If you’re in a hurry and still want to grab the best UPS for PS5, then we recommend the CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD, confidently.

Everyone needs a time-out and a little break to freshen up their mind. But what if you have started playing PS5 and a power-related problem occurred?

This sudden power failure can damage your PS5; plus, it can disrupt your gaming progress. If you have spent hundreds of dollars on PS5, it is better to invest in a good UPS too. Since you got your hands on the gaming console, it is also necessary to protect your investment via UPS. This is something most individuals often forgot to buy; however, you should not.

The uninterrupted power supply, as the name implies, is uninterruptible. It means that the UPS will not go offline during power-related problems like burnouts, blackouts, and power surges. These machines are durable and withstand the worst power conditions. However, they will not work if their battery is emptied, they are switched off manually or physically destroyed.

Best UPS For PS5

Are you questioning yourself about which UPS to go for? Selecting the best device for your gaming console can become quite challenging. If you are not sure which one to buy, scroll down below to the buying guide. Let’s take a quick closer look at the list.

Comparing The Best UPS For PS5 in 2022

APC UPS BR1500MS for PS5

APC UPS BR1500MS for PS5

  • It has an LCD screen
  • Includes a Type A and C USB charging port
  • Includes a six-inch power cord
  • Offers ten outlets
  • Includes an AVR feature

Do you want peace of mind for your expensive electronics, including your gaming console, but you do not want to settle for less? This unit will be best for you! This unit allows you to gracefully switch off your computer without causing any harsh impact on your electronics due to sudden power failure.

What makes this UPS the best? It is a compact sine wave unit; thus, it optimizes performance for high-end electronics. Moreover, it possesses ten outlets, six battery backups that provide up-surge protection, and four surge protection.

It also has an LCD that will help you monitor the UPS. The LCD screen displays a wide array of information after connecting its battery.

What’s more, it charges via USB. It offers two, i.e., a USB-C charging port and Type-A USB charging port. Moreover, it includes a six-inch power cord and a space-saving right-angle NEMA 15-15P wall plug to make charging easier.

Furthermore, the presence of AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) instantly corrects voltage fluctuations, whether low or high. Plus, it is compatible with Active PFC.

This model with premium surge protection and battery backup makes it ideal for consoles and gaming PCs. Plus, its outstanding features allow you to stream and play games even when the lights go out.

What else? It provides crazy-high capacity and outstanding build quality; thus, making it perfect for PS5 and modern gaming PCs. Oddly enough, the only issue is that quite on the expensive side.

  • Compact
  • High capacity
  • Durable
  • LCD
  • Voltage regulation
  • A sine wave unit
  • Expensive
CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC UPS System

CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC UPS System

  • Includes a multifunction LCD with color display
  • Possesses Type A and C USB charging ports
  • Allows tilting of the screen for easy viewing
  • Offers twelve outlets
  • Can correct minor fluctuations

This product will make you reiterate, “wow!” This Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system has a sine wave battery backup and high-power capacity; thus, making this unit ideal for gamers.

What else? It has a decent build quality, and its set-up is relatively straightforward. Plus, it is manufactured to support conventional power supplies and power factor corrector (PFC).

How many outlets does this unit possess? This mini-tower has six surge protection and battery backup outlets and six surge-protected outlets. These twelve NEMA outlets safeguard telecom equipment, network devices, workstations, and servers.

Moreover, it charges via two USB ports, i.e., Type A and Type C. It also features AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation). It extends the battery’s life by correcting minor power fluctuations without switching to battery power.

What’s more: It has a multifunction LCD screen with a color display. It immediately displays users’ detailed information about UPS battery and power conditions. Furthermore, the color display instantly alerts users about potential problems. Plus, it allows you to tilt the screen up to 22 degrees for easy viewing.

Surprisingly enough: users mentioned that the unit might not last for more than five years, and it may fail to work suddenly.

  • Good value for money
  • Convenient USB ports
  • Outstanding construction
  • Multifunction LCD
  • Possess PFC
  • Features AVR
  • High capacity
  • Easy set-up
  • Limited unit’s lifespan
  • May stop working suddenly
Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT

Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT

  • The LCD screen allows easy viewing of power conditions
  • Possesses a USB interference
  • Provides noise protection
  • Offers ten outlets
  • Can correct overvoltages and burnouts

The Tripp Lite’s unit has superb engineering, has a solid construction, and a rugged design. Setting up this unit is a no-brainer; you only have to plug it in to use it immediately.

What makes this UPS unique? This unit complies with ROHS and is highly efficient. It minimizes annual operating costs, produces less heat, saves energy, and reduces carbon footprint. Plus, if your batteries no longer work, this system includes a recyclable user-replaceable battery that allows you to extend your UPS life.

