Charging PS5 Controller on PC

Do you want to charge the PS5 controller on the PC? It’s not as challenging as it sounds. But then the question arises if we can use the PS5’s controller cables or a dock. And we found out the right answer along with two ways to charge your PS5 DualSense controller.

The new controller is superfluous and comfortable to hold and enjoy. It’s satisfying to play PC games with a world-renowned controller instead of a traditional mouse and keyboard. We know you’re as excited as we are, so let’s get started with further ado.


How to Charge PS5 Controller on PC

Your PS5 controller is a powerful tool that supports Bluetooth and USB connectivity. As we told you, there are two ways you can charge it on your PC:

  1. Use a standard USB Type-C cable plugged into a plug or directly into PS5
  2. Charge through an ‘EXT’ port at the bottom of your controller

Let’s get into the step-by-step process of charging your PS5 controller on your PC now.

Step-by-Step to Charge PS5 on PC

  1. Get your new PS5 DualSense controller out of the box
  2. Insert its cable into your PC’s USB port
  3. Hover over to the device manager of your PC (search for it in the OS)
  4. Find and select “Human Interface devices”
  5. Right-click on “HID-Compliant Gamer controller”
  6. Disable the function from the menu
  7. Unplug the controller now (and maybe restart your PC)
  8. Plug the controller into your PC again

There you go. Your controller must charge on your PC by now.

Let’s dig deeper into these methods now.

1. Use a Standard USB Type-C Cable

So the good news is that you can charge your PS5 using a typical USB cable. But then you could do it on your PS4 too. But there are a few differences. First, the PS5 controller charges with the new USB-C standard.

Yes, your PS4 controller could get charged using any USB 2.0 micro standard cable. But not anymore with the PS5 DualSense controller. And we believe it’s great because the former had several glaring problems.

And there are tons of USBs compatible with a PS5 controller available in the market. Alternatively, buying any USB Type C cable would also help without a doubt. And using a USB-C offers fast charging. Isn’t it great?

2. Docking Station

There’s another method to charge your PS5 controller on your PC, and that is through a docking station. You can use an EXT socket usually built into the bottom of the PS4 controller. It’s also fantastic because then you organize even more.

Summarizing – Things You Need to Know

Let us summarize by letting you know that the PS5 DualSense controller has a USB-C port. It charges faster than ever. And you can also charge it using a USB-A port. Using any prime-quality charging plug will also do miracles.

Another thing you need to know is that the PS5 controller isn’t compatible with the PS4 controller’s USB cables. The DualSense controller also has a second USB-C port, in case you need it. You’ll also be using a third-party docking station to charge your PS5 controller, soon.


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