The hard folding truck bed cover is more durable than soft roll-up covers. So, if you are still wondering about getting the best cover for your truck, you know where to go.

  • Rustproof
  • Easy-to-operate
  • Prevent marks.
  • Easy-to-install
  • Blocks visibility
  • Unclear instruction
DNA Motoring TTC-HARD-047 Truck Bed

DNA Motoring TTC-HARD-047 Truck Bed

  • It features a tri-fold sturdy build.
  • It seals the truck bed & helps save on fuel significantly.
  • It provides exceptional protection.
  • It’s designed to last for decades.

DNA Monitoring TTC-HARD-047 is a beast of a tonneau cover. We recommend this as the best tonneau cover for Nissan Titan, particularly because of its strength.

It holds up to 350 lbs when evenly distributed. And we must appreciate that as it’s higher than most others at this price.

The material used in its construction is nothing plain. It features fiberglass-reinforced polymer, polypropylene, and even rubber. The combination brings about a smooth and sturdy tonneau cover that can take the heaviest of impact. You could stand on it, and it wouldn’t budge!

On the sides, the cover comes lined with waterproof strips. These strips hold the cover intact with the sides and prevent any sort of weather from impacting the goods’ insides.

It makes your truck bed 100% secure, and it becomes dust-proof, snow-proof, and even fuel-efficient. According to the company, its low profile and intact build reduced the drag on the vehicle quite significantly.

With that said, heavy performance requires heavy preparation. So, that’s where we have something to categorize as a con of this phenomenal tonneau cover.

You may require professional assistance to get this beast atop your Nissan Titan. In effect, the brand recommends professional assistance.

That’s because this cover weighs around 71.8 pounds, which is quite a lot. You will not be able to carry it yourself. You will require about a couple of hands more to help you with the movement.

Plus, drilling is a must to install this tonneau cover. To mount the brackets, you will need to do some drilling.

Moreover, it comes with installation instructions and clamps. If you have installed a tonneau cover earlier, you may be able to navigate more conveniently.

  • Impressive sturdiness
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Multiple options available
  • Premium looks
  • Heavyweight
  • Professional installation required
MaxMate Soft Bed Tonneau Cover

MaxMate Soft Bed Tonneau Cover

  • It is a soft, roll-up tonneau cover.
  • It contains aluminum and vinyl material.
  • It comes with a 10-year long warranty.
  • The cover is compatible with a 5.5-ft Nissan Titan bed (2004 to 2015).

If finding company logos and prints bother you, then get this MaxMate Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover as soon as possible. It comes packed with amazing features and a stunning exterior. The cover has a plain, monotonous surface that improves your Nissan Titan’s edgy looks.

There is also a tension adjustment system that lets you keep the cover tight. You can remove those loose wrinkles from the surface and maintain the truck’s appearance.

Well, if you think that’s great, wait till you learn about the cover’s interior. It comprises marine-grade, 24oz vinyl that is quite heavy-duty. The cover also features horizontal, built-in crossbars forming the frame.

Hence, the tonneau cover is sturdy and lightweight. You can rely on it to withstand years’ worth of damage easily. It can also bear the weight of bulky cargo without cracking or tearing up the slightest bit.

Although it has crossbars, the cover rolls up conveniently. You can roll it to the very back and pin it using the clips provided. However, these clips are flimsy and may break upon extensive force.

Nevertheless, pinning the cover to the back offers you complete access to the truck bed. You can store whatever you want, whether it be large or small-sized items.

The MaxMate tonneau cover also comes with a latch lock system. You can use it to lock the tailgate and secure the cargo from thieves.

Moreover, the installation of this tonneau cover is quick and hassle-free. You don’t require any tools or drilling. It has stainless steel clamps to secure the cover when mounting.

However, if your Nissan Titan has an over-the-bed rail bed liner installed, then you would have to do some modifications. Take a drilling machine and create small holes for the Bedliner to adjust.

All in all, you would feel amazed at the cover’s phenomenal performance. It is long-lasting, safe, and easy to use. Plus, you get a 10-years long warranty that secures your purchase!

  • Good design
  • Durable
  • Improved safety
  • Easy-to-install
  • 10-years warranty
  • Flimsy locking clips
Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Bed

Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Bed

  • It is a hard tri-folding tonneau cover.
  • The cover has an aluminum build.
  • It provides 100-percent bed access.
  • It is not usable with rails.

