A small box that provides complete family entertainment, imagine life without a TV today! If it wouldn’t be for their inventors, our lives still would have revolved around playing hide and seek!

Television has been around for decades, evolving from a small wooden box to a colored, flat-screen offering numerous channels to enjoy from. But have you ever wondered how do you get to watch your favorite “Grey’s Anatomy” on Star World while sitting in another continent altogether?

How can you enjoy channels from all over the world with just a single pressing of the button on your remote?

Isn’t it just mind-boggling? Hold your horse’s guys! There is a thing called a TV tuner that brings all the different channels on your flat screen while you are unaware of it, grabbing it from anywhere around the world so you could experience maximum entertainment.

Comparison of the Best TV Tuner for Vizio

Do you own a TV from the famous Vizio series? But unfortunately, facing problems with channels and their quality? If so is the case, you need a TV tuner, a digital converter box that brings to you unlimited channels from all over the world for fun that is never-ending!

Thus, are you looking for a TV tuner for Vizio? Here is a list of the best ones we could find for you & buying guide.

TV Tune
Live Recording
HD Channels
Mediasonic HW 150PVR ATSC Digital Converter

Mediasonic HW 150PVR ATSC Digital Converter

  • Offers features like auto-tuning, parental control, and real-time recording
  • Compatible with TVs, monitors, and projectors
  • Easy to install
  • Features Emergency Alert System (EAS)

We know you’re in search of the best external TV tuner for Vizio and thus, let us introduce to you the Mediasonic HW-150PVR digital converter.

What makes it different from other tuners? Why do we call it the best? Although, this tuner does not work well with TIVO, Comcast, Dish Network, etc but converts over-the-air digital broadcast, bringing a variety of channels to your television.

Moreover, it displays additional features which include parental control and real-time recording where you get to record your favorite shows and enjoy them later. The tuner is compatible with most TVs, projectors, and monitors that support various file formats that provide un-interfered entertainment to you 24×7.

Furthermore, the HW-150PVR digital converter is easy to install and comes with an in-built EAS (emergency alert system) that flashes emergency messages from TV stations, alerting you then and there.

So yes, if a channel wants you to tune in again, the digital converter will let you know without wasting time. Hence, let the auto-tuning feature take over from here! It comes with a remote for better control, thus if you need to see an update or re-tune the channels, just press away from the buttons.

  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with most TV
  • Does not work with cable companies including
  • DirecTV, Dish network
    etc and TIVO
  • Offers different features like parental control and recording
  • Comes with an in-built emergency alert system that alerts you with messages regarding different TV stations
  • Displays the favorite channel list
  • Video recorded by the tuner can be played back on computers too
  • Allows you to rename channels
  • Takes time to tune and program
  • Poor user interface
  • Recording programs can be confusing
ViewTV AT-163 Digital Converter Box for TV

ViewTV AT-163 Digital Converter Box for TV

  • Auto-tuning and recording
  • Can play a range of files including FLV, DivX, AVI, etc
  • Includes parental control feature
  • Compatible with HD TVs, monitors, and projectors

Are you looking for a tuner for your Vizio Tv series? Although the Vizio series comes with in-built tuners, if you wish to extend your entertainment further than the borders, you need the ViewTV AT-163 digital tuner.

This TV tuner is compatible with most HD TVs, projectors, and monitors, even if you have an old Vizio analog TV, this tuner will still work great with it. But to ensure it works with different devices, you need an HDMI cable to hook it in.

Moreover, it is known to receive multiple HD and full HD channels, bringing them to your screen for unlimited entertainment.

We still haven’t gotten to the best part yet! The tuner offers additional features including parental control, recording programs, and displaying a list of your favorite channels. So if you have a party to attend and do not want to miss out on your favorite show, just put it on recording and enjoy it later.

Furthermore, the TV tuner by ViewTV manages to play videos/programs in different file formats including AVI, MPEG-4, MKV, VOB, etc. Hence you do not have to worry about losing your favorite channel because of low compatibility with the tuner.

But what do we get along with the tuner? Does it operate on its own? Surely it doesn’t!

You get a modern, upgraded remote, an HDMI cable, and a composite cable along with the tuner itself. If somehow you feel the tuner is unable to catch signals of a certain channel because of hazy weather or whatsoever, you get to buy an additional antenna for better results.

