How Long Will a Bulletproofed 6.0 Last

There’s no exaggeration in saying that nothing can last forever; there’s always a particular lifespan of everything. Bulletproofed Ford 6.0 Diesel Engine is not an exception.

No matter you’ve already owned a Bulletproofed Ford or going to purchase the one, the question ‘how long will a bulletproofed 6.0 last’ have crossed your mind.

There’s no direct answer to this question, but we must say a lot of factors come into play to determine the life expectancy of a bulletproofed 6.0.

If you’ve done bulletproofing, what’s the mileage? And are you sure you did it correctly? What fuels are entering into it? How you’re treating the motor? How often do you bother to change the engine oil?

Trust me; once you discover answers to these questions, you can tell the lifespan of your Ford 6.0. We’d end up saying that if you treat it well, you’ll get the favor back too.


The Lifespan of a Bulletproofed Ford 6.0

The Bulletproofed Ford 6.0 Power Stroke is a well-known vehicle today with an amazing torque curve, a great power-to-weight ratio, and impressively compact package and size.

But wait! The built-in 365ci Navistar International V8 engine has faced many reliability and warranty issues, all thanks to its smaller lifespan.

More than a million people are using it today, and many are on the way towards it. However, most people are concerned about this powerful truck’s actual lifespan because it hasn’t made good longevity records.

It’s a giant beast that can roar on the road and drag the most powerful things with great efficiency, but it lags when it comes to its lifespan.

Your Bulletproofed Ford 6.0 can even provide you with up to 500k trouble-free miles or die every now and then. The way you maintain this truck also plays a part in determining its lifespan.

You can either improve the lifespan or kick it right away without reaching its average 30-years mileage.

Tips for Increasing Bulletproofed Ford 6.0 Lifespan

Here we have got you the complete guide on how you can maintain and improve your truck’s lifespan.

But wait, before we get right into the business, let’s see the common problems that may hinder you in achieving the expected longevity.

Although both of these issues aren’t much catastrophic, they demand tons of dollars be spent every coming day. And how can we neglect the downtime when you’ve some important chores to do?

We must thank some cutting corners of the Navistar engine and inexperienced technician’s negligence in its maintenance.

In the end, you may experience some hot-start issues or crank-no-start issues due to various aspects of the system’s failure.

Let’s explore some major parts of your Bulletproofed Ford 6.0 that need some maintenance.

1. High-Pressure Oil Pump (HPOP)

HPOP is the first and the most important part of the oil system that’s limited to 03-04 model years. Step ahead, the 05 model has some straightforward modifications to take care of all the problems spotted in the previous models.

Some plastic parts used in the 03-04 engines were liable to break apart and trash the oil pump and other parts.

The only solution left behind is to go to the aftermarket and choose a suitable all-metal HPOP to install in your truck. The good news is that 05-07 engines are quite vigilant and practical in this aspect.

So, if you want to improve your beloved truck’s efficiency and lifespan, go ahead in investing once and get higher engine models that are quite more reliable.

2. Snap-To-Connect (STC) fitting is important too!

Next is the up-gradation of STC fitting, which’s quite practical in improving the engine’s life. Normally, you’ll see that your truck contains this trouble-prone part nearby the HPOP.

The threaded end of STC gets into HPOP back, and oil flows at its center and finally comes out from the center hole. The side holes are for fitting bolts to fasten them to the branch tubes.

There’s no doubt that this part always loves to break apart when you’re on your move. STC has two parts that are fastened together via a metal flange and an O-ring. Where does the problem lie?

Probably, the O-ring part that couples the two halves is the core of the problem. Due to the constant high pressure and vibration of the running engine, the O-ring breaks, splitting the two halves apart.

But wait! There’s an updated STC kit by Ford that includes 1-piece STC to hone these failures. Visit an aftermarket or local stealer, and get this update done by an expert technician.

3. What about the dummy plugs and standpipes?

It’s another part that is present in 05 engine and higher models only. Standpipes play their roles in transferring the high-pressure oil from branch tubes to the oil rails.

The problem starts right when the O-rings seal the standpipes. Such seals aren’t able to endure these high pressures and ultimately result in tearing or twisting. The oil starts bleeding in the crankcase.

But wait, that doesn’t happen in all cases, only when the engine is hot and the oil is thinner than before. When the engine gets cooled down, the oil becomes thicker, and the engine cranks up again.

The same happens to the dummy plugs too! When the O-rings on the dummy plugs and standpipes started deteriorating, Ford came right here with some modifications.

You’ll get the latest O-rings version with Teflon-ring coating beneath to stabilize the system and prevent it from tearing.

4. Let’s talk about the high-pressure oil rails!

Again, here’s something that came into being in the modified form in the 05 engine. The previous models were quiet in this aspect because they had a straight cast-iron pipe for feeding the oil to the injectors.

It has a strange knocking voice production and hindrance in smooth oil flow.

All because when the rail fills up with oil, it starts draining towards the injector, the upward oil movement generates a wave that starts bouncing back and forth.

If you’re still on these previous models, it’s time to step up and welcome Ford’s approach towards its solution.

You’ll see an increment of ‘W-shaped section’ crisscrossing between the two sections in the 05 engine. It increases the oil rail capacity while stabilizing the pressure waves and negating them efficiently.

All you have to do is either replace the cup portion of the rail or change the entire rail from the aftermarket.

The Bottom Line

Bulletproofing Powerstroke 6.0 Truck

The proper maintenance from your expertise or an expert technician’s hands is the core of the issue. Although Ford hasn’t made ground-breaking records in their truck’s longevity, there’s nothing to worry about.

You can make your powerful beast live more and more by adding some advanced upgrades to keep it futuristic.

We’d end up saying that your Bulletproofed Ford 6.0 will last much longer than expected; if you take care of it, maintain it properly.


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