Vizio has already made its name among the most popular brands for television and home theater in the world. The company has introduced tons of smart features into its devices. So, if you are looking for the best TV for gaming in 2022, you aren’t alone.

There are a lot of other gamers who want to amp up their gaming on Vizio’s televisions. The company’s newest line of televisions offers 4K Ultra HD for immersive visuals. And some of Vizio’s TVs have a 60Hz to 120Hz refresh rate, which is perfect for gaming.

Best Vizio TV for Gaming

Another important reason you would want to switch to a TV rather than a typical gaming device is the big-screen size. With Vizio TV, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a wide range of big-screen televisions from 43-inch to 65-inch.

But it’s always challenging to get the device perfect for gaming. That’s why we have gone through intense testing to review some Vizio TVs. And guess what! We’ve got some buddies to vouch for their gaming capabilities along with the buying guide. Are you ready for it? Let’s dive in.

Quick Comparison Table for the Best Vizio TV for Gaming

All our top picks have 4K Ultra HD resolution, Active Full Array backlight, and next-gen quantum colors. UltraBright 1100 and Dolby Vision HDR add to the overall visual crisp. All the Vizio TVs also include SmartCast for enjoying popular streaming services.

Then what is different between all our top recommendations? Let’s find it out in our quick comparison table right now.

Vizio TV
Screen Size
Refresh Rate
Vizio Quantum 4K Smart Vizio TV for PS5

Vizio Quantum 4K Smart Vizio TV for PS5

  • HDR10+
  • HDMI 2.1
  • 4K at 120fps
  • Dolby Vision
  • Variable Refresh Rate
  • AMD FreeSync Premium
  • QLED Display Technology
  • Vizio IQ UltraTM Processor
  • UltraBright 1100 for clear brightness

The first on our list of the best Vizio televisions for gaming and media is the P-Series Quantum 4K Smart TV. It’s HDR-compatible television with Ultra HD LED display.

The television supports Dolby Vision, a dynamic HDR format for improved picture quality contrast. But wait, there’s more. The TV supports almost all the popular formats such as HLG and HDR10 as well.

The display panel has an Active Full Array back-light for high-performance colors. It layers in local dimming to offer the TV more control over the lighting displayed on the screen. Also, it offers deeper blacks and detailed control on brightness.

The Active Full Array Max technology offers 192 local dimming zones to make your visuals more appealing. The Vizio Quantum Color Spectrum technology can render over 1 billion colors. And that is just mind-boggling. The color palette is brighter than ever.

Another noticeable feature of this Vizio TV’s P-Series is the UltraBright 1100. What does it do? Well, it has 1100 Nits of peak brightness, which means you will have the brightest screen ever by far. The feature makes the image crisp with lifelike detail.

To open your eyes to more horizons, the Vizio IQ UltraTM Processor works faster than any Vizio chip ever made. The ultra chip processes the picture brilliantly with a more powerful 4K upscaling engine.

The SmartCast has fast navigation with quick access to your favorite shows. You want to buy the Vizio TV for gaming, and this television supports HDMI 2.1 connectivity. It’s outstanding for seamless connectivity and fast data travel.

Furthermore, you can play 4K games at 120fps on your PS5. But most games let you reach 120fps at 1080p only. But the TV is ready for 4K with a 120Hz of refresh rate.

In conclusion, look no further than this television by Vizio if you’re looking for the best visual experience. Combined with next-gen processors, Active Full-Array lighting, and UltraBright 1100, the television vouches for its brilliance.

  • Built-in Apple AirPlay & Chromecast
  • 4K Ultra HD with spatial scaling engine
  • 200 local dimming zones for precise brightness
  • Commendable connectivity with HDMI 2.1
  • Smooth gaming experience with VRR & AMD
  • FreeSync Premium
  • Doesn’t support a full-size hard drive
Vizio VSeries 4K Smart TV

Vizio VSeries 4K Smart TV

  • V-Gaming Engine
  • Auto gaming mode
  • Low latency gaming
  • Built-in Chromecast
  • HDMI 2.1 connectivity
  • 4K Ultra HD and Dolby Vision HDR
  • Full-Array Backlight for uniformed brightness

Discover Vizio’s 4K smart television offering the best value for money with a breathtaking dynamic range. The television supports Dolby Vision for impressive brightness and rich color contrast. It offers a lifelike visual experience without a doubt.