If your 5.7-ft Nissan Titan truck bed needs a high-quality yet easy-to-use tonneau cover, then the Extang Solid Fold 2.0 is the idealistic choice!

It is a hard folding cover that features three equal divisions. You can open sections one by one to access the required bed area. So, there is certainly no need to open or close the complete cover. It could be a great hassle.

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot remove the cover easily. If required due to large cargo or something, simply detach the cover using the EZ lock clamps.

These innovative, easy-to-use clamps need minimal effort to operate. Plus, they self-lock to improve safety levels.

What’s more, you can access these clamps from below only. One must lower the tailgate to open or close these clamps. Hence, no one can access your stored cargo at all.

The tonneau cover features jaw-grip claws as well. These firmly attach the cover to the truck bed without causing any damage. So, you can rest assured that the tonneau cover won’t budge at all once attached.

This Nissan Titan hard tonneau cover has a stylish matte-black exterior too. The powder-coating surface doesn’t shine or gleam. But, it does look quite premium.

On the inside, the cover comprises a high-grade yet lightweight aluminum frame. It also has Extang’s special EnduraShield panels that possess a polypropylene core.

As a result, the tonneau cover is quite sturdy and durable. It can withstand all dents and scratches. You can place heavy loads on top of the cover fearlessly.

The tonneau cover’s well-thought build also keeps it cool to touch. It won’t become burning hot or ice-cold due to the weather. So, you can use it at any time of the year stress-freely.

Plus, the tri-fold tonneau cover Nissan Titan has resistance against UV rays too. It won’t let these rays penetrate in and ruin the cargo. Neither would it fade after years of use.

You will also observe polymer-rubber corners and snap-on seals. It helps prevent the weather from destroying your stored goods. With it, no rain or dust storm will threaten the safety of the valuable cargo.

Furthermore, this tonneau cover for Nissan Titan comes fully assembled. You don’t have to do anything at all. Simple, unpack the cover and secure it to the truck bed using the clamps.

You can use this cover with a diversity of truck bed accessories as well. These include back racks, toolbox, etc. However, it doesn’t work with rail systems.

Also, the tonneau cover fits only the 5.7-ft Nissan Titan bed (2007 to 2021 models). You may want to recheck your truck model before making the purchase.

  • Premium looks
  • Easy-to-use
  • Improved theft protection
  • Full bed access
  • Versatile usage
  • Doesn’t work with rails
Lund Genesis Tri-Fold Soft Bed

Lund Genesis Tri-Fold Soft Bed

  • It is a soft tri-folding tonneau cover.
  • It includes aluminum and vinyl.
  • It is compatible with the 5.7-ft Nissan Titan (2016-2021).
  • The manufacturer backs it with a limited lifetime guarantee.

The Lund Genesis Tri-fold Soft Truck Bed Tonneau Cover has made it to the best ten lists for all the right reasons. This amazing cover has a feature-rich design that makes cargo transportation simple and hassle-free.

To start, this tonneau cover has an outstandingly durable build. The usage of marine-grade vinyl on the exterior and premium aluminum on the interior makes it resistant to all damages. You can use it roughly and intensively for years without worries!

The vinyl top won’t tear as you place heavy loads on it. Also, the aluminum frame inside won’t give in to corrosion or rust. So, this cover will maintain its original condition for quite a long time.

What’s more, this Nissan Titan soft tonneau cover has a simple design. There are tailgate clamps underneath that keep the cover secured in one place. You need to unlock them to open the tonneau cover and access the cargo.

Plus, the panels are not rigid. So, you can fold them effortlessly. There is also an integrated clip and strap attached to the cover. Thus, you can fold the cover back and secure it in an open position.

When hauling oversized items, you don’t have to take out the entire thing. You can simply fold it back and get full bed access.

Moreover, in a closed position, this cover ensures nothing seeps into the bed and threatens your cargo’s safety. It has a weatherproof design that prevents the water droplets or other external factors from damaging the goods.

This particular Nissan Titan tonneau cover installation is pretty easy too. It has a clamp mounting system. So, all you must do is position it on top of the truck bed and secure it with the clamps.

