Does shopping for the best trap shooting pouch wear you out? No shooting trip is complete without a high-quality and spacious bag.

Do you want the perfect pouch for your bird adventures? Certainly, we have just the thing for you. Undoubtedly, you will get the most unique and useful shooting pouches here.

Best Trap Shooting Pouch

Doubtful, are you? Mostly, people complain that the pouches do not last long, are not water-resistant, adjustable, or accommodating. Moreover, they cost them an arm and leg and do not do justice to the price tag. Apart from price, the inconvenience caused by a faulty bag in the middle of a trip can be frustrating.

Be ready to be amazed! Undoubtedly, we have done our homework well! We have included only the best of the best. All the trap shooting pouches added are durable and rugged, adjustable, weather-resistant, good storage for your shells, etc.

10 Best Trap Shooting Pouch – Style and Comfort Go Hand in Hand

Don’t want to search around for your shells all the time? Pick the perfect trap shooting pouch from the 10 we have selected and say bye-bye to crummy pouches.

Uncle Mikes Deluxe Canvas

Uncle Mikes Deluxe Canvas

  • Made of weather-resistant material
  • Has an adjustable belt
  • 100% tried and tested for durability
  • Has a reinforced leather bottom
  • Compartments are foam-backed

This pouch is a dependable canvas pouch that would be perfect for your next bird hunt.

Want to go into details about this pouch? I got you!

The material of the pouch is canvas leather. Leather gives it a trendy finish as well as protection and strength. This pouch has a reinforced bottom for extra durability. Moreover, high-quality materials are used in all the products made by the manufacturers Bushnell under the name Uncle Mike

Furthermore, these products are designed and have been tested, to last through the toughest situations and the worst of environments.

The qualities don’t end here… It is also weather-resistant and wear-resistant. This means that even after being worn in different weather for a long time, the pouch won’t get weary and damaged. It will last a long time.

By now you must be thinking if it would be the right size for you.

This is a one fits all belt! This shell pouch has a belt that is fully adjustable and would fit different sizes with comfort. The belt also has a quick-release buckle to help in easy wearing and taking off.

Hence, anyone can wear this pouch. You can even share it with your kids or your friends without having to worry about the size at all. And it’s a unisex pouch. Furthermore, the pouch is suitable for all kinds, whether you are going for a casual, professional, or even a recreational look.

This is not all! When going for a hunt, you would need something strong and big enough to hold the shells.

Similarly, this pouch has divided compartments that are foam-backed for stability and can hold around two shell boxes. Moreover, the sewing of the pouch is very tight and doesn’t have a chance of weakening any time shortly.

There is also a zipper on the bottom of one compartment for easy disposal of used shells. It’s available in brown color.

  • Reinforced bottom
  • Has a bottom zipper
  • Foam-backed compartments
  • One fits all sizes
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Unisex
  • Long-lasting
  • May sag a little when filled with shells
Allen Select Canvas Double Compartment Shell Bag

Allen Select Canvas Double Compartment Shell Bag

  • Made of rugged material for durability
  • Is lined with polyester for a softer touch
  • Has PVC trimmed for structure
  • Has an adjustable belt
  • The belt is removable
  • The belt loops are heavy-duty

This canvas bag would be a good addition to your trapshooting gear.

Let me tell you why: When looking for a bag for trap shooting, the first thing you look into is the capacity. Well, the capacity of this bag is one big pocket that is divided in the middle by a canvas lining, creating two compartments.

One size is big enough to hold 2 boxes of shells. And the other one is for storing the spent shells. Therefore, this will save you from the confusion of telling unspent shells from the spent ones, saving you a considerable amount of time.

Not too bad of size, right? Moreover, the internal pockets of this bag are lined with polyester.

Along with that, this bag has an adjustable belt that is 60 inches long but can be adjusted for a customized fit. Also, the belt isn’t stitched in one place and is removable so you can take it out when you just need a pouch, or if you want to use any other different belt with the bag.

The loops on the belt are heavy-duty loops. This means that even when filled with shells, the custom-adjusted belt would stay intact and wouldn’t loosen or weaken.

This is what most strap shooting bags don’t have. When filled and heavy, the belt would loosen, or worse the stitching would come off. But none of these issues exist in Allen’s canvas bag as the belt has no sewing, and it has strong loops.

Will the bag last you a long time? Yes, it would. The bag would endure rough handling and tough and extreme weather. It’s made of canvas which doesn’t tear easily and is good for holding heavy stuff. Therefore, it’s rugged and durable.

