Is your internet connection slow? Are you looking for a way to improve the speed? Does it seem like a millennium since you experienced rocket-speed internet at your disposal? Well sadly, with more than a million users of the technology worldwide, managing high-speed connections can be a common problem today.

But of course, no one has such free time on hands to wait for hours for the search engine to open browsing and take another hour to give you related research results. Yes, we understand the wait is super annoying!

Best Zyxel Router

It’s been a while since we struggled with a poor internet connection. Called professionals to change the phone lines multiple times but still, we couldn’t access a clean connection in the next room of the house.

Tired and annoyed, we searched our way to the best Zyxel router and we couldn’t be happier! We’ve tried a few models from the companies and finally landed on one that suited our needs the best.

Zyxel Router
Data Transfer
2600 MB
300 MB
867 MB
1700 MB
2000 MB
1200 MB

Comparing The Best Zyxel Router 2021

Amongst most known brands, we’ve found to be compelled by Zyxel router in terms of performance, quality, and durability.

The Zyxel router setup is quick and easy! Thus, we never even needed to call a professional to install it or get any other help regarding the router. Even if you have little know-how about things like these, setting it up won’t be a problem.

If you have been considering buying a router to speed up the internet connection, look out at the top Zyxel router list below and we are sure, you’ll be thanking us later.

Zyxel Armor Z2 MU-MIMO Wireless Router

Zyxel Armor Z2 MU-MIMO Wireless Router

  • Transfer 2600 megabytes per second
  • Coverage area up to 2500 square feet
  • Stream boost optimization for enhancing your internet browsing experience
  • Easy to set up

Looking at this beauty we wondered if it was a router from the future! Sleeky designed with a polished surface, the Zyxel router promises to deliver great performance, and yes, it did fulfill the words.

The Z2 AC2600 model comes with MU-MIMO technology that speeds up the connection by transferring 2600 megabytes of data in a second. Moreover, it accelerates the transfer, working perfectly ion devices within a coverage area of 2500 square feet.

Additionally, the model by Zyxel comes with stream boost optimization which ensures to amp up your browsing, enhancing the streaming experience for the entire family.

This goes especially well for offices that have social media handles to sell their products or websites to run, because only a quick internet connection will help boost profits for them.

Also, as we already mentioned, this router is easy to install. We never needed an extra hand to install it.

What we love most about the router is that it focuses the signals to a device for greater reliability and supports 4K video content, letting you watch your favorite Netflix shows non-stop.

We’ve never needed any Zyxel router troubleshooting as it works smoothly and yes, the inclusion of the latest technology has let us enjoy movies as a family without interruption.

  • Transfers up to 2600 megabytes of data per second
  • Comes with stream boost optimization to accelerate streaming experience
  • Easy to install
  • MU-MIMO technology focuses the signal on a device and supports 4K video content for uninterrupted connection
  • Thermal enhanced design expels hot air and circulates cold air to keep the outer cool
  • May not support multiple devices at a time
  • Offers less durability
  • May not support DFS channels
Zyxel N300 Wireless Cable Router

Zyxel N300 Wireless Cable Router

  • Data transfer up to 300 megabytes per second
  • Offers IPv6 support
  • Dual Omni 5 dBi antennas for stronger signals
  • Wider coverage and easy set-up

This model by Zyxel may not look as stylish and modern as the other ones, but surely performs way better than most!

It is simply designed with a dual 5 dBi Omni antenna that throws signals over a wider coverage area, hence letting you access the internet from a few feet away. If you’re worried about the speed, let us ensure you, this one is pretty fast at its work.

The Zyxel N300 wireless router offers a stable connection amplified with dual antennas and bandwidth management control which enhances the browsing experience. Moreover, it can be used as an access point, router, and client bridge too!

Hence, if you’re looking for a multi-tasking router that is easy to install and improves your internet speed, we’d say do not let go of this one.

  • Data transfer speed up to 300 Mbps
  • Dual 5 dBi antenna delivers powerful signal hence covering a wider area
  • Bandwidth management control for enhanced browsing experience
  • Can be used as a client bridge, router, and access point
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Not very durable
  • Latency problems
Zyxel WiFi Homespot Router

Zyxel WiFi Homespot Router

  • Internet speed up to 867 Mbps
  • Connects with multiple devices simultaneously without a problem
  • One-touch wifi sharing

As amazing as this one looks, the Zyxel wifi homespot router is one to die for! It is smart keeping in mind embedded with advanced technology and looks modern.

We’ve put it at the side table in our lounge, and most people fool it for a decorative piece rather than a router!

Well, if only we could move away from its look, you’ll glad to know about the one-touch wifi sharing feature this one offers. At a speed of 867 Mbps, you can connect with up to 30 devices simultaneously, and that too with a single push of the top.

