How to Clean Nozzle on Shark Steam Mop

Tired of scrubbing the rugs to remove stains? Or think of a way to clean your upholstery to make it as good as new? We understand how difficult cleaning surfaces can be.

Whether your little one spilled coke on the expensive carpet and stained it or curtains filled with dirt, cleaning can be tiring, and even then you’re never satisfied with the results. If you wish to make “cleaning” fun and convenient, here is a magical tool that makes the task effortless.

Although there are over a hundred cleaning mops available in the market there isn’t anything as good and as effective as the Shark Steam Mop. But what is it that makes this tool better than the rest? It is effective cleaning with the convenience that it offers!

Moreover, it is easy to use and clean. You heard us right! Even the best cleaner tend to clog over time and hence, keep them clean to achieve the best results every time is very important. But before we jump to how to clean nozzle on Shark Steam Mop, let us tell you what makes it one of the best and why do you need it!


Shark Steam Mop – The Best of the Best

The shark steam mop is probably one of the most advanced cleaners on the market today. Since dust, dirt and stains need to be removed from depth; this mop offers great suction that leaves your stuff shiny and clean.

Moreover, the mop is pretty much average in size thus offering easy grip and easy handling. But cleanliness isn’t the only thing this brilliant tool provides. Because we’re all worried about our family’s health especially with germs hiding in every nook and corner, always ready to attach, proper sanitization of the place is our priority too.

The shark steam mop guarantees to sanitize your space, getting rid of at least 99% of the germs. Hence proved there isn’t any other such cleaning in the market that ensures the absolute safety of our families.

Moreover, when talking about a steam mop, quick cleaning is what most of us look for. You don’t want to waste hours until the steam mop will be ready to clean, which can be a big turn-off, of course! Hence, the shark steam mop takes another point, making it superior to others.

It uses only 120 volts of electricity to operate and is ready in about 30 seconds for completing the task. The best feature we’ll like to mention here is you can pump the handle several times until you achieve the steaming power of your choice.

Why is it important? This is because for a different area of the house, like delicate upholstery you need medium suction while for rougher areas like a rug; high suction gets the work done better. So yes, the varying speed gives you better control over the tool.

The shark steam mop is one of a kind, a brilliant invention that lets you clean the house while killing most of the germs so you get to breathe fresh and healthy air! As much as the steam mop is good at delivering great results, you too need to make sure the cleaner itself is “clean”!

Reason for A Blocked Nozzle

One of the main parts of the mop is the nozzle that sucks up the dirt using steam and hence, turning water into vapor while leaving behind residue in form of “calcium” which attaches to the inside of it.

The process is called “calcification”. When the residue is left untreated for long, it keeps on attaching itself to the inside walls of the nozzle and at the end, blocking the passage and stopping the steam to pass out. This surely compromises the performance, which is something you wouldn’t want to experience.

Thus, regular cleaning of the Shark steam mop is necessary to ensure it works well!

How to Clean Nozzle on Shark Steam Mop

Cleaning Shark Steam Mop Nozzle

No matter how good a tool is, with all the dust and webs flying around, the nozzle tends to get clogged. When you feel the shark steam mop isn’t delivering as good of a performance as it used to, check whether the nozzle is clogged or not.

Do you see dust mites trapped inside? Is there a problem with the suction? Do you remember when was the last time that you had cleaned the nozzle? Well cleaning the nozzle of a steam mop is something most users forget to do and hence, you compromise on its performance and durability.

But how to clean nozzle on shark steam mop you ask? Let us show you how it is done in a few quick and easy steps:

  1. Once you’ve checked for the blockage, the next step is to gather things that help you clean it. All you need is some vinegar (white vinegar works the best), some cotton swabs and paper clips, or anything similar to it.
  2. Now unplug the mop and let it cool down or else, you’ll hurt yourself and we don’t want any accidents.
  3. Also, empty the water to avoid running expensive furniture or rugs with excess water.
  4. Next, look closely at the spray tip and if you see debris inside, insert a paper clip, toothpick, or needle. Move it back and forth to loosen the debris so it makes it easier to clean.
  5. Pour some vinegar over it and clean with a cloth, scrubbing the inside carefully.

If you’re still not satisfied with the insides as clean as new, here is another quick way to get rid of the calcium sediments and kills germs too:

  1. Make a cleaning solution out of vinegar and water (50% water and 50% white vinegar) and pour it inside the water.
  2. Leave the solution overnight for the sediments to dissolve naturally.
  3. In the morning, switch on the steam mop to the highest settings and watch the dirt, debris, and calcium deposits slide off the wall of the nozzle.
  4. Now wash it under tap water and wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

If you do not have white vinegar available at home, you can mix liquid detergent or baking soda in hot water, soak the nozzle in it for about 25 to 30 minutes and rinse it with tap water. Scrub the inside gently if necessary and use a clean cloth to wipe it dry because we don’t want any moisture to be left behind that can be a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria.

Few Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Shark Steam Mop

Although using a steam mop may not seem difficult but there are few repeated mistakes that we make every day without even realizing it. Here are the things that you should “NOT” do when using a steam mop:

Some Wise Words

Shark Steam Mop is one of the best cleaning tools on the market today. it performs great, is durable, can be used for cleaning multiple areas and things including upholstery, rugs, stairs, etc, and best of all, is convenient to use.

The mop itself is powerful and durable but at times, we become lazy in cleaning the mop itself which can lead to compromised performance over time. Thus, if you’re feeling a difference in its performance check the nozzle, and if it looks blocked clean it right away!


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