Furthermore, the bag is constructed with trimmed PVC lines. Thus, it provides a sturdy structure. More importantly, the bag has a simple yet elegant design that serves for looks along with all the benefits.

Therefore, for all of your outdoor hunts and activities, this bag will prove to be a reliable one.

  • Polyester lining
  • Two-compartments
  • Long adjustable belt
  • Canvas material
  • PVC trims construction
  • Detachable belt loops
  • Inner lining may rip
US PeaceKeeper Products P23010

US PeaceKeeper Products P23010

  • Has a wide elastic belt for comfort
  • Extra space for added rounds
  • Is big in size so you fit in more shells
  • The belt is adjustable for any size
  • The belt can be removed easily

A one size fits all pouch made following all your trapshooting needs.

Want something heavy-duty for your next hunt? This canvas pouch might be the one.

The material of this pouch is heavy-duty black canvas material. This material serves as the strength of the bag and gives the reliability in holding heavy materials, such as shells. Furthermore, the bag has been divided into two compartments. Each compartment is big enough to hold a standard box of shells. So, in all, you can fit two shotgun shell boxes in the bag.

Or you can use one of the compartments to hold used shells and the other one to hold used ones. This would help in telling them apart easier during the shooting and would save you quite a lot of time.

To be specific, the overall size of the exterior of the bag is 8” W, 4” H, 7.5” D.

But I’m not finished here yet! The bag also has an adjustable belt that is 52 inches long and can be adjusted for a custom fit that can be as small as 31 inches. It is also removable so you can attach your belt to the bag.

This means that people of any age or any gender or size can wear this bag, for that matter. It’s a unisex bag. Moreover, there are elastic loops for adding extra rounds and choke tubes.

Along with all that the belt has a buckle closure that keeps the bag in place and doesn’t loosen the fit at all. As hunting is an extreme sport, there will be a lot of moving around, and at that time you need something that would keep all your shells secure without holding you back in any way.

Additionally, it has a very solid leatherette bottom.

And probably the best part? It’s more affordable than the rest of the trapshooting bags you could find. Looking at all its benefits, it’s a reliable buy and you get good value for your money. It’s also available in black and brown color.

  • One size fits all
  • Heavy-duty canvas material
  • Adjustable belt
  • Unisex
  • Affordable
  • Added space for choke tubes
  • Removable belt
  • It May does not look as good
Uncle Mikes Padded Cordura

Uncle Mikes Padded Cordura

  • Made of Cordura nylon that is sturdy
  • It is padded so it provides extra support
  • Four extra loops outside for shells
  • Has a heavy-duty belt
  • Is tried and tested for durability
  • It’s lightweight but strong enough to hold the shells

A reliable and heavy-duty bag for trap shooting needs.

How many shells can it hold? This bag has two compartments that can hold a standard box of shells each. Thus, it makes it convenient to store spent and unspent shells separately.

Additionally, it has four loops on the outside for extra shells. The compartments and the loop pockets make it easy to have the shells just in your reach when you’re shooting.

Now, for the material: The material of this bag is Cordura nylon that keeps your shells secure. Moreover, this Cordura nylon bag is also padded. It’s designed to survive extreme situations and harsh weather. They also test the bag for any faults.

The quality of all the materials is top-notch, hence the bag is durable and will last a long time.

That’s not all! Along with that, it has a web belt that is heavy-duty, which means this belt won’t sag even after the bag is filled to the brim. This belt is also adjustable and you can fit it according to the size of your waist.

They also provide a quick-release belt buckle. It aids in easy wearing and taking off of the belt. The external size of the bag is 14.5 x 13.25 x 9 inches, so it’s big enough of a size. But it won’t look too big on your waist.

Let me tell you a bit about the company: The brand Uncle Mike’s has a variety of products that are essential for your trapshooting needs, and they put 100% effort into making their products long-lasting and durable.

This particular padded bag is black. It weighs around 0.45 pounds, so along with being strong and sturdy, it’s also very lightweight. So, the next time you’re going for a shoot or skeet, bring this bag along and you would hardly need anything else to hold your shells.

Additionally, this bag also looks classy, so you can also wear it somewhere other than a shoot and fit in whatever fits.

Last but not least: This bag is easy on the pockets.