Moreover, the homespot supports up to 5GHz internet connectivity, letting you browse your favorite websites at lightning speed. And the addition of a sim slot and cable port makes it more interesting.

We’ve felt our internet speed to improve after we installed this router. No matter how many devices we connect at a time, we have no complaints about the speed.

  • One-touch wifi sharing
  • Can connect with up to 30 devices without compromising on the internet speed
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with a sim slot and cable port
  • Delivers signals at lightning speed
  • Sleek and modern design
  • May not be compatible with EE data card
Zyxel C2100Z Wireless Modem

Zyxel C2100Z Wireless Modem

  • Works as both router and a modem
  • Offers compatibility with CenturyLink service
  • Dual-band frequency

We’ve already emphasized the benefits of having a router with dual-band frequency as it enhances the internet speed while running smoothly on multiple devices.

Thus, talking about a modem that performs top-class is this traditional-looking beast by Zyxel. You might not find it fancy like most routers but we promise, it gets the job done well!

The C2100Z offers a stable connection and compatible with different frequencies so you get to enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection. Moreover, the dual-band lets you choose the connectivity type of your choice.

If you want faster internet managed over a smaller area, set it at 5GHz and if you want a wider coverage area, we’d suggest going for a 2.4GHz band connection.

Remember, that the router is easy to set up and offers IPv6 compatibility which lets it work perfectly well with standard internet equipment and lines. Moreover, it ensures to make the browsing secure.

It comes with a USB port and multiple outlets and best of all, the manufacturer offers a 90 days money-back guarantee on it too!

  • CenturyLink service compatibility
  • Uses dual-band width
  • Comes with a 90-days money-back guarantee
  • IPv6 compatibility makes it a perfect match for standard internet equipment and lines
  • Offers secure browsing
  • Has multiple ports
  • Users have complained of slow internet speed
  • Expensive than other Zyxel models
Zyxel Q1000Z Modem & Wireless Router

Zyxel Q1000Z Modem & Wireless Router

  • Compatible with CenturyLink Service
  • Works as a modem and router
  • Has firewall and network address translations (NAT) for added security
  • Comes with multiple ports

In a time where technology has it made easy to reach nooks and corners of the tiniest spaces, collect data and breach the security of one’s personal space, we always wanted to keep things under the wraps and hence were looking for a router that provides 100% security.

The Zyxel Q1000Z is a modem+ router that has fulfilled our requirements till the “T”. It is compatible with CenturyLink service, offers a reliable and stable internet connection so we get a hassle-free browsing experience.

Moreover, with this router in place, security is guaranteed. It comes with a firewall and NAT for advanced security, blocking unwanted cookies and users from entering your space.

Furthermore, if you see the router up close, you find multiple ports that are compatible with Ethernet cables, a USB, and standard internet lines, making it even more efficient at performance.

The Zyxel Q1000Z is fit for offices and homes, especially those workspaces where security is crucial.

  • Can be used as both a modem and a router
  • Compatible with the CenturyLink service
  • Offers secure browsing through firewall and NAT
  • Contains multiple outlets and a USB port
  • Not very durable
  • Slow internet connection
Zyxel AC1200 Dual-band Wireless Router

Zyxel AC1200 Dual-band Wireless Router

  • Internet speed up to 1200 Mbps
  • Embedded with MU-MIMO technology which promises higher internet speed
  • Consists of a gigabyte Ethernet
  • Comes with mounting brackets for easy installation on the wall

With four antennas standing straight on its top, the Zyxel AC1200 router is a beast! We’ve found it to deliver high speed and steady internet browsing experience. But how does it make it possible?

The lethal combination of dual-bands and MU-MIMO technology is what makes it happen.

Because the router comes with advanced systems, it throws internet signals over a wider area and manages the transfer of data without any hindrance.

The larger RAM backed up by fine technological details has let us love this router to the very bits. Moreover, you can either place it on a shelf or hang it on the wall, making installation no problem for even beginners like us!

Oh and let’s not forget to mention the gigabyte Ethernet switch that works exemplary for high speed and low latency applications.

If you’re missing out on your favorite Netflix shows because of poor internet connection, get the Zyxel AC1200 for a smooth browsing experience.

  • Delivers internet speed up to 1200 Mbps
  • MU-MIMO technology ensures steady and reliable high-speed connectivity
  • Comes with a gigabyte Ethernet
  • Bracket for easy wall-mounting
  • Some users have stated the router to stop working after a few months
  • May face problem with internet connectivity

Zyxel Router Buyer’s Guide:

Zyxel Router Buying Guide

Are you planning to buy a router yet confused about which model to go for, here are few points that should be at your fingertips to ensure you buy the best Zyxel router?