  • Compatible with most monitors, projectors, and TVs
  • Offers features like recording, parental control and displays a list of your favorite channels
  • HDMI cable and composite cable included in the box
  • Supports programs in various formats including
  • MPEG, AVI, MKV, etc
  • Receiver both HD and full HD channels without interference
  • Affordably priced
  • Not durable
  • Issues with the software may occur over time
Exuby Digital Converter Box for TV

Exuby Digital Converter Box for TV

  • Supports HD channels
  • In-built recording feature
  • High quality and durable
  • Comes with Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Is your Vizio TV tuner not working? If so is the case, you need an Exuby’s digital converter box for Vizio TV right away! If you want a TV tuner that is highly durable and hence, lasts longer, you need to grab this one now!

It promises to support most file formats, bringing to you channels from all over the world that too in HD quality. You can even adjust the resolution of the programs as per your desire with this one.

Yes, with this tuner, you get to enjoy clean and crisp results with the loud sound of your favorite show! So sit back with a bowl of popcorns in hand and enjoy!

Moreover, if you have missed out on your favorite episode of MasterChef USA, just press the record button and let the tuner record all the episodes so you get to enjoy non-stop back-to-back episodes of your favorite shows without compromising on quality.

All you need is a USB drive inserted in the front port and you’re good to go! What more do you seek in a tuner? Oh, we forget to mention the EPG the Exuby’s converter supports.

This feature allows you to set an alarm for your favorite movie or show 7 days before their showcase time so you don’t miss it at any cost. The Exuby’s tuner for Vizio is packed with some great features and yet costs pretty affordable.

  • Durable
  • Showcases programs in HD quality
  • In-built recording feature lets you enjoy your favorite shows later
  • EPG features help you set an alarm in advance for movies and shows 7 days before their actual showcase day
  • Small-sized and portable
  • Users have complained of software problems
  • Misses signals and interrupted tuning stations
iView 3300STB Converter Box

iView 3300STB Converter Box

  • Compatible with both analog and digital TV and monitors
  • In-built recording function
  • Works as a media player
  • Offers versatility through maximum outputs

If your Vizio TV tuner has failed to entertain you with clear channels and stations then you need not just a converter box but something stronger. Hence, here we have the iView 3300S converter box, a digital TV converter that is versatile in performance and a great catch.

The best thing about this TV tuner is that it is compatible with both your digital and analog TV and computer monitors. It catches channels from satellites and converts them into a format supported by analog TVs.

Thus, if you haven’t upgraded to a newer, digital screen at home, you can still enjoy a variety of channels with this cool converter box. Moreover, it comes with a built-in recording feature paired with the clock function that allows you to record your favorite shows so you don’t miss out on a single episode ever!

Nonetheless, the iView 3300S TV tuner is compatible with ClearQAM too. But what use does it serve? With the box supporting ClearQAM, all you need is a cable connection to enjoy unlimited, non-stop, and uninterrupted channels on the TV.

But wait, we haven’t gotten to the fun part yet! The iView 3300S converter box isn’t just any other ordinary converter rather it can be used as a multimedia player where you can play your favorite movies or set up a gaming match with a close friend.

That is correct! This one box is a complete package, giving you it all at a super affordable price! Thus if you are crazy for games and love shuffling between channels, this converter box is just what you need.

Furthermore, with this one, you get to have complete control over the channels made possible by the parenting control feature, and hence, the easy installation makes it a clear winner for all.

  • Can be used as a multimedia player
  • Records movies and shows that can be enjoyed later
  • Compatible with both analog and digital TVs and computer monitors
  • Offers auto-tuning and HD channels
  • Easy to setup
  • Offers a variety of channels
  • Additional features include parental control and
  • EPG
  • Overheats easily
  • Remote is of poor quality and design
  • Slow to boot
Mediasonic ATSC Digital Converter Box

Mediasonic ATSC Digital Converter Box

  • Comes with auto-tuning, real-time recording, and timer functions
  • Compatible with both digital and analog TVs and monitors
  • Decent quality
  • Easy to install

Let’s talk about another tuner for your Vizio TV series. We know how hard it can be to miss out on your favorite TV shows because of poor cable connection or distorted sound.

Thus, keeping in mind the issues most commonly faced by the most common cable holders, here we bring to you the Mediasonic ATSC converter box. This TV tuner is great in performance, durable, and brings a variety of channels to your home screen.

This one here is compatible with both analog and digital screens, easily converting digital signals supported by analog TV so you get uninterrupted entertainment all the while.

What other functions does it include? The Mediasonic converter box comes with parental control feature, displays a list of your favorite TV channels, auto-tuning, and a timer that automatically switches it on and off.

