How to Straighten Steering Wheel after Alignment

So, do you want to know the exact procedure of how to straighten the steering wheel after alignment? Here you will find a perfect guide that would help you out in a great manner!

An off-centered wheel adjustment might be a big problem sometimes!

If you have got an alignment and the steering wheel is disturbing you in the way that you move it in a direction and the car goes in a different direction, you must have a need to get it straightened right now!

So, in case you are getting uneven tire wear; car deviating to one side; a crooked steering wheel while driving straight; you must get the alignment checked immediately.

Because off-centered wheels might create a big hassle for the drivers.

So are you ready?

Here we go to explore the 4 steps!

How to Straighten Steering Wheel after Alignment – Do it Yourself Right Now

Now you just have to follow a simple step-by-step guide and you can fix the off-centering immediately!

1. Loosen the Tie Rod Nuts with the Help of a Wrench

So, the very first step of this whole procedure is to drive your car on an aligned line without any bends. After doing this, park your car and then lift it up via floor jacks. Hence, you can reach the tie rods easily.

Now loosen off the tie rod nuts. And I suggest you use good tools while doing this as a good wrench. As it would help you to loosen the nuts easily.

Here, note this that:

You have no need to remove the nuts off completely. But you just have to loosen them up and that’s it.

Loosen the nuts by using a good quality wrench by revolving it around them. And the step is done!

2. Check the Steering Wheel by Whirling it Multiple Times

So, now that you have loosened up the tie rod nuts, sit on your driving seat and work on the steering wheel. Whirl it multiple times in order to straighten it perfectly.

Moreover, keep it in mind that:

If you think that you can do it perfectly, then go on. But in case of any doubts that you would not be able to do that too well, seek professional help. But obviously, that is optional. If you would follow the steps accordingly, there is no reason left that you could not do it.

So, try straightening the steering wheel by whirling it. And then follow the next step.

3. Line up a String and Adjust it in an Aligned Manner

So, this is the final step that would actually help you to align the steering wheel perfectly. Just find a thread that should be as long as the length of your car. Then take one end of that thread and tie it around a fixed object.

Here you will have to be careful about a thing that:

The object should be as high as the center of the car’s wheels. Similarly, follow the same step with the other end of that string. The thread should pass on the focal point of the wheels.

Then make it more accurate, by using the tape to fix the thread on the wheel rim at the rear side of the car.

Now check how much distance the thread is from the wheel’s rim. Plus, make sure that you find it accurately to avoid errors in the procedure.

Then do the same thing on the other end of that wheel. Now the actual thing that would show the accuracy is to analyze whether both distances are equal or not!

Thus, if both distances are equal, the straightening process is done finely. But in the case of the varying distances, you need to fix the issue.


It’s not difficult at all!

Just loosen or tighten the tie rods to find the equal distance and the alignment is done!

So, that is no more difficult at all. You can do it yourself by following the steps carefully.

Now wrapping it up:

Now repeat the same procedure with the other wheel and it’s all done!

4. Tightening the Nuts – Final Step

Afterward, you have to follow the final step that is to tighten the nuts. Just use a good quality wrench and tighten the tie rod nuts in a way that the tires might not move anymore.

Then from the other wheel, repeat the tightening process.

And you’re done with it!

In order to check whether you did it right or wrong, you would need a test drive. So, do it to analyze the straightening of the steering wheel.

If you find the driving time good and well in terms of the alignment, it’s really good. But in case you feel that something is wrong and improper, then try following the same steps with more care. And finally, you will have done that!



So, that is all about how to straighten the steering wheel after alignment. Hopefully, you would have found it much helpful. Undoubtedly, this is way too bothering that the wheels are not aligned and the steering wheel is off-centered. So, you must have to get it done immediately to avoid the hassle.

The 4 steps mentioned above are easy to follow by yourself instead of seeking any professional help. So, practice doing that and enjoy the properly aligned steering wheel adjustment!


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