Just like your body needs nutrients from food to remain healthy, your shoes too need their part of nourishment to perform longer.

We sound crazy, right? but the fact is, shoe polish isn’t made only for cleaning shoes or getting rid of the scuffs. Rather the right product will nourish and protect your footwear, be it old or new, from wearing over the years so you can enjoy flaunting your favorite pair for years to come by.

Best White Shoe Polish

And what can be better than a sparkling pair of white sneakers from your most lovable brand? Although, all of us do love a white pair of shoes, cleaning them can be stressful.

Dealing with the discoloration, scuffs, and water stains, maintaining the “whiteness” can be quite a struggle unless you find the right product to take care of it. but here is the good news!

We’ve gathered a list of the best white shoe polish that we find does the trick and give that must needed shine to our favorite pair of white shoes. Did we get you excited? Then let’s move on to know more about the polishes.

Comparing Best White Shoe Polish 2021

White Shoe Polish
Polish Type
2.5 Oz.
1.13 Oz.
3.2 Oz.
4.0 Oz.
3.0 Oz.
3.5 Oz.

The Premium Quality White Shoe Polish

Are you looking for an easy way to help you get rid of the dirt marks of your white sneakers? Something that will help return its shine and quality? Well, white shoe polish is what you need.

But do a shoe polish work well on sneakers and runners? Certainly, if you choose the right product. Hence, here are the best white shoe polishes that we truly found useful.

Moneysworth & Best Brillo White

Moneysworth & Best Brillo White

  • Ideal for golf runners and duty shoes
  • Works well on different materials including leather, canvas, and vinyl
  • Hassle-free usage

The liquid white shoe polish by Moneysworth and Best is probably the best white shoe polish for golf shoes!

If you’re a professional golfer or someone who plays it for fun, you’ll know how dirty white runners become when you run around in bare, muddy ground to put the ball in the goal.

Well, for us hitting a shot is easier than having to clean and maintain the white golf runners, which is surely a headache. But thanks to a friend of ours, we have now found Moneysworth and Best Brillo quality shoe polish.

The best thing about this polish is that is hassle-free to use. Just un-cap the top, press it down on the shoe, and your good to go. You don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty!

Moreover, the shoe polish is designed to work on a variety of materials which includes canvas, leather, and vinyl articles. Sounds unreal? Well, we’ve tried it and it works great every time!

Since we’re talking about liquid white polish. Our biggest concern has always been the polish getting blotchy or chalky while not leaving the right stain. But with Moneysworth and Best white polish, this isn’t the case.

It delivers the perfect white stain for our white runners and kid’s canvas without getting blotchy after drying up. Also, because it isn’t very expensive and lasts a while, we recommend it to people who own a bunch of expensive white shoes and need to restore them!

  • Offer the right white shade for shoes
  • Works great on materials like leather, vinyl, and canvas
  • Ideal for golf runners and sneakers
  • The liquid white shoe polish offers hassle-free usage
  • It May get blotchy and chalky if used on material apart from canvas, vinyl, and leather
  • It may not deliver the required finesse on some types of canvas shoes
  • Some users find the polish to be too “watery” or “sticky”
Kiwi White Shoe Polish

Kiwi White Shoe Polish

  • Adds shine to leather shoes
  • Nourishes and protects leather
  • Easy to use

When it comes down to quality shoe polish, Kiwi is a household name ruling for decades. Although, it has been our family favorite for a long never did we know that Kiwi has a white shoe polish too!

And since the discovery, we’ve been highly satisfied. Why? This is because we’ve always struggled to find ways to maintain our expensive white leather shoes. Although we’ve kept them for “special occasions” only over the years, we’ve experienced discoloration of our shoes.

And thus, finding a product, especially a white polish to re-do them wasn’t easy until we found Kiwi white shoe polish, probably the best on the market for leather shoes.

What is unique about this shoe polish is that not only does it clean the shoes, rather nourishes and protects the leather from fading away over time. Although, it does not stop the process of leather wastage loves it down.

And how can we forget the shine that this polish adds to our white collection? It is superb! Also, Kiwi’s white polish is super easy for you. All you need is a soft brush or a piece of cloth/towel.

Gently dab the cloth/towel or brush on the wax-based polish and apply it to your shoes. Sounds easy, right? but before you apply the polish, make sure you clean off the dirt with another cloth so it doesn’t settle down on the surface of your shoes, killing the shine and texture when you apply the white polish.

It takes only a few seconds for you to apply the white shoe polish by Kiwi and flaunt your leather shoes as you’ve just bought a new pair! We love it and so will you!

  • Great for leather shoes
  • Nourishes and protects leather while adding a shine to it
  • Easy to use
  • A single tin goes a long way
  • The long-lasting white color that perfectly matches the white color of your leather shoes
  • You may need to apply a few coats for the perfect finish
  • If not stored probably, the polish can become dry and difficult to use
Alloda White Shoe Polish & Cleaner

Alloda White Shoe Polish & Cleaner

  • Works great on a variety of materials including rubber, nylon, leather, canvas, etc.
  • Eco-friendly shoe polish free from chemicals and abrasives
  • Easy to use kit that includes high-end cleaner and white shoe polish

Have you ever bought a shoe polish kit before? Or used a shoe cleaner? We never knew that something like a shoe cleaner or kit was even excited until we found out about the Alloda white shoe polish and cleaner.