What’s more, they provide three ways to manage this unit flexibly. You can use the multifunction LCD; other than that, you can utilize the computer’s built-in power management features and HID-compliant USB port, or Tripp Lite’s free PowerAlert software.

Furthermore, this unit has ten outlets to safeguard your desktop and gaming consoles. The five outlets deliver surge protection + power backup, and the others are responsible for surge protection only.

What else? If you want to preserve power and increase battery life, it features Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to perform this job. This system detects the voltage fluctuation and corrects it without utilizing the battery. Moreover, this unit also features noise protection.

How does it protect from noise? It filters the noise to save the audio and video equipment from electromagnetic line noise and destructive transient voltages.

Not to mention, it delivers a reliable battery backup. It can support a single LCD monitor and an energy-efficient desktop computer for about ninety minutes during a power outage.

Furthermore, this system supports a half-load runtime, and it will allow you to stream or play games for about ten minutes. Besides these positive pointers, there are a few drawbacks. This unit has a faint chemical smell, but it fades away gradually. Plus, you might face problems in running Tripp Lite’s software.

  • ROHS compliance
  • Reliable battery backup
  • Multifunction LCD screen
  • Surge and AVR protection
  • Data line protection
  • Charge via USB
  • Noise protection
  • Flexible management options
  • The software may cause a problem
  • Possess a light chemical smell
APC UPS 10000VA for PS5


  • LCD screen displays every information
  • Possesses a USB and serial interference
  • Includes a six-inch power cord
  • Offers eight outlets
  • Instantly corrects low and high voltage

Are you in need of this bad boy to protect your hardware? This peace of mind is worth the investment. This unit is perfect for gaming PCs, Xbox, and PS5 consoles because it allows you to stay connected and continue your game.

What’s more, this backup battery power supply unit has three to five years of battery life. However, you have to buy a replacement battery separately, and it is not included in the unit. Moreover, this system has a total of eight outlets. The four outlets are surge protection with battery backup, and the other remaining outlets are for surge protection only.

What else does this system include? It offers one GB network data line protection, a right-angle 3-prong wall plug, power-management software, and a six-inch power cord.

Furthermore, it has an LCD that shows estimated runtime and battery status. Plus, its AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) helps in regulating the voltage by instantly correcting fluctuations. It is also compatible with Active PFC.

Not to mention: this unit’s runtime at 100 watts is around 46 minutes; thus, it gives you adequate time to finish your game during an outage.

Surprisingly enough: reviewers mentioned that when the outage occurs, this UPS becomes semi-noisy, and it beeps loudly. Moreover, this unit is relatively bigger than it should be.

  • LCD
  • Dataline surge guard
  • Voltage regulation
  • Includes power-management software
  • Good battery life
  • Great value for the price
  • May become semi-noisy
  • Might beep loudly
  • Bigger size
CyberPower EC850LCD for PS5

CyberPower EC850LCD

  • Multifunction LCD delivers detailed information
  • Includes a USB charging port
  • Offers twelve outlets
  • Includes an ECO mode

This compact but heavy unit is easy-to-use; however, you will have to charge the battery before using it. What’s more, this simulated sine wave UPS is an ecologic battery backup system.

What is unique about this system? This Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) has ECO mode, which is a user-selectable energy-efficient feature. When you shut off your computer, or are in sleep mode, the UPS automatically stops supplying the power to the devices plugged into ECO mode outlets.

Furthermore, you can plug in four large plugs. Plus point, you do not have to compromise on the access of the other outlets.

What else? This system has twelve outlets. Six outlets are for surge protection and battery backup, and the others are for surge protection, in which three are ECO controlled.

Not to mention, it has a multifunction LCD that shows detailed and immediate information on power and battery conditions. Moreover, the UPS can run for about 7.9 minutes at half load and 2.3 minutes for a full load.

It also offers PowerPanel software for the computer, but it is very easy to use. With this software, you can run health check tests and other tests on the UPS.

Surprisingly enough, individuals reviewed that the software is flawed and it affects the performance of the equipment. Plus, the ECO mode might not work well for every user.

  • Compact
  • Simulated sine wave unit
  • Offers ECO mode
  • Voltage regulation
  • LCD
  • The software might create issues
  • The ECO mode may not work
APC UPS BE600M1 for PS5


  • Includes a 1.5A USB charging port
  • Possesses a five-inch power cord
  • Offers seven outlets
  • It is a wall-mountable unit

Why purchase a UPS by APC? Because it delivers guaranteed power to several electronics in your home. This unit offers plenty of outlets and one 1.5A USB charging port. The Back-UPS BE600M1 offers seven outlets. The five outlets are specifically designed for surge protection and UPS battery backup. Plus, the others are for surge protection only.