With 4K Ultra HD, the Vizio’s V-Series 43-inch television offers over 8 million pixels. It offers 4 times the resolution of 1080p, which is just amazing. And like other Vizio TVs, the V435-H11 comes with a Full Array Backlight. It helps distribute superior light dispersion on the screen.

Thanks to the Vizio Gaming Engine, the television helps you experience the next-level gaming performance. You will get rid of choppy gameplay from now on because it will break no frames. The AMD FreeSync helps your gaming get better.

You can use your voice to control your television using Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Home. Mirroring your screen for presentations, shows, movies, and video chats directly on this TV is seamless with Siri or Google Assistant.

Vizio has offered the maximum number of streaming apps to enjoy the best of media content. Access all your favorite apps within your television now with Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2. But the impressive feature of the tv remains the picture quality.

The dark blacks with 10 local dimming zones help you get the brightest display. The Ultrabright 400 gets you the detailed picture possible. Another important thing for a gamer must be the latency of your television system.

And even in that area, Vizio has proven to be perfect for gamers. Why? Typically, low latency of 100ms is acceptable, while 20ms to 40ms is optimal for gaming. But the Vizio television has a low latency of 10.5ms at 4K, which is amazing.

Cutting a long story short, the Vizio has everything you need to amp your gaming up. The 43 size of the screen is also great for viewing and effective pricing. Look no further than this if you want to get the Vizio tv for HDR gaming.

  • Dolby Vision 4K HDR for in-depth details
  • Full-Array Backlight for crispy visuals
  • Perfect for streaming and gaming alike
  • Voice controls with Alexa, Siri, and Google
  • Auto-game mode and V-Gaming Engine
  • No internet browser
Vizio MSeries Quantum 55inch 4K Smart TV

Vizio MSeries Quantum 55inch 4K Smart TV

  • Hands-free voice control
  • UltraBright 600 for crispy picture
  • Deep shades of black for uniformity
  • Exceptional 4K display for a detailed picture
  • 90 local dimming zones for a wide color spectrum
  • Mirroring freedom for streaming movies, shows, and much more

Vizio M-Series Quantum 4K televisions are outstanding in terms of picture quality. It comes with crystal clear picture quality and exceptional black uniformity. The commendable color gamut makes the TV even more appealing for media show lovers and gamers alike.

Like other Vizio TVs, the M558-G1 performs brilliantly with full-array local dimming. The HDR content also offers a lifelike viewing experience. Is it curved? No, it has an ordinary design, but it’s clean and minimalist.

The TV stand is wide and needs a full-size table, which isn’t ideal for big screens. But then we don’t recommend making it stand but adjust it on a shelf or to the wall properly. The back of the TV has metal and hard plastic inputs and elements. They’re easy to access and install.

The borders of the television are thin, and you will love them for sure. And the TV is reasonably thin at 2.87 inches. The build quality is commendable. It’s made out of hard plastics and metals. The TV overall has an ergonomic design.

The M-Series Quantum television has an astounding contrast ratio, which means you will see a detailed picture. The deep blacks make sure you have a clear picture with excellent brightness. The local dimming feature on the M-series is also commendable.

It struggles a bit to start with fast-moving objects, but then it becomes super-fluid. The television produces up to 80% more colors than a standard 4K TV. Isn’t it enough for you to go for the Vizio TV?

Ultra-Bright 600 delivers three times more brightness than traditional televisions. The full array backlight has 90 local dimming zones, allowing you to enjoy an immersive experience. The Dolby Vision HDR can show a vast color spectrum.

  • Hands-free voice control
  • Extraordinary color spectrum
  • Mirroring-freedom for streaming
  • Deep shades of blacks for clarity
  • Ultra-Bright 600 for boosted brightness
  • Only 60Hz refresh rate
Vizio PSeries Quantum 65inch Smart TV

Vizio PSeries Quantum 65inch Smart TV

  • 300 nits of peak brightness
  • Extraordinary color experience
  • 200 local dimming zones for perfect black levels
  • 4UHD with Dolby Vision for an extremely clear picture
  • Wide quantum colors with 115% more colors than standard 4K TV

The Vizio P-Series has phenomenal televisions with an awesome 4K display and amazing blacks. The impressive contrast ratio and commendable local dimming features add crispness to the picture quality.