The process takes only 5-minutes to install. You don’t even require any special equipment or assistance from others. Do it all by yourself in minutes!

Also, note, this tonneau cover is compatible with only a 5.7-ft truck bed. You can not use it with Nissan Titan models other than the 2016 to 2021 ones.

Perhaps, the only drawback of this splendid tonneau cover is the flimsy exterior. Although it has a matte black exterior, the fabric is slightly loose and doesn’t look well.

Nonetheless, if you prioritize features above looks, then this USA-made cover is an excellent investment. It also comes along with a limited lifetime guarantee!

  • Heavy-duty
  • Weatherproof
  • Quick installation
  • Easy-to-use
  • Full bed access
  • Looks flimsy
RDJ Trucks 65-Series Hard Tonneau

RDJ Trucks 65-Series Hard Tonneau

  • It is a tri-folding hard tonneau cover.
  • It has an aluminum and honeycomb build.
  • It is compatible with Nissan Titan non-XD models (2017-2021).
  • The manufacturer offers a 3-years long warranty.

The RDJ Trucks have nailed it with the release of the RDJ 65-series Hard-Folding Tonneau Cover. Not only does it provide better looks but functionality as well!

It is a hard tri-folding tonneau cover with a sleek finish. Although it has a monotonous black exterior, the faint shine makes your Nissan Titan appear premium.

What’s more, the cover is equally sturdy too. Underneath the gorgeous exterior, it has marine-grade aluminum tubes and honeycomb panels. Hence, the tonneau cover is both lightweight and long-lasting.

You can keep it on your vehicle during the most extreme weather. Be it rain or hail – drive through the weather without worries!

The tonneau cover features a UV-protection coating too. So, the cover will not fade or lose its shine. It will look as good as new even after years of intensive use.

Plus, you will notice that a rubber Q-seal runs along with the parameters of the cover. When installed, the rubber seal closes the gap between the tonneau and the vehicle. Hence, it ensures the cargo won’t get wet or ruined by the weather.

Moreover, the tonneau cover provides you with full bed access. You can fold the three sections and prop them against the truck’s back. For large items, you can quickly remove the bed cover using the rear clamps.

The RDJ hard folding cover comes with a locking tailgate as well. It enables you to lock the cover when closed and keep the stored items secured. There is no need to stress about thieves and burglars.

As for installation, this tonneau cover won’t disappoint you at all.  It has an over-the-rail, clamp-on setup system that takes mere 5-minutes. You do not require any tools or professional assistance for it.

However, make sure that the tonneau cover’s dimensions are compatible with your Nissan Titan. Ideally, it will fit well on any 2017-2021 non-XD Nissan Titan with a 5.7-ft bed. Note that your truck bed shouldn’t have a factory Titan box for successful cover installation.

Summing it up, the RDJ Hard Folding tonneau cover is the perfect pick for those seeking both looks and performance. The cover may not be big on safety, but it is durable and efficient at cargo transportation. It even comes with a 3-years warranty.

  • Improves looks
  • Sturdy
  • Easy installation
  • Full bed access
  • Protects cargo
  • Not compatible with the toolbox
Syneticusa Retractable Tonneau Cover

Syneticusa Retractable Tonneau Cover

  • It is a retractable tonneau cover.
  • The cover comprises premium aluminum slats.
  • It can support up to 500-lbs of weight.
  • It is compatible with the Nissan Titan 5.5-inches bed.

Safe & durable – the Syneticusa Retractable Tonneau Cover is simply unbeatable for the price. It is a retractable, soft tonneau cover that is compatible with a 5.5-inches Nissan Titan bed (2017 – 2021 models).

At a glance, the Syneticusa tonneau cover doesn’t look much premium. It has a low-profile, matte-finished black exterior. However, the actual deal is in its build.

The tonneau cover comprises heavy-duty aluminum slats that make it resistant against all sorts of damages. It can also support up to 500-lbs of weight. But, ensure even load distribution, or else it can affect the truck’s performance.

Plus, the scratch and UV-resistant exterior protect the tonneau cover from corroding elements. The cover will maintain its look and feel throughout years of use. Now, drive in rain or snow without worries!