  • Padded
  • Made of Cordura nylon
  • Four extra loops on the outside
  • One size fits all
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • The plastic buckle may break
  • The belt may be too thin
Champion Traps and Targets 45850

Champion Traps and Targets 45850

  • Has a zipper on the bottom for easy disposal
  • Available in nylon and canvas material
  • Adjustable waist belt to fit all sizes
  • Has an extra shell pocket to add more rounds
  • Has a comfortable feel to it

This champion shooting shell pouch is designed to hold your hunting gear and ammunition.

Wondering about the material? This pouch comes in two different models. It’s available in nylon as well as canvas and you can choose the one that’s best suited for your liking.

The canvas material is a bit harder and heavy, whereas the nylon material is much softer in comparison. Similarly, the canvas fabric is heavier than the nylon material. Now, you can choose the one that you like the best.

On the other hand: The space in this pouch is divided into different compartments to hold your hunting gear and your ammunition. It can hold an entire box of shells. There is also a bigger pouch to store your empty shells and a zipper on the lower side for easy disposal. Additionally, a small pocket to hold some extra rounds is also present.

Although, if you want, you can use this pouch to hold things other than your shooting gear.

How comfortable is the bag? The design of the belt fits easily on your waist and stays snug on the hip without causing any discomfort to the shooter. The bag also has an adjustable belt and can fit about every size there is. The belt is not sewn to the pouch either, so you can attach it to any belt that you like, too.

Now, for the external size of the pouch, it is 11 x 8 x 3 inches and is available in black color. Moreover, it’s embroidered with the company logo, which is the Champion Traps & Targets logo. This bag is trendy looking and can be worn by anyone despite their gender as it is a unisex bag.

For your shooting needs, to be specific, this pouch works as fine as any other pouch would, but it’s affordable along with all its benefits. So, don’t wait around, choose your pick.

  • An extra shell pocket
  • Zipper on the lower side
  • Unisex
  • One size fits all
  • Affordable
  • Available in canvas and nylon
  • Stitching may come loose
  • Maybe a bit long
Allen Company Eliminator Over Under Hull Bag

Allen Company Eliminator Over Under Hull Bag

  • The top compartment can fit a 12-gauge shells box
  • Offers 2 loops on either side of the bag
  • Includes a zipper on the bottom
  • Includes 2 D-rings
  • Offers 2 sturdy metal hooks for hanging purposes
  • Made up of blend material

Ever had a bad experience with a hull bag? The low-quality ones are only good for one to two-time use. All is well and good until the belt breaks or the material rips. Well, don’t worry! The Allen Company Eliminator Over and Under hull bag is the perfect match for you if you’re looking to buy a durable, good quality, and stylish bag to take to your next trap and skeet trip.

Why is this the best one in the market? This hull bag is made of a blend material and has a top-molded compartment that fits a box of 12-gauge shells. Additionally, there are two loops present on each side, where you can keep your spare shotshells or choke tubes. You don’t have to worry about space because there’s plenty of it!

Let’s talk about the style: It’s hard to find bags that are practical as well as stylish. However, this bag covers both criteria! The combination of black/coffee color and mesh on the front undoubtedly makes it one cool bag! And the best part? It is unisex, and will look great on both men and women alike!

One thing you don’t want to miss: There is a zipper on the bottom of the bag which is durable and makes it super easy to empty the shells. A zip-open mesh is also available for fast spent hull removal which is indeed a practical feature. Apart from this, the lower bag for spent shells is heavy-duty as well. The top is spring-loaded, which keeps the bag opened and when not in use, folds flat for storage. So convenient!

There’s more: Two D-rings are attached to the bag which is perfect for hanging your towel, shooting glasses, and other items. However, that’s not all! The bag can be hung to your belt or pant pocket with the help of two sturdy metal hooks present at the back of the bag. Don’t want to hang it? No problem, carry it however you want!

However, there’s something you need to know: Although the belt hooks on this bag are useful, getting both the hooks over your belt might be difficult for some. Even so, getting one clip or the other over the belt is fairly easy. Phew!

Buy it now, before it goes out of stock: “Out of stock” – shortest horror story ever. But you don’t have to go through it. Buy it now, because it is the best bag for trap and skeet shooters who want to keep everything close at hand. Happy shooting!

  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Spacious
  • D rings for hanging your towels or other stuff
  • You can hang the bag to your belt
  • Zipper at the bottom to empty used shells
  • Unisex
  • The bag might be difficult to hang on the belt
Champion Traps and Targets Trapshooting

Champion Traps and Targets Trapshooting

  • 10 x 8 x 2 inches
  • Offers 2 spacious compartments
  • Includes an adjustable and removable belt
  • Made from Nylon/Canvas with an embroidered logo

Has a zipper across the bottom of your shell pouches gotten damaged after only a few uses? That’s always a bummer! Want to know about one that’s not only sturdy but also easy to carry around? Then let me introduce you to the Champion Traps and Targets trapshooting double box shell pouch which has all the above features and even more!

