Imagine watching Fast and the Furious without all the crashing scenes being loud enough to thump your heart. The reason for such a boring experience is usually nothing else but your TV’s poor volume.

Did you even watch the Fast and the Furious then? No, right?

Well, we know that there is no way one can enjoy their home-theatre time unless they can have a perfect audio experience. Guess what, there is a solution for all such sound-related issues that you can easily adopt.
How To Connect Samsung Smart TV To Denon Receiver

Thanks to whoever invented audio receivers, we can easily use them with our home theatre’s visual devices. Doing so allows us to experience theatre-like sounds no matter which TV screen we use.

Chances are, you are coming here after having a pathetic audio experience of watching something on your Samsung TV. Also, we are expecting that you either have invested in a Denon receiver or are about to do so soon.

Either way, it is important that you know a little about connecting these two to make them work beforehand. We don’t want you to have another long and annoying experience of not being able to connect your Samsung TV with the receiver that you have so excitedly invested in.

This is why we are going to tell you everything on how to connect Samsung Smart TV to Denon receiver. The information in this step-by-step guide can help you quickly and easily start using your receiver right after you get your hands on it.

Guess what! An amazing audio-visual home-theatre experience is on your way in no time. So without further ado, let us begin.

How to Connect Samsung Smart TV to Denon Receiver

Here are the steps that you need to follow chronologically to make sure that you connect your Samsung TV to your Denon receiver quickly and effectively:

Step 1: Get Your Hands on the Optical Cable

The most important tool that you need to make the connection is an optical cable. Usually, a single optical cable can be used to connect your Denon receiver to a range of A/V devices, the Samsung Smart TV is one of them.

Most of the time, your Samsung TV and other visual devices come with an Optical cable. Try to find that in your TV box if possible.

If you did not get this cable with the Smart TV or have lost it somewhere, you can easily find it out in the market. Luckily, this cable is not priced too high and you can, therefore, easily get a hold of it.

An optical cable basically transmits the audio from your audio device (the Samsung TV in this case) to the Denon receiver. Using this one cable, you can save yourself from all the hassle that otherwise comes with making connections between multiple cables to serve the same function.

So, if you do have this cable with you, leave everything and head out to get it first.

Step 2: Power-off and Unplug your Devices

You don’t want to get killed while preparing your devices for a perfect movie night, right?

This is why you must begin with turning off both the smart TV and the receiver.

Also, make sure you unplug the devices too since leaving them on standby is also not a very good idea. You need to make sure that your safety comes first in all cases.

Step 3: Locate the Devices’ Ports

Another reason we advise you to unplug your devices was that because you have to turn them around in this step.

Turning both the TV and the receiver allows you to easily see your devices’ ports. This makes it easier to carry out the steps after this one.

Step 4: Connect the Optical Cable to the Smart TV

Carefully look at the ports on the Samsung Smart TV’s back. You will definitely find a port titled either “digital audio”, “optical”, or “digital audio in”.

Locate the optical cable’s connector end and plug it into the port that you have just located on the Samsung Smart TV.

When connecting the cable, you will feel a “snapping sensation” while plugging it in the port. This snapping indicates that a secure connection between the TV and the cable has been made.

It is time to move to the next step.

Step 5: Connect the Optical Cable to the Denon Receiver

Locate the port titled “Optical” on the backside of your Denon receiver. Take the other end of the optical cable and plug it inside this port.

You can feel the same “snapping” while making this connection too. Make sure you feel it since it indicates that the connection created is both secure and rightly made.

Step 6: Plug in the devices and turn them on

Without disturbing the connections made, turn around both the Samsung TV and your receiver, making sure they are in the best possible position to be turned on.

Now, plug them in again and turn on both the devices.

Step 7: Open Digital Assign Menu on the Denon Receiver

After a minute or two have passed since your devices were turned on, it’s time for the actual setup.

Locate the “Setup” button on the receiver’s remote control and press it. The receiver’s setup menu will open.

Keep on going down on the menu list with your remote control. You will see a highlighted section titled “Digital Assign” on the menu.

Press the enter button when “Digital Assign” is highlighted. This will open up another menu list.

Step 8: Select your Samsung Device Type

Going down the Digital Assign menu, you will see different types of devices. These types mostly include AUX, Blu-ray, DVD, etc.

Select the AUX option for your Samsung smart TV and press the enter button.

Step 9: Enable the Optical Cable

Man watching Samsung TV thats connected to Denon Receiver

Here comes the final and the most important stage of connecting your Samsung Smart TV to the Denon receiver.

Once you have selected you’re device type in the previous step, press either the Left or the Right arrow button on your receiver’s remote control. This would take the highlighted effect to the option named “optical”.

Once on the option, press the enter button. This would activate the connection between your receiver and the Samsung TV. The entire process is now all done.

Now turn on your favorite show on the Smart TV and you can hear its audio from the Denon receiver’s speaker you have.

In case you can’t hear anything, try checking if the connections have been made properly. You can also check the receiver’s volume control to make sure it is not on zero.

The process is now complete and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy an amazing audio experience from your Samsung Smart TV. Trust us, it would be an experience like never before.


Connecting your Samsung Smart TV to the Denon Receiver is a long but easy process.

You just have to plug the optical cable on both the devices, finish the setup on the receiver to connect it with the Samsung TV, and then activate the connection made between the devices. And that is it.

The best thing about reading this guide is that you can use this information to connect other devices with your receiver too just by having a little know-how of the technicalities.


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