But what uses is the timer? In the case on a lazy day you forget to turn it off, the box will switch off itself, saving a lot on your electricity bill!

What a great catch, isn’t it? Moreover, it works as a multimedia player too. Hence, when you attach a USB to it, you can conveniently play movies, songs or swap through your family photos to relive old memories.

Remember, although this tuner is a great box offering full entertainment still we do not suggest it as a replacement for your cable connection. If you wish to enjoy HD channels that are too unlimited in number, the digital converter box by Mediasonic is available for grabs.

  • Includes features like real-time recording, parental control, and timer for an auto switch on and off
  • Converts digital signal into analog that supports channel on analog TVs and monitors
  • Can be used as a multimedia player
  • Easy to install
  • Consists of auto-tuning function
  • Affordably priced
  • Decent quality
  • Users have a complaint of the heating of the internal parts and burning out quick
  • May cause problems while recording
Terk HD Digital TV Tuner with DVR Functionality

Terk HD Digital TV Tuner with DVR Functionality

  • Records live HDTV without any monthly fee
  • Allows you to watch one show and record another one simultaneously
  • Showcases HD channels
  • Includes a USB port

The Terk digital tuner is great for people craving HD channels. If you have missed out on your favorite episode of “Orange is the new black” because of poor image quality, this tuner is sure to change things for the better.

Moreover, if both your shows are being showcased at the same time on different channels and you do not want to miss out on anyone, this converter takes care of it.

How? It allows you to watch one series while simultaneously recording another one being played on a different channel so you do not have to miss anything. Definitely, something most people look forward to in a converter box!

And what if we tell you that the tuner records live HDTV that is too free? We are sure it’s hard to believe but with this tuner, it surely is true. Now you can record live shows without incurring any additional monthly charges, hence non-stop entertainment is what the Terk digital tuner promises to deliver.

Furthermore, it is easy to install, comes with a power adaptor and remote control for easy management. With this adaptor coming along, you do not have to buy a TV tuner adaptor for Vizio separately.

  • Record live HD shows without additional monthly charges
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Supports HD channel for unlimited fun
  • Let’s you enjoy one show and record the other one on a different channel simultaneously
  • The package includes an adaptor, remote control, and HDMI cable so you do not need to buy them separately
  • The dual-recording option is only usable on TVs with a built-in tuner
  • The users have complained about facing problems with dual recording
ViewTV AT 263 ATSC Digital Converter Box for TV

ViewTV AT 263 ATSC Digital Converter Box for TV

  • Compatible with analog, digital, and HD TVs and monitors
  • Features include auto-tuning, recording PVR, and program guide
  • Includes time shift function
  • Perfectly sized to fit in smaller spaces

Doesn’t matter you have a flat-screen or an old, fat TV because the ViewTV AT-263 digital converter box is compatible with all.

The tuner receivers both HD and full HD channels, converting the digital signals into analog signals that are easily supported by your old TV. Although, it may not be a replacement for your cable connection but makes a great side-by-side choice for unlimited and uninterrupted fun.

Moreover, the AT-263 comes with features that include auto-tuning, recording, parental control, and a program guide so you can keep a close eye on your favorite shows. And best of all, the inclusion of the time-shift function makes it a clear winner.

How? Haven’t you ever wished to fast-forward the commercials during your favorite TV series? You did, right? Hence granting your wish true, the AT-263 consists of a time-shift function that allows you to play around with live shows.

What do we mean? You can now pause, play, and even fast forward the commercials to save some precious time of yours! Furthermore, the tuner is easy to install. Even if you have little space in your lounge under the TV, the small size of the converter box allows it to fit anywhere without a problem.

But how does a Vizio TV channel scan without a remote? You won’t have to because the AT-263 comes with an upgraded remote for better control over the digital box. If you still haven’t had a chance to enjoy your most liked series that will soon be ending, get this converter box right now!

  • Compatible with most analog and digital TVs
  • Supports HD and Full HD channels
  • Includes features like auto-tuning, parental control, recording PVR, and program guide
  • Small-sized makes it a great fit for smaller spaces.
  • Timeshift features allow you to pause, play and fast forward commercials during live shows
  • Bright LCD screen
  • The USB port at the front makes it easier to connect to an external hard-driver
  • Easy to set up
  • Pulls more channels than an average cable connection
  • Poor quality remote
  • Not durable
  • Reboots randomly which can be annoying

Buyer’s Guide:

Best TV Tuner for Vizio Buying Guide

Are you facing Vizio channel scan problems? Cannot find a Vizio TV antenna port? If you own a TV from the Vizio E-series you’ll certainly know the limitations it comes with hence, your entertainment is surely compromised.