Come along!

First things first! The Champion Traps and Targets shell pouch is spacious with two compartments that can undoubtedly hold a few boxes of gauge shells and empty hulls. Moreover, this is a double-size pouch and you wouldn’t have to go to your car every couple of minutes to empty the pouch. That is a great feature if you ask me! Intrigued, aren’t you? Let me tell you more about it!

What makes it special? This pouch has an adjustable waist that can easily go smaller or bigger depending on your waist size. Furthermore, the belt is thick and heavy-duty. The best part? It is removable! Incredible, isn’t it? You can simply detach the belt and carry it that way if you want!

You’re probably thinking this pouch must be pretty small: Let me clear that up! This isn’t small. It has dimensions of 10 × 8 × 2, which makes it compact as well as gives it a snug fit, making it perfectly easy to carry around!

What about the material? This pouch is made of nylon/canvas and comes in a brown color. Not only that, but it looks very stylish, especially with the embroidered Champion Traps and Target’s logo on it. Now you can go shooting with style!

The best for the last: The pouch also has a zipper across the middle of the bottom. Also, the zipper is strong and makes it easy to dump the empty shells when you’re done with them. What a relief!

Want to know if I recommend it? I would recommend this pouch! It is undeniably the best shell pouch out there. Also, it has features that would really make your shooting stress-free. So, buy it now, enjoy your shooting and get compliments along the way!

  • Compact
  • Sturdy
  • Value for money
  • Durable
  • Spacious
  • Removable belt
  • Zipper at the bottom
  • Stylish
  • No cons found as such
Wild Hare Shooting Gear Deluxe

Wild Hare Shooting Gear Deluxe

  • 14 x 11 x 14
  • Offers 2 compartments
  • Manufactured with 1200D premium Hedgetweed quilted 100% Nylon
  • Waterproof
  • Offers outer pouch for extra storage
  • Comes with a D ring at the side
  • Includes a padded, removable belt

Ever wonder if they make good quality, sturdy, and long-lasting shell pouches, ones that have plenty of room inside for your shooting-related knick-knacks? If yes, then get listening because I’m going to tell you about just that! The Wild Hare Shooting Gear deluxe shotshell pouch is all that and even more!

Let me tell you all about it: The Wild Hare shooting gear deluxe shotshell pouch is a sure way to make your shooting experience much more feasible! How do you ask? Well, firstly, the pouch has two compartments. You can use one for loaded shells and one for the spent hulls. Or, you could use them however you want to! Moreover, the compartments can hold up to 100 shells. That’s a pretty good capacity, right?

Wondering about its size and color? This pouch is brown with the dimensions being 14 × 11 × 14 (L×W×H). Not only that but it is also made from 1200D premium Hedgetweed brown quilted waterproof 100% nylon. Amazing, isn’t it?

Ready for the best feature? If you thought that’s all the pouch has to offer, then you’re wrong! Because it has an added feature of an external storage pouch that can hold earplugs, glasses, eyeglasses, or whatever you want to keep in it. Also, there are 4 elastic shell holders. There is always room for more!

Last but not least: The pouch also has a side utility “D” ring which can hold your hand towel! Furthermore, there is also a heavy-duty nylon belt with a padded belt region. Yes, you read that right!

You might want to know this: Although the belt is of great use, some people might find it long. The good part? It is not sewn in and you can easily replace it. No worries!

Well then, what are you waiting for? Buy this Wild Hare Shooting Gear deluxe pouch before your next shooting day. Because it offers some amazing features. I always appreciate the extra space, I’m sure you do too! If you’re looking for my recommendation, I would say I would get it and 100% recommend it to you too!

  • Sturdy
  • 2 compartments
  • Durable
  • Practical
  • Extra pouch and ring for towel
  • The belt may be long for some people
Browning Lona Large Deluxe Canvas

Browning Lona Large Deluxe Canvas

  • 6 x 8 x 18 inches
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Includes mesh pocket extensions for extra storage
  • Offers a zipper on one side
  • Includes an adjustable belt and quick release buckle

Are you thinking about signing up for a clay shooting event? Want to enter the venue in style? Then opt for Browning’s Lona large and get heads turning your way!