What’s more, it offers a replaceable battery which is sold separately. You can replace it with an RBC model APCRBC154 if needed.

What else? It includes a five-inch power cord and a right-angle three-prong wall plug for charging. It also comes with power-management software for monitoring and managing the unit.

Not to mention, this unit has a wall-mount capability and can run for about 23 minutes at 100 watts.

Besides its merits, there are a few drawbacks. Reviewers mentioned that plug spacing and orientation blocks most of the outlets. Therefore, it becomes hard to connect other devices to the UPS.

Others mentioned that it is not a space-saving unit because it has a horizontal orientation. Several individuals prefer vertical orientation because the unit is more compact and saves space.

  • Wall-mountable
  • Offers replacement battery
  • Power-management software
  • Battery backup and surge protection
  • Plug spacing and orientation may create issues in connecting other devices
  • Not a space-saving system
Amazon Basics Standby UPS

Amazon Basics Standby UPS

  • Possesses a USB interference
  • Includes a five-feet power cord
  • Offers twelve outlets

This Amazon Basics Standby UPS has a compact size; thus, making it ideal for home-entertainment devices and home networks.

What’s more, it utilizes simulated sine wave output to deliver battery backup and surge protection. This unit has a total of twelve outlets. It has six surge-protected outlets, and the others are for battery-backups and surge protection.

Moreover, its battery backup feature keeps electronic devices powered during outages and provides enough runtime to switch off the equipment during the power failure gracefully.

What else? The UPS includes a standby topology, six NEMA 5-15R outlets, a NEMA 5-15P plug, and a 45 degree offset with a five-feet power cord. Furthermore, it is very easy to set this unit up. It also comes with software for managing the UPS. You have to download it on your computer to control your UPS from your PC.

Oddly enough, several users reviewed that this unit does not auto-restart. Plus, it works better for running smaller electronics and might create problems for gaming consoles.

  • Compact
  • Uses simulated sine wave
  • Straightforward set-up
  • Includes a software
  • Will not automatically restart
  • It might be best for running smaller electronics

UPS For PS5: Buyer’s Guide

PS5 UPS Buying Guide

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) has become necessary because it protects your expensive investments from destruction and damage. These systems have become integral especially in those areas where frequent power outage occurs or have extreme weather conditions.

What’s more, these systems promise to deliver power protection when there is a sudden outage or if the voltage fluctuates. It is essential to remember that the UPS allows you to gracefully shut down your console; however, it is not designed to provide you with an extended time to play during an outage.

Since several products are available in the market, it becomes confusing about which UPS to go for. You might be scratching your head. We have got you covered with our detailed buying guide. Proceed to read about a guide on how to select the best UPS for PS5.

What is the PS5 power consumption?

The wattage depends on the game you are playing. Not all games are equal, and some are more demanding than others.

If you are playing a demanding game, your PS5 will draw out more power. For instance, if you are playing a game with different worlds with complex environments, with several enemies and explosives, it will draw out more power.

The PS5 can use 200 watts maximum while playing next-generation and heavy-duty games like Miles Morales, Spider-man, etc. Since PS5 requires 200 watts, it is better to opt for 850VA or 450W UPS Battery Backup. It will help you use PS5 without a problem whenever a total power outage or brownout occurs.

Moreover, these systems with high capacity allow you to save your game and switch off easily without any damage to the console.

APC vs. Cyberpower UPS


These brands both have great UPS. However, they both have some great pointers and some drawbacks.

The APC – a brand of Schneider is a company giant with a long history. Their units are a bit expensive, but they are of high quality. Plus, they offer impeccable features and good runtime. All of their units undergo a strict Quality Assurance procedure.

Oddly enough, their customer service support is something that several APC users hate the most. If you ever face any issue, you will probably have to scour the forums.

In contrast, Cyberpower is a Chinese brand that offers reliable, top-quality, and affordable products. All of their products are up-to-date and provide various features.

Features to Consider

We have mentioned numerous features that you should consider before purchasing a UPS for your PS5.


It is an essential thing to consider before purchasing a UPS. Every UPS comes with a wattage and VA ratings.

You will need a high wattage UPS if you have high power usage and vice versa. We have gathered a list of wattage ranges below.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

This feature is also crucial because it corrects the low and high voltage conditions without using any battery.

Battery Life

The battery present inside your unit should last about three years or more. If it does not, you can always use a warranty to get yourself a replacement battery.