The Syneticusa tonneau cover has a dust and waterproof design too. It means that those fine dust particles and water drops won’t penetrate your cargo. All the stuff stored in the truck would remain safe and sound.

Moreover, since it’s a soft retractable tonneau cover, you can have complete bed access. Push the cover into the canister, and load all types of things easily.

Unlike most covers, this one has a compact 9-inches squared canister. So, the storage canister won’t take up much space. You can load and unload bulks of cargo conveniently.

The retractable tonneau cover features an innovative locking system that offers optimum safety. It has both a key and latch to lock the cover at any position. Lock it when closed or opened.

You can also adjust and secure tall cargo using this amazing lock-key system. Furthermore, the Syneticusa tonneau cover is quite easy to install. It doesn’t require any drilling or equipment.

So, anyone can set it up at home. You do not need to spend money on professional tonneau cover installation. However, please note that this cover is not compatible with a toolbox or Nissan Titan models other than 2017 to 2021.

All in all, the Syneticusa retractable tonneau cover is an excellent choice if you prioritize safety and durability over aesthetics. The lightweight aluminum cover last year while providing maximum cargo security.

  • Heavy-duty build
  • Lockable cover
  • Compact canister
  • Easy-to-install
  • Complete bed access
  • Not compatible with a toolbox


Tonneau Cover For Nissan Titan: Buyer’s Guide

Tonneau Cover For Nissan Titan Buying Guide

We’ve reviewed the top ten options available in the market. But how do you pick one? How do you figure which is the perfect tonneau cover for Nissan Titan specific to your needs?

We realize that’s a big question mark there, especially if this is your first time shopping for auto accessories. Certainly, we won’t be leaving you baffled in any way.

So, here’s a super-comprehensive buying guide for you. With the help of this, we encourage you to define your needs and pick the best tonneau cover for Nissan Titan accordingly.

What is a tonneau cover?

By definition, a tonneau cover refers to a soft or hard covering of the open part of a pickup truck. This open space is more formally recognized as the bed of the truck. In the case of Nissan Titan, it is the space highlighted in the image below:

Nissan Titan Truck Bed

The tonneau cover aims to protect the contents placed in this space. It protects the goods placed inside from theft, harsh weather, and overall deterioration (if stored for a long time).

Some Nissan Titan owners even prefer installing a tonneau cover to protect the insides of their truck bed. That’s because although Nissan Titan’s 2021 model offers a tough Bedliner, the previous models lack this feature. And hence, to protect their truck bed from wear and tear, the use of a tonneau cover is a must.

Types of Tonneau Cover for Nissan Titan

With that said, let us now explore how many types of tonneau covers are there? Generally, auto experts divide tonneau covers into two types. These include:

Soft tonneau covers feature an aluminum frame or a metal frame with vinyl or soft material cover. These are adjustable and economical. Plus, they are also easier to install and remove.

On the contrary, hardcovers have a super sophisticated and classy look. These are heavy-duty covers and appear to be more of a vault for the contents inside your truck.

Even more, the locking mechanism in the hard tonneau cover is much sturdier and reliable as compared to that of the soft tonneau cover. But with increased security comes a greater price tag.

Hard tonneau covers are far more expensive and premium. Note that they may not be flexible enough to roll up, but hard tonneau covers are foldable. Often, they come divided into 3-5 panels, which helps fold them up and access particular areas of the truck bed.

Things to Consider

We’re familiar with the purpose and types of tonneau covers. Now, let’s hop onto the part where you make your individual and specific choices.

Remember, below we won’t ask you two consider two things that you should be considering when buying tonneau covers. These include:

Generally, you must always check out if a tonneau cover complies with the dimensions of your respective vehicle’s dimensions. You must also check if it’s compatible with the vehicle model you own.

However, the reason we do not ask you to wreck your brain in this regard is this: we’ve already assessed the models reviewed above in terms of size and compatibility.

All of these will serve as a perfect fit for the bed of your Nissan Titan. So, here are some other aspects to assess:

Folding Mechanism

After material type, tonneau covers get classified as per their folding mechanism. According to automotive experts, there are four major types of folding mechanisms in tonneau covers:

A hinged tonneau cover is hinged at the bulkhead of the truck bed. It is best suited for those who prioritize classy looks. That’s because this type of cover does not have any folds and thus, promises a solid look. In terms of accessibility, it is a bit limited as you’ll have to remove the entire cover to get full access to the truck bed.