Let’s talk numbers first: This Canvas bag comes with a width of 8 inches, a length of 6 inches, and a height of 18 inches. Therefore, making it the ideal bag for shooting or hunting events! What’s more, it only weighs one pound. Isn’t that amazing?

Worried if it’s made out of cheap material? Well, don’t!

The canvas body of this bag is made from 9 oz 100% cotton! Which not only makes it durable but also comfortable. Moreover, the fabric makes it a great insulator. So, don’t worry about this bag giving up on you. Because it’s not happening anytime soon!

Most bags only have one pocket; this bag is not one of them! Browning’s Lona Deluxe is the bag for you if you are tired of emptying your bags just to make more room. Since it offers mesh pocket extensions that provide more space for your empty shells.

If you’re looking for more convenience: here it is No more fiddling with the buttons every time you want to slip in an empty shell! Because this trap bag has a zipper on one side which glides easily. Thus, making your life easier.

What’s more? Have you always had a problem with bags that hung too high or too low for your height? Then worry not, because this bag comes with an adjustable web belt made of polymer. Furthermore, it also has a quick-release buckle. Hence, making it hassle-free.

This is it, people! Enter the competition with a sleek look! Distract your opponents with this perfectly designed trap bag. Consequently, emerging as a winner! There is no going wrong here.

  • 100% cotton
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • High capacity
  • Zipper for convenience
  • Light-weight
  • Available in multi-colors
  • The buckle may loosen if handled roughly
Birchwood Casey Shell Bag with Belt

Birchwood Casey Shell Bag with Belt

  • 13 x 11 x 2 inches
  • Constructed with waxed canvas
  • Includes a zipper on the side
  • Has an adjustable belt strap

Have all your other shell bags fallen apart right before the event? Then, let me introduce to you the Casey shell bag which not only looks sturdy but can hold a good amount of target load easily!

What can you use it for: This Canvas bag is suitable for all tactical sports. Thus, including bullet trap, bullseye shooting, combat pistol shooting, sporting clay, and so much more!

Let’s discuss the fabric for a minute, shall we? The canvas body of this bag is made from brown waxed canvas. Therefore, giving it two plus points; robustness, and a vintage look. And, who doesn’t want that?

Wondering about the bag’s capacity? Well, allow me to help you:

The Birchwood bag has many pockets. Hence, it gives the owner accessibility to unload massive amounts of shells or target loads without worrying that it might tear. Firstly, the upper pocket can easily fit a box of target loads. Secondly, the large main section has enough capacity to hold spent shells for an entire day! So, a great advantage, if you ask me!

To make your life easier: Don’t want to unbutton a section each time you want to load or unload items? I hear from you! This bag supports zippered hull sections. Thus, allowing you to smoothly slide open the pouch and store your shell casings or eye/ ear protection inside. Ultimately, look cool while doing it too!

Hesitant that it might not be compatible with your height? Then, I have good news for you!

Three words: adjustable belt strap. Yes, you read it right. Thus, tighten it or loosen it according to your waist size! Truly, this bag is all about your comfort.

Let me be brief: If you are looking for size, quality, and aesthetics all in one place, then the Birchwood Casey shell bag is for you! So, no more worrying about it giving way, or tearing down. Because you will never come across a bag sturdier than this.

  • Waxed canvas
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable belt
  • High capacity
  • Zipper for convenience
  • Light-weight
  • The buckle may loosen
  • The zipper might break for some

Buyer’s Guide:

Trap Shooting Pouch Buying Guide

Now that we are done with listing down and talking about the 10 best trap shooting pouches, you must have found the best pick.

Oh, wait! That’s not it, is it? Even though we know these 10 are the best of the lot, maybe you need something else. So, we are here to guide you further.

Our buyer’s guide includes all those features and considerations you need to know before you go ahead and buy a trap shooting pouch.

Yes, we got your back! Simply walking into a shop and asking for a bag isn’t going to do you much good. There are so many on the shelf that even the shopkeeper will not be able to help you out.

But, first of all, you need to answer the following question:

Keep in mind: You pay for the features you get. Hence, the more features, the higher the price. So, you need to check the value for money instead of going solely for the price. So, see what features you are getting and then evaluate that against the price.

Simple enough, isn’t it? Now, let’s see what are features to look out for.

Durability – How Long Is It Going to Last?

Surely, durability should always be a consideration despite whatever you are going to buy.