The television has an enormous screen size of 65 inches, which is more than enough to astound you. The quantum color spectrum has 115% more colors than a standard 4K television. It has an ultra-bright 1100, which guarantees detailed highlights at up to 1100 nits of brightness.

The 200 local dimming zones further allow you to see the stunning depth and contrast in your pictures. The built-in voice control lets you control the television with Siri or Google Assistant. You don’t need to touch the TV to operate it.

The built-in Chromecast offers thousands of amazing apps for streaming shows and movies. You can also stream from your smartphone using Apple AirPlay. Also, it comes with 100 free to live and original channels with shows, movies, and news.

Vizio Quantum P659-G1 P-Series television delivers the ultimate home entertainment experience. It offers cinematic visuals and impressive clarity. Thanks to the deep and inky blacks, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the lifelike pictures.

The television is powered by Vizio’s next-generation quantum dot technology, which makes sure you get a detailed viewing experience. You will see impressive contrast even in the darkest place. Enjoy the visuals in an aluminum frame designed to create an immersive viewing experience.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of television now. The back of the TV is plain plastic with no cable management. The borders are thin. And the overall build quality is exceptional, despite being cheaper than its competitors.

Last but not least, the Vizio P659-G1 has an impressive color gamut. Why? It has almost the coverage of the DCI-P3 color space by most 4K UHD Blu-rays televisions. Look no further than this if you’re looking for a reasonably priced TV with everything you need for gaming.

  • Outstanding color gamut
  • Extraordinary quantum colors
  • Displays 4K content with no issues
  • UltraBright 1100 for boosted picture clarity
  • Profoundly bright because of 300 nits of brightness
  • Doesn’t show a 4:3 aspect ratio
Vizio 50inch VSeries 4K UHD Smart TV

Vizio 50inch VSeries 4K UHD Smart TV

  • 8 million pixels for breathtaking details
  • Full-Array Backlight for uniformed lighting
  • 4K HDR Processor for fast picture processing
  • Lowest input lag because of auto gaming mode
  • V-Gaming Engine for the improved gaming experience
  • 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR for an amazing TV experience

Vizio’s TV offers amazing processing than most of its competitors in the market, though it lacks Bluetooth connectivity. It has thin bezels for a classy appearance at a reasonable price. The 50-inch television delivers a 60Hz refresh rate, which is awesome for most shows.

The full-array LED backlight makes sure you don’t have any dim zones on your screen. It also means you will have no eye strain and still watch the best visuals. The V505-H19 is lightweight for a 50-inch screen television at just 21.5 pounds.

As for the connectivity, the television has no Bluetooth. But you still enjoy the dual-band 802.1n Wi-Fi. It’s fast and easy for streaming most content today. But wait, there’s more. The TV also has an ethernet port for more connectivity on the go.

When it comes to content, Vizio’s SmartCast Home is an all-in-one package for you. It has all the popular streaming apps specially curated for you. Performance-wise, the V505-H19 offers better color saturation as well.

The television supports the most popular HDR formats, including HDR10, Logluv TIFF, FITS, and more. It’s an impressive entry-level television with crispy image quality perfect for gaming and media consumption.

The Dolby Vision HDR transforms the TV with dramatic imaging and astounding brightness. The color contrast also brings full-fledged entertainment to your home. The IQ Active 4K HDR Processor is lightning-fast, offering superior pictures.

With the V-Gaming Engine, you will enjoy Xbox One and PlayStation games seamlessly with responsive actions. The Auto Game Mode further enhances the gaming experience by lowering the input lag.

For controlling the operations, the television has a highly functional remote control. And you can connect antennas and cables as well. And the TV comes with a 90-day return warranty, which shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

  • 4K Ultra HD with 8 million pixels
  • Solid bang for bucks for a 50-inch TV
  • V-Gaming Engine for boosted gaming
  • HDR Processor for a fluid viewing experience
  • Full-Array Backlight for brightness uniformity
  • No motion compensation

Now that we have reviewed some of the best Vizio televisions for gaming, let us offer a guide for choosing the right TV for you.

Vizio Gaming TV Buyer’s Guide:

Your TV is your family member, especially if you’re in the US. Most often, you get the TV once in your lifetime. That’s why you need to consider a lot of things while buying the one for you. Let’s see what you should look into and what you may ignore.