Moreover, during the power failure, your UPS battery will last for about thirty minutes to an hour. However, it will depend on the load you are putting on the unit. It gives you enough time to shut off your system quickly and gracefully.

Surge Protection

The battery backup that you choose should have a built-in surge protector. It will help you protect your unit from a lightning strike or power surges.

Moreover, these surge protection outlets will safeguard all your electronics from spikes and surges without depleting your battery power. Thus, you can run primary electronics during a power failure.

Whenever you connect an expensive piece of equipment to a power source, make sure that it is adequately protected.

Interface & Software

Why do you need software for UPS? It is one of the crucial things to consider because it helps you to monitor UPS. Furthermore, UPS with high-end software allows you to control its features and do superior monitoring. You can use the software on either MAC or PC.

What’s more, you can use this software to shut down your PC when the UPS battery’s life is low. It is especially helpful when you are not physically there to turn the computer yourself.

A few models include a cable and a USB port to connect to the computer if we talk about interfaces. It is the standard, and you will find mostly USB interfaces on our list. However, other models also offer serial connectivity.

Power Outlets

Many UPS has between six to twelve outlets. These outlets are divided between surge + battery backup and surge-only outlets.

Before choosing the UPS, make sure to count the outlets for the devices you want to keep running during the power failure. If you wish for more outlets, ensure that the model provides the maximum number of battery backup and surge protection outlets.

Other than that, consider surge-only outlets as well. These are used for those devices that you do not want to give power to during an outage.

LCD Screen

Uninterrupted Power Supply With Display

A basic UPS will only use lights to inform you if it is connected to AC power, running out of juice, or if the problem has occurred.

However, a high-end model will include an LCD screen that will instantly show you all the information you need to know. It will display the following things:

User-replaceable Battery

Like any other battery, a UPS battery also has a lifespan. These batteries can last for about three to five years maximum. These replaceable batteries allow users to do battery replacement and upgrades. You can either buy them from Amazon, a local battery store, or the manufacturer for replacement.

Moreover, replacing batteries is a no-brainer process. You have to disconnect the unit first and remove the protective cover’s Philips-head screw. After unbolting, remove the old cover after disconnecting the battery terminals. Put the new battery inside and reverse the steps.

Simulated Sine Wave vs. Pure Sine Wave

A UPS battery backup has two types of output waveform – pure sine wave and simulated sine wave.

Your UPS receives electricity and frequency in the form of the sine wave. In a normal mode, UPS passes a similar electrical sine wave to the connected devices. However, it either produces a simulated sine wave or a pure sine wave to power the electronics in a battery mode.

The main difference between the two sine waves is that a pure sine wave in a battery backup mode will always produce a cleaner and smoother output than the simulated sine wave.

What’s more, a pure sine wave improves equipment efficiency and performance, and it is more costly than the simulated sine wave.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of UPS systems are available?

There are three different categories or topologies based on the type of power protection you require. The topologies are Double-Conversion, Line-Interactive, and Standby.

Can I use my UPS for five to six hours straight?

If your power requirements are low and you own a high-end UPS, it might be possible. However, running a unit this long requires a lot of batteries, and it becomes financially unfeasible.

How UPS differs from a standby generator?

While both provide power during an outage, the UPS system will deliver power straight away. It is an immediate and short-term solution.

In contrast, a standby generator takes time to start but delivers power for a longer duration. Moreover, the UPS works through batteries while the generator requires fuel.

How UPS differs from an inverter?

The inverter and the UPS work the same. Ther job is to provide the backup supply to the electrical system. However, the only difference is that the UPS works much faster in delivering the power. It immediately switches from the main supply to the battery.

What are the typical power problems that exist?

Most people are only aware of the term “blackout.” However, there are several other power problems that you might experience, such as:

  • Surge
  • Brownout
  • Voltage sags
  • Overvoltage
  • Frequency noise
  • Frequency variation
  • Harmonic distortion
Do I need a UPS with a sine wave output?

You will need a unit with a sine wave technology if you want to plug the UPS in the following:

  • iMac computers
  • Equipment and computers with efficient systems


We hope that we made the selection easy for you. We collected all the information we could find to provide you with a detailed buyer’s guide on the best UPS for PS5. If you are still confused about which one to buy for your gaming console, choose any of the above. The products we have mentioned will not fail to impress you.

However, before buying, make sure to consider the model’s wattage, battery life, automatic voltage regulation, surge protection feature, and the number of outlets you require. Having a UPS as a backup will save your PS5 from the expensive damage. You will not be able to use it for long, but you can close it gracefully and effortlessly.

Since you know, it is mandatory to invest in one, which one will you select? If we have forgotten to mention the other best PS5 UPS besides these outstanding ones, feel free to comment.


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