How to Keep Luggage Dry in a Truck Bed

Are you all set for your next camping trip but worried about your luggage flying out of the truck bed or getting wet? When you are all packed and prepared for an adventure, keeping your luggage safe from the changing weather should be a priority.

But are you wondering about how to keep the luggage dry in a truck bed that is open from the head?

With us here to help you, you must not worry about anything! We have some amazing and budget-friendly ways to share that we promise will keep your luggage dry at the rear when you’re having fun driving down the road!


Easy Ways to Keep Your Luggage Dry in a Truck Bed

Preparing for a camping trip or a tour, in general, requires a lot of planning. From packing tents to clothing, from camping gear to first aid kits, the luggage may exceed your car capacity.

Hence, when you have A LOT more to take along, a truck is one vehicle type that can easily accommodate your bulk. Just throw your luggage at the back that we call a truck bed and relax in the cab to enjoy your drive ahead.

But are you worried about keeping your luggage safe in the truck bed? What if it flies off or gets wets in rain? Let’s all just stay calm here and read below for easy ways that we’ve experimented successfully with and promise will keep your luggage protected!

1. Tonneau Cover

tonneau cover for truck bed

If you are an avid traveler then we’d suggest getting your hands on a tonneau cover for your truck bed!

If you do not have duffel bags, truck bags, or even plastic wrapping sheets to cover your gear with, invest in a tonneau cover for a permanent solution. But what is it exactly?

The tonneau is a French word that translates to “cask”. It is a huge piece of sheet, usually measuring to the size of your truck and hence, placed on top of the rear to cover the gear underneath it.

Tonneau covers are made from highly durable material letting it stand tall against changing weather conditions while keeping your stuff safe and dry.

Although these covers do make a great option for some, installing them in place be a bit of a struggle! But let us tell, the tonneau covers have locks that help fix it in place, hence with a little practice, you easily be able to place it down.

2. Truck Bag

Are you planning to take expensive gear on the trip but have nothing to keep it safe on the truck bed? We recommend trying the truck bag and we promise, you’ll be thanking us later!

Truck bags are made of high-quality PVC that adds to their durability. Moreover, they are spacious enough to fit your expensive gear along with other camping stuff and keeping it protected against the unpredictable changing weather.

Although truck bags make a great option for carrying camping gear and stuff, it does have a few downsides to it. For starters, these bags are airtight, hence when placing your things inside them, do not overstuff the bag.

Keep some free space inside it so it zips easily. Moreover, when it rains hard when on the go, water may gather on top of it, but do not worry, because the material used in its manufacturing is promised to be water-proof, the water won’t seep inside until you unzip it.

Nonetheless, as compared to a tonneau cover, trucks bags are more affordable and hence, help you manage your luggage more appropriately.

3. The Old School Tarp and Bungee Method

Don’t have a budget to buy contractors or truck bags or even tonneau? Well, worry no more because we’ve dug up an old-school method that promises to keep your luggage safe and sound!

What is it? Everyone’s favorite tarp and a bungee!

Do you have a tarp? If not, buy one quickly as it ain’t expensive! Next, place the tarp on the truck bed and put your luggage over it. Then cover the top of the luggage with the leftover tarp piece and secure it with a bungee if you have one.

It does sound easy, right? Using a tarp and bungee is one of the simplest, easiest, and quickest ways to bind your luggage together while keeping it safe from unpredictable rain or storm on the way.

4. Contractor/Trash Bags and Duct Tape

Don’t you have enough money to invest in durable truck bags? If yes then no problem because we have a great alternative to offer!

Everyone has big contractor/trash bags in their homes. We’re talking about full-sized ones here! All you need to do is put your gear and luggage inside the bags and wrap them shut with duct tape.

Although these bags aren’t as good as the duffel or truck bags if wrapped well enough, they do protect your stuff to some extent. A little safety is all that we need, right?

5. Think About a Truck Bed Topper

Since we’ve already talked about the most common solutions to your “dry luggage” problems, let’s discuss a non-conventional method that we too have never tried.

Have you ever heard of a truck bed topper? We bet not! A truck bed topper is like a compartment added at top of your truck bed. It is like adding extra space over the rear of the truck with the only difference being that it is closed from all sides.

If you are interested in one, search the market for a topper that best fits your truck. Although, we’ve found this method to be a great one the only downside to it is that because the topper measures nearly as big as the truck bed, storing it later can be a problem.

Choosing The Best Solution

How to keep the luggage dry in a truck bed? If you’re wondering that we’ll label one method to be the best amongst the rest then we are incapable of doing so. Why?

This is because the luggage preparatory method that we find best might not be suitable for you; hence it depends on one’s personal choice. Thus, no matter which method you opt for, the only thing you should be taking care of is the safety of your luggage.

Weather can be unpredictable and if you’ve planned a trip on an unfavorable day, the methods discussed above can surely come in handy!


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