If like us you have a variety of shoes in the house, anything from adult leather shoes to kids’ white sneakers, we highly recommend getting your hands on this product. This kit works like magic and we aren’t kidding you!

The Alloda kit includes a brush, a shoe cleaner, and a white shoe polish that is eco-friendly. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or abrasions that are not only bad for your shoes but can also damage the environment.

Hence, it gained points right here! Moreover, we’ve tried it on different shoe materials and until today, we have never been disappointed. Whether it was our Nike sneakers or kid’s canvas, the white polish and cleaner by Alloda worked great!

With this kit, you do not have to buy a cleaner separately. Moreover, it is simple to use. Just take a soft piece of cloth, pour the cleaner over it and rub the shoes to get rid of stains and dirt.

Once it has been thoroughly cleaned, apply the liquid white shoe polish and leave it to dry for a few minutes. See the shine? The Nano bright factor added to the formula of the polish adds shine to your shoes.

Oh, and yes, Alloda has been clever in introducing a tape along with the kit so when you polish the shoes white. So, if you are too looking for a white shoe polish that works magic with your old, dirty shoes, get your hands on Alloda’s polish kit!

  • A complete kit with an easy-to-use shoe cleaner and polish
  • Fit for multiple material types includes rubber, mesh, nylon, leather, etc.
  • Best white shoe polish for sneakers
  • Includes a tape that secure non-white areas when polishing the shoes
  • Formulated with Nano bright factor that adds an “extra” shine to your footwear
  • Non-sticky, non-blotchy, and non-chalky formula
  • Comes with a bag which makes it easy to carry around
  • Not recommended for suede and nubuck
  • If not stored properly, the polish can dry up quickly
  • Expensive than other white shoe polish kits
  • The brush bristles fall out
Red Moose Liquid Shoe Polish

Red Moose Liquid Shoe Polish

  • Nourishes and protects leather
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Has little to no odor and dries quickly

Are you tired of finding the right liquid white polish for your shoes that work? We’ve always struggled to find a white polish that delivers the white stain. And if the product does, it takes the polish ages to dry which can be annoying at times.

But since we’ve found the Red Moose, we have been at peace! You must be wondering what makes the Red Moose’s liquid polish better than the rest? It is a non-toxic formula that nourishes and protects leather shoes, unlike any other polish.

The formula has been created to breathe new life into your dull, old shoes. We’ve been worried about the discoloration of our white leather shoes and needed a polish that would hide the problem and protect the leather from further damage.

And after a few uses, we found the Red Moose’s formula to be delivering its promise. It nourishes the leather from the inside, adding an extra layer of protection so it is kept safe from further damage.

Moreover, what excites us the most is unlike the usual liquid polishes, this one dries up within seconds so your shoes are ready to be worn in a jiffy. Also, we cannot emphasize a lot on the result that it delivers.

We’ve applied the white shoe polish by Red Moose and seen the blemishes and discoloration fade away. Furthermore, it doesn’t become blotchy or chalky which is a big disadvantage delivered by most liquid shoe polishes.

Thus, if you’re in search of a shoe polish that protects the leather, prevents water stains, and is easy to use, the Red Moose white liquid polish is highly recommended!

  • Protects your luxury leather and nourishes it
  • Easy-to-use and dries up quickly
  • Ideal for leather shoes
  • Can help with discoloration, water stains, and blemishes
  • Protects the shoes against water stains
  • Removes scuffs successfully
  • The liquid squeezes out fast hence, you need to be careful when using it
  • The quality of the applicator needs to be improved
  • It may be a little too watery for some users
Shoe MGK Touch-up White

Shoe MGK Touch-up White

  • Delivers great shine and nourishes a variety of materials including rubber, midsole, leather, etc.
  • Easy-to-use
  • Helps deal with discoloration, blemishes, and scuffs

Are you tired of the yellow soles? Or horrified at the sight of water stains on those lovely pair of white runners? Well, if you are thinking whether there is a solution for it then yes, we are happy to present you with the Shoe MGK touch-up white.

The polish is specifically formulated using a powerful blend of agents that work deep inside to help get rid of the yellow stains and blemishes.

Moreover, this easy-to-use liquid white shoe polish is compatible with a variety of materials including rubber, midsole, leather, canvas, vinyl, etc. So, yes, with this one product, you get to brighten up the shoes of an entire household without a problem.

But how do you use it? Super simple it is! Grab your white pair of shoes, be it sneakers or runners or any other, clean them thoroughly with water, cloth, or a brush to get rid of the dirt and scuff.

Next, dry the footwear and gently press the bottle down on the shoes to ooze out the liquid polish. Apply a good layer of white polish to ensure that it is as good as new. Sounds great? Give it a try yourself!