Let’s discuss some of them in detail now.

Don’t forget the features for Gaming

Gaming on a Vizio TV

While movies and shows are the primary reason for getting a TV, you’re buying it for gaming. That’s why it must have all the functionalities and features to amp up your game. Your TV should be ready for HDMIs and getting connected to consoles.

Decide on Your Price Range

There’s a simple formula that the more you spend, the better features you get. TV prices have come down in recent years. And you can get an amazing television with an immersive experience at a reasonable price.

Spending more money on your TV gets you deeper blacks, boosted contrast, and a rich color spectrum. And most of all, the high price gets you a bigger screen for a realistically impressive viewing experience.

Choose Between OLED or LED

OLED TVs have the best picture quality so far. But then they’re more expensive than LED televisions. 4K LED TV also offers a substantial viewing experience. All these TVs come with smart television features.

Go for a Bigger Size TV

There was a time when the size of your TV depended on your family size. The bigger your family was, the bigger was the size of your television. But not anymore. Now you always get the biggest TV you can get, especially if you’re a show’s buff.

A big-screen television offers high resolution, which is ideal for enjoying movies and shows. It provides you with in-depth detail of what you view on your television. Today, most streaming platforms like Netflix have 4K movies, and you can relish them on your big-screen TV.

Buy the TV with the Fastest Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the number of times a picture is refreshed on the screen per second. The faster the refresh rate is, the better will be the picture quality. That’s why we always recommend going for the fastest refresh rate you can.

The standard refresh rate in most TVs today is 60 Hz, which is outstanding without a doubt. But if you choose 120 Hz, you will have an amazingly detailed picture on your TV. The manufacturers have also produced TVs with a breath-taking refresh rate of 240 Hz.

Pay Attention to the Connectivity

If you pay attention to things like connectivity ports on your TV, you’re a pro-buyer. See if there’s ample connectivity because you’re buying the TV for gaming. It’s because most buyers ignore it, but they shouldn’t because you must be ready to boost your TV’s functionality.

The connectivity ports like HDMI help you add a soundbar, Chromecast, and connect a gaming console. When you get a 4K UHD TV, make sure it has support for HDMI 2.0 to enjoy future Ultra HD sources. Now is the age of connectivity, and you can’t really ignore that.

The built-in tuner in Vizio TVs is not that great and we recommend going for third-party TV tuners for Vizio.

Enjoy the Deepest Black Levels

The black level is the technical term to describe the brightness of a TV. It helps determine the level of picture quality. The deeper black levels your TV has, the better picture quality it will have. We recommend buying the TV with the deepest black levels to enjoy the best visuals.

Choose the TV with Optimum Viewing Angles

Vizio OLED TV Side Viewing Angle

Some televisions have viewing angle issues. You need to sit directly in front of your TV to view the best picture. While if you sit off to the side, you’ll end up ruining your visual experience. Lower-end TVs often have to view angle problems.

If you choose the OLED tech TV, all the viewing angles are set optimum.

Make sure your TV is Compatible with HDR

HDR is a High Dynamic Range, which helps reproduce a greater range of luminosity than standard digital imaging. HDR on your smartphone is a different thing, though. The smartphone HDR helps the camera to take multiple exposures at the same time.

While on the TV, the HDR becomes much more important to enjoy the best visuals. It expands the color contrast to having a more natural, vibrant, and accurate depth.

Go for the Smart TV

Yeah, it’s a no-brainer, we know. But we’re living in the smart era; we must have everything smart. And the good news is that most Vizio TVs have brilliant features equipped with connectivity and gaming.

Don’t fall for Remote Control

Don’t buy a TV just because it comes with an eye-catching remote control. Get the best TV, and you can always upgrade its remote control. The third-party remote controls are awesome, without a doubt. Opt for them, and you’re good to go.

Let’s have a look at Vizio’s smart features now.

Vizio TV Smart Features

Vizio televisions run on the SmartCast platform, which has a limited selection of apps. But it’s a versatile platform and has grown in support from other app developers. Let’s discuss a few of its salient features now.

SmartCast InterfaceRemote & Voice ControlsVizio Remote App

The SmartCast has a traditional home screen, and apps like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are available. We didn’t like the unavailability of an app store. And the apps are linked to web-based interfaces. But you’ll have no problem streaming the videos at all.