This is where we’d suggest you buy a TV tuner! But which one to go for you ask? We know when it comes to buying a converter box; the decision can be a difficult one. Thus, helping you find the right box/tuner for your Vizio series, we have enlisted the main features that you need to look for in a “good” tuner.

Are you still confused? Just read on to learn more.


tuning analog tv

When talking about TV tuners, a converter box should be compatible with your TV. What do we mean exactly?

Today, most homeowners have digital screens installed in their homes that catch channels easily. But there are still some analog TVs and monitors in possession of people that may not pick digital signals easy, hence you’ll be deprived of a few good channels.

When buying a digital converter box, makes sure it is compatible with your analog TV and monitor too. All such tuner converts digital signals into analog that can easily be supported by old TV and thus, you get to an unlimited number of channels on your television.

Additional Features

What is exactly do you need in a digital converter box? Is it a real-time recording feature that allows you to record shows and play later?

Or do you want a tuner with parental control feature so you can keep a close eye on channels that your kids are watching?

Either way, when buying a TV tuner, lookup for an additional feature. The more it offers, the better it is. To be precise, most digital converter boxes come with a few common features that include recording, playback, auto-tuning, EPG, parental control, program guide, and display a list of your favorite channels and shows.

Some even consist of a timer for an auto switch on and off. So whatever your priority is, make sure you dig in deep to get hold of a tuner that has one or more features of your choice.


Is a cable connection cheaper than a TV tuner? It might be but with a cable connection, you cannot enjoy a maximum number of channels like you can with a digital converter box.

When on the lookout for a TV tuner for your Vizio TV set, know these come both cheap and pricey. The higher quality you seek, the more expensive it would be. Thus before jumping to a conclusion set a budget and list down the main features you want in a tuner and only then you’ll end up with the right product.

One thing we’d mention here is that because things like tuners are not purchased every day, thus be a little generous and invest in a digital converter box that is of high quality and may be priced a little higher.

HD Channels Compatibility

When your favorite show is about to air, you do not want any interference. One thing that is highly annoying for all TV lovers is poor image quality. Imagine having a distorted picture filling your TV screen with sound that is unclear.

Watching shows in HD quality takes you to a whole new level of fun and entertainment hence when thinking of buying a TV tuner, go for one that supports HD channels. This way not only will you be enjoying numerous channels in one place but that too in high definition. Sounds great, right?

Ease of Installation

Setting up a digital converter box can be a daunting task especially when you’re a beginner who does not even the slightest about wires and connections.

But of course, there are a few brands that keep the ease of installation in mind when designing a TV tuner, hence go for it without question. These take only a few minutes to set up and a complete guide to help you through.

Brand Name

When buying electronics especially a digital converter box, you need a reliable manufacturer. And thus, before going out to choose one that you randomly picked out on the internet, we’d suggest you do go for a well-known label so durability doesn’t question.

If you still aren’t sure which brand to go for, check the above list for clear guidance!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a TV tuner work?

A TV tuner is a card that is internally installed in the TV or a converter box that catches signals from the satellite and converts them into channels that are best supported by your TV or computer monitors.

If you want to enjoy an unlimited channel that too in HD quality then you need a tuner to get the work done!

Do I need a digital converter box?

If your TV comes with a built-in tuner then no, you don’t need one. But for TV models that come under the Vizio series, you surely need a digital converter box as it provides you with unlimited HD channels that are auto-tuned on your TV screens, whether digital or analog.

Are TV tuners compatible with analog TVs?

While some digital converter boxes are compatible with analog TVs, others may not be. Hence before buying one, read for the details where it clearly states it is compatible with old TVs.

Is a converter box better than an antenna?

Of course, it is as a converter box that gives you a variety of channels that can be enjoyed in high definition.


Although a cable connection works fine for a Vizio TV if you’re looking for high definition picture quality and wish to enjoy unlimited channels from around the world, a TV tuner is what you need.

The biggest advantage of owning one is that most of these are compatible with both digital and analog TVs; hence, if you want a variety of channels to be turned on your old television or even flat screen, a converter box can do it easily.

Moreover, with this one installed along with your television sets, you get better control over the channels your family is watching, especially kids, and yes, record your favorite shows to be watched later.

Thus, if you’re Vizio TV fails to enhance your experience while watching shows from around the world, buying a TV tuner/digital converter box is the best possible solution for increased entertainment. And yes, surely an affordable one too!


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