How Much Does It Cost to Make Copies at Staples

Although we are living in the digital era, there are times when we need to make paper copies. It could be a copy of an important document for different purposes, like a loan application, tax return, or to sell a house.

And if not – you might just want to print out some paper copies of a digital document for organizational purposes, a project, or a PDF/Word document. In short, making paper copies never go out of style, and we all need it one way or another.

However, some people have a printer sitting in their homes, while others don’t. So, people go to a copy store instead of printing at home.

Have you been wondering about how much does it cost to make copies at Staples? Of course, everyone wants to save a little money on copy printing.

To answer your question, you can get color copies made at Staples for $0.13 a page and black and white copies made for $0.04 per page. Therefore, Staples offers one of the best and cheapest copy-making services.

In case you can’t reach staples for cheaper copy printing services, here are some tips that you must follow to spend less on printing items.


Helpful Tips for Cheap Copy Making 

Since now we know how much does it cost to make copies at Staples? Let’s take a look at these tips to save money on printing.

1. Print Only What Needs to Be

Despite the fact that almost everyone has access to computers or owns a smartphone, a significant amount of information is still printed. We were puzzled as to why.

For many people, reading content on paper is preferable to reading content on a tablet. It is easier to correct, label, and forward printed documents.

Nothing crashes or fails to start when printed pages are used. Water and fire are the most common causes of data loss. Printouts are more legally binding in certain situations, such as contracts.

We’re not bothered by it. Is it better to have a digital signature or a backup? The legal retention periods for tax-relevant records are often a source of confusion and disagreement.

As a result, everything is printed and filed just in case. Think about whether you really need to print the paper. It is not necessary to print out unimportant emails, articles, and so on.

It is preferable to improve organizational ergonomics (e.g., purchase a better monitor or optimally configure the email program, e.g., the font size is adjusted).

2. Print in Draft Mode

Different printing programs are commonly available on printers and copiers, allowing you to save ink and toner without even realizing it.

For instance, instead of printing in presentation quality, use design quality. So, instead of printing in presentation quality, make sure to print in design. Ink is used more sparingly by the printer.

You might also be able to make lower-resolution test prints in certain situations. The printer decreases the print resolution or uses an economy mode.

The printing result is less effective if one of these modes is selected. Ink or toner is simply used less by the printer or copier. This environment may thus be used for internal documents or test prints.

If you need both high-quality prints and working copies, it’s a good idea to make a few print profiles with the appropriate settings. The required information can be found in your manual.

3. Go for Certain Font Sizes

Fonts with large letters, thick lines, curls, and serifs use more ink and toner than fonts with smaller letters.

With the right font, you can often save up to 30% on your printing costs. “Century Gothic” and “Garamond,” which are common in most word processing systems, are saving fonts.

The following are the top three fonts you can avoid using because they use a lot of toner and ink:

Using small font sizes helps you save ink and paper. For instance, you can set the font size smaller before printing copies. This way, more content will fit on a single piece of paper, allowing you to save paper and ink.

4. Monochrome/Color Printing

Staples Color Document Printing

You can print in black and white if you want to conserve ink. That much ought to be obvious. So think about whether color prints are always needed.

It’s no coincidence that color copies are much more costly than black-and-white copies in the copy store. Cartridges with ink are normally more costly than cartridges with black ink.

What about grayscale, though? This feature is available on many printers and copiers. But will it actually help you save money? Unfortunately, since many printers use colors for grayscale, this is not possible.

Grayscales aren’t usually produced by using black ink sparingly. That is to say, the grey is made up of all colors rather than being printed with black. And that’s precisely what you must avoid doing.

5. Duplex Printing

Paper is costly, and high-quality paper is even more so. Furthermore, wasting paper is costly to the climate.

You’ve probably seen this: you go to your office or business for copying and printing, and before you can get your papers, you have to first fill up paper trays because your coworkers have left the paper trays blank.

If the replenishment is held close to the unit, what if it isn’t? In the long run, refilling the paper trays is inevitable, but the intervals can be extended.

The first choice is: Try the option “Print several pages on one page” in your printer’s settings. This merges two A4 pages into a single page.

On your copy, the zoom feature works similarly if its level is set to approximately. Two adjacent A4 pages can be reduced to one A4 page at 70%. Second, are you familiar with duplex functions?

Well, this feature is available only on copiers – it makes sure that the front and backside of the paper are printed. It is a great way to cut paper usage in half while still saving office space.


how much does it cost to have copies made at staples? Well, we all know the answer now. We hope that you find this article helpful and will be able to save money on copying and printing. Good luck!



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    1. To answer your question, you can get color copies made at Staples for $0.13 a page and black and white copies made for $0.04 per page.

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