Vizio has improved a lot in recent years. For example, you can enjoy watching TV without touching the SmartCast apps. You can control all the settings available in on-screen menus. What we like the most is that the interface is ad-free.

Vizio TVs don’t support voice controls, but you can use a remote device to control them. The remote control which comes with the TV offers basic functionality to use your TV. the device has a reasonable size and ample buttons, though.

The Vizio remote app is astounding with all the needed functions. You can even enter text into some apps, which is awesomely smart. You can control all the TV settings and adjust the apps accordingly. Changing the settings is fast and easy.

Vizio Gaming Settings

HDR Gaming on Vizio TV

Once you buy Vizio TV for gaming, you must be excited to play your favorite labels on it. For an optimal gaming experience, you need to do some settings on your Vizio TV. And for that, go to ProGaming Engine and enable Gaming Low Latency.

And you can enable the settings with any picture mode, which is outstanding and unlikely in other TVs. And if you are up for PC gaming, set your computer to 4:4:4 and choose Full Color 4:4:4. And set the HDMI Mode to 2.1 if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vizio support 120Hz TV?

There are many Vizio televisions with a refresh rate of 120Hz available in the market. Vizio’s ProGamingEngine supports VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), which is exceptional for boosted motion clarity and gaming performance.

Is Vizio 120Hz TV good for gaming?

The Vizio television with a 120Hz refresh rate is not only good but outstanding. It offers an amazingly responsive gaming experience and immersive visuals. But you must maintain around 120 frames per second to enjoy the refresh rate of 120Hz.

Are Vizio TVs really good for gaming?

The Vizio TVs are awesome for gaming because we didn’t face any input lag. The AMD FreeSync Technology in the televisions offers fluid performance at any frame rate. You’ll face no shuttering or tearing at all.

Which series of Vizio TV is the best for gaming?

We believe the P-Series of Vizio TV is the best for gaming because it has optimized auto-game mode, Dolby Vision, and Atmos. Thanks to the HDR tone mapping, the TV has increased gaming detail. The P-Series also has 4K 60-120Hz televisions with AMD FreeSync Premium for an awesome gaming experience.

What is Vizio’s gaming engine?

The ProGaming Engine by Vizio is a feature that brings in seamless gaming performance for you. It has four unique features such as VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), AMD FreeSync, and Auto Game Mode. All these features offer a much better gaming experience than traditional TV sets.

Is Vizio M Series good for gaming?

If you are looking for a great gaming experience on a budget, the Vizio M-Series Quantum TV is for you. Why? It’s because the series offers a wide color range, contrast performance, and premium processing with a gaming engine.

The series is also optimized with auto-game mode and supports Dolby Vision and Atmos. It has smoother graphics at 4K 60 frames per second, but not at 120 fps. You will choose the P-Series for that.

Is Vizio better than LG?

Vizio offers a tremendous balance of contrast, brilliant color quality, and brightness. But the LG delivers a more consistent picture quality in its televisions. We believe both the brands are great, depending on which model you buy.

Is Vizio owned by Sony?

Sony doesn’t own Vizio. Sony or Samsung don’t manufacture Vizio TVs. Rather, it’s an independent privately owned American company founded in 2002 and headquartered in California.

Is the Vizio V-Series 120Hz?

The Vizio V-Series doesn’t offer a 120Hz refresh rate at all; rather, it has 60Hz. For

Will Vizio add more apps to SmartCast?

Vizio SmartCast keeps growing the number of apps, including the ones for your favorite networks and streaming services.

Are Vizio TVs durable?

Vizio televisions are durable and last for a lifetime. But the lifespan of full brightness is around 5 to 7 years, which is outstanding.


Vizio has made its name among popular televisions for immersive visual and gaming experiences alike. And as we have just reviewed, the TVs have all the smart features and gaming capabilities you need. If you want a standalone recommendation from us, we consider Vizio P-Series Quantum to be the best Vizio TV for gaming.

The TV supports Dolby Vision, offers 192 local dimming zones along with a vast quantum color spectrum for improved picture quality. The size is big enough for enjoying an immersive experience and Nits of 1100 peak brightness add more power to the visuals. We hope the television will not disappoint you from any angle.


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