Of course, what use is it to buy a thing only to find out it does not last? But, when considering a pouch bag, it is very important to check the durability and quality of the material being used. Mostly, the bags are made up of either one or a combination of the following materials:

Technically, the best bags are those which are made of a combination of materials. Personally, I prefer a mesh outer pocket to see how many shells are left and a thick canvas base.

Thus, I can place it even on a wet surface. Perfect, right?

Ease of Use

Sure, the fancy bags look nice and will make heads turn. But, the irony is that the pouch needs to be user-friendly.

What use are the 10 compartments if using them is difficult? Yes, always go for simplicity. At times, the more fancy ones pose a hassle in using them. As for me, I forget where I have placed the shells and where my extra ones are.

Therefore, it is important to check the ease of use.

Secondly, check whether the locks and hooks open up easily. A very tight buckle will do you no good. Meanwhile, a very loose one will pose a threat also.

Thus, it is important to check the buckles, locks, and straps before you buy one.

Adjustable – Can We Move It Around? No two people are the same. Neither is your body structure. Therefore, the factory-set straps are made keeping in mind the average build of a person.

But, are you thinner or heavier? Don’t worry! Go for a bag that has adjustable straps and an adjustable waist belt. This way, you will not need to bother about the bag fitting you are not.

Mostly, the bags also come with adjustable shoulder straps. Keep it to a level you are comfortable with and enjoy your trip!

Look for something that will accommodate all shooters alike!

Compartments – How Much Can It Take?

Undoubtedly, you should go for a simple design.

But, compartments make life so much easier: Always check that the pouch has a couple of compartments. As the trap pouch is basically for keeping your shells etc, you don’t need a lot of space.

Best of all: Two or three compartments will do the trick. You can keep your shells in one, the extra ones in another, and the used ones in the third.

Got it, didn’t you?

Size – See What Matters

When you are going on a trip or are off on an adventure, don’t travel heavily. No use carrying big, heavy bags to get tired before you even reach your destination.

Therefore, it is advisable to travel light! Hence, go for a lightweight bag that has all the features. Moreover, check the dimensions.

Try to strike a balance! The bags are available in different dimensions like:

So, you can see there are so many varieties of pouches on the market. However, pick the one that suits you best!

Weather and Water Resistant

This is a very important factor to consider. The reason is, you need to use it outdoors. Hence, the bag should be such that it can face harsh weather conditions. Therefore, check if the bag is weather and water-resistant. Even though it is never recommended to put your bag in water even if it is water-resistant, it helps a lot.

Because, sometimes when it is raining, raindrops do tend to fall on your pouch and it can get wet. For pouches that are not water-resistant, it is the end! They deform, give off a bad odor, and generally get ruined.

Accessories – the More the Merrier

If you come across a bag that offers more than the rest, it is a win-win situation. Unlike the other manufacturers, some offer a ring on the side for hanging a hand towel, extra zip pockets for disposing of your used shells, and elastic shell holders.

Hence, see what attracts you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I buy the most expensive bag in the market?

Not at all. Price does not define the quality of the pouch. Sometimes, the most expensive ones are not durable or have a very difficult mechanism to use them. So, always go for quality rather than the monetary value of the pouch.

Q. Are zippers better than hooks?

Undoubtedly, it depends on your preference and use. I prefer bags with hooks as they seem more easy and convenient. Usually, the zippers give way after a few uses or start getting stuck. At times, they work perfectly well at home and when I try to open it up at the location, it does not work. Thus, it depends on personal preferences.

Q. Can water-resistant bags be left out in heavy rain?

Even though it is water-resistant you need to understand that a shell pouch is made of some sort of material. Never leave it out in the rain. It will surely get ruined. So, try to avoid contact with water. A few drops, a drizzle are acceptable, but always keep in mind to avoid immersing it in water as much as you can.

Q. How do I adjust the shoulder straps on my bag?

Undoubtedly, it is very easy to do that. All you need to do is to pull the straps where the adjustment mechanism is. To make it tighter, pull it down, and to make it loose pull it up.


And, it’s a wrap! Let me tell you our favorite pick from the best trap shooting pouch. It is the Allen Select Canvas Double Compartment Shell Bag. Yes, that tops our list from all the rest.

But, why? Well, not only does it offer the best features, it does so at a very reasonable price. Moreover, it looks very classy and smart, is unisex, and can even be used by teenagers. Furthermore, the mix of PVC material and polyester gives the highest quality one can ask for.

But, looking for something else? No issues. Coupled with our buyer’s guide and product reviews, you can always make a calculated decision.

After all, we want the best for you! Happy Shooting!


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