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Who doesn’t love a smooth car ride? For most car enthusiasts, owning the newest models of their favorite car brand is not less of a prize. Moreover, if the vehicle is decorated with the most advanced features, it just adds to the charm.

Thus, when talking about the best cars today, missing out on Ford’s Mustang won’t be less of a crime! This beauty is the dream of every car enthusiast. Packed with advanced features, brilliant interiors, and a sleek outlook, the Mustang is all you could dream of!

But remember, the more technology you get to deal will, the harder the basic functions will become. Why do we say so? This is because when it comes to a Mustang, this monster maybe a treat for sore eyes, but for some people, moving the power seat can become a bit of a task.

But isn’t a power seat supposed to adjust automatically?

Well, not every time! If somehow your engine dies out on you, the “power” function of the Mustang will come to a halt too! And this clearly means your power seat will become immovable, which is why you should always be prepared for the worst.


Can a Power Seat be Manually Adjusted?

Car seats are adjustable to accommodate people of different heights so if someone is taller while the other is shorter, both can fit in the seat to find the perfect position to gain complete control over the car.

Talking about the Ford Mustang, what makes it everyone’s favorite today? The “power” features that it offers of course!

From automatic window roll to power steering, from doors to power seat, everything in the car works on its own. As much as this may seem convenient and cool, technology may not always come in handy.

Imagine you have to rush into a corporate meeting and you need to adjust the seat quickly. Somehow the motor has lost its strength and you’re unable to move the seat. What will you do?

Fix it manually because that is the only option you’re left with! But how do you do it? How to manually move the power seat mustang? Before you dig into the trick of it, let’s learn more about how a power seat works, first!

The functionality of a Power Seat

Before we showoff off the ways to teach you in moving a Mustang power seat manually, it is important to get to the basics and understand the mechanics behind its functionality.

Sounds too technical? Let us put it into easier words for you!

A Mustang power seat like most other power seat works using a set of switches that are fitted inside your car and attached to the seat. When you switch on your vehicle, the switches power the seat which can be then be moved easily.

A point to remember here is that is if there is even the slightest of a problem with your car’s engine, the seat won’t be powered and hence, the movement will be restricted.

How to Manually Move a Power Seat Mustang

If you are somehow stuck in a situation where your power seat has become immobile, there is another way to get it adjusted and that is to do it manually. But of course, it won’t be as easy as it sounds, right?

Here is what you need to do:

1. Gather the Tools

If you were thinking we’ll talk about a few karate moves to adjust the seat manually, you might have to re-think it for a moment. Before you start working on the power seat of a Mustang, gather the important tools.

All you need is a pair of gloves, a screwdriver, bolt cutter, scissors, impact wrench, winder, and safety glasses because “safety comes first”. Once you have everything placed right next to you, you’re good to go!

2. De-install the Car Seat

Next up is the stage where you need to remove the seat BUT make your car’s engine is switched off to avoid accidents.

Pick up your scissor or any other tools to get to the rear of the set and cut it open with the help of a pair of sharp scissors or a knife. And in case this isn’t what’s on your mind, grab a winder.

What is a winder? A winder is a tool that usually comes with cars that have power seats. Just locate the electric motor of the seat and use the winder to move it right or left, in any direction that’ll help loosen the seat.

3. Cutting the Mesh

Once you have removed the car seat successfully, next you’ll see the frame covered with a layer of mesh. Get hold of a bolt cutter and cut through the mesh to expose the long shaft that functions the seat’s maneuverability.

Although, cutting the mesh doesn’t seem much of a task, but some people in their absence of mind have ended up cutting other layers of a seat and hence, ended up calling professionals for help.

So, all we can say is to keep your eyes wide open during the process and be careful!

4. Moving the Shafts

Once you have gained access to the shaft under the mesh, use pliers to move them. To move the power seat forward, turn the shaft left and to move the seat backward, turn the pole right.

It may take quite a few turns and much effort to gain the desired position thus, do not lose hope and keep on trying until you’re successful!

5. Time for a Test Drive

Are you done positioning the power seat of a Mustang? Carefully place the mesh and the seat back and go for a test drive.

If you still find it needs a bit of adjustment, remove the seat again and fix it! But before you’re sure of taking the car outside, call in a professional to connect the power switch again so the seat works fine on its own from now onwards.

How to know if Your Power Seat is failing?

Is there a way you could know about the failing seat functioning before it completely collapses? Yes, there is! Take a closer look at the point below to ensure whether your Mustang’s power seat in great working condition or not:

If you have the slightest of the feeling that your power seat is amidst dis-functionality, get the help of a professional before the problem becomes a difficult one to fix!

Our Verdict

As much as power seats are fun, they may not promise long-lasting performance. If your car’s power dies out anytime, you’ll be stuck with no way out. Although moving a Mustang power seat manually isn’t much difficult but it surely is time-consuming.

Also, not everyone has the hands and knowledge to fix problems in the very instance. In case the seat is causing some problem, call in a professional to take a closer look at it and find a solution.

Hence, if you have an emergency to cater to and have no professional to call for help at the moment, get hold of the tools and get to work right away!


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