We can relate to the confusion, why so because we too struggled with buying a router when our internet annoyed us with a poor connection.

Nonetheless, what helped us choose the top router was a little effort put into research beforehand. And thus, we’re sharing what we learned throughout the way:

Multi-Core ProcessSingle Band or Dual BandRangePriceSecurity

One of the things that can make a beginner scared of buying something as important as the router is the fancy terms. A multi-core processor is surely a complicated word, but it simply means a good router should have more space to store data.

We’d make it even simpler for you to understand! When buying a router, make sure it is at least a dual-core processor.

Because a router needs to manage a lot of data, transferring it to and fro the device, the additional space will come in handy hence, not interrupting the connectivity.

What should you aim at? At least 128 RAM routers for faster performance!

Initially, we thought the “bands” had to do something with the antenna, but man was we wrong!

Single-band routers are the thing of the fast. Today, wireless routers work on multiple frequencies, two of the most common ones being 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz. Look at the back of your old router and if it reads “2.4 GH”, you need to replace it immediately.

A router working at a lower frequency faces connectivity issues and congestion. Hence if you want to run uninterrupted internet on multiple devices at the same time, go for a router with dual bands for improved performance and faster connectivity.

This is what we are talking about! Slow connectivity and range problems are what make us question our internet connection and hence, routers by Zyxel are made to fix the issue.

Although most routers offer a decent signal range, read the details on the back to ensure you go for the maximum.

Moreover, in case you still feel the device isn’t working for you as it should remember to put the router on a top shelf, away from other electronic devices that could hinder the signals on their way.

If you think a higher-priced router means you’ll be enjoying the latest technology and clean signals, do not fool yourself.

The technology tends to get outdated pretty soon, and hence spending hundreds of dollars on a “fancy” router when you can get the same performance from a more affordably priced one is surely not wise.

Hence, rather than believing quality is expensive in this case, look for heavier processors and a better range to enjoy a faster internet connection at your place.

Even your phone is at risk! you might wake up one day to the news of losing all your data to a hacker, sounds scary right? with the outright advanced technology, this surely is possible.

When we were planning to buy a router, a knowledgeable friend of ours suggested going for a router that offers WPA or WPA2 settings that blocks unknown users and cookies while making browsing safe.

As weird as it may sound a router can surely help keep your details confidential and hence, choose wisely.

Commonly Faced Problems with a Router

We’ve already openly discussed the top Zyxel routers and what should you be looking for in a good router. But the story doesn’t end here. Those who already have routers installed know these can cause problems too.

What are the most commonly faced problems with a router? How do you cope up with the situation?

Well take a deep breath as we are here to share our experiences by letting you know how we solved the following problems without having to stress over it a bit:

Zyxel Router Keeps Losing Internet Connection

One of the most common problems that you’ll face with a router is the frequent disconnection of the internet. What are the causes? There are many!

Your internet broadcast maybe needs to be changed hence get in touch with the service provider.

Or if you have shared your internet password with the neighbors recently, a lot of traffic can be another reason for losing connectivity thus try changing the password once.

Moreover, you can try moving your router away from the wall which usually interrupts signals, making them weak on the way. If still nothing works, call your service provider for assistance.

Zyxel Router Internet Light Flashing

Is your Zyxel router flashing the internet light? This means the internet signal is weak and hence unable to connect to the device. If so is the case, check your cables and wires to ensure they are fixed tightly in their ports.

Moreover, switch off the modem and switch it on after a few minutes and if the internet light is still flashing, move to default settings or call the helpline to check for any problems at the backend.

Zyxel Router Default Password

Were you too nice to hand out your password to the neighbors? And since the day, you’ve been facing trouble with the internet speed? Well, too much traffic can lead to congestion, and hence, to improve connectivity and speed, it is time you change the password.

We once faced a similar situation and we did was change the password to improve things. And it worked in our case. How can you do so?

Before you change your password and login-id, know that a default login id and password are what comes with the router. It is usually mentioned at the back of the equipment and has been labeled with you.

To change the password, first, connect the router with your computer using a cable. Next, move on to the browser to search for “change password” in the bar and put in the default password along with the required details so be able to move onto the next step.

Now, you see the screen flashing with a message asking you to jot in the new id and password. Re-write both to confirm the new details and you’ve successfully changed them.

Now, be wise to not share the information with others, or else, you’ll be putting your personal information at risk again!

Zyxel Router Login Problem

Although, setting up a Zyxel router is super easy but at times, even with the default login details fed incorrectly, you may not be able to access the system. What to do in such a case?

When we faced such a problem, we contacted a professional for help who guided us through the process. First, you need to open the web browser and feed your router’s IP address. How would you know the numbers? Check at the back of the router for the details.

A window will pop up asking for the user name and password, hence put it in the required fields and you’re good to go. Do not forget to connect the router with your computer with an Ethernet cable to access the system.