  • Ideal to be used on different surfaces/materials like rubber, midsole, leather, canvas, vinyl, etc
  • The latest formula that helps deal with footwear discoloration, scuffs, and stains
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordably priced
  • Some users have complained about the polish darkening the color of their shoes
  • It May become chalky when dried
Collonil Sneaker White

Collonil Sneaker White

  • Perfect for leather, canvas, and mesh shoes
  • Gives even coverage
  • Adds shine to the shoes

The Collonil sneaker white shoe polish may not be the fanciest of the lost but certainly gets the job done.

If you are frustrated with your white shoes turning yellow or scrubbing them every day to get rid of the dirt/water stains then this shoe polish can surely save a lot of your time.

The Collonil white polish is ideal for white sneakers, be it leather ones or mesh shoes. It is super convenient to use, gives even coverage, and also adds shine to your pair of footwear.

So, if you are looking for an easy-to-apply white shoe polish for your old sneakers, this one will give the much deserved “new look”.

  • Even application for great coverage
  • Adds shine to the shoes
  • Easy to apply
  • Great to be used on canvas, mesh, and leather footwear
  • Best white shoe polish for sneakers
  • It May is not as white as you might want the color to be
  • Does not deliver the promised finishing and coverage

White Shoe Polish Buyer’s Guide:

White Shoe Polish Buying Guide

How difficult can it be to buy a white polish? Not really, right? But what if we told you that you cannot just randomly pick a polish for your footwear? Sounds legit, right?

If you are confused and thrilled at the same time, let us get on to the bandwagon of tips that help you buy the right white shoe polish for your luxury or not-so-luxury footwear collection.

Material Type

Okay, so the most important thing to consider when buying a shoe polish is to understand what type of material do you need it for. In simpler words, a polish for leather shoes cannot be used for suede.

Or a polish for nubuck cannot be used for canvas or else, it’ll ruin your good pair of shoes. BUT, there are few shoe polishes on the market that serve multi-purpose. A few that we have mentioned above work great for leather shoes, canvas runners, and even a few other materials, giving you the perfect shine and finish.

So, before you pick just any other white shoe polish on the shelf, know the footwear material you’ll be dealing with for better results.


If you love matching stuff be it clothes or furniture in the house, you’ll be good at matching the right color with your shoes too. Sounds weird, right? Is it that hard to find a simple white polish for your shoes?

Well, yes because even the white shoe polishes come in different shades. You have cream-white, pearl-whit, off-white, and more. Hence, before you blindly apply a coat of polish on your shoes, make sure it matches, or else, rather than managing the blemishes and scuff, you’ll end up ruining it further.

The Ingredients

What do the ingredients have to do with shoe polish? If you are confused between the lines, let us tell you something. Just like the nutritional value of the food you cook depends on the ingredients you choose; the same idea works for a shoe polish too.

Shoe polish should add nutrition to your footwear. As much as this may seem cliché, but it is important. We’d suggest choosing a polish with a more natural formulation, a product that contains anything from beeswax to pine resin.

The quality of the ingredients and chemical-free formulation will breathe life into your dull, old footwear and hence, nourish it and protect it from further damages.

Even if you do not know much about the polish ingredients, just go one that is closest to being a natural formula.

Polish Type

Polishes, be it black, brown, or white come in different states. Like the most common ones are liquid polish, wax-based polish, or cream polish. And yes, all of these have different ways of application.

Like we’d never recommend you to use a liquid polish on leather footwear as it’ll form a flaky layer over, not providing it the nourishment it needs. Rather, for leather shoes, you can opt for either wax-based polish or cream one, because it works better on the material.

Similarly, before you buy the wax-based polish for your canvas shoes, understand the application of each type of polish and buy one accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will wax-based polish damage my shoe over time?

Not necessarily but for the wax-based polish, it dries up quickly and hence, does not nourish the shoes from depth. It may lead to flaking of the material and hence, when using a wax-based polish, switch to cream polish in between for long-lasting usage.

How would I know which polish to use?

If you read the label on the back of the polish bottles/tins, most brands mention the type of materials their product is ideal for. Hence, make sure to read the label to choose the right type of polish.

When should I buff the shoes after polishing them?

It usually takes 20 minutes for the polish to dry and hence, wait for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes before buffing the shoes.

How often should I polish my shoes?

We recommend polishing your shoes at least twice or thrice a week. Could be less too depending on the usage of your shoes.

Why is it important to polish shoes?

Your shoes face wearing and tearing when worn outside. Hence, to keep them performing you need to nourish them, and hence, polishing them with the best polish keeps them protected from further damages.

How to clean white leather shoes?

Make a mixture of warm water, a few drops of vinegar, and dishwashing liquid. Take a piece of cloth, dip in the mixture and rub the shoes with it. because leather is a much stronger material, you can even use a soft brush to scrub off stains, scuff, and dirt.

Now, use another clean cloth to wipe it dry, and then apply a good layer of white polish formulated especially for leather shoes to breathe new life into it.


We understand how difficult it is to maintain a good pair of white shoes. Even if you do not wear them regularly, the white tends to fade over time and hence, the discoloration can be pretty cringing.

Hence, with the right white shoe polish, you can certainly improve things, redo the shoes, and flaunt wearing them once again! Have a difficult time choosing the best white shoe polish to use? Hope our list helps you decide.


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