The roll-up tonneau cover has a similar mechanism as a mat. You roll it up in the same way. It’s lightweight and economical. However, it’s not as secure as a hard-hinged cover.

Retractable and folding tonneau covers are the intermediary options. They’re both lightweight and fairly economical. They can both fold in two or three panels, and you can conveniently access any portion of the truck bed easily.

The best comes down to your preferences and needs.

Installation Process

The installation process of a tonneau cover is simple. Most tonneau covers come assembled or partially assembled. You won’t need to take help from professionals or use any complex tools.

They usually come with clips or bed rails, which help to mount. You only have to place the cover over the truck bed and tuck it to the sides as per its respective mechanism.

Folding tonneau covers are the easiest to install, followed by retractable, and then followed by hard-cover.

Overall, the Nissan Titan tonneau cover installation is a one-man process. You wouldn’t require the assistance of another pair of hands unless you’re completely new to it all.

Maintenance Needs

Taking care of Nissan Titan Tonneau Cover

On the surface, the purpose of tonneau covers is to reduce maintenance needs. By protecting the bed of your Nissan Titan from dirt, water, and other damaging elements of nature, cuts down the amount of attention that you’ve to pay to the matter.

However, upon installing, you may realize that it doesn’t set you free altogether. You might still have to give an occasional cleaning session to your truck, including dusting off the dirt that settles over its surface over time.

In this regard, tri-folding and retractable covers may be more demanding than hard material non-foldable covers. That’s because their axis of folding has a bending nature, wherein dust particles may settle.

If you let this go for a long time, layers of dirt will pile up. Thus, making your Nissan look ugly and deteriorating the tonneau cover’s quality.


On average, a tonneau cover lasts for about three years. And at times, it could last longer than ten years (if the brand promises so). It all depends on the quality, brand, mechanism, installation process, and most importantly, your preferences. It also depends on how well you maintain the cover.

By the rule of thumb, we recommend looking for a tonneau cover that does justice with its pricing. If it costs you around $200, then it should last at least two years.

Price & Brand

Tonneau covers cost anywhere between $200-$1000. The higher the price, the better features it will offer. Or the longer it will last.

We recommend investing in a $300-$400 tonneau cover as it lasts for a decent amount of time. And it serves the needs fairly well without costing much.

While considering the pricing, you must also consider the brand reputation. A brand with a good reputation is more worthy of your trust than a new one offering generous discounts.

Check out their clientele reviews and if they are confident enough to offer a warranty. If so, it’s a green signal. Go ahead and make the purchase!

On our list of the best tonneau covers for Nissan Titan, you will only find the most reliable and reputable companies of all. When picking the best of the best, we also pay great attention to brand reputation and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do tonneau covers save fuel cost?

Yes! According to Saw Tooth, tonneau covers can save about 1.8% of fuel costs. Although the figure may not sound massive, it yields beneficial results on the whole.

Say you save 1.8% every day and travel about ten times per week. You will save about 18% of your weekly fuel costs.

Q. Can tonneau covers go through a car wash?

When we mention maintaining your tonneau cover, we refer to washing it out with water. You could either clean it with a sponge and water, splash a blend of car washing liquid and water over it, or give your car a proper car wash.

So, yes! Tonneau covers can go through car washes. However, you may need to be a bit careful with automatic and retractable tonneau covers. Before exposing them to chemicals and water, ensure that they are waterproof.

Q. Where did tonneau covers get their name?

Tonneau covers got their name from the open carts of medieval times. When horses used to pull carriages, and there was open-air seating at the back, owners used to cover it up whenever it wasn’t in use. The same inspired the coverage of truck beds.

The word tonneau itself got derived from a french word meaning cask or barrel.


We hope that by now, you’ve already got your hands on the best tonneau cover for Nissan Titan specific to your needs. However, if the options above overwhelm you and you feel indecisive, we’d recommend you go with MaxMate Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover.

This lightweight, easy-to-install, and easy-to-maintain tonneau cover is an allrounder. It promises good looks and convenience simultaneously. Plus, its 10-year long warranty makes it a safe purchase.


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