And in case you still face the problem with the login details, call the service provider for assistance!

Zyxel Router Port Forwarding Issues

We are sure not everyone has heard of the term “port forwarding”. We didn’t know about it either until we dug deep into a router’s details to find the best one for ourselves.

Port forwarding is one of the uses of NAT that uses a port number or address, re-directing it towards another device while maintaining high security under a firewall.

When you face trouble with port forwarding, your computer or devices allow unknown cookies to come through, putting your information at risk.

Although opening a port on a Zyxel router is pretty easy, but managing the port forward settings can be somewhat challenging.

A Zyxel router, irrespective of the model refers to port forwarding as NAT or SUA. Hence, when you open the router settings, make sure the SUA box is ticked for the port forwarding working.

You can even customize the settings to gain a better hold on the cookies that you receive, hence increasing your network’s security.

Additional Information You Need To Know About a Router

We are trying our best to teach you everything about a router so that when you go out to buy one, you know your thing and save yourself from being fooled into purchasing something that isn’t for you.

Although our buying guide section covers most of the information regarding the Zyxel router but here are a few things we’ll like you to know before concluding the article for you:

Zyxel Router Lights Meaning

What do those lights on the router say? What does it mean if all the lights are on? What if one is flashing while others are still? Does an orange light indicate a problem with the internet connection?

Well, hold yourself together, and let’s take it slow. For those who are confused about the Zyxel router lights, here is what these indicate:

No LightOrange LightFlashing Power LightUnstable WAN LightAll Light Are Solid and Working

If none of the lights on the router is on, it means the connection between the router and modem has been lost. Thus, try switching it on again.

An orange light on the Zyxel router indicates one of the few things:

  • The internet connection is lost or the service is down
  • The internet cable is broken hence needs to be replaced
  • There is a new firmware update
  • The router settings are out leading to a connectivity problem

When the orange light is solid, you should be able to enjoy a steady internet connection.

It takes at least 2 to 3 minutes for the power light to become stable after the router is switched on. But in case it keeps on flashing, it can indicate problems with the equipment and hence you might need to either reboot it or factory reset the device.

If you see the WAN light flashing at you, it means there is a broken connection which may be a result of a broken connection or a problem at the backend.

Once you switch on the router and see all the lights to be solid, it means everything is in perfect working condition hence move on to enjoy your game or favorite TV series right away!

Zyxel vs. Ubiquiti

Ubiquiti is one of the early founders of wireless connection and hence using their strong marketing skills, the enterprise was able to capture a bigger share of the market.

On the other hand, Zyxel is comparatively new, and hence being technologically advanced, it has been able to impress and earn a decent place in the wireless network industry today.

At the first glance, you’ll see no difference in the design, yet upon a closer inspection, you’ll see that Ubiquiti has used plastic in the making of the router while Zyxel has intelligently mixed zinc alloy and plastic to enhance the device’s durability.

Moreover, in terms of RAM, as compared to Ubiquiti, Zyxel routers are seen transferring a huge amount of data at a higher speed contributed by a larger RAM which can manage and process data at a faster rate.

When talking about wireless performance, because Zyxel is consists of advanced systems, it has been stated to be much faster, reliable, and steadier in its performance as compared to Ubiquite whose system needs up-gradation according to the present technologies and demands.

Although both these routers/service providers perform best in their respective niches, if talking for a while, Zyxel has been observed to outperform the later.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset Zyxel router?

If your router isn’t working, the first thing you should do is switch it off and after a few seconds, switch it on.

Even then if the router doesn’t work, take a needle or paperclip and push it in the reset hole for a few seconds until its reboots and restarts.

Remember, if the router resets after this, the default login id and password will be back, and hence, attach the router to your computer with a cable to charge the two again.

How to change the channel on Zyxel wireless router?

Use the IP address to log in to the system and navigate to using the default username and password.

  • Then click on the configuration or settings icon on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Select the wireless setting LAN 2.4G and unlock the auto channel selection.
  • Next, pick a channel below 100 if you’re currently on 100 and above 100 if you’re under the 100 channel.
Is a Zyxel router good?

If you’re looking to improve your internet speed while being completely secure in your browsing, a Zyxel router makes the perfect choice for it.


If you ask us, amongst the list which Zyxel router do we recommend based on our personal experience then it will be none other than the Zyxel Armor Z2 AC2600 router.

Why? Because this router comes with MU-MIMO technology that offers internet speed as high as 2600 Mbps while covering a wider area.

It lets you enjoy smooth connection on multiple devices which surely enhances the browsing experience for the entire family/office.

Hence, if you want a router that delivers promising performance is durable, and easy to set up, a Zyxel router is what you